Red pills

by MaxMorphs

A struggling college student and part-time stripper is introduced to Red Pills, which are supposed to be the one dick-growth pills that actually work. He’s skeptical—at first. (Chapters 1-7 revised as of summer 2019.)

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Prologue A struggling college student and part-time stripper is introduced to Red Pills, which are supposed to be the one dick-growth pills that actually work. He's skeptical—at first. (added: 20 Jan 2017)
Part 1: Ground Zero
Part 2: Today the Internet, Tomorrow the World Our already well-hung student/stripper is drawn further into the possibilities of Red Pills, following anecdotal internet stories and videos of phenomenal growth even as he himself is aggressively recruited to be the pills’ latest success story. (added: 3 Mar 2017)
Part 3: The Man Who Changed the World
Part 4: The Horse in the Club
Part 5: Brave New World
Part 6: All Men Come in Different Sizes As the word of Red Pills spreads, Joey ponders exchanging his part-time gig as a dancer for repping the growth supplement, and reaping the rewards. (added: 17 Mar 2017)
Part 7: Reunion
Part 8: Boys’ Night Out Joey starts his new job with great enthusiasm—being paid to model the cock-growing effects of the Pills is pretty awesome, and it’s not just his cock that’s hotter than it used to be. Then Red Pills go public at last, and getting bigger is suddenly very real. (added: 13 Jul 2019)
Part 9: Sleepless
Part 10: This Was Not the Plan Ruben comes home having had a few too many—and only hours before a photo shoot. (added: 27 Jul 2019)
Part 11: Let’s All Come Together The only thing at the photoshoot more impressive than the other models is the man behind it all, Mr. Bolt, who invites Joey to visit his gym sometime. Then after the shoot Drake gets Joey to go to the wild afterparty. Only after all that can he finally check on a still-growing Ruben. (added: 5 Oct 2019)
Part 12: ’Til the Sun Rises
Part 13: A Few Sizes Bigger
Part 14: The Boy A video showing Sherwood—the guy who won’t stop growing his cock—making himself even bigger catches everyone’s attention, while Ruben meets his match in Bolt’s son Sam. (added: 12 Dec 2020)
Part 15: The New Head of the Gym
Part 16: This Isn’t Even My Final Form
Part 17: The Biggest Men in Town After Joey decides to help Luke get as big as possible, with joining in with a little growth for himself, he reflects on the changes the pills have created in the world. (added: 27 Mar 2021)
Part 18: Epilogue
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I do not remember the day it all started; the day the media began to report about all of this … this mess. Actually, it was like most medical discoveries: You read something new and amazing once and after that, it’s gone with the wind… Forever! All the promised wonders are just illusions we tell ourselves. It was the same with the Red Pills™.

I think nobody remembers it because it happened so slowly and then all at once. If you would ask someone, they would say: “Well, suddenly these pills were just there…and then they were everywhere!”

The first contact I had with these pills was back in 2017…that is nearly three years ago now. Everything has changed since then. Back in these days I still went to college and I was drowning in debt…of course; everyone was. After the lectures, I took the train to the Subway shop I worked at, worked for 6 hours or more, and after that, I drove to my second job nearly nobody knew about.

I was a stripper in one of the darkest and dirtiest clubs of the city. This wasn’t a place you show to your parents with a proud smile on your face. Being a stripper had some advantages; talking lightly about it at the dinner table wasn’t one of them. But with these two jobs I had enough money to survive without the help of my parents. And because of my second night-job I got to know the Red Pills before anyone else. At least it feels this way.

Anyway, here it is! In complete detail! The story of how one company—Red Pills—made the world go crazy and changed everything forever. More and more journalists try to cover this story and its beginnings but like every good crisis, it started quietly.

I felt it from the beginning.…


Part 1: Ground Zero

My skin smelled like cookies and bread dough—which wasn’t the worst part of my first job. Nevertheless, I tried to wash it down as fast as I could while I was standing in the poky dark shower cabin of the sticky back-room.

Before I started my secret night job I always showered thoroughly to erase my steps. Sounds weird but it was pretty important to me back then.

The shower was as improvised as the rest of the bathroom which was slightly bigger than 50 square feet (5mtwo). The conduits lay open and every piece of inventory was hand picked from the landfill. That was everything the Bricks could afford even though it was running fine. I guess the money was invested at the wrong end.

Someone knocked on the thin walls of the small shower and I nearly screeched. I had not recognized anyone entering the dark space.

“Joey!” My name sounded from the other side of the see-through shower door. It was Drake. “You’ve got 12 minutes left till the first show starts, bro. And don’t waste all of the hot water.”

“I just started 30 seconds ago. Calm down, asshole!” We both laughed because we knew that this was the way we always talked to each other.

“Okay, you know what happens when you use all the hot water for yourself?”

no! Please! This shitty cabin is way too small for me alone. Just wait a minute!” I watched the broad-shouldered shadow in front of the shower and for a few seconds, it looked like he would wait. Then I heard his deep-throated laugh and the already broken door was being opened.

“Hurry, Shorty! Your time’s up.” Shorty was my nickname with most of my colleagues. There were no secrets between us men because we had no private sphere when we were working here. Everybody knew about the thing I was born with and so they turned it into a satirical joke and started to call me Shorty.

Drake tackled me with his whole body weight and there wasn’t any room between us anymore in no time. You could not even stick a pin between us. The weak stream (or droplets) of water bathed our skins. Mine was white and only slightly tanned (it was summer outside and now even hotter inside) and Drakes skin was as black as his wide pupils. I could feel his thick and circumcised dick against mine and for a second the air felt electric and promising.

“Time to towel down, Shorty!”

With a fierce smile, I squeezed my body out of the shower but before I grabbed his fat dick to let him know that this scene wasn’t over yet. This was completely normal between us and the other colleagues.

“Next time, I’ll lock the door!” I said.

“Next time, I’ll bring a key with me!” Drake answered and turned the hot water back on.

While Drake took his own well-deserved shower and sang a song he did not know the words to, I dried off. The mirror was only leaned against the wall and—of course—fogged. I wiped it clean and looked at myself in the dim light.

My beard was still dripping wet and some of my light brown strands of hair hung over my forehead. My defined body cast a long shadow. I started my training years ago but now (with this job) I took it even more seriously. This was probably the peak of my body condition. My pecs were quite big and so the nipples pointed down most of the time. My arms and legs showed best how much I was doing for my body and I was proud of it. But I was always the proudest of my cock.

I don’t know about the perception of other men and what experiences they live through, but I was always happy with my size down there and never wished for more. Actually, there were one or two times I wished for less. Nine inches is a statement. And then it’s pretty thick too. I pushed my cock back into some tight posers I wore for the stage when Drake stepped out of the shower; glistening and nice to look at. His shorter (nearly 7½’’) but insanely wide cock swung heavily left and right against his thick and shaved thighs.

“Man, Joey! There are sights in life you can’t get used to.” He pressed his hot and wet body against my back and I could feel his hands squeezing my well-packed bulge.

“You’ve seen it so many times that it should’ve become boring.”

“Monsters never get boring!” We both knew that there was something between us but we had never started something outside of the Bricks. We haven’t even met or talked outside of these walls. We were both running double life.

I felt my pulsing cock and pushed Drake away with my ass because I couldn’t use my huge hard cock on stage.

“Okay. Okay!” he whispered in a flattering tone and toweled off my back.

Short before I left the room minutes later Drake whistled and I turned back to him but I did not close the already opened door.

“Is there something?” I leaned myself (the arm high) against the upper door frame and before Drake could talk he let his eyes wander over my body. I have to admit: That moment it felt unbelievable good to be me.

“I have a gift for you, Shorty.”

“Stop calling m—” I wanted to say when I changed my mind. “What is it?”

Before the show started Drake often took something to calm his nerves or to let him forget where he was. Most times it was just alcohol but ecstasy on the hard nights. That’s why I wasn’t surprised when he grabbed a little pharmaceutical box from his bag. It was plain white with shiny big red letters on the front and when he turned his wrists I could read it for just a second. Red Pills. In it were five pills. The strange thing was that everything made it look very expensive. The box, the packaging, the lettering. Way too complex for some drugs.

“You know that I don’t take this stuff.”

“You want to take it, trust me!”

“Spit it out. What is it?”

“Okay but don’t laugh.”

“I will laugh because you told me not to. Just say it. My show starts in a few minutes.”

“Okay, but remember: don’t laugh!”


“I found them online. New and a worldwide sensation. Dozens of real reviews and all are 100% positive.”

“The tension is killing me,” I laughed.

“Okay! Okay…Red Pills, they…Okay, it sounds weird but I swear that it’ll work.”

I just blinked well bored but I never expected the thing he said next.

“Red Pills let your dick grow.”

At first, I showed no reaction because my brain took longer for processing than normal. Then I started to bite my lips because I did not want to laugh.

“Wow, amazing,” was all I said. “I hope they cost you a fortune.”

Stewie, the coordinator of the Bricks, showed up in the doorway. “Two minutes left guys,” he said. “The others are waiting for you.” He disappeared as fast as he arrived.

Drake still looked serious and as if a fire was burning inside of him. “Joey! For real. I don’t shit you. I did not believe it myself at first because how many spam emails you get every day, you know? But I talked to people in serious forums and these babies here—” He held the five pills higher to my face. “—only just arrived on the market and they took off like nothing ever before! These pills will change everything! When the rest of the internet and the media finds this they will become unaffordable.”

“I will believe you when you knock me down with your new monstrous elephant cock, Drake. And then, and only then, I will think about taking one.”

“Oh come on man. Don’t be such a drag. One won’t kill you. And if they’re expensive placebos it doesn’t matter. I paid for them.”

I stared at Drake and in his beautiful face and realized that he won’t stop talking about it until I took one of these stupid Red Pills. The pill looked shiny and blood red in my palm and when Stewie passed by another time and said something I did not hear it because my mind was busy. I threw the pill into my mouth and drank some tap water. Drake who was still completely naked but now dried off took one too and smiled like the happiest man on earth.

We both went to the stage later and all Drake said was: “You’ll see! Next week we’ll be playing pool with our dicks!”

We had an amazing show and I took over $45 in singles home with me. The Bricks was famous for bringing in all kinds of people. The dancers were always the same but sometimes the viewers were all men and sometimes women. This night a young lady fell in love with my growing bulge in her hands and she looked me dead in the eye while putting $20 inside my poser-briefs after touching my dick endless times.

“Whooo! What a hot show, everybody!”

Today I can’t say who screamed it but he was right. It was a good night for us and the Bricks. Drake was already in a new outfit because he had the late shift when I said goodbye to him. He hugged me, winked, and I took the train home.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The moment I closed my apartment door behind me I started to undress. Maybe it was my second job but I disliked wearing clothes when I was by myself. I showered again because I could still feel her hands around my dick. Half an hour later a laid in my soft bed naked while my laptop was starting up.

Emails, videos, forums, and social media wasted an hour and I nearly fell asleep. I told myself: lpsg dot org, and then I’ll sleep! This was a site where the people only talked about their fascination concerning big-ass dicks. I clicked through many threads…and then my heart nearly stopped because my eyes saw something familiar that shouldn’t have been there. Red Pills. Until that moment I didn’t believe a single one of Drake’s words and even now (my eyes scanned the side) I was beyond skeptical.

Apparently, these Red Pills had been available for three weeks now. Some people had already tried them and spoke about them in wonder. “You guys can complain as much as u want but at the end u’ll take them too fuckheads!”, someone wrote in rage after being called a liar multiple times.

Another one wanted to proof it:

“I took these pills for a week now and at first, I thought it would be the same shit as many times before…but man! they work! You wouldn’t believe it!” The user’s name was Sherwood31. The post was four days old and I scrolled further down where he posted something new just a few hours ago. Two pictures appeared.

“Hahahahaha you will shit yourself for not believing us! But each pill approximately adds one tenth of an inch to your manliness!”

People quoted him and laughed. The pictures Sherwood31 posted did not prove much but he promised to post more soon. Very soon.

On the first, his penis wasn’t really impressive but you could read that it was 3.54 inches long. My heart was beating a bit heavier when I clicked the second one.

3.7’’. Everybody in the forum was tossing back “photoshop” or “fake” at one.

I shut my laptop and laid it on the ground next to my bed. My long cock reached over my hip bone and I started to touch my already growing glans with pleasure.

What they were saying could not be real. It was impossible.

Back then I smiled about all that and thought about the possibility of Drake and Sherwood talking the truth. Everything was so … simple and small back then.


Part 2: Today the Internet, Tomorrow the World

I forget how many days passed after the first Red Pills incident, but I would guess it was at least ten days, maybe two weeks. I was standing in the back room of our Subway store chopping vegetables when my phone vibrated in my pocket. I put the knife aside, threw the sliced tomatoes in an empty box, washed my hands and went to see what was so urgent.

It was a message from Drake. He had sent me a link with the caption, “Now it’s official and you have to believe me!”

I don’t remember where the article came from but I remember what it said pretty clearly.

There’s no hotter topic among men—and women—in this country than the new Red Pills. If you haven’t heard about them, don’t worry. Soon they’ll be impossible to avoid. We know some of our readers may question our decision to devote an entire article to internet wonder pills—many on our editorial staff felt the same way. But while we were debating this article’s potential effect on the reputation of this paper, it became clear that anecdotal evidence was bearing out what the Norwegian Pharmaceutical Institute told the world two days ago: “These pills aren’t placebos. They induce the effect they’re promising. It’s time to accept that an enormous leap forward in human health has been made and move on to discovering its possibilities.”

We don’t yet know whether this statement will be enough to convince the men of this world to buy this mysterious, still-untested product. Meanwhile, independent pharmaceutical companies all around the world are trying to figure out what is inside these pills.

The verdict of the internet, in the meantime, couldn’t be clearer, and the sales figures of Red Pills are starting to reflect this. The medicine works, and its makers can’t produce it fast enough …

“I still don’t believe it!” I texted Drake immediately.

“Next week, you will.”


“I’m not working this week. Told you that.”

“Right…see you next week.”

I put my phone back and changed clothes. My shift was over.

Soon I was standing bare naked in the little employee bathroom in the back. I looked down. My ancestors’ gift to me was a pretty huge cock I had always been happy with. I tried imagining what the pills would do to me, and laughed. I was already privileged, and it was hard to think of a reason I would need the pills. But these other guys…now it was their turn to get lucky.

With a nine-inch cock, everyday life can be tough sometimes. Getting a hard-on in dress pants or tight jeans can be embarrassing, especially when someone else notices.I haven’t peed sitting down since I was sixteen; hard or soft, it’s still too long.

People often think that I can’t see their eyes on my crotch, but I’m not blind. “My eyes are up here, buddy,” I tell them.

Now Drake wanted me to take these (I thought) fake pills. Of course, the one pill hadn’t changed anything visibly; a hundred pills wasn’t going to make any difference either, and the sooner everybody else figured that out the better.

My friend Steph was starting her shift as I was leaving—I gave her the keys, hugged her, said goodbye, and left the store.

I drove back to school and soon I was half-asleep in a lecture hall.

Erick, my best friend at university, actually did fall asleep next to me, drooling on his notebook. I smiled.

Here’s how Erick first introduced himself to me: “Hi, I’m Erick. I’m gay as fuck and now that that’s out of the way, want to be friends?”

I was speechless for at least ten minutes, but after that we started talking. I like telling this story to new people but they never believe me.

Erick and I met because we were neighbors in the dorm, but then it turned out that also we had the same major, so we got to be good friends.

And to answer the most obvious question: We were always just friends. Back then I had a girlfriend and he had a boyfriend, and even when we were single there was never anything between us. I have to admit the possibility never even occurred to me.

But now, while he was drooling, suddenly I was thinking about it. Whatever.

The lecture, meanwhile, was boring as shit. My brain was already back at the Bricks, preparing for tonight’s show. I pushed this thought to the back of my head as I scrolled through every app on my phone, trying to look professional as ignored the lecture. I huffed maybe a little too loud when the Red Pills appeared in my news feed again. But it from was a tabloid paper, not even a little bit trustworthy. I scrolled on by.

Before I entered the LPSG forum again, I looked around to make sure that nobody was watching me. Erick was still deep in slumber.

I wasn’t surprised to see something new from Sherwood. He was arguing wildly with another user about his credibility, and everyone in the forum was jumping in with virtual applause on both sides. It took me some time to get into the discussion, but I had all the time in the world. My eyebrows rose higher with every post I read.

I hadn’t visited the forum in over a week, and there were 320 new posts in the Sherwood Red Pills section. The last Sherwood picture I’d seen had showed his mediocre dick at 3¾ inches hard. But now there were new pictures.

At the start, he wrote, “Proving that this shit works!”, adding new photos of his dick every day. And—I had to scroll up and down to make sure my eyes really saw the difference correctly—his cock was growing.

“I’m taking 10 pills a day now, and my body is responding. I’m thinking about taking even more.”

A day later he wrote: “I can’t fucking believe it. It’s still getting bigger.” In that photo, he was holding his yellow tape measure next to his dick, which was just a bit over 3¾” long soft now.

Another day later: “Fuuuck! My next shipment of pills didn’t come today! Gonna kill these fuckers at the post office. I called them but it just keeps ringing…”

Under that post, a handful of other users encouraged him to keep on going. Some of them were taking the Red Pills too now. They thanked him for opening their eyes. Many, many posts later, a new Sherwood pic appeared, showing his soft and—I stared in slight shock on my phone—4¾-inch cock. And this was only the 87th of the 320 new entries. Suddenly my palms felt damp; I was hot and cold at the same time. I was so nervous to see what was waiting for me at the end of the thread that my phone nearly slipped out of my hands. My heartbeat kept getting faster with every post I scrolled past.

More entries from Sherwood. A photo of a huge box filled with smaller Red Pills packages.

“I’ve ordered a dozen myself,” people claimed in the comments. “Hope they’ll be here soon.”

Four days ago, Sherwood had posted a photo of an enormous glass filled with approximately a hundred pills. Under it he wrote:

“Guys, I just can’t wait. I know that the gods who produce these pills say you should only take two a day, but I can’t wait! Don’t know how many pills are in this glass, but I guess more than two … wish me luck”

His fan club wished him luck and congratulated him on his little experiment. I looked up from my phone for a second to make sure I was actually still sitting in the lecture hall before I looked back down.

But there were no new entries from Sherwood after his last big post. Not yesterday, and not the day before that. Other people were keeping the discussion alive and posting their own photos. Speculation about what had happened to Sherwood became more elaborate with every passing hour. Some were joking about him and his new horse dick. “He’s just busy playing with it!”

Others seemed to be really worried about him, and hoped for the best.

And then, three posts from the bottom of the last page, I saw a new post from Sherwood. Before I noticed the pictures under it, I read the text:

“I’m so fucking sorry that I disappeared for so long, but the last few days have been just crazy. Don’t worry about me! I’m good. Red Pills don’t have any side effects, I can tell you that. I don’t matter whether you take a hundred or three million…the effects just scale up proportionally to how many you take.”

My mouth went dry and I read on.

“I took many, many more…and then I ordered more. All my money is gone basically but it’s worth it. And to atone for my disappearance, I uploaded a little video for you, folks!”

I made sure that my phone was in silent mode, and tapped play. I just couldn’t wait.

The picture was shaking at the beginning, and then a man came into view who had to be Sherwood. He moved to a chair right in front of the camera. He started kneading his crotch with a smile on his face. His clenched fist wandered up and down the fabric. Then he opened his fly with hypnotic slowness.

As I watched, I could feel my own dick growing inside my pants. I looked down for just a second and saw the seams of my jeans stretching in distress.

Sherwood’s underwear came into view, and my jaw dropped. He was wearing an old, tight pair of well-worn briefs, inside which his dick was slowly springing to life. It was the size of a banana—a truly huge banana. He started to grope himself harder as he became fully hard, until his shiny glans was poking out of the waistband and easily nudging his bellybutton. Sherwood was using both hands on his incredible dick now, and smiling confidently into the camera.

At the end of the video, he grabbed something off the floor, out of the camera’s field of view. It was a glass filled with thick red liquid. He raised it to his mouth and drank down in a matter of seconds. The drink was the same color as the Red Pills.

“I don’t know when I’m gonna stop taking these pills,” he wrote, “but right now I gotta say it feels too good to be true. I can almost suck myself off now, and now that I’ve found out I can dissolve them in water I can take even more at once. Guys, it’s a brave new world. My dick was 3½’’ long three weeks ago, and now I’m carrying nine heavy inches between my legs.”

His cock was as big as mine now. My right hand automatically grabbed my throbbing dick, and a pleasurable wave rolled through my torso. He had grown so big in such a short time.

I was practically jacking off now, slowly but steadily, through the fabric of my skinny jeans, and I was not far from cumming. I imagined watching Sherwood’s dick getting even bigger right in front of me, until it was bigger than everything I could see. I came.

At exactly that moment I realized that Erick had woken up next to me—and was watching.


Part 3: The Man Who Changed the World

As Erick and I left the lecture hall, I had to hold my bag in front of my crotch because my dick was still rock hard and the wet spot was clearly visible. My jeans felt glued to my skin, and Erick absolutely would not shut up.

“Dude, what was that? What did you just do?”


“Nothing? Didn’t look like nothing! If you ask me, it looked like you were looking at giant porn stars in the middle of a lecture. And it looks like you’re pretty giant yourself! Why haven’t you—”

“That’s not true.”

It had happened before, this feeling of being—ashamed is the wrong word maybe—of my huge cock. My endowment didn’t give me the feeling of being someone special in a group of way smaller men—instead I felt like an abnormally huge freak among perfectly normal men. But that didn’t stop me from using it for my daily job at the Bricks and, more importantly, learning to live with it. It wasn’t like I had the power to change it.

That was probably the biggest reason why I couldn’t understand the hype about the pills, and why everyone was so obsessed with them.

Erick, meanwhile, was way too excited, peppering me with hundreds of questions. The last thing I wanted was to talk about Red Pills.

“I forgot where I was,” I said. “I left the video open from earlier and…can we talk about something different?”

Erick clearly wanted to protest, but he kept his mouth shut.

“Thank you,” I said, ignoring his resigned look. “I have to go; my shift at the Bricks starts in an hour.”

I bit my tongue as soon as the words were out of my mouth. Erick knew about the Bricks and my job there. He wasn’t allowed to visit me there on my shift and he understood and accepted that. But now, his eyes were wandering downward until they rested on my obviously bulging cock, and it looked like someone had turned a light bulb on behind his eyes.

“Now everything makes sense! How could you hide that from me for so long?”

“I didn’t hide it! I just kept a healthy professional distance.”

“You’re working in a strip club. Don’t talk to me about healthy professional distance.”

“Erick, I don’t have time for this.”

“Yeah, well, go and swing your thing!”

His voice was low, and I got the sense that he was disappointed. Almost like he thought I’d lied to him—but I hadn’t! I just hadn’t told him everything in detail. Still, he was probably my best friend, and I wanted to give him something back.

“I’m really sorry about this mess. Listen, let’s grab a drink tomorrow night.”

His face brightened up immediately.

“But no excuses!”

I took the Underground to the Bricks, and had some time to read the rest of the posts in the forum about Sherwood.

When I opened the browser, the video popped up again. I looked left and right to see if anyone was watching. Hell, this was so stupid. I closed the video. Nevertheless, my dick was rising again, my pants becoming tighter with every second that video stayed in my mind. Something about it—something about Sherwood’s quick development—was insanely hot to me. No fantasy had ever got me going this quickly before. As far as my sexual imagination goes, my routine had always been pretty boring. This was new, and I was having trouble understanding it.

I arrived at the back room of the Bricks. No Drake—he was still on vacation.

I put my clothes inside my squeaky old locker and changed into my way-too-tight poser and heavy boots.

Martin entered the locker room, looking pale and short of breath as always. I got the sense that he had been waiting for me to arrive for a few hours, and I wondered why. We never talked. We knew each other because of the job, but that was it.

“Joey-y!” he said, as though we’d been best friends since grade school.

“Hey, Martin.”

“I was booked for the private show area today, but I’m still pretty sick and I don’t want to contaminate anyone…”

As he spoke he was massaging his dick in his briefs. In between sentences, he was staring at my much-bigger package. It wasn’t the first time. Any guy in a locker room with me suddenly felt the urge to show how big and impressive his member could become. Martin soon had a hard-on, maybe six inches long. It would have been a nice view if we hadn’t been in the middle of a serious conversation.

I thought about it and agreed to take his shift. If Martin was surprised, he didn’t show it; he just grinned and disappeared.

The cabin Martin had been talking about was one of three here at the Bricks. They actually have a real name, but it’s so cheesy that I don’t want to use it.Customers could rent it to enjoy a private show. Sometimes people would hold bachelor parties there—one on one was pretty rare.

The nice part about the cabin was the free time. There usually weren’t enough customers fill all three cabins at once, so I could chat with my colleagues backstage while I waited for my call. We threw back some cocktails and chewed mint gum to cover the alcohol breath.

Tonight was an all-male event, and one after another we were called inside one of the cabins.

After half an hour, I was called and I walked over to the back entrance of my cabin. The only thing between me and my unknown friend was a red curtain. My heart was beating like a drum as I entered: you never knew what you were going to get.

I stepped through the veil and found the room bathed in dim light. The curved walls were furnished with soft leather benches, the floral ornaments on the wallpaper barely visible.

In the middle of the room—my dancing spot—stood an old wooden chair I had never seen before, and in that chair with his back to me sat a man.

I was a bit surprised, but I lost no time walking over to him.

My first instinct was to ask this guy why he was here, but then a shiver ran up my back and neck and over my skull, and in that moment I realized I already knew what he wanted.

He was alone. His red hair was shimmering in the light and his broad shoulders were rising and falling with every breath. His shirt was taut around his neck.

A little cock of his ear told me that he knew that I was there. He tilted his head toward me.

Neither of us spoke. Still standing behind him, I put my hand on his shoulder. The muscle fibers under his skin bulged as I started to massage him. I stepped around him until I stood by his side, my hand still on his shoulder. For just a second his forearm brushed my impressive bulge, and a beautiful smile lit his face.

He had an eagle nose and a stylish haircut, but his most prominent feature was a long scar down his forearm, as though he’d gotten into a knife fight years ago. He wore jeans and a t-shirt, and everything was pretty tight fit.

I walked around his chair to show him every inch of my body except for what was hidden under the fabric. I dropped to my knees, feeling his eyes on my neck. Already he didn’t feel like a customer like everyone else, but like a friend I’d known for a very long time. I turned to this beautiful stranger after a long, slow dance, and he smiled at me with those devilish eyes. I drew closer to him, keeping the rhythm of the soft music, until his hands were rising on my thighs, gently brushing against me.

Our eyes locked.

His hands found their way to my ass, still inside my too-tight poser. In that moment I wished I were wearing more, only so I would have more to take off for him. I had already forgotten that this was a business transaction, and that taking any more off would be breaking the rules.

His fingers grabbed my cheeks and I felt his breath on my brick-wall six-pack. His hands made their way to the front, touching every muscular valley of my stomach, traversing them one after the other while his thumb stayed on my bellybutton.

In response I could feel my blood welling up, stretching my dick bigger and bigger.

We both watched my bulging and swelling package as it grew tighter with every beat of my heart. Already the space inside the poser was so small that my balls were starting to hurt from the rising pressure.

I remembered where I was, and stepped back. There were house rules to follow, and I could lose my job if I let things go further. But I didn’t want to scare him, either, so I kept going, stepping behind him and putting my hands back on his wide shoulders. My dick was still getting bigger and bigger inside my tiny briefs. I could no longer see a way to get out of this situation gracefully.

My hands moved further down inside his shirt and to his chest. I could see that his hands were working on his own junk.

The mysterious guest turned his head and our eyes met again, and in that instant my dick ejected itself from my poser—there wasn’t room for even one of my balls to stay inside it anymore. But I had no time to see his reaction: the lights in the room flickered three times, and the session was officially over.

I was about to make a hasty exit when he grabbed my arm, still under his shirt on his hairy chest, and kissed my forearm. After this gentle gesture, he put a card in my palm.

I really did leave then, but not before copping another feel of his chest and shoulders as a goodbye. I can’t explain why I needed to do it. The curtain billowed in the warm air as I passed back through.

Before anyone could see me outside the cabin, I tucked my raging hard-on back inside my underwear. My breath was still unsteady and hot. But the card was still there in my palm.…


Part 4: The Horse in the Club

I woke up to light streaming through the curtains. It was especially warm in my bedroom, and I was naked, barely covered by the sheets. When I turned in bed I could feel my dick sliding down my abs and landing on the mattress. Then I became aware of the card in my hand. I had fallen asleep still holding it.

The man from the night before—his name was written on the card: Ruben.

Under it was his phone number, email address and the name of his PR agency. On the backside of the card something was written by hand.

“See you soon.”

I had the day off and I had no plans. I lingered in bed, napped for a while, jacked off and did nothing else before late afternoon except take a shower. I got a text from Erick, my best friend from college, with the address of the club where he wanted to meet that night. I wasn’t especially excited to meet him, I had to admit, but had I known what was going to happen I don’t know if I would have left the house at all.

This club was packed; it had had its grand opening only a few days before. I met Erick at the bar.

“What’s up, J?”

“Sometimes I ask myself why nobody actually calls me Joey,” I told him.

“Don’t you like it?”

“Sure, but I don’t know anyone else with so many nicknames.”

“Maybe it’s because of your many secret identities.”

I rolled my eyes.

“You know what I mean,” he said. “Your friend circles don’t overlap. You have different names here and there because your friends and your colleagues and whoever out there don’t know each other.”

“Maybe,” I said.

The next hour we talked about college and our projects there, until the conversation drifted away to Erick’s love life where we got into a level of detail that made me a little uncomfortable.

The alcohol was reaching my brain by this point, and because of my lazy day, I got drunk even faster than usual. I started talking about my two jobs, but Erick only wanted to know everything about the Bricks.

“I had a crazy night yesterday,” I admitted loudly over the music. “We have these showrooms where people can rent a private dance.”

“What happened?”

Erick was already smiling. He knew how this story was going to turn out. But before my alcohol-loosened tongue could tell the rest of the story, the barkeeper tapped my hand.

“From the gentleman on the other side.”

He passed me a shot of a clear liquid. I looked for a stranger with his glass in the air, or someone winking at me on the other side of the bar, but there was no one.

I drank the shot, half of it dripping over my shirt, and only after that did I see the card that had been slipped underneath.

“Ruben.” There was the phone number again, the email, the PR agency.

Erick was out of his mind. This was apparently the most exciting thing that had happened to him in years, and he leaned over my shoulder to read the back of the card with me. It was the same handwriting.

“Interested? I’m waiting in the back…”

“He’s waiting in the back for you? Who IS this guy?” asked Erick.

I was speechless, but finally I told Erick about Ruben and what had happened last night at the Bricks.

“And this is the same guy? How does he know that you’re here tonight? Is he your sexy stalker? Sexy…but a bit creepy too, don’t you think?”

“Am I stupid to want to look for him anyway?”

“Well, yes. I would call the cops, but it’s not my story.”

I was grateful that Erick wanted to protect me, but caution wasn’t what I was looking for tonight. Besides, my dick was getting hard from the pressure in my bladder.

“Fine, I won’t look for him,” I lied. “But I have to piss. Where are the toilets?”

“Don’t know, bro.”

“Back in a minute.”

Before I even stood up from the bar stool, Erick had his phone out and was scrolling through Facebook.

After two minutes of wading through the masses of people in the club, I found a restroom sign pointing toward a corner at the end of a hallway. Was this the back Ruben was talking about? Not very romantic. Where was he? My brain felt foggy.

I entered the new bathroom, but Ruben wasn’t there, so I started to do what I’d come for. I found a free spot between two other men at the urinals. It took me some time to free my dick. I got a little desperate, my urgency earning me some sideways glances from the guys on either side of me. In the end, I was dangling only two inches from the water at the bottom of the urinal, holding my precious piece with two hands. The guy on my right side saw it and zipped up in record time. The other guy didn’t leave, even long after he’d finished taking a leak. I got the sense he was thinking about touching it. In the end, though, he didn’t, and disappeared as fast as the other one.

When I finally finished, I was alone. I put my dick back, moved to the sinks, and froze.

His unnaturally broad shoulders leaning against the wall, his arms crossed and his forearm scar on full display, Ruben stood right behind me. It was the first time I’d seen him in full light, and I took in his full red beard for the first time.

“Hey, Joey,” he said in a deep voice I’d never heard before.

I crossed the room in two steps and pinned him against the wall, so hard that his head bumped against the tiles. I found myself yelling.

“Are you stalking me? What do you want?”

Ruben was taller than me—probably by four inches—but that didn’t intimidate me. I felt his warm breath on my face.

He raised his hands. There was a red silicone bracelet dangling from his right wrist with a black stallion logo impressed on it. It looked expensive for being made out of silicone.

“Calm down, Joey. I’m not a stalker. Actually, I was going to visit you at the Bricks next week, but then I saw you with your friend at the bar and thought, ‘Why not today?’”

“So you just randomly happened to be here tonight?” I loosened my grip on him.


Ruben brought his face closer to mine. While he was studying my lips, he started to smile. He was wearing a button-down shirt with rolled-up sleeves, and as he moved in to kiss me I noticed the fabric over his biceps straining. He pressed me against the opposite wall and I ran my hands over his arms, taking his muscles in.

We went into one of the stalls. I had doubts about this, but fortunately it was the first week the bar had been open and the bathrooms hadn’t been used much yet. Ruben closed the door without once breaking contact with me.

The next thing I knew my shirt was on the floor and I was unbuttoning his to reveal an impressive set of pecs. He began to lightly bounce them, dazzling me even more.

“After I saw you last night,” he told me, “I knew you were perfect.”

I didn’t reply. I was too busy discovering his body and feeling the rising heat in the stall.

“I thought for sure you’d be wearing a bracelet like this too, today,” Ruben said.

My breath coming short, I asked: “What, the one with the stallion on it? What about it?”

“Oh, come on, you can’t fool me. I saw that massive thing between your legs last night. You’re getting pretty big already; it’s already impossible to hide. You must have reached horse status.”

I didn’t understand a single word. My hand was searching for his dick and what I found made my heart stop. He felt my hand on his cock and showed me that crooked smile again.

“You really don’t know what this is all about, do you?”

I grabbed his bulging cock again and panted when he shoved me back, opened his belt buckle and dropped his jeans.

The sight alone pressed me against the stall wall. I lost my balance and landed on the closed toilet seat, staring at the package he was unwrapping for me.

Ruben was wearing boxer shorts which covered half of his muscular thighs. His colossal monster cock was hanging out of one side of them, thick and hooded with foreskin. The concealed head, as big as a billiard ball, was almost hanging over his knees.

That monster looked even bigger when Ruben dropped his shorts and drew closer to me. That thing swung as heavy as a wrecking ball.

Ruben was watching my reaction. “Now it’s even more interesting that you don’t know anything about all this.”

Watching his eyes as they gave me permission, I took his monstrous cock into my hands, feeling the weight of two pounds of soft meat. I rubbed it gently, and as his foreskin glided back for the first time he moaned in ecstasy. His glans, shiny and slightly wet, was already starting to grow even bigger.

Before I knew what was happening, he was stuffing that colossus into my mouth. After a couple desperate tries I managed to make the head fit, but Ruben wanted more.

I could feel his cock pressing my jaw open even wider with every second. Soon it was broader than my wrist and I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Jesus fucking Christ. How big is that thing?”

“11 inches. Keep going! Please. No one’s been able to take as much as you for a long time now.”

He tried to press it into my mouth again. The first few times it just thrust in vain against my lips, but I tried my best, knowing it would be worth the effort. After a while, I got it to fit, even though it made my jaw hurt like hell at first. The moment his glans filled my whole mouth Ruben groaned even louder, in a voice that seemed to fill the bathroom: “Yes! Fuck, yes! Harder, please! Harder!”

I sucked his monster as hard as I could, but its sheer size made it complicated. Even the smallest touch of my tongue on his skin was heaven to him, though.

“Do—do—don’t stop. GOD, this is good. Harder! … Yes, arder! Fuck!”

Without realizing it, he was forcing more and more of his monster cock into my mouth, until I was gagging and barely able to breathe.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, yeaaaaaah! Mhhhhh … stronger, now, stronger! God! Soon! I’ll cum soo—god how are you—FuUuuuuUck! I will…I will…god! Shit! Watch out!”

Suddenly he pulled his monster out of my mouth and aimed for the wall next to us—not a second too soon. I gasped for breath as his fist-sized glans shot out torrent after torrent of white hot cum. He could have easily filled a pint glass with all that juice.

At the end, soaked in sweat, he told me: “This was exactly what I needed. You’ve got the job. You deserve it!”

I barely had enough breath to talk. “What are you talking about?”

“I want you to be the face of our new campaign,” he said, shaking his impossibly huge, still-chubbed-up dick. “One of our newest and most promising clients wants someone with a winning smile and the ability to please.”

In the fog of my brain, something clicked. I looked at Ruben’s dripping cock, going soft now but still bigger than anything I had ever seen, and then at his wrist. Only then did I recognize the red color of his bracelet. I grabbed his hand and turned the wristband. On the other side of the stallion, it said in white letters: “Red Pills.”

“Why the stallion? Why the bracelet?” I asked, still mesmerized by his cock, only inches away now from my cum-soaked mouth.

“They give it to you when you order. Or, in my case, you get it from them as a present. It shows your status. Stallion.”

And that was how I met the PR Manager of Red Pills, and the first time I realized that those little pills were going to play much, much bigger role in my life than I’d thought.


Part 5: Brave New World

So…what do you say?”

I stared as Ruben tucked his monster back into his pants. It was still fat and leaving wet marks on everything it touched. Including on my face.


What was I supposed to say? I didn’t know what this all meant or if any of it was true, but how could he fake it? How could he fake that gigantic tool when I could still clearly see it through the fabric of his pants?

“I need more time to think about it.”

I left the cabin, washed my face, checked my messy hair, and left. Erick was still waiting for me at the bar, and I wondered how long I’d been away. It was clear that he had kept drinking at a steady pace. He couldn’t even see clearly anymore, and it took him a few seconds to realize who I was.

“Well, well, well, isn’t that J? What took you so long? Did you find him?”

“Yes, and I need alcohol. Now.”

I lifted Erick’s empty glass and the bartender understood immediately. Seconds later, the stinging taste of vodka was burning my mouth, but I could still taste Ruben. Even in my throat.

A huge shadow loomed over Erick and me, and we turned on our bar stools.

“Just wanted to say goodbye.”

Ruben’s deep voice rolled through me like an avalanche. He gave me another of his business cards, one with different numbers on it.

“I meant what I said. Call me, Joey. Don’t pass this chance up.”

“Thanks,” I said, to shy to speak without looking at him, and gulped the rest of my vodka.

He was on his way out, advancing with heavy steps, when he turned back around. At first I thought he was going to hand me yet another business card, but then he gave Erick and me each something from his jacket that looked more like a condom.

“Courtesy of my employers…hope you have a nice evening.”

As soon as we took them, he disappeared.

“What is this?” Erick asked me.

I touched it gently with my fingertips and discovered three pills inside a little wrapper. I turned it and recognized the small red logo in the corner. Red Pills. The letters were raised and the packaging was thick and expensive-feeling.

Erick was still looking at me, waiting for an answer. I felt dizzy, turning the gift between my hands as I tried to process what was happening. The most logical explanation was that this was all a huge joke at my expense.

“You have to try them,” a voice said in my head.

“You don’t need them and you know it,” said another one.

“But you know you want to,” closed the first.

In the end, I ripped the wrapper open, tossed the pills into my palm and swallowed them with the last of Erick’s drink.

“Fuck, J, what is that? What kind of drugs is he giving us?”

“I could explain it, but you wouldn’t understand,” I smiled. Taking the pills was kind of a relief. Like I’d finally accepted my destiny. “Just visit the website on the wrapper, Google a little and you’ll find out for yourself.”

“Oh, for fuck’s sake, just say it. What is this?”

“These pills here,” I raised my empty wrapper, “make your dick grow.”

Luckily, the music was so loud that nobody—except Erick—heard the ridiculous sentence that had just escaped my mouth. Hearing it out loud, even I couldn’t believe what I’d just said, so it was no surprise when Erick completely lost it.

“You’re shitting me. What kind of spam email shit is this?”

He laughed loudly, making the bartender turn a suspicious eye on us.

Then Erick stopped laughing abruptly and said: “Shit, wait, was your dick always that big?”

He looked down at my well-filled crotch and tried to see it through the zipper. He squinted and I watched uneasily as his hand moved closer to my package.

“Yes, it was always this big,” I said quickly, not able to handle any more chaos tonight. “Look, Erick, I’ll tell you everything I know because I think this thing is going to blow up like a rocket in the next few weeks.” The alcohol in me was speaking words, and the rest of me just kept drinking. “The pills are real. And that guy is some kind of PR manager for the company that invented them. They want him to plan a campaign. Not just here—globally. Look it up. People on the internet are already taking them and talking about the results. They’re real. I mean, just based on this guy, I believe they’re real. He’s packing…like nothing you’ve ever seen before.”

“You mean he has a—”

“More than you can ever imagine. More than is good for him. As thick as your forearm, and probably longer.”

“You’re shitting me.”

“See? I told you you wouldn’t believe me. Can we go now? This music is so loud my head’s going to explode.”

“Wait, J. You’re telling me the truth?”

“Yeah. Look it up, but don’t order too many. Not taking them at all is better, probably.”

We left and ordered Ubers home. He didn’t even hear me the first time I said goodbye to him, he was so sunk in his own thoughts. What had I done?

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

When Erick’s Uber left, I found myself just staring out the window.

The next day, I would have to work at Subway for the first half of the day, and then all afternoon at the Bricks. It would be a shitty day, but at least Drake would be back from his two weeks of vacation. That was all I could think about, standing in the shower. My dick was hanging heavily from my groin and I couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened at the club. How Ruben had pulled his pants down in one forceful movement, revealing his growing veiny monster.

I took my own 9-incher and slapped it against my hand. It had become hard within seconds and was now pressing against the glass door of my shower. It seemed so small now, compared to Ruben’s magnificent manhood.

“How would it feel to have a cock that big?” I asked myself silently. Before I could ride too far on that train of thought, I turned the water off, toweled down, and slipped into my bed the way god created me: naked.

I opened my laptop and visited lpsg dot org. I couldn’t stay away from it any longer. Immediately something unusual caught my attention.

Normally, the whole site was black, white and gray except for the little blinking “now online” buttons. But now, in the upper header where the categories were, a new button had appeared next to Pictures, Stories, and Discussions, and the new category was a familiar shade of red. Red Pills.

With trembling hands, I clicked the title and discovered dozens of new forum threads. An enormous number of people had been posting on the new page, sharing their stories, ideas, and opinions.

One title was “500 Pills Challenge—time-lapse”.

The main entry was a video with a hundred delighted comments after it. I clicked on ‘play,’ and before the video had even started my dick was rock hard again and pressing against the underside of my laptop. It wasn’t really pleasant to sit like that, but my attention was elsewhere.

A really cute boy, around 20, sat in front of his webcam, his face only visible for a few seconds at the beginning of the video. After that intro, the camera focused on his equally nice-looking dick, which he was jerking gently with his right hand. It was really beautiful to look at, and I wouldn’t have changed a thing about it. But I guess he had a different opinion.

The guy’s dick was hard in under a minute, and he held an old wooden ruler next to it to show us his size in numbers. The picture wasn’t really clear, but the ruler read something between 5 and 5½ inches. Next, he showed us a box with the Red Pills logo. The package was bigger than any I had seen before—it said “100 pills” on it. His other hand disappeared for a second and came back holding more boxes of the same size.

“500 pills, guys! It took all my money and I don’t know what I’m gonna eat for the rest of this month, but it’ll be worth it!”

After that, the speed of the video increased. He took the camera into his small kitchen and threw the contents of every box into a blender. It was a big one, but the 500 pills filled it to the brim. He added a cup of water and started the machine. As it churned away, the tower of pills shrunk to a red, glowing pulp. The boy added more water, grinning all the while, until the puree looked drinkable. He took the whole thing back to his bedroom.

“If this doesn’t work, I want my money back!”

He laughed nervously, and I wondered if he was having second thoughts about drinking that dangerous-looking paste.

Then he raised the glass and began.

It must have tasted okay, because after the first few big slugs he didn’t stop drinking. Almost absently, he kept on chugging, jerking his still-visible penis with his free hand.

“Why are you doing that?” I asked my laptop screen. But I knew why; I was doing the same thing.

In the end, he used all his fingers to clean that cup, squeezing out every last drop until it was almost clean again. He’d paid a huge price and wanted every penny’s worth, that was for sure.

“I don’t know if I should already feel something now, but I guess it must be starting,” the guy said. I looked very closely, but there was nothing to see.

The first time-lapse started without warning. His hands moved like lightning and his breath became ridiculously fast. He must have been watching TV or working on his laptop. I couldn’t tell because the camera was focused solely on his junk. His dick looked unchanged.

The pace of the video returned back to normal in time for him to read: “‘Take no more than a maximum of ten pills a day,’ the package says.” He laughed out loud.

The time-lapse started again and over two hours passed in a few seconds. He got up and left the picture now and then; apparently he was getting bored sitting there.

Back to normal speed: “Okay, nothing happened. I guess I got scammed. Maybe more later, but I have to go to sleep for now, guys. Sorry.”

And the video went black. I was baffled how unspectacular this was, and was about to scroll down to the comments when the picture returned. He looked directly into the camera as he turned it back on. His eyes were sleepy and his hair was a mess, but he was smiling from ear to ear.

“It’s been three hours, and I think it’s starting now! Slept a little but woke up, luckily.”

He put the camera where it had been before and I could see that he was still bare naked. I moved closer to the monitor and couldn’t believe it, even though I had seen the Red Pills’ effects in real life already. His dick looked actually bigger, and the moment he put the wooden ruler next to it, the results became even clearer: 6 inches.

“I want to jack this thing off, but I don’t dare,” he laughed nervously. “How big is it gonna get?”

Then the time-lapse started again, and it was like watching a tree grow in a documentary. His cock swelled bigger, a little bit longer and thicker with every second. Sometimes he jerked it a little, then he measured it. 7 inches already! The tip of his penis touched his belly button now. 30 sped-up minutes later he was bigger still, by almost another inch. Then he stood up to shake it for the camera. It already looked pretty impressive. He just stood there for an eternity, watching his own dick grow bigger and bigger. For a second he disappeared and came back into view with a tape measure. 8¾ inches. He tried licking his cock head, but without success. He jerked it harder now, and it looked like it was getting even longer as he pulled on it. And it seemed to be getting thicker now, too, filling his hands even better with every moment that passed.

He outgrew 9 inches. He put his colossal dick into his old underwear to marvel at his new bulge. His briefs were close to ripping.

“His dick is as big as mine,” I said with a grin, realizing how gifted I truly was. But my smile faded as he soon surpassed me.

45 sped-up minutes later, the show was over. The monster was done growing.

He took his hard, fat member between his hands. It was 10¼ inches long and at least two inches thick. When it slapped it against his belly it actually hit part of his chest. He licked the tip of it and a shudder ran through his entire body.

Just as the video ended, he said, “And now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a job to finish!”

My dick had never been so hard in my life.

The comments read:

“I want that too ♥”

“Just beautiful. Please go on! Absolutely worth the money.”

“I’d like to see more ;)”

Under the last comment was a link to the Red Pills website that everyone was asking for. The domain wasn’t official and wasn’t listed on Google, they wrote. No wonder nobody in the “real” world knew about them.

There were pictures on the website, and I caught myself wondering what it would be like to see my own smiling face on the page.

Then I discovered the price charts and laughed out loud. The box with one hundred pills (out of stock) cost a fortune. The amount the guy in the video had spent could probably have paid his rent for a year. I hoped it was worth it—no doubt it was.

I leaned back onto my pillows and let my eyes glide across the room. I didn’t know how much money Ruben was offering me for this new job, but even if the price of the pills wasn’t included in my paycheck, I needed every penny he offered me. The Subway was close to closing because nobody wanted to eat that shit. The Bricks was nice, but I didn’t want to work there my whole life. I had only wanted to work there for a year, and already I was on my third.

But was the model job a step in the right direction? Wouldn’t it be basically the same thing I did at the Bricks, selling my body for money? And what if people I knew discovered me there? What if the pills broke all records and my face was suddenly all over the world? Would they even see me, or would they only have eyes for my cock and the pills?

I had to at least meet Ruben and ask him how much money we were talking about here.

If the Red Pills people—who had basically found a way to print money—actually paid the models as much as they could spend…student loans paid, rent paid, new clothes (finally!), new furniture…there was no limit to what I’d be able to do then.

I decided to visit Ruben the next day on my lunch break between jobs.

Before I went to bed, I went back to the website and saw a familiar name.


He had uploaded a new picture of himself at the beach in ridiculously bulging swimwear. Unpacked, his cock slapped against his knees. In another photo, his thick monster cock was lying on a desk next to a tape measure. He was up to 11.6 inches.

I swallowed hard and felt my cock pressing against my laptop again. This guy was insane.

He was begging other users to give him money or buy him more pills directly. And people were doing itHis most recent entry was only two hours old. In the first photo, he was holding up a 100-pill box for the camera. The logo burned itself into my retina and my heart started to pump harder. He thanked 17 people for their contributions to this unbelievable gift.

Then there was the next picture of his cock finished growing. 12.6”.

Each pill had grown him a hundredth of an inch. I stared down at my own dick and tried calculating how much it had already grown.

Before I slept, I jerked off hard. My bedroom felt hot as hell and my hands clung to the sheets as I moaned like a mindless freak into my pillows. I had never given myself such an extreme orgasm in my life. I thought about drinking that shake and becoming a true monster myself, and it only took me about 30 seconds to bring myself over the edge. I looked at my abs and watched the rivulets of cum running down my skin.


Part 6: All Men Come in Different Sizes

I found Ruben’s address pretty fast amid the glass skyscrapers of the city’s financial district. He owned several levels of an office complex in the heart of the city.

Inside, the walls were plastered with postmodern art and every inch that wasn’t made of gray, sterile concrete was encased in glass and chrome. The air conditioner was working overtime. I didn’t see a directory for the building, so I went to the front desk.

“I’m looking for Ruben.”

“You must be J,” he said, calling me by my nickname. “He’s expecting you. The elevator is right behind you—19th floor.”

He gave me a card for the elevator and I went in. The closer I got to Ruben, the more I was aware of my heartbeat inside my chest.

Windows and floors flew past as the elevator shot into the sky. What was going to happen? How much of my life was about to change forever?

I was blinded by the sudden light as the doors opened. A cacophony of voices, telephones ringing and fingers tapping on keyboards.

The room in front of me was as big as a football field and pulsating with all the energy of a young, hip internet business. Everyone had their own private space with a computer and pictures of their family. There were break areas with beanbags and coffee tables. An employee on a scooter zipped by, grinning at me as I stepped off the elevator. Everyone seemed so happy here. I could see a lot of people working at drawing boards, drawing up new concepts for something I couldn’t see.

A man in his mid-thirties with a huge beard saw me and nodded me over to the other side of the room, and after a minute of exploring I found Ruben’s office: a giant glass cubicle with him in the middle. He was intent on his computer, looking astonishingly broad-shouldered in his suit and tie.

There was a cork wall at the front of his office covered with concepts—the decision-making area, apparently. There were symbols for different animals, suggestions for new colors, and much more. I wondered what it was all for.

Near me was a huge poster advertising the company’s new brands. At the top were the famous Red Pills, but under it were new names—Black Pills, Alpha Pills, Red XXL, Blue Pills—that were all emblazoned with the original red logo.

An employee walking by the second saw me looking at the poster and interrupted: “Careful. Don’t tell anyone outside or Ruben will be fucking pissed.” He scratched his cheek as he was talking, and my eye went to his red wristband.

“Joey! Come on in!”

Ruben stepped out of his glass office and winked as he waved me over. I gaped at his size when I was standing right next to him: I couldn’t remember him having been this big the day before. I was almost six feet tall, but he had to be at least 6’5”.

“Glad to see you on this beautiful day!” he said. “It means a lot to me that you came.”

“No, I should be thanking you,” I said. This is going to be the most casual job interview I’ve ever had, I thought.

“Take a seat and we can talk a bit about what we’re doing here. But first I wanted to ask how these last few days have been for you.”

I didn’t pause long before answering. “A little confusing, I guess. Things are changing fast. You have to know where to look to get real information.”

“Haha! True. Most people out there aren’t too well-informed, luckily. When the mainstream media starts to pick us up everything will change pretty quickly, so we’re working overtime to be prepared for that. But who knows? Most people out there don’t even notice their own shadows—no surprise they haven’t noticed that we’re at the dawn of a new age.”

“A new age? Isn’t that a little arrogant, coming from you?”

Ruben’s expression remained serious. “No, I don’t think so. Don’t you believe that we’re going to change the world?”

“I guess the pills will change a lot. But everything? I don’t know. Maybe they will.”

“And don’t you want to be part of it?”

He gave me a dazzling, confident smile that showed off his sharp teeth. Then he leaned back and pushed his legs apart to sit more comfortably, basically presenting me with the bulging monster that was trapped behind the cotton. His zipper looked stressed to its limits, and as he folded his strong arms behind his head I noticed his red wristband was almost cutting into his skin. I wondered if he was thinking of our time at the club the night before.

“Here. Want to see something insanely hot?” Ruben said. He rolled his chair back toward his computer to search for something. I noticed his breathing was getting heavier.

“A few weeks ago we started a very productive collaboration with Pierre Fitch that got us a lot of attention. I don’t know if you’ve seen him before, but this is what he looked like a few weeks ago when we published the first video of him under our name.”

He turned his screen to show me a picture of a young, tattooed man holding onto something above his head. He was naked, and between his legs hung a phenomenally thick penis with a hairy base. I licked my lips and felt my heart pounding faster.

He reminded me a little of Drake, my colleague from the Bricks, who had a similarly girthy dick that earned him a good chunk of change every night.

Ruben continued: “Today we produced another video with him after he’d tried several of our new product lines. These are the promo pictures. I think you’ll like them!”

He opened a new picture and Pierre appeared again. I couldn’t breathe. You could tell that time had passed between the shots. Not just because his hair was longer in the second shot, but also because from his crotch now hung the thickest, biggest monster cock I had ever seen. It was truly gigantic. It would have taken at least three hands to encompass it. It even looked like the bush above his dick had gotten fuller and bigger. I wondered if this was an intentional side effect.

With a self-satisfied grin, Ruben started the video. Pierre was showing off his new body. He already was having problems trying to pick up his own monster dick with one hand, but he was nevertheless smiling like a movie star. As he walked, his dick swung back and forth like a ten-ton bell in a church tower . I could hear the cameraman laughing offscreen. Ruben stopped the video but he didn’t stop smiling, waiting for my reaction.

“That is…wow,” was the only thing I could say.

“Come on! I want to introduce you to someone. He’ll be a new colleague of yours, if you take my offer.”

He stood up, affording me a view of his half-hard prick struggling against the inseam of his pants. He took a few long steps, getting used to the mass between his legs. Was he still taking the cock pills? I followed him in a trance.

He kept explaining as we walked: “You may have noticed that soon it won’t be just the Red Pills we’re marketing here.”

“Yeah, I saw the cork board in the other room.”

“Just one more thing we do here, you know? I guess I haven’t filled you in yet on everything that’s going on.”

“I guess not.”

“Red has asked us to mastermind their world release. A corporate design. A brand. Why they chose us is a long story. I’ll tell it to you over a drink sometime. Anyway, they send us all their products for testing purposes. They keep telling us there’s no risk. They’ve tested everything for years and years… they just say to use common sense.

“So we’ll be launching some new product lines on our website in the coming weeks. Kind of a test drive. You already know about the standard Red Pills, and we’re just starting to roll out the others now. We’ve been busy finding models for the photo shoots because every product line needs a model to represent it. Even every combination of products needs a model. It’s a pretty big job. Ah, here we are!”

We had stopped in front of a gleaming white desk which was loaded with tons of cartons. Dozens of white boxes peeked out of them.

“Okay, these you already know.”

He showed me a box of the standard Red Pills, and I nodded.

Ruben opened another carton and started throwing boxes to me.

“You can keep it. We get them for free as little presents for our hard work.”

“Don’t you have problems with this many pills under one roof?”

“Nah, you’d be surprised. Some of our employees have their fun, of course, but we set limits. We have to keep in mind that this little pile here is worth a fortune. Ethan, one of our designers from the Blue office, for example, took more Black Pills than we recommended. So we’re not gonna promote him, but it’s his body, so what can we say? Everyone can take as many pills as they want; it’s really the main perk of the job and we don’t want to judge someone as long as they’re still able to do their work.”

“You said something about Black Pills. What do they do?”

Rubens rifled through some boxes until he found what he was looking for: a small matte-black package with glossy black letters on it. Ruben saw the question marks in my eyes and answered: “They make you grow. Around a quarter of an inch with each pill. Which brings me to the guy I want to introduce you to today. Follow me. This is the photo studio—your new workplace.”

I had many, many questions about the Black Pills, but it seemed like they were going to have to wait.

An electric door swung open and we entered a glowing room lit by about three,000 lights. No one was there, but their voices could be heard in the back.

“Come on!” Ruben said. He seemed so eager that I half-expected him to grab my hand and pull me to the back room.

The moment we entered the dressing room I began to have trouble breathing. Maybe the air just seemed thin since a man like none I’d ever seen before was taking up all the space. We watched the model being dressed as I tried to remember how to breathe.

“May I introduce you? Joey, this is Akhim!”

Akhim heard his name and looked up with a gigantic smile on his face. He walked over to us and hugged Ruben so hard that his back cracked. After they separated, I noticed Akhim kept his massive hand on Ruben’s equally massive shoulder.

Ruben was huge, and even the other employee in the room was huge, but Akhim had to be over 8 feet tall. As he spoke, he had to look so far down at us that his humongous pecs blocked his view slightly, and just noticing this made him laugh, making his pecs inflate even bigger under the skintight shirt. I could feel my blood rushing to my face. It was warm in here for reasons that had nothing to do with the lamps. As I watched, Akhim casually kneaded Ruben’s shoulder like it was the most natural thing in the world. I saw the beast in Ruben’s pants coming to life.

“Nice to see you, Akhim!”

“Nice to have you here, Ruben,” he said with a voice like a deep-water river. “Didn’t think I’d see you here today. Glad you made it!”

The employee from the back said: “Can we continue?”

“Of course! Sorry, Ruben, can’t make them wait.”

“No problem, go on. I just wanted to introduce you to Joey.”

“Hey, nice to meet you! You working here, too?”

Ruben answered for me: “We’ll see.”

“Oh, do it, boy. Just saying, best job in the world. And now, excuse me, but we were supposed to start the shoot fifteen minutes ago.”

We watched them for a while. A few minutes later a full-blown photo shoot was taking place, with more than twenty people darting around like diligent bees.

At first Akhim kept his tight jeans on, but he soon dropped them for another series of photos. I was kind of surprised to see a nearly normal-sized penis outline in his briefs.

“Akhim, I can’t talk you into taking some Reds, can I?” Ruben shouted over everyone’s heads.

“Sorry, Ruben, I’ll pass. I’m happy with what God gave me down there. But hell, thanks for the others! Do you have any more Blacks?”

“Just come to my office later.”

“Nice! Thanks!”

“No problem.”

We left the set and walked back to Ruben’s office so I could finally ask him the all-important question:

“So what are these other pills?”

“Let me think. You know the Reds and the Blacks. And actually you already saw the Blue Pills, too. Akhim’s taken a lot of them. They help you gain muscle mass and when you lift at the same time you can add several pounds in just a few days.”

“So why aren’t you doing the shots for the Red campaign?”

He laughed from deep in his chest.

“No, no. I don’t have the right face for it. But there are others who do,” he said and looked at me for a little while. “And I’m actually a huge fan of the Alpha Pills.”

“What do they change?”

“A little of everything. It’s more efficient to swallow the standard versions of the other products, but if you want to gain a little something everywhere and don’t have the money for three–5 different boxes, that’s the way to do it.”

As we walked we grabbed some of the boxes we’d seen earlier and took them back to Ruben’s office.

“They’re already thinking about phasing the Reds out and putting out the XXL line in their place. Now that the Blacks and Blues are coming out they’re worried the Reds might start to seem a little weak, you know?”

We entered his office and threw the boxes onto his desk. Ruben grabbed a Red XXL box and opened it. Inside were only four pills.

“Want some?”

He held the open package in front of me and I grabbed it without a second thought.

“How much stronger are these than the other ones?”

“Don’t worry, Joey. Still within healthy limits. Here, I’ll take mine now, too. We’ll call it your welcome gift.”

Ruben opened a drawer in his desk and helped himself to eight of the Alpha Pills. He came back to me with two glasses of water.

“So, what do you say? Interested?”

“This place is amazing. I have to admit it’s really stirred something in me.”

“Akhim?” Ruben smiled.

I laughed with him, but changed the subject as fast as I could.

“For real, though. What do I have to do to sign up? And what do I get from you?”

“A man who cuts to the chase. I like that.”

Ruben set his water aside and got me a crazy thick booklet-sized contract.

“Don’t be scared. I know it looks terrifying, but it’s mostly legal bullshit. The cornerstones you need to know are: You can quit whenever you want. We won’t force you into anything you don’t want to do. If you don’t want to do something, you don’t have to. If you don’t want to change your body in a way we want you to, you don’t have to. I hope that Akhim gave you an idea how working as a model for us goes.

“More importantly: in your first year you’ll get paid monthly. That money isn’t linked to any photo shoot or any other commitment; it’s just your salary. You need something to live on.

“You’ll become the face of your own section. You can choose the section and you’ll be representing it in events and so on. Akhim is Blue and Black, body mass and height. When someone on our website shows interest in those two categories he will be shown Akhim to trigger buying behavior.

Whatever category you choose, same story. In just a few months we’re looking to start shooting with all models, but most of them aren’t recruited yet.

You get health insurance from us. Your college tuition from here on out will be on us, and you’ll also get a monthly salary of $4,800.”

My mouth was wide open and yet I couldn’t say anything. My legs felt thin and weak underneath me.

Ruben laughed loud and deep. He was enjoying his power over me.

“I’m going to give you this contract and you can decide if you want to sign it or not. A week will be enough, right?”

I nodded, but my soul had left my body minutes before.

“I hope,” Ruben added, “that our collaboration will be a sure thing. I’ve enjoyed every moment of it so far.”

The water and the pills were back in his hands, and all I could do was take them. Ruben swallowed his pills, looking deep into my eyes as he did.

“Puh,” moaned Ruben. “I know I should stop. But this is just the beginning for you! Oh, and before I forget…”

He gave me a red wristband with a stallion on it. I put it on and smiled at it.

“I’m really glad that I found you, Joey. Together I think we can achieve great things.”

Ruben was back in his fancy chair and leaning back comfortably like before. I admitted that I still couldn’t believe everything was happening so quickly. And everything would soon be changing even more.

“I have to thank you, Ruben! Really! You’ve already given so much, and I don’t know how to thank you for this.”

“You’ll do an excellent job, I’m sure about that.”

As he spoke he stroked the outline of the monster running down his thigh like it was a giant kitten. The bulge swelled visibly and a wet spot appeared on his pants near the knee.

“Sorry for this mess,” he said, a bit shy after a drop of pre-cum fell to the ground. He didn’t look me in the eyes as he added: “Taking these pills always makes me kind of…wild.”

I felt my own brain boiling and something unknown rising in me.

“I think I can feel it too.”

There was a moment of tense silence, and then we both stood up and started to kiss feverishly over the table. Ruben’s hand found a remote on his desk. There was a beeping sound and all the windows became opaque.

“Ruben! I can feel it! My cock!”

With one swipe of his arm, his desk was empty, and he lifted me onto it. Ruben was bigger than me and he had to bend down now to kiss me. His extraordinary tongue in my mouth, his lips on mine. My dick was becoming harder, more painful every second in my tight jeans. Ruben finally opened my zipper and set my big cock free. He immediately started sucking it like the mindless god he was. My vision blurred—that’s how good he was. His giant tongue scraped that special spot under my cockhead.

“Fuck! That’s never felt so good before.”

I looked down and saw Ruben taking even more of my cock down his throat. Sweat glistened on his face, and it really looked like my dick was already bigger than before. He sucked harder and inch after inch disappeared down his throat.

Ruben was groaning now too, but my thick wood muffled the sound of his voice. He opened his mouth even wider, like a snake, trying hungrily to take it all. His hands caressed my thighs and I was intensely aware of all his body’s movements against mine. Soon, his beard was tickling my swollen balls and then, incredibly, I could feel his lips on them. He had actually taken every inch of my gigantic cock. He looked up, tears of joy in his eyes, and there was still a greedy flame in them. I was a few seconds away from coming when he did the impossible. He opened his mouth even wider and my balls disappeared too. His throat was stronger, wetter and better than any vacuum pump. His feral tongue was everywhere at the same time, and my vision went white. I screamed in joy and came. I pumped all my cum down his throat, and halfway through it he finally released me and the last of my cum splashed his face, beard, and chest.

I was wasted and shaken from the orgasm when Ruben went to take his turn. My cum was in his beard and I could feel it on my skin. He stood in front of me and pulled his pre-cum soaked pants down. His monstrous cock leaped out of it and into view. Currents of pre dripped from the tip, soaking the floor in no time. He bent down toward me.

“Sorry, we don’t have much time—I have another appointment at two.”

“Don’t apologize. Go on, be as rough as you want.”

My legs were in the air and on his massive shoulders in no time. Soon his cock was inside of me. Pain was blossoming inside me as more and more of his generous penis was shoved in. After a few powerful thrusts, the pain faded and I was left with pure delight. I couldn’t take all of him, but Ruben didn’t seem to mind that. Fuck, he was so fucking huge down there and he was still growing even biggerDrops of sweat from his body dripped onto my skin in slow motion as I grappled for a hold on his muscular arms. He was getting stronger and faster with every thrust inside my ass. It felt like we were growing together.

Ruben was shaking and groaning like a wild animal. I was scared that everyone outside could hear us. “Ready?” he asked with a diabolical grin.


I felt three huge surges flooding my insides before he pulled out and aimed for my stomach. Cupful after cupful of cum hit my skin in endless waves and his orgasm lasted over a minute, his body shaking, his voice trembling. His cum was flowing down my body and over the desk, dropping to the ground with loud splashing noises.

“I knew you’d be the right one for this job,” he whispered.

He gave me a towel and I cleaned myself as best I could. Time was up, and we had to rush.

“See you in a week,” he said as I moved toward the door.

I turned back and saw Ruben standing there in a pool of our cum, smiling euphorically, his mammoth cock still out.

“Hey. Who are ‘they’?” I asked him. “The people with the pills? The creators?”

“Ah. You’ll meet them at the photo session in a few months. I could tell you the whole story now but it’s a good one and there’s no time to do it justice.”

“Oh, come on.”

“Okay, okay. The Johnsons have…how do I say this? A natural gift. When you meet them you’ll see what I mean. Just imagine someone taking many, many Alpha Pills in just one sitting. More than you can imagine.”

The prick between his hairy legs was still dripping wet.

“And now they’ve found some friends who are helping them make something of their talent,” he added. “To distill their gift.”

“Johnson? Johnson who? Can I find them online?”

“Good luck. They’re masters of secrecy in the online world. But maybe you’re a better spy than I thought.”

“You know their first names?”

“Yes, of course. They’re father and son. Sam and Bolt Johnson.”


Part 7: Reunion

On the train back to the Bricks I tried not to think about Ruben, Red, or the massive quantity of pills in my bag. Thinking about how much money I was carrying around in pill form made me nervous. And I somehow couldn’t shake the memory of Ruben off even though it had been an hour since our little encounter.

I was a little late to work at the Bricks and my boss wasn’t thrilled about it, but with the most compelling job offer I’d ever gotten in my life sitting in my bag, I didn’t give a fuck. I let him yell at me.

On my way to the lockers, I met Martin, one of my co-workers. He was almost naked, with a few dollar bills hanging out of his poser. His shift must have just been ending.

“Hey, Joey.”

“O’Donnell. How you doing?”

“Well, well.” A mysterious smile played over his thin lips. “Have you seen Drake yet? He’s back from his vacation.”

“No, I just got here.”

“Well, you should find him. Now.”

In that moment I immediately knew what had happened. Drake was the one who had introduced me to Red Pills a few weeks before. Back then I hadn’t been paying attention, but he could easily have taken more pills over his vacation. But as soon as I had the thought I realized it wasn’t a question of if, but how many.

“Drake? You in here?”

I opened the door to the smallest bathroom in the world where my little story had begun, and heard the shower running.

“Joey? Shit, long time no see, man. Just a second!”

He jumped out of the shower, a towel tied around his hips, everything covered in preparation for the big reveal.

“Martin told me you were back. So…show me.” I laughed, even though I was actually nervous. And slightly aroused.

“Fuck, man—Martin is such a blabbermouth. This should be a surprise!”

“Just let me see it. How much did you buy? How many did you take?”

In response, he simply dropped his towel and the monster came into view, bobbing up and down a little. His cock had been big and insanely thick before, but now it had to be one of the longest and, more importantly, one of the thickest cocks in the world. He had been more than generously endowed even before he’d gotten his hands on the Red Pills, but now he was just inhuman…as insane as Sherwood or Ruben. His monster cock was soft, veiny, and 11¾’’ long. His glans, still wet and glistening, was even wider than his shaft.

Because of our work there at the Bricks, it wasn’t too crazy for me to grab his mammoth cock.

“This is so fucking hot, Drake. Maybe even a little too much.”

“I just can’t stop taking these pills. Do you remember? I showed them to you a few weeks ago. I thought your reaction would be more like ‘Fuck?! Drake, what is that shit?’ or something like that.”

I just laughed, and he gave me a puzzled look.

“Why are you laughing?”

“While you were gone for two weeks, you may have grown yourself an elephant cock, but my life has changed too.”

I pulled my jeans down to show him that I had grown, too, if not as dramatically.

“Hard to tell, I know, but there’s more where that came from…”

I told him the whole story of Ruben, the office visit, the sex, and the job offer, until I almost forgot that I was late to start my shift. When I finished, Drake was practically delirious.

“So you get that stuff for free? As much as you want? Just like that?” He snapped his fingers and smiled broadly. “You have to get me some! Please, man!”

“You really want to be even bigger than that? A few more inches and you’re gonna have a third leg!”

“You have no idea how hot this shit is. Just the idea makes me chub up.”

I glanced down and he was right; veins had appeared on the surface of his dark-skinned dick, and it was becoming even thicker.

“You’re just going to ask me again and again and again until I say yes, aren’t you?”

I took Ruben’s gift box out of my bag and Drake’s eyes instantly widened.

You have them here? Holy shit!

I gave him some of the Red XXL, Blue, and Alpha pills, thinking that he would put them in his locker until our show that night was over, but I overestimated his self-control. He ripped every single package open and gulped down every pill he could find right then and there with water from the shower hose.

I tried to interrupt. “Drake? Maybe you should wait till the show is over…” But he wasn’t listening, and did I really mean what I was saying anyway? My cock was rock hard; I was incredibly excited to see what was going to happen to my buddy.

“Joey, holy shit! This is gonna be the sickest stripper show in show business history!”

And with that, he took the last five Red XXLs without any water. His colossal cock was hard in no time (it had to be almost 14 inches long, and thicker than ever before—looking like a real hyper dick). He hugged me for giving him some of my pills and I could feel our dicks grinding together. I nearly came right there.

“It’s show time!”

The audience of a dozen men bawled and hooted when we arrived on stage. The music was loud, electrifying the room with pounding bass, and Drake and I started to dance together as a little warm up. Our choreography wasn’t rehearsed—we were working perfectly together without any words.

I grabbed a bottle of oil, opened it up and squeezed as hard as I could. The oil splashed against Drake’s chest and I made a face as if this had been a huge accident. The crowd ate it up, even though some weren’t even paying attention to what we were doing, their eyes glued to Drake’s overstuffed poser.

I started to rub the oil into his pecs and abs as he looked deep into my eyes. This feeling was new, and I half expected him to push me to the ground there and then and fuck me in front of everyone. His eyes were the same color that Ruben’s had been after we’d taken the pills together. Drake’s whole body looked like it was glowing from within, like a fever rush. The effect of the pills he had just taken would be appearing soon.

Brushing me gently with his fingers, he slowly pushed me to the ground until I was lying in front of him on my back. He put his knees on my chest and starting riding me, grinding back and forth hypnotically. I could feel his bubble butt against my own raging bulge. The crowd was losing its mind, some of them screaming for us to go further.

Drake’s mostly covered, gigantic prick was rubbing up and down my chest; once or twice it bumped into my chin. Then he took his monster in both hands and laid it on my face. I closed my eyes and actually laughed because it was the strangest thing I’d ever experienced. The weight alone was enormous. When I opened my eyes again, not only his cockhead, but his actual head and face were right above me, and soon we were both kissing his swelling but still tightly wrapped glans.

For some men in the crowd, this was too much, but our show was just getting started. I could feel my dick swelling out of my poser, which was far too small for its new size. I hadn’t even thought about my own dick…I had grown nearly an inch in length, and if I was already having problems with my underwear, what was going to happen to Drake?

Drake stood and extended a hand to help me up. It was difficult with our skin still slippery from the oil, but we made it and stepped down into the crowd. Only now did I realize what the occasion was: this was a bachelor party for one side of a gay couple; only one of the grooms was present.

Some of the guys had tents forming in their pants; I enjoyed seeing whose were bigger or smaller. Some tried to cover up, but others clearly wanted me to see.

As soon as I’d taken in the crowd, I only had eyes for the man sitting at the far left of the huge group. His package was bulging nicely; it looked like he was carrying some hefty meat too. The shadow of it reached up to his pants pocket and even beyond. His boyfriend was a lucky bastard, I thought.

My eyes wandered to his left wrist and there it was: A red band with a black stallion printed on it. The same I wore. Our eyes met for a second—dangerously long.

Drake tapped my shoulder and I finally turned my focus to the groom.

It looked like he was a pretty passionate bodybuilder. The shirt he was wearing was close to exploding. Every movement he made was heavy and powerful, but even he smiled nervously when Drake stepped in front of him. Drake’s cock was only covered by two-thirds of his underwear now, and I felt a hush go through the crowd as they realized simultaneously that his cock was in fact not fake. How much had it grown already? Drake pushed his monster cock against the groom’s broad, heavy pecs, which were pushing out in front of his body by several inches. Even in the dimmed lights I could see the hard nipples of this man rising by the touch of Drake’s cock. They both couldn’t believe their luck.

I took Drake’s place and danced in front of the groom, my own package touching the ground now and then when I knelt. That was new, I thought.

The groom was hypnotized by Drake’s half covered penis, his hands had floating forward to touch it now and then, even though this was against the house rules. Drake let it pass. The man’s huge hands were a good fit against his gigantic package.

I started making out with Drake, getting as close to the groom as possible as we kissed each other’s bodies. One look into Drake’s eyes did all the rest.

I felt up Drake’s newly enlarged six-pack, the lines that pointed the way down to his monstrous package. His poser was close to ripping now.

Feeling my breath on his neck, Drake turned toward me. We were so close that I could feel how horny he was from the beat of his heart and the contraction of his muscles. I’d never felt this way around him before.

The groom and his friends were packing $20 after $20 into our G-strings. I could feel their hands everywhere, some of them touching places that were taboo for strangers of any kind. But rules didn’t apply to this evening anymore.

Suddenly there was a loud snap, and Drake’s poser ripped apart in the middle of his dance. His elephant cock hit the man in the chair square in the chest, and the crowd around him roared again. The mountain of a man just laughed happily, showing perfect white teeth framed by a trimmed beard. He patted the monster on his chest and nearly drooled on it. After exchanging a look with Drake, he even kissed the glans of it. But before he could lose himself in the act, the background music faded out: time was up.

Everybody wanted more, but they’d gotten more than their money’s worth, and there was another group waiting already.

“No problem. Maybe next time!” the guy from the side whispered in my ear as he rested his hand on my butt cheek.

Drake worked the room, collecting another round of tips from everyone. He was completely naked now, his poser still lying torn on the ground. Only then did I realize what all the pills had done to his magnificent body. Before, Drake had been smaller than me by several inches. That was a thing of the past. He looked even more pumped than before, and I guessed that he’d gained around 15 pounds of solid muscle mass. His cock was hanging down between his knees, and I was excited to measure it; he’d definitely put on a few inches there as well.

When nearly everyone was gone the groom, nearly as wide as the door, came to me to thank me for a glorious evening.

“That was a crazy good show, buddy. Worth every penny, no matter what the guys paid for me. Here, take this. I gave the other guy the same.”

He slipped me $50, and as the bill changed hands I saw a blue wristband from my new employer around his forearm, the color of the Blue Pills, with the symbol of a Gorilla was printed on it.

I stared. Had he only gotten to this freakish size within the last few weeks?

I thanked him for the money and added: “Next time time you’re shopping on the RED website you should keep your eyes open for me. Maybe I’ll already be there!”

“Haha, I wondered if that was what your secret was! You guys are wonderful. Have a nice evening.”

“You too!”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

After I watched Drake slip his anaconda back into his pants, smiling devilishly, I left the locker room only to be confronted by Mr. Peters, my boss at the Bricks.

“Looks like this was a pretty good evening for both of us,” he said, and I could see the dollar signs in his eyes. “You both are crazy good, but tell me, Joey, what happened to Drake? He looks like a freak.”

I shrugged. “Ask him. If he tells you that I know more about it than he does, he’s lying.”

“Hey. As long as he’s happy and business is booming, I couldn’t be happier. You two should do an encore performance!”

“There’s just one problem, Mr. Peters.”


I smiled and said: “I quit.”

At first he laughed, but soon he was yelling at me and I could still hear his voice following me when I hit the street. I said goodbye to my now-former colleagues and told Drake that we should grab a drink over the weekend.

On my way home I stopped in front of Ruben’s company. I grabbed the contract from the bottom of my bag and signed the dotted line on the last page. A second later, the mountain of paper disappeared into the mailbox.

This was my new life now.


Part 8: Boys’ Night Out

After I wrote Ruben an email to tell him I’d left my other job, he called me the next morning to congratulate me. He sounded ecstatic.

“We have to celebrate your new freedom!”

I laughed. “Will the celebration have some Alpha Pills thrown in?”

“That’s what I do all day, every day. This calls for a much bigger celebration!”

“Well, a good friend of mine wants to grab a drink this weekend,” I told him. “Do you want to join us? And before you answer, you should know that he’s a huge fan of the Red XXLs. You still looking for someone to model that line?”

“I was… but maybe my search is over. This is all sounding good to me.”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

I had about a few weeks left to prepare for my new job. We still didn’t have a date for the big photo shoot, but Ruben had given me a time frame for how long I had to get presentable.

I asked them if it was really okay for me to choose from every combination available, and they just said, “Yes, of course! Everything but Black Pills and Blue Pills—that’s Akhim’s. And don’t only take the Black Pills, because we’ve found someone for that single line.”

If I was really going to do this, I wanted to be 100% all-in. Not 90%, not 99%—I wanted to give it all I had. I knew I was looking at a major life change, but I felt like I was ready for it. I would be the guy forever linked to this part of the story!

I began to take four Alpha Pills with every meal. Three meals a day (sometimes four) made at least 12 pills a day—84 pills, just in the first week of my quest to become Ruben’s Alpha Pills model.

I looked at the side of the box of Alphas and saw that each pill boosted my stats in the following way:

Penis Size: 0.085 inches—Body Height: 0.09 inches—Body Weight: 0.35 pounds

I didn’t do the math yet to find out what I’d look like at the end of the week—I still wanted to be surprised. I covered every mirror in the apartment to make it even more special. It was crazy, thinking about it now.

On day one, I could hardly feel anything changing—everything felt exactly the same as before. On the morning of the second day, though, I started to realize how much was going to change over the next few weeks. Five minutes after getting up, I was getting dressed and already all my clothes were glued to my engorging muscles, and my dick had never felt so thick and heavy before. It had only been one day but my body was already half an inch taller. “God, I’m going to be so fucking huge at the end of the week,” I kept saying to myself. I swung my hefty cock in front of me and it was even bigger than before. I was hard in no time, and measured it to be 10 and a half inches. Still rock-hard, I stepped on the scale and nearly blew a load right there. I had gained 13½ pounds, almost all of it muscles. I uncovered a mirror for just a second, just so I could flex my growing guns for myself. I was in awe of my own body, and pre-come dripping from the tip of my cock. “I’m gonna be even more massive than Ruben,” I told myself. “More massive than anybody! The true Alpha!”

I stepped a bit closer to the mirror and saw that my chest had gotten hairier overnight. Before that first dose I’d basically been a hairless guy, but now I was looking at a growing forest of hair with pride and a wide grin.

Even my beard was growing at an alarming speed. I decided to trim it.

And this was only the second day! There were still five days left before my meeting with Ruben and Drake. I decided I wasn’t going to see anybody this week. I didn’t want to ruin the massive surprise.

Once in a while I felt a little worried as I surveyed the piles and piles of unopened pillboxes. The curtains were closed, giving everything in the apartpart a weird blue glow. “I have to do it!” I told myself. “I’ve gotta stay strong and push through. It’s what I signed up for—it’s what I want. And it’s what I’m being paid for.”

And so I kept on.

I stayed home all day that first day, planning. I looked at my bank account online and saw that Ruben had paid off the entirety of my student loans. I felt my face glowing with joy. Nevertheless, it was pretty clear that I was going to need some time to adjust to my new job and my new life, so I put college on hold for a semester, emailing my professors to let them know I wouldn’t be taking their exams in the coming month.

After that, I was free to look for a new flat. The one I was currently living in was a mess of moist walls and moldy ceilings: not really what I had in mind for my new life. It didn’t take me long to find something beautiful in my new price range. I made a call and took it, sight unseen. At first the realtors were wary of me, but when I emailed them my revenue report they didn’t ask any more questions. Movers would come in a week and take all my stuff to the new flat.

Anticipating my growth was kind of hard, I ordered way too many clothes, just in case. Shopping turned out to be a lot of fun. I saw a parade of built guys modeling summer tank tops that I would never fit in—except that I soon would. I ordered everything from streetwear to underwear—even two new suits!—in different sizes.

The rest of the day I was busy packing my stuff into boxes and cleaning up. After that the rest of the week was a kind of summer vacation. The beach was only an hour away by train, so I made the trip several times over the course of the week. These were the times I was the most aware of how dramatic my transformation was getting. My swimwear was getting smaller every day, while my body was getting bigger in every way imaginable.

I even met a guy at the beach during that week. His name was Tomá and he was visiting from Italy. His English was so good that it took me a minute to realize he wasn’t a local. He was pumping weights down at the fitness area near the beach when I first saw him. His body glistened in the sunlight—he was toned, but his goal was to be built. We started to talk every day, and he always seemed a bit rattled when he first saw me each morning. He saw that I was changing radically, but after I told him what was happening to me he seemed, if anything, even more stunned.

Because I’d been avoiding every mirror and reflecting surface, I didn’t exactly know what he was looking at, so I could only imagine why everyone at the beach was smiling and winking at me all the time.

One evening, after a beautiful sunny day by the sea, Tomá and I was sitting in the sand, watching the sunset as the families drove home. We talked for a long time—I can’t even remember what about. Tomá’s friendship was such a curious thing to me because it was short and beautiful and just what I’d needed in that week of constant change.

The sun disappeared into the ocean, and soon we were the last two men on the beach. We gazed at the waves for a while.

Tomá suddenly sounded sad.

“I can’t believe my vacation is already over. But it was a really beautiful week here—thank you, Joey, for showing me around.” He grabbed my shoulder playfully. “You’re blowing up like crazy, dude. I hope you know that. Compared to the way you looked at the beginning of the week? Nobody will believe me when I tell them about you at home.”

“No, no, they’ll believe you. Just wait a bit and word about these pills is going to get around.”

“Speaking of which—you should watch how many of those things you’re taking or you’re going to break through the ceiling of every building here. How big are you today?”

I smiled and watched the horizon.

“I have no idea. I want to be surprised on Sunday.”

“Well, it’s gonna be a huge surprise. I’m sure about that.”

A long silence followed—the only sounds were the waves and the seagulls.

“There is one thing I didn’t tell you about,” I told him. “But you probably noticed it anyway.”

“What? I thought you said the pills were your only secret.”

“Well, there’s one more thing.”

“What is it?”

I hesitated because I didn’t know if Tomá was gay, and I didn’t want him to feel awkward. But finally I just blurted it out.

“Have you ever seen a truly big dick?”

He looked at me for a second, and I heard him swallowing audibly. Then he turned out to the horizon again as if he hadn’t heard.

“Sorry, but I’m not interested.” He laughed very quietly, and after a long and slightly awkward pause, he added, “So, what do you mean when you say truly big?”

I smiled a little. “Somewhere between 12 and 15 inches,” I said quietly, as if we were talking about the weather.

I guess Tomá couldn’t breathe for a second or two after that, because suddenly the waves were the only thing I could hear.

We sat there for a little while longer, and then Tomá’s hand reached for my right leg, hidden in my long board shorts, and discovered my huge cock with a shaking hand. He stroked it gently, from end to end, the whole length of it. He smiled, but I could read in his face that he couldn’t believe what he’d just felt. He shook his head.

And that was all that ever happened between Tomá and me. I was disappointed that he didn’t feel anything more for me, but in the end I guess it was for his own good.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

A few days later, the first ads dropped. They were everywhere. Online, on billboards, in bus stations, in magazines, on television. Most people couldn’t believe it at first, and I think there were a lot of people who didn’t understand what these gorgeous-looking men were advertising: some kind of medicine?

On my last day at the beach—Tomá had already left—I saw a billboard near the beach emblazoned with Akhim’s stunning body. The photo had been taken on the day I visited Ruben’s agency.

I drove home to prepare for my night out with Ruben and Drake. I couldn’t have been more excited to see their reaction to my growth, the awe in their faces. I still hadn’t seen myself in my full glory, but even simple, everyday tasks had started to feel different: how little room I had in the shower, how hard it was to put on dress shirts, how small seats were on public transportation. But I was adjusting fast.

I heard the lawn sprinkler ticking between the buildings, and a woman was washing her car down in the parking lot. The sun was nearly down, coloring everything red and violet. Drake was living in an apartment complex on the edge of the city. My frame cast an impressive shadow on his door as I pressed the doorbell.

The door opened and suddenly Drake was standing in front of me. His mouth dropped open and he stared as though he hardly recognized me. After this few seconds of silence, he greeted me with his usual hug, but it was different: now I had to bend down to meet his head and shoulder. And after that, he wouldn’t let go of my newly thick and veiny arms: “Holy shit, Joey… you really are a new man now! You’re looking so fucking good, man!”


We both smiled and he shut the door behind him. We took his car to the club, so Drake was driving, and as he sat down I saw for the first time how his inhuman cock was pressing against the seams and fabric of his jeans. It was impressive that he still had the guts to wear such tight jeans. I was actually a little relieved to see that he hadn’t grown much since the last time I’d seen him. Our last show at the Bricks was still vivid in my mind.

“How big are you now down there?” I asked him. No point in wasting time with chit-chat.

“16 inches hard. But we should stop talking about my fucking cock! What about you? You look enormous! How much have you grown? You were nowhere near this big before! And, man, you definitely need a new shirt. Your guns are gonna explode out of there any second.”

I laughed loudly, making the car vibrate. For the first time I noticed that my voice was deeper than the week before. Even a small thing like that was super hot to me. I could slowly feel my whole world view changing.

“I took my last pill today,” I told him. “And I measured myself for the first time in a week. Shit, this week was so fucking crazy. There’s so much I have to tell you.”

But there was no time, because the next surprise was already waiting for us in front of the club. Ruben was standing next to his huge jet-black SUV, sunglasses on, his arms crossed and with a sexy smile on his face. Just the sight of him caused a warmth to swell in my gut.

“Somebody couldn’t stop taking pills here, am I right?” I said.

Ruben barked with laughter and uncrossed his arms. His pecs danced for us, a private show.

He said, “You’re on your way to reaching your dream weight too, I see.”

“And you really don’t want to be the alpha model, Ruben? You look ready for the shoot!”

“What? No! I actually wanted to stop taking these little fuckers, but what can I say? I like the way they make me feel.”

“How much have you grown?” I asked him.

“Not as much as you, Joey,” he said with a smirk. “You look beautiful.”

“Thanks, but seriously.”

He was 7’2” now—a full 8 inches more than just a few weeks before. I came in a head shorter than him at 6’6”. Drake, who was 6 feet tall, looked like a dwarf next to us, but he didn’t seem to be bothered by it. His eyes were glowing all the time now.

Ruben had added some muscle mass too. It looked like he’d gained over 50 pounds—but that was nothing compared to me. I immediately set myself a goal: I wanted to overtake him. I knew I could do it within a few days.

We went inside and seated ourselves at a red table against the wall. Ruben bought us some drinks and put the bottle on the table in front of us. Every time our glasses ran dry, he poured more into them—apparently, he wanted to see us wasted. We talked about our experiences of the past few weeks. I had a hard-on that refused to subside. I had the sense that the other two did, too.

Drake told us about his trouble finding new clothes. “This monster isn’t made for underwear. If there are going to be more people like me, I just hope that it doesn’t take long for the designers to fill the void.”

“You should know that Drake’s cock was already super thick to begin with,” I added, looking at Ruben’s shiny face.

“Wonderful!” said Ruben. “Has Joey told you about his new job? There may be a place for you on our team. We’ve already found someone to rep the Red Pills, but he isn’t very eager to grow, if you know what I mean. Maybe you’re the guy we’re looking for. It seems like the Red XXLs were just right for you!”

He leaned over to press his hand on Drake’s.

“Everything Joey’s told me about it sounds pretty sweet! But would I have to grow even more for this job?” He hesitated for a second and then added, “That wouldn’t be a problem for me!”

Ruben smiled playfully and his eyes darted over to meet mine. They were so beautiful I had trouble listening to what he was saying.

“Let’s see. How big is yours now, Joey?”

If we hadn’t been in public I would have whipped it out and slammed it on the table right there.

“Nearly 17 inches hard.”

“Holy shit!” Drake exploded.

“There you have it, Drake. You’re gonna need to put on some mass to show our customers the true power of XXL. We have to show them that there are real differences among our offerings. Which reminds me…”

Ruben fished for something in the pocket of his jacket and then produced a little box that glittered in the dimmed lights of the club.

“I always carry some of these with me in case I meet promising candidates,” he explained as he started sorting the packages in front of us. In the end, he found a Red XXL box, wrote the address of his agency on it with an appointment time and gave it to Drake with a big smile.

“Come see me tomorrow afternoon and we can have a chat. And,” he whispered, “I wouldn’t be mad if these XXLs disappeared before then.” He winked, and Drake reached for his glass and swallowed the first four XXL pills immediately.

I watched the whole exchange with my mouth open. This was a new world we lived in.

Soon Ruben started to talk about the photo shoot.

“We finally booked date. There’s three weeks left, guys. All the models will be there—maybe even our Drake here,” Ruben laughed and rested his hand on Drake’s groin where I couldn’t see it.

Suddenly Ruben was looking at me again: “Joey! I’m going to send you some more of those Alpha Pills. I want you to grow some more for me.”

I looked down at my huge arms straining the fabric of my XXL shirt, and the rest of my muscles fighting against my too-small clothing. My package, hidden under the table, looked like it was seconds away from exploding out of my pants.

I asked him: “But I don’t have that much more to grow, do I?”

“The marketing team’s decided that they want before and after shots for the website. So people can see the difference a few days or weeks can make, and buy our products sooner than later. Of course, it’s too late for a real ‘before’ shoot, but we’ll still be able to show your progress if everyone’s down for a little more growth.”


“You don’t need to be nervous, Joey. You’re not gonna be some kind of monster. Unless you want to be! Ha ha! Sorry, that was a terrible joke. But hey, there’s always Photoshop if we decide we want to enhance you more later.”

My tiny wave of panic subsided.

“Okay, enough talk,” said Ruben. “I have to piss like a horse.”

“Good idea.”

“Yeah, me too.”

We all stood up and walked to the men’s room, not realizing until we were inside how the group of us must have looked. There was only one guy in there, standing in front of a urinal trying to take a leak. He walked out immediately after he saw us. Drake was probably the least intimidating of the three of us, but even that changed when he opened his fly.

After some jockeying for position, we stood in a row, shoulder to shoulder. I was on the left side, realizing that I still wasn’t used to my new cock. 15 inches was so enormously huge that I still couldn’t believe it even when I was holding it in my own two hands. Ruben was standing in the middle, shamelessly staring at our cocks as he pulled out his own 13¼ inches of hairy, veiny horse cock. Drake was on the right, peeing with his eyes closed. He had always been more of a shower—his dick was colossal even soft. But it already looked truly difficult to hold those 16 inches. His cock had to be so fucking heavy. I estimated how big he would be tomorrow when the 4 XXL Pills he’d just taken were finished their work—16½ inches? Fuck where was this all going to end?

Hours later, we were standing in the parking lot, and as I eased a drunken Drake into a cab, Ruben grabbed my shoulder and pulled me back to him. He gave me a gigantic hug, our hard, muscular bodies colliding like icebergs. He shot me a crooked smile, and when I tried to pull away he pulled me in closer for a kiss. In no time his thick tongue was in my mouth. I stopped breathing—this only felt better now that he was even bigger.

His parting words to me were: “I haven’t forgotten about our little date. Think about it. I want it!”

“I will,” was all I could say as I tumbled into the cab after Drake.

On my way home, with Drake sleeping against my shoulder, I installed the newest version of Grindr. I wasn’t intending to use it now that Ruben was banging down my door, but I wanted to change my profile pic after this week.

Three minutes later, I realized that there were new tribes added to Grindr’s roster. “Hyper Jock,” “Stallion,” “Giant”—and I wasn’t even surprised to see a little note at the top of the list: “Sponsored by Red Pills”.

This was getting bigger and bigger.…


Part 9: Sleepless

Ruben was asleep next to me. His hairy midsection was barely covered by my sheets, and he was dreaming like a baby, his meaty chest rising and falling with each breath.

Many days had passed. I wasn’t sure when Ruben had started staying the night at my flat on a regular basis, but I was totally into it. I still had trouble sleeping, though, even with this dream of a man next to me. I liked everything about us and the way we worked together. I loved how heavy and massive he looked when he was riding me. I liked the way his colossal cock slapped against my abs when he pushed himself on top of me. The way his ass felt, like it was made of marble. Even after all the pills I’d taken, he was still way bigger than me, and I couldn’t shake the feeling that that wasn’t going to change in the near future. Despite his declared intention to stop, he kept taking more and more pills. It wasn’t like I was planning an intervention, though; all his colleagues and partners were on the pills, too, and I figured they were keeping track of him.

My eyes were used to the darkness in my bedroom. Still unable to sleep, I got up and walked to the kitchen of my new apartment, phone in hand. I grabbed a glass of water. When Ruben had arrived, hours before, he’d brought a bunch of pills with him. “Remember that you’re not finished yet,” he told me, a big grin on his beautiful face. And so, with slightly shaky hands, I tore open a few packs of ALPHAs and gulped them down. I immediately felt calmer, and I felt a rush of relief through my body, a sense that I would be able to sleep now. Maybe this was why Ruben couldn’t stop. He’d gotten addicted to this feeling, and now I was, too.

But in those days, it was hard to see any downside to anything. I could see my magnificent reflection in the polished surface of my new fridge; my monster cock was hanging down from the barstool I was sitting on and I had a nice set of balls to match.

While I waited for the ALPHAs to settle, I scrolled through Grindr and checked out the new categories. Before Ruben, I’d been a pretty active Grindr user for “right now” action; I’d never spent more than a night with anyone I’d met on there. But now, with the new filters, it was a whole different experience because you could see all the Red Pill users at once. The bulges were now more prominent, the muscles more powerful, and the guys in general were just way bigger. I found a guy who said that he was 8’two’’ and it took me a second to realize that I’d just found Akhim, my co-worker. We chatted for a moment about the shoot we had coming up in two days. He sounded excited to see me again, and he got even more excited after I told him that I was still using an old user photo, and that I’d been enhanced by several weeks’ worth of intense pill therapy since then.

We wished each other good night, and I wondered if he was awake for the same reason I was.

I was on my way back to my warm bed and to Ruben when my phone vibrated. It was an email from Ruben’s company; it looked like I’d been added to a mailing list called “Sightings.” The email was full of links to websites with videos, pictures, and articles about sightings of people who took Red products. I smiled; it was impressive to see the growing attention Red was getting. I began to scroll through the links.

The first section was filled with pictures from a bodybuilding contest. Extraordinary men and women had gathered in San Diego the weekend before to present their hard work to the world. “Look at contestant No. 73!” the email directed.

The photos looked like every other group of bodybuilders on a stage that I’d ever seen, until I found No. 73 in the back. He was wearing a seriously tight poser, in which his huge cock was very obviously outlined. He was grinning in every photo, enjoying showing off his muscle-bound body for the cameras. He was far and away the biggest one there, and not just because he had to be at least 6’6’’. His muscles were ridiculous. His pecs were shelves big enough to rest a drink on, and they cast shadows that would have hidden his abs if he hadn’t had such a massive roid gut. His thighs were veiny and pumped to the limit, and I could only imagine how he must have looked trying to walk. I zoomed into the pic with a pinch of my fingers and tried to estimate the size of his cock. It wasn’t very difficult: it was tight enough that the people in the first row must have worried that he was about to have a wardrobe malfunction right there onstage. He was probably packing 8 inches, and his width was comparable to a can of Red Bull.

My trance ended when my hardening dick knocked against the counter I was sitting in front of.

I moved on to the next link.

There were pages of clothing shopping sites which appeared to still be under construction, but I noticed the Red color scheme. It was a relief to know that there would still be clothes for me to wear in the future, no matter how big I got.

I found an interview with marketing analysts talking about this new and exciting economic development. “We’re watching an entirely new market being born, and we need to serve it! This is a totally new kind of consumer, and we have to adapt.” Big brands like Under Armour and Nike were rumored to be planning new clothing lines for enhanced men. I had to chuckle, reading that—it felt like we were so far away from that kind of tipping point. Red hadn’t even gone public on the stock market yet, although more and more investors were pouring money into it every day. People were treating it like the biggest gold mine ever opened, and everybody wanted a share.

I found another strange sight at LPSG, the site I’d been on every day for months after word about the pills first broke. I’d lost track of it lately, but now a link in the email brought me back.

I was happy to see the world had finally discovered Sherwood, one of the first Red Pills early adopters. His little campaign was still running, and people were still sending more and more money and pills his way. The last time I’d checked, his cock had been barely 12 inches long, but the videos I saw now took my breath away. He was easily sporting the biggest cock on earth now. In one video Sherwood took a shower, his cock swinging heavily between his legs: beyond his knees! If he kept it up it would soon touch his ankles. He grabbed his monster with a firm grip, and you could see that he couldn’t pick it up any longer with just one hand. He was having a lot of trouble grabbing his cock head without bending down. Soon, he was sitting on the floor of the shower, the water dripping down his otherwise-unremarkable body, stuffing as much of his cock as he could into his hungry hole. After some effort and grunting his cock, not even hard, forced its way deeper inside him, and you could see the exact moment he reached climax. His body was shaking, his breath unsteady as his cock pumped shot after shot into his own ass. He pulled it out at last, and a wave of cum came with it. It was like watching a fire hose being unhooked.

The top comment was “Please, go fuck yourself again!”

I felt a hand around my hard-on, and I looked up.

“Please,” Ruben whispered in my ear. “Come back to bed. I want to show you something.”

When I turned around I was eye level with his hairy pecs. I was already too tall for most doorways, but he still had to bend down to reach me as we started to kiss. As he guided me back to the bed, I was aware of nothing except his massive hands all over my body. My rock-hard cock brushed the forest of hair on his abdomen, and I was already leaking precum when he laid me down on the bed. His thick dick was practically glowing with heat in the darkness, and I could feel him pressing up against my hole. But he wasn’t entering me.

My cock, meanwhile, was resting between my bulging pecs. Ruben smiled at me, hunger in his eyes, and began to go down on me. Soon he had both hands on my cock as well as his mouth, and everything was covered in our precum. I was ready to come just looking at this monster of a man’s eagerness to serve. Right as I reached the edge, though, he stopped, and I didn’t come.

“Shit! Why did you stop?”

“I told you—I want to show you something, little guy.”

He slid down my lubed-up torso and grabbed something out of his jeans pocket. “A new product arrived today, and it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before.”

“Bigger? You want to get bigger really really bad, don’t you?” The thought of it made my dick jump against his bulging muscle gut.

“No, this is even better,” Ruben said. “It’s from our new fetish line.”

He showed me a metallic silver box that contained only two pills. Each one looked like two balls glued together. Suddenly I had an idea of where this was heading.

“This is only temporary,” he promised me. A drop of sweat dripped from his nose onto my pecs. “I want you to take it and then fuck me. I want all your juice inside here!”

He gave his muscle gut a slap, and I was amazed he didn’t bruise his hand. It was like hitting a brick wall.

“You’re sure this is only temporary?”

“I promise. This is gonna be pretty extreme. Too big for real life.”

He put the pill in his mouth and kissed me, and I could feel the pill as it wandered from his tongue onto mine and down my throat.

At first, there was nothing, just Ruben’s hand massaging my heavy balls, desperate to cum heavily onto his thick body. But soon I felt a new sexual energy rising inside my balls, and with it, the size of my testicles began to increase. Slowly at first, I could feel the volume of cum building up steadily, but soon they started to grow faster. Ruben began to used both hands to massage my aching balls, now reaching the size of oranges.

“Can you feel all that tasty cum sloshing inside them?” he asked, still working me with both hands.

“Yes,” I whispered. The bliss of his big paws on my sack was so overwhelming it was hard to focus on what he was saying.

I felt a surge through my entire body as my balls swelled to an even bigger size, and the fountain of precum that erupted from my cock was the size of my average load.

“Guess we’ll have to paint the room after we’re finished here,” he joked, pressing his face into my still-growing sack. I groaned in pleasure and nearly lost it, but I couldn’t cum yet. My legs were being pressed outward by my new size, and for the first time I started to wonder how far this was going to go. Already the feeling was almost too much for me.

“Stand up! I want to feel how heavy they are!”

It took me a few tries, but soon I stood in front of the kneeling Ruben. My balls were as big as watermelons now, hanging down to my knees. He held them like precious exotic fruits, kissing them gently, letting my giant cock rest on his head. My balls swelled even bigger in his hands, and soon I couldn’t hold it back any longer. I grabbed Ruben by the hair.

“I have to fuck you,” I said. “Now!”

He pushed me over and pressed his ass onto my pole. His bubble butt ground against my beach ball-sized balls in their heavy sack, so that I could feel every little movement against my gigantic orbs. My cock was leaking precum steadily, and the sheets were already soaked with it.

Our bodies glistening in the dark, Ruben came without warning, still holding my balls behind his back. His orgasm shook the walls of our apartment, and gushes of cum hit my face, pecs, and abs.

Then I could feel my own orgasm building behind my cock, and it was like nothing I had ever felt before. It took my dick a few heavy pumps to start the currents of cum flowing up inside Ruben.

“Oh my god, yes!” was all he said after he felt me starting to erupt inside of him. My spurts of cum were so huge that his gut starting bulging almost right away. I filled Ruben for almost a minute, and as my balls slowly shrank back to their usual size, Ruben became fatter and fatter in the midsection. His gut spilled out in front of him and soon rested heavily on my stomach.

Even after my cock went soft again and dropped out of him, it still continued cumming steadily onto the sheets for the next few minutes. I was totally depleted, and my balls had never felt so empty. Ruben collapsed on top of me, but then he had to roll to the side; there was no way he could lie on that round belly. Finally, he stood up and waddled to the bathroom.

After I changed the sheets, Ruben was back with me, his gut still swollen. “How long will this last, would you guess?” he asked.

“Haven’t the manufacturers tested that out beforehand?”

“I think you’re overestimating what they can check in the lab,” he grinned.

The next day, Ruben had some problems fitting into his shirt, but by the late afternoon everything was pretty much back to normal.

“I was so pumped all day,” he told me later. “There must have been way too much testosterone in my body, little friend. I guess your cum had some nice side effects because the ALPHAs and XXLs I took today pumped me bigger than they ever have before.”

“I was just about to ask you what happened. You look huge, Ruben!”

“You think so? I got two inches taller, a few more inches down where it matters, and at least 20 more pounds everywhere else.”

“God, I love your size! You look so much more massive,” I said and grabbed his even-bigger package through his dress pants. We had to remember that we were in his office and that any moment someone could walk in. “And, you know, I love it, and I think you should get as big as you want, but I have to ask… how big do you want to get, exactly?”

“I’ve been wanting to talk with you about that for a little while now. You know tomorrow is the photo shoot for our big campaign—”

“I know. I’ve been getting ready for weeks now—”

“—and after that, I won’t be taking any more supplements.”

“Just like that?”

“Just like that.”

For a few seconds I thought maybe he was joking, but he didn’t crack a smile.

“I guess… that’s very mature of you.”

“Thanks, Joey.” He looked at his wristwatch. The strap had gotten pretty tight in the last few days, and he was already using the last hole. “Okay, I won’t be over tonight. I have a meeting with some business friends and investors. See you here tomorrow?”

“I’ll be here,” I smiled and we kissed goodbye.

I couldn’t wait to meet all the other models Ruben had found.…


Part 10: This Was Not the Plan

I finally had a night to myself, and I used it to take advantage of Ruben’s big apartment. After a long day of doing absolutely nothing, I was ready for a bath. The candles were flickering and the water was still running when I went to sink my heavy 6’6’’ body into an ocean of bubbles and purple water. My dick touched the surface of the water way sooner than I expected. As the steam rose off the water, I thought about everything that had happened in the last couple of weeks. There wasn’t much to do but smile about it.

The scent of lavender was rising from the water. I remembered Ruben had smelled like that on our first night together…

The day of the photoshoot was finally coming tomorrow, and the only thing I wanted now was to go to bed early to look as fresh as possible. Dried off and still bare-ass naked, I jumped into Ruben’s oversized bed and closed my eyes. I think I was asleep almost immediately. My last thought before I drifted off was about Ruben and when he’d be back from his night out.


I woke with a start, hearing a cry from the kitchen. Who was that? It sounded like Ruben, but the voice was much deeper and raspier. I jumped out of bed, my super-long cock slapping between my heavy thighs—I still wasn’t used to that. I ran downstairs and saw the front door of the apartment was blown wide open. The frame was broken in several places, like something too big for it had been furiously forced through. I turned, and there was Ruben splayed out on the floor of the dining room.

It took me a second to recognize him, but that was indeed my man down there on the floor, and it looked like he was crying. Something terrible had happened. Trying to think of something helpful to say, I stepped closer, only to realize that Ruben was bigger than when he’d left earlier that evening. Way bigger! In fact, it looked like he was still growing. His whole frame was covered in the shreds of what had been his clothes, and he was convulsing like he was having a panic attack.

“What happened?” I asked. No answer. “Ruben?”

Ruben stopped crying when he heard my voice. He wiped his eyes, then went to stand up to his full height. He soon realized though, how alarmingly close that brought him to the ceiling.

“We’ve made a terrible mistake…” was all he said, his voice booming. Ruben had always been bigger than me in almost every respect, but now he was simply gigantic. He no longer could stand fully upright without hitting the ceiling of his own apartment. I guessed that he was over 9 feet tall. I only reached up to his sternum.

It was a mess. But it would be a lie to say that my cock was totally unimpressed by it.

Ruben’s chest looked swollen, and the immense rack of flesh was shaking with every breath he took. He was broader than any door, which explained the destroyed entranceway. As in all Hulk movies, only his pants had remained after the transformation, but as he tried to stand the rest of them tore apart and fell to the ground. With a loud, wet slap, Ruben’s pulsing three-foot-long cock(!) dropped and swung back and forth between his tree-trunk sized legs. Behind it, two heavy balls were resting in their hairy sack.

I grabbed the massive anaconda in front of me. I just couldn’t believe what I was holding. The veins in his cock were already as big as an average man’s fingers, and the second I touched it, it began to inflate more. Hypnotized, I finally spoke.

“What happened, Ruben?” I was almost salivating onto his dick.

Ruben looked like he was going to tear up again. “I’m so fucking sorry,” he stammered, his voice a deep rumble.

I became aware of the alcohol on Ruben’s breath, and realized that he was actually staggering slightly. His dick, meanwhile, was continuing to get even harder. It was already leaking on the floor when I took my hands away.

In a drunken attempt to cover up his misery, Ruben leaned down and started kissing me. An unreal feeling started spreading in my chest. This was still the man I had learned to love, only now he was just so much bigger. Even his face, even his tongue. I held his head between my hands and felt truly dwarfed by its gigantic proportions. When I noticed our cocks were fighting for the space between us, I broke the kiss.

“You have to tell me what happened!”

Ruben’s eyes drifted across the room. He hiccuped—but it wasn’t a normal hiccup. Every time his diaphragm twitched, his entire body grew a little bit bigger, and a dribble of cum shot from his dangling monster cock. The puddle under his feet was pretty impressive already.

“They dared me to take *hic* a shit-ton of pills and wash ’em down with vodka. Then, I liked how it felt, and I took even more. I was so fucking high on pills you wouldn’t believe it. After I realized what I’d done, I ran away. And… fuuuuuuck…” He was interrupted by the sound of his own straining skin as his unbelievable elephant-sized cock grew almost a foot longer in seconds. It was now touching the ground, throbbing with every beat of his heart. Our eyes met.

“I couldn’t control it. It wasn’t me who took all these pills, I swear! There’s something inside me… that wants to be free. It—ngh!”

Ruben dropped to his knees, hugging his own chest. The whole room was shaking now, and he started to moan in pain. Or was it pleasure? I couldn’t say, and my heart was racing like crazy. I could only watch as his pecs grew bigger and bigger, in three big spurts that were actually audible. Ruben’s pecs now hung even lower over his abdomen, casting a huge shadow over the slight roidgut he’d developed over the last few hours.

The growth spurt seemed to be over. Ruben collapsed, completely out of breath and pumping air—his heavy chest rising again and again. Everything in the room was covered in either his sweat or his cum.

I could feel that he was close to tears again, so I lay down on top of his huge chest. Ruben had to be close to ten feet tall now, so I could actually use him like a bed. My friend was so fucking wide now, that I couldn’t even reach from one side of him to the other. I just pushed my head between Ruben’s massive pectoralis muscles and tried to calm down.

“Everything will be fine, big guy. We’ll find a solution,” I said, caressing his meaty chest mindlessly. “If they found a way to make everyone bigger, there must be a way to revert that process. I mean, it’s unbelievable… look how fucking huge you are! I would never have believed that this size was even possible, even though I’ve seen some crazy shit on the internet in the last few days. You’ve gotten so big, meaty and hairy. Your whole chest is covered in fur now. And look at your nipples! They’re huge and swollen too. I could jerk them like cocks. Literally, milk your gigantic—”


I hadn’t realized it, but my fantasizing had brought Ruben’s monster back to life. It had gotten hard again, and after it rose, it had fallen down onto Ruben’s chest where I was lying. His cock was now longer than my torso, and almost bigger than my pumped-up thighs. I was completely hypnotized by his size. I needed both hands to retract the foreskin of this mammoth cock, and after I freed it, the glans swelled even bigger. A drop of precum, as big as a fist, fell onto my face. What kind of life was this?

Suddenly, Ruben was back on his feet, throwing me to the ground. A second later, I was not only covered by the length of Ruben’s monstrous cock, but by Ruben himself. All of him! The giant just started grinding on my whole body with his fantastic cock, grunting with each thrust. I realized the inner monster had taken over again. I could see it in his eyes.

When he came a few minutes later, he cried out loud, unused to the level of sensation. Torrents of cum shot from his gargantuan cock. A drop landed on my face, blocking my nose and throat.


I came up for air, gasping for breath like never before. I’d just almost drowned on land. I couldn’t think straight… what had just happened?

“Eight hours till the photo shoot,” giant Ruben mumbled. He was almost crushing me just lying on top of me, but it felt incredible. There was just so much of him now. I tried moving my legs, but they were pinned by Ruben’s slowly deflating cock. He had to tuck his penis down to lie on me properly.

“I’m not going to be able to go tomorrow. I’m gonna have to phone some people to jump in for me.” Ruben raised his head from my chest and took another look down his new body, unable to believe his eyes. He was trapped inside a giant. “Fuck. I am so fucked.”

“Shh. Don’t be so hard on yourself,” I whispered into his ear. I was still shaking from one of the most epic orgasms of all time, but it was my job to calm him down. “This might sound crazy, but I actually wanted to see you this big all along. I know I sometimes said things to slow you down, but that was just me saying what I thought I was supposed to say. You are the true face of the brand—you embody what this company stands for. It’ll be hard at first, but soon millions of men will want to look like you—BE like you.”

Ruben closed his eyes and clenched his teeth. He started groaning and the whole room began to shake. Seconds later, I could feel his thighs swelling even bigger, expanding in width by several inches. Somewhere in between those tree trunks, my cock was growing hard, and I could have gone for a second round right there right then.

“I’m so fucking big. There’s so much of me now!”

“I’m obsessed with you,” I said, and I kissed him passionately.

Finally, Ruben heaved himself off the ground and we both went to the bathroom, ready for a shower before bed. A minute later, he was sitting on the floor of the shower, eyes closed, his head brushing the ceiling, his shoulders filling the luxurious room from wall to wall. I used the shower head and the sponge to clean him. There was so much skin to cover, almost all of it covered in stretch marks. As the water ran down his body, the growth came to an end. Even if he hadn’t had this last growth spurt, I guessed he would have clocked in around 450 pounds. Factoring in his new gains in height he was probably closer to a thousand.

My hard dick brushed between his pecs as I cleaned his face. The cords of muscles were especially thick around there, giving him a true bull’s neck.

“I’m gonna need a completely new wardrobe to cover all of this,” Ruben mumbled. He flexed his newly enlarged arms for me, and I realized his biceps were now twice the size of my head. My cock surged forward and covered a spot on his chest in precum, a spot I had just cleansed.

“Sorry,” I said with a wide smile. “If we don’t hurry, we’ll have to start all over again.”

“You don’t have to be sorry. I get it. All I can think about right now is fucking you. I’m not the master of my own mind anymore,” he said. “I takes all my power to keep the beast down.”

“You should let it out from time to time. The things you said and did to me a few minutes ago… that was probably one of the hottest things I’ve ever experienced.”

“I’m so lucky to have found you,” my giant said with a sleepy smile, leaning in for another kiss. I obliged, then stepped back.

“Ruben? Could you do me a favor and stick out your tongue? It’s just, it feels so fucking big when you kiss me. Did it grow tonight too?”

He gave me a cocky grin and stuck his tongue out as if he was at the doctor’s office. My cock spit out another jet of juice right onto his wide neck, almost hitting his tongue. It had definitely grown. It had rolled out of his mouth, over his full lips, down to his bearded chin and now hung two inches beyond that. His tongue was thick and weirdly muscular, and he pushed it down my throat in no time. I had to catch my breath when his tongue left my mouth again.

“So, what’s the verdict?” His voice boomed through the bathroom.

“This new life of mine is getting better every day. I love you so fucking much!”

We kissed again, this time a little less forcefully, and he carried me to the bedroom. He had to walk in a crouched position, and the doorframes were barely surviving the impact of his body, but with a little help he made it to bed. Ruben was now longer than the mattress by several feet. He simply hauled the bed up and leaned it against the wall as I spread out a few blankets on the floor. Ruben lay on his back and I splayed out on top of him.

“We’ll fix this tomorrow,” Ruben said. He was almost asleep already.

“Nothing to fix here,” I smiled, and we both drifted off.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

I was half asleep, half dreaming. I imagined I was lying arm in arm with Ruben, a version of him I’d met several weeks ago. I could feel his strong muscular back under my fingers and the warmth of his body extending into mine. When I woke up, I was still lying on Ruben’s newly-enlarged chest and my arms were closed around his gigantic penis. Ruben was still dreaming, but the cock growing from his groin was already ready for the day. His morning wood seemed to be even more massive than the erection I’d seen the night before. It pushed my arms even further apart, sliding over his chest and all the way up to his chin. When Ruben’s cock finally touched his face, he opened his eyes.

“Jesus fucking Christ. I thought it was just a dream.”

I climbed onto his dick like it was a rodeo bull.

“Morning, beautiful,” I said with a smile, but Ruben was still sleepy. I could see the hangover in his half-open eyes.

As I got dressed, I watched Ruben crouching at the door to his closet. He looked like a child being told that Christmas was cancelled.

“We should go and find you something to cover all of this.” My hand wandered down his back and finished along his thick glutes.

“No, you have to go to the photo shoot. That’s more important than this. Although this is a disaster. Damn, I won’t be able to wear any of this!”

He tried on the biggest underwear he could find, but just one of his thighs was more than enough to tear it to shreds.

“I’ve got an idea,” I said, tossing the underwear’s remains into the trash. “You enjoy your day off here at home, get used to your new body, and on my way back from the shoot I’ll grab some XXL wear for you. At least the basics. Everything else is gonna have to be tailor-made.”

“Maybe I can call one today to come here for the measurements.”

“That’s going to be interesting.”

“Maybe I should warn them first. I don’t wanna scare anyone.”

“You’re not gonna scare anyone!”

Ruben stood up from his crouched position and his head immediately cracked a hole in the ceiling of the bedroom.

“Maybe you’ll scare them just a little,” I corrected myself. “But give yourself time, Ruben. We’ll adjust.”

“I know, Joey. It’s sweet that you’re worried about me. Maybe I will grow to love this.” He grinned and showed me a double-biceps pose, together with his wide wingspan and hairy pits. I had to open my jeans again to give my dick some room to inflate.

Before we could do anything stupid, I hurriedly kissed him goodbye and left.


Part 11: Let’s All Come Together

I tumbled into the backseat of my Uber. The driver was a pretty big guy, I could tell. I could see his massive neck and the way his arms were testing the limits of his sleeves. He was wearing a neon blue wristband on his right hand, and I guessed that he was one of our consumers—probably the Blue Pills…cent;.

The photoshoot was taking place in an old hangar where they’d once built large container ships. These days, it was empty and only occasionally used by homeless people or photographers. Usually, it was a far-off and quiet place. Not today. Dozens of workers were bustling around, shouting and waving their hands. Hundreds of pounds of camera equipment was being loaded into the hangar and multiple elaborate sets were being built.

The second I arrived, Ruben’s assistant Darren came running. He was a good-looking guy, a little too nerdy for my taste.

“Just heard from Ruben,” he said, out of breath. “He said he crushed his phone when he tried calling me the first time, half an hour ago. What happened? This wasn’t planned, right?”

“No, it was an accident.”

“How bad is it?”

“Well, he was pretty big guy before. And now he’s even bigger.”

“Great. Just what we needed. He couldn’t say if he’d make it today, so I guess we’ll have to start without him?!” Darren looked like he was twitching from caffeine. There were so many things to manage and only one of him—I think he would happily have split himself into ten identical Darrens to actually get all his work done. “Set Three is in the back of the hangar. They’re still building it, but you can see the staging.”

I just nodded and went ahead.

Being 6’6’’ on a set like this was definitely a good thing. Even with hundreds of men and women buzzing around like bees, I could see over them all. The team had built little cubicles to give the models some privacy to change. These little white rooms had no ceilings, and I imagined Ruben being able to look into them from above. I shivered. I couldn’t wait to see my giant boyfriend again.

The first set I passed was a pretty realistic-looking basketball court. There was a photographer, his assistant, make-up people, lighting people, and many, many more I couldn’t identify. In the middle of them all, by far the tallest, was Akhim. I waved to him, but he was already mid-shoot. He just gave me a wink and continued throwing poses. He wasn’t alone on the scene; Akhim was surrounded by three men who were all well over 6 feet tall, looking like real basketball players. Akhim, on the other hand, was 8’2’’; he looked like a giant next to them. A new species of man, perhaps. He could literally just grab the ball and drop it into the net. I winked back and kept moving.

I found the catering area, an endless line of tables where there was a man I’d never seen before. The stranger was only wearing flip-flops and a robe, but his belly was so round and fat, hard and bulging, that he couldn’t close it with the belt anymore. Technically, he was naked with his robe open like that, but his gut was covering his modesty. He was drinking an XXL shake, both hands on the huge cup, as if it were the last source of protein in the world. Watching him was hypnotizing, I could see his hairy gut expanding wider and wider, pushing the robe further open.

“Bruno? You ready?” another photographer shouted from the second set, which was done up like a sauna, with several normal people already waiting for him on the benches. Fake sweat was sprayed onto them right before they shot. Bruno finished his shake, wiped his mouth, and walked—waddled, really—toward the set. He let his massive body fall between the skinny men on the benches, his enormous belly taking several seconds to stop shaking. Then Bruno spread his legs and his massive gut dropped even further. He looked so fucking big with these normal-built men right next to him, it was only now I realized how built Bruno’s arms and legs were. It wasn’t just his gut. He was the prototype of the biggest bear the world had ever seen.

“Sorry, can I ask you what product you’re shooting for here?” I asked a random woman next to the photographer.

“This is for the Orange Pills…cent;.”

“Orange? Thanks.” I went on.

Only a few meters away from that set was Drake, my best friend and former colleague from the Bricks. He was shirtless, but squeezed into something that looked like a painted-on pair of Levi’s jeans. His cock had grown even bigger in the last few days, but that was no surprise. I always had the feeling that Drake wasn’t the kind of guy to pull out of a race early. Drake played to win.

His cock was still ridiculously fat, even more so than before—it was actually wider now than his thighs. The last time I’d seen it, it had been roughly 16 inches long, but it looked closer to two feet now. He was sitting on a white cube in front of a white background, and the focus of the picture was obviously his massive package. He was the perfect model for the ALPHA Pills…cent;—that was for sure. We made eye contact, and I knew that we’d be meeting up later on. I wanted to see this dick in action!

“Are you Joey? I hear Ruben’s not coming, and Darren is busy on the other end of the set, so I’m juggling two shoots simultaneously. Could you help me out?”

It was Alex, Ruben’s other assistant. She was a short but wild redhead with a pointy nose and almost invisible glasses.

“Sure, whatever you need,” I said.

“Okay. Has Ruben talked to you about our client?”

“A little, yeah. He left me few instructions.”

“All right, great! I’ve got a job for you. You have to entertain the boss a little. Not for long—I know you have your own shoot in a few minutes.”

“The boss?”

“Mr. Bolt is already waiting for you.”

My heart almost stopped—I was about to meet the guy behind all of this.

We entered a little cubicle within the hangar whose interior looked like the backstage area of a theater. Even though there were dozens of mirrors, lamps, and bouquets of flowers on display throughout the room, all eyes were immediately pulled to the enormous human being seated on the low couch. This was the first time I’d seen Mr. Bolt, and even though Ruben had tried to prepare me a little, my mind still stopped processing for a second.

The giant was in a very expensive-looking custom-made suit, and he needed all the room the couch had to offer. His legs were spread wide, his massive bulge on full display, much of it actually settled on the floor in front of him. I’d thought Ruben had the biggest package I would ever see, but I was wrong. The man in front of me had a set of balls bigger than two overripe watermelons, and a cock stuffed into his pants like a full-size anaconda. I couldn’t have said how big the thing truly was.

He was wider than two bodybuilders standing next to each other, and his muscles were bloating out of every opening his suit had. His forearms were bigger and hairier than my legs. The two upper buttons of his custom shirt wouldn’t close anymore because of the sheer size of his chest. Mr. Bolt’s cleavage was deep and hairy, and I wanted to get lost in it. The pec size he’d achieved was unbelievable! Over years of training (I guessed) they had surpassed the boundaries of his torso and so they were obscuring more than half of both his arms. Even through several layers of clothing, I could clearly see the outlines of his nipples, the size of small plates. His arms were hanging down at a ridiculous angle from his body, clearly restricted in movement by their unimaginable size. And underneath it all, Mr. Bolt was carrying a proud roid gut that made his buttons moan in exhaustion whenever he moved, flashes of hairy skin peeking through the overtaxed buttonholes.

When he realized he wasn’t alone anymore, he rose to his feet—slowly, heavily—to greet us. Alex introduced us and then stepped out to deal with the shoot.

As she left the room, I used the opportunity to take another look at Mr. Bolt; my eyes couldn’t get enough. I realized that he was even wider than Ruben had been when I’d left him earlier that morning. Mr. Bolt’s hands were as big as dinner plates, and I could still feel the strength of his handshake in my bones.

Even his face was remarkable. He had a jaw so wide that he could probably smash stones with it, and eyes so big and brown that you could drown in them. It looked like he had shaved this morning, but the beard stubble was already growing back, nice and thick. A drop of sweat was running down his temple; all the muscle mass made him like a furnace.

The door closed and we were alone. Mr. Bolt turned to me.

“So you’re one of my models?”

I just nodded, unsure how to behave in front of this mountain of a man.

“Ruben really has an eye for this. Everyone out there is perfect for the job, I don’t have to worry about anything.”

He dropped his body back onto the couch, which collapsed instantly. “Well, maybe I should worry about the furniture.” He laughed.

Even sitting, the man was still a foot taller than me. Mr. Bolt leaned toward me over the coffee table. The top button of his vest popped and flew into my lap. He ignored it.

“Probably not the first time that’s happened, huh?” I commented.

“No, more like the millionth time. Mm, before I forget: How is Ruben? And where is he?”

I used as few words as possible to describe the situation that had led to Ruben’s absence. For a second, I saw a worried look spreading over Mr. Bolt’s face. He caught me staring and explained:

“The guys in the labs are running a few more long-term tests with all the kinds of pills we’re producing. They’re all working perfectly well, but there’s still something we have to check.”

“What is it?”

Mr. Bolt took a deep breath, his suit expanding to the point where it started to rip audibly.

“Shit, it’s really hot in these little rooms. Do you mind?” he asked. He stood up and ditched his suit jacket. The white shirt underneath was already soaked with sweat and close to tearing apart. His arms and chest were so fucking massive that I was struggling to control my libido. My cock started to get hard just watching this behemoth move. The lighting wasn’t great backstage, but it was enough for a glimpse of his penis through his pants, a monstrosity which promised to be even more massive than Drake’s. Then, I remembered the almost human-sized prick Ruben would be carrying around from now on. So many huge cocks…my mind only snapped back to reality when Mr. Bolt started speaking again, now with fewer clothes on.

“I see you’re already a big fan of our little pills. Be careful.” He was pointing at the enormous bulge running down my left leg and winking. I shifted my weight, but there was no hiding my package—and why should I? His was lying in front of me on the floor of the fucking room. “My team has discovered a little side effect in 0.01 percent of all users. A very small group of people seems to be getting physically addicted to our product, which is something we thought would be impossible.”

“How bad can it be?” I joked, opening the first button of my jeans to have some more room.

“Well, if you have the money, things can grow out of hand, so to speak. By the way…” His tone was a bit more serious now, but he was still smiling. “It’s not a design flaw. It’s not our fault some people just can’t get enough. And this should stay between the two of us for now. We’ll fix it ASAP.”

Mr. Bolt winked again, and I could feel the base of my cock swelling thicker in my pants. I was truly falling for these big guys. The mountain in front of me was sweating like a devil in church, so he opened two more buttons. A forest of hair swelled into view, and his pecs were pushing out of his clothes every time he drew breath. He was clearly enjoying his power over me, the fact that a little flex was enough to make my knees shake.

Alex popped her head back into the room.

“Joey? You have to be on Set Eight in fifteen minutes. We had to move things around a little. Your outfit’s in locker three, right next to Mr. Bolt.” She didn’t stop to wait for a reply.

“All right—oh, she’s already gone again.”

“These management people are always on the run.” Mr. Bolt smiled and leaned back into the three-person couch he was filling completely. I opened the locker next to the giant and found nothing but a red Speedo. It had an exceptionally big pouch, but it would still leave nothing to the imagination. It was the same shade as the RED Pills…cent;. Which reminded me of something.

“Can I ask you a question?” I asked Mr. Bolt. “Ruben was telling me a few weeks ago about your business and how it got started. He said something about your natural gift and I didn’t understand what he meant. He said I would understand if I saw you, but I don’t.”

He laughed. “Maybe it’s because you’re missing the last piece of the puzzle. You have to understand that all of this,” he gestured to his magnificent body, “was around long before any pill existed. This,” he paused dramatically, “is all natural.”

My mouth was wide open. I had started undressing for the shoot and was now almost naked in front of this dream of a man.

“How can that be natural? It’s unbelievable!”

“It’s something in my genes… and, if you can keep a secret, something inside my balls. Or more accurately in the juice that I produce nonstop.”

“Are you shitting me?”

I was fighting with the red posers. My cock was apparently bigger than the costume designer thought. It looked ridiculous and hot at the same time. The fabric was so stretched so thin that you could see the veins on top of my shaft through it.

“That’s why I don’t keep it a secret. Nobody believes me anyway. You’re looking very good, by the way. Real Adonis right here in front of me. What are modeling for?”

“Alpha Pills…cent;.”

“It definitely shows. You’re packing in all the right places.”

There was a pause and he looked up and down my recently enhanced body, which was interrupted by the noise of his dress pants starting to rip open.

“Fuck, this thing really has a mind of its own. I’m sorry.”

“Everything all right?”

Mr. Bolt looked like he was in a lot of pain.

“Yeah, that’s normal,” he huffed through clenched teeth. “It’s just my dick… getting hard!”

Before I could do anything, the middle seam along his zipper tore open, and skin and flesh started to swell out. Mr. Bolt tried holding back the growth with his massive hands, but the attempt to push it back in only made the monster swell faster, powered by the lust coursing through his veins.

“You should leave now,” Mr. Bolt gasped. “Your team is probably waiting for you already. But come visit me in my gym this week! I wanna show you around!”

I walked out of the little room backwards, my eyes glued to the spectacle in front of me. The size of this man’s cock was beyond anything I would have been able to imagine, and it was still growing. More and more of it came into view, swelling out of the ruins of his pants. Mr. Bolt, meanwhile, groaned in pleasure as more and more cock was released from its prison. “This never gets old,” he whispered to himself.

And then I was outside again. I stared at the closed door in front of me. What the fuck had just happened? I was rock hard, the first few inches of my cock now completely exposed and my posers straining like hell. I could hear things inside getting knocked over, and Mr. Bolt’s grunts were clearly audible outside.

Even though Ruben was perfect and I was falling in love with him, I could think about one thing and one thing only: I wanted to feel the giant who’d started it all with my own hands.

“Sorry, coming through!” Bruno, the big Orange Pills…cent; model, was passing by, scraping me with his enormous gut, hunger in his eyes. “I just needed a drink. The buffet at my set is gone already.” He opened the little fridge next to the entrance of the cabin I’d just left and grabbed some soda and a quarter of a big cake. He plunged his teeth right into it. “Ugh, this is so fucking good!”

Now there was moaning both inside and outside the cubicle.

“Have you always been big?” I asked Bruno.

He was almost too occupied to speak, mindlessly gobbling down the cake and soda can after soda can.

“I was a thick bear before, that’s for sure, but the pills have helped me a lot. Lately it’s showing a little, I guess.” He laughed and he shook his belly to punctuate the thought. I imagined the entire buffet he had just wolfed down packed inside of it. “The photographer on set told me that I could be a little fatter for the next set of photos we’re doing in an hour. He says 500 pounds isn’t enough. Which is fine with me. Could you get me the rest of the cake from the fridge?”

Bruno found a seat near me and I placed the cake onto his gut in front of him.

“Now, that’s what I imagined when I signed the contract,” he said and began another feast. Now and then he gulped down another Orange Pill…cent; with his soda, and the effect was almost immediate. He was getting more spherical by the minute, his ball gut expanding like there was no limit to where it would stop. I was hypnotized.

Alex’s voice woke me up.

“Joey? We’re waiting for you!”

It was time for my shoot.


Part 12: ’Til the Sun Rises

I won’t bore you with the endless details of the shoot. The team I had was amazing, and being on set with them didn’t feel like work even though it took us almost three hours to finish. Now and then my mind would wander and I caught myself thinking about Ruben and Mr. Bolt, which got my cock’s attention and probably made the photos even more risqué than they already were.

When we were done, I was put in a robe and sent off set where Alex found me to congratulate me.

“I saw your reel; you look amazing.”

She pressed a card into my hand. For a second I thought she was trying to ask me out. When she saw my face, she laughed.

“Sorry, this is Mr. Bolt’s card. He told me to give it to you. He’d like to see you and Ruben at his gym tomorrow.”

His gym? Do you mean—”

“Yeah, he owns a gym; it’s called the Studio.”

“Thanks, Alex.”

On my way out I had to grab my stuff from the room where I’d met Mr. Bolt. Now it was surrounded by a group of professional cleaners, mopping up what seemed to be a sea of white, sticky liquid. The smell was enough to give away what it was. Apparently Mr. Bolt had finished himself off after I left, and I couldn’t believe the scene he’d left behind. It looked like a terrible painter had covered all the walls in white. Only the broken couch was left spotless.

I grabbed my stuff from the locker and left the hangar; my Uber was already waiting. But Drake caught up to me before I could leave.

“Drake! I thought you were home already.”

“Nah, I was waiting for you, buddy! I feel great. I wanna go out tonight!”

“That sounds nice, but I really ought to check on Ruben.”

“He’s a big guy; he can take care of himself.”

He is a big guy, for sure, I thought.

“There’s an afterparty that RED’s throwing,” Drake continued. “Just one drink! Come on.”

In my mind I teetered back and forth, but what finally made up my mind was the glint in Drake’s eyes. I texted Ruben to tell him I’d be home later.

“You’re the best, man! Let’s go; we’ll take your Uber.”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The party was at a neon-lit club in the center of the city, rented just for us. As we stepped out of the car, I finally got a good look at what Drake were wearing. He was in Nike sweatpants, a new design especially for hyper-packing guys—the pouch was insane and, uh, form-fitting, to put it mildly.

“Where did you get those?”

“After I shot today, there were a bunch of designers who wanted my opinion on a few of their more extreme projects. They have all these samples of products they might market in the future, but they don’t have any models to help them yet. I tried a few things on, gave them some feedback, and they let me keep most of the stuff.”

“That sounds incredible!”

“It is! The new designs are comfortable like you wouldn’t believe. I mean, they don’t hide anything,” he said, jiggling his inflated package, “but they feel amazing. I’d been getting a little worried about my future with this thing between my legs.”

I understood why. His schlong was thicker than a grown man’s thigh and reached down to his knee, slapping left and right against his legs as he walked.

“But now I could get even bigger and they’d still be able to cover it up. It’s amazing.” He smiled wide and hugged me with one arm. I don’t know if he realized it, but when he got that close to me his dick was slapping against my leg, too.

Half an hour later, we were in the middle of a sweaty dance floor. As the hours went by, people shucked more and more clothes, until the floor was littered with shirts and pants. It was the warmest night of the year, and everyone was sweating freely. My cock was never fully soft—there were so many enhanced bodies on display! And many of them were growing bigger even as we danced, because RED Pills…cent; and their variations were being tossed around like candy.

The best photos from the shoot today were featured in a slideshow on TVs above the bar and throughout the building. Everyone looked truly amazing. I barely recognized myself as the stud smiling out of the monitor—but it was me. My bulge looked glorious. There were so many hot enhanced models on parade up on those screens, it was hard to look away. Soon it was Drake’s turn, and the crowd around us went nuts when his photo appeared. It was a black and white shot of him sitting sideways, slightly bent forward, his thick cock hard and reaching up to his collarbone.

We danced for an hour or two, only stopping to get drinks. Drake and I were good dancers and it wasn’t long before I noticed cameras filming us. Me, the tall muscle hunk with the thick bulge, and Drake, the built stallion with the whale cock. People were cheering encouragement, and more than once I felt a pair of hands on my ass, on my bulge, somewhere else on my body. As we danced, Drake and I ground our dicks together, balancing them between our chests, until one of us got too close to coming. Drake was wearing his massive dong under his shirt for most of the night, and I was sure that his look would inspire more clothing lines. Whenever he sat down his cock actually peeked out of his collar.

But there was a lot more to look at that night besides me and Drake. I noticed a couple of bears making out right next to the bar. Their hairy bellies rubbed together and, further down, the bulges of their massive bull balls were pressing into each other as well. One of them used his right hand to free his partner’s package. A six-inch cock as thick as a can of Red Bull appeared with a set of gigantic balls—each orb as big as a cantaloupe, swinging back and forth together as he moved. Then the other man’s bulge squeezed itself out of his pants—his bull balls were even bigger. You could feel the testosterone flowing between them. They kissed passionately while feeling each other’s jewels. They soon disappeared to the bathroom, their packages still proudly on display.

Dancing on a pole right next to the DJ stage was a super-buff guy with an enormous chest who seemed to be able to flex every muscle at once. Between songs he took a sip of water (or vodka?) and gulped down a few more Blue Pills…cent; to get bigger for the crowd. If another musclehead walked by, he invited them up for a pill or two. He must have gained over 40 pounds of muscles just that one night, his posers growing tighter around his swelling ass, a small package in the front pouch.

A few hours later, I went to the bathroom, a crowded space full of massive men and even bigger cocks. Ruben would have loved it.

I washed my face, feeling the alcohol coursing through me, and when I looked up again the musclehead pole dancer was standing behind me. It looked like he wasn’t yet used to his newly attained mass; he was covered in stretch marks. A year ago he would have been considered big at 6’1”, but in this new world he was just average, maybe even small—at least next to my 6’6’’. Maybe I was even taller than that now.

I turned around and was immediately wrapped in an amazing 350-pound muscle hug.

“You! I saw your photos everywhere! I’m such a big fan of yours! Your photos are so fucking hot! You’re so fucking hot! Sorry, I’m actually nervous meeting you. Can you believe this?”

He waddled his thick thighs closer to me. I could feel the heat of his naked skin against my bulge. My monster cock was getting harder already. He was coming on so strong. I didn’t know what to say, and he pressed his advantage.

“I was wondering,” he said, his breath hot against my chest, “if this thing between your legs is even bigger in real life. In the photos I only saw it soft.”

He looked up, directly into my eyes, as his hand found the package running down my right leg. His pupils pulsated, adrenaline in his veins. He pulled me into one of the dimly lit stalls and shut the door, then pressed his hands against the wall, his back facing me.

“I’m ready. Give it to me, big guy, please.”

“You got any more Blue Pills…cent;?” I asked him.

He nodded.

“Take ‘em,” I said. “Take them all.” All I wanted was for this musclehead to grow even bigger than he already was. The beasts inside us had taken over. I unpacked my cock and laid it onto his arched back. His knees started to buckle.

“Fuu-uuck!” he whispered. “It’s even bigger than I thought it would be.”

I thought the same.

And so I started to enter him as he popped one pill after another.

His ass was amazing and perfectly trained in more ways than one. The first eight inches of my cock slid into him like nothing. He started leaking immediately, a few drops squirting from his small dick onto the toilet seat. I grabbed his massive globes in my hands and glided deeper into his ass. He came again immediately, and it soon became a neverending state. Meanwhile, he was growing thicker with muscle mass every second. My hands wandered further up his body, gripping his traps and delts, running down the marble slab of his back, so I could feel the expanding skin under my fingertips.

“You’re so fucking hot,” he told me again and again.

“Grow bigger for me, musclehead. I love my men big!”

“Yes, master!”

I don’t know what was going on, but I was the most turned on I’d ever been, and we both were out of our minds. He swallowed even more pills as more of my cock disappeared into his ass, which continued to get bigger and bigger. The sensation running through my core couldn’t be described in words. He was soon so massive that his back was pressing me against the wall of the little stall. His body forced itself onto my cock until I was entirely inside him. He was so big that just his breathing created enough motion for his frame to rub the entirety of mine, up and down, until my whole body was throbbing.

“Ho…ly…shit!” he screamed again, grinding his ass against my crotch. My balls slapped his stretch-mark-covered glutes. I tried to encompass his body with both my hands, but I couldn’t even reach his pecs. The man I was fucking wasn’t a man anymore. He had become a mountain of muscles, the biggest man I’d seen yet.

I was coming, and the walls around us almost collapsed from the pressure of his growing body. It was around his ninth time cumming—the time between orgasms had gotten so short it was hard to count. We lost track of the world around us as I pumped load after load into him, and he groaned with the pleasure of being filled. Men peeked over the walls of the stall, watching us. One of them had started to film. I was a legend, after all, and he would be famous in no time too.

I pulled out. He turned around and went to his knees, arms scratching the walls, and started to suck my eighteen-inch monster cock. His neck was the definition of wide, and it became even thicker with my cock down his throat. He gagged, and I pulled out so I could start fucking his enormous pecs.

“Yeah, horse man, use me!”

“Fuck! I have never seen a chest this big.”

A second later he was putting another handful of pills into his mouth. His pecs began to grow tighter around my monster cock. The feeling was too much for me, and I came again, all over his chest, chin, and face. I was finally empty, and my body felt wasted, but he was still growing thicker with muscles. Back on his feet, he hugged me hard, and I was conscious of his broadening frame and the pool of cum underneath us.

“I wish this would never end. Mmmm—hhnghh—Bigger!

He was outgrowing the stall around us. As I watched he piled another ten pounds onto his hyper-bodybuilder body. The door and walls split open around us, and suddenly we were standing in the middle of the men’s bathroom with a huge crowd watching, speechless.

Someone said, “Holy shit!”

Another said, “Fuck, he’s big.

The musclehead was smiling in my arms, his body shaking from the multiple orgasms. He hadn’t stopped growing.

“Thanks for that, big guy.”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

I don’t remember how I got home. Just a faint memory of my bulge colliding with Drake’s as I said goodbye to him.

I went to unlock Ruben’s front door, but the frame was still broken and the door already open. I started to take off my clothes as I made my way to the bedroom. Ruben was already asleep, and I took a moment to take it all in. The man laying there on our bed—what was left of it—was as tall as two and wider than at least four very well-built men standing next to each other. The king-sized blanket barely covered him, and all of his massive legs and most of his arms and shoulders were exposed. Luckily, he wasn’t capable of freezing anymore. He was way too big for that.

I climbed over his hips and found my place in his arms, right in front of his majestic chest. He was half-asleep, mumbling something sweet, and I used his massive arms to cover most of me and keep me warm through the rest of the night.

“Sorry it’s so late,” I said, my eyes already closed, my vodka-soaked mind twisting.

“‘Sokay,” the beast mumbled into my back. With his every breath my head was pushed deeper into the gap between his hairy pecs.

“I couldn’t shop for any basics for you, either. But I ordered the most important things to ship express.”

He pulled me in closer still and gave me the most massive hug I’d ever gotten. “Thanks, little guy. Love you.”

“Love you, too.”


Part 13: A Few Sizes Bigger

When I woke up the next morning, I had an epic headache and some trouble remembering where I was. I was spooning Ruben’s warm body, and I squeezed him a little tighter to let him know I was awake. I pressed my face into his back and tried reaching around his gym-toned body. Seconds later, I realized that I wasn’t hugging Ruben at all; at least, not his upper half. The mass in my arms was growing as I embraced it, the pulse of it so strong I could feel it running through my own skin, forcing my arms further apart with every heartbeat. I opened my eyes and suddenly remembered everything—the growth, the rapid transformation, the sex. I had been hugging Ruben’s massive schlong all along, and it was continuing to blow up longer and thicker every second, even as Ruben slept on.

He got even bigger overnight, I realized, and the thought jolted me fully awake. I used both hands to explore the edge of his gigantic cock head, which by now was almost a full foot thick, too big for me to reach around even if I’d had five hands. The head flared in response to the warmth of my skin. His slit was already glistening.

As I touched his cock, Ruben’s legs began to twitch, like he was caught in a wet dream. His hips thrust forward and his cock grew frighteningly larger all at once, surging forward and covering most of my body and face. It was so fucking heavy, like a bodybuilder lying on top of me. My hard cock was pressing against the underside of it, a tiny minnow next to his whale.

Ruben’s breath was unsteady as he continued to doze, his hips moving back and forth in a slow, hypnotic rhythm. He was scraping the length of his dick all over my body, ecstasy running through my veins as I realized I was living a fantasy most people could never even dream of.

And then, suddenly, things went too far. Ruben rolled over, slowly coming to but not yet aware of his surroundings, totally burying me beneath him. I tried to yell something, but the breath was being crushed out of my lungs. I knew my life was in danger, but I was powerless to move. Ruben now weighed over a thousand pounds, his cock was still caressing my body, and it was STILL growing. I gasped for air. Luckily, Ruben pushed himself up from the mattress with his strong arms, finally awake, a little startled to discover me lying under his mountainous frame. Ruben stared at his ginormous dick, then at me, pinned under it.

“What are you doing down there?” he boomed. “You have to be careful from now on, little guy. I’m way too big for this kind of game now. If this happens again, you have to wake me up.”

“I just realized that too, big guy,” I said, finally freeing myself from the weight of his gigantic penis. It slumped heavily into the bed sheets next to me. “Do you know how fat your cock alone is? That thing weighs almost enough to crush someone.”

“We definitely have to weigh it some time. Morning, by the way.”


Ruben bent down to give me a kiss. His cock head was almost level to his real head now. It would have been hard to say which was bigger. I still had a hardon.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

We took a shower in an attempt to get ready for the day. Halfway through, we started running out of hot water, but we kept scrubbing each other’s bodies—Ruben, with his huge hands, finished me in less than a minute while I worked my ass off for almost 15 very enjoyable minutes trying to get him clean. It was then when I discovered a new strange thing about Ruben’s enlarged appendage: when it was soft, most of it retracted inside his giant body, with only nine inches and the head peeking out from the folds of skin surrounding it. His huge balls hung far below, down to his juicy, hairy quads.

At first I thought it was because of the cold water running down his wide back, but he told me otherwise.

“It’s been like that since yesterday. Some strange body reflex. I think maybe it’s just what happens when you grow as big as I am now.”

“So most of your cock sleeps inside your body now? That explains the ‘roid gut for sure,” I said, patting his brick wall of a belly. “But it will help a lot with your everyday life.”

I grabbed his junk with my warm hands and felt its softness, its hairiness. Only the amount of loose skin there hinted at how monstrous this thing would be hard. As I buried my hand in the skin at the base of his crotch (it sank in almost up to my wrist!), inch after inch started sliding out of his body, thickening all the while. Nine fat inches became sixteen, then twenty-four, growing wider than my whole body as it sagged down between his knees. Then it grew even more, longer and thicker still, until it was five feet in length, plowing silently into the floor of the tub and growing even bigger from there.

“I could cum just looking at your dick, Ruben! You were so worried last night that this was going to be too much, but I love your new body!”

“I’m learning to love it, too,” he said, stepping closer, his donkey dick dragging on the ground between my legs. The folds of skin at its base had disappeared by now—he was fully hard. Ruben’s groin was now chest level to me, and the man himself, in all his glory, looked as big as a truck.

Before we left the shower, Ruben pinned me against the wall with his dick and we humped each other for a little while, until all of the bathroom was covered in our spunk—mostly his. And when we were done, I watched several feet of Ruben’s monstrous dick slip back into his body as it deflated, his muscle gut pushing outward slightly.

I didn’t say it out loud, but I was already wondering what he would look like if he grew even bigger.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

After breakfast, Ruben’s new clothes arrived.

Some of them actually fitted him really nicely, which surprised us both. The shirts were all too tight around his shoulders and too loose around his waist, but we’d expected that. The jeans, on the other hand, were a disaster. His hips were too slim for all of them. He was going to need custom-made ones. And his socks were huge—before he tried them on, I slipped my entire arm into one of them and started laughing:

“Your feet can’t be this big!”

But he proved me wrong. They were even a little too tight on his newly enlarged feet.

We had bought an olive-green jacket that suited him beautifully. It made him look even more built than he was. The underwear we bought was all snug, which I didn’t mind at all. Inside them his new package looked hot as hell. The bulge of his balls made his crotch incredibly prominent, and it jiggled distractingly as he walked. Even with most of his whale cock sleeping inside him now, his package was still undeniably enormous. Enormous, but manageable.

Ruben looked at himself in the mirror of his bedroom—slightly crouched; the ceiling wasn’t high enough for him to stand anymore—and marveled at the sight of his godlike proportions. As he looked, the snake in his loins woke up and overfilled the underwear in less than ten seconds, stretching it until the cloth was audibly straining. Then the top band of the underwear snapped down and his package was free again.

“I guess I shouldn’t let that happen when I go out.”

“Well, I wouldn’t mind.”

The fabric of the new underwear was looking overstretched and worn already. Working together, we tried packing Ruben back inside it, but his cock was hard now, which meant that no piece of clothing could hold it.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Two hours later, the tailor came. Ruben would need professional clothes for the office, and a private fitting seemed like the best way to do it. Ruben told me that he’d tried to prep the guy on the phone for what he was going to see, but it was hard to imagine preparing someone to witness something as reality-defying as Ruben.

When the door opened and he laid eyes on Ruben the first time, he had to sit down for a moment, and we handed him a glass of scotch to help him rally. He couldn’t tear his gaze away, but I wasn’t going to judge—Ruben had the same effect on me.

“Okay, let’s get going,” he said after a deep breath. “We have a lot of work to do.”

He grabbed his measuring tape and a notebook and started cataloguing every inch of Ruben’s new body.

As he worked, I watched them from the couch a few feet away, but as the fitting went on I started noticing something strange. Ruben’s head had been pressing against the ceiling since we’d gotten up that morning, but now, after almost an hour of “raise your arms, please” and “could you bring them back down a little?” his shoulders were level with the ceiling, too. Was he still growing bigger?

My heart skipped a beat. Glancing over and catching my eye, Ruben gave me a big wink.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

After we’d said goodbye to the tailor and closed the door behind him, Ruben breathed a sigh of relief and scratched his belly as he stretched out, as far as he could within the confines of the room.

“Any plans today?” he asked me with a devilish grin. I think he was suggesting another round of discovering his new body.

“We actually got invited to Mr. Bolt’s gym.”

I caught Ruben up on the shoot and my meeting with the boss. When I finished the part about Mr Bolt’s expanding package, his only comment was “Hot.”

Finally, it was time to come totally clean. I told him about the sex with the hot muscleman the night before. His face was unreadable as he listened closely. Then all he asked was: “How big was he, in the end?”

“I’ve never seen someone with muscles that big before. But all in all he was still a hundred times smaller than you.”

“Good. You think it was the pills? The lust, I mean. Because I would understand that.” He looked down on his body. “I would get that, definitely.”

“I mean, he looked amazing. But you’re right, my mind wasn’t working clearly. You should have seen him.”

“I probably would have fucked him too.”

“Not with that cock of yours!”

“I’d make it work.”

After a long pause, Ruben added, “I’m not mad at you.”

I said nothing. I still felt a little embarrassed.

“We’ve never talked about the frame of our relationship, and these pills…sometimes they have a mind of their own. What do you think about something open between us? We’re together, but if something happens with someone else, we’re honest about it. I’d like to know.” And with a smile he finished: “And maybe join?”

“That sounds perfect to me.”

“It might be the best way. Because when the beast takes over there’s not a lot of room for thoughts and doubts.”

Ruben put his new jacket on. Underneath he wore a white shirt, black pants that fit his thighs like they were painted on, and a pair of heavy boots which almost looked comically big.

“I’m ready for the gym,” he said, throwing his bag over his shoulder. “Let’s see how big we can get!”


Part 14: The Boy

The day of the gym was probably the day I realized where humankind was going to end up in just a few years…or months, even. Already I’d seen plenty of things I would never have believed possible, but that afternoon brought things to a whole new level of strange.

Ruben was too big for any car now, and we didn’t have a truck handy, so we took the metro to Mr. Bolt’s gym.

Unsurprisingly, people went crazy for Ruben and his gigantic body. No one could believe his size, and they took endless photos, as if trying to prove to themselves that he was real. Some people actually touched him. And some tried to ignore him, which was hilarious since that wasn’t really possible.

At that point RED Pills were still pretty much unknown to the general public. There had been a few reports and news articles about them, but seeing people’s reactions to Ruben made me realize things were about to get off the ground in a really big way.

Among the crowds of people ogling my boyfriend, I saw a familiar face. Bruno, the heavyweight Orange Pills model, was only a few seats away from us. We’d hardly spoken when we’d met, so he didn’t recognize me, and I had the time to study him a little more closely. He already looked bigger—again. His ass took up three full seats and his round gut almost reached the opposite side of the car. His shirt must have been several weeks old, as it barely covered his keglike belly, and his massively swollen arms were bulging out of their sleeves. He was wolfing down a sandwich, getting mustard stains around his mouth, and as soon as he finished, he took a deep breath and grabbed another from a bag next to him. Ripping open the package, he plunged in, a look of ecstasy on his face.

I pointed him out to Ruben, who just smiled.

“Damn, he’s a pretty big guy already. And he’s sure got a healthy appetite. Maybe he should slow down before he can’t get through the doors.”

Everyone in the train car was either staring at Ruben’s widely spread legs or at Bruno’s attempt to down a dozen sandwiches in one sitting. It was a bizarre sight for sure, and I wondered if people realized this kind of thing would be happening more and more often from now on.

I pulled out my phone, realizing that it had been weeks since I’d checked up on Sherwood.

I was in no way prepared for what I saw. It seemed like his growth campaign had escalated over the last few days. People from all over the world kept sending him money to buy more pills and grow his package bigger—a package that was already beyond anything I’d ever seen. I checked over my shoulder for peeping toms before I started his latest video. The title was Biggest Cock on Earth?!?!

Very promising.

The video started with a shaky handheld camera showing a comfy chair in a modern living room. Sherwood appeared in close-up to greet everyone before taking a step back. I almost dropped my phone. He was wearing nothing but a pair of custom-made briefs, the biggest I had ever seen. Even Ruben wouldn’t have been able to fill that pouch. It was the size of an overinflated bean bag, and Sherwood seemed to be having a fair bit of trouble walking. The little four-inch cock he’d started with in his first video had definitely grown—a lot! It was hard to see on the little phone display, but it looked like his penis was already twice as thick as either one of his thighs, and the head would have reached the floor easily if the briefs weren’t holding it back. You could see his heavy, thick anaconda suspended in his briefs, swinging back and forth as he waddled forward. He was carrying a ton of weight around. The actual length of his cock could only be guessed through the fabric of his white undies. The snake in it was bulging up, down, left, and right, forming a cumbersome ball of immense size.

Sherwood finally found a seat, his bulge lying on the ground between his feet. Now, I could clearly see how tight his undies were; he wasn’t far from busting right out of them. And as soon as I had the thought, I realized what was going to happen next.

“Holy shit, who is that?”

Ruben’s voice jerked me back into reality. I shushed him and stepped a little closer.

“This guy online who won’t stop growing his cock. People actually sponsor him, and send him money so he can grow his dick even bigger. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

“Shit, man. He’s almost immobilized by his own junk.”

Unconsciously, Ruben rubbed his own proud bulge, and the monster behind his zipper immediately started to swell.

“Damn,” he said. “You better not show any more of this until we have some privacy!”

He was right. These days even my cock was dead obvious in street clothes whenever I got hard, but I couldn’t wait to see what was going to happen. I stepped back and continued the video away from Ruben’s hungry gaze.

Sherwood tried gathering up his package in his arms, but it was way too big and heavy. When it slumped down again, his legs were pushed out of the way by its colossal size. The tightly packed mountain of meat jiggled juicily as it settled. Meanwhile, I could feel my cock chubbing up again. This was too hot to be true.

A few seconds later, Sherwood was holding up what looked like a gallon of thick red juice. Like blood orange juice, but as thick as heavy cream. The liquid was the same color as the RED Pills.

“Oh, fuck,” I whispered. “You can’t be serious.”

“Over a hundred pills ground up and dissolved in water!” announced Sherwood. “Thanks to all my followers out there making this dream come true. I hope you guys are ready to see me grow even bigger!”

There was a glow in his eyes I recognized. His size was totally out of control already, but the lust for more was stronger than ever, almost primal.

Sherwood gave his package a lusty slap and began gulping the shake down, using both hands to hold up the jug. Then the video cut ahead, and the drink was gone. Woozily, Sherwood stood up from his seat by kicking his junk forward a little and using the momentum to swing up. His belly was bulging outward from the sheer volume of liquid he’d just gulped down. He gave it a rub.

“Oh, man, guys, I’m gonna be so fucking big by the end of the night. Let the growth begin!”

What followed was the craziest few minutes of footage I’d ever seen. Parts at normal speed were intercut with sped-up and timelapse sections. The growth was happening throughout—he was just giving us the highlights.

I watched as the fabric pulled in tighter and tighter around his whale cock. Soon, the surface of the dick was clearly visible through the stitching, covered in pulsating thumb-thick veins; even his lower abdomen had to flex hard to counterbalance his cock’s increasing weight. Sherwood rubbed the inflating ball between his legs, hungrily watching it swell, like he was actually commanding it to grow bigger. Maybe he really was was able to control it—or else he’d just lost his mind.

The first seams of the monster briefs started to give way, and flesh began to bulge out of his package at the edges. I could now make out the head of his cock in the ball that was his junk, and it was massive—bigger than Sherwood’s head! The growth seemed to be causing him pain now, because of the tightness of his underwear. With all his strength, he tore the rest of his white undies open and freed his manhood. His monster cock tumbled out with the force of an avalanche, rocking forward and knocking over the camera stand. Sherwood didn’t notice; he was lost in his growth haze. He leaned back in his chair (still visible in the frame, but sideways now), giving his cock more room to grow. And his cock needed room! Foot by foot, it swelled longer and thicker until there was no space for his legs anymore. He was practically sitting on his own monster dick. Before the video ended, I had to estimate his cock was over ten feet in length, and much too thick for a grown man to wrap his arms around. A rapidly expanding shadow appeared at the edge of the frame. His cock had hit a wall in his living room, I realized, and was now growing in the opposite direction. A few moments later, the camera was enveloped by his member, devoured by the growing cock. The video ended there.

I looked up from my phone, mouth agape, into Ruben’s grinning face.

“Are you satisfied now? Looks like it had a happy ending.”

Ruben pointed down at my pants. My cock was rock hard at knee-level and a huge wad of cum was running down the outside of my jeans. I turned toward the wall to cover it up.

“Shit! I didn’t even notice!”

“Don’t worry, little Joey, we’ll be there in a second and you can change at the gym so no one sees your cum stains.” Ruben guffawed, and every head on the train turned toward us.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Mr. Bolt’s gym was called the Studio. It was a big, flashy building from the ‘80s with a huge glass facade, freshly renovated all in black and gold. It wasn’t very prominently placed in the city—it was kind of hidden in the suburbs, but given the attention Mr. Bolt and his clientele attracted, it probably wasn’t a bad idea to lay low. There weren’t a lot of cars out front—just half a dozen SUVs and a big truck that was actually monstrous enough to fit Mr. Bolt inside. I wondered if it was his.

“Before we go in, I should warn you,” Ruben said.

I paused, craning my neck to see the concern in his face, high above me. Jeez, I still wasn’t used to my skyrocketing boyfriend’s new twelve-foot body. He nudged my back with his huge hand.

“Just be prepared to meet some really big people.”

“I’ve met Mr. Bolt before,” I grumbled. “I can handle it.”

“You’ve met him, yeah, but you haven’t met his son. Just…be careful. Don’t fall for him like I did.”

We had reached the entrance with its massive double doors, big enough even for Ruben.

“He was the one who talked me into growing last year,” Ruben added. “He kinda tipped over the first domino. Just be careful.”

“All right.”

The foyer of the gym was a bright room with lots of windows. Next to the front desk was a little snack bar, a fountain, a few tables and chairs, and a majestic panoramic window that looked out onto the weightlifting area beyond. The room was obviously built for people as big as Ruben; he had no problem standing upright. We walked over to the counter and were greeted by a young man, just the sight of whom was enough to make me semi-hard again within seconds.

“Hi, I’m Michael. How can I help you today?”

His face looked like he’d just finished high school, but the rest of his body screamed, “I won Mr. Olympia ten years in a row but then stopped competing because it wasn’t fair to the other bodybuilders, and decided to keep inflating in my free time.”

Michael was probably 8 feet tall, towering over me by well over a foot. And his physique was even more spectacular than his height. He was packed with muscles on top of muscles, almost too much for any kind of wardrobe. He was wearing a shirt with the gym logo on it, but his pecs were all but ripping through the fabric. The print was so stretched out you could hardly read the letters. His pecs formed two overstuffed pillows under the shirt, and his biceps were too big for the sleeves; every time he pulled his sleeves back down, his arms immediately rolled them up again. I pegged his guns at probably 28 inches, and my knees went weak. When had I developed such a thing for muscle guys? And more than that, hyper muscle guys—because what these guys had wasn’t achievable by training and nature alone.

I began to understand what Ruben had meant, outside. Mr. Bolt wasn’t just an insanely big guy who owned a gym. He was the source of all the growth, and the men who dwelled here on this Mt. Olympus weren’t just big. They were beyond.

“We’re here for a little training session with Mr. Bolt. He asked us to come by.”

Thank God Ruben was doing the talking part. I was happy just doing the salivating part.

“No problem,” Michael said, not at all perturbed by the twelve-foot giant in front of him. Could it really be that men Ruben’s size were nothing special around here? “Here are your keys. You’ll find lockers in the changing room right down that way.” He pointed to our right. “Take your time and get an idea of what the gym has to offer. I’ll tell Mr. Bolt you’re here and come get you in a second. Enjoy!”

“Thanks, man.”

We entered the locker room and the air immediately filled with humidity and the smell of shampoo. I had a normal locker, while Ruben had been given the key to one twice the standard size.

“They adapt quickly, that’s for sure,” he said, tugging off his jacket.

We both stripped down. When I saw Ruben’s package swinging between his red-haired thighs, his cock fully retracted, I badly wanted to do nasty things to him again. I tried nailing him against the row of lockers, but he was twice my size now, and certain positions weren’t really an option anymore. I slammed my body against his, and he was kind enough to look pleased.

“Wasn’t the jackoff session on the train enough?” he teased.

“I can’t help it. This body of yours is driving me crazy.”

I grabbed his nutsack with its two cantaloupe-sized balls, and a couple more inches of his cock pumped out. Another squeeze of my hand, and there were two feet of cock dangling in front of me, obscuring my chest, belly and my own entire cock.

“I don’t think this will ever get old.”

“Mmm,” Ruben sighed, “there’s a lot more to come.”

He thrust his hips forward, and another 12 inches of cock swelled out. My own cock was 110% hard and humping his still-expanding piece.

Suddenly I became aware of Michael, standing in the corner by the door. I paused awkwardly, leaving Ruben’s hefty cock swinging.

“Sorry to disturb you two. Mr. Bolt says he won’t be able to join you right away. But his son Sam is somewhere around here. He might be able to give you a little tour, if he’s not too pumped.” Before he disappeared, he added: “Nice cock, by the way.” Then he was gone, as if nothing had happened.

“Do you think he’d’ve joined us if we’d asked nicely?” I said and Ruben gave the back of my head a slap with his dick. He was laughing, but the impact was almost enough to lay me out on the floor.

“You’d better get dressed. We shouldn’t keep this Sam waiting.”

“What did he mean, if he’s not too pumped?”

“I’m too scared to ask.”

But we didn’t need to wonder for long.

I changed into my gym outfit as Ruben tried on his new gym clothes, one piece at a time. He needed some assistance from me because his cock was still semi-hard. We were lucky that it was settling down again—the seams of his gym sweats didn’t look very robust.

On our way to the weightlifting area, we passed multiple rows of lockers and doors to various saunas, lounges, and bathrooms. At the end of the hall was a big open doorway leading to the shower area, a beautiful, dimly-lit room with gleaming earth-tone tiles. On the near side of the room were some showerheads my height. After that, a dozen more followed hanging twice as high, perfect for someone Ruben’s size. As we stepped into the shower area, we became aware of someone whistling a hypnotizing song, and a second later, our eyes adjusted and we laid eyes on…him.

There was another shower room beyond the first one. This one seemed to be round and astonishingly sized, but it was hard to tell because of the fog pouring from dozens of showerheads around the walls. The mist played over our feet as we stepped closer.

In the middle of the spray stood a man in his early 20s—except he was more of a mountain than a man. He was as tall as Ruben, but two, if not three times as wide. He was even broader than Mr. Bolt. His masculine form was so overwhelmed with muscles, fat, veins, and hair that he was almost spherical. He had adopted the stance of a sumo wrestler in order to give his manhood the room it needed, and he wasn’t far from being levitated off the ground by his hefty balls. They were enormous—gigantic—the biggest I had ever seen. He was standing, but his ball sack was resting heavily on the ground, and each of his jewels was easily as big as me, over six feet in height. Even over the noise of a dozen showerheads, I could still somehow sense his balls working hard to produce historic quantities of cum.

His cock was no less imposing. The head, too, was touching the ground in front of his balls, many feet away from his body—like the world’s thickest anaconda winding its way to earth. At over five feet in length totally soft, he put Ruben’s endowment to shame!

My gaze moved up to his mountainous pecs. They protruded as far forward as his massive ballsack, giving him a round look that made him appear even bulkier than he was. His cleavage was deep enough to hide a grown man in, and each deltoid was beyond beach ball size. Down from there came his arms. I was proud of my 22-inch guns, and I loved Ruben’s insane 28-inchers. This dude massive hams came close to the 50-inch mark! The slightest movement tested their mobility; no matter where his arms tried to move, there was always more muscle mass blocking their way. Veins appeared on his arms as he raised them, and only grew more prominent when their movement hit a dead end.

Crowning all the mass was his head, in danger of being crushed by the muscles surrounding it. I’m sure he wasn’t able to see the floor in front of him; his pecs were too big and wide for that. We couldn’t see the full span of his back at that moment, but when I got to, later, it didn’t surprise me that it fully rivalled the front. His wingspan was unbelievable, to the point where even breathing looked like a lot of work for his immense body.

He hadn’t seen us yet. He continued showering, futilely trying to scrub his whole body by himself. There was no way he could reach even his own armpits—he couldn’t even reach halfway across his chest without muscles getting in the way—so he just raised his massive arms until his biceps and pecs were hitting him in the face, and let the flow from the showerheads do the rest.

He took a step forward, and the ground shook. His massive balls twitched. Another step followed, with a noise like thunder. Was this his actual walking pace? Clearly he wasn’t the world’s fastest man—but in his defense, it was amazing he was still able to walk at all.

He pushed a button on the ground next to the wall. The water stopped and a warm stream of air began to flow. He was dry within minutes, and I could admire the coat of short black hair that covered his immense set of pecs, arms, and legs. I couldn’t get a good look at his belly—it was obscured by his thick pec overhang and part of his cock, emerging from its thick forest of fur.

Only then did the big man finally see us.

“Oh! Sorry, didn’t hear you two coming. Hey, Ruben, long time no see… and you must be Joey?”

His voice reverberated back and forth between the walls like cannonfire, and we couldn’t answer at first. The echo died away, until there was just the sound of the last of the water draining into the floor.

How did you even greet a man like this? Hugging wasn’t an option.

“Hi, I’m Sam.” And to me he added, “I’m Bolt’s son.”


Part 15: The New Head of the Gym

I picked my jaw up off the floor and tried to act normal. There was no way I could have been prepared for what Bolt’s “boy” would look like. Sam looked like some kind of insane lab experiment, a test subject who’d been tricked into unstoppable growth by an extremely muscle-thirsty scientist.

“Don’t worry, guys, I don’t always look this big. I’ve just got a crazy pump right now. But maybe to a normal person it doesn’t make much difference.”

He laughed, the movement riveting my attention even more to his swollen body. His skin was absolutely covered in stretch marks. It was amazing his skin was able to contain him at all.

When he started to move toward us, I was impressed by his speed. He wasn’t a fast walker, but looking at him, it was incredible that he managed to get all that mass in motion at all. His friend Michael, an eight-foot mountain of muscle, came to his aid, squeezing him into some lycra gym pants. I have no idea how they managed it. The bulge of Sam’s package was even more obscene than the rest of him, and it took all their strength to push everything down and in. When they were finished, Sam was breathing hard, veins as thick as my fingers bulging from the lower part of his abdomen.

When Sam reached Ruben, I saw that Ruben was actually a match for him in height—they were both about 12 feet tall—but Sam had to be several hundred pounds heavier. Ruben had the ripped build of a Mr. Olympia hopeful. Sam—there was nothing to compare his build to. He wasn’t from this planet anymore.

We were about to leave for the gym when Michael stopped us.

“It’s time for your injection first, bro.”

Sam bent over, his protruding package acting like a huge beanbag as he leaned some of his weight onto it. Michael pulled down his friend’s gym pants and inserted a huge syringe of light yellow liquid into his ass. Even Michael’s large hand looked comically tiny on Sam’s massive bottom.

“Steroids?” Ruben wanted to know. His hand had unconsciously moved to his own much smaller ass. Was he jealous?

“Sort of, but it’s not what you’re thinking,” Sam said. “It’s just for my balls. They’re out of control lately, and this helps shrink them back down a little. These guys milk me pretty well, but sometimes I slip and have some of my own fluids by accident, and that can make my body react a little strangely. But it’s nothing to worry about.”

When Sam was talking I had to listen very closely. His voice was so deep and rumbling that it was more like a vibration you felt than a melody you could listen to.

It took us a while to get out of the locker room—Sam got stuck in the doorway for a while when his bulge got caught in the frame—but when we emerged, I was blown away by how many enormous men there were working out in the main room. To my disbelief, I realized that I was actually going to be the smallest guy at this gym.

“Thanks for dropping by my humble home,” Sam said with a wide smile that made me wonder if he actually did sleep here. “This is where the magic happens. This is where I reached freak status.”

We toured through room after room, Sam introducing us to a few of the regulars along the way. Not a single guy there was under 350 pounds. It was clearly the busiest time of day, too—when there wasn’t enough room for Sam to walk, he would just shove a nearby machine or a rack loaded with dumbbells out of his way, as if it were nothing.

“I really appreciate everything you do for RED—for us, Ruben. The ad campaign you guys brought to life is pretty amazing. Thanks to you, we’re standing now at the beginning of a new era. The whole world is.”

Looking around, I honestly believed that this wasn’t hyperbole. From where I stood I could see dozens of muscleheads grunting and panting over massive bars loaded with iron. Only ten feet away from us, two guys were bench pressing, the spotter’s hard cock poking out of the bottom of his gym shorts and brushing the shoulder of the guy lying on the bench. That kind of easy intimacy seemed to be business as usual here. At the end of the set, before he sat up, I caught the lifter giving his buddy’s big cock a little kiss.

“You’ve added a lot of size since we last saw each other, Ruben,” complimented Sam.

“Most of it by accident,” admitted Ruben. “But, you know, I’m learning to love it. It feels good to be big. How about you, Sam?”

“I’ve achieved my goals, pretty much. Now I’m just looking to maintain.”

“What’s your weight these days?” Ruben pressed.

A bodybuilder in the deadlift area pulled his pants down and began to jerk off in between sets as we passed.

“My weight? Around 1,850, I would say? But it’s been a few weeks since I weighed myself. I’m probably bigger than that now.” He shrugged and smiled. “Can’t help it.”

The tour continued. Sam showed us the cardio room (empty), a spa area (everyone there was naked, and every dick was being handled by someone besides its owner), an outdoor bar offering drinks and protein shakes (everyone here seemed to have really unusually large muscle guts)…and finally an area with weights heavier than I’d ever seen in any gym. I could see 175-pound dumbbells, 200-pound single plates—and those weren’t even the heaviest ones. This room was the home of the true muscle freaks.

“This is where I get my pump. It’s just me and my biggest boys here. You know how it is, Ruben—when you’re as big as us, you’re pulling numbers heavy enough that you always need a helping hand.”

“I can imagine,” I said, dazed.

I let my eyes wander as Ruben and Sam continued to talk shop. The guys in the other rooms had been big, but they were at least recognizably human. The guys in here were more like enormous, waddling slabs of meat. Everywhere I looked, I saw walls of muscle, pools of sweat, naked skin pressing against skin. Most of the guys here wore nothing but posing trunks—and to my surprise, they all had cocks small enough that everything fit inside them. These guys weren’t here for growing their dicks—they were all about the muscle and nothing but the muscle.

Suddenly, I noticed a familiar face among the roid-heads. It was that guy from a few nights ago—the muscle stripper from the nightclub who’d taken my dick like a fucking pro! When he saw me, his face lit up.

“Hey! It’s you! So good to see you here.”

I gulped so loud that he was probably able to hear it. It was clear what Luke (I learned his name way later) had been up to the last few days: packing on more and more and more size.

He was still 6 foot 1, but he had to have gained more than a hundred pounds of additional mass since I’d last seen him. That night when I fucked him, he’d gotten close to 400 pounds—he had to have added at least another 25% on top of that in just two days. His shoulders were on a level with his ears, his arms were hanging “down” in a strange angle, and even his jawline was wider than I remembered. I couldn’t tell if his roid gut was rounder than before, but his pecs definitely looked fuller—big time. No shirt on earth was going to be able to contain that rack. His pecs were close to pressing against his chin. Maybe in another 50 pounds, they would.

“Fuck, you’re…”

“Big! I know, right? Do you like it?”

I forgot that Ruben was still in the same room. My mind was sucked into that monstrous muscle rack, my hand already groping one of his pecs as he flexed the swollen ball of meat for me. His skin was warm and damp, radiating body heat.

“That night I met you at the club,” he growled, “was one of the hottest things that’s ever happened to me. Ever since, all I can think about is growing even bigger for you. I mean, that dick…it was amazing.”

“Well, you’re doing a killer job, big guy!”

“And I know I’m not the only one who likes to grow.”

He pointed at my 18-incher, which had gotten rock hard in my gym pants. I had to change the subject—anything to get my mind off the mental image of me fucking him again right here and now.

“What are you doing here?”

“I told you…I’m here to grow! I found this place the next morning after that party where I met you. They said they specialize in helping guys on their growth journeys and I told them, I want to be so much bigger! Bigger than Sam, even. Can you imagine? That would be so hot!”

“Damn. I mean, you’re definitely on your way.”

“Wanna meet again? Sometime next week?”

“I don’t know—”

“I think I’ll be bigger by then. Way bigger.”

How could I say no to that? He was literally flexing his football-sized pecs for me right under my nose. Luke’s dick was hard, too, I noticed, but his was just a tiny tent in his golden, shimmering posers. I gave him my number.

“Do you mind if I bring my boyfriend with me?” I wanted to know.

“Well…is he big like you?” he asked with a devilish grin.

I turned around and pointed at Ruben, my elephant-cocked, 12-foot-tall hyper-stud of a boyfriend. He looked so good in his new super-sized gym clothes that we both just stood there in silence for a minute admiring him. He was still talking to Sam, who was several hundred pounds bigger than my red-haired giant.

“Are you kidding? Fuck me! Give me some time to grow for you. I’ll call.”

“We have enough pills at home. You can come as you are.”

Luke’s massive chest trembled with excitement.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Meanwhile, Sam and Ruben were discussing their latest initiative: sponsored gyms. This was the story Sam told Ruben:

Christopher Hollow was searching for a new opportunity. The hardware store he worked at had gone out of business and he didn’t know what to do with his life. He was willing to do almost anything. Then, an item in the local newspaper caught his attention. Someone wanted to open a gym in his hometown and they needed a manager—a big franchise, which meant big money. So Christopher called, and just two days later, he was summoned to visit what had been the gallery of a mall. Everything was freshly renovated—just the machines and the weights were missing.

“Everything will be ready for you by the end of the week,” the man explained.

The job offer was pretty great. Health care, good vacation, humane working hours, overtime…plus free access to branded products on top of everything.

“You know,” Christopher said, a little embarrassed, “you can probably see I’m not, like, a muscle head or a strong man at all. I just hope you think I can still fit into this role.” He knew could keep the gym running smoothly, but he didn’t really represent the brand.

“You’ll grow into it, I promise,” the guy in the suit and tie said, handing over a box with the RED logo in glittering letters. “Take these five pills over the next five days. You’ve heard of the brand?”

Christopher repressed his excitement and nodded. He’d badly wanted to try these pills for weeks now, but he hadn’t had the money.

By the end of the week, he had swallowed all five pills and he was ready to open the newest gym in town. With the RED logo hanging enticingly over the doorway, promotion basically took care of itself. Plus, the grand-opening discount they were offering was hard to beat.

It didn’t take Christopher long to realize he’d stumbled into his dream job. He was learning so much, and every day there was something new to discover—both in the gym and on his own body.

The day he signed the contract, he’d been a slightly chubby 180-pounder. But from the day he’d put down the pen, Christopher had immediately begun to gain weight. At first just a pound or two, but within days he was effortlessly packing on dozens and dozens of pounds. After one month behind the counter, he was already up to 255 pounds of leaned-out meat. Everyone he knew was shocked by the transformation. He enjoyed seeing his friends’ faces when they saw him for the first time in a while—shaking hands with him was a very different experience when the torso behind the hand wore a 2XL instead of an M.

Sometimes at night, after his shift, he would strip down to his skin-tight underwear and rotate his body in front of the bathroom mirror, admiring his new form from all angles. He couldn’t get enough of this stranger in the mirror: the cannonball shoulders and softball-sized biceps. The full, hairy pecs and wasp waist. Quads that could only be described as hams and an overgenerous bulge that would put everyone else in the locker room to shame.

He had been a small man before he started working for RED, but he’d always been above average down below. Should he have mentioned that before starting the job? Would it have changed anything? Now he was carrying around a lot more than he would ever put to use, but strangely he found he wanted to see it even bigger.

Christopher stripped off his last shred of clothing and rested his package on the edge of the sink: a ballsack that offered two generous helpings of grapefruit with a thick, 9-inch uncut cucumber on top. He smiled down at the big bat between his legs and watched as it began to grow hard.

This job was the best thing that had ever happened to him.

By the next month, he was friends with every single customer walking in the door. The gym was located in a little town, far from any city—and it was inside a former mall. There were no divas here; no one was looking to be Mr. Olympia. They were all just looking for a good workout, a way to let off some steam after their 9-to-5s.

And something about Christopher’s increasing size seemed to also increase his personal magnetism. People were drawn to him, wanted to pay attention to him, touch him. And he couldn’t get enough of it.

Customers came in and hugged him, gave him high fives, or even asked him if they could squeeze his growing guns. He said yes every single time.

On the other hand, it was definitely getting harder to move. Unloading deliveries or moving machines around in the gym was far easier than when he’d started the job, but he began to notice it was actually starting to get harder again because his range of motion was starting to get more restricted. When one of his colleagues put a post-it onto his back as a joke, he had no hope of getting his fingers anywhere near it. He just had to laugh along with everyone else.

By the time he’d reached 295 pounds of mass, topped by a pair of what were starting to be crazily overdeveloped chest muscles, he was undeniably the big boss around the gym. No one doubted that he lifted his ass off to maintain his physique—certainly, no one suspected that he had never touched a single weight in his life.

It was hard to keep up. He kept buying new clothes, but somehow his outfits always seemed to be one size too small for his big frame. His nipples were poking through every shirt, his sleeves were always close to ripping, and the bulge between his thick legs was getting too heavy and low-hanging to conceal even when he was fully clothed.

Everyone greeted him the same way: “Hey there, big guy.” The endless stream of compliments added to his steadily growing ego.

Three months after he started his job, the regional manager who’d hired him returned for a little visit. He wanted to lay eyes on Christopher and see how he had blossomed along with the space. The enrollment numbers at the gym looked great, but how was the manager growing into the role?

He was blown away. No one in the history of the company had grown like Christopher, and his weight was still ballooning. Every day, as though someone was secretly inflating him with muscle, he woke up packing more and more and more power and size.

On the day of the check-in, Christopher clocked in at 390 pounds at 5.5% body fat. He looked gargantuan.

“Holy—Mr. Hollow, you’re massive! You’re huge!”

“Thank you,” Christopher said.

It was obvious, but hearing it again and again still sent a tingle through his entire body. Christopher was still getting used to the attention. Which was why, when the RED employee offered him another pill to stop his growth, he declined politely.

“Not yet,” he said. “I’m enjoying myself too much.”

The man leaned in and lowered his voice. “Mr. Hollow, I don’t know if you’ve been made aware that you’re part of one of the most secret projects in our pipeline. The aim of the pills you took was to induce spontaneous tissue growth without end. No one has been on these pills as long as you have, and it’s a dangerous game you’re playing. You’re going to need this pill sooner or later. Especially if you want to control that other bulge between your thighs.”

He left the pill on the table and left without a word. A little later, Christopher took the pill and put it in a drawer. There was no way he was finished growing. He knew he was already the talk of the town, but he had a feeling that the gym needed him bigger.

Soon, he was getting the attention of a group of young guys who visited his gym two or three times a week. They were almost all good-looking and very fit, Christopher thought, although the biggest of them weighed hundreds of pounds less than what he now weighed.

Christopher was asexual, so there was never real contact between him and any other guest, but he still liked the attention. Sometimes he even flirted back, giving a bicep flex, teasing them with his unbelievable mass.

He had just hit 480 pounds when something else happened. He noticed there were two wet spots on his shirt that never seemed to dry out. He changed his shirt, but the next day the spots were back again. At first Christopher thought it could have been sweat—all that extra mass produced a lot of extra heat. The wet spots were sometimes small, sometimes increasingly large. After a while, he began to wonder if the spots might not be water at all.

One night, at the end of his shift, he pulled off his shirt in front of the big gym mirrors. Impulsively, he flexed his pecs as hard as he could.

Twin streams erupted from his nipples, dousing the mirrors in white cream.

“Fuck! Was that me?” he whispered.

At first, he couldn’t believe it, but as pecs went on to produce more and more of the milky fluid, he couldn’t deny it any longer.

By a week later, he was milking his swollen nipples by hand every night to ease the constant, aching pressure inside his chest muscles. When they were full, he couldn’t even lie on his stomach in bed anymore because of the overwhelming feeling of fullness. He had to get up, crush himself into his little shower, and squeeze his tits until they were empty. When he was done, he would be standing ankle-deep in a pool of his own muscle milk.

It took forever, and doing it by himself got old. And so, two weeks later, for the first time, he accepted some help from a guest at the gym.

Christopher was wearing a tank top to work that day, chosen because it kept his aching nipples basically free, poking out from its sides. By the afternoon, though, his nipples and especially his areolas were painful and swollen to a worrying degree. The pink of his skin was getting brighter as the pressure inside them continued to rise. His nipples had gotten as big as bottle caps, and the skin looked stretched tight, one wrong move away from exploding. Christopher was bewildered. Maybe he shouldn’t have had that gallon of milk for lunch?

He was in the back of the gym with some old equipment that was waiting to be thrown out when he heard a knock at the door. He was bare-chested and thinking seriously for the first time about milking himself at work when the guy walked in.

“Looks like you could use a hand with those,” he said, and he wasn’t looking at the gym equipment. He only had eyes for Chritopher’s huge chest.

At first he used his hands, but when Christopher didn’t resist, it wasn’t long before he was leaning over hungrily to suck on his pecs.

“Careful,” Christopher said. “There’s more in there than you can handle.”

But he was wrong. The guy sucked down every drop.

Another week later, and he hit 525 pounds of pure beef, almost all of his gains now going straight to his upper body.

When he entered the gym bathroom these days, the entire locker room fell silent. He felt the men’s eyes following him, wondering how he could even see where he was walking over his constantly expanding pec shelf, threatening to rip right through his once-loose tank top. Christopher wedged himself in between two other muscleheads at the urinals and heaved his dick out of his overstuffed gym pants. It took two hands. No one could believe their eyes when he presented his most impressive muscle: 28 inches long and as thick as a small tree, it weighed over 50 pounds now all by itself. His foreskin was like a thick towel wrapped around the head of his mighty shaft. He cradled the cockhead in both hands as a thick stream hit the bowl, loud enough that it drowned out his neighbors’ reactions.

“That can’t be real,” they said to each other.

But it was. And it was still getting bigger.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Seven days after that, his cock hit 30 inches long. And after seven more days it topped 33 inches, the thickness continuing to grow in proportion.

“Fuck, yesss. Grow for me!” he would whisper to his cock in front of the mirror after work. Sometimes he would pose there naked for hours every night, sweating hard from the effort of raising his colossal arms up and down, the incredible force of each flex. How big would he be in the morning? How big in a week?

Every evening, he needed two men sucking his swelling pecs now. He would hold the men in his massive arms while they drained him of every last drop—until their bellies were round and their lust for his milk was sated.

By the next morning, his pecs would regain all the size they’d lost, and by the evening they would be even bigger than the night before. His chin was now in contact with his chest all the time. If he flexed hard, he could actually get his pecs up to his cheekbones.

Sometimes, on the street, he heard people talking about him under their breaths, calling him a giant, a monster, a freak. But Christopher didn’t mind. He was the most impressive man this little town had ever seen, and there was nothing he loved more than being the biggest.

On the day he reached 620 pounds and his cock finally surpassed three feet, snaking down to within an inch of the floor, he finally took the pill. It took some time, but the growth slowed down and stopped. After that, he would forever be 650 pounds, too big to bend enough to even measure the size of his own cock.

Days later, the guy from RED called.

“I heard someone stopped growing. Sounds like you had enough,” he said. Was there disappointment in his voice? “Well. If you ever decide you want to get really huge…you know where to find me.”

“This is big enough for now,” Christopher answered. “But someday, maybe…”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Ruben told me the whole story as we lay in bed that night. My head was resting on one of his colossal thighs as his voice vibrated through by body, my hand reaching overhead to fondle one of his massive balls.

“Can you imagine growing like that?” I asked him.

“Sure I can. I mean, I’m a pretty big guy already. Today they had to renovate my office just so I’ll be able to work in there again.”

“But, like…freakishly big. So big that you can’t do anything at all anymore.”

“Joey, I’m already that big. Do you think that this super retractable hyper cock is going to be fucking anyone anytime soon?”

He flexed his legs a few times, and I saw his abdomen begin to strain with effort. His cock began to swell from its hiding place, and in seconds my body was covered by it. I just had to laugh—Ruben’s size was impossible to get used to.

“Speaking of fucking,” I said. “I know somebody who wants to meet you.”

“Is he big?”

I smiled. “Ruben…you have no idea.”


Part 16: This Isn’t Even My Final Form

After Ruben’s ad campaign went live globally for the first time, the world started changing very, very fast. Too fast for most places to keep up—so much so that it didn’t take long for RED to become a political issue. Soon, most countries had capped how many pills one person could buy in a lifetime. To some people, the limits seemed like a ridiculous example of government overreach.

But those people had never met a real-life giant.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Ruben and I were strolling on the beach a week after our visit to Bolt’s gym, enjoying our evening, when I started to feel uneasy. I had been feeling weird vibrations under our feet for a few minutes and I was wondering if we were building up to an earthquake. And then I saw them.

Two men were coming down the boulevard—two honest-to-God giants! One of them was fully 18 feet high, taller even then the roofs of the restaurants lining the boardwalk. His friend was close to 25 feet—bigger than a two-story house! Every step they took sent shivers through the ground for a quarter mile in every direction. They weren’t that heavily muscled—not by Ruben standards, anyway—but the smaller one seemed to be packing two watermelon-like balls in his California king-sized swim trunks. Ruben waved them over and they approached us with big smiles on their faces.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. When I stood up, I only came up to the taller man’s knees. Even Ruben was barely eye level with his waist.

“Hey, big guys. How are ya?” he yelled up to them.

The men were ecstatic. They had had a very eventful few months.

Ruben asked the bigger one if he’d enjoyed the mass of Black Pills he must have taken. “And I thought I was big! I guess I have to get used to the fact that there will always be someone bigger than me now!” He was laughing, but I got the sense that on some level Ruben was a little threatened that someone had managed to get so much bigger than him.

The man who was almost twice as tall as my boyfriend (and four times taller than me) had to laugh. “Yeah, I really went overboard. I have to admit I might have lost control at the end there. Just a little.”

I had always wondered if your cock grew in proportion when you made extreme gains in height. I had my answer now, hanging several feet above my head. The bulge in his swim trunks looked regular-sized on him, but he was definitely sporting an 18-inch cock—the same as my erect length after many, many rounds of pills.

Well, I thought, it looks way bigger on me.

When Ruben told them where he worked, they both looked amazed. They thanked him profusely, told him he’d given the world an enormous gift.

“I think I’d get even bigger if it were legal for me to,” the big guy said.

“Yeah,” his friend chimed in. “It’s such a bummer they refuse to let you get really gigantic!”

It sounded a little weird coming from a man who was almost two stories high.

“I don’t know if they’ll be actually able to enforce those laws,” his friend mused. “If you really want to outgrow 25 feet, you could just buy them from someone else, couldn’t you?”

“Maybe. But I wouldn’t be able to hide it for long, would I? Especially since I have a hard time controlling myself around those things. The suits would come around asking how I got so big and then I might really be in trouble.”

His slightly smaller friend’s eyes gleamed. “You’re right…but, hell, you would look amazing at 30 feet!” He was flirting! His soft schlong, hovering about a foot above my head, was twitching madly.

Listening to the biggest giants I’d ever seen talk about how badly they wanted to grow even bigger was doing wonders for my own cock size. My hardening piece had started forcing its way out of the top of my too-tightly-packed Speedo. Without missing a beat of the conversation, Ruben reached over and began to rub my dick. I realized after a second that he was doing me a favor—his veiny forearm completely hid my escaped cock from view.

We swapped contact info with the guys before they raced down to the water for a swim. They created bigger waves than some of the boats did.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Drake joined us a little later. I hadn’t seen him in a long time—not since the afterparty of the big photo shoot. I guess I should have guessed that he would be bigger by now, but I was still startled by the size of the bulge he was pushing in front of him. And “pushing” wasn’t a figure of speech. Moving that monster looked like hard work.

“Hey, buddy. Long time no see!” I yelled, jumping up from Ruben’s lap to give him a hug. I felt my bulge drop as I stood, rubbing against the thick mass of my thighs, but I tried to ignore the sensation. Our bulges collided when we embraced—in our Lycra bathing suits, they actually rubbed together audibly. It was very distracting.

Drake was wearing a bespoke Speedo—he didn’t tell me he’d had it custom-made, but I was pretty sure when you bought a Speedo off the rack you couldn’t measure the fabric in yards. It was clear he’d been on a steady diet of pills since the last time I’d seen him.

“Damn. You’re looking amazing,” I said.

“Thanks, man! I’ve been, uh, eating a lot. But I’m so happy with where my body’s at these days.”

He looked left and right, making sure no one was watching. Ruben was big enough to block most people’s sightlines anyway. Drake pulled down the trunks and unpacked his monster cock so we could get a better view.

“Holy shit!” Ruben and I said in unison.

Drake’s dick was the definition of massive. It was easily the fattest cock I’ve ever seen—disproportionately fat, fatter even than it was long, and it was long. The base was so large it filled his entire pelvic area, taking up almost all the space between his hips. Veins covered the bottom of his belly and ran down into his cock, traversing its full length. It wasn’t quite long enough to touch the ground yet, but it was actually wider around than either of his well-built thighs.

“Jesus,” I said. “I know you’ve always been thick, but this is on a different level.”

Drake roared with laughter and bounced his pecs. He’d added some thickness there, too.

“Thanks. It’s 30 inches long and 37 inches around.”

“Oh, my God, it really is wider than it’s long?”

“Fuck, yeah. I’ve got a fucking beast cock, you know that. I dreamed of packing like this for so long, and now I am. What guy doesn’t want a big beautiful elephant cock?”

He sat down in the sand and heaved his cock over one of his legs. It looked like hard work, as if he were pulling up an overweight Saint Bernard.

“Jesus. That’s gotta be a foot in width now, right?”

“You know it!”

“Seems like you’re more of a shower than me,” Ruben said, looking down at the tent he made in his own swimsuit. Compared to Drake, his package almost looked puny.

“I was gonna ask you about that! Little Joey here told me you were packing. Are you a grower?”

Ruben and I exchanged looks.

“Yeah, he’s, um… basically a hyper grower.”

“Shit, really? I read about that online but I didn’t know if it was real! So you grew so much your cock started retracting? I think that’s a super hot look. Guys like you give “stallion” a whole new meaning. I wanna see! You have to show me the next time we’re in the gym.”

Drake tucked his own monster back into his Speedo.

“Have you fucked anybody since this last growth spurt?” I asked him.

“Not yet! But there’s so many big guys around now. I’m sure I can find someone man enough to take on the beast.” I noticed his eyes lingering on the two giants playing in the water.

Ruben followed his gaze.

“We had a chat with them. They’re nice, but they might be more than you can handle. Shall I introduce you?”

I knew Drake loved a challenge. “Definitely!”

Ruben and Drake walked together toward the ocean as the giants returned from wading in the not-so-shallow waters. I couldn’t believe how tiny Drake looked among all these supersized men—it was hot to watch Drake’s awed reaction as he realized he wasn’t even as tall as the big man’s knee! They all shook hands, laughed, and the big couple drew closer as they continued chatting. In the end, the biggest of them knelt down and put his monstrous hand on Drake’s shoulder. It was big enough to almost cover his entire body.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

After the beach, we went in search of dinner. We found a restaurant with an unusual advertisement outside: “12+ foot ceilings!” There were enough big guys around now that restaurants that could cater to guys bigger than ten feet were at an advantage. What a world we live in, I kept thinking.

We were seated on the veranda where there was a bachelor party going on a few tables away. Every single one of the eight men around the table was built like a professional bodybuilder, each packed so tightly into his outfit that it didn’t look like any of their clothes would make it to the end of the night. It had to be a group of gym buddies.

Ruben bent down to me and whispered his assessment: “Those guys look like they couldn’t stop messing around with the Blue Pills.”

We both couldn’t stop staring. Not one of them was over 6 feet tall, but that only served to make their extreme width all the more impressive. I wondered if they’d bought their suits months ago and hadn’t had the money to get replacements before the wedding. I guess that would make sense if they had blown all their money on more pills.

“They’re taking more of them right now, aren’t they?”

I stared, and sure enough—”Oh, my God! Look at the groom. He’s still sweating from the new muscle mass. He looks like a balloon animal.”

“Getting used to the new size takes a while. I guess no one told them that. I think they’re actually all still getting bigger.”

The eight bros were sitting shoulder to shoulder around a too-small table. Reaching in to pick up his beer, each one couldn’t help colliding with the guys on either side: arms bumping into pecs, legs rubbing against thighs. As we watched, they convinced the groom to take another handful of pills, which he did after less than a second’s hesitation, washing them down with a swig of beer. The men cheered as he slammed the empty glass down with a wide smile, buttons straining as he continued to swell from the last batch.


“I know. Those guys are crazy!”

“And hot.”

“That, too.”

Ruben turned to look at the menu, but I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the bodybuilder party. A minute later, my vigilance was rewarded when the top button of the groom’s dress shirt burst open, exposing a hairy chest, nice and full. The other guys at the table threw their hands in the air and crowed.

“Guys, if you could keep it down a little…” the waitress said, but the noise continued unabated.

“Come on, guys. Let’s not get thrown out…yet,” the groom said, and everybody laughed. They were super drunk, I realized. Maybe that should have been obvious.

“One last round,” the groom announced. “On me, of course. I just have to take a piss.” As he hauled himself up off his chair, a massive bulge came into view, forcefully enough that it actually pushed the whole table away from him. His belt and buttons were already open, and more and more of his generously-filled briefs was on display. The pouch was so full that even the fabric of the briefs was beginning to strain.

“Gotta piss like a horse, huh, Danny?” one of the other guys yelled, which got the whole table roaring again.

Ruben had to laugh, too. “These guys. Unbelievable.”

The groom waddled off toward the restrooms, his still-expanding package swinging left and right like a pendulum.

“Melissa is one lucky lady,” one of the guys said.

He’s lucky that she’s into big guys.”

They toasted. “The biggest!”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

We left the restaurant two hours later, after the bachelor party had left in search of more drinks, but we ran into them again on our way home. We were on the sidewalk when we heard a familiar roar from a group stumbling out of a club across the street. The beat of WAP drowned them out for a few seconds until the door slammed behind them. It was dark, but there was enough streetlight to make out what had happened to them.

Pretty much all the men were down to just shoes and underwear now. The groom especially looked like he’d doubled in size since we’d last seen him. His elephant cock was 80% visible, hanging out of what was left of his briefs, overtopped by a huge roid gut and a chest that was practically brushing against his face.

“They must have gotten kicked out for indecent exposure, with his cock hanging out like that.”

“Fuck! I can’t believe how big he got in just a few hours.”

Ruben’s hand squeezed mine. I looked over and saw his own cock sneaking down the inside of his tight pants.

“They must have had a shit ton of pills.”

“Definitely all gone now.”

But they proved us wrong. We heard the groom’s voice, loud enough to carry to our side of the street.

“Come on, assholes! Who’s got more pills?

“Me!” everybody screamed.

“Let’s get really freaky tonight!” one of the other guys yelled.

As we watched, they formed a circle around the groom and force-fed him every pill they had left. While the groom was busy swallowing, his best man groped his massive rack. Another one, even bolder, grabbed the groom’s gargantuan cock and jerked some precum out of it. The big man was leaking like a broken hydrant. Within seconds his appendage was fully, monstrously erect.

“Come on, Danny, more, more, more!”

“Fuck, he’s getting big!”

He definitely was. His body was swelling to the point that he could barely reach most of it. His pecs sagged as they bulged out lower and fuller, his arms grew wider and thicker, while in the back his ass flared out further and further. He was as wide as two or three of his massive bodybuilder friends. His face was now pressed slightly upward by his chest, and his jaw had broadened prominently.

“Uff…okay, guys, I need a break. So…huge…”

“Why?” his best man jeered. “You can still walk, can’t ya?”

The groom waddled along for a few steps, then paused to catch his breath. Carrying at least 500 pounds of spontaneously generated beef can’t have been easy. Nonetheless, he was laughing.

“This feels amazing, guys! Thank you for making me so fucking big.” He flexed his pecs up and down. “Now let’s get this monster home before anyone sees it,” he added, trying to fish for his own dick. But it was on the wrong side of his chest and stomach, so it was out of reach. “Oh, fuck.”

“Don’t worry, strong man, Melissa will take care of that, I’m sure.”

They slowly shuffled off, the sound of their laughter echoing back toward us.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

When we turned the corner to arrive in front of Ruben’s house, we had a little surprise. Luke, my new favorite hyper musclehead, was standing right out front. I’d forgotten that I’d invited him over for drinks after our encounter at Sam and Bolt’s gym.

“Luke!” I yelled. “Nice to see you. Were you waiting long?”

“Not at all. Just got here.”

When I hugged him I could feel the cold clinging to the outside of his tight shirt. He must have been standing there for quite a while. Luckily, all those layers of muscle mass seemed to insulate him pretty well. His head tilted way back as I introduced him to my boyfriend.

“It’s nice to finally meet you, big guy,” Ruben said. “You’re even beefier than Joey described you.”

Luke’s perfectly square face was turning red. In front of Ruben he seemed shy all of a sudden. But Ruben was right—Luke did look beefier, even more than the last time I’d seen him. Back at the gym he’d already been over 500 pounds. In just a few days, it looked like he’d already managed to pack on at least a dozen more. His head seemed on the point of getting stuck between his traps, and the sheer material of his tee shirt was struggling to contain his bulging mass. His sleeves were rolled up to disguise the tearing fabric, but the veins were still visible even through the surface of his clothes. His shirt looked uncomfortably tight against the violent thickness of his pecs, and the muscle gut swelling from his torso looked like a bloated tortoiseshell. Even his more generously cut pants could barely withstand the ludicrous size of his thighs and diamond-shaped shanks.

Embarrassed, he tried to lower his arms a little, but it seemed like they were destined to be slightly raised all the time now. His hyper-sized back muscles were wide enough to actually block his own arm movement. I heard a tearing sound that I’m pretty sure was his shirt ripping open in the back.

“Today was back day,” he explained with a sheepish smile. “Should have picked a bigger shirt. This one’s pretty old.”

“Doesn’t look old to me.”

“Relatively old. I’ve been growing…a lot, lately.”

“It definitely shows, musclehead.”

It was my pet name for him, but it was Ruben who said it. Luke immediately flushed red as a beet.

Grinning, Ruben gestured to the door. “Shall we?”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

It was a relief to be ending the night in Ruben’s living room. It was large and comfortable, with a brand new oversized couch that was big enough for 6 to 8 people—3 to 5, when Ruben was one of them.

While I fixed some drinks, I enjoyed watching Luke’s eyes, unable to stop roving over my boyfriend’s body. I would never admit it, but Luke’s attention made Ruben even hotter.

Ruben shrugged out of his big-ass coat (large enough to hide me and Luke under it) and rolled up the sleeves of his shirt, advertising his bulging biceps even more. He leaned back on the couch, crossing the arms behind his head and exposing a sliver of his very hairy pits. Luke stared dumbly, unable to keep up the pretense that this was a casual visit. Ruben had to give the cushion next to him a pat to bring him back to reality.

“Come on, sit down. You’ve waited long enough.”

I served the drinks, but I’d forgotten that Ruben needed a bigger glass now. The little pint glass in his hand looked ridiculously tiny. He threw the whole thing back in one sip.

The conversation ran along familiar lines. It felt like there was hardly anything else to talk about anymore except how much our entire world had changed in the last few months. But I don’t think Luke realized how much his host had played a role in the changes.

Eventually, Ruben brought it up. “So Joey probably told you I’m the CEO of the PR firm in charge of RED’s worldwide rollout.”

“I don’t know if you can tell, he took a few pills himself,” I chimed in.

“Haha, I hardly noticed!”

Luke’s shyness was finally starting to fade. He was leaning back into the cushions a little more, gesturing bigger and spreading his hams wider as the conversation became more animated. He’s so big and hot, I thought, and I could tell that Ruben’s mind was on the same track. He kept touching our guest for no reason whenever he wanted to emphasize a point.

“So you got this big in order to promote the pills?” Luke was asking him now.

“No, getting to my current size was more of an accident. But I’m quite happy with it now—to be honest, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Took me some time to get used to it, though.”

“I totally get that. After my biggest growth spurt it took me almost two weeks to feel normal again. Like, what is all this new mass?! Your body gets completely overwhelmed.”

“When was that, your biggest spurt? Was that at the club?”

Luke dropped his eyes and smiled, suddenly shy again.

“So Joey told you about that. Yeah, that night was crazy. Going from 175 pounds to over 290 in just one night was the strangest and probably hottest thing I’ve ever done in my life. I struggled to move normally for more than a week after that. And I was so horny, just all the damn time!”

“Same!” I said, and we all had to laugh.

“I guess dreams do come true,” Luke said. He was smiling warmly now. He looked like someone had haphazardly piled a mountain of muscles on our couch and then stuck a cute head on top of it…but listening to this 525-pound mass monster’s conversation was strangely moving. His growth seemed to have brought him a happiness and a purpose that he had never been able to find before.

“So, are you happy with your current size?” Ruben challenged him now, grinning.

Luke’s breath became a little ragged. With a major effort, he wiped his forehead. He was only barely able to reach it.

“Almost. I just need a couple of pounds more, I think. Just a few.”

“You look stunning already, to be honest. I’ve hardly seen anyone bigger than you—even now!”

“Oh come on, guys. You’ve seen the kind of dudes that are out there now. I mean, look at you! I’ve never seen a hotter couple in my life!”

Ruben threaded his arm around me and gave my right pec a tight squeeze.

“So how much is a couple of pounds?” he probed.

Luke averted his eyes for a second too long, as if afraid we’d be able to read the answer in his face.

“If I’m being honest, I wanna get big.” He paused, searching for the words to express his desire. “…Like, really, really big. A lot bigger than I am now. Like, so much fucking bigger than now.”

I heard Ruben’s breath stop. My cock was hardening rapidly.

I knew it! I thought.

“But how much bigger?” Ruben pressed. He didn’t take his eyes off Luke for a second, even as he moved his hand to rest on his own package.

Slowly, Luke started to unbutton his shirt. When he couldn’t reach the button in the very middle, he grimaced and flexed hard until the button popped off. Then he laughed. “I don’t even know how to say it. Hundreds and hundreds of pounds!”

His cute smile grew even wider as he undressed. His shirt pulled open to reveal two super-heavy, totally hair-free pecs, each one already bigger than a large watermelon. His nipples were disappearing into the fold between his massive chest and his muscle gut—that’s how big he was.

“Hot damn,” Ruben mumbled and moved a little closer to him. “Look at these frickin’ jugs of yours!”

“I want them to be so much bigger! I couldn’t get enough of how they inflated after the last time, how hard and heavy they felt.”

“They are amazing,” I said, slipping down onto the cushion on Luke’s other side. Up close, he looked even bigger. The last time I’d seen Luke, I thought he had taken his body to its limits. But I was wrong. It was crazy that he’d succeeded in putting on so much more weight—and in just a few days!

“You wanna be a muscle god, huh? Even bigger than the great Sam himself?” Ruben asked him. His voice had risen into a rumble of rolling thunder.

“Yes!!! I’d give anything! No doubt. No second thoughts. It’s like my body is destined to be bigger. I can feel it in my bones! I need more!

Luke rose up out of his seat. Instead of opening his pants, he squatted once and the seams along the sides of his legs and in the center of his ass just burst open. Just like that, his pants were in rags. All that was left was a shiny gold poser, like a bodybuilder would wear. The size of his package hadn’t changed since I last saw it; he seemed to have no interest in growing his cock—but his leg muscles were another story. They were grotesque in their size and heft, also completely hairless, covered in bulbous veins, sculpted like marble. It was hard to imagine him ever being able to run again with wheels like that. Each time he grew, he was getting slower, his very steps becoming more and more of a fight against his own size.

I looked up at Ruben, who was taking all of this in for the first time.

My hands started rubbing down Luke’s thick thighs. He swung his arms up to give us a double biceps pose—they had to be over 30 inches for sure. His three-incher was poking against the shiny material of his poser.

“You guys get me so hot. I can’t stop thinking about you guys growing, your muscles, how massive you are—”

Luke was now almost shaking with anticipation. Ruben and I made eye contact as Luke lowered his basketball-sized biceps and moved in to grab my bulge. His hands found my balls and played with them for a few seconds before he turned his head up to Ruben.

“Please…I have to see it.”

I unbuttoned Ruben’s pants and pulled them down. I was surprised to see the bulge between his thighs was still soft. He must have wanted our guest to have the full experience.

“God damn.”

“Oh, musclehead. The show hasn’t even started.”

He stepped out of his 8XL underwear and let his cock and balls hang freely.

“Mm. So much better. Get over here.”

Standing in front of Ruben, the top of Luke’s head only reached Ruben’s bellybutton, giving him an incredible view of the panorama of cock in front of him.

“How…how big is it hard?! There’s so much fucking foreskin…”

“It’s the biggest cock you’ve ever seen, big guy. It’s still in its sheath, but it’s ready to come out now. Come on, it’s all yours.”

Luke reached for Ruben’s cantaloupe-sized balls, tightly wedged into their sack. He gave them a rub before grabbing the completely soft 9-incher. The giant’s eyes rolled back in his head.

“What is this? A fucking horse cock?” Luke marveled, not taking his hands off of it.

Meanwhile, Ruben couldn’t hold back any longer. With a soft nghhh, he surrendered.

Holy fucking shit!”

The cock in Luke’s tiny hands started throbbing and swelling. Gallons of blood started rolling into the chambers of the monstrous dick, which began to grow…and grow…and grow! Ruben’s body churned out inch after inch of cock. 9 inches became 18, became 35! It doubled in width, then tripled in thickness. It was growing so rapidly that Luke got knocked over, going to the floor with a bang.

“Fuck,” I whispered. Even I had never seen Ruben get hard that fast before.

Cum was dripping from Luke’s poser. He had come, just like that. Meanwhile, the growing cock between Luke’s pecs reached 4 feet in length, then 5! Only then did its growth begin to slow, until it was completely out. When it was finally hard, the foreskin fully retracted, it levitated itself off of Luke’s quaking body until hovered a foot above him, casting a shadow that eclipsed his entire body.

“What the fuck just happened?” Luke wondered, still shaking from his orgasm.

“Now that you’ve met my cock,” Ruben boomed, “We can get started.”


Part 17: The Biggest Men in Town

As Luke stared up at the gargantuan cock suspended over his head, Ruben’s eyes lit up. He cracked his knuckles, making his big pecs rub against each other.

“What would you say if we were to grow you a little bit bigger?” he asked, smiling devilishly. “Right here, right now? We have everything we’d need.”

Luke—all 500 pounds of him—got back to his feet, unable to suppress a grin. It looked like he was drooling a little. He rolled his shoulders back, already imagining what more mass would feel like.

“Really, big guy? You have stuff here? To grow me?”

“You have no idea. They paid me in pills for weeks, back when we were first starting out.”

Ruben ducked out of the room for a second. Luke looked at me questioningly, but I could only return his puzzled look. I hadn’t even known that Ruben had a stash of pills in the house. But sure enough, when the twelve-foot giant returned, his huge arms were overflowing with packages.

How big does he want him to get? I wondered. Luke isn’t going to have the self-control to tell him to stop…

“Fuck, man, talk about job perks!” Luke cried, stars forming in his eyes as he took in the bounty of pills.

Seconds later, he was down on all fours, tearing boxes open. It was a short search—he obviously knew what color he was looking for already.

Watching him greedily rip the packages open and gulp down handful after handful full of pills made me instantly hard. I pulled out my 18-incher and began to rub up and down its length slowly, using both hands. A gush of precum spurted out of my cockhead, and I slathered it like lube over my entire length.

Pills were all over the floor now, spread by Luke in his frantic abandon. His desire to grow was infectious. I leaned down and picked up an Alpha Pills package for myself.

“You, too?” Ruben asked in mock surprise.

“Decided I’ve been this size for too long,” I said, and downed the entire package in one gulp. Seeing the way Ruben was looking at me, I quickly tore open and swallowed two more handfuls. Meanwhile, my left hand was still moving up and down my cock, a foot at a time, getting my hard dick wet and ready.

Luke hadn’t stopped chowing down pills, but now his eyes were glued to my exposed horse cock. Except for when they wandered back to Ruben, who had an even bigger appendage waiting for him.

Watching Luke stuff himself with even more muscle growth pills, I had a sudden premonition. This is going to be more than just one night of fun, I realized. Tonight is going to change everything, for all three of us.

I jerked my cock harder.

Now Ruben was busy doing the same, but masturbation for him was a much bigger production. His five-foot cock was too big and fat for even massive hands like his to jack off properly, so he used his hairy pecs, thrusting his tree trunk in between them.

“Are we gonna let him just keep stuffing himself with pills like that?” I asked him.

“You’re right,” Ruben mused. “We should help him.”

I stared as Ruben went down on his knees and buried Luke under his massive ballsack. The musclehead groaned, the sudden pressure making him come again immediately.

“You’re a giant!” Luke moaned as Ruben emptied another handful of pills into his mouth.

“I don’t know, little man, the night’s just getting started. I’m feeling like you could still get a little bigger. What do you think?”

“Fuck yeah, guys, make me enormous! I want to be a real big fucker!”

“What would you say to some non-permanent changes, Luke?” I asked him suddenly.

“Like what?”

He was still sitting on the ground, so it was easy for me to put my hand between his prodigious thighs to fondle his little balls. They were only the size of cherries, and I couldn’t help picturing what he would look like with a big set of cum tanks. Even bigger than Ruben’s.

“If it’s just for tonight, you guys can do anything you want. You don’t even have to ask me.”

My eyes met Ruben’s.

“I don’t care what we do as long as I’m the biggest musclehead on the planet tomorrow. I don’t care about normal life. I’ll do anything—”

Luke was fighting with a belch that seemed to be making its way upward. He muscled it down again long enough to let me feed him from a package of pills I’d just ripped open. His eyes didn’t leave mine as the ball-shaped pills poured straight down his throat.

Then he hiccuped, and the spell broke.

I slapped him on that back. “That was a lot of swallowing.”

“Taking ’em like a true pro,” Ruben said. “Come on, get up. I think you’re already getting bigger, my friend.”

He definitely was. And as he got back on his feet, the extent of the changes became clear.

Veins had started popping up on his mammoth arms and legs, and there were also a few on his thickening midsection. His body was heating up, drops of sweat forming and starting to flow down his godlike body. Meanwhile, a big gob of precum had formed at the tip of his still-minuscule dick and was starting to run down the side of his cock.

“That’s weird. I’ve never been much of a pre guy.”

“It’s the other pills—they’re starting to work, too.”

I stepped in closer to him, until my cock was pressing hard against his muscle gut, disappearing between his humongous chest cushions. The feeling of my cock so close to him made him tremble. He looked up to me like a dog longing for a treat. My hand moved to his little balls.

“You’re gonna be so fucking big soon. Can you feel it yet?”

His voice was no louder than a breath.

“Yes. Fuck me while I grow.”

He inhaled, and his muscles inflated. He was already at least 5 pounds heavier than he had been just a few minutes ago. The cocktail of pills was activating, making his stomach bulge outward. He looked like a ‘roided-out pro bodybuilder now.

I was pleasantly surprised to find two kiwi-sized balls between his muscled legs. He was leaking heavily already, a flow that wouldn’t stop for many hours.

On his back now, Luke raised his legs, beckoning for me to enter. Before we started, Ruben handed us one more package with just a single pill in it.

“You should take this one too, Luke. To enhance your… capacity. Just in case Joey here isn’t the only one allowed on top of you tonight.”

Luke’s eyes were glowing again. He downed the pill in record time. Then he started to flex.

“Fuck, there it is! The feeling! Oh, God, I’m fucking addicted to it. I’m addicted to growing.”

He sat up and flexed his guns for us, and his size jumped. I had 530 pounds of meat in front of me now, still growing, and now ready for my forearm-sized dick.

My thumb found his hole, and he shivered as I traced the line of his taint, brushing my fingers against his apple-sized nuts. The cum sloshing around inside of them was almost audible, and the smell of his body made me harder still.

“Fuck! How big are my balls gonna get?”

“Bigger than you think,” said Ruben. “Some of these pills are way overpowered compared to the regular ones.”

“Bigger than yours?”

“Bigger than you can imagine,” he said, not taking his hands off his own cantaloupe-sized twins. “Let’s just say, it’s lucky for you I’ve been wanting to renovate this place.”

A massive grin formed on Luke’s face. Then he bit his lip as my finger entered his hole.

“Oh, fuck, this feels a lot different!”

He laughed and pressed himself back against my hand. I could feel some natural lubricant coming from inside. Even as I watched, his hole was swelling bigger, thicker, and rounder around my two fingers. His entire body was begging to be fucked. He started to moan as I put another finger in. After that last pill, he definitely didn’t need any more warming up—his ass was practically trying to swallow me—but it was still fun to tease him, making him pant with just a few fingers.

I pushed his fat legs out of the way and went in with my tongue.

I heard Ruben’s voice above us. “Oh, damn, he’s growing again.”

“Yes, yes, yes!” was all Luke could get out.

I got busy rimming him. His hole had transformed into a big, juicy donut ring, and the more I pleasured it, the bigger it got. Soon the outside rim was so thick it was competing for space with his enormous ass cheeks.

Luckily my tongue was an inch or two longer than average, so it wasn’t difficult to drive Luke over the edge.

“Fuck, Joey, don’t stop, don’t stop! That’s the spot! Holy fuck, right there! Ahh!”

He came for what must have been the hundredth time, but now that his balls were the size of oranges, the results were much more dramatic. His cock was spraying cum all over his huge, wide torso, painting his pecs white. Before he could finish, I came back up again and stuck the first few inches of my cock inside him.

Luke had grabbed hold of his own enormous muscle tits, which shook with every thrust.

“Holy shit, you feel so much bigger!”

I felt it, too. My cock has already gotten two inches longer and quite a bit thicker. It felt good in my hands, and even better inside him.

Luke’s hole was grabbing my cock tightly. He was basically pulling me in. As my cock thrust deeper, his hole swelled wider still to accommodate me.

It was only then that the majority of the pills he’d swallowed started to take effect. He had been getting steadily bigger this whole time, but now he started to blow up.

He was gasping for breath. “What’s happening? Am I growing?”

“Like a fucking balloon, man!”

He was losing all proportion as he stopped being a mere mortal and became a literal muscle mountain. On his 6’1” frame, 550 pounds looked almost impossible. Then it was 555 pounds—560 pounds—565 pounds!

Once again, I had the sense that I was fucking him bigger and fuller with muscle. He reached 570 pounds, his neck swollen with cords of strength, his chest pushing up higher and his wingspan continuing to conquer the air on either side of him. As he grew thicker and thicker, his arms seemed to be getting shorter even though they weren’t changing in length. 575 pounds. 580 pounds.

“So big! More! More!”

I finally let him have the full length of my cock, while Ruben tore open another box of muscle growth pills and began to feed them to Luke one by one. He was eagerly swallowing them all.

I was all in now, but Luke’s body was still tightening up, begging for more.

Sweat dripping into my eyes, I turned to Ruben.

“Do we have any of the temporary cock growth ones left? I’m gonna need more.”

“Yes! Fill me up!” Luke shouted, swelling again. 585 pounds.

Ruben grinned. “I thought you’d never ask.”

Ruben fed me a strange crimson pill, and then it was back to fucking Luke with renewed fervor. He wasn’t far under 600 pounds now, and the harder I fucked him, the more quickly he seemed to grow. I wasn’t sure anymore if his huge muscle gut was from the pills or my length, continuing to make its way up his torso.

“Fuck, I can feel it, Joey! You’re growing inside of me!”

When I looked down at my cock, I thought I was dreaming. Only a few inches of the base were visible, but it had doubled in circumference already. Ruben, looking over my shoulder, caught a glimpse.

“Holy fuck, J. You’re thicker than me. I call dibs on that beast when you’re through with Luke!”

I could feel my beast cock spreading out, colonizing more of Luke’s insanely bloated body. He was down on all fours now, and shaking with pleasure. I’d lost count of how many times he’d come—in fact I wasn’t sure if his orgasm had ever really stopped. His basketball-sized balls were churning as they grew, and his dick wasn’t big enough to pump out the massive quantity of cum fast enough.

Luke groaned loudly as my cock continued to expand. His donut-like hole inflated around my cock, and I could feel myself getting close. A full foot of my length was traveling inside and out, like a train entering a tunnel.

“I’m full! Fuck, I’m finally full!” Luke screamed, squeezing his eyes closed. After that he stopped talking, unable to do anything more than moan.

“My cock is still getting bigger, Luke. You’ll have to figure out how to take more than that!”

In answer, Luke’s melon-sized balls shot another load all over the floor. He was producing it faster than he could shoot it.

Meanwhile, his ass was out of control. Three times as wide as my own hips, he was the size of a dump truck. All his muscles were getting so big that they were fighting with each other for space. The muscles of his Adonis belt crushed his thighs; his shoulders, pecs and arms were indistinguishable from one another; and his back was slowly but surely getting wider than his arms. 650 pounds. 680 pounds. 720 pounds!

My cock is making him grow even faster!

When Luke reached 800 pounds, so big he was almost unable to move, Ruben decided to join us. He began to press his cockhead against Luke’s inflated ass, and to our surprise, the head actually slipped in. Luke, lying flat on his swelling stomach, cried out.

“Guys? What are you doing?! This is too much!”

“Ahhhhh…” Ruben moaned ecstatically as foot after foot of his cock glided into Luke alongside mine. 890 pounds. 900 pounds. 940 pounds.

Luke was unable to touch the floor with his hands anymore. His ballsack, like an overstuffed La-Z-Boy, propped up his legs and kept them off the ground, too. 960 pounds.

“Fuck! Look at these muscles!”

“He’s not gonna be able to fit out the door,” I gasped.

“Don’t worry about it. I’m sure he wants to get even bigger than this!”

Ruben and I came simultaneously as Luke flexed his insane ass with both of us inside.

“Here we go!”

“Fuck, don’t stop now!”

Ngh! This feels soooo goooood!”

1,020 pounds—1,040 pounds.

“Fuck, we’re making him even bigger.”


Filled with gallons of cum, Luke finally stopped growing after reaching 1,200 pounds of muscle mass—more than half a ton! We’d more than doubled his weight again in just one night.

Luke laughed giddily when Ruben pulled his five-foot cock out. Then it was my turn. Luke’s body was rigid. Foot after foot of cock, wider than my own hips, came into view. The veins on top were the size of my arms! I walked backward a full ten feet, hit the wall, and there was still more cock to come.

“Someone’s a big boy now!” Ruben said, stepping in to help me. In the end, my cock was 16 feet long, the head flopping to the ground with a wet smack. There was still cum pouring from its tip.

“Are you sure it’ll get back down to 20 inches?”

“I’m sure it’ll get back down most of the way,” Ruben answered with an evil grin.

I rolled my body over my own leviathan penis, and we helped Luke back to his feet. It looked like he was still in a daze, and he definitely couldn’t walk anymore on his own. He had become a solid block of muscle—1,200 pounds of veiny, distended, bloated mass. His head had been practically swallowed by his torso, but we could still hear his voice from somewhere inside the mountain.

“I’ve never felt better my whole life. Thank you guys so much!”

“You look amazing!”

“Thanks. I might be needing you guys’ help for a little while, though.”

He raised his arm to demonstrate. Dozens of muscles collided with one another, preventing him from moving. He wasn’t far from not being able to reach his own face with his hand.

“We’ll feed you, if you’re too big to do it yourself!”

“And now that you mention it, I’m starving!” Luke rumbled. He tried to take a step forward but lost his balance immediately. He fell forward, right into his still-hyper-inflated balls.

I glanced down. My own cock was down to 10 feet soft. I really hoped it would end up shorter than that.

“Fuck, am I still full of cum?!” Luke cried. “I can’t even see my own sack!”

“Looks like we’ll have to help you with that, too, buddy,” I said.

And Ruben and I got to work.


Part 18: Epilogue

It’s been a year now since the night Ruben first stepped through the door of the Bricks and changed everything for me.

Now I live with him, and today, after weeks of talking about it, Luke moved in with us. At his size, it isn’t really feasible for him to live on his own anymore. Especially since he hasn’t stopped putting on mass since the night we helped him gain 600 pounds. I think Ruben has something to do with that; he still wants Luke bigger, even though he’s basically immobile now. We don’t have a scale big enough to accommodate him, so we have no idea how big he is, but I’d have to guess it’s at least 1,400 pounds—our very own half-ton muscle balloon.

Ruben has been growing again in the last few weeks, too, but I guess that isn’t very surprising since most guys I know have been growing fast lately. Ruben is getting very close to being 15 feet tall, and we had to buy him yet another entire new wardrobe. But even more noticeable than his height, his muscles are getting a lot bigger now, too, and I wonder how much Luke has to do with that. Ruben’s cock—once a mere 5 feet in length—hasn’t stopped getting bigger, either. I’m not sure what’s taller now, me or Ruben’s cock. Together with his balls, he’s carrying around way too much meat for most guys to handle, but I can’t get enough of it.

After fucking Luke with my temporarily enhanced hyper dick, I realized I was ready to upgrade to the real deal. I’ve been popping RED XXLs daily since then, and I’ve been enjoying the sensation of my manhood dropping lower and lower with each passing day. 32 inches seems like a good size for now, but I know myself too well, and I already know I’ll be growing it bigger in the future. Who knows—maybe I’ll get as big as Sherwood. Maybe I’ll get bigger.

Speaking of Sherwood: they found him trapped under his cock last month after he outgrew his apartment in downtown L.A. The neighbors had been complaining about white gooey stuff dripping down the staircase. I think it took dozens of pill-enhanced firemen to free him. It must have been a sight, seeing a line of them trundle out foot after foot of his cock. I don’t know where he is now—I’m guessing RED is taking care of him, given that he’s one of their best customers. But I’m sure he wants to get even bigger. Hopefully they’ve found a nice hangar for him to move into.

Every couple weeks, we visit Mr. Bolt and his son Sam at their summer house up in the hills—”the house that RED built,” we call it. We have dinner together and talk about the seismic societal shift that’s taking place all over the world right now. Meanwhile, Sam seems to be getting bigger every time we visit—I’ve never seen someone prouder of his size.

We have to eat outside; the 22-foot-tall mountain of a 24-year-old is getting to be taller than the house, and he definitely doesn’t fit inside the massive dining room anymore. Mr. Bolt, on the other hand, always looks just slightly thicker than I remember. He still favors super-tight clothes, and his muscle belly is putting a little more pressure on his buttons every time we see him. I think he’s just a little more hungry than usual.

Drake and I still meet at least twice a week in the gym, even though we don’t really have to exercise anymore. I guess we just like the routine. Drake’s had a lot of very big lovers over the last few months—he’s living out his wildest horse-dick top fantasies. He keeps growing his cock bigger for those guys, even though lately he’s getting almost unmanageably thick. His piece is 34 inches long now, but 65 inches around—wider than his torso. His days of sprinting to catch the bus are over.

The gym has changed a lot, too, of course. There are hardly any “normal”-sized guys left; almost everyone is huge beyond definition. They’ve had to relax the dress code because a lot of the guys’ dicks can’t be concealed by any amount of fabric.

There are still a couple guys under 400 pounds, but they’re few and far between. More commonly you’ll see men running around with bulging masses in tiny posers, flexing every time they see a mirror. Those guys don’t grow their packages anymore—just their muscles, bigger and bigger.

Then there’s another group that wants to get as huge as possible, everywhere. Those guys walk around in just yoga pants, shirtless, 480+ pounds of pure, striated mass, 13-inch horse cocks clearly visible through the overstretched fabric. Once they’re fully pumped up, they go through their posing routines, their enormous cocks swollen and rock-hard as they watch in the mirror for everyone else’s reactions to their flexed muscles.

The last group of men in the gym…know no limits. They are between 9 and 14 feet tall, and they live there. They down packets of RED pills with every workout, and leave cum stains wherever they lift. Too big for any clothes, they walk around in the nude, dripping constantly. Most of these guys are carrying cocks bigger than me, with balls bursting with cum by the gallon. Their sheer mass is staggering, and looking at them, you can’t help but marvel: all of these guys, at some point, knew they were getting past the point of ever again being able to live a normal life, and made the decision to keep on growing.

In between sets, you can walk over to them and push your cock right in between their sweaty, hairless tree-trunk thighs. They’ll be happy for the protein boost.

Obviously the changes aren’t only visible in gyms. You see them everywhere, no matter where you go.

In restaurants where you’ll see greedy bears bigger than anything you’ve ever seen before, their round bellies kissing the ground when they sit down. They eat enough for five men, arguing with each other about which of them is the biggest, joking about what it will be like when they get even thicker.

On public transit where you can’t board a train anymore without bumping into a model bigger than Hercules, trying to keep his gym ball-sized bulge from getting stuck between the doors. You see a lot of men now who need four seats: two to sit in, and the two opposite to rest their power guts…or their packages.

On beaches where meat is the order of the day—every beach is a nude beach now. For a while, the normals tried to enforce old-fashioned decency standards, but eventually they had to cave to the reality that for many, swimwear isn’t an option anymore. When a guy is packing a cock the size of a beached whale, it doesn’t help to cover it in nylon. It’ll be obscene nevertheless.

Fashion brands, of course, were some of the first to get on board with the new reality. Hyper clothes are widely available now, replacing the ridiculous ballooning number system (Can you picture how big a 30XL is?) with a much simpler, bespoke approach. Of course, being able to cover your gigantic body isn’t cheap. It’s expensive to be huge, as I guess it always has been, but getting huge is increasingly affordable: as the supply of pills continues to boom, the cost of the pills has actually started coming down. Anyone can be a giant now, and beauty standards have evolved in response: the men in the ads are getting bigger and more muscular every week. I even saw Akhim on a few billboards last week. I remember how his eight-foot, thousand-pound body blew my mind when I first saw him. Now he’s considered relatable.

I guess my world has changed some since that day at the Bricks. In fact, pretty much every aspect of my life back then would be almost unrecognizable to me now.

But I wouldn’t change a single thing that’s happened since.

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The biggest so far by MaxMorphs I’ve always been fascinated by big penises, ever since I can remember. And so it happened that after finding my first legendary dick, the titanic cocks just kept coming. It almost felt like I was destined to find and pleasure them. My luck is limitless. And so, apparently, are some guys’ dicks. Here are some stories of guys I’ve been with. 7 parts Added May 2022 Updated 27 May 2023 18k views 4.8 stars (28 votes) 7,872 words •Cock Growth•Cock Pumping•Huge Cock•Hyper Cock •M/M

The cock-off by Armie Lingo In the gym locker room, Nick and Joe get the chance to admire Cock-Off champion Steve up close. 3 parts Added Oct 2005 25k views 5.0 stars (9 votes) 5,295 words •Cock Growth•Huge Balls•Huge Cock•Hyper Cock•Hyper Cum•Muscle/Strength •M/M•M/M/M

Colt chronicles: Case law by Neltharion5 Colt needs a notary for an important document, but the one recommended to him is a little unconventional. Added Sep 2009 19k views 5.0 stars (5 votes) 5,627 words •Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength •M/M

Penis juice by Josh Dugan One of the best drinks ever to come on the market is introduced at the local gas station. Added Nov 2003 17k views 5.0 stars (10 votes) 931 words •Cock Growth•Huge Cock •M/M•M/M/M/...

The salt: the African-American by RdyRoger 3 parts Added Jun 2010 13k views 5.0 stars (1 vote) 3,969 words •Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Increased Libido•Voice Deepening•Size Increase•Race/Ethnicity Change•Getting Hairy•Hairless•Tongue Growth•Nonconsensual change

Side effects by Braun1 7 parts Added Feb 1997 54k views 5.0 stars (6 votes) 56k words (#58) •Always Hard•Cock Growth•Huge Cock•Muscle Growth•Muscle/Strength•Size Increase

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