by Ziel

Kieran’s friends tease him with a bottle of what the label claims are “Magic dick growing pills!” And, scoff thought he may, he does what any guy who’s slightly insecure about his package would do in such a situation.

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The first thing Kieran did when he got into his dorm room was flop onto his bed. It was one clean, practiced motion. He dropped his backpack as he leaned into the maneuver; rolled shoulder first towards the mattress as if going some sort of acrobatic ninja dodge, and flopped flat on his back onto the mattress. Today there was an extra step in his ritual though. As his butt made contact with the mattress he felt something like a small rock collide with his booty. It didn’t hit hard enough to bruise, but the impact was a shock nonetheless. Kieran reached back and hastily fished the offending object from his back pocket and looked it over in the palm of his hand.

Kieran had to fight the urge to groan and roll his eyes as he stared at the small pill bottle. He had almost completely forgotten his friends had given this to him earlier that day. With friends like these who needs enemies? The very existence of the bottle seemed to be some kind of practical joke. “Dick Growth Pills”? As if something like that could actually exist, and even if they did, they certainly wouldn’t be handed out all willy-nilly and packaged in an old Tylenol bottle which had the old label peeled off and a poorly printed new one glued on in its place.

Kieran wasn’t even sure when or how the joke had started, but somewhere along the lines his friends had started teasing him about having a small dick. Now, for all Kieran knew, (and as far as his friends knew, for that matter) Kieran’s dick was about as average as they come. None of his friends had seen his dick and so none of them could prove otherwise, but that was just it. When it came to show and tell, not showing was telling in its own way.

Whatever the case may be, Kieran now found himself the proud new owner of a dubious bottle of pills. The label claimed the stuff was called Pria+ but for all Kieran knew it was nothing but chalk. He had resolved to chalk it up to yet another prank pulled by his friends, and quickly set the bottle aside and settled into some light reading, but no matter how hard he tried to focus on the book, his mind and his eyes kept wandering back to the bottle by his bedside. It couldn’t possibly be real, right? It had to be fake. There’s no way magic dick growing pills existed, and even if they did the bottle wouldn’t literally be labeled “Magic dick growing pills!” like the gaudy label on the white bottled claimed. It had to be fake, and yet… Even if it was fake, it couldn’t hurt to play along, right? Worst case scenario was it was merely a placebo.

Kieran reached over and plucked the bottle up from his night stand and turned it over in his hands. It seemed harmless enough, but just out of curiosity he found himself reading the warning label printed on the side. Don’t use if you smoke, drink or do drugs. So far so good. Don’t use if you are pregnant or may become pregnant. Another check on the list. Kieran couldn’t figure why that part was even on the label. Why would someone who was or could become pregnant even be taking dick pills in the first place. Whatever the case may be, the warning seemed to be the generic warning label plastered on any over the counter medication one might find at CVS so Kieran’s eyes quickly moved onto something more interesting. His curiosity wouldn’t let him leave well enough alone. He wanted to see if there really were pills inside the bottle after all. He heard something rattling around inside, but for all he knew, the pill bottle was filled full of Tic-Tacs. Kieran lined up the arrows on the bottle and on the cap and popped the cap off with minimal effort. Inside he found numerous clear capsules which were all filled with tiny spheres in colors ranging from red to blue to white and any shade in between.

Kieran once again reminded himself that this was all a joke and that there was no way these pills were real, but some small part of his mind egged him on to try it anyway. What did he have to lose? If it was just a prank pulled by his friends he’d end up eating something that tastes like ass, and if it wasn’t just a prank… well… Kieran had to stop himself from even contemplating that because his dick was starting to chub up even from the mere notion of it.

Kieran poured a single pill out onto the palm of his hand and tossed it into his mouth. At that point his old, bad habits kicked in and his teeth clamped down, effectively cracking the capsule and causing the small spheres to spill out onto his tongue. He recoiled instinctively. He was expecting it to taste awful like the antibiotics he had taken last March had. Pills almost never tasted good when he bit into them, and yet he still hadn’t learned his lesson, choosing every time to chew his pills rather than swallow them whole like the doctors told him to.

To Kieran’s surprise the stuff didn’t taste bad at all. In fact, it tasted pretty good! It was sweet and a little bit tart. It tasted like something he’d buy at the check-out lane of the convenience store. Kieran was simultaneously relieved and a little bit bummed out. Just as he suspected, this was all a trick put on by his pals. They had filled the capsules with something akin to Nerds candies and had passed them off as dick pills, and despite his better judgement, some small part of Kieran’s subconscious had been roped into believing it.

With that, Kieran once again flopped onto his bed. His head sunk into the soft pillow, and his eyes began lazily scanning the page of the book in his hand. It was kind of a shame the pills hadn’t been real, but at least he could still enjoy the candy his pals had given him. It was with that thought that Kieran’s mind started to drift into the land of swords and sorcery. He soon found himself enrapt in the epic struggles of good vs evil. His eyes eagerly scanned the text, and his hands excitedly turned that page, and with each new page that Kieran started in on, his hand would drift down to the pill bottle at his side and he would pluck out yet another candied capsule and begin absentmindedly munching while his mind was fully in fantasy land.

Somewhere in the second chapter, Kieran started to feel his cock chubbing up. This in and of itself was nothing new. He your average, horny college kid. Even if the story he was reading wasn’t particularly sexy, his dick still liked to swell up from time to time just to remind him to play with it at least once a day. Kieran didn’t feel like leaving fantasy land just yet, but that didn’t mean he was going to ignore his dick either. After all, he had two hands, and it wasn’t like pill popping was occupying his free hand for more than a few seconds at a time.

Kieran set his book aside just long enough to undo the buckle of his belt and shimmy his jeans down around his ankles and then kick his pants off completely. Once he was happily clad in nothing but his t-shirt and boxer shorts, Kieran picked up his book and picked up right where he left off, only this time his free hand was free to casually stroke his bulge through the cotton of his boxers while his eyes scanned the page.

Kieran’s mind was too deeply into fantasy land to think too hard on what he was feeling. All he knew was that his cock felt amazing. Not only did it feel great, it seemed so thick! Some part of Kieran’s mind knew that this was just a matter of him feeling his chubby through the extra layer of fabric which made his dick feel bigger than it really was, but even just the illusion of having a bigger cock was enough to make Kieran’s dick begin to drool pre.

Things continued this way for a while. Kieran would read a page while casually stroking his fat cock through the fabric of his shorts and then once he finished a page, he would pull his hand off his dick just long enough to pop a pill and turn the page, and then it was right back to reading and rubbing, but somewhere during chapter four things took a sudden turn. Kieran reached a hand down towards the bottle and tried to fish out a pill only to find that he just couldn’t do it. He broke his attention away from the castle-top duel to look at the bottle beside him, and sure enough, the bottle was now completely empty. Kieran sighed dejectedly, but he didn’t linger too long on his loss. As much as he would have loved it had the bottle been real, actual dick growing pills, but of course they were just candy. And now that he had eaten them all, there was no reason left to keep them.

Kieran set his book aside, took the bottle in his hands, and aimed his shot at the trashcan across the room. “All right, three pointer!” he said enthusiastically as he lobbed the pill bottle like a basketball across the room. The bottle hit the wall just as predicted and bounced back towards the trash can… and then hit the rim and clattered to the floor. Kieran groaned and prepared himself for the walk of shame. He swung his legs over the side of the bed, hopped onto his feet, and then stumbled awkwardly as he tried to stand up. Something was completely throwing off his rhythm. It was like there was something huge and heavy hanging from his groin.

Kieran wasted no time and looking at what the weight might be, and what he saw made his jaw drop. His semi-boned schlong was straining against the fabric of his shorts like a store-bought thanksgiving turkey in the shrink-wrapped package. His boxers were threatening to shred at any second from the sheer size of his junk. His balls were so big it looked like he had a couple of basketballs nestled beside a bed pillow. His junk was so huge that almost half of his schlong was already hanging out in the open. His huge nuts weighed down his shorts so badly that the waistband was now halfway down his thighs leaving almost a full foot of fat cock exposed to the elements.

Kieran didn’t waste any time after that. He needed to see firsthand just how huge his cock had become. He reached down and fished his fat cock out from the cloth confines of his cotton shorts and hefted his huge dick with all his might. He was shocked at just how heavy his hefty cock was! His parents’ Rottweiler didn’t even feel this heavy whenever Kieran scooped her up for a hug.

After a bit of hefting and tugging, Kieran managed to get the tip of his dick to slip out of his boxers. He then let his cock hang free and stared in awe at how massive it had become. His dick dangled nearly to the ground! It was almost as thick as his waist! It had no doubt grown even more while he was trying to get the huge shaft free of his fruit of the looms because there’s no way a shaft that size could have squeezed into his shorts alongside the pair of prize-winning pumpkin sized spheres he now had crammed into his over-stuffed shorts. Kieran was so awed by how amazingly huge his cock and balls had become that he flopped back onto his butt and stared down at the swelling package between his legs. His cock was so huge that while sitting on the side of his bed, the tip of his dick rested solidly on the floor, and his nuts were threatening to do the same even with his shorts fighting against them.

Kieran’s shorts had been fighting the good fight, but the only thing keeping them intact was being allowed to slide further and further down his thighs as his nuts grew heavier and heavier. His waistband had made it almost down to his knees by the time he plopped back down, but the very act of sitting added even more strain to the already struggling fabric. The cotton shredded with a comically loud rending sound that split the air, and his nuts spilled out from the cloth prison and landed with a dull thud against the floor below.

Kieran couldn’t believe how big his bait and tackle had become. Sure, he had always dreamed of a bigger dick, but this big? His balls were the size of yoga balls at the gym. His cock was almost as long as he was tall and thicker than his waist! At the rate things were going his cock was going to be bigger than his whole body in a matter of mere moments… and yet… Kieran couldn’t deny how amazing it felt and how hot it looked. His cock was simply massive! Not even the most egotistical douche-lord at the gym could even claim to come close to him in terms of sheer length and girth. Chad on the treadmill says his ten inches are the biggest on campus? Wait ‘til he sees Kieran five feet

Just thinking about how much bigger and more amazing his cock was than any other guy out there got Kieran even more hot and bothered. He had already been chubbed up this entire time, but that last thought put him over the edge. His pre-drooling semi started to harden in earnest. His cock grew bigger and thicker by the second, and it wasn’t just the arousal at work.

By the time his dick was fully hard, Kieran had completely given up on fighting his love of his newfound size. He couldn’t pretend to hate his massive cock even if his life depended on it. It looked so hot and huge and heavy and it felt so amazing! It was as if his dicks sensitivity had grown with its size, and now that his cock was longer than he was tall, he had over six feet of fat cock that felt ready to cream at any second.

Kieran lost himself to the bliss and excitement. He lunged forward off his bed as if tackling his monstrous dong and then laid atop it as if his dick had become a new mattress for him to enjoy. He wrapped his arms around his cock as best he could, but the shaft was just so massive that he couldn’t even get his arms halfway around the shaft. It was like hugging an oak tree—a warm, fleshy oak tree that could feel him squeezing it. He could feel not just his arms around his cock, but he could feel his whole body resting atop his dick. His body felt so tiny compared to his dick. It was almost as if he had a spider crawling on his cock, but it wasn’t a bug—it was his body that was bug sized compared to his colossal cock! Just the thought of how tiny he was compared to his massive cock made him even more hot and bothered than before. His dick gave a happy lurch and his balls shifted as in preparing to let loose a spurt of spunk the likes of which had never been seen before.

Kieran wanted to hold back. He wanted to make this moment last forever. He wanted to feel his pillar-sized schlong trembling on the verge of orgasm for a while longer, but he was too overwhelmed. His cock lurched with enough force to send his toppling over backward. He landed flat on his ass atop his own massive, couch-sized cojones. He was so lost in the throes of ecstasy and orgasm that he could barely keep his eyes open, but he managed to catch one brief glimpse of his cock standing before him like the leaning towers of penis. His cock was too large to stand fully upright. Even angled at a forty-five-degree angle it still smacked against the room of his dorm room. It wouldn’t be long before his cock was too big for his dorm room

Kieran didn’t have time to ponder his predicament. The second he saw his massive cock looming before him and felt the ceiling against the soft tip of his hard dick, he lost the fight with his own arousal. He flopped back atop his nuts and writhed and moaned in ecstasy. His cock shuddered and spurted. Huge ropes of cum shot forth and splattered against the walls and ceiling. The entire side of his room was quickly drenched, but there was no part of his room that was completely unscathed. Even the bed and walls behind him were splattered with jizz.

Kieran couldn’t tell how many times he had cum. Even just the first shot felt so amazing that he had started to tune everything else out. He just didn’t have the brainpower to spare to count cum shots. All he knew was that when he finally did stop spurting, he was as winded as if he had just run a marathon. He was dripping with sweat and spunk. His room was coated in jizz, and his steadily softening cock was still growing before his very eyes. His dick was now so massive that his semi hit the wall on the other side of the room and bent to the side. Kieran could feel his balls getting bigger beneath him. Each enormous nut was already the size of a van, and his cock was probably the size of a school bus, but he still didn’t want it to end just yet. He wanted to see just how huge his cock would get, and it was the singular thought that was keeping his conscious. Had he not been so enthralled by his own growth he would have happily dozed off and basked in the afterglow of the most amazing climax of his life, but instead Kieran just lay there and watched as his massive cock continued to creep up in size and the ceiling continue to get ever so slightly closer with each passing second. His cock was already so huge that it splayed out in front of him, smushed against the wall on the opposite end of his room and looped back towards him. With each passing second his cock was getting just a bit longer, just a bit thicker, and just a bit closer to staring him right in the face. Soon his dick was so massive that the slit of it was staring him right in the face. It was as if he was staring down a fleshy Eye of Sauron. His cock was so thick that just the slit of his cock alone was as long as he was tall.

Kieran couldn’t believe how much his junk had grown. Simply put his entire roomed was filled with cock and balls—literally! His nuts were so massive that they filled half the room, from floor to ceiling, in and of themselves. His nuts were so massive that they actually strained against the floor, the ceiling, and three of the walls at the same time, and his cock was so huge that it filled the rest of the room. His enormous softy snaked in front of him. It splayed out on the floor, bumped against the side wall, followed that until it hit the far wall, curved along the perimeter of the room until it bumped against the third wall and then looped back towards him. The tip of his cock was so huge and so close to him that he could feel the warmth coming off of it. He could smell the pre and spunk. It was so close that it was mere inches from bumping against him.

Kieran stared intently at the tip of his dick as if trying to telepathically will it to grow just a bit more. He was practically begging it to get big enough to completely bury him and his room in cock, but it was not to be. His growth had finally run its course, and now he was stuck in a room that was far too small for his junk. With the rush from his growth steadily dying down and his own exhaustion catching up with him, Kieran slumped back against his balls and began to daydream about how different his life would be now. He knew his friends would check on him eventually. So it wasn’t like he was going to be stuck there forever. The dorm management might have to knock out a wall to get him out of there, but Kieran couldn’t help but day dream about all the looks he would get from all the bystanders as the cranes and forklifts came to carry him out of there. One thing was for sure, his friends would no longer be able to tease him about having a small one.

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