The Piedina chronicles

by Gio Multipod

A magazine article features the whimsical world of Piedina and its Boytaur civilisation. 

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Part 1: The Article A magazine article features the whimsical world of Piedina and its Boytaur civilisation.  (added: 9 Mar 2024)
Part 2: The Mountain At the heart of Piedina stands a mystical mountain that is revered as a cultural and spiritual symbol of Boytaur civilisation. 
Part 3: The FootPhone A seamless integration of the boytaur’s unique anatomy and technological advancements has made the lives of millions of boytaurs much much better. (added: 16 Mar 2024)
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Part 1: The Article

In the mystical realm of Piedina, a world untouched by the turmoil that plagues human existence, a unique society thrives—the Boytaurs. These extraordinary beings, distinct in their appearance with six legs and four arms, navigate their enchanted land with a grace and harmony that transcends the ordinary. The key to their extraordinary world lies in the sacredness of the foot, a guiding principle that weaves through every aspect of Boytaur culture.

Piedina, a mirror of Earth’s geography, is a realm where magic and nature coalesce seamlessly. The Boytaurs, guardians of this ethereal land, have harnessed the inherent magic to build a civilization in perfect communion with their surroundings. As a result, Piedina stands as a beacon of ecological balance, untouched by the scars of climate change that plague the human world.

At the heart of Boytaur society lies the fundamental unit of partnership. While many Boytaurs form life partnerships, some choose polyamorous arrangements, forming clans that celebrate the unique “creation days” when limbs entwined to bring new Boytaurs into existence. These annual celebrations are marked by joyous gatherings, foot-tanged gifts, and a collective revelry in the magic of creation.

The Boytaurs, with their six legs and four arms, navigate their world with ease, each limb serving a distinct purpose. To distinguish between these limbs, Boytaurs use the terms “anklefeet” for the feet on their legs and “wristfeet” for the feet on their arms. This clear distinction is crucial in Boytaur culture where the foot is the center of their world, and every activity is considered in light of whether it uplifts the feet or not.

In addition to their extraordinary limbs and the magical FootPhone, Boytaurs engage in the captivating sport of contortion, showcasing their inherent flexibility. Contortion has become a cherished form of entertainment, an art that allows Boytaurs to express their physical prowess and highlight the beauty of their uniquely flexible bodies. Despite their active lifestyles, Boytaurs do not sweat, maintaining an air of graceful composure in all their endeavors.

Footwear is a foreign concept in Piedina, a testament to the Boytaurs’ belief that the ground enhances the sacredness of their feet. Their soles, despite constant contact with the earth, remain remarkably clean, soft, and smooth. This dedication to the sanctity of their feet permeates every aspect of Boytaur life, reinforcing their connection to the magical energy that pulses through Piedina.

Each Boytaur possesses a distinct foot-tang, a subtle yet enchanting scent that emanates from the soles. Unlike the stinky connotation associated with human feet, this aroma exudes charm and masculinity, serving as a personal signature for every Boytaur. This unique scent is not only cherished in intangible moments but also imbued in tangible artwork, further solidifying its significance in the Boytaur culture.

Beyond their daily rituals and practices, Boytaurs have embraced various human sports that found their way to Piedina. The choice of sport, however, remains intertwined with their inherent flexibility. While contortion takes center stage, other human sports are adapted to accommodate the Boytaurs’ unique physique, creating a captivating fusion of athleticism and enchantment.

The Boytaurs’ active lifestyle, characterized by a myriad of physical activities, embodies their harmonious relationship with the natural world. Yet, despite their dynamic pursuits, the absence of sweat underscores the magical essence that envelopes Piedina. The Boytaurs, in their enchanting dance on six legs, exist in a state of perpetual grace, free from the earthly constraints that burden the human realm.

In the realm of communication, the Boytaurs have seamlessly integrated magic into their technological advancements. The enchanting FootPhone, custom-fitted to a Boytaur’s chosen foot, serves as a conduit for their conversations. By biting into the big toe of the designated foot, the Boytaur activates a display and keypad on the sole, transforming it into a functional communication device. This harmonious blend of magic and technology further exemplifies the Boytaurs’ ability to create a world where every facet of life resonates with the rhythm of Piedina.

Death, a unique concept in Boytaur society, is a conscious choice made through discussion within a Boytaur couple or clan. The process involves detaching two limbs simultaneously, instructing the sentient feet not to regenerate, and witnessing the gradual withering away of the remaining body and detached limbs. Alternatively, Boytaurs may choose a communal departure by detaching all ten limbs and attaching them to another existing Boytaur. These profound choices, while seldom exercised, highlight the deep sense of autonomy and consciousness within the Boytaur community.

The enchantment of Piedina extends beyond the physical realm, penetrating the very fabric of Boytaur art and expression. Each Boytaur’s unique foot-tang serves as an artistic watermark, subtly imprinted on tangible forms of art like books and paintings. This integration of sensory experiences elevates their artistic expression, making every creation a harmonious reflection of individual identity and collective unity.

In Piedina where every step is taken with mindful purpose and the dance of six legs echoes in harmonious rhythms, Boytaurs embrace a life rich in magic, connection, and choice. Their world, with its unique blend of nature, technology, conscious living, and artistic expression, stands as a testament to the extraordinary possibilities that unfold when magic and harmony coalesce on six legs. In the enchanting dance of Piedina where every footfall is a celebration of life, the Boytaurs weave a tapestry of wonder, inviting all to witness the magic that emanates from their harmonious existence.

The heart of Boytaur culture beats to a rhythm of connection where a unique ritual transcends the mundane—the sacred act of foot-kissing and licking. In a world where humans might perceive such acts as intimate and laden with desire, the Boytaurs have turned it into a symbolic gesture of profound respect and camaraderie.

The standard greeting among Boytaurs unfolds with a ritualistic grace. When two Boytaurs meet in public, one Boytaur grabs each wristfoot of the other between his wristfeet, lifting them gently. The Boytaurs then exchange a series of foot-kisses, each kiss a testament to the respect and deep connection they share. In the Boytaur world, this ritual holds no sexual connotation; instead, it is a celebration of mutual respect and the sacredness of their feet.

Contrary to human perceptions, the Boytaurs view foot-kissing as a symbol of camaraderie, a gesture that strengthens the bonds between individuals. In a society where conflict is virtually nonexistent, these foot-kissing rituals serve as a visual and tactile affirmation of the harmony that permeates Piedina. Feet, revered as sentient beings, become conduits of communication, and the exchange of foot-kisses is a language of unity and shared purpose.

The intimate act of foot-licking, often misunderstood in human context, finds its place in Boytaur culture as a gesture of care and connection. When engaged in group activities, Boytaurs ensure the well-being of their partners by licking their feet, a symbolic act that resonates with the understanding that every foot, as a sentient being, contributes to the group dynamic.

In a world where the foot is the epicenter of their culture, the Boytaurs have redefined these acts, stripping them of any sexual undertones. Their rituals emphasize the holistic connection between individuals and the sentient feet that accompany them through every step of life. The Boytaurs, with their unique perspective, invite us to reconsider the symbolism embedded in our own rituals, to see beyond the surface and embrace the profound beauty of connection without boundaries.

As the dance of six legs continues in Piedina, the foot-kissing and licking rituals stand as timeless symbols of a society where respect, unity, and the sacredness of every step form the foundation of a harmonious existence.


Part 2: The Mountain

At the heart of Piedina, the world of Boytaurs, stands an ancient mountain called Mount Foot. Humans would find Mount Foot a geographical anomaly, but for Boytaurs, this mountain is a testament to everything that their civilisation stands for. The mountain is recorded to be 200,000 feet tall. But not because Mount Foot is actually 200,000 feet above sea level. There are 200,000 handsome feet that are piled up together to create this ancient place of mystery. 

For Boytaurs, Mount Foot holds a special place in their collective psyche. The mountain is the repository of the ancient magic that holds the Boytaur world together. The presence of ancient Boytaur magic in the mountain thus makes it the legendary dwelling of the Foot God, the benevolent foot deity that is central to Boytaur culture and social dynamics. It is believed that all 200,000 feet that make up the mountain all belong to the Foot God. 

Due to the Boytaurs’ belief in the sanctity of the foot, climbing the mountain is a pilgrimage that all Boytaurs of Piedina undertake at least once in their lives. Boytaurs believe that each one of them must be able to kiss at least one pair of feet that make up the mountain. 

Just like the six anklefeet and four wristfeet of every Boytaur, the feet that make up Mount Foot are sentient and very supportive of pilgrims ascending their slopes. Once a Boytaur steps on the lowest pairs, the pairs will help the pilgrim Boytaur ascend to the very top. At the very top of the mountain, one would find the Summit Pair of Feet, believed to be the Foot God himself. The ancient chronicles of Piedina reveal that the Foot God is a pair of feet, the pinnacle of foot handsomeness. The belief that it is the Foot God is due to the uncanny resemblance that pair of feet has with the recorded sightings of the Foot God himself. You see, unlike the deities of the human world, the Foot God does not deprive his followers of the privilege to see him with their own eyes. Benevolent that he is, he will instantly show up to any Boytaur who is in need of anything. 

As the pilgrim makes his way through the slopes of the mountain, he feels one with the natural world surrounding him. He hears the waves of the oceans. He smells the natural masculine tang of all the feet surrounding him. He feels a rejuvenating sense of peace and wonder, as if in a state of meditation. Along the way, the feet of the mountain may sense tiredness in the Boytaur pilgrim; a pair would then enlarge and offer themselves as seats of relaxation to the Boytaur pilgrim. From time to time as well, the ancient magic within the multitude of feet would provide the pilgrim with food and drink, which the pilgrim must take directly from the foot that is holding the provisions. Eating out of the sentient feet are usually met with a playful kiss or lick, thus enhancing the sanctity of the mountain and the Boytaur’s own feet.

Once a pilgrim makes his way to the top, the Summit Pair, perhaps the Foot God himself, would reward the pilgrim with a relaxing massage. The suppleness and flexibility of the toes of the Summit Pair provide the pilgrim with a much-needed energy boost in preparation for the descent. This is held to be the pinnacle of feet well-being in Boytaur society. 

A typical one-way of the climb usually takes an hour or two, but many boytaurs find themselves needing at least three hours one-way, thanks to the supportiveness and the warmth that the feet of the mountain provide. It is difficult not to get lost in a multitude of handsome feet, with their warmth and strong masculine tang complementing the warmth, handsomeness, and tang of the Boytaur’s own wristfeet and anklefeet. This connection with the feet is but a testament to the harmony of Boytaur culture with their environment, and the firm belief in the sanctity of the feet. 

Once a pilgrimage is completed, the Boytaur feels a rejuvenated sense of energy emanating from all his feet. His wristfeet and anklefeet, all sentient beings autonomous from but working in harmonious synergy with the base Boytaur body, are reenergised, allowing the Boytaur to complete his tasks in a day’s work. The Boytaur and his feet feel empowered once again.

The journey to the top of Mount Foot reaffirms the cultural identity unique to Piedina and its Boytaur civilisation. Experiencing the ancient magic that holds Boytaur society together and reaffirming the belief in the sanctity of the foot, solidifies that profound connection between the Boytaur, his society and culture, and the natural world devoid of every turmoil and suffering found in the human world. 


Part 3: The FootPhone

One aspect that the Boytaurs of Piedina take immense pride in is their remarkable ability to seamlessly integrate their civilization’s technological advancements with their unique anatomies. Among the most striking examples of this ingenuity is the FootPhone. While humans might initially perceive the FootPhone as merely a mobile device shaped like a foot, its functionality transcends such simplistic notions. In essence, the Boytaur FootPhone embodies its name—it’s a foot that functions as a phone. Boytaurs have ingeniously integrated this vital piece of technology into their distinctive bodies, eliminating the need for separate communication devices.

But how exactly does the FootPhone operate? A Boytaur enters any of Piedina’s telecommunications shops and consults with one of the engineers. The engineer inquires about the Boytaur’s intended use of the FootPhone—is it solely for communication, or will additional apps for productivity and utility be required? Following this discussion, the engineer asks the Boytaur to select which of their ten feet will become the FootPhone. The Boytaur then chooses from among their four wristfeet and six anklefeet.

Once an agreement is reached between the Boytaur and the engineer regarding the phone’s utility, the engineer—utilizing their four wristfeet and six anklefeet—crafts a highly personalized interface for the Boytaur. This interface is painstakingly compressed into a microchip, with all fifty toes working in perfect harmony. Once finalized, the microchip is inserted into the nail of the designated big toe. After a brief five-second wait, the Boytaur is instructed to bite down on the big toe, activating the phone interface. Instantly, the sole of that foot transforms into a comprehensive phone interface, seamlessly integrating all the apps and utility features of a standard phone into the foot’s skin.

Both the strength of the mobile signal and the battery charge of the phone rely not on any external source or factor, but rather on the Boytaur’s own energy. If a Boytaur is feeling down and wishes to avoid communication, the FootPhone’s signal or battery charge diminishes accordingly, allowing the Boytaur to reflect in solitude. However, like any other Boytaur technology, this can be overridden at the Boytaur’s discretion. Recharging a FootPhone with low battery charge is a simple task—the Boytaur need only take a nap or sleep, as FootPhones throughout Piedina automatically recharge overnight.

For the original FootPhone engineers, the decision to integrate such a vital piece of technology with the Boytaur’s unique anatomy serves a dual purpose. On one hand, the practicality of a phone being an integral part of one’s body ensures that the phone is never misplaced or lost. Additionally, Boytaurs can communicate even in situations where conventional phones would be impractical or inaccessible, such as during a shower. On the other hand, the fact that the FootPhone is part of the Boytaur’s anatomy adds a personal touch to the device. As one engineer explains, “Nobody knows their own skin better than the Boytaur himself, and the phone interface being part of the Boytaur’s own skin adds another layer of personalization and personality to it, on top of the fact that Boytaurs can personalize their FootPhones from the get-go.”

Recent official statistics in Piedina reveal intriguing insights into FootPhone usage. The most popular foot used as a FootPhone is the front-right wristfoot at 27%, closely followed by the front-left wristfoot at 26%. This distribution makes logical sense, as these feet are closest to the head, ensuring easy access for calls. Surprisingly, the third most popular foot of choice is the hindmost right anklefoot at 14%, with many users citing the whimsical and playful element it brings to communication, allowing Boytaurs to leverage their inherent flexibility and stretchability. Furthermore, a notable 12% of Boytaurs admit to detaching their FootPhones from their bodies to take calls, purely for entertainment purposes.

Despite this wondrous technological advancement, the Boytaur spirit of innovation persists. Foot engineers are currently researching enhancements to the FootPhone that will allow Boytaurs to project their FootPhone screens onto flat surfaces such as walls. Another enhancement being explored is the ability to holographically answer calls, allowing the Boytaur on the other end of the line to appear as a hologram emerging from the sole of the Boytaur’s FootPhone. While these enhancements may still be a few years away, Foot engineers are diligently working to improve the already remarkable lives of Boytaurs.

In essence, the FootPhone embodies the Boytaur spirit of innovation and adaptation, offering a remarkable fusion of technology and anatomy that redefines the concept of personal communication devices. As Boytaurs seamlessly integrate their FootPhones into their daily lives, these unique devices serve not only as tools for communication but also as symbols of the Boytaurs’ ingenuity and interconnectedness. In a world where technology often emphasizes individuality and detachment, the FootPhone stands as a testament to the Boytaurs’ commitment to communal harmony and shared experiences where even the most mundane activities become infused with creativity and wonder.

3 parts 2,941 words Added Mar 2024 687 views 4.8 stars (4 votes)

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