Out of control

by Sammas6

Toby and Matt are young men working on an experimental plant-growth formula out of Tony’s garage. It doesn’t work on the plants, but Matt finds another use for it.

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Part 1 Toby and Matt are young men working on an experimental plant-growth formula out of Tony’s garage. It doesn’t work on the plants, but Matt finds another use for it. (added: 15 May 2021)
Part 2 Toby and Matt are young men working on an experimental plant-growth formula out of Tony’s garage. It doesn’t work on the plants, but Matt finds another use for it.
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
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Part 1

“Don’t forget Matt, the dosage is only 200 ml per plant! I do not want this experiment being fucked up now that I’ve gotten so close to a working formula!” The voice echoed from the next room of the makeshift laboratory, a hint of excitement mixed with nervousness in its tone.

“Then why don’t you do it yourself?” Matt shouted, having almost spilled the bottle of diluted formula when his friend, Toby, reminded him to be precise. Matt ran a hand through his mid-length brown hair, his equally brown eyes focusing on the litre bottle of formula he was holding. He was 18 and, having just finished school a few months back, was nervously awaiting the start of his university course, maths, a wonderful subject. Right now though his mind wasn’t focused on thoughts of his further education, but on the experiment he was helping his friend with, he sat hunched over a workbench, a tray containing 12 tomato plant saplings before him and an unstopped bottle of growth formulation in his hand.

“You wanted to help me, so help, it’s not like you could write up this lab report anyway, you’re only good with numbers.” Toby was getting agitated, perhaps the anticipation was getting to him. He shouldn’t take this so seriously though, after all this was just a little summer project for him, it would be finished in a few weeks regardless of the results.

“All right, fine. I’ll do the chemist’s job for him,” Matt taunted, he and Toby had been friends for longer than he could remember and always enjoyed a little banter, even in these stressful circumstances. It was just a shame Toby had chosen a different university from Matt.

“Yes you will. Just don’t forget—” Toby started from the next room of his family garage/laboratory.

“200 ml per plant, I know,” Matt finished, annoyance rising in his own voice now as he extracted the required dosage into a graduated beaker and prepared to douse the first sapling. However, as he moved the small dilute sample over to the plant a droplet fell from the outside of the beaker, aiming to land on his leg. Remembering that the effects of this on skin were unknown he moved his leg aside, he was wearing jeans but didn’t want to take the risk. With the successful dodge the droplet fell onto the chair and Matt sighed in relief, not realising that his jerky movements had caused him to spill the whole of the beakers contents, which was now aiming straight for his crotch.

Before Matt could react the dilute formula had already impacted and what’s more was beginning to soak through the fabric. Only taking a moment to comprehend what had happened he jumped to his feet, pulling his jeans off while trying not to touch the soaked patch. Damn, his briefs were wet too, this was a nightmare! He tore the wet briefs away, attempting to save his junk from the effects of this mystery liquid, but it was too little too late. His package was comprehensively soaked in the liquid and though he wanted too, he dared not reach down to touch it. This is where shock took ahold of him, normally he would have wiped off the liquid with some kind of makeshift towel, but he was too surprised to even think of such a sensible response to what he was seeing. His cock was actually growing before his eyes, no… not just his cock, his balls too!! The brunette’s flaccid, 1 inch cock was expanding, gaining length and girth right there and then, his balls slowly swelling up. It was unbelievable for him, but he didn’t have time to get used to it, for within a few seconds it had stopped. Noticing that the liquid was gone from his cock flesh he reached down to grasp his flaccid dick, bigger than it had ever been before. It had grown a whole inch in flaccid length and his nuts, which used to look like marbles appeared to have expanded to the size of golf balls! This was unbelievable! The teen began to gently stroke his meat, fondling his balls with the other hand, not caring about the location or situation, he just wanted to see his dick hard there and then. Slowly it began to harden and swell, engorging until fully erect. Matt reached over to the desk, retrieving a tape measure used to assess the plants growth. 5½ inches, he had grown 2½ inches in a matter of seconds!

“Hey, Matt! How’s it going in there?” Toby’s voice came from the next room, he wasn’t hiding his anxiety very well at all.

“Brilliantly, it’s going brilliantly…” Toby started to say, but just then had an idea. “Anyway, I’ve finished for now so I better be off… got to, uh, help my dad with something.” He quickly pulled on his briefs and jeans, feeling the wetness envelope his dick once more and feeling the jeans begin to get tighter around his self-induced boner. He picked up his backpack, stowing the bottle, and the two others, away safely within before saying goodbye to his friend, leaving for home in the afternoon of the day his life changed forever…

Ever since his early teens he had hated his junk, his thin and small dick, not enough to pleasure any of the guys he had crushes on, at least in his opinion, and his tiny balls that could barely manage to produce a few precious drops of cum. He was petrified of getting close to anyone, mostly out of fear of being laughed out of the bedroom because of his package, but also because he was a bit scared to be openly gay with someone, he had no idea how his friends would react if they found out. Now though… he had something that could permanently remove one of his fears, finally he might be able to work up the courage to ask someone out.

“Holy fuck!” The first thing Matt did when he reached his bedroom that day was strip down and measure up once more. Thanks to his wet briefs his already swollen package had been further exposed to the chemicals within the formula and had grown even more. His balls were the size of eggs and hung below a thick 7 inch shaft. “I’m huge, this has got to be a dream.” Matt couldn’t help thinking that on some level this wasn’t really happening to him, that he was just imagining it or that he would wake up soon.

However, if this was a dream then he at least had to make the most of it, dashing over to the nearby drawers, his cock bobbing like never before with each movement, he opened up his underwear drawer searching through it for the tightest pair of briefs he had. After some struggling to fit his bubble butt into the tight fabric, he paraded around his room before the full length mirror on the back of his door, occasionally groping the bulge that filled out the briefs and slapping his butt that stretched the fabric so deliciously, come to think of it, his arse seemed a little fuller than before, but he paid it no mind, focusing on the front of his body and how big he had gotten. “Seven inches, this is great, but not enough,” Matt moaned, rubbing his dick through the fabric as he moved to his backpack taking out the 200 ml short, litre bottle of dilute formula. He had always wanted to be bigger, but never once had he decided on a definitive size… 10 inches sounded like a nice round number though.

Deciding not to bother removing his briefs, because it would be difficult to get them back on afterwards, he lay on the floor with his back against the bed, legs spread and crotch angled towards the mirror, the bottle angled over his dick. Carefully he tilted the nozzle of the bottle until the liquid within began to drop down onto his bulging briefs, slowly soaking into the fabric and coating his cock and balls in the formula. Within seconds the effects became visible, his cock noticeably beginning to swell thicker and longer, his balls bloating up with seed stretching the tight fabric against its will. Matt watched as the bulge grew more and more prominent, loving the sight and only wanting to rub himself as he watched his dick and balls expand. The bigger his package grew, the more and more stressed the fabric became, it was so tight that it was actually stimulating him, the brunette thought he might even cum from the tightness. Unbeknownst to Matt the formula was beginning to trickle down his sack, stretched around his swelling balls where it reached his perky bubble butt. Soon the effects were noticed here too. His arse cheeks slowly but not subtly began to expand as well, the stress took its toll on the seams of his briefs, the thread beginning to unravel showing the pink of growing flesh underneath.

“Fuck, they’re gonna t-tear!” Matt was out of breath and just as he finished the lusty utterance the fabric gave way to his growing manhood and butt. His cock immediately sprang free, his balls dropping from their confines, heavy and full of seed, straight into the puddle of formula that had pooled on the floor. Stopping the flow of liquid and setting the bottle down Matt reached for the tape measure he had placed nearby. 9¾ inches long, well that was close enough, he’d add the last quarter of an inch later, after he emptied his swollen balls, his swollen, bloated balls that were still expanding! Matt noticed the puddle of formula too late and by the time he had moved his sack away from it his nuts were the size of apples and slowly finishing their growth, but right now he didn’t care, right now he just needed to empty them.

He crawled over to the mirror, and on his knees put both hands around his thick cock, moving them rhythmically up and down the hard, pulsing shaft, not forgetting to take good care of the huge, purple head at the end. “So big and fat, do you like that baby?” He imagined pushing it into the tight arsehole of his latest crush, stretching the hole out around his girth and making the teen moan in pleasure, lost in sex. He watched himself jerk off in the mirror, loving the sight of his much, much bigger tool and huge bloated balls, if only he really did have someone to fuck. Precum drooled from his cockhead, forming its own puddle on the floor, rivalling the size of the formula puddle, given he was producing this much juice he had to be close to release. Taking one hand off of his dick he reached around and buried it between his perky cheeks, teasing his anus as he pumped his member harder and harder with the other hand. Finally, with a massive throb his dick exploded, ropes of cum shooting in jets from his huge cockhead, coating the mirror image of itself in his hot, creamy jizz. Out of breath and tired he fell back onto his larger bubble butt, feeling it cushion his slight fall. He needed to rest, but first he needed to clean up some of this mess, namely the formula puddle and what better to soak it up with than his cock.

The morning light shone in through his bedroom window, beckoning Matt to arise from his lazy slumber. Rolling over to minimise the effect of the offending rays he felt the weight of his package flop over as he moved. So it really had happened, this wasn’t a dream. He really had discovered a way to make his dreams come true. Just remembering yesterday’s events was enough to give him a semi, his dick engorging with blood, getting heavier and larger. After mopping up the shallow puddle of formula yesterday he had grown another half inch, taking him past the target he desired. He reached down with a hand, teasing his shaft and cupping his heavy and now orange sized balls. Then he remembered no more.


Part 2

“Shit, what time is it?” Matt gazed groggily in the direction of his alarm clock. 9:00am, he was supposed to be helping out at Toby’s ‘lab’ already, shit. His eyes opened wide and he jumped out of bed, no more dressed than last night, his cock and balls swinging heavily between his legs. He pulled some clean clothes out of the cupboard, pulling on the shirt and socks easily, but unable to fit the briefs over his bubble butt. “Damn, now I need new clothes,” he whined, checking his watch and kneading his arse. He wasn’t upset by the fact it had grown too, it would help entice cute and well-hung boys, but it was making getting dressed a pain. Carefully stuffing his package into a pair of usually loose jeans he ignored the cum stained mirror and ran out of his bedroom, his pillow-like butt cheeks forced to rub together as they filled out the jeans, but at the same time keeping them in place as he rushed downstairs to breakfast and left for Toby’s place.

The lab/garage was oddly empty when Matt arrived, with much of the equipment that had been there missing in packed into boxes. Even Toby’s normally untidy work desk was properly clear, the many books and folders that usually crowded it already placed in storage. Matt, however, ignored the strange sight of the lab in a state of order rather than its general chaos and focused on finding Toby. The young man was hunched over the workbench that Matt himself was at the previous day, examining the tomato saplings with diligence.

“I see you’re getting ready to leave.” Matt stated as he entered the second room, moving to stand next to his friend. “Did it work?” he asked, faking enthusiasm as he remembered the events of yesterday afternoon, he hadn’t actually put any of the formula onto the plants and for that he was sorry, but he couldn’t tell Toby the truth, that just wouldn’t turn out well.

“I really thought it would… it should have…” Toby mumbled sadly, more to himself than to his friend.

“I’m sorry mate.” Matt patted the other teen on the shoulder as the two stood by the plants.

“Never mind, it was just one experiment. I won’t be pursuing this line of experiments though, it would be a pain to go back and find where I took a wrong turn, besides I don’t have the time!” Toby chuckled, cheering up a bit. It was times like this that Matt was glad that his friend took defeat so well.

“Is there anything I can help you with?” Matt genuinely wanted to help Toby, more to ease his guilty conscience than any kind of friendly obligation.

“Yeah, uh… I need to get rid of the rest of that useless formulation. Can you get rid of the rest of the bottles for me?” Matt stopped dead at Toby’s words, there were more bottles!

“H-how many a-are there?” The brunette visibly shook as he asked the question, his voice suddenly quieter and the bulge in his jeans more pronounced.

“Uh… seven more. Oh… and by the way were there any leftovers from the experiment, I couldn’t find them, but they need to be gotten rid of too.” Matt was speechless, this was… unbelievable. He was being tasked with making these bottles disappear, Toby was unknowingly giving him the greatest gift possible.

“Sure, I’ll get rid of them for you. Absolutely no problem whatsoever!” Matt practically shouted out his answer, almost jizzing himself at the prospect of getting hold of so much of the formula.

“Okay, they’re in the cupboard in the other room, just make sure you aren’t caught disposing of them.” Toby was a bit startled by Matt’s intense show of eagerness, but thought nothing of it and simply pointed in the direction of the cupboard.

“Right, I’ll go get rid of them and I’ll see you later.” Matt turned, grasping his crotch in excitement and feeling the throbbing within his trousers.

“Okay, see you later.” Toby waved him away without another look and began the arduous task of packing away the rest of his equipment.

Ten bottles. Ten fucking bottles of the formula, well 9¼ bottles in actuality but still that was a lot of the stuff. Matt sat on his bedroom floor, the 10 bottles lined up in front of him, his fly open and his thick meat dangling out. He’d managed to pilfer some of the notes on the synthesis of the formulation when Toby wasn’t looking and was trying to make sense of them, to no avail. The brunette’s eyes kept straying from the paper to the bottles, not just because he had no understanding of what was written on the paper, but because that the liquid within the bottles seemed to have some kind of allure. The liquid itself was colourless and for the most part clear, but if you were to focus on it for long enough you could almost see it swirling around within the bottles that contained them. Matt’s tool pulsed and began to harden as he watched the liquid, just the thought of what it could do turned him on.

“Another inch or so couldn’t hurt…” The teen thought out loud, idly stroking his engorged member. His free hand, reached out towards the almost empty bottle, but drew back as it touched the lid. “What am I thinking?” Matt laughed at himself and the action he had almost taken, “Sure I haven’t got a boyfriend yet, but that’s because I haven’t asked anyone out, I was busy claiming these bottles for myself. I don’t need to be any bigger.” His voice was deadly serious by the end, as if he was having to convince himself that this was the case. How could it be anything other than the case, 11 inches was more than enough to entice the guys, all he would have to do was stand there in a normal pair of jeans and watch as all of their eyes slowly crept to the bulge at his crotch, or of course his tight bubble butt.

Still stroking his engorged member he hastily stowed the bottles away in a trunk under his bed, taking care to make sure that the lids to each bottle were definitely shut tight. However, when he reached the almost empty bottle he stopped, surely it was untidy to leave an almost empty bottle in the trunk, he had been scolded plenty of times as a child for leaving milk bottles in the fridge when there was no more than a few drops left within them. Surely that principle applied here too. “No!” Matt shouted aloud, moving the bottle away from him, the remaining formula within sloshing noisily. He was going to put this away, for good. He turned the lid, checking to make sure that it was on tightly, but it came away. He’d unconsciously unscrewed it. “Perhaps just a drop then,” Matt mused, looking down into the bottle through the lidless nozzle. Positioning and tilting the bottle he soon felt the cool splash of formula onto his bare cock, running down his thick length until it reached his swollen balls. Stopping the flow he lay back and watched his prick pulse and grow, an extra inch of length award to his cock and an increase in girth to match, his balls too began to swell, though not growing as much as his dick had. Noticing this he aimed for his nuts, coating his already full sack in the bottle’s remaining formula, forcing the orbs within to grow larger and larger, expanding to the size of small melons between his legs. “Shit… that was stupid.”


Part 3

Another shop, another waste of time. Matt had been out all morning, searching around all of the stores at the local mall, desperately trying to find some clothes that were and were not too revealing, one type for everyday wear and the other for when he was out on the pull. So far he had only bought some bulge showing, incredibly tight jeans, but hadn’t been able to find anything that hid his colossal sack, save for the baggy tracksuit bottoms that he was wearing now. There was only one shop left, something he was very thankful for. Lugging around two massive testicles, unsupported due to the lack of underwear that fit his slappable butt (let alone the two swollen orbs between his legs), was taking its toll on him and he needed a lie down soon. It’s not that he was unfit, his nuts were just really heavy right now and needed to be emptied.

“Good morning sir, can I help you with anything?” a youthful, male voice called out from the corner of deserted shop as he entered, the speaker hidden by rack upon rack of clothes.

“No, thank you. I’m just browsing.” It took all of Matt’s strength to not respond with ‘Yeah, a heavy sack that needs emptying’ to the mystery man’s question.

“Well, perhaps I can help you find what you are looking for.” A familiar looking young man emerged from between two clothing racks, a price gun in one hand and a suit jacket flung over his shoulder. Piercing green eyes looked Matt over, noting every detail… including the barely visible bulge in Matt’s baggy trousers. Matt himself was doing the same thing, he remembered him, this guy used to go to school with him, well sort of, he was in the year above him, but he had seen him around. Jet black hair, medium range height, thin, young… a year older than himself and a cute face, Matt’s assessment… very attractive, same as it was the first time Matt had seen him. Adam, yeah… that was his name, an old crush from a year ago, an old crush rekindled? Not wanting to stare Matt looked down, noticing on the way the tell-tale bulge of the other male’s own monster cock, yeah this was Adam all right… hung Adam they used to call him.

“I, uh… I’m looking for, uh, something baggy, but stylish,” Matt mumbled, looking at the floor and hoping desperately that he wouldn’t get a boner. Too late.

The front of Matt’s baggy tracksuit bottoms began to push forward as his foot-long confirmed its presence to Adam, though the dark-haired shop assistant didn’t let on.

“Well if you’ll just follow me sir, I’m sure that we can get you just what you want.” Adam turned as he spoke, his tight trousers showing off his own perky butt, just looking at it was intoxicating for Matt, especially once the other male started to walk. The way Adam’s hips swayed slightly, made him all the more sexy.

“‘Kay” Matt followed along behind, taking the opportunity to reorganise his package, letting his engorged thickness escape from the tracksuit bottoms to rest against his stomach. Adam led him to a changing room at the back of the shop and beckoned for him to enter, something that the brunette was much obliged to given the presence of a chair in the small curtained off room, his balls seemed heavier than ever.

“Please wait here while I look for some attire that matches your description.” The shop assistant’s footsteps faded away as he spoke, leaving Matt alone in the dreary little changing room. Taking a quick look around he familiarised himself with the surroundings, deep purple walls, the chair he was sitting on and the remnants of an old, broken CCTV camera. Not much. However, that didn’t matter, he quickly checked that the curtain was properly across the entrance before pulling his monstrous cock out from under his shirt. That Adam was fucking hot, his poor swollen penis was pulsing angrily, filled with much more blood than usual from its over-stimulation. Despite the situation he was in he couldn’t deny… jerking off here and now would be fantastic, not to mention it would take a load off of his mind, well… his crotch too. Grasping hold of his shaft with both hands he began to pump up and down, occasionally going as far as spitting onto his foot-long to aid lubrication along with the masses of precum he was just starting to leak.

“Fuck y-yes,” Matt moaned, removing one hand and pushing it into the depths of his tracksuit bottoms to caress his balls, the other hand working his cock harder and faster to keep up the stimulation. He tilted his head back and closed his eyes, imagining just how big Adam’s own dick was and how tight his anus would feel as it stretched around Matt’s invading foot-long as he pressed it into the older male’s bowels.

Lost in the throes of intense and public masturbation Matt didn’t hear Adam’s footsteps return, but Adam did hear the soft moaning and panting of the other teen’s activities within the changing room.

The dark haired shop assistant couldn’t help it, he had to peek in on the other male, remembering the impressive bulge in Matt’s baggy tracksuit bottoms. He needed to see his cock for himself, was it truly as big as he hoped it was. Peeking in Adam’s jaw fell, inside was the finest specimen of manhood he had ever had the pleasure of seeing in real life, he had seen plenty of huge cocks on the internet and in videos, he had a major big dick fetish, but he had no idea someone with a tool that big was living in his area! Quietly, Adam stole into the changing room, seemingly unnoticed by the other teen, and closed the curtains behind him. He knelt down before Matt, basking in the magnificence of his manhood and gazing lustily both at it and at the one it was attached too. Becoming more daring Adam reached forwards with his tongue, determined to taste some of the plentiful precum that this male was producing. This proved to be foolish, as soon as he had tasted one of the delicious droplets that fell from the huge mushroom head he immediately wanted more. He wanted to let this boy’s precum fill his mouth and throat while he slid that prime slab of man meat in and out of his mouth, working it with his tongue all the while. However, doing such a thing would surely mean an end to the other male’s obliviousness and he might even get fired if this customer complained, or even worse arrested.

Finally though he could adhere to reason no more and gave in to his animalistic urges, he dove onto the cock, sliding it into his mouth and devouring the precum it leaked. Now this did come as quite a shock to Matt, but he was too far into the pleasure to complain and just sat there moaning and fondling his balls as his crush sucked lewdly on his cock, making such dirty and sexy noises as he slurped Matt’s fat foot-long down his throat and drank his pre. It seemed that Adam was very much enjoying it.

“So big, so… delicious. I can’t believe it’s really this big, it’s the same size as my largest dildo!!!” Adam had gotten a much better feel for the dicks size now that he had his hands on it and knew full well that he would need to have this cock again. “Are you single? Oh and what’s your name?” The name was an afterthought, but was still important, after all this guy was cute.

“M-Matt and yeah… fuck… I’m s-single,” Matt struggled to answer as Adam returned to sucking his cock, this time even more voraciously than before. Taking a break from fondling his tightly stretched sack he pulled down his tracksuit bottoms, to allow for easier access, but also to show Adam the other impressive feature of his package.

“Consider this our first date then!” Adam moaned between slurps of cock and precum, his eyes opening wide when he noticed the sheer size of Matt’s nuts. Grasping the softly sloshing orbs as best he could, he pulled Matt’s crotch towards him, forcing the monster cock that jutted out from the brunette’s crotch down his throat all the way to the hilt. As Adam’s throat gagged and contracted Matt was tipped over the edge. His massive balls drawing close to his body he shot forth his first thick wad of cum, straight down Adams throat. Pulling of slightly he kept shooting spurt and spurt of spunk into Adam, unable to do anything more than buck his hips as the other male choked on the copious amount of cum that he was ingesting. After what felt like an eternity for Matt he fell back limp and unconscious onto the chair, his balls empty and considerably lighter than before, leaving Adam swallowing the remainder of his load, jizz coating his mouth and running down his front.

Ten minutes later Matt awoke, a little confused, alone and very tired. It was a few moments before he was able to shake of his disorientation and stand up, but when he did he noticed a pile of clothes and a note, the note comprising a phone number and a message all scribbled onto his flaccid dick! ‘I’m a real size king so call me soon cutie. Adam, your new boyfriend. xxx P.S the clothes are free!’ Chuckling quietly to himself Matt redressed and headed for home, he really had gotten what he had wanted and by the sounds of it so had Adam!

Matt spent plenty of time with Adam over the next two days, simply getting to know each other while the each stared at the others crotch. They hadn’t done anything since that time in the store, but with the amount they had in common it was soon clear that they could have a meaningful relationship, something that Matt was adamant that he wanted. Now, however, Matt lay alone on his bed, naked from the waist down to give his balls the space they deserved. There was something bothering him, something that Adam had said two days ago. His dick was as big as Adam’s largest dildo… it was a little unsettling for Matt, but he couldn’t understand why. It’s not like the dildo was massively bigger than his cock, but still… he wanted to be irreplaceable to Adam, he wanted it so that there would be no substitute for his cock… but did he dare do what he was thinking of? Matt rolled onto his side, his balls shifting heavily between his legs, from this position he could see the trunk beneath his bed in the reflection of his still cum-stained mirror. His vision blurred, all that remained focused was the trunk, it was almost as if it was calling to him. He mulled over those thoughts continuously for the next few minutes, never once taking his eyes off of the trunk. His cock ached, it wanted to be bigger, it knew that this was the only way to make him irreplaceable.

“I need to be bigger than that dildo!” Matt growled angrily, rolling straight off of the bed onto the floor and clawing at the trunk, dragging it out enraged by his previous train of thought. Tossing aside the first bottle, which he had emptied two days previously, he pulled out a second and unopened bottle. Practically tearing the lid off he angled the bottle ready to pour the liquid over his cock, but he stopped. “There has got to be a better way of doing this…” He looked around his room, searching for a small, suitable container that could hold just a small amount of the formula, that way he would be able to control the growth to some extent, he wasn’t about to let things proceed in the haphazard they had before. Extending his search to nearby rooms he found a cylindrical, plastic glass, one that was wide enough for him to place his penis inside, or at least the first 6 inches anyway.

After getting a feel for the growth by allowing a single drop to fall onto his hard prick and watching the growth that it caused, he poured what seemed like an appropriate amount of the formula into his ‘growth controller’ and thrust his dick into it. In seconds Matt’s cock responded, throbbing and swelling within the controller, but his balls remained unaffected.

Doing this for a second time, with a smaller amount of the formula, he measured up his cock. 14½ inches long, and 3½ inches in width, perfect.


Part 4

“Aww, you’re not hard yet… don’t you find me sexy” Adam seemed a little upset that Matt hadn’t travelled round to his place with a raging boner, but with its increased size and the tight jeans he was wearing that would have been far too risky, it would have been painfully obvious to passers-by and it would have altered his gait even further, his heavy balls having already done so quite drastically.

“Well, I thought it would be sexier for you to watch it swell to capacity,” Matt smirked, kissing the other male on the lips passionately as he stripped him down till he was standing naked before him.

“All right, I’ll forgive you… if you give me a striptease.” The dark haired teen smiled sweetly and fell back onto his bed, using his arms to prop himself up to watch.

“Fine by me,” Matt laughed and, wiggling his hips sexily, turned round so that his plump butt was facing his boyfriend. In time with a tune of his own design he moved his body, dancing in a erotic fashion, bending forwards and moving closer to Adam he started to grind his soft, squeezable arse cheeks against the other male’s hard prick, buttjobbing him through his tight, bulge showing jeans. Turning to face Adam once more, Matt pulled off his shirt, then threw it aside tweaking his nipples and licking his lips as he eyed the dark haired teen’s rock-hard cock. His hips in constant motion, Matt’s hands slipped down his torso towards his zipper, grasping it firmly and releasing some of the pressure on his huge package. At this point though, Adam could wait no longer. Lunging forward the dark haired male grabbed at his boyfriend’s crotch, hastily pulling down the jeans and caressing the well stretched briefs within. It had been a real pain for Matt to get his almost melon sized balls into that pair of briefs, but after seeing himself in the mirror he knew that the struggle had been worth it. Looking down at the teen rubbing his junk, Matt could tell that his boyfriend had very nearly jizzed at the sight of his massive cock and huge balls trapped within the tight fabric, but had just managed to keep his cool, though this was the only way it showed as the other male leaned in, giving into his heated lust.

Adam licked and kissed the stretched briefs, rubbing gently in the spots that he knew Matt loved, squeezing the thick shaft firmly and feeling it begin to engorge thanks to his lust filled ministrations. Slowly but surely Matt’s fat cock grew thicker and longer within the briefs, making them visibly expand and stretch as they were forced well past their elastic limits. With a loud, lust satisfying rip the briefs were torn apart by the unstoppable force that was Matt’s growing cock. Smiling proudly at his achievement Adam retreated to the bed once more, admiring Matt’s figure, a thin young man with little visible muscle or body tone, but with a large slappable arse, a huge erect cock and giant, cum-filled balls. Something seemed different though, Adam wasn’t sure what, but he could tell that something was different about Matt’s member. It looked like Matt’s dick was… bigger? How was that possible? Jumping forward again, much to Matt’s surprise, Adam locked his lips around the thick, purple head of his boyfriend’s cock, not only tasting it but also examining its size.

“It is bigger!” he exclaimed out loud, shouting it so loudly that Adam nearly jumped up in surprise, his visual measurement confirmed by his expert lips. “It has to be a whole 2 inches bigger than before!” Adam was getting more and more excited, his stiff 9 incher leaking more and more precum by the second.

“Is it really? I hadn’t noticed… perhaps its just gotten harder than the last time.” Matt shrugged, his voice faltering nervously as he struggled to conceal his surprise at being found out, he was now starting to think that it had been a bad idea to bring the rest of the second bottle with him, what if Adam found it?

“No way, that can’t be it!” Adam was adamant that the dick before him had grown bigger, “There is no way that I’m wrong, I memorised your size when I first sucked you off, your cock has definitely gotten longer and thicker!!” He looked at Matt, his piercing eyes locked onto the brunette’s own, the way Matt had denied it just now had confirmed his suspicions.

“How’d you do it?” Adam asked bluntly, a serious look on his face. His excitement building by the moment, but kept from showing by anxiety and concern.

“I don’t know what you mean…” Matt mumbled in response, afraid that if he told Adam the truth, the promising relationship that they had just formed would be lost. Part of this, however, being that he didn’t want to tell his huge cock loving boyfriend that he once had a small dick.

“Matt, please… tell me.” Silence reigned for more than a few seconds as Matt considered his options. It seemed that he only had one choice, after all, he didn’t want to hurt Adam’s feelings.

Reaching over to the backpack he had brought with him he carefully retrieved the bottle of formula from within, placing it before his boyfriend. “What is it?” The dark-haired teen asked, gazing at the fluid filled bottle intently. Matt didn’t hear him. The brunette’s attention was focused entirely on the formula, staring at it, watching the way it shimmered in the dying light from the open window. “Baby?” Adam was becoming concerned at the lack of response he was getting from Matt and began to get even more concerned when he the other male started to undo the lid.

Hesitating for no more than a millisecond Matt tilted the bottle, letting a moderate amount of the liquid fall onto his thick cock and heavy sack, before sealing the bottle once more. A few seconds later Adam gasped in awe. Matt’s cock throbbed and swelled a bit longer and thicker while his balls, having taken the most of the liquid, slowly expanded. Okay, his balls were definitely melon sized now, if not bigger. Matt sat there, staring at his junk as the growth halted, his bloated, overgrown melon nuts resting on the bed and his cock breaching the gap between him and Adam to the tune of 15 inches.

“Why did I do that?” Matt suddenly spoke, his mouth dry and swollen, cum-filled balls sore from waiting, his meaty cock itching to fuck.

“Wow… It really, m-makes you bigger,” Adam whispered.

“Yeah, it was supposed to be a plant growth enhancer, but I found another use for it.” Matt stared at his crotch and the swollen orbs that rested on the bed below it, ‘Shit, why did I do that. They were already more than big enough,’ his mind shouted at him, subconsciously begging him to get rid of the formula.

“Fuck me now,” Adam mouthed back to the brunette, unable to move his eyes from the cock that had grown before him and hungry for it more than anything else.

“That’s it b-baby, k… keep g-going. M-more… almost all in. F… fuck, so big! I… I’m stretching… I’m stretching!” Matt kept up the pressure on Adam’s anus, pulling the dark haired teen down onto his monstrous cock as he lay on his back on the bed, moving his hips in short fucking motions to make deeper entry easier. “N- never… I’ve never… b-been str…etched so wwwide e-ever!” This was something that Matt was certain of. Adam had shown him his dildo collection and sure enough his dick was bigger than any of them, even without being shown them the sheer crippling tightness of his boyfriend’s innards and anus around Matt’s fat cock was a tell-tale sign. He was stretching the dark haired teen out more than ever before, ruining his anus permanently and making him ever more addicted to huge dicks. The sensations emanating from his swollen cock were overpowering and it was taking all of his strength to slowly feed his dick to Adam’s greedy and increasingly dilated hole. The first few inches had been swallowed effortlessly by his boyfriend’s expert bottom, but as his girth began to near its maximum the rapid progress into Adam’s bowels had slowed right down. All Matt wanted was to just pound his boyfriend’s tight arse here and now, but the other male was determined to take all of his 15 inch cock, determined to feel Matt’s crotch slap against his rump. Tired of waiting and eager to ream out Adam’s arse, Matt went all out in one last push and succeeded in stuffing the last inch into the other teen, much to Adam’s surprise and joy.

“It’s all in,” Matt panted, exhausted from the strain of holding himself back.

“Ooooohh… So full of cock. Mmmm, fuck me… fuck me hard. Destroy my sphincter and make me yours.” Adam moaned, placing his hands on his stomach, trying to feel the prick buried deep within him. “Fuck me until your cock has rearranged my insides and your sperm comes out of my mouth”

“Ha, only if you’ll ride me, cowboy!” Matt smirked as he helped Adam lift himself up and slam back down again, his firm butt colliding with Matt’s crotch and both males moaning from the pleasure of the action.

“Su… sure, my b-big horse b…boy.”

After about 5 minutes of fucking in this way Adam’s legs gave way, forcing them to change positions, something that Matt didn’t mind even though it meant he wouldn’t get to have his boyfriend cumming all over his chest from the sheer size of his dick any more. It seemed that the sheer girth of his cock was enough to stimulate the other male’s prostate with every thrusting motion, regardless of angle or force, it was quite simply being pulverised by his massive dick.

“Ohhh, fuck… I fucking love you” Adam moaned lustily. He lay on his back still holding his cum soaked stomach, even as he shot another load over himself. Matt was going full force now, taking no prisoners. Something made a little more difficult thanks to his balls which swung between his legs in this position, weighing him down, hindering his movement and occasionally smacking against the side of the bed, though this never hurt. Matt’s ravenous hunger for pleasure increased with every thrust, growing so great that by the time he was at the brink of orgasm he was slamming Adam so powerfully that his cock would certainly leave a lasting indentation in his boyfriend’s bowels. Then, when he finally came, his orgasm rocked his body with such ferocity that between blasts of cum he forced himself to fully sheath his cock in Adam, pushing the released semen deeper into the other male’s depths. Regardless of this though, the sheer volume of sperm itself would have been enough to force its way into every corner of his insides and fill his stomach full with creamy man juice. As the throes of orgasm left them both, for Adam had climaxed too at this final pinnacle of pleasure, they settled into the afterglow of orgasm, Adam’s entrance still plugged by Matt as they drifted into the realm of dreams.


Part 5

The sun and moon rose and fell, days passed and gave way to weeks as time passed, their time together extended by a gap year each allowing, their relationship to truly blossom. Ever since their proper first time together, Matt had found himself returning to the trunk under his bed every now and again. Sometimes just to check all was present and correct, yet sometimes for a sneaky drop or two of formula here and there. However, these additions to his size had slowly been becoming larger and larger increments. Each time he would leave satisfied and Adam would be thrilled by the extra length, girth or cum volume, taking it in his stride and enjoying sex more and more. However, Matt always found himself coming back for more, the last time his dick had grown so large that it had shattered his makeshift growth controller. With each application it was becoming harder to hide his package, not to mention harder to walk. Even the custom underwear that had been ordered last week didn’t fit when they arrived. Finding clothes to fit his enormous manhood into was now just too difficult.

“Do I have some kind of problem?” Matt mused out loud, sitting naked in his room having just emptied the third bottle of formula. He hadn’t used up all of this and the previous one himself, Adam had some growth done too, a larger butt, bigger cock, bigger balls, longer nipples, larger anus. Matt was quite surprised that it had worked on the last two that Adam had wanted, but hadn’t questioned his boyfriend’s motives. Adam’s nipples had always been sensitive and an anus that made entry easier for him wasn’t a bad thing in Matt’s mind.

Whatever way he looked at it though, they had collectively used too much. Three bottles lay empty in the trunk, next to the seven filled ones, Matt hadn’t had the heart to throw them away… for the sake of happy memories. Come to think of it, he needed to measure himself so that he could tell Adam just how much he had taken later after their evening fuck. His cock had long been visible as a bulge when he fucked his boyfriend and the bulge was only getting more and more pronounced, his dick effectively distended Adam’s stomach by about 1½ feet now. His favourite tape measure at the ready he set about the difficult task of measuring his truly gigantic manhood. Long gone were the days when it had been easy to reach the end of his cock, now it was a struggle to even masturbate properly. 38 inches long, 12½ inches in width… and Adam managed to take it yesterday when it was just a tad smaller; his hole was stretched beyond redemption now. Tossing the tape measure aside Matt leaned back against his door mirror, legs spread to accommodate his overinflated basketball sized nuts, he had been very careful not to let them get any of the formula, they were big enough as they were. He looked up, gaze shifting from his now forever gurgling and groaning balls to the open trunk. He had to look past his cock to see it, he was big enough now. He was definitely never, ever going to use that formula again now.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

One week later…

The start of a new day and a fresh week brought no solace to Matt. He hadn’t used the formula in days, both he and Adam had agreed that enough was enough, but still… he yearned to grow. Lying in bed, his eyes were open wide as they had been all night. He was unable to sleep at all and was almost constantly sweating, more out of fear than anything else, he could hear it… a voice, silent as the grave… calling him from under his bed. Pleading for him to open the trunk and let them out. Was he going crazy? Only madmen heard voices in their head. Unless… unless there really was someone locked in the trunk!! Rolling off of the bed and cursing as his balls bounced off of the bedroom floor, he reached under the bed and yanked out the trunk, opening it in a flash to reveal… nothing. Three empty bottles, seven full ones. Nothing more, nothing less. Sighing loudly, a sigh that turned into an exhausted chuckle.

“Of course… of course, I’m just tired.” Matt’s laughter was nervous, his gaze unconsciously slipping to eye the contents of the trunk, the shimmering liquid waiting inside the bottles. Biding their time, waiting for their release. Calling to him, the silence speaking as words and beckoning to him. Open the bottle… let me out, use me… you want too. This was preposterous. He was definitely… probably just tired from the lack of sleep. Matt wanted nothing more than to sleep, even if it meant opening the fourth bottle. To stop growing ‘cold turkey’ had been a foolish thing to do, he needed to wean himself off of the formula. Shuffling uncomfortably where he sat, Matt reached for a bottle, taking one completely at random he stood up and held it aloft before him, looking through it as if to examine the purity. Satisfied by its appearance he removed the lid carefully, tilting the bottle till a single drop formed at the opening. With a tap of the side the droplet broke its bonds and fell onto the flesh waiting below. It glistened on the skin of Matt’s flaccid cock for a moment before soaking in, sending an unfamiliar wave of energy across his body. Having never before experienced this Matt shook violently in surprise, causing him to quickly loose his balance and fall backwards onto his rear, the unstopped bottle taking a severe jolt and spewing a large proportion of its contents all over his soft cock and sperm bloated balls. With the added surprise of having formula so violently splashed across his package Matt let the bottle go.

Matt was stunned, he couldn’t believe that this was seriously happening. He tried his best to take stock of the situation but was too shocked to think. His eyes were a little blurry but he could at least make out the bottle as it lay next to his flaccid prick atop his stretched sack, pouring its contents over his bloated orbs, not to mention his dick itself. Gazing lazily at his package he failed to comprehend the sight before him, though there was no mistaking the feeling of a growing cock and swelling balls. As the last few drops of formula spilled from the bottle onto his hefty sack Matt finally broke out of stupor, but there was nothing he could do. Resigning himself to the inevitable consequences of this spill he lay back and let the growth take him, watching as his sack tightened and groaned, his nuts gurgling within and expanding unstoppably. They churned increasingly audibly as the seconds passed, filling with more and more seed until each bloated ball had long surpassed the size of watermelons. As the growth of his balls slowed and stopped, Matt was left with a sack stretched around two beach ball like nuts, heavy with sperm waiting to be blasted from his cannon sized cock, one that was swelling not only with the effects of the formula, but also with the natural engorgement of an erection. His already massive softy was rapidly becoming a gigantic, raging hard on, creeping up towards the ceiling and fattening and stretching well past its previous maximum size, growing until it was more than double its previous length and thickness.

“Ohhh, I’m fucking huge!” Matt groaned deliriously, staring at his now 6½ foot cock, a mammoth prick with a horrific girth that would tear arseholes apart the world over. “I’m… too big,” he panted, desperately trying to scramble to his feet, weighed down by his meat and balls. Matt’s monstrous tool was bigger than he was and was no doubt heavier than him too, so heavy and so hard! Falling under its own weight he angled his cock to fall onto the bed and then began the task of trying to stand, something that was, for once, easier than he had expected. His nuts had grown to such an extent that they rested on the floor whether he was reclining, sitting or standing, leaving him with only the weight of his titanic member to deal with, though walking with these fat and heavy balls was going to be tricky. It was as he stood, examining the situation he was in and trying to work out how to shift his new endowment, hand movements slowly changing from gripping to caressing, that the door slowly opened.

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