OnlyFans blow up

by UberPump

 A young novice of an influencer begins his first live stream service on OnlyFans. He’s discovered a fantastic cum enhancer that causes his testicles to produce tons of sperm and wants to share this with his small fanbase. In his mistake, he forgets the “Only take One” warning on the bottle. His balls begin pumping out cum in such quantities he can’t seem to orgasm fast enough...

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Staring at the screen… my cock and balls lubed up and ready for the show.

I’m looking at a promising new profile of a guy who says he’s got something new he wants to share with the world—a world of persons enamored by huge male genitalia. Anyone who’s willing to push the boundaries and do anything for us freaks here on OnlyFans.


I get ready.


The anticipation of what’s possible.



Show time…


The camera turns on with a skinny little dude, probably no more than 21 or 22 years old comes into view. He’s clearly a college student as what appears to be a dorm room in the background comes into focus. The prize of the show is laying soft in his lap. His legs are spread-eagle, set wide apart to accommodate his thick balls. The look disproportionate on his lithe frame, his nutsack bulging with two walnuts. His cock, however, is small in comparison…throbbing to erection at a measly 5 inches long but girthy, as it swells in the middle to the thickness of what appears to be 2” or more of thick, short cock.

“All right guys…” he says nervously, showing his apparent newbie skills at this livestreaming thing. “I… I’ve never done anything like this before… but I wanted to share this with the world.” He leans forward and grabs a bottle of what appears to be a supplement bottle, the label unreadable in the focus and awkward lighting of his unprofessional setup.

“Oooohhhh… what is that?” one commenter says.

“Maybe it’s Viagra or something…” another says.

He puts a couple of them into his palm. Setting the bottle down, he grabs a glass bottle. Probably vodka. He’s clearly delusional if he thinks this is gonna work…

My hand is down my underwear… my own cock and balls swollen in anticipation of whatever show he’s planning on performing with the thick short cock he has.

“Here it goes… Let’s have a swell time…” he says as he winks at the camera. He throws the lot of them into his mouth and takes a swig from the bottle.

“Now we sit and wait.” He’s stroking his fat short cock. Its veins are pulsing on its thick surface…

“Oh yea… so horny,” he says, closing his eyes and biting his lip.

“You know… I’ve done this one other time and I made a huge mess.” He winks, then goes back to stroking his cock. He cups his balls in his right hand and moans.

“Fuck… they feel so full,” he says, sweat dripping down his forehead and his lithe little pecs. His abs are contracting as he begins huffing from the arousal. My own is growing in anticipation.

He removes his hand from his balls, and they come into view once again.

“Holy shit!” one person says on the livestream.

“Are they bigger?!” someone else screams on the screen.

They’re right. The once walnut-sized balls have swollen in his trim, smooth sack. They’ve turned red, with angry veins pulsing through the skin. He moans.

“NNNNhuhnnn… So full…” he grunts with pleasure. His hands grip the arms of his chair as he begins moving his hips slowly up and down, the veins growing on his lower abdomen. Then…

“Oh god! No, it’s too much!” he moans, his body tensing. Veins pulsing on his lower abs and his forehead. Face red, sweat dripping furiously from his face and small perky pecs. The cum gutters of his small four-pack abs contract and relax over and over again.

*SChrlorg…* “Fuck!” he screams as I and all his viewers look on. My cock is pounding furiously as the sight before us unfolds and his cock lobs a thick, white volley of cum…

“Did his balls just grow?” someone comments…

Sure enough, before my eyes I see the man’s balls shift in the tight sack. The orbs swell steadily as a small but imperceptible churning sound can be heard over the speakers. He looks down in a panic…

Oh my god! No… this isn’t like last time!” He seems alarmed… but still aroused. “I…I’m supposed to cum when I’m this full… fuck!” He grunts as another surge of growth pushes his balls further out. Their burgeoning size begins pressing into his thighs.

The swelling continues as they appear to be approaching tennis balls. His nut-sack is an angry red as it bulges forth from the orbs engorging with cum.

Ohnnnnnhuh…. Please stop!” He grabs the sides of his growing balls… “I should’ve never taken more than one…”

I’m stunned… the sound of cum sloshing can be heard with every move he makes in his chair.

*SLOSH* *GLORCH* as a throb pulses across his painfully swollen gonads. His balls are purple with pressure.

“These things feel like they could pop!” he says. His hands immediately shoot to his cock… he begins rubbing furiously. The swelling continues… on and on… balls expanding, jostling around in their bloated size like a couple of overfilled water balloons.

Geezus!! Just let me cum!” he moans, his balls filling the space between his thighs. His legs are now spread as wide as they can go. Cum, thick and white is now dripping from the tip of his cock as it furiously inflates his testicles to their limit.

“You have no idea how big these feel guys. NNNNhuh… It’s… It’s sooooooo tight… and …. And… ex….” He pauses.

“Explosive…” someone on the chat finishes for him…

“Oh no… not another one…” he moans… his balls lurch… a creaking sound emanates from his boated nuts as the oversized orbs grow to the size of massive avocados. Then each globe of a testicle expands past that size and onto the next… his precum now pouring heavily from his purple cock. The scene is erotic in its glory as expanding flesh spills forward…

*FLUMP* As his balls expand, they drop off the front of the chair…

Ouch!” he screams. These massive nuts filling up with cum like a couple of water balloons must weigh a ton as he immediately leans forward. Grabbing underneath, he brings them up to his lap and stands, holding bloated flesh in his arms. He moves toward the camera, the sound of stretching skin getting louder as he approaches the computer screen. The balls fill the view as cum is currently gushing out of his cock. He moves the camera to face the bed. Plopping down, he groans.

“I don’t know how much more I can take guys… Any ideas? I need to cum before they burst!” He rubs the sides of his balls, their circumference rounding out fatter and fatter. The skin of his sack very dark in color as his cum filled testicles spread out on the mattress. This angle is closer to the action, giving us a vantage point with more detail.

“Would you look at that!”



The commenters are going wild. More and more viewers tune in as the link gets shared thousands of times.

*GROOOOAN* *CASPLORCH* As his balls violently shudder, swell, then launch a big volley of cum…

Ahhh! That fucking hurt!” he screams. His cock bucks hard as a massive glob of cum forces its way up the shaft, visibly swelling it along its length before violently bursting out of his purple, swollen cockhead.

“Damn it! I need to cum!” he says as his balls slowly swell forward, massive in their bloated size. Sloshing with a couple of gallons of baby batter… so much flesh groaning and stretching in all directions. The sound of a creaking balloon struggling to fill with more manly fluid than humanly possible permeates the air. The show is just getting started as we see a streak of purple race its way across his sack as a stretch mark appears.

“Oh my god…”

“Hey… He looks a little too full…”

“How much more do you think he can take?”

“I don’t know but that stretch mark isn’t a good sign…”

“Damn. Can yall hear this? I can actually hear them churning…”

“Are they rumbling?”

“Someone needs to call for help…”

The comments pouring in… His balls are overflowing with juice as they audibly gurgle… another violent lurch comes as they fill up more space in his sack. The flesh is wobbling side to side as they grow bigger, fatter, heavier, visibly sinking further into the mattress. The cock is obscured now by the massive purple balls, two massive oblong orbs pulsing and swelling larger than grapefruits… looking like a couple of very fat cantaloupes, shuddering as they struggle to get any bigger.

“Fuck… I’m about to…” A violent spray of cum rockets out his cock—a pressure release of sticky cum spraying into the air, coating everything…

Damn it! It hurts so much!” he screams as his cock sprays continuously. His pulsing flesh bloating up bigger with more thick, hot cum faster than it can escape.

Oh god, this is it!!” he says, as the camera goes white from a stray blast, accompanied by the continuous sound of swelling flesh in the background. The camera goes dark as the sound of splattering cum echoes through the speakers.

*Live Stream Interrupted*

“Damn it!” I say, stroking my leaking cock furiously as I wonder how much more cum his balls could take before they explode. The left-over image of two crimson orbs pulsing and straining against the thin skin of his vein covered sack pushes me over the edge. My own cum explosion starts coating my desk.

I hope he’s back soon with an update…

Similarly Named Stories: You might be looking for: “OnlyFans blow up 2” by UberPump.


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