My roommate’s soft spot

by brazboy

Guilherme’s tall, handsome, and muscular roommate seems like the perfect guy, but he has a big secret that not everyone can really accept—not even himself.

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Part 1: Discovering My Roommate’s Soft Spot Guilherme’s tall, handsome, and muscular roommate seems like the perfect guy, but he has a big secret that not everyone can really accept—not even himself. (added: 24 Jul 2021)
Part 2: Revealing My Soft Spot for My Roommate
Part 3: Self-Pleasure Guilherme gains a deeper understanding of Leandro’s life with a mouthcock after their first night out in public together and, later, a visit from Leandro’s brother. (added: 31 Jul 2021)
Part 4: How to Hide a Mouthcock
Part 5: Family Visit
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Part 1: Discovering My Roommate’s Soft Spot

It’s Sunday and I’m alone at home, ass on the couch, foot on the coffee table, wrapped in a blanket, hugging a bag of popcorn and watching a lame comedy on Netflix. The door bursts open and I quickly take my foot off the coffee table as my roommate rushes in.

“Dude, why are you home so early, weren’t you on a date with that girl from Santos?” I ask, while he runs behind me without even opening up his mouth, straight to the bathroom.

“What the hell,” I think to myself, then screaming from the comfort of the couch: “Dude, you all right?”

I receive no reply, and as such, I repeat the question.

“Gno glissue gleere, gluy’m gleat,” he replies from the bathroom, sounding like his tongue is limp or something is wrong on his mouth. A few second later I hear the electric shower being turned on and the water hitting the floor, so I just shrug it off and go back to my stupid movie.

“Maybe it’s just another date gone awry for my roommate, as he’s been having trouble finding a lady since he broke up with his last girlfriend a month back,” I think to myself. Otherwise, it can just be because he is becoming increasingly awkward around me since he got single, which I am afraid can be due to an excess of attention I awarded him since then—I mean, while I know and accepted, intellectually speaking, that I had no chance whatsoever with his straight self, I feel like somewhere deep down I am treating him a little different after he becomes (theoretically) “available.” That self-consciousness makes me awfully fearful that I can end up freaking him out, making him mad, and ruining our friendship.

And so, I remain self-vigilant, trying to police myself when it came to Leandro: “don’t show too much interest in his life,” I repeat mentally.

In fact, diligently, I’m just about to forget about him when I hear several sounds of things falling, glass shaking and finally a low “ouch” coming from our bathroom. Those raise my suspicions that something else is wrong and, maybe even worse, that my roommate is destroying our shower box with his large frame in his hurriedness to masturbate under the warm water, probably due to being unused to having to use his hand to satisfy his needs in our small bathroom space. That thought made my cock stir up a little.

“Are you sure you are fine there?” I ask. He doesn’t immediately answer, but I hear some plastic hit the floor (I imagine shampoos and the like).

“Glyes?” his voice answers, seemingly less certain this time.

I don’t say anything else, until I hear more glass shaking followed by a loud sigh, finally proceeded by the shower being turned off and the noise of water hitting the floor vanishing completely.

“Glude, klan gluy glell glou glomething?” my roommate’s voice asks from within the bathroom. His voice seems weak, almost breaking; I actually almost missed his words, and even after I realized what he is saying I am very surprised and almost don’t believe my ears. Is this 190cm-tall hunk of a roommate of mine really calling me from the bathroom with his voice breaking? My cock is snaking down my leg, trying to get space to harden.

Vade retro, temptation! I push my dirty thoughts back into the “forbidden” box in my mind, and as my mind clears I manage to notice that I am actually worried about Leandro—enough to leave my blanket, better judgment and popcorn aside, and stand up, and then go closer to the bathroom door to better communicate with him.

“Of course, dude, we are friends,” I reply, and he says nothing more. I then add: “What’s going on? You are not behaving like yourself. Did something happen during your date?” No reply again, and so I wait several seconds, before I complete: “I need you to talk to me, dude. Just a word and I’ll leave you alone.”

He doesn’t answer for about five second, and so I sigh, almost moving to return to my couch and movie, when I hear his hurried voice:

“Gno,” he says, “glits gletter glif gluy glow glyou,” and then slowly adds, almost pleadingly, “glut glease glont glaugh.” After he says those two sentences the handle of the door separating us suddenly moved.

At that very instant I panic. My mind is working at 1000km/h, visiting all possibilities: is he injured, did he have an accident, is he laughed at by his date, did he abandon her, did she abandon him, did he kill someone and need me to bury the body, does he want me to see him fucking naked? I surely hope it’s the last one—except no! He is my friend, my straight-as-an-arrow best friend and roommate. I just hope he isn’t injured and we’d have to hurry to the hospital at this late hour.

And as these thoughts cross my mind, at lightning speed, I prepare my best best-friend sympathetic one-size-fits-all-situations poker face, and that’s when I notice, the door is open.

The first thing that occupies my vision is the white light behind him, reflecting in all those tiles in out bathroom wall, overwhelming my eyes in a way. The second thing I notice is that he is wet—several droplets of water all around his nice frame, reflecting the light like small diamonds. He had a towel around his hips, hiding his manhood from my eyes, but I can see its contour in the white towel. His toned upper body, on the other hand, is visible. “What a sexy bastard,” is what crosses my mind, “how can he have any problems getting laid?”

Indeed, his body shows how active he is. Nice 6-pack abs, pronounced but not overly large pecs with beautiful round areolas and pink nipples pointing outwards; the well-defined arms of a swimmer, the long neck of a model. He has the perfect body, and his face… one glance at it is enough for my jaw to drop.

“Glude, gluy’m glorry, gluy gliglent gwant glo sglare glou glut gluy glont gnow glat glo kdo anglomore,” he says, with a large, dripping cock pointing outwards in between his lips, its head pointed towards our ceiling, well above my height. My eyes almost can’t leave that enormous piece of hard meat sticking out of his mouth like a spear, but I’m glad I do because I then saw his eyes are red and that he is crying. Like really, the tear-flowing type of crying.

My mind freaks out again, Leandro crying! My kind, rosy, always friendly roommate having a breakdown in front of me! This really us an emergency, and I know I have to do something, even if it means getting out of my comfort zone.

“Now, now, dude. C’mon, it will be fine. I mean, it is fine already. Come here,” I say, touching his arms with a sympathetic tap, not knowing what to do with myself.

He uses my movement to completely close the distance between us, and hugs me with his strong arms, pulling me in. Almost immediately, he starts sobbing on my shoulders, his mouthcock slightly scratching on my neck at times.

“Gluy’m glorry, gluy’m glory. Gluy gliglent gwant glo greak glu glout!” he says between sobs, his hard wet muscles now making my own clothes slightly moist, as we touched, his skin directly on my clothes except where they are further separated by his towel. His smell making my dick wet, and that cock sticking out of his mouth making my own mouth dry.

“No, no, you don’t need to be sorry,” I say, completely shocked, and now tapping his wide back and caressing it sympathetically as we hugged deeply and he sobbed on my shoulder. “But I… hmmm, I can use an explanation.”

“Glis… glis glard glo sgleak… glo gmake glyself glunderstood glike glis,” he says, still crying.

“Yes, man… that can be hard,” I sigh, trying to calm him down by fondling his back, my hand’s skin on his warm skin. Damn it feels nice. I hope he is feeling comforted by it. “Don’t you want to go back in there and… hmmm… take care of it first? I mean, it works like a dick, doesn’t it? Does it not go down after you… satisfy it?” I ask, pointing with my head back to the bathroom behind him.

He buried his head deeper in my shoulder.

“Gluy klant glo glit glyself.”

I wanted to say something like “it’s a fucking cock, how hard can it be?” but he is obviously sensitive about it—and by it I mean a lot more than just that hard mouthcock not allowing him to speak properly, but also this whole situation I am not fully grasping and which I had no idea how long it had been going for. Suddenly a thought crosses my mind—maybe, just maybe, I can help him? As that idea popped up in my brain and dominated my hopes, I just swallowed all my saliva and, with as much care as possible, trying to seem unfazed, I pronounced the words:

“Do you want help? From me, I mean. To take it down,” I say, and his head turns towards mine, his mouthcock then swinging towards my own face with its impressive longness almost touching my skin—so close, oh so tantalizingly close.

“Glwould glou kdo glit glor gme?” he says, voicing surprise. “Glarent glou glisgusted?” he asks. As he says that his mouthcock moved up and down, reacting to his attempts to communicate. Meanwhile his thick lips dance around his large cock, opening and closing to try (and fail) to enunciate the words properly, kissing his mouthshaft. Seeing it bobble up close now, it’s almost hypnotic—I can tell the mouthpenis is probably more than 30cm long, excluding however much is buried inside his mouth, and it emanates a strong heat and scent so close to my nose and mouth. It’s also wet, but I suspected not only with water. How did he hide this from me all this time? How can he?

“Not at all. Here, let’s go to the living room,” I say, breaking from our hug and pulling him with his hands all the way back to the couch. I sit first, and he sat then next to me.

“Now put your head here,” I say, tapping on my lap. He seemed a bit self-conscious about doing it. “It is okay, dude, trust me,” I say, and he surprisingly did. He laid on the couch, head on my lap, and I moved my right hand to caress his wet straight brown hair.

“Okay, it’s okay now. So, are you sure you want my help dealing with this?” I ask once again, his mouthcock now pointing straight up from his mouth, like a proud obelisk, towards the ceiling light. He nodded his head, making the hardwood shake, with droplets of its liquids flying, landing on our couch and my clothes.

“Okay, then. Let’s get this cock down already,” I say, and then raise my left hand towards the base of his mouthcock, just above Leandro’s lips. His lips are full, red and thick, and are hugging his cock tight. My hand also tries to grasp his whole shaft, but fortunately his cock is so wide my hand is insufficient. Still, I have enough of a grip to start stroking it, his foreskin moving up and down following my hand.

“Hmmm, glanks, glanks. Gloooo gloood,” he says, while I stroked his cock. I noticed, looking towards his face, that his eyes are now shut, and looking down towards the rest of his body, that he is literally having small spams in pleasure. His hips are moving up a little, almost like he is thrusting his groins up, but my gaze don’t rest there for long as his goods down there are covered by a white towel—and there is a perfectly nice and huge piece of meat standing up right in front of me.

Without ceasing to stroke his cock’s base and shaft, and without ever stopping my caressing of his hair, I lowered my mouth slowly, leaving it open so my saliva would drop on his red mouthcock. He grunted with my touch, and then suddenly released a loud moan and opened his eyes in surprise when he feels my lips kissing his mouthcock’s head. I also used my tongue to fully “undress” it of the foreskin which protected it. Once his cockhead is fully revealed, my tongue travels a little down, teasing his wet urethra. Leandro seemed surprised at my actions—delighted, I guess, but definitely surprised.

“Gli… gliglerme!” he tried to say, but he can’t really voice my name now, and even less so once his whole large head is within my mouth. I lick it with my tongue crazily, hungrily, as if I want to taste all of his purple head, which is exactly what I am doing. As a favor, his cock also decides this is the perfect moment to present me with the first droplets of his precum, which I savor as if it are Godly manna.

By then, Leandro’s eyes are wide open and they don’t leave mine. He stares deep into my eyes with an intensity which is unsettling, as if he is trying to read my thoughts. I try to soften my looks, to show him how fond I am of him and how much I am enjoying tasting his body, even if only this once.

And then I go further down on his cock, taking 8, 10, and then 12 and 15 centimeters in my mouth and throat. His eyes widen, his mouth opened—as much as it can around his humongous shaft—and I can now feel his breath on my nose which I am not proud to say I really liked. His moans, though, are driving me crazy, and by then my own cock is solidly hard below his head, which is still laid on my lap.

Talking about cocks, I once more looked down on his muscular body to notice his lower cock poking out of the towel. From the corner of my eyes it seemed like it’s a sort of twin of the rod I had now in my mouth: large and meaty, 30-odd centimeters long, half as thick, almost a soda bottle. Who can ever deny anything to this stud?

His cock is delivering more and more precum in my mouth. It tastes sweet like pineapple and coconut, salty like seawater; but it overflows my own capacities and as such it’s dribbling down Leandro’s cock, back into his head and mouth.

I start going down on his dick with more passion and fully, going all the way up and licking his mouthcock’s head and then sinking back in, 15 and then 20cm, making his cock hit the back of my mouth and even my throat, and rest in my warm and wet system for a while, before going back up again and leaving his horniness out in the cold air once more—and repeating the procedure. That seems to drive him crazy, and soon his head is moving up with me, not letting his mouthcock leave my mouth entirely anymore.

Once I pull further, enough for his mouthcock to be left alone and unprotected from the elements, dribbling its abundant salty liquids on his head, and he protests “Glo!” and then moves his hands up to hold my head and pull it down on his mouthcock. He then proceeds to thrust it in me almost entirely, which is confusing and initially almost made me feel like puking, but all his precum which I had ingested seems to have some sort of soothing effect both on my muscles and my instincts, allowing me to receive almost all 30-odd centimeters of his thick herculean mouthcock.

Surprisingly to me, in a second thrust he brings my head even further down. Our noses touch: his is wet with sweat, and feels a little cold to my skin. His green eyes are always staring deep into mine, but they seemed to increasingly lose their surprise and gain other, more tender, lights. He pushes me further down, making his whole cock enter my system, and our finally lips met. I feel a tickling shock in my spine when that happened, and even more so because he chooses to rub his lips on mine, and then push my lower lip with his lower teeth, tantalizing me. I almost wish he doesn’t do it, because it feels too intimate—but God, is it good.

This leads to two feelings growing in my heart of hearts: lust and hope. Both combine to make me want to please this man in a way he’d never forget. I move my body more to the side, from under his head increasingly to his left, and then above him, as I still kiss his mouth and host his thickness in my own mouth and throat. He pants from the space between his lips and the tower of flesh in between them, hurriedly.

Then I use my now-free hands to remove my pants, releasing my own 29cm cock from its fabric prison. I rest my weight on Leandro’s body, and he seems to like it as he moves his hand to my back, pulling me closer to him—and then finally, using his powerful legs, he throws away the towel which had partly covered his lower body. Now, our dicks rub together, both wet in precum; and our lips meet, both sharing the warmness of his mouthcock.

He smiles at me with his eyes, and I reply with mine, as both our mouth are busy. Most of our energy is spent sucking, teasing each other’s lips and the rest moaning and grunting. He face-fucks me with his own mouthcock, and I reciprocate by then holding his head in place when his mouthrod is buried in my throat at the deepest point. I push my ready tongue out of my mouth, in order to try to meet the root of his mouthcock in its own wet house, finding it attached to Leandro where his tongue would have been.

While he seems to like my exploration of his mouth with my tongue, mirroring his own occupation of my mouth and throat with his upper cock, he is not too busy there to forget our lower bodies. Both his warm hands move between us—not to push us apart, but to pull our cocks together in a strongly held embrace. Using two hands, he manages to control both of our girths, and then stoke them together, which drove me mad, to the point that my hips started perfectly following his hands’ movement up, and then down; back and then forwards.

Wanting to control me further, he raises his legs around mine and tied them above my back, forcing my own hips even closer to his. He then releases his own cock, while holding onto mine with his right hand. Then, with his tact alone, he directs my manhood south.

Soon, he lays my cock between his ass cheeks, which are spread-out due to the nature of his legs’ upward position, holding me down. When my shaft touches his asshole, his whole body shook, apparently as hungry for me as I am for him. I look into his green eyes, who seemed decided, and his right hand then positions my cock’s head right on his asshole, like a sword facing its sheath. Then, before I can even act, his powerful legs presses my hips inwards, and my penis slides in. When my head pops fully inside his asshole, he screams in joy, his cry muffled only by his own large mouthcock. Yet, his leg forces me down—and further inside him—almost against my better judgment, making his intentions more than clear.

His ass welcomes my size warmly, although it’s tight and apparently unexperienced. Hungrily, his legs push me in until my balls met his ass cheeks, skin against skin, and only then does he give me space to slide out, and back in, until I start pounding his asshole, going as deep as possible every time as he moaned ecstatically. My balls, to my delight, meet his firm ass cheeks with a powerful slap every time I repeat the organic movement of fucking.

Almost like a mirror, Leandro also starts pounding my throat with his larger mouthcock, and soon we are fucking each other’s holes harder and more senselessly than I’ve ever fucked or been fucked before. Leandro’s pleasure is clear to me, not only in his eyes and his moans, but also in that his mouthcock is releasing glorious amounts of precum for me to swallow, which leaves my whole body energized while also allowing me to accommodate his size and accept it in his anxious, almost desperate hammering. Its generosity is, however, too abundant, and its excess leaked over my roommate’s face, making him shine like he deserved.

After a few minutes of heavy pounding, his face seems serious and I sense his mouthcock tremble. He tries to alert me of something, but his mouthcock is too hard for him to properly say what it is. Soon enough, I feel my throat be invaded by his hot jizz, which flows down to my stomach, to my very great satisfaction. Far from satisfying him, however, that gives him more impetus. His now deflating mouthcock is stolen from its home—my throat—and as his lips are liberated from stretching around the ivory tower of his hard upper manhood, he finally shows me a grin.

Soon, his arms are overpowering me, and he turned us around with his gentle but firm arms—now I am bellow him, and he is above me, my cock still in his ass, his mouthcock resting on his cheeks, still too long for his mouth. As his mouthcock hangs outside of his mouth, increasingly limp, cum dribbling from it and falling down on my chest. His eyes gaze over my whole body, apparently happy with what they see, and so, as if challenging me, he starts to fuck my hard 29cm cock with his muscular ass. I don’t think I can hold up for long, and my face probably tells him that pretty clearly.

As he pounds my cock with his ass, his pecs bounce up and down, like a delicious moving Michelangelo statue. It’s hard for me to accept that this is not a dream, and that I am in fact fucking my delicious roommate in the ass, feeling his weight on my body. Rescuing me from such useless thoughts comes my roommate’s voice, now much clearer than before:

“Can… ughh… I kiss… . hrrrr… .you?” he asks, still a bit shyly, with his softening dripping wet mouthcock (which is still too large for his mouth by a lot) dancing while he tries to enunciate well—and continued to hammer my hard cock with his ass.

I can hardly believe my ears, and I just smile then and there. My response is grabbing his beautiful lower cock with both my hands, and starting to stroke it hard.

“Please do,” I respond, and he then lays his arms on each side of me, to better support his weight, making me feel small—almost engulfed by him. Contained, sheltered.

Slowly he closes the gap between his torso and my own, while never ceasing to hammer his asshole on my hard cock, and while I try—with less success—to stroke his cock between our abs. His face comes closer. First his limp mouthcock dangles almost in front of my mouth. Then his nose meets mine, and his eyes meet mine, and his mouth finally meet mine as well. This time his mouthcock eagerly swam in my mouth, more like a tongue under Leandro’s full control than a controlling cock, but equally taking possession of its natural habitat there.

We kiss longingly. It takes so long, the kiss, to kiss. I continue to shag him, but now my hands move from his cock to an embrace. I wanted to eat him up with my arms and body, if I can. My cock in his ass, out and in again, it feels good—it feels right for me, and his eyes tell me he likes it too. Am I being too hopeful? Projecting? Fuck this, fuck him, fuck us together. Let this just continue. Now and ever.

As we kiss, my balls finally call for clemency: they burst, I explode. My mind flies, away, and back. Leandro takes all my cum, and only after I stop moaning and releasing inside him does he let me take my cock out. He stays on top of me, however, his weight weighing me down, and his hardon between our abs provoking my exhausted libido, when he says:

“You can’t imagine what this means to me,” he says, looking down on me, dripping sweat from his hair, I now notice.

“Release?” I suggest, he smiles.

“Of course!” he replies, excitedly, his hard cock dancing between our abs as he talks and moves on top of me. “But, I… well, you liked it as well, right?” he asks, getting red, looking bothered. Looking like my answer is important to him. I nod.

“Of course, it’s amazing. You are a great fuck,” I say, kind of screaming at myself inside my head for that, but unable to say more.

“Thanks,” he says kind of flatly. “I… I was really afraid you’d find me a freak. You know, the whole cock-in-the-mouth thing… ,” he starts, and I quickly interrupt him.

“There’s nothing you can do to make me think you are a freak, dude,” I tell him, and then slowly add: “I just wonder how you kept this hidden from me for all these years. Did you never get a random hardon around me? Or are you just an expert magician to be able to swallow your sword?” I joke. He looks funnily at me.

“Oh, hell, I do! It’s not easy, but it’s a life-or-death situation for me. I never really told anyone about it willingly, I don’t really feel comfortable with it. I do like it, I guess, but I know it looks disgusting to other people…” he says.

I interrupt him by moving my right hand near his face, and then towards his mouth, forcing my way in, and then grabbing his large, but soft, cocktongue. I then say, enunciating every syllable: “This,” I play with it, “is sexy as fuck.”

He smiles and his face gets a flush of blood.

I am about to remove my hand from his mouth when he holds my wrist, forcing it to stay put with his overwhelming strength. He then he licks my fingers with his wet soft cocktongue. I notice it slowly hardening and lengthening again, as it wetly played with my fingers.

“You have no idea what it… you saying that… means to me,” he says between licks, looking so relieved of tension that it’s actually shocking to realize this huge handsome God of a man is so insecure about something so small (well, metaphorically, not physically) and also so wonderful.

“It’s not the first time you made it cum, did you know that?” he says, slowly, gazing my reaction carefully. I admit I am surprised at that, and I must have looked the part because he gave me a smirk. I can’t even register his comment, initially, and just replies:

“What do you mean?”

“Well,” he says, between sucking on my fingers, “each time my cocks cum, both of them. For at least a year now. It has been because of you.”

“You don’t mean that,” I accuse, for no reason at all other than me not trusting what he says. I want to kill myself for my hard tone as the words leave my mouth, but his eyebrow goes up, curious as ever, “You like women, you had a girlfriend,” I state.

“Yes, and we broke up,” he says matter-of-factly, “But I also like cock, a lot. And not only the two I carry,” he completes. I am about to say something when he kisses my hand, then bites his lips, nervously, and then opens his mouth, decidedly: “But I really, really like you,” he completes, leaving me without words.

It takes me a second to reply, still confused, overwhelmed, a mess.

“But you are always going out with women! Even today!”

“Yes,” he says, “I am… I am sorry. I have been trying to go out with other people, women and men, but I haven’t been able to. If my… physical defect weren’t enough, I just can’t get past, I mean, I just can’t get you out of my mind,” he says, way too fast for me to carefully process what he is saying. He then breathes in and out, his torso expanding and contracting against my skin, emanating its calming heat, before continuing: “I don’t want to make you uncomfortable… you don’t have to do anything. There’s really no pressure.” He gets up from being on top of me. Totally naked, his leaky hard lower cock shakes as he moves, droplets flying everywhere. “I just wanted to come out to you, fully. As a bisexual, bicocked male, and someone who likes you too.”

“You… could have told me before?” I say, trying to sound strong, but even as I say those words they are weak, clumsy. A lousy excuse of a reply from a man that doesn’t want to be as brave towards his mate as he is being to me.

“True,” he looks a bit guilty all of a sudden, “I… is kind of afraid.”

“Afraid of what?”

“That you’d hate it. That you’d hate me for it all, for part of it. And even if you don’t, I am afraid you’d not want me.”

“You can’t be serious,” I reply, sitting up now, my eyes about as high as where his large cock starts on his crotch.

“Why not?”

“How can I not like you?” I say, looking at his hot body and handsome face, and completing, “you are the nicest guy I know, my best friend if there is anyone who cares about that.”

“I don’t mean like me like that. I like you romantically… there I said it!” he says, almost too softly, like he is emotionally tired. He must have been.

“So, what now?”

“It’s okay, you don’t have to like me or feel sorry for me. I just wanted you to know that and now you know. I just hope we can remain close friends.”

“No, you don’t get it,” I say, almost afraid the bird of luck would fly away if I don’t catch it now, with my own two hands.

I stand up from the couch. I am in front of him, basically on him, as the space we stand on is small. Our pecs touch, his hard cock touches my abs, I am aware of all that. But above all I am aware of his eyes, 5cm above mine more or less, looking down on me, and yet, completely focused on the power my words had over him and his happiness. Conscious of that, I tried to be careful, but also assertive, “I like you too. I liked you when you were, well, when I thought you are straight, but I had kind of pushed those feelings aside. Now you came to me, you opened yourself to me in so many ways. So, I want to ask you, what now? I want to… if you want to… try something new. We can, if you want, try to go out. Would you give me that chance?”

His eyes widen in surprise. His arms suddenly hug me, and he raises my feet out of the ground.

“My God, Guilherme! You must be joking! Did I die and go to heaven?” He puts me back on the ground. “You mustn’t be joking about this, promise me!”

“I swear. I want to try. Do you?”

He smiles, and then he opens his mouth to answer.

“Glone glundred per cent,” he answers, his hardening mouthcock poking between his thick red lips.


Part 2: Revealing My Soft Spot for My Roommate

I smile when I hear his reply. Maybe the largest, silliest smile I have ever had is stamped on my face. I can’t really believe; how lucky can a man be? We hug and kiss again, Leandro’s mouthcock hardening but still well under his control, dancing in my warm and welcoming mouth.

Leandro’s hard lower cock, meanwhile, painted by abs with precum—it’s still hard, not having come once yet, which made me feel bad for it. I broke our hug, and looked cheekily at my roommate/date.

“My bed or your bed?” I ask, he thought for a second and then lifted all 184cm, 90kg of me with his powerful arms.

“Gmine, gluy gwant glyour glsmell glin gmine glinen,” he says, and then carried me towards his room while I laughed. He threw me on his double-sized bed, making it creak with my weight, and then, before he can lay next to me, I ask:

“There’s one thing I still want to do though, a lot,” I say, and he looks at me inquisitively. I feel my ears turning warm and red. “Can you… would you fuck me in the ass with that large mouthdick of yours, while I taste your cock in my mouth?”

He smirks. “Glyour gwish glis gmy klommand,” he says, with his increasingly hard cocktongue bouncing in the air like a magical wand. Subsequently he comes closer to his bed. His arms find my legs and pull them up. He goes over me and, keeping his body upside down in relation to my own, and firmly settles his legs besides my arms, and his arms besides my legs, encapsuling me again with his larger frame.

His hard lower dick is now dangling close to my face, and his mouth and its delicious appendage hover next to my hungry ass. “Glis glis glo glyour gliking?” he jokes, while swinging his ass from left to right, making his hard lower cock sway in front of my eyes and mouth. My eyes follow his hard swaying cock, which drops precum over my body.

“You are such a tease,” I say, and then I lift my arms so my hands meet his hard butt and pull it down. My mouth opens to receive his cock, and I start suckling, taking his wetness in and tasting it with my tongue. It is delicious, but surprisingly more poignant in its taste then his the one in his mouth. When Leandro feels my suction his spine suddenly straightens, and his head is slowly lowered down between my legs from above.

First, he teases my ass with his mouthcock serving as a wet tongue, licking my skin, poking at my hole. I moan, I beg—although he probably doesn’t understand a word of it since my mouth is full of himself. But I know he can read my body, and as the respectful gentleman he has always been, he gives it what it wants—what it needs.

A large powerful log intrudes my system. No, two—one from the mouth down and one from the ass up. I am overwhelmed by the feeling of fullness on both sides: sucking, being fucked. He takes the lead and both his head and hips are now moving furiously in and out of me without respite—not that I need any. I moan, I gasp, I swallow, I hug and pull him in. He moans, he grunts, he pulls his two male spears out of me and hammer them back in again.

I feel taken, occupied by his powerful missiles which widen my world with their thickness. My cock, which is now hard, is laying on my abs and sometimes being teased by Leandro’s pecs when he lowers his head to hammer his humongous mouthcock in my ass. I am so close again, the second time tonight, but that only makes me redouble my efforts of pleasing his two cocks.

I suck, engulfing his whole lower hardness in my mouth, and his balls slap on my forehead as he fucks my face. Each slap is more overwhelming than the last, as the smell of his sweat dominates my senses, and the repeated sounds make me follow his rhythm. On my lower body, his tonguecock goes down deep in my ass, allowing Leandro to fondle my twin balls with his chin.

Suddenly his body straightens again, and the pounding of my throat gains speed. I could say it’s hard receiving his size, but it’s not. Apparently whatever properties his upper cock’s precum had of softening my muscles and holes, they are also possessed by its southern twin. Even when deep inside me, Leandro’s cock never feels too big.

In his natural movement, like the ocean following the moon, his cock goes so deep as to stretch my neck, and then it leaves me almost entirely, just to sink back in again. Leandro grunts, and then suddenly a final slap of his balls on my face: they rest near my eyes, large like mangoes, trembling in their pumping.

My roommate groans, his mouth fully occupied by his busy mouthcock, while his lower penis explodes time and again deep in my throat. I feel delighted, with his hot cum warming my insides as it washes down my throat. As his cock gets less hard, I use my own power to suckle any leftover cum before he can pull it from me—my tongue invading his cockhead’s eye in order to venture and clean it further, to which he reacts by suddenly raising his butt, as a jolt of electricity runs up his body when my tongue invades his cock’s unexploited inside.

Once his lower cock is out of me, I can focus on the feeling of being impaled by his thick mouthcock. There, he is using his significant muscular control over his unique organ to dig deeper into my being than anyone had ever explored, and to tease my insides with his mouthcock’s bobbling movement. He also resorts to pounding, when he feels that his mouthcock had already filled me peacefully for a sufficient amount of time. I remain there, legs open, just receiving his size in my ass and with my head looking up, as my body jerks in pleasure as a reaction to his pleasure—mouth panting, nose hurriedly sucking in air. And that goes on until he groans and cums deep in my ass, my insides eagerly receiving his seed.

“You are so unique,” I say, his mouthcock still in my ass.

He removes it slowly from me, making me tremble in pleasure and feel slightly empty for the first time tonight. His abundant semen leaks a little from my ass, and he lowers his head as to look straight at me—his soft cock hoovering above my head.

As his mouthcock softens, he gains more and more control of his speech back.

“Gdo glyou gmean gdat glin ga glood gway?” he asks, with a puzzled look on his upside-down face. I slap his ass with my hand and he shakes his booty, his large lower semi following in pace.

“Of course, idiot. What part of me liking you did you not understand yet?” I say, and he blushes and turns around, so he can be next to me and hug my frame with our heads being close together.

“The part where it’s not a dream,” he says, and kisses me with his large cock-like tongue. Our dicks rubbing together, until he grabs mine and starts to stroke it. I pant amidst our kiss thanks to his touch, but he continues stroking me, while leaving my mouth only for a second to proclaim: “Now you must cum for me as well.”

And I know I will, as he picks up speed—our kiss and his stroking of my cock with his large overpowering hands becoming more and more alluring to me. He has me literally in his hand, I guess. I can only give him what he wants, and I do so more than willingly. Cum flies out of my cock, reaching farther than it ever had before, in quantities hitherto unheard of: I paint his face and mine, both of our abs and pecs, and his bed, between us, in a vivid warm white color.

Seeing my pleasure, he smiles and releases my dick. “Time to clean it up,” he says, and starts licking my cum from of my face. After a few seconds, with our bodies still covered in sweat and cum, he puts his hand on my head and caresses it, like I had done to him earlier today.

“I think we can use a shower,” I suggest. He smiles and agrees.

We both go clean up. He showers first and I do so second, as our shower box is too small for the both of us to use it at the same time. When I leave the bathroom and go look for him in his room, I find it empty—his messy bed still dirty as we had left it. I then go to my room, tired and thinking mostly of sleeping. There I find him, laying on my bed, wearing nothing but his boxers.

“Can I sleep here today?” he asks, a bit nervously. “I’m too lazy to clean our mess now,” he adds, making a cute face as he hugs my pillow. He has a puppy pleading kind of look, like he is asking for a naughty favor, but little does he know he is the one doing me a favor by asking.

“I cum for you and you come to me, huh?” I comment, throwing him a second pillow on his face. He grabs it and then puts it right next to his head. He stares at me attentive and expectingly. I pick up the blanket and throw it on his underdressed body as well, and then lie under it besides him, placing my head on the pillow he had just set next to his face. I turn to the side opposite from his body, planning on going to sleep, when I feel his arm inconspicuously snake around me. It’s warm and it feels heavy.

“Good night, Guilherme,” he says.

“Good night, Leandro,” I reply.

“I hope we can do this again,” he says, ever so softly, almost to my ear.

“Always,” I reply, finding his hand with mine and locking his fingers with mine.


Part 3: Self-Pleasure

Leandro had been on the ninth heaven since he and his roommate Guilherme started going out and fucking around a week before. His roommate loved sucking and being fucked by his two large cocks, and so the 190cm tall, 22-year-old lad is feeling a level of self-satisfaction, sexual and emotional, that he hadn’t really feels in ages—ever since he realized how having a huge mouthcock made him extraordinary amongst his friends. There is only one problem, though—he had to push aside all thoughts of Guilherme while he is at his internship, or else he risked revealing his secret to the world. And it’sn’t it easy not to think of his handsome, muscular, nice, gentle and super-horny stud of a date during the full working day.

And yet he managed it, because he know Guilherme would be at their apartment, waiting for him with open arms, legs and mouth—and when they weren’t mating, they’d be having fun conversations, watching movies together, cooking for each other or generally having a great time.

But when he arrives home this Monday, the lights are all off.

A bit worried about Guilherme’s absence—he who, despite his looks, had a very organized daily routine—Leandro looks at his cellphone to see if his roommate and date had left him any messages. After scanning a bit pass useless Whatsapp groups he indeed found it there:

“Hey,” says the first message, and the following ones continued: “Huge work emergency, the Japanese sent our office a notice that they need all documents relating to their orange purchases asap, so I’ll be getting home late. I hate this fucking time zone mess, but at least we can use my overtime pay to go somewhere nice this weekend. Don’t wait for me. Love you (kiss emoji).”

Leandro sighs and collapsed on the couch, throwing his backpack on the floor, tired after a day of work and self-repression. After years containing his dicktongue and especially repressing his gay side in general—and his lust for his roommate in particular—this last week has felt like a paradise of liberation and fulfillment, but of course not every day can be the best in his life.

And yet, his mouthcock hardens in his mouth, slowly pressing against his lips until it forces them to open up, like some magic spell: abracadabra, and the large purple head reveals itself peeking through Leandro’s broad lips, already leaking profuse amounts of precum on his work clothes.

As the smell of his own precum dominates his nose, he feels increasing arousal. His hardening cocktongue slowly brings his meaty lips apart, and he decides to take off all of his clothes and deal with his horniness the old-fashioned way. He leaves the living room for his bed, laying there completely naked, feeling both his dicks hardening and his large mango-sized balls building up pressure. Then, Leandro’s hands—both of them—travel towards his lower cock while caressing his muscles, until they reached the proud rod and started stroking it kindly.

Leandro’s hands are hold his dick like a prisoner, containing its width with their constant pressure. Blood immediately rushes down there and his cock blooms to its full 36cm length—its size too large for his hands to fully cover by themselves, but not enough that the both of them working together don’t achieve marvelous results.

If he were any other person, the natural thing to do then would be to envelop this beautiful piece of meat with his mouth—but that part of Leandro is already occupied by his semi-hardened mouthcock, which dangles all the way past his chin to his neck. Leandro, who has had to deal with this issue many times in his life already, then proceeds to stroke his lower cock faster and faster with both his firm hands, until he is so horny as to be both squeezing his cock with his hands and effectively fucking his hands with his cock.

As his hips move up and down from the bed, supported by his wide back and powerful leg muscles, the furniture made a repeated creaking sound—clearly not designed to support this sort of systemic self-serving motion by a man boasting a mass of 112kg of muscle. He doesn’t spare any of his strength in beating his own meat, and as such the bed doesn’t spare any of its protestations either. Leandro doesn’t mind the noise, though—honestly, at that moment, he would not mind even if there were an explosion outside—and just continues masturbating, stroking his whole thick length with his powerful hands, his meat contained by his tight grip, all the while he hammers his huge cock in and out of his hands hold.

And soon he cums—his balls, which are beating on his ass as he thrust his hip up and down finally conceding defeat. Unfortunately, he can’t taste his own abundant cum—as he mouth is already occupied—so Leandro chooses to simply make it rain on his torso, covering his pecs and abs in coat of white and sticky male seed.

Leandro smiles around his now extra-hard mouthcock, as his lower cock deflates, feeling half satisfied. The other half would come now: he loweres his hips back on the comfy bed, all the while he raised his head and then torso, until he is basically sitting on his mattress, but with his legs still wide open. His mouthcock throbbed in anticipation, knowing what is to come.

It had been a while since Leandro last tried it, though, and so he is a bit anxious as well as excited.

First things first, Leandro raised his asshole and then plunged his fingers inside, keeping it stretched. As lubrification he used his own cum, which he collected from his torso—there is a reason why he always treated his lower cock first, after all. He moans as his fingers gently opened his asshole, exploring further and further up. When he feels a jolt of energy by having his fingers approach his prostate, he removes them, leaving his asshole empty.

And then, Leandro does his favorite trick: he plunges about half of his thick 36cm-long cock in his own asshole, and starts to fuck himself. Each time he hammers his pleasure rod in, he manages to go deeper than the previous thrust; 18 and then 19 and then 23 centimeters. As he fucks himself, the amount of electricity which runs in his system grew, and he responds by increasing his speed in a virtuous cycle, as he explores his own insides with his own cocktongue, feeling immeasurable pleasure in both ends.

He then imagines Guilherme, not necessarily joining him yet, but appreciating the human ball which he has become as he pleasured himself. Suddenly he thinks, “It’s freaky, but maybe he’d like that.” That idea burns in his mind, and he continues to fuck himself deep and hard until he cums inside his own asshole—a closed system of pleasure and fuckery.

As his mouthcock softens, Leandro removes it from his tired ass and strokes the last dribbles of cum from it, moving his wet sticky right hand to his mouth and tasting his male juices. He doesn’t miss his own taste—not really—as he can now enjoy Guilherme’s, but it’s nice to pleasure himself for a change, like back in the days, if not for the sake of comparison at least to reminisce.

Covered in his lower cock’s cum, and his own sweat generated by engaging in this thrilling activity, Leandro goes to take a shower—while still sporting two semis (one up and another one down). As he walks to the bathroom, some of his own cum dribbles down his asshole and his leg, and he realizes he is feeling mostly pleased and almost satisfied with his day—but still, he misses Guilherme, a lot more than he expected, actually.

After showering, Leandro then has dinner, which he cooks for himself—keeping the leftovers in the fridge in the off chance Guilherme would not eat at his office. After eating and washing the dishes he cleans his bed and changes the sheets, and then just lays down to sleep.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

At about six in the morning, a tired head peeks from the bedroom door towards Leandro’s bed where he sleeps like a baby. It is Guilherme, coming back from his work after having helped his team complete all the crazy requests of the Japanese in record time—they had only been released less than an hour before, as their workday ended over there in the other side of the world. Guilherme has cursed his Japanese customers enough on the way home, however, and is now mostly wanting to go to sleep and forget about his hellish day.

“Oh, there you are,” he whispered to himself, seeing Leandro sleeping in Guilherme’s own bed. Guilherme enters the room and just takes off his clothes, leaving them on the chair, and lays next to his sleeping roommate. “Can I join you?” he asks in a whisper.

Leandro, soundly asleep, doesn’t respond. Guilherme, unbothered, simply entered under the blanket next to his hot date, takes one of the many pillows Leandro usually had on his bed, and snuggles against the larger man’s body to bathe on his nice human warmth.

“Hmmm, hmmm,” voices Leandro in his sleep, moving in bed to get a better position after his roommate joined him. He turns around from looking outwards to facing Guilherme’s face directly. Crazier yet: in doing that his semihard mouthcock, which is poking about 10cm out of his lips and hanged outside the bed before, had now turned around 180 degrees and slapped Guilherme’s eyes with a loud “thud.”

At the very same time as that happened, sleepy Leandro’s legs and arms move up and hugged his new, warm and tired bedmate in a tight embrace.

Guilherme feels completely restrained, but also perfectly happy.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” he thinks to himself, and less than a minute later he is soundly asleep as well.


Part 4: How to Hide a Mouthcock

Friday night and as always Leandro and I have plans together. This time I convinced him to go out for a movie, and, exceptionally, also for a nice dinner at the Paris 9—a fancy restaurant which he was adamantly against going to until I told him I’d be paying with that extra money I got from the Japanese Orange Affaire, as I had been calling my latest office emergency.

After much insistence from my side, he finally agreed. We bought a ticket online for an action movie—his favorite—and prepared to go to the movies. We are both well dressed, maybe a bit too well-dressed for the cinema, but that’s because we’re going from there straight to the restaurant. Even as we leave the apartment, however, my heart is pounding, as I feel the volume in my left pocket: a small matching pair of matching men’s neckchains, as I wanted to formally ask Leandro to become my boyfriend for-real-super-serious-no-take-backsies.

He comes over and hugs me as we wait for our Uber to arrive.

“No need to be so worried,” he says, kindly. “I can contain my mouthpiece for one night, even if I spend it near you,” he finishes, smiling jokingly.

That’s not really what I am nervous about, but the thought of him spurting a huge mouthboner in public did pass through a different, less anxious my mind.

“And even if you don’t, we’ll be hidden by the dark of the cinema,” I point out. He shakes his head.

“I didn’t hide this from other people for 22 years by trusting their poor eyesight,” he responds. Before I can reply, however, our driver arrives and we are off to the cinema, talking about anything but mouthboners on our way there.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

For the beginning of the movie things are going well. We bought a lot of popcorn (my treat), and Leandro seems very invested in the story that is playing out on the screen—something about someone saving the world. After we finish our popcorn I find his hand with mine, and as our hands touch he suddenly turns his head my way, a bit surprised—before smiling and interlocking his fingers with mine.

After that, however, he becomes fidgety for a while, until I noticed his jaw is actually lower than usual when at rest. I look around—all darkness—and then whispered in his ear.

“Is your mouth full?” I ask, and his eyes widen. He nods, and then made a movement as if he are going to stand up—and presumably run to the toilet.

My hand pressuring down on his thigh, however, prevents him. “Don’t go. Kiss me,” I say, and his eyes becomes even wider.

I get closer to his face, but as my mouth approaches his he turns a bit to the side and so I kiss his cheek. As he watches my face from the corner of his eye, I decided to push our luck and then kiss his cheek again, although a bit closer to his mouth this time. I repeat this action twice more, until he had turned his head to face my and our lips touch fully.

As our warm lips meet in the cold, conditioned air of the cinema, his eyes seem to scream for compassion, but I don’t have any. I simply kiss once more, and this time he melts and opens his mouth for me, allowing his mouthcock to invade my own wetness, and granting my tongue permission to serve it.

As my tongue caresses his growing mouthcock, he mellows and closes his eyes. The movie might as well be playing in another dimension by now. We kiss, as his cocktongue explores and buries itself deeper in my mouth, until it reaches my throat—his precum already flowing, to prepare my muscles and internal system for his rod’s continual expansion and exploration.

Basically, as we kiss, I blow him. I move my head to the sides, and tease the underside of his hard mouthcock with my wet tongue. Fearful of revealing our situation, Leandro freezes in place and gives me all the initiative. With this power, I push his hardening mouthcock as far inside me as I can, his warm precum melting my insides, allowing me to host him ever further in.

Unsurprisingly, this absolute stud would not stay frozen forever and soon I feel his hand exploring under my shirt, caressing my pecs and abs, as he pulls my head even further in our lovely kiss, which is effectively the same as pushing his mouthcock even further inside me.

We kiss for a while, making slurping sounds which surely are noticed by the other people in the audience—although they most certainly cannot imagine what our mouths are really playing with. I attempt to create friction and pressure on Leandro’s mouthcock by moving my tongue, my cheeks and even by rubbing my teeth delicately against his cock’s skin. The teasing does its work, and his hand under my shirt almost squeezes my poor little right pec too hard as he loses his mind to bliss for a second.

He then openes his green eyes violently, looking at me with an urgency that I am already familiar with—he is going to cum. This time, I know, there is no second guessing: I needed to take it all, but I also wanted to maximize his pleasure.

In a move that make him mad in delight and fear, I actually backed down a little, separating our lips and thus revealing a peek (5 or 6 centimeters only) of his thick mouthcock to the universe—extending like a bright between us. He quickly pulled in to close the gap, effectively hammering his cockhead in my throat. I like it and thus repeat the action, pushing my face towards his first, and then pulling away, as he desperately but pleasurably jumps in to close any gaps that open between us. His movement—effectively his fucking my mouth—thus becomes like a dance, a sort of chase where I open a distance between us only to have him close it hurriedly, forcing his meat in and out of me to great mutual physical satisfaction.

That goes on until he cums, in gushes, several of them. The taste of sweet and sour inundated me as I eagerly accept all his cum. After 9 or 10 shots, it fizzles to a dribble, and it’s my turn to suckle as his mouthcock softens. When his manhood becomes small enough that I can reach its head with my tongue, I also use it to clean his rod’s slit. But as soon as he can Leandro retreats his tonguecock from my mouth and turns away from me, going back to watching the movie.

I am left filled with his cum, pleased and warm inside; him, apparently a little bothered and sweaty.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Once out of the movie, Leandro pulls me by my hand to a small quiet corner in the lobby where we can be alone. I follow him, a bit afraid of his reaction but above all a bit excited, thinking he might want to continue where we had stopped. When we got there, however, he swiftly turned to me, pale and aggrieved.

“You can’t do that! I was really scared! What if someone had seen… it?” he says, quietly but also very much seriously. I know then and there I had shaken a hornet’s nest.

“I’m sorry,” I apologized. “But no one will find out, it’s fine,” I added. He turned around, exasperated.

He tries to calm down before he says something, but his success is only partial.

You don’t know that. You cannot know that for a fact!” He is voicing every syllable very methodically. “I have not kept it a secret for 22 years by trusting no one will find out, and you don’t get to choose where I show it or not! You have no idea what it took to tell it even to you!” he says, angrily and more than a little hurt.

“I don’t mean that, we are just having a fun time,” I reply, defensively.

“Yes, you are. I am mortified,” he says, seriously. And then he stops for a second before he continues, as if taking into careful consideration whether or not to voice the words in his mind. Apparently he decided affirmatively, as he says: “You can have fun with it today, and then tomorrow go to your work and forget about it; I am stuck with it, so please, don’t treat it like it’s not a big deal, because it is. To me, it is.”

As he finished, he looks at me: vexed, mortified, vulnerable, fearful. I am about to reply, but then I don’t. He waited, expecting my come back, but I took my time and just says:

“I’m sorry. You are right, I won’t do it again,” I say, and he sighs and hugs me.

“I’m sorry too, I don’t want to get angry.” he pulls me in completely and I raise my arms to hug him back. “To be honest, I also enjoyed it, but I just don’t deal well with it, you know. I always enjoy it but I can’t be out there enjoying it all the time, you know?” he continued.

I interrupted him, a bit shaken. “No, it’s all my fault, I am the one who did it. But you know I don’t mean to push you too hard and make you uncomfortable, right?” I ask, almost pleadingly. “I… really care about you.”

“I know, I know,” he says, continuing in the hug as I tried to contain my tears. He draws in a breath and then says: “I care about you too.” And for some reason as we say those words my heart sinks. I feel bad, and now I’m worried he hates me. We have no chance together, of course. Soon a woman will come along and he’ll go back to dating them.

I sob a little and he pulls away, confused. “What?”

“Nothing. It’s nothing,” I say, red eyes and all but keeping the dike closed.

He stops for a moment and looks deep into my soul with the deep green fields he calls eyes.

“You can tell me anything, you know that, right?” he says, softly but also very serious.

“No, it’s okay. It’s already passed,” I say, and he nods, suspiciously.

“All right then, if are sure about that.” He looks around again, to see if there is anyone even remotely close to us. He then goes really close to my ears and whispers, with his softest velvet voice:

“I have a question for you though.” I nod, he pulls away and I see he is blushing very strongly.

“I know I’m an insecure, rude freak who is always hurting you in one way or another,” he starts saying, breathing in mid-sentence, “and I know I have only come out to you like a month ago and all, but,” and he looks down, taking something from his pocket, “but I want you to be my boyfriend. I am tired of calling you my roommate in my head when you mean so much more to me than that. I really care about you, and not only in a friendly kind of way. I mean I… ,” he gulps a little, “I really, really like you. One might even say I love you.”

I just stare at him while he says those things to me, in shock. I stare for such a long time in fact that he starts getting awkward.

“I… mean I do, I do say, I do love you,” he adds, after gathering some more courage. He still stares at me intensively, opening his small box and showing the small steel dating rings inside it. As I saw it, I lowered my arms and pulled a box out of my own pocket, quickly forcing it open and revealing 2 matching man chains.

“I am corny as hell,” I say, almost falling to my knees as I show it to him, “I just can’t believe you like me too,” I add, and I fall back into his arms.

“So yes?” he says, confused.

Yes!” I say, closer to his ear.


Part 5: Family Visit

Our meal at Paris 6 changes from my planed opportunity to ask Leandro to become my boyfriend to a celebratory meal after he had asked me the exact same thing—and I accepted. We talk a lot then, drink a lot too, and have a lot of nice celebratory sex afterwards.

On the following day, a Saturday, Leandro asks me over breakfast whether his 18-year-old younger brother can come to spend a week at our apartment about a month and a half from now, as he needs a place to stay in São Paulo for his university entrance exams. I jump at the opportunity of meeting one of his family members and getting to know a little bit of another side of my new now-serious-boyfriend, and say yes, of course.

“So, is there anything I need to know about him, some allergy… ?” I ask, kind of having another more specific question in mind but unwilling to voice it out loud. Leandro looks me in the face and rolls his eyes.

“No, no allergies. But he doesn’t know about us dating, or the fact that I am bisexual so… ,” he starts, and I nod, interrupting him.

“Got it, I will behave as the most evangelical closeted boyfriend,” I joke. Leandro gives me a little punch.

“No, just give me the chance to tell him, all right? It’s not that I want to hide it, I just want to tell him personally,” he replies, and I nod again, even more pleased.

“Any other relevant information, maybe? Do you guys… look similar?” I ask, trying to throw the bait for him to bite it. He knows me well enough to just roll his eyes again and sigh.

“If you are asking whether my little brother also has a throbbing cock in the mouth, you perverted sicko, the answer is yes. As far as I know, we are the only two people in the world with this condition,” Leandro replies, then biting a piece of ham and chewing it.

“What about your father?” I ask.

He shrugs. “Don’t know, never met him,” he replies, and that is that. We change subjects and started talking about some useless subject while the image of a smaller 18-year-old high school senior Leandro crosses my mind. I have to physically shake it away, and seeing me rocking my head so violently makes Leandro laugh.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Leandro goes to pick up his brother at the bus terminal—not that he is going to give him a ride or anything, he’ll just go and help him find his way with his luggage through São Paulo’s confusing subway system. Still, that means I am alone at home in a Saturday morning, basically checking up social media and seeing that my former high school bully has apparently just married an 18-year-old woman he got pregnant at 22. “Well,” I thought while mischievously smiling to myself, “not everything is going so well in straightland, I guess.”

Then our apartment’s front door is loudly and violently opened with a bang, making such a sudden noise that I almost jumped in surprise and ended up dropping my cellphone in the couch.

“What the… !” I almost swear, but then I see a tall brown-haired, blue-eyed familiarly handsome figure standing in my door with both hands occupied holding large travel bags, “Oh… you must be Leandro’s brother,” I say, before asking, “And where is he?”

“Yes, yes, it’s me. He’s just behind me, actually,” he answers, seeming a little bit overwhelmed with the weight he is carrying. Still holding those large bags, he adds: “Ehhh, can you please help me with these? They are pretty heavy.” I jump and go towards him, taking one of his bags from his hands.

“Damn, what are you carrying here, bricks?” I ask, as I notice just how incredibly heavy that thing is. Leandro’s brother, now carrying only one of his bags, moves past me, allowing his brother to enter the apartment behind him—while carrying two other bags and dragging a large, wheeled backpack behind.

“Textbooks,” the younger man replies. “I need them to review the subjects before the exam.”

“I told him to just enjoy his time here and relax before taking the damn exam because he’s already studied more than enough, but he insisted on bringing them,” explained Leandro, almost dragging the three large packs inside and then moving past the living room towards his own quarters. “Here, bro, I’ll show you my room, you can keep your stuff there and it’s also where you are going to sleep.”

“Thanks,” the younger brother says to me, better adjusting the weight of the bag he is still carrying and then taking the one I had from my hand, “I can do the rest now,” he says, while smiling, and following his brother to the other room.

The one first impression that stayed with me as the two brothers moved around is just how similar they are: the younger and elder brothers are obviously carved of the same material by the same hand using the same overall blueprint—with Leonardo looking incredibly similar to what Leandro looked like four years back, when we met. One noticeable difference, other than the mere 2 centimeters the elder brother had over the younger one, is that where Leandro had vivacious green eyes Leonardo had languid blue ones—his face is also a bit less long, rounder, and his nose a bit larger than his brother’s. Other than that, they are like copies of one another.

“Come here, Leo, I’ll introduce you to my roommate,” says Leandro, from his room, soon emerging from it while hugging his younger sibling, “This is Guilherme, I told you about him,” he says, and then his younger brother extended his hand to me, “but what you don’t know yet is that he is also my boyfriend, we’ve been going out for three months now,” finished Leandro, causing his brother’s eyes to almost jump from his head while his face immediately moves to look straight towards his brother.

“No way!” he says, and suddenly that seemingly calm young man is incredibly energetic, “You have a boyfriend and its him!” he repeats.

“Yes, way. As I say, it’s pretty serious. I don’t want to hide it from you or anything, I just thought it would be better to tell you personally,” Leandro says. Leonardo’s eyes jump from me to his brother several times, as if trying to read the room.

“It’s okay, bro. Does he… I mean, nice! I wish you guys good luck!” he says, a bit confused, seemingly curious, but not knowing exactly how to react. “Yes, good luck!” he repeats, now looking to me, awkwardly.

“Thanks, Leo,” says Leandro, clearly more than a little moved, immediately hugging his brother and then messing his hair while smiling. Leonardo laughs a little but soon gets away from his brother’s arms and properly introduces himself to me. Even as we talk, though, I can see his gaze would always go back to his older bro.

We exchange some small talk, but Leonardo never gets completely comfortable as we talk. Leandro eventually turns to his younger brother and knowingly announces, “Leo, if you want to ask me something, just ask it openly. It’s fine,” he says, and then repeats, “It really is fine, it doesn’t have to wait.”

Leonardo reacts by looking at me and then back at his reassuring brother. He then opens his mouth and inhales some air.

“So… does he know? Our… I mean, that particularity that we… our family has?” asks Leonardo, slowly.

Leandro looks at him, looks at me and replies radiantly, “Yes, he does, and he is fine with it,” Leandro says, proudly. “So please, feel at home here, Leo, be at ease. In this apartment at least, we can be ourselves.” Leonardo brightens, and almost jumps on his brother, hugging him tight.

“I’m so happy for you, bro! I know you’d find someone who’d adore the whole of you like you deserve, even if I don’t know it would be a dude,” he says, and then he lifts his brother in the air with the support of his nice legs, making Leandro laugh. “You deserve the best bro. I hope he is being the best to you!”

“He sure is,” says Leandro, laughing. “Now, Leo, put me down and go unpack your stuff. I’ve cleaned some space for you in my closet and desk,” he tells his brother, who obeys him almost immediately, leaving us alone in the living room.

Leandro turns towards me, his eyes shining with joy and pride. “I don’t realize how much I missed him, I can hardly believe I haven’t seen him since Christmas,” he says. I smile and hug him.

“He seems to have missed you as well,” I point out, “And he seems to be great, like his brother.” As I say those last words, Leandro laughs and looks at me, entertained.

“You’ll swallow those words. He is the best of us by far, I just hope he won’t sway your heart away from me,” he says, his face turning to a smile and kissing me. I would tell Leandro that that is impossible, but it feels unnecessary.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Leonardo spent some hours studying after lunch, but once the sun sets he and Leandro hang out together in the living room. They are both on the couch, both shirtless, playing videogames on the apartment’s main TV. I am just watching them, not wanting to get in between the brothers—noticing, however, that although both siblings seemed pretty well-shaped, my boyfriend is significantly more muscular than his relatively slimmer younger brother—who still has plenty of time to catch up to him though, of course.

Then, suddenly, Leonardo looks longingly towards his eldest brother, who noticing his gaze puts his hand on the younger man’s head and stroked his hair.

“What’s up now, Leo, what is it that you want to say?” Leandro asks, and then Leonardo looks at me with the corner of his eyes. His brother, as older brothers usually do, notices that. “Don’t mind him, I told you to feel free here. What is it?” my boyfriend insists.

Leonardo, while apparently mindful of my presence, isn’t one to ignore his older brother’s advice—particularly when they suit him—and as such he simply and straight-forwardly says: “Gluy’m getting ghard,” his articulation getting worse as his mouthcock thickens. His brother, knowingly, raises his eyebrows.

“Oh, really? Where?” the larger man asks, mischievously.

“Glyou glow gwhich glone!” protests Leonardo, with a huge smile that betrays his hardening mouthcock, peeking out in between his lips—another thing that the brothers have in common.

Leandro looked at me with an apologetic face, and then looks back towards his brother.

“I see now. Do you want help with that, like usual?” Leandro asks, to my surprise. His brother’s eyes shone like the blue sky in a sunny day.

“Gles!” he says, his still-hardening maybe 19-20cm mouth rod bobbing as he speaks.

“Okay,” says my boyfriend, suddenly putting his body above his brother’s—effectively locking him down in place with his weight. Then, he proceeded to take his hands and put both of them around his younger brother’s hard mouthcock, saying: “But remember the two principles of the bicocked brothers: solidary and reciprocity,” and Leonardo nodded furiously, his mouthdick only not dancing on the space between them because its locked in place by his brother’s strong hands.

“Glease, bro. Guy’ve gmissed glyou glo gmuch,” he begs, and then his older brother starts to beat his 18-year-old mouthcock. And beating is the best word because he had no mercy, he strokes up and down with violence, but kindness, too, as if his brother is the only one Leandro truly trusts to subject to such treatment—maybe because they are the only two people who really know what it’s like to have a mouthcock, maybe because they had loads of experience with each other.

As the beating continued, Leonardo started to pant and grunt, and moan in pleasure, calling his bro to go faster and harder as his large mouthcock trembles in delight, releasing a deluge of precum on his elder brother’s hands. Leandro, in his turn, always complying to his brother’s wishes, iss working to pleasure him as much as possible. Soon his own mouthcock is hard, going up and down alongside the movement of his body—which follows his strokes, releasing huge amounts of precum on his younger brother’s joyful frame.

While I watch that scene I can’t help but get impressed and hard, and wonder about the relationship between those two brothers. Definitely they had gone through a lot together, sharing a unique physical feature with each other and no one else—that they are aware of, at least. And they found a way to get around that and bond over it. And now I can see that, witnessing their bond. I feel, in a sense, privileged—not so much because I am seeing this hot scene taking place in front of me, but because I understand that Leandro chose to share it with me, because he wanted me to share it in a sense. He wanted me know more about him, that I learned this other side of his life that predated and existed outside of our relationship, but that is still very important to him.

“Bro, glyes, glits glo gleat,” Leonardo moans, bringing me back from my thoughts. At this point it’s hard to understand what he is saying as his mouth is very much full with his fully grown 31cm rod, which is also being furiously jacked by his brother’s powerful arms and hands. Meanwhile, Leandro can also hardly reply as his cock furiously waggled in the throwing his precum everywhere, following the rhythm of his long strokes on his brother’s cock.

Soon enough, the younger lad cums, in a long passionate moan. As he cums, he showers his older brother in his cum, his body literally shaking in pleasure and only being kept in place by his brother’s weight over him.

Leandro stops stroking to bathe in the cum shower, and when Leonardo recovers his senses, his softening cock is already more under his muscular control, and as such he starts licking his brother clean. This takes about two minutes, after which Leandro gets off his brother and sits with his hard, long, majestic mouthcock pointing up just besides him. Leonardo, apparently still very excited, then gets on top of his older brother, in exactly the same way as Leandro had been on top of him just a moment prior.

Leonardo smiles, covered in his sweat, and kisses his brother’s hard mouthcock’s purple head, taking it into his wet mouth, to his brother’s apparent surprise. After tasting his brother’s hard member and its precum, he pulled away with a popping sound. “You are the most amazing man I know. I wish every day to be more like you are. You can’t imagine how happy I am to know you like men too,” the young lad says with teary eyes, “I never thought being bicocked was a problem because I know you are one too, and if you are one it can’t be a bad thing; but I am so scarred of liking men. I know it’s silly but I was so scared to tell you,” he says and some tears fell from his eyes on his brother’s hard pulsating mouthcock’s head.

Leandro tries desperately to say something, but his brother doesn’t let him by completely holding his mouthcock with his own powerful, well-developed hands. “Do you want help with that, bro?” Leonardo asks, basically repeating word by word what his brother had said before, like some sort of ritual.

“Gles!” Leandro is able to reply, his mouthcock still enslaved by his younger brother’s hands.

“Okay,” says the younger brother. “But remember the two principles of the bicocked brothers: solidary and reciprocity,” and then he starts furiously jerking his older brother’s cock, Leonardo’s tears being replaced with an ever-growing smile as they shared their own unique brotherly bond.

Incredibly to me, the younger sibling proves strong and powerful, capable of controlling his older brother’s pleasure and larger rod almost as much as his elder had controlled his. His arms tirelessly stroke my boyfriend’s endowment, forcing precum to flow out in large quantities—at times, Leonardo would also lower his head and taste his brother’s liquid, usually leading to an increase in my boyfriend’s output. Soon, Leandro explodes all over his body, and once his cocktongue is soft enough he cleans him with it, taking all his cum and swallowing it.

Before Leandro’s post-orgasmic bliss even passed, though, he hugs his brother, pulling him fully down towards him. Their pectorals met and pressed against each other as the two studs embrace.

“I can’t believe it, Leonardo. You should never feel scared of me for any reason. I love you without any reservation,” he states seriously. His brother for a moment seems small in comparison to my boyfriend—breathing his smell in, feeling his muscles up, and feeling completely safe while contained by his arms.

Leandro then looks at me, and then down again at his brother.

“And I’m sure you’ll also find someone who’ll like you whole, the way you deserve… although I don’t believe for a second you’ll find someone who deserves you,” he says, making his younger brother laugh while still sobbing a little, seemingly really moved by those words.

Leonardo then breathes in, and pulled away from his brother, trying to regain some self-control. “I, I have to go take a shower,” he says, standing up and then going towards the bathroom, dizzy, almost unable to walk straight.

He leaves me and Leandro alone in the living room, and soon my boyfriend looks at me and smiles. I smile back at him and move from where I am to his side.

“I said he was the best ever,” Leandro says, clearly impacted by the whole situation, but self-composed as usual.

“He does seem like a great guy. I wouldn’t mind having him live with us if he does pass his college entrance exam in São Paulo,” I say.

He looks at me a little surprised. “Are you a mind reader?” he says jokingly.

“No, you two are the only ones with superpowers here,” I reply, and he rolls his eyes. “But I am serious. He does seem like a nice guy and, you know, he has the best possible reference he can get.”

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