by Apollo's Meat

A freshman college student takes home hot, freaky Seth, and later puzzles over what Seth called him: "morphling".

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It was not like I was some model you might see on the cover of some muscle magazine. I may not have had the chiseled headline, or rugged good looks, but I wouldn’t say that I was to hard on the eyes. Always somewhat tall for my age, growing up, it always seemed like I had to work twice as hard as my classmates to pack on the muscle. Some, usually the short guys, would mock me for still being rather skinny, even if I was curling twice the weight they were, and squatting three-and-a-half their body weight. I usually ignored their taunts; it might take me longer, but once I got the big muscles, I would be buff, around 240 pounds, and 6’ 1” to their short muscles, 160 pounds, and below 5’ 4” height.

I would tell you my name, but after what happened to me, I would prefer not to risk it. All I will say is that I was adopted into a family that ended up being a total dud, I have jet-black hair, bright blue eyes, and that is only if I don’t need to hide.

But I am getting ahead of myself.

Yeah, my home life was crap. My adoptive mom was always working long hours, and my adoptive dad was a fat lazy slob. Let’s just say that it was hell. Everything that would come from his mouth was some criticism. He had a high opinion of himself, and a low opinion of everyone else. In many ways, it was his lazy ass that inspired me to work out. Of course, I also wanted a nice body to be more attractive to the hotter guys that I knew I was going to have to work hard to land.

And the moment I graduated high school, I was more than glad to take my scholarship (another way I rubbed it in his smug face that I was going to be a better man than him) and jump ship. I had dated in high school, and the prospect of not having to do it behind my parent’s back was exhilarating.

I had it in my head that once I was on my own, my romantic prospects were going to be through the roof. I even choose to get my own small rental house so I did not have to sneak my dates into my dorm room. After moving into the small, one bedroom house, I immediately made my way to Squirrel’s, the local gay-friendly bar.

I was careful to wear my tight jeans, which showed off my not-something-to-sneeze-at 7 and a half inch, 6 inch around cock. At 180 pounds, and 13% body fat, I thought I looked pretty good. Before walking through the doors, I paused to check my faux-hawk in the glass.

Almost immediately, my eyes were drawn to him. He was standing at one of the tall tables, leaning casually on a thick, beefy arm. His blonde hair was a pale gold color, and his vivid green eyes locked on me. He smiled, flashing brilliantly white teeth. He was surrounded by a gaggle of admirers, all vying for his attention like starving vultures. They pressed in close to his tanned, muscles, threatening to burst free from his tight shirt and equally tight leather pants. He was an Adonis. The man of my dreams, and the type I never expected to take an interest in me.

As I walked past, his eyes seemed to follow me. For a moment, between two of his flocking admirers, I caught a glimpse of a thick bulge snaking it’s way down his upper thigh. No wonder he was surrounded by guys coyly trying to make their move. I sat down at the bar, and cast a glance back at him; the python in his tight leather pants was snaking further down towards his knees, growing thicker as he smiled once more.

My heart was pounding. It practically jumped out of my chest when when he broke away from the simpering crowd, walked towards me with that dazzling smile, and sat down next to me. Over his cannonball shoulders, his admirers were giving me the stink eye.

His name was Seth, and from the moment he said ‘hello’, it was like I was under some spell. He exuded pure masculinity, and when I asked him, trying not to keep staring at the thick cock straining against its leather prison, why he was interested in me, all he said was ‘I know what I like, and I see it in you.’

I now know what that something was, but on that night, I was too drawn in by his ripped body and undeniable sensuality to question what it was.

It happened so quickly. He bought me one drink, and the next thing I knew, I was unlocking the door to my new house, his hand stroking the a trail down my butt, waves of expectant pleasure flooding me. We walked passed my half-unpacked living room, his hand deftly moving around my thigh, before it slid up, passing over my Half erect cock, which seemed to stiffen instantly, harder than it had ever been before. His fingers climbed their way up under my shirt as I fell back against my bedroom door, his hand cupping my left pec.

He leaned in, his head lowering, his eyes closing as our lips met, his tongue exploring deeper with each shallow breath. My duck seemed to get stiffer still, my pants becoming tighter still. His hand cupping my chest squeezed, as if to better feel my pounding heart beat.

For a moment, his tongue moved deeper towards my throat, then, he stepped back, and knelt down, slowly unbuckling my belt. One by one, he unbuttoned my pants, his lips moving down my quivering chest with each button undone. He pulled down my pants, revealing my throbbing member, which stood at attention; I could swear it was an inch longer than I had ever seen it. I shook off my pants as he unbuttoned my shirt, and turning the doorknob with my sweating hand, we made our way to my bed, kissing and caressing each other as we backed into the room. He sat me gently down on the edge of my bed, then got back down on his knees.

He placed my cock, quivering in anticipation, in his mouth; waves of sensual energy flooded my body as he worked his way down the shaft, stroking my throbbing balls. My member softened slightly as he sucked on it, sliding more easily down his agile, well-practiced throat. With one hand, he dragged a finger up my abs.

I felt my balls jerk upward, arching my head back as I felt them release, the hot cum rising in my still pulsing shaft. His green eyes locked on my face, I moaned in ecstasy as it shot forth. I saw his cheeks bulge out slightly before he swallowed the first load, followed a few seconds later by another. Panting, I watched as he slid back, my member letting loose one last dribble of cum which clung to his lips. He slowly raised himself up, and leaned in. I licked my jizz off his lips. His tongue slid back down my throat as we tasted my spunk together.

He leaned back, and stood up, taking off his shirt, revealing the kinds of muscle I could only dream of possessing.

Each of his legs were twice as big as my head, connecting to delts like basketballs. His thick last drew the eyes to a chiseled, narrow waist. He unzipped his pants, slowly lowering them as if to allow me time to savor the size of the monster cock he had been hiding. It was easily nine inches flaccid, and looked to be around six inches in girth. The balls that hung down below the thick shaft were the size of baseballs, quivering as if anticipating their turn. He kicked off his pants with rippling legs like tree trunks. Standing fully naked before me, I had to pinch myself to make sure that this was real. The pain made it clear that this was really happening.

“Don’t worry,” he said as he stepped forward, his monstrous meat beginning to rise to the occasion, quickly lengthening, growing thicker. “I will go slow.”

Reaching over to my nightstand, he grabbed my pump bottle of lube, slathering it on his prodigious cock, which was now about thirteen inches long. He then smeared some in his abs so that they gleaned. He worked his fingers into my eager hole, working it as masterfully as he had my cock. Slowly, he widened it, getting his hand in in what seemed like no time.

He slid his cock, which was bigger still, up to my hole, easing it in.

A moan escaped my lips, amazed that he was able to get it in. Slowly, he eased it deeper in, my inside stretching to accommodate its size. A comfortable warmth was spreading through my body. He began to thrust in and out, moving deeper with each rhythmic pound. My back arched in pleasure, and as his tempo sped up, sending orgasmic waves flooding my senses. I looked up as he climbed up on the bed with me; he was only using half his shaft, and peeking out from beneath it, his balls seemed to be larger than I remembered them. They swung forward in the momentum of his thrusting, each approaching the size of soccer balls.

He bent his head down, locking lips with me. He kissed his way down my neck, thrusting his rod deeper inside me. His massive nuts swing close enough to brush up against my tight ass with each swing.

“I have searched long and hard for another one,” he whispered in my ears, his green eyes seeming to glow.

Before I could ask what he meant, he raised himself, his body shuddering in anticipation as he arched his powerful back.

He was all the way in, his shuddering balls resting up against my ass. I felt them seize up as he let out a groan of pure pleasure.

His release flooded me, and it only took me a few seconds to realize that something was different; not wrong, just nothing that I would have though humanly possible.

His cum seemed to shoot out with a force like a garden hose on full blast. It was not coming out in rhythmic bursts, but in a constant flood. Pleasure racked my body as I felt it filling my insides. I was beyond moaning and screaming in joy. I looked up, breathing heavily as my flat stomach began to bulge upward. My cock, which was standing straight upright, slowly disappeared as his jizz continued to flood into me, my stomach starting to make me look almost pregnant. I would have been scared if it was not for the fact that it felt so good. As the tip of my cock disappeared over the rapidly expanding cum gut, my balls seized upwards, and a volley of thick cum shot up over my gut, splattering in my legs, which were being pushed up as my stomach continued to grow.

The bedsprings groaned under my massively expanding weight.

“I have longed to meet another morphling,” he said, panting as my cum inflated gut began to hide him from view.

I felt his ejaculation begin to break down into powerful pulses. With each new upward thrust of Seth’s engorged balls, my gut pulsed bigger in response. He slowly stepped back, pulling his massive meat from my still hungry hole as the volleys of hot cum slowed.

He stepped out from behind my ballooned cum belly. His flaccid dick hung down past his knees, still oozing cum all over my hardwood floor. It swung side to side, projected forward by balls the size of beach balls.

He laid a hand upon my gut, and with an intense pleasure, the hot jizz sloshed with a pleasing sound. He smiled, giving it a slap, causing it to shudder. His cock still oozing, he climbed up onto the bed, and gave me a passionate kiss.

He carefully lifted up his thick, long cock, easily two and a half feet long, and twelve inches thick. He placed the oozing slit up to my lips.

“Drink up,” be said in a sensual, low whisper. “The real fun is about to begin.”

His salty cum slid down my throat, my massive stomach giving an almighty shudder.

“Welcome, my morphling.”

I was certain that it had all been some weird dream. The whole night seemed a blur to me as I lay in my warm bed. Maybe I had had a few too many drinks, or someone had slipped me some hallucinogenic drug, causing me to trip balls all night. The memories, if they actually where that, moved through my mind: Seth, his massive muscles, and impossibly monstrous cock drilling into me, my abs giving way to a bloated gut of sloshing, warm jizz as he filled me fuller than was even possible. His last words before I fell asleep, the sensual feeling of a bloated cum-gut: “morphling”. I kept my eyes closed as the last remains of sleep faded away, and reached up, as if expecting, hoping I was still full of his cum. I felt nothing but tight, ripped, cobblestone abs.

The fantasy was lost as I slide out of bed, got up, rubbing my eyes, and walked half blindly to my bathroom. I flicked the light switch, and stared into the mirror. There was a yellow post-it note stuck to it. I leaned in close to read it:

“You’re welcome—Seth”

So something had happened. How much of it had been real? The memories of his massive soft dick hanging down to his knees made me feel an urge to beat off. I wish I had half the dick I had seen snake out of his pants. For a moment, I closed my eyes, trying to imagine what I would look like if I were so lucky.

I felt warmth spreading in my member, and opened my eyes, feeling my jaw drop, and my heart race.

My usually 5 inch flaccid dick was elongating before my eyes, drooping down towards my knees. As the shock washed over me, pushing the wish from my mind, it stopped: it now hung ten inches in length, and a good 8 inches in girth, perfectly soft. Gulping, I imagined it longer, longer even then Seth’s had been.

The warmth returned, and before my eyes, it grew: 14 inches… 16 inches… I wished for it to be even longer… 24 inches… 30 inches. It was thicker than my thighs were, inches ever closer to the floor. I let the image in my head go as the tip brushed the hardwood floors.

It hung down, three feet long, and about a foot in circumference.

My pulse was racing as I imagined my balls ballooning up, first to the size of grapefruits, then to basketballs. As they swelled up, pushing my monstrous cock forward as they provided a shelf underneath it, my dick slowly rose off the floor. Soon, each ball was the size of a large watermelon, and as I stepped back to get as much of it in view of the mirror as I could, turning to the side to enjoy the effect, I felt a massive load of warm cum flowing around in my godlike balls. I reached down, lifting them up, massaging them; I could hear the cum sloshing around.

I thought to Seth’s wide shoulders packed with muscles that would put Superman to shame. I imagined my already fit frame growing muscles to match, and then some. They rippled as they grew before my eyes, my shoulder blades widening, my delts growing like cannonballs, and my Pecs filling out my upper torso like two, thick, hard pillows of pure masculinity. My lats sprang outward, pushing my massive, bulging arms out as if to show off my newfound Olympic stature. My legs were fast becoming tree trunks, and my abs were becoming a perfectly, insanely ripped eight pack.

I was a God.

I looked at my hair, willing it to grow longer, and it cascaded down my shoulders, framing my chest, and down to the small of my back. I looked like Conan the Barbarian, or at least, if he had been a 400 pound Adonis.

I felt new warmth spreading in my groin as my cock slowly began to rise. Blood from my newly massive body began to surge into my insane member, causing it to throb. As it rose, it became clear that it was not going to fit in my bathroom. I backed up into my shower, imagining it, willing it to shrink down to a more manageable size as it continued to feel out. I got it down to a still monstrous length and girth that I could hold it up, slid it between my Pecs, and just get my lips to the three inch slit. I willed the head to shrink enough, and my cock to grow longer that I could get it deep enough into my mouth to tongue it without gagging on its size. It looked weird, but when it slid into place, the feeling was amazing.

With one hand, caressing and massaging my watermelon sized nuts, and the other exploring my muscular frame, and stroking my 3 feet long, 12 inch in girth cock; I ran my tongue along the underside of my cock’s head.

The feeling was unlike anything I had ever felt. In a fit of passion, I thumped my nuts, feeling the cum continuing to flood into them, making them swell even more. Remembering the amount of jizz Seth had let loose inside me, I closed my shower curtain just as my balls began to seize us, and I felt a rush of orgasmic anticipation.

The jet shot out of my cock so fast that it slid right down my throat like a fire hose. I felt the warmth gathering in my stomach, and immediately, I could feel it bulge out as if I had just eaten 50-60 hamburgers. I willed my cock to lengthen as it continued to shot into my gut, and felt my balls continued to swell, growing downward against my muscular legs. I braced myself against the wall as my gut continued to grow, my cock rushing to keep up as I willed it to slide deeper and deeper down my throat.

The swelling in my nuts stopped when I felt them reach my feet, and my cum-belly easily reached halfway to the other side of the shower-tub, causing the shower curtain to start to bulge as it pushed me sideways. The cum started to cum in spurts that each lasted about 20 seconds, my gut expanding sensually with each pump. I felt my balls start to recede, and carefully, stepped out of the tub to give me more room.

I felt my cock slide out of my mouth, forgetting to keep willing it longer. It flopped downward, until it came to rest over my still massive balls, pumping hot jizz into the bathtub. I stood, arching my back with each powerful pulse until it stopped.

The tub was only a few inches from overflowing. I turned, and looked down at the sloshing mass of steaming cum hungrily. I was grateful for bathroom was so big, as my cum-gut easily felt like I had put on 300 pounds of pure man-jizz. I did not care. I wanted to be bigger. I lowered myself, laying awkwardly on my side, and stuck my face into the pool of cum, slurping up as much as I could, willing it to enter me faster and faster. My gut continued to expand until, lowering myself right to the bottom of the tub, I slurped the last of it up.

My gut was pressed up against the wall, flattening it somewhat, and causing it to push upward. I slowly rotated myself, feeling it scrape against the wall, and it flopped forward spreading out, nearly filling the whole room. I reached forward with my massive arms, and gave it two almightily slaps. Waves of orgasmic intensity flooded me as it jiggled from side to side, each wave causing my dick to stiffen slightly. I willed it not to erupt: my balls had gone back down to the size of grapefruits.

For the next three hours, I massaged it, watching with a slight sadness as it slowly shrunk back down. Once I could once more get through the door, I raised myself up; still rubbing every inch of it, I could reach. I willed my hair to go back to normal, but kept my massive muscles, and willed my cock to be a still montersrous cock that hung down just past my knees. I walked through the house, to the full-length mirror I had in the front room, and admired myself.

I was bigger in every way than even Seth had been. I flexed my bulging arms, easily 30 inches of rippling muscle. I pounded my armor-plated Pecs that stood out a foot and a half from my ribcage. I flexed my lats, wider than anyone could possibly dream of.

By the time I stopped ogling myself, my gut had deflated completely.

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