Monster Mashup

by matt1008

Four bored guys at a Halloween party decide to play a game that unexpectedly results in delightfully monstrous transformations.

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“Behold—my latest acquisition.” In his parents’ dining room, Clark proudly directs his best friend, Nadeem, to a framed poster on the wall.

The Monster Squad, French release,” Nadeem observes with a grin and a nod. He leans in to check the details in the artwork. “Looks just like the American version, only with French words,” he adds, a subtle jab at his pal’s ongoing, odd obsession with the 1987 cult horror-comedy.

“I needed something especially eye-catching for tonight,” Clark reasoned with a shrug. “It came up on eBay and I couldn’t resist it,” he added. Besides the poster, the unapologetically dweeby seventeen year-old had an elaborate shrine to the film in his bedroom containing VHS tapes, DVDs, Blu Rays, action figures, press kits, autographed photos and other swag relating to his favorite flick. To Clark, it was just the latest byproduct of a lifelong passion for spooky pop culture.

“So—is anybody else coming?” Nadeem wonders. Clark’s home seemed a bit sedate for 6:00 P.M. on Halloween night.

“I invited a few others—they ought to be here any minute now,” Clark enthuses. “Help yourself to some vittles, bud,” he added.

As Nadeem grabs a cold can of diet soda, Clark dims the lights in the festively decorated space. Strings of lights crisscross the ceiling, with electric candles taking up nearly every available space. A banner spelling HAPPY HALLOWEEN in bones hung across the entryway. On a side table, a portable mp3 player emitted atmospheric audio (Chilling, Thrilling Sounds of the Haunted House, Walt Disney Records, 1964), while a long table came stocked with soda, salty snacks, and every type of scary-themed junk food Clark could find. Indeed, the dining set in the middle of the room stood as the sole pieces of unadorned furniture.

“Would I know any of the others coming to the party?” Nadeem asked Clark solemnly.

Clark chuckled to himself. “Nah—they’re classmates of mine,” he replied. The other boy nodded before filling a bowl with popcorn. Nadeem had been Clark’s neighbor for the past few years, also a geeky teen but in a different way. While Clark held his own as a heavy reader and avid pop culture addict, Nadeem embodied the analytical math whiz—and he was home-schooled, to boot.

The doorbell rang. “Speaking of which, excuse me,” Clark says, pushing his glasses up on his nose before rushing to the front door.

“Hey—thanks for coming,” Clark says to the guest at the doorway. Steven and Clark were inseparable as kids, but they had a falling out in Junior High and their relationship had cooled. Inside, Clark felt excited that Steven had matured nicely with an athletic physique and handsome face. Despite his unflattering jet-black dye job, Steven was looking fine.

“Hey,” Steven grunts, stepping into the entryway. “Listen, I can only stay for a little bit. I’m going to a party at Jane Cooper’s place,” he added.

“That’s cool,” Clark says. As they make their way to the living room, Clark recalled Jane as one of the sullen Goth kids with whom Steven fell in with at school. It explained why Steven was behaving like a stereotypical sullen teen, Clark thought.

“Oh, remember when we saw The Hunger and that scene with Bauhaus playing at the sleazy vampire nightclub?” he adds, motioning at the design on Steven’s black t-shirt. Steven nods and sighs in response, forgetting just how dorky his onetime friend was.

Nadeem takes notice of Clark and the stranger entering the room. “Steven, I want you to meet my friend, Nadeem,” Clark cheerfully says.

“Pleased to meet you,” Nadeem says. He puts his popcorn on the dining table and extends a hand towards Steven.

Steven mutters a “hey” and shakes Nadeem’s hand, trying hard not to stare at the penetrating dark eyes on the diminutive young man. He glances around at the decor and long table full of treats. “Nice, huh?” Nadeem says.

Steven glares suspiciously at Clark. “Dude—shouldn’t there be, like, more people?” he asks the host.

“Oh, more people are coming,” Clark says with a grin. “Uh, one more, to be exact,” he hastily adds. The “what the hell?” look on Steven’s face tells Clark everything he needs to know.

“What’s up with that?” Nadeem wonders aloud while reaching for a piece of popcorn.

“Look, I might as well tell you guys now,” Clark admits. “I got this new game to review for my podcast, aaaand—I need three other players.”

Clark adjusts his glasses nervously and turns around to fetch the game on a nearby side table. “I figured tonight would be the perfect time to play this one—Monster Mashup,” he says. As Steven and Nadeem come in to look closer, Clark clears his throat. “It’ll only take a few minutes, I promise,” he adds helpfully.

“Looks pretty gay to me,” Steven sneers. He and Nadeem study the elaborate artwork on the box, a DeviantArt-like digital illustration depicting four hunky, muscle-bound variants on the classic monsters of yore.

“Dracula, the Mummy, the Werewolf and Frankenstein,” Nadeem says, grinning at the atmospheric artwork. “Fun,” he adds.

“Technically, it’s Frankenstein’s Monster,” Clark interjects. “Anyway, I never heard of the company that makes it, but it has a lot of promise.” Nadeem turns over the box, noticing that the back is just a plain brown cardboard box. He shakes the contents, noticing that the box feels somewhat empty despite its large-ish size. “So, who is our fourth?” Nadeem wonders.

“A guy from school—Bo Randall,” Clark replies. Steven nearly spits out his soda at the mention of the name.

“Not him! What a dweeb,” Steven whines.

“Actually, he’s pretty cool once you get to know him,” Clark retorts. Actually, Clark only tutored the portly, somewhat slow-witted outcast one time in English class. Bo seemed to enjoy video games, so Clark decided to take a chance and invite him. Clark reasoned that, as the lowest person on the high school social totem pole, Bo needed some social activity to boost his self-esteem.

“Well, all I can say is you better get some more food,” Steven laughs.

“Fat guy, huh?” Nadeem playfully remarks while sitting down to open the game box. Just then, the doorbell rings.

“Let the party begin,” Clark announces with a grin, before leaving the room.

Steven sighs. “As long as I’m stuck here, might as well get something stronger,” he says to Nadeem, waving his can of Coke before heading to the kitchen in search of the liquor cabinet.

“Hey, Bo, nice to see you.” Clark cheerfully motions Bo inside. The boy quietly steps inside the entryway. “Did you find my place okay?” Clark adds.

“Yeah,” Bo flatly replies. He sniffs, emphasizing his pinched face and perpetually bored expression.

“Great. C’mon in,” Clark says with a sigh. As the two enter the dining room, Nadeem is seated and studying the Monster Mash game rules. Clark’s attempt to introduce Bo to Nadeem gets interrupted.

“Whoa,” Bo says. He goes wide-eyed at the long table filled with delectable treats.

“Yeah, I kinda went overboard there, Bo—help yourself,” Clark laughs. Bo heads for the treat table, strangely ignoring Nadeem. While Steven continues busying himself in the kitchen, Clark seats himself to Nadeem’s right.

“These rules must have been written by a non-English speaking person,” Nadeem chuckles. He hands Clark the plain piece of copy paper. Peering in the box, he notices only a few items—four molded plastic figurines, and a tabletop device which reminded Nadeem of the cheesy old test-your-memory game, Simon.

“You’re right, Nadeem, this is a trip,” Clark says. “‘Welcome to Monster Mash. We confident you will have magical time with exciting game of four players only.’ Uh, at the very least it should be interesting.” Nadeem laughs as he dumps the contents of the box onto the table.

Clark continues reading: “‘Play begin with Green Player in clockwise direction. Player holding out longest at game end is Winner.’ What is this, Chinese?” he asks Nadeem, laughing.

“‘Each player take a turn. Player push button and read card out loud each turn. Play proceed in three rounds until game end. Player holding out longest at game end is Winner’,” Clark recites. “That’s it,” he adds in frustration

“Even with those short rules, they needed to repeat the ‘at game end’ part,” Nadeem observes with a chuckle.

Bo comes to the table holding a Sprite in one hand, a plate stacked high with goodies in the other. He quietly sits to Nadeem’s left, across from Clark. He casually looks across the tabletop. “Where’s the board?” he wonders, before biting into an orange-colored Sno-Ball.

“There is no board, I’m afraid,” Nadeem says with a twinge of disappointment in his voice. Out of curiosity, he picks up one of the figures—a stereotypical devil molded in red plastic. The tiny figurine emits a strange glow from inside. “Whoa,” Nadeem marvels before abruptly dropping the piece.

Clark gasps. “How did that—?” he wonders aloud. He picks up a tiny green Frankenstein’s Monster and it, too, glows briefly from his touch. “Sophisticated,” he says to Nadeem before setting down the figurine. Nadeem picks up the console-like object, searching for an on-off switch on the underside.

Upon turning the object on, the four lights on the objects top glow and flash while a tinny melody straight out of the analog ‘80s plays. “How delightfully retro,” Nadeem says, displaying the crooked grin that Clark secretly liked.

“I want to be the Wolfman,” Bo casually says. He picks up the blue figurine and it, too, emits an odd glow from his touch before returning to normal. He shrugs before lazily munching on some potato chips.

“All right, dudes, let’s get this show on the road,” Steven huffs, entering the room with a glass of brown liquid in his hand. He sits down between Bo and Clark at the table.

“I guess you’re going to be Dracula,” Nadeem says.

“My favorite,” Steven says. He picks up the black plastic figurine. “Huh,” he grunts as the figure glows momentarily from within. “Did yours do that, too?” he wonders to Clark.

“Yep. This is gonna be one interesting podcast review,” Clark says, shrugging as he looks at the meager contents of the game box. “You know, I could talk someone’s ear off discussing the superiority of Gremlins 2: The New Batch over the original Gremlins, but this,” he indicates the tabletop, “—has me somewhat speechless.”

“Less talk, more action,” Steven huffs, slumping in his chair.

“I believe that you go first,” Nadeem helpfully volunteers to Clark.

“All right,” Clark laughs. He extends his right hand to the electronic gizmo at the center of the table, pausing dramatically before pushing the button on top. The four quadrants on the object light up in colors corresponding to the game pieces—green, red, blue and grey. The lights blink in turn to another tinny melody, which makes Bo laugh. The sounds stop, settling on the quadrant which glows a solid green. A tiny white slip of paper comes out of a previously un-noticed slot below the green light. “Fascinating,” Clark says (doing a bad impersonation of Nimoy-as-Spock) before removing the paper from the slot.

Nadeem straightens in his chair. “What does it say?” he asks Clark.

Clark clears his throat. “‘No occasion for gloating/The spawn of Lucifer shall be your coating’” As soon as he finished speaking, Clark felt an odd, tingling sensation rushing through his body.

“Dude! What the fuck!?” Steven exclaims, sitting up. Clark glances at him, puzzled.

“You’re—red,” Bo spits out. Clark looks down at his hands. Not only is his skin a uniform, unnatural fire engine red color, but his fingernails have been replaced with black, shiny claws. Steven feels a bit of pressure in his head, as a subtle ripping sound is heard.

“Go to the m-mirror,” a gobsmacked Nadeem tells his friend. Clark gets up and heads for the entryway, with the others following closely behind. Looking at his reflection causes Clark to audibly gasp—he’s a devil in a teenager’s body!

“This is nice,” Bo casually observes, picking up the long tail with a devil-like point at the end sticking out of the clean hole in the rear of Clark’s khakis. The tail slithers out of Bo’s hand, surprising the group.

“Fuck me, you’ve got a tail—and horns!” Steven sputters.

“Oh,” Clark says. He turns back to the mirror. Although he looks and feels basically the same, Clark is surprised to see that his forehead has developed Klingon-like ridges, pushing his hairline back a bit over his demon-shaped skull. Two small, goat-like horns protrude from the expanded space. And his ears are now pointy. “Fascinating,” Clark says to himself, leaning for a closer look.

“Is this paint?” Bo wonders aloud. He licks one of his fingers and rubs the back of Clark’s neck, making him wince.

“It’s not paint—apparently I’m part demon,” Clark says in wonder. He takes off his glasses and gazes closely at his eyes, now a glowing gold color. “Gotta admit, they got a lot of the details right,” he adds, noting that his pupils are now rectangular, like those on a goat. He casually brings the point of his tail up to his back, scratching an itch between his shoulder blades.

“Is this permanent? How do you feel? You’re going to look silly trying to go back to school like this,” Nadeem says, attempting to hide the panic in his voice.

“It’s a bit weird, but I feel okay,” Clark says, putting his glasses back on. He continues staring at himself in the mirror, not mentioning to the others that this cosmetic change left him feeling a little aroused.

“Hey, isn’t it your turn next?” Bo lazily says, turning to Nadeem.

“I—yes, it is,” Nadeem replies.

“Let’s go,” Bo says. While the two return to the dining room, Clark continues to study his face and hands.

“Guess we’d better get back to the game,” Clark tells Steven. He turns to find Steven in a slack-jawed stupor, staring at his former friend while rubbing the prominent bulge in his jeans. Suddenly, Steven becomes alert.

“Yeah, dude,” Steven utters in embarrassment, before shuffling back to the dining room. As they enter, Bo appears to be whispering something to Nadeem. Nadeem nods and smiles as he pushes the button on the console. Clark threads his long tail through the back of his chair before seating himself (“Do all demons have to go through this?” he thinks).

The console does the same shrill melody as with Clark’s turn. It stops on a red light, matching the color of Nadeem’s game piece. “Here goes,” Nadeem says as he fishes the white card from the console. Clark feels a rush of anticipation as he awaits his friend’s change.

Nadeem squints slightly before reading the card: “‘On a moonlit evening so fair, at least/Wear the silky pelt of nocturnal beast’.” In an instant, his hair grows longer, changing shade from deep black to a shiny, artificial blue. His arms grow a matching coat of blue fur, while his fingernails morph from human to wolf-like claws. His dark brown eyes become a piercing silver-grey.

“Fuck, man,” Steven gasps. Nadeem feels a slight tingle in his ears as they grow longer, larger and pointier.

“This is—different,” Nadeem says, laughing as he brings his right, now creature-ized hand to his mouth. a bushy goatee has now grown on his face, while his eyelashes and eyebrows have become the same electric blue as the rest of his lush, hairy body. Clark audibly gasps, although he has to admit that the blue looks nice against Nadeem’s caramel-colored skin tone.

Nadeem squirms a bit in his seat. “You better get out of those shorts, bro,” Bo observes from Nadeem’s left.

“Does he also have a tail? No fucking way,” an astonished Steven asks.

Clark cranes his neck to look at Nadeem’s lap. A large, bushy, fox-like tail is awkwardly wedged in one leg of Nadeem’s cargo shorts. “Just like the guy on the box,” a surprised Clark murmurs. He takes notice of his struggling friend. “Bo’s right—we’d better help you out of those shorts, buddy,” he tells Nadeem before getting up.

“It’s quite unusual,” Nadeem utters, trying to comprehend how exactly he got this way as he stands up.

“Dude, you look like you belong at a Furry convention,” Steven laughs. Clark shoots a dirty look at his former friend before he and Bo help jimmy Nadeem out of his constricted shorts. “Tell Sulley I said ‘hi’,” Steven jabs, giggling silently.

“Thanks,” Nadeem sighs. Although his underwear is uncomfortably wedged to the side (exposing one butt cheek), the young man feels a sweet relief as he explores his wolfish appearance. Bo seats himself, casually grabbing a cupcake from his plate. Meanwhile, Clark feels himself getting hard at the sight of the oddly sexy Nadeem. From what he saw, it appeared that Nadeem was enjoying the change, as well. “These ears are amazing,” he says, feeling the contours of each one.

“My turn,” Bo announces. He licks his index finger and quickly pushes the button before Clark and Nadeem even have a chance to seat themselves. The two changed players wedge their tails through the backs of their chairs before seating themselves.

“Shit, that’s annoying,” a peeved Steven says. The shrill melody stops at Bo’s solid blue light, before a small piece of paper emerges from the console. Bo picks it up and tries to mouth the words.

“The rules state that you must read it out loud,” Nadeem helpfully reminds Bo.

Bo nods, slowly reciting the words on his paper. “‘We conjure up the Dark Arts/For our sub’,” he stumbles. “‘Subject to assume a man of mul…. multiple parts’”

Bo blinks. A strangle, subtle tingle is coursing through his body. “Whoa, he’s changing,” Steven observes. Bo’s skin becomes a pale, ashen greenish grey color. Feeling an itch on his arm, Bo goes to scratch it, only to find a deep scar with roughly sewn stitches going all the way up to his shirt sleeve. “Yo, Frankenstein!” Steven exults.

“Frankenstein’s monster.” Clark and Nadeem laugh at their simultaneous correction of Steven.

Bo feels a slight pressure in his cranium as it stretches and morphs, a lumpy flat top rapidly developing. Meanwhile, his brow develops a caveman-like ridge. “Incredible,” Clark says to Bo. Two rusty bolts pop out of his temples, making Bo jump a bit in surprise. He brings his hands up to them, nodding and smiling.

“I’m horny,” Bo casually mutters to himself, before grabbing a pumpkin-shaped peanut butter treat from his plate. As he munches on the candy, he pulls up the hem on his t-shirt, examining the multiple scars on his large belly.

A speechless Steven raises his eyebrows at the spectacle. He glances at Clark. “It’s your turn,” Clark says, “—but you’re free to opt out of the game if you want. I basically got what I need for the podcast,” Clark adds, grinning as he demonstrates his freaky fire-red skin.

“Fuck that shit—I’m going,” Steven decisively states. “Dracula, here I come,” he adds before pounding the large button on the console.

“I hope you get the vampire,” Nadeem helpfully volunteers as the console continues to emit beeps and colored lights.

“It’s the only one left, dude,” Steven says. Clark was going to interject, reminding him that no player has yet gotten the mummy (which appeared on the game’s box art). Steven is distracted, however, when the console stops on the glowing black button. “Here goes nothin’,” Steven says before yanking the card from the slot.

Reading the card to himself, Steven breaks into a broad smile before announcing the words. “‘Seeker of blood, demon of night/A vampire’s ashen skin shall only be right’,” he says. As the other three guys observe in stunned silence, Steven takes on a puzzled look as his skin tone subtly becomes pale, flat and corpse-like. Dark areas appear around his eyes, while small patches of grey and tiny varicose veins appear all over. “Huh,” Steven says as he lifts his hands, watching as his fingernails grow long and scaly. He feels a tingle in the head as his hair sucks into his scalp, replaced with a few straggly white strands. Steven quickly decides to stand up and head for the entry way mirror. “I gotta see this,” he adds, the others following him.

At the mirror, Clark finds a confused Steven. “I thought I was gonna be Dracula,” he muses, touching a pair of pointy ears that he never noticed before. He opens his mouth, showing his teeth. “No pointy vampire teeth? What a gyp,” he pouts.

“Like Bela Lugosi? The people who made this game must have had a more traditional vampire in mind,” Clark explains.

“Like the one portrayed in the classic silent film, Nosferatu,” Nadeem adds.

“Very good, Nadeem,” a surprised Clark responds.

“Oh—like that dude in What We Do in the Shadows,” Steven says.

“I like that show,” Bo adds.

“The movie was so much better, bro,” Steven huffs.

“No way, bro,” Bo insists. The group heads back to the table. As if pleading for attention, the Monster Mashup console begins to bleat out an annoying melody, lights flashing.

“Second round, gentlemen,” Clark says (once again taking an extra step to fish his long demon tail through the back of the chair).

“What else could possibly happen?” wonders Nadeem (also adjusting his fluffy tail to a seated position).

“It’s gonna be good, I bet,” Steven enthuses. “Go ahead, Clark,” he adds. Plopped in his chair, Bo casually fetches a candy skull-festooned cupcake from his plate.

“Here goes.” Clark pushes the console button and it goes through its usual thing. Clark inhales deeply as he takes out the paper, deciding to read it all at once to enhance the surprise.

“‘Beware the doctor playing God/A hulking creature will transmogrify your bod’.” As soon as he finishes uttering those words, Clark feels a surge flowing through his entire body. He vaguely hears Steven say “shit” while his muscles tighten and swell, a pleasant tingle of lust emanating from the tightening crotch in his pants. Whatever the change was, Clark was definitely growing out of his previously geek-sized frame. Rips are heard as the shoulder seams in Clark’s t-shirt break open, while the legs on his khakis rip apart to reveal a pair of growing, beefy thighs. Clark grunts, his voice surprisingly deep and guttural, grimacing as his size-9 feet break out of his athletic shoes.

“Are you okay?” a concerned Nadeem asks Clark. Clark grunts and murmurs “Clark good,” as he continues to grow, adding about six inches to his height. His still-widening shoulders break open his tight t-shirt, revealing a muscular torso riddled with shallow scar impressions. As the growth subsides, Clark glances down at his arms—the left is sinewy, thick and veiny with a calloused, working man’s hand, while the right is smaller and hairier with a delicate, long-fingered hand. Clark chuckles to himself—he is a man of multiple parts. Shifting in his seat, he winces—the remains of his pants are strangling his mid-section. Glancing at his crotch, it appears that he grew there, too.

“Friggin’ amazing,” Steven observes.

“You’re the same outside, but you changed into Frankenstein’s Monster inside,” an utterly astonished Nadeem adds.

“Yes,” Clark grunts in a raspy voice. He struggles to unbutton his pants, noticing how incredibly horny this round’s change made him—if the first round made him 10% more aroused, this one was more like an 90% increase. It made Clark more anxious to strip down in front of everyone and free his rock-hard dick, modesty be damned.

“Nadeem, you better go now,” Steven says, rubbing the bulge in his jeans. “I’m not sure how much longer I can hold out.”

“Go,” Clark says to Nadeem. He tries to discreetly shimmy out the remnants of his too-tight pants and underwear. Clark glances over at Bo, who seems to be burning a hole through him with his open-mouthed stare. He breathes a sigh of relief before noticing his hard dick under the table. The craggy, slightly bent eight-incher is entirely fitting for a large-built Frankenstein’s Monster. Clark silently chuckles to himself while adjusting the glasses on his nose.

“Okay,” Nadeem says. He quickly reaches over to the console and pushes the button. The card appears under the glowing red quadrant representing Nadeem’s player piece. The youth swallows before reading his card. “‘Sleek of body and hungry for sex/A ravenous bloodsucker’s form becomes your hex’,” he recites. An arousing warmth spreads through his body, taking Nadeem by surprise. “Ohhh,” he moans, throwing his neck back in pleasure. The subtle sounds of creaking are heard as Nadeem’s body stretches, the scrawny youth becoming long, lanky and hard with sinewy muscle.

“Holy shit,” Steven marvels, in an otherwise silent room.

Nadeem tenses his hairy arms across the game table, allowing the other players to see how long they’re getting. His prim white polo shirt stretches across his widening chest, expanding shoulders pulling the fabric tight. “Fuck, he’s getting tall,” Steven marvels. “The vampire body change,” he needlessly adds. Clark can only grunt in reply as he stares at his formerly small-built friend as he becomes the size of a towering NBA player. As Nadeem’s growth subsides, he straightens his neck and hisses loudly, his open mouth revealing a pair of gleaming white fangs. “Shit, bro,” Steven gasps.

“This won’t do.” Suddenly taking notice of his ultra-tight shirt, Nadeem stands up, his nearly-seven-foot form on display. While Nadeem attempts to remove the shirt, the other players notice his sleek, athletic build—despite the added layer of blue fur, it’s obvious that he sports a tight set of abs, beautifully sculpted Venus Girdle, and long, lean, hard thighs. Other assets became visible, as well.

“Crap, you’re hung,” Bo blurts out. As if on cue, Nadeem’s long, heavy dick flops out of his underwear. Nadeem continues to struggle with getting his shirt over his head as he feels an erotic surge pulsing through his uncut penis. Clark begins to moan as Nadeem’s cock inflates, hovering over the dining table like a tempting appetizer. His piss slit begins to leak a stream of pre-cum as Nadeem finally manages to remove the stubborn shirt. “Excuse me,” he says as he rapidly re-seats himself.

“I want me some of that,” Steven utters beneath his breath.

“I’m going,” Bo says, abruptly pushing the button on the game console. As the tinny melody plays, Clark and Bo stare at each others’ new forms with barely contained lust in their eyes. Bo munches on a few cheese puffs before taking the card.

“What did you get, bro?” Steven wonders. He never felt more horny in his life.

Bo swallows his mouthful of cheese puffs before reading. “‘Avoid the moonlight before it’s too late/Form of..’.” Unable to continue, Bo shows the card to Steven.

“Lycanthrope,” Steven tells him. Bo nods, bored, before returning to the card. Nadeem’s eyes widen.

“‘Lycanthrope be your fate’,” Bo says. He appears a bit puzzled for a second, before feeling an erotic, contracting sensation throughout his body. He glances down to see his t-shirt becoming loose, his blobby torso shrinking. “Fuck, bro,” Steven says. Bo momentarily looks his way before deciding to remove the baggy t-shirt. His scarred, green hued body continues to dwindle, the fat in his middle rapidly evaporating as he loses a few inches in height. Bo snorts, kicking off his shoes to make way for his swelling feet.

“Bo, your face—” Nadeem says. Bo momentarily glances his way before concentrating on his own, quickly changing body. While his torso is becoming wiry, compact and muscular, it appears that his face is stretching forward. Bo breathes heavily and growls, feeling an erotic thrill as his nose, mouth and chin stretch forward into a vaguely animalistic shape. “Like that guy in American Werewolf in London,” Nadeem whispers in an oddly accented voice sounding halfway between India and middle Europe. Bo murmurs and growls as his lower face continues to grow. He snarls, showing a few wolf-like fangs, before suddenly kicking off his loose pants and underwear. Never more insanely horny in his entire life, Bo scoots his chair back and props up his long, wolfy feet, taking his firm cock in one of his human-shaped hands. “Oh, fuck,” a turned-on Steven murmurs, noticing Bo’s torso morphing into a part-man, part-wolf form, muscular and compact with a wide chest that points into a taper in the middle. Bo begins to growl harder as he continues stroking his penis, much of which is now housed in a sheath running up his lean torso. With a wolf’s muzzle, a monster’s flat-topped scalp, scars, and greenish skin, and a dog-like body, Bo has become a freaky hybrid of two forms—which appears to send him into an erotic stratosphere. Unaware of the other player’s comments and stares, Bo continues to stroke his wolf dick, finally letting out an ear-splitting wolf’s howl before cumming. His first volley shoots straight over his head, while the next few spatter his scar-ridden torso. He continues to snarl and growl as his amazing orgasm subsides. Barely noticed by the other players, Bo’s blue plastic game piece briefly emits an eerie glow.

“Crap, that was hot,” a gobsmacked Steven marvels. Clark nods in agreement, grunting and trying hard to conceal his extreme arousal. Clark looks over at Nadeem, squirming in his seat. “There’s a whole ‘nother round?” he thinks to himself. In a daze, Bo leans back in his seat, wolf-feet still propped on the table. He pants rhythmically, letting his dog-tongue hang out.

“It’s—your turn,” Clark grunts out, surprised by his deep and halting voice.

“Oh, right—” Steven blurts out. He gulps, then reaches over to push the button.

“I hope you get a hot change,” Nadeem tells Steven, accidentally revealing his sexual orientation to the others.

“It won’t be nearly as hot as yours, bro,” Steven tells Nadeem, confirming what Clark suspected all along about his former friend. Clark’s lumpy hard-on pulses in anticipation as the console stops on Steven’s quadrant, emitting a card.

Not wanting to delay things any further, Steven delves in and immediately reads the card. “‘As a method of serving your penance’,” he recites, “‘Destiny forms in a demon’s presence’.” Suddenly, Steven blows up with muscle—the change happens so quickly that his clothing bursts away in multiple ripping sounds. “Wow,” Nadeem gasps.

Steven reflexively stands up, tossing his chair aside like an old stick as he grows taller, larger and more impossibly muscular. His neck, shoulders, arms, pecs and abs become loaded with smooth, rounded muscles, bulging everywhere. He lets out a loud, guttural groan as he continues to grow, becoming a cartoon-like exaggeration of a muscle-bound man. While his upper body was all-human, Steven’s tree trunk legs become more animal in shape. Clark leans over to find that Steven’s feet have been replaced with a pair of goat-like cloven hoofs. “Oh, man,” he says to himself, nearly ready to cum.

Steven continues to moan loudly as he reaches down to stroke his own cock, stiff yet proportionally much smaller than the rest of him. “Ohh, fuuuuuuckkk,” Steven moans as he rapidly strokes himself with his right thumb and forefinger.

“He’s gonna cum,” Nadeem tells Clark. Clark blandly nods at his friend’s obvious statement, while Steven continues to stroke madly. His mouth opens, revealing two rows of jagged demon teeth. A long, forked tongue rolls out, dripping a long stream of saliva between Steven’s massive pecs. Steven inhales mightily, letting out an unearthly, impossibly loud demon’s roar as he lets loose, shooting several volleys of white demon cum over the table, the game board, and the other guys’ laps. Bo continues to stroke his own doggy dick at the sight, taking a moment to grab some of Steven’s cum for some handy lube. Underneath some of that jizz, Steven’s game piece briefly emits a glow.

Steven’s mega-demon orgasm seems to go on forever, but after a couple of minutes his cum volleys decrease to a small, sticky flow. Finally sated, he shakes his head as if he were coming up for air. “Fuck, that was awesome, bro,” he swears in a deep-bass voice. He looks at the table. “I made a mess,” he laughs. Steven shakes his massive arms around and begins pacing through the dining room with energy to burn, his hooves making clopping sounds on the floor. “We’ve gotta play this again, Clark—your turn, right?” Steven adds.

“Um, yeah,” Clark says, suddenly realizing where he is after that surreal, incredibly arousing scene. The game console begins to blink lights and emit sounds, as if begging for attention.

“Go, man,” Steven urges. He puts his hands on his hips, emphasizing how massive and beautifully built he is.

“Clark go,” Clark grunts. He pushes the button on the console, wiping away some of Steven’s cum in the process. Clark and Nadeem stiffly continue to sit, barely able to move lest they cum as well.

Clark reaches for the card with some trepidation, insanely curious as to what delights this weird game’s third round holds. “‘Monster Mashup players, set your mind free’,” he reads, “‘Speak your deepest desire, and it shall be’.”

“That’s a good one,” Steven growls, his mind reeling.

Clark silently looks to his left, at his best friend, Nadeem. As if he were reading Clark’s mind, Nadeem returns Clark’s penetrating, pleading look. Clark scoots his chair back. “Only thing I want,” he rasps to Nadeem, “—is you, on this,” Clark says, pointing to his own rock-hard stiffy.

“But of course.” Nadeem smiles and nods, and gets up.

“Boyfriends,” snorts Steven.

Clark ignores the peanut gallery and swivels himself in Nadeem’s direction, murmuring “c’mon” as Nadeem glides toward Clark and his pulsing, red-hot cock. Nadeem swishes his bushy tail left and right before playfully turning himself around, lowering his lean form onto Clark’s. Clark gasps as he enters Nadeem, caressing his long, lean form as it lowers onto his lap. Nadeem moans gently as he feels an erotic charge from his sweet spot. Of course, Nadeem, Clark thinks… the boy who willingly sat through an entire binge-watching session of vintage 1940s Abbott & Costello monster movies with him, enthusiastically discussing each one. How could he have been so blind? Now that Nadeem’s hot ass was firmly around his fat dick, Clark could barely think straight. But he knew one thing for certain: Nadeem was the person for him.

“Ahem, hate to interrupt, but—” Steven booms. Clark and Nadeem open their eyes to see Steven looming over them. In his giant hand, he holds the Monster Mashup game console. “Nadeem, I do believe it’s your turn,” he states. Bo lets out a growl as he continues to sit in the corner, feet propped up, blissfully stroking his wolf cock.

“Oh—we’re still playink that game?” Nadeem wonders with a laugh. Clark envelopes his long, hairy torso with his hands, giving him a playful squeeze. “All right,” he adds, pushing the button while Steven continues holding the console. It beeps out a melody before spitting out a card. Nadeem picks it up and scans the words, a quizzical look on his face.

“It says the same think—” Nadeem says. “‘Monster Mashup players, set your mind free/Speak your deepest desire, and it shall be’,” he adds. At this moment, he can think of nothing more that staying atop Clark’s cock forever, but then he suddenly gets an idea. “Stevenk, you’ll be the sex slave for me, Clark and Bo,” Nadeem decrees.

Steven has a shocked look on his demon-vampire face. “Y-you can do that?” he wonders.

“If I say, it goes,” a newly confident Nadeem says. “You like that, too, don’t you, Bo?” he adds, looking at his new Franken-wolf-hybridized friend. Bo can only nod enthusiastically and give a sexy growl. “It sound good to me,” Clark grunts, nuzzling the cascade of blue hair behind Nadeem’s scalp.

“You’ll suck my dick now,” Nadeem commands. Steven tosses the game console onto the table, eagerly moving his bulky form to a crouching position in front of Nadeem.

Truth be told, Steven had been eagerly looking forward to sucking that tasty-looking fuck stick ever since he saw it flopping out of Nadeem’s tighty-whities (still improbably stretched on his body, he noticed). The hard cock arched over Nadeem’s tight, hairy torso, its brown smoothness contrasting with the blue fur everywhere else. Steven grabbed the top half of the dick, watching with interest as he moved Nadeem’s foreskin back from his swollen cock head. He was rewarded with a long stream of pre cum. Steven stuck out his forked tongue and licked the tip, causing Nadeem to moan in delight. Clark pulsed his own hard dick, sending Nadeem to new heights. Steven gave Nadeem an evil stare as he smiled and stuck the cock head in his mouth. He playfully dug his sharp teeth into the surface of the dick, making Nadeem wince in pleasure.

While the others were in a world of their own, Bo was observing from the sidelines. He wanted in on the action, however, so he quickly reached his right hand over to the game console and pushed the button. Nearing the edge, Nadeem continued moaning as Steven slid his demon mouth up and down the hot shaft, slurping happily as it got wetter with his spit. Barely able to keep his eyes off the action, Bo cleared his throat as he prepared to read the game card.

“‘Monshe Mashub blayesh, shet you mine fwee’,” Bo attempts to speak, slightly frustrated with his dog muzzle. “‘Sheeg you beebest deshire, an’ id shawl ble’,” he slurs.

His doggy dick still hard, Bo looks over the scene: Clark embracing Nadeem, busy licking and kissing one of the furry man’s ears; Nadeem writhing and moaning in response to Steven’s talented mouth (and those teeth!); Steven, happily inhaling Nadeem’s long dick, his well-muscled ass taunting Bo. “Imma fug Sheveb,” Bo determinedly states, leaping from his chair.

Deep in receiving the most fantastic (well, the only) blow job of his life, Nadeem opens his eyes to find Bo striding over to the group. The wiry, small yet athletically built Bo is in a perfect position to mount Steven’s ass—and he does so, with fervor. He begins quickly humping the hot hole, making Steven grunt in surprise.

“Oh, man, oh, man… “ Nadeem moans. Clark grabs his torso tighter, while Steven’s steady pumping of Nadeem’s dick continues unabated. Nadeem inhales the heady smell of sweat, cum and sex in the room, finally giving in to his urges with a yell. Steven eagerly drinks down Nadeem’s entire load, punctuating his sucking with a few sounds of “mmph.” In the rear, Bo continues to pump Steven’s big ass with uninhibited joy, grunting and growling all the way. Meanwhile, in an ignored corner of the dining room table, Nadeem’s plastic game figurine briefly emits an eerie glow before returning to normal.

Although Nadeem had finished his incredible orgasm, Steven decided to give his cock a few more sucks, finally letting go with a wet, audible “pop” (making Nadeem shudder in delight). Bo snarls and breathes more heavily as he continues pumping Steven’s ass. “Good job, Bo—you’re insatiable, bro,” Steven says, craning his neck behind a massive shoulder. Bo growls and begins pumping more furiously, finally howling as he sends his doggy seed down Steven’s virgin hole. “Oh, maaan,” Steven exhales. Clark, meanwhile, was just about to lose it as his rock-hard dick was still nestled snugly inside Nadeem. He continued snuggling Nadeem’s lean, hairy body, hoping against hope to delay the inevitable just a moment longer. His concentration was momentarily broken by Steven.

“I guess I’d better go, then,” Steven growls. With Bo still mounted in his ass, Steven props himself up on his goat-ified haunches, knees firmly on the floor. “Dude, you’re amazing,” he asides to Bo, who merely growls in response. With Nadeem silently watching in a daze, Steven reaches over his muscular arm to the game console on the table and pushes the button.

While the console beeped and booped, Steven was taken by a sudden curiosity he needed answer. “Am I correct in assuming that all you guys were 100% gay before this game even started?” he boomed.

“Yes,” Nadeem quickly replies. Bo grunts in the affirmative.

“Mmmm, yeah,” Clark sighs. He feels as if he were about to explode.

“Ha, thought so,” Steven smiles as he retrieves the game card. “Same thing,” he adds, reading aloud the words. “‘Monster Mashup players, set your mind free/Speak your deepest desire, and it shall be’.”

Steven takes a millisecond to decide what he wants. “Okay, dudes, 24-hour orgy starts now,” he commands. Still mounted on Steven’s rear, Bo happily growls and slobbers in response as he kneads each butt cheek. Steven smiles as he caresses Nadeem’s dick, sticky-textured and still surprisingly firm. With his long forked tongue, Steven finally decides to dive into Nadeem’s low-hanging, hairy balls.

Clark blearily glances at the clock on the dining room wall—eight p.m. Beautiful, he thinks. “That feels so goot, Clark,” Nadeem sighs in his crazy mixture of accents. Clark becomes vaguely aware that’s he’s gonna cum—the sound of Nadeem’s voice is the trigger. Like a shooting rocket, Clark feels the most amazing orgasm of his life spreading through his entire demon-monsterized body. He shoots and shoots, filling Nadeem with hot sperm. Clark’s hands move from Nadeem’s torso to his shoulders. He exhales deeply and squeezes, wishing the night would go on forever.

Meanwhile, in a far-off corner of the room, a green plastic game piece shaped like Frankenstein’s monster briefly glows from inside. Unbeknownst to the four horned-up guys in the room, as the last to cum, Clark is the winner in this game of Monster Mashup.

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