by BRK

 Ben doesn’t realize at first exactly why his annoying older brother’s secret rituals to make himself bigger and stronger are going wrong, only that he feels pretty strange himself lately.

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Usually whatever Todd was angry about, it had nothing to do with Ben’s world. Todd was 18, a senior in high school, living a life totally alien to Ben’s sophomore-year underclass doldrums. Almost nothing in Todd’s life had any meaning for Ben.

Except this. The minute Ben overheard Todd bellow, “What do you mean you need my room?!” Ben knew this was the one thing in the universe that could make both brothers equally miserable.

Ben sat very still in the living room, pausing his mp3 player. He could hear his heart beating and wanted to tell it to stop. Well, to beat quieter, anyway.

He listened for their Dad’s voice, hoping to hear him suddenly back down. Or say that Todd would sleep on the couch. Or in the garage. Anywhere. He didn’t really expect to hear any of those things, but the alternative was too awful to contemplate.

“Sorry, son,” came the muffled response from the dining room. “You’ll have to bunk with Benji.”

Rats! Ben cursed. He’d been listening for sounds of hesitation in Dad’s voice, but Dad sounded very not hesitant. Not tentative. Not indecisive. Not temporarily insane.

“Dad! How am I going to make the swim team if I can’t even—I’ve got enough disadvantages already, and now I’ll never be able to—I’ll never get to sleep. You let me have my own room 6 years ago because he snores. Remember? Dad, come on!”

“Sorry, son.”

Rats. And what was up with Todd anyway? Did he really think sleeping in the same room with his kid brother would keep him off the swim team? Freak.

The three of them lugged Todd’s stuff into Ben’s room late that afternoon, as the sunlight started to fail. Todd angrily dropped his boxes and furniture (scuffed old dresser, easy chair that used to be in the living room) wherever and practically tossed the mattress onto the box spring in a huff. Their Dad just looked at him sadly, then went back and started picking up stray papers and trash from Todd’s old room at the other end of the house, getting it ready for the drafting table and other equipment from Dad’s cubby-hole office in the city being delivered in the morning. The brothers were left alone in Ben’s suddenly cluttered room.

Ben felt sorry for Dad. A few years before he’d had a lot of commissions and opened up his own one-man architectural engineering firm with high hopes. Now, the office space had had to go, at least for now, and Ben wondered if Dad was starting to worry about even paying the mortgage on the house.

Todd hurled himself onto his unsheeted bed across the room and glared at Ben, apparently angry his kid brother even existed.

“You don’t even care, do you, shrimp?” Todd growled suddenly.

Now he was “shrimp”? Todd was a bit taller, but he was no Yao Ming. Dad was 5’11” and he was taller than both of them. Ben ignored him, trying to focus on the angry rock music coming from his iPod. He wasn’t even sure what he was listening to.

“Do you?!”

Ben pulled his earbuds out. Music spilled tinnily out of them. “Believe me, I friggin’ care. You think I want your stinky socks in my room? Or my stinky brother?”

Todd snorted. “Believe me, you’ll smell me as little as possible.”

“Deal.” Ben put his earbuds back in and closed his eyes, waiting for his brother to vanish. After a while he did. A few seconds later the front door slammed. Todd still hadn’t come back when Ben went to bed, too weirded out for once even to jack off.

Sometime in the deep darkness, Ben woke from strange dreams to hear soft muttering. He moved his head slightly and opened his eyes.

Todd had returned at some point and pulled the other set of canary yellow sheets onto his bed, and was now lying on his side on top of the sheets, just wearing white underwear, reading with a flashlight from an old hardbound book that was splayed across his pillow and muttering the words to himself. It sounded like the same passages over and over. Ben eyed his older brother in amazement. What the heck was he doing? Homework? In the middle of the night? That did not look like a textbook.

As the indecipherable muttering went on Ben’s eyes wandered, and he realized he was looking at his brother’s package, which was in profile. More than that, he realized he was not impressed. His brother’s body was taut and nicely proportioned, but he wasn’t big anywhere. Holy cow, Ben thought, I might actually be bigger than him! Ben even played a little sports—he wasn’t a jock by any means, but he had some meat on his legs and arms. Suddenly Ben remembered Todd talking about being at a disadvantage for joining the swim team, and now Ben knew why—Todd had no muscle and he wasn’t packing. He’d be a liability to the team’s power and prestige, in and out of the pool. Poor dope, Ben thought, half-smiling to himself in the darkness.

Todd had evidently gotten the passages memorized. He flicked off the flashlight and slid the book way under his bed, then rolled onto his back on his bed and went on quietly muttering to himself. Ben watched him, perplexed and fascinated, until he drifted off to sleep.

“Ha, ha, very funny,” Ben heard Todd bitching. Ben, still groggy as he wriggled and stretched under the covers, opened his eyes blearily and stared at his brother, who was standing across the room, still in his tighty whities, glaring at Ben’s midsection for some reason.

Ben glanced down and yelped in shock. There was a huge tent under his sheets. The size of—well, of—

“That fucking cucumber or whatever had better be back in the fridge by the time I get back from the shower,” Todd growled, really angry, “or I’m telling Dad you fucked yourself with it.”

Ben was still gaping at the tent. “That’s gross,” he said, not sure what he was talking about.

“Then get rid of it!” Todd fumed.

Ben couldn’t deal with what he was seeing, so his mind finally tuned him in to what Todd was saying. “Why’re you so angry, Todd? It’s just—it’s just a little joke!” He even had the presence of mind to smirk, because he knew it would infuriate his brother even more. “Okay, not a ‘little’ joke…”

“Why you fucking—!!” Todd shouting, moving suddenly toward him.

“Whoa, whoa! It’s okay, joke over!” He reached under the sheet and grabbed—something that was definitely not a cucumber. Trying not to gasp he pulled it down flat. The tent deflated. “S-see? All gone.”

Todd stormed out of the room, tossing a “Fuck you” over his shoulder.

“Hey, Todd, if you’re nice to me I’ll save you a zucchini!” he called, earning himself an even louder “Fuck you!”—which in turn elicited a distant, admonishing “Todd!” from the other end of the house where Dad was setting up his office.

Ben waited until he heard the shower running and yanked the soft, yellow sheet off him onto the floor. Under his right palm, which was still pressing it against his tight abs, was a tube of hard, throbbing pink muscle the size of a cucumber—a really large cucumber. It was enormous. The same shape as his old cock—wide and flat—but at least twice as big. More. Experimentally he let go of it and it popped up instantly, achingly hard, and as he sat up the cockhead was pointing straight toward his face. Suddenly his balls twisted in imminent orgasm, and Ben, panicking at the thought of Todd coming back from the shower to see him covered in cum, somehow thought to lean down to try to catch the cum in his mouth and suddenly realized he’d bent down enough that his cockhead was inside his mouth. He closed his lips around it and was wracked from his scalp to his toes with shuddering pleasure—and then he came, really hard, so hard he choked and almost couldn’t keep the cum in his mouth. Thinking about it later he wryly wished he’d jacked off last night after all.

He kept cumming and he was in agony trying to keep it in his mouth until he finally managed a big swallow of cum, then another, until he was sucking the last drops out of his cuke-sized boner. He finally pulled off of it, his heart pounding in his chest like a caged animal, staring at the still-hard monster in his face as it drooled a last drop of thick, hot, pearly cum. He reached out his tongue hesitantly and licked it up, delighting in the feel of his warm tongue on the sensitive cockhead, then twisted his tongue around his lips, feeling for the cum he knew was running down from hips mouth toward his unbristled chin. Quickly he groped for his cum rag just as the shower was switching off. He’d never needed a cum rag for his mouth before, he thought giddily to himself. His heart was pounding violently against his chest, out of ecstasy and exhilarating fear.

He let the moment wash over him. What the fuck was all that?

But he knew he didn’t have more than a few seconds to bask in the amazing and inexplicable experience he’d just had. By the time Todd came back in, a towel wrapped around his thin waist, Ben was already up, wearing his jeans and two thick baggy tee shirts that hid, for the moment, the wide, thick, unquenched boner thrusting up out of his waistband.

“You’re not going to shower?” Todd snarked.

“Too busy getting out of your face,” Ben shot back, making sure to keep his back to Todd as he headed toward the kitchen for breakfast. Hopefully Dad would stay in his office, immersed in restarting his life, which meant if he rushed he would be free and clear until—the bus. And hundreds of people at school. Yeah.

Did this thing ever go down?

Seriously? Ever?

He was walking down the halls to his locker on the way to third period, trying not to walk like he had a giant boner trapped by the waistband of his jeans. At least he’d noticed the occasional drop of precum, or postcum, or whatever that morning at breakfast before he’d left the house and so had thought to put a sandwich bag over the thing so he didn’t have a huge stain on his shirts, but the plastic was not very comfortable and, even worse, the whole shaft was now slick, sliding against the plastic and the skin of his waist.

As he pulled his English stuff from his locker he suddenly felt strong, warm arms wrap around his teen jock chest, and a “Hey Benji” in his ear. Normally Ben didn’t mind these joking exhibitions from his buddy José, who was had always been very “handsy” and tactile, especially around Ben; but José’s mock-groping hands were inches away from his suddenly alert and throbbing monster cock. A warm rush of arousal surtged through him, and he barely avoided shuddering with pleasure in José’s casual embrace.

“C’mon, man, cut it out,” Ben said, attempting to wriggle free, but José held him tight.

“Just ignore me,” José said, his crossed hands resting on Ben’s chest and shoulders. Other students in the hallway, used to this sight, just smiled as they passed, though Ben heard the inevitable taun of queers from a random butthead. “What’s new?” José asked breezily.

What’s new, he asks. You mean, apart from the fact that my cock went from zero to hero overnight, and I’m about to blow a load right here in the hallway?

Ben forced his mind to change gears, slamming the locker. “My Dad made Todd move into my room,” Ben said, turning within the warm embrace to face José. He was very handsome, with smooth caramel skin, jet black hair that fell around his broad shoulders, and dancing black eyes. His full lips were inches away from Ben’s as José continued to hold him. Ben was suddenly extremely aware of his state of arousal and, more than this, an unusually powerful desire to close the gap between their lips. José, meanwhile, who had always, always made out his physicality with Ben to be just a joke—groping, wrestling, laughingly holding hands—now seemed confused. He licked his lips.

“Wow,” he said. “What did you do to make your Dad that mad a you?”

“I know, right?” Ben said faintly, not really paying attention. Inches away, he thought. Why didn’t I ever think about José this way before? Inches—

Then as if joined by a single, searing shared impulse, Ben and José closed the gap together and kissed, gently, sweetly, for a full minute, breaking apart slowly only as the bell rang.

“Dude, you taste like cum,” José whispered, grinning, his face still close to Ben’s.

Ben grinned back. “Guess why,” he whispered.

José’s eyebrows went up. “Fuck, whose is it?” he demanded, playfully, but Ben saw a touch of hurt in his eyes.

Ben blushed. “Relax,” he breathed, barely audible. “It’s mine.”

José’s eyes bugged and his sweetly beautiful face broke into an awestruck grin, but Ben turned away—to see a large crowd of his fellow students had gathered to watch the hallway make-out spectacle. Now that they had his attention they burst into applause, cheers, and catcalls. Ben, mortified and unsure whether he was being made fun of, broke through the laughing crowd and fled.

Even after a lunchtime bathroom break to suck himself off in a stall, Ben felt harder and hornier than ever. Hormones seemed to be coursing through his body like river rapids, making him jittery, nervous, suffused with sexual thoughts, his mind constantly dwelling on the hidden potency of his giant-sized cock and balls. Maybe this is what happens on the first day, he thought. Before I get used to it. Geez, how do you get used to it?

Worse, the clever clique of older soccer jocks who’d more or less shut Ben out when he joined the team a few months before decided the most hilarious way to make fun of Ben for making out with a guy in the halls was to grope him the way José always had. So every time they saw him in the halls that day passing between classes they surrounded him, caressing his shoulders, chest, ass, arms, the whole nine yards. Justin Thompson, the basketball hunk who’d bullied Ben since third grade, even brushed a hand right up against his quivering cock under his shirts, but just at that moment the crowd was dispersed by a teacher. Ben barely managed to keep it together, but his body was ringing with suppressed orgasm. During free period he went to the fourth floor bathroom and came in his own throat three times straight. And when he leaned back after third blast he was amazed—and distressed—to look down and see his thick monster cock was still almost completely hard, drooling gently on his chest.

José, meanwhile, seeing how his attentions had affected Ben, seemed to stay away, and Ben walked home alone, feeling his cock rubbing against his torso with each step.

The door to his room was ajar. Rats! Ben had managed to forget yesterday’s crisis, in the midst of today’s. He stopped, steeling himself to just pop in and get the CDs he wanted as quickly as possible, so that he’d deal with his stupid brother as little as he could. But he realized he could hear his brother’s voice on the phone. He sounded anxious and angry. Ben hesitated, uncertain whether to dash in or wait till Todd was done.

“I’m telling you, nothing happened!” Todd was saying. “No. Nothing. … I didn’t have to fucking measure it. I could tell it was exactly the same as yesterday.”

Ben’s heart started pounding again. He knew what Todd was talking about. He knew what happened. He’d known all day, but he hadn’t let himself think about it because—well, it was just too crazy. Even though it was the obvious explanation. The only explanation.

“Listen, you fucker, I drank the stuff. All of it. And I chanted all night. And what happened? Nothing. Not a fucking millimeter.”

Ben looked down at his hidden friend. It jumped a little, responding to Ben’s attention and the proximity of the mouth it had become enraptured with after only a few encounters of self-love. His mouth reciprocated—it wanted cock, his own cock, and it loved the taste of his own cum more and more each time. He drew in his breath sharply, licking his lips unconsciously. He needed to suck himself off, right the fuck now, as much because his mouth craved it as because his cock was aching for urgent release.

“So I’m screwed. Who ever heard of a swim team guy who didn’t have a big fucking package? I paid you guys good money and… No, I won’t calm down. What exactly are you and your boss—“

Ben was still staring at where his throbbing boner was under his shirts. Maybe I should try out for the swim team, he thought. Except I’ll never get this thing soft, and I guess it has to be soft to fit in the Speedos. Maybe Todd lucked out, Ben thought wryly.

His cock throbbed again and Ben realized he was quietly panting. Maybe the bathroom…

“Okay, let’s just say I made a mistake with your ritual. What are you saying? That I should try it again tonight?”

Ben’s head snapped up. NO! Oh God, Todd, don’t even—Ben nearly shouted out in panic, instantly distracted from his need. He struggled with the powerful impulse that tore through him in that moment to run in the room to plead with Todd not to do it again. However much he loved his new cock—and God, he loved it—he knew it was way too big. It was causing too many problems already and was going to cause even more. It couldn’t get any bigger.


“Look, I’m doing the second one tonight. I’m telling you, I think the first one is defective or something. And if the second one blows up I’m coming down to your little magic shop and throwing this book in your face. I’m starting to wonder if any of this works.”

Oh, it works all right, Todd. It’s just your aim is a little off.

Ben turned and headed for the bathroom.

Oh god, this feels so amazing, Ben thought as he lolled his tongue around his wide cockhead. Oh god I’m going to cum again—!!

Suddenly the bathroom doorknob rattled and the sound of fists banging against the door induced sudden terror in Ben. He jerked his head up to stare at the door, but in the extremity of fear he lost control and came all over his face, soaking his shirts as well. Dang it!!

“Come on, shrimp! I need to get in there! I’m meeting the guys!”

Ben was angry now that Todd had forced him to make a mess. “What, and you have to look pretty for them?” he shouted, heart still jackhammering from his amazing orgasm.

“Fuck you! Just let me the fuck in the fucking bathroom!”

“Use the other one, I’m using this one,” Ben said, adding after a pause as he looked at himself in the mirror, “And after this—I gotta take a shower.” Thanks to you, doofus.

“You’re going to get such a beating,” Todd shouted. Ben heard him stomping off toward the far end of the house.

Gee, Todd. Why so on edge?

After his shower he wrapped a towel around his waist and, holding another in front of what he was now glumly starting to suspect was a permanent 14-inch boner, peered cautiously around the bathroom door into the hallway. No sign of Todd, and no sounds from the bedroom. Slowly he crept into the bedroom, his skin and nipples tingling and tightening as he went from warm steamy air to the coolness of the dark bedroom. Nervously he flipped on the light.

No Todd.

And no jacket or bookbag. He’d gone out, as promised. Ben let out a long breath and dropped the second towel onto his boner, freeing his hands. He moved over to Todd’s bed and crouched to peer underneath. Yep, there it was: the old book. A spellbook, clearly. What had possessed Todd to go to a magic shop and buy a spellbook? Ben smiled to himself—clearly Todd was a lot more insecure than he let on.

Ben was just about to pull the book out when his cellphone, which was sitting on his nighttable, started to buzz. He stood up and walked over to it, peering at the outside display without touching it. José.

He hesitated for a second, then picked it up and answered.

“Did I freak you out?” José asked right away, breathlessly.

“Hi, José. How are you?” Idly Ben reached under the towel draped over his cock with his free right hand and started slowly stroking the lower shaft.

“I’m serious, Benj. Dude, you know I was just playing around, but somehow—“ He sounded really distressed.

“Hey, hey, hey, it’s okay. It’s—actually, it’s—more than okay.”

A beat. “Really?” José’s voice came back, quiet, wary.

“Really. I wanted to talk to you about it, actually, because I was kinda thinking maybe we could, you know—“

“Do it again?”

Ben was stroking himself under the towel a bit more forcefully. He thought about kissing José. Making out with him all night. His hands roaming his hot tight body, through his clothes—at first—

“Shit!!” Ben screamed, suddenly blasting a huge load of cum into the towel.

“Benj! What’s wrong! You okay?”

It was a minute before Ben could respond. “Sorry, sorry,” he said. “I dropped something.”

“Okay…” José said skeptically.

“And the answer to your question,” Ben went on quickly, “is yes.”

“Oh dude. I want to do it right now.”

“Me too.” Ben’s cock was still hard, and his hand started stroking the base again. “Tell you what—Can you get up early?”

“Yeah! Want to meet in the woods? At the fort?” José and Ben had had played together for years in a particular clearing in the woods that lay between their two developments, though it had been ages since they met there.

“Genius! Seven okay?”

“Six thirty?”

Ben laughed. “You are eager! Okay, six thirty!”

“I can’t wait.”

“Me neither.”

They said their goodbyes and hung up, both eager to sleep so they could get up early. Ben was still grinning, enjoying the strange flutters in his stomach, as he set his alarm for 5:30 and turned out the light. Despite his excitement he fell asleep right away, and this time didn’t even wake up for the chanting.

Ben instinctively grabbed for his alarm the instant it went off. Todd was a lot harder to wake up, but even Ben’s low-volume alarm would rouse him eventually if it went on too long. It took him a couple of tries, though—he was bleary and had trouble finding the alarm clock at first, but he tracked it down with a half-awake hand and silenced it.

It was really quiet this early, and still almost dark. He lay in bed enjoying the light chill and the soft quiet, feeling like he was in a netherworld on the verge of something new. He thought of José and smiled. Maybe he was.

His newly familiar monster dick was tentpoling the sheets just like yesterday, jumping a little at the thought of making out with José. Quickly Ben glanced over at Todd’s prone form, but he was still asleep, his bare back facing him. Ben almost took pity on him. Maybe this time Todd’s spell worked, he thought, and if he rolled over Ben would see a zucchini to match his own. Ben smiled and quickly dressed in he dark, pulling on two thick tee shirts chosen at random from the drawer, jeans and sneakers, his mind filled with nothing but José’s beautiful face. He grabbed his bookbag and snuck out of the house and headed for Their Spot, grinning the whole way.

The morning air was just slightly chill, drawing out the hint of goosebumps on his bare forearms. Ben’s sneakers crunched dry fallen leaves under foot as he walked through the woods, a little quicker than his usual pace. His giant cock rubbed comfortably between his tight chest and the snug cotton of his thick shirts. His mouth tasted yesterday’s kiss again, felt the press of José’s lips again in anticipation. His ass felt really good in his jeans, he wasn’t sure why, but he wanted José to feel it, he wanted to feel José’s strong hands on his tight ass.

And he emerged from the darkness of the trees into a clearing just catching a faint hint of predawn light—and there he was. Standing in the middle of the little clearing, looking off to the side. Tall, strong, and gorgeous, his body language radiating nervous anticipation.

Ben was nervous himself for just a second, and slowed just a bit, but then José turned and saw him—and broke into a huge grin.

Suddenly they were standing shyly in front of each other, inches apart—Ben didn’t remember crossing the distance. His bookbag was off his shoulder already, dropped somewhere. They tentatively wrapped their arms around each other, a slow-motion hug, the first time they’d embraced that wasn’t a gag. God this feels so right, Ben thought with a shudder, looking up into José’s glittering black eyes, feeling like he was seeing them for the first time, reveling in José’s hands on his back.

Without needing to say anything, their mouths moved toward each other and they began to kiss, sweetly, passionately, their hands slowly ranging each others’ backs, and shoulders, and asses. They kissed for so long that dawn actually came up, and they suddenly realized that the clearing was full of light.

They broke the kiss and looked at each other. “Shit!” they said in unison, and then they both laughed. Quickly they grabbed their bookbags and took off through the woods.

When they got to the road José called out “Race ya!” and immediately took off like a rabbit in the direction of their school. “Hey no fair!” shouted Ben—he was good at soccer but nowhere near as fast a runner as José. But he quickly pulled his bookbag’s shoulder strap across his chest—which had the effect of securing his enormous cock—and leapt after him in hot pursuit.

And caught up! They ran neck and neck for a while down the nearly empty sidewalk, José tossing him an occasional amazed grin—and when the school was in sight Ben felt a surge of energy rush through him and he was actually able to surge ahead, José not quite keeping up with him even running flat out at top speed.

As he got near the steps he realized the school grounds were still almost empty—they were still way early. He jogged to a halt and turned, panting just a bit but enjoying the strain in his legs and ass, to watch José trot up with a awestruck expression.

“Dude! When did you get so fast?” José said, stepping up close, looking searchingly into Ben’s eyes.

And they both realized it at the same time. José gasped slightly and stepped back.

Ben was looking down at José.

It was just a couple inches. But they both knew that José was the taller of the two of them. Always had been.

Ben realized José might be afraid of him and his heart suddenly hurt. He shook his head. “It’s just—my body’s changing—I don’t know what—“ he sputtered frantically, but José was looking at him appraisingly.

“You got taller than me, and faster than me,” José said thoughtfully. “How is that possible?” A look of panic crossed his gorgeous face. “Are you—stealing stuff from me?”

“No! No way!” Ben was sure of it, and he suddenly realized he could prove it. He looked down—yep, his jeans were showing a couple inches of ankle, and his tee shirts just barely overlapped the waist of his jeans now. “Look!” he said, pointing at their pants cuffs. “You’re still the same height—I grew!”

“Just enough to be taller.” José smiled crookedly. “So now you’re one of those people that has to be better than everyone else, huh?”

Ben stared at José. Of course. That must be exactly what the second spell was designed to do! As if reading Ben’s mind, José added, “Sounds more like your brother if you ask me.”

Ben broke into a huge grin, relieved now that it all made sense. “It was supposed to be!” Quickly Ben explained about Todd’s moonlight spellcasting and his apparently terrible aim. he paused, wondering how to bring up the subject of his monster cock, but José broke in.

“So I just have one more question,” he said, glancing around the empty schoolyard and then suddenly reaching out to grab Ben’s throbbing arm-sized cock through his shirts. “Who’d you steal this tree trunk from? You been sucking face with Mister Ed too?”

Ben’s expression of amazement was so comical that José laughed. “C’mon, Benji, I just made out with you for half an hour and I wasn’t supposed to notice this thing trying to titty-fuck me to death?” He squeezed the thick tube through the shirts, his hand unable to wrap around the monster pole and Ben suddenly shuddered. He realized he’d managed to ignore being on the verge of orgasm for a while now—ever since he realized that José was looking at his augmented body with the same lust as before, or more—but his cock was now saturating his consciousness.

“Shit, I’m gonna—!” And suddenly Ben came like a volcano, a preposterous amount of cum exploding out of his balls and pounding out of his cock, spurting into his shirts, up out of his shirts onto his neck and face, José keeping a firm hold on the bucking horsecock, an awestruck look on his beautiful face, and reaching out with his other hand to grab Ben’s shoulder as the orgasm finally dissipated and Ben came close to blacking out on his feet. He guided them back against the brick wall of the building. Ben leaned against it gratefully, panting.

“Fuck man,” he said weakly, glancing down. “Now I need to change clothes!”

José grinned. “Dude, that was so fucking amazing!” He leaned in for a huge, long kiss, and then started licking the excess cum off Ben’s cheek and chin.

“Hey, cut it out,” Ben said, but his cock was still hard in José’s hand and he never wanted José to let go.

“I love it,” José said. “Your shirt is drenched, dude. You’re a cum machine! Fuck, dude, I had to change pants once cause I came accidentally at school. But I never had to change shirts!”

“Welcome to my world,” Ben said. “Hey, when did you cum in your pants at school?”

José just gave him a saucy wink. “C’mon, we have time to change your shirt. My place is closer.” He gave Ben’s cock another firm squeeze and then let go with obvious reluctance. Ben sighed.

They started walking toward José’s house, José walking in front to shield as much as possible the view of Ben’s cum-soaked shirts, which were not only wet and cold now but, more distressingly, had plastered themselves to Ben’s chest, molding themselves around every inch of Ben’s impossible cock.

“So how does this spell work? You think you actually have to make out with someone to get bigger and better than them?”

“I dunno,” Ben mused. “I hadn’t thought about it.”

“Hadn’t thought about it! Dude, for the last ten minutes I’ve been trying to figure out who you should make out with next!”

Ben stopped in his tracks, dumbfounded, and José rounded on him, glee shining in his eyes. “Benji,” he said, looking his magically enhanced man up and down, “if I have my way—you’re just getting started.”


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