Max and Chris

by Drillur

Two very hung brothers get tired of solo sex.

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My brother and I have always been close, but… not this close.

I was asleep in my room just the other night when a knock on my door woke me. My brother entered after I called him inside drowsily. Only, he wasn’t dressed. He wore boxers; his pajamas. I sleep naked, but I was under my covers, so he wouldn’t give a shit.

Max came and sat on the edge of my bed, back facing me. I asked him what he wanted. “I want you to help me, Chris. I’ve gotten bored of masturbation, and it’s really bumming me out.”

“You got bored of fapping?” I asked, incredulous. “That doesn’t even make sense. Those words aren’t even possible to use in a sentence in any language known to man.” I guffawed silently, Bored of fapping, what the hell?

“Oh. Why do you want my help? Wait, why are you here?” I was already fearing his answer.

“I want you to, you know, help.” He turned around and sat cross-legged on my bed.

“I’m not going to dance for you, if that’s what you mean. Are you… into guys? Because. I am not going to have sex with you.”

“I just want… something, ANYTHING new to happen. I’m so bored of everything the internet has. I’m sick of being a virginfag.”

“You think you’ve fapped to all the types of porn on the interwebs, huh?” I asked my older brother.

“Yes. Beastiality, gay, lesbian, scat, futanari. Been everywhere, done everything.”

“Except straight porn apparently,” I commented. “Well, uh… What exactly did you have in mind…?”

Max finally stopped avoiding my eyes, and held them. After a time, he said, “I just want you to watch me.”

Somehow his gaze reminded me all he and I had been through, and that he was my brother, and that I loved him. I trusted him completely. “Alright,” I answered.

He worked his hand into his boxers slit and pulled out his penis. He let it flop forward, bouncing on the elastic of his briefs, always staring at my eyes. I was looking mostly at his penis. It appeared to have considerable length. Like brother, like brother, I thought, before noting how weird that sounded.

After several awkward-looking seconds of shuffling around, Max had removed his boxers and tossed them on the floor. He faced me and spread his legs, which came to either side of me. His penis was laying forward, between my feet. It was getting bigger. His balls were beneath it, and as it were a hot night, they were very loose. It was very obvious he had larger balls than I. Each one was the size of my fist, and I consider my hands above average. I am 6’2”, after all, at age 18. “Jesus, Max, you’ve got huge balls.”

“I know,” was all he said, even after I asked if that affected how much cum came out.

His dick had grown into its full length and started to lift off the bed. It looked incredibly large. Max appeared to be gifted! He grabbed it by the fat middle and stroked it, never breaking eye contact. “How big is it?” I asked, becoming quickly aroused. I didn’t know I was gay, I thought.

“I don’t know. I don’t measure it.” Max continued to stroke his member.

“Wait!” I said, excited. I leaned over to my nightstand and pulled out a tape measure from the drawer. “I keep this for myself, as mine isn’t done growing yet.” I tossed it to him, waiting expectantly. He simply shook his head and said, “You.”

I hesitated only for a moment before leaning up and grabbing the tool from Max’s outstretched hand. “I should measure from the top,” I said. He gave his meat a few more strokes before letting go. It crashed onto the bed in its full glory. I leaned and measured his length, starting at his hairy base. It was longer than I expected, though not by much. “Twelve,” I informed him. “Your cock is a foot long, Max.”

I noticed that his balls were on either side of his cock. That’s a lot of skin in the sack, I noted. I had a full erection now. But mine was too heavy to point straight up. At the moment, one might think it a third leg.

Then he stood, off the bed. His large manhood hung almost to his knee, and his balls hung half as low as that. I saw precum drop from his glans in the light the lamp provided. I was overcome with a need to suck his balls, or at least to try. But I said nothing of it. Only one would fit in my mouth anyway. If that; I can’t even fit my fist in my mouth.

“Move the blanket,” were the words that took me from my thoughts.

“What?” I asked, stalling. I wasn’t prepared to show him my genitals, but I already knew I would.

“I want to see yours, Chris. I know it’s bigger than mine.” He lifted up his cock and began masturbating. I could finally see his balls, and they started jiggling and knocking together as he masturbated.

“Fine,” I said, slowly removing the blanket, then the sheet. I only moved them to my groin, so my penis was still hidden. Then I reached under, grabbed my erection, and swirled it around onto my belly. It might be more accurate to say my chest, but tomato tomato. That doesn’t really work in text. Just pretend it makes sense.

“Jesus…” Max whispered, stroking noticeably faster. I saw that he could not wrap his fingers completely around his penis. “Now, just… Stay like that,” he told me. I had no reason to disobey. I already felt the cold of precum on my chest. I watched him masturbate for several seconds. He kept inching closer until his legs were pressed against my bed and his balls were resting on it (he had lifted them up and set them there). I felt how hard I was, and wanted to fap, but did not. Besides, I was told to stay still. I watched Max masturbate until…

“I’m going to cum on you,” he said. He looked like he wanted to keep eye contact, but kept looking at my penis. He was so confident with his words that it didn’t even occur to me to argue with him. He was going to cum on me, and that was that. Precum slid down the side of my chest, slowly, tickling.

Then, it came. One very long rope of thick, white cum hit my dick. He appeared to not cum in intervals, but in a continuous stream, like a hose. At least at first. He decorated my large cock with cum for about six seconds before he began cumming like a normal person; in shots. He continued to shoot large globs of cum on me for at least forty seconds. The entire time he stroked his cock, and his balls swung, and he sighed erratically.

By the time he was done, the entire underside of my cock was drenched in cum. It was crawling down all sides of my belly onto the mattress. He came a gallon. This was literally a gallon of cum on my cock. I almost ejaculated right there. I desperately needed to release. “Fuck you, I’m cumming, now.”

I grabbed my cum-drenched cock with both hands and masturbated roughly. I had it straight up, and all the cum began pooling in-between my ass cheeks. My balls felt all if it as it rappelled down. His cum was incredible lubrication, and it just felt dirty to fap like this. Considering all that happened, I came in only a few seconds. I was prepared to cum all over my face and chest, as per usual, when Max’s head entered my vision and his lips secured my cock head.

I think normallucid Chris would have tried to stop cumming, but not hornysexy Chris. Hornysexy Chris now only wanted to cum more furiously for his brother. Though I cannot compete with Max’s load, I’d still say I cum more than the average guy—I’d know, I watch a lot of porn.

I came into his mouth twelve good globs of cum. He gulped it all down, hungrily, never letting a drop escape. He must have also gotten some of his cum in his mouth, and I thought he probably didn’t like that—until he licked the entire length of my fourteen-inch cock, collecting only his cum off it. “What a slut,” I laughed.

Then I bought a new bed.

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