Matt and his dad

by Meddler Incs

 When Matt comes home to visit his dad, he is forced into being part of The Crew.

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The door opened, and Matt looked at the hulking figure dressed in sweats, towering over him. “Dad, what in the world—!?”

“Yeah, it’s been a while, son. Come in, sit down.” He backed up to let Matt in and gestured to an empty sofa seat. “How’s college?”

“It’s going fine, dad.” Matt looked around at the now-sparse surroundings. Where once stood a lovingly collected entertainment system and speakers, only empty space. Heavy dumbbells were scattered carelessly across the floor. “But how did you get so big? I mean, not that I like it, but—”

“Hard work son, much work. I mean, look at my arm.” He flexed it, the sweatshirt stretching across a football of muscle. “Give it a feel.”

Matt gingerly rubbed the solid mass. “Damn…”

“A solid twenty-five inches, son. It isn’t even pumped.”

“Fuckin’ huge,” the kid said as he kept on rubbing.

“Language, son.”

Matt grimaced. “S-sorry, it’s just that it’s so big!”

“Heh, it’s okay. Though, if you think that’s big, let me slip out of my shirt.” He slowly peeled away the sweatshirt, revealing a thickly hewed form covered by a thick pelt of hair.

Matt’s gaze bounced around the solid paunch of a belly, the proverbial cannonball delts, the overhanging pecs. “Damn. You are huge!”

“Thanks!” He started to bounce his pecs. “Seventy inches of thick furry beef. Go on,” he added, “plant your hands on me.”

“N-No, that’s okay.” He cleared his throat as a tacit procedure to change the subject, but the other didn’t pay attention.

“Son,” he said.


“Are you going to disobey your old man?” he mildly said.

“What? No, it’s just that—”

“Then you will put your hands on these pecs. Now.”

Matt decided to humor his old man. “Okay, okay.” Matt did so, and he was amazed at the thickness and density. “Damn…”

“Yeah, feel that mass. Let me flex a little.”

“Fuck…” Matt mouthed.

“What was that?”

“N-nothing sir.”

“Not a problem. Just remember I’m your dad, and I won’t take any lip from you. Understand?”

Matt couldn’t recall a time where his dad was this assertive. “Um. Okay.”

“Yeah, just let me flex some more. Give them a grope.” His face crunched up in pleasure as the questing fingers grazed a thick nipple. “Fuck!”

Matt snatched the hand away. “Sorry! I didn’t mean to do that.”

“Heh. It’s okay, son. Your old man likes his nipples teased. I should get them pierced one day.”

“Okay,” Matt said, taking a step back. “What is going on? I have to know. Where’s the TV? How’d you get so big? What’s your routine?”

“Routine, son?” He grinned. “Heh, all I did was join the crew. They helped me with so much. Got me on the right path.”

“The crew?”

“Yeah, son. The power lifters down at the gym. They took me under their wing, and look what happened.” He brought his arms up for a breathtaking double-bi pose.

“You looking huge?”

“Me being huge, son.”


“Always wanting to get bigger, though,” he said, putting his arms down. “You think this is huge? You should see Carter. Now that bastard is massive. And almost my height.”

Matt cast his eyes down, noticing something else that was huge. “Er, dad?” he said, pointing a bit to his dad’s tent. “Your sweats…”

He didn’t look embarrassed as he looked down. “Heh, sorry son. I always get riled up when I’m thinking about the crew. Or thinking about getting big. Or… anything really.” He grinned hugely as he groped the fabric-clad rod. “Let me get a bit more comfortable.” He untied the drawstring, and the pants slid down, revealing more furry muscle and a solid twelve-inch tool proudly standing high set off by apple-sized balls.

Fucking hell, Dad!” He tried to turn away, but something made him glance back. “Pull them back up!”

“What did I tell you about language?”

“I’m sorry, but damn! I didn’t know you were so… big!”

“Heh, that’s what the crew does, son.” He gave his cock a loving stroke, and he deeply rumbled. “They help get everything big.” He gestured with his hand, the fingers already stringed by thick strands of pre. “Here, give it a feel.”

“What? No!”


“No! I can’t! I won’t!” His dad grabbed his shoulder, the pre staining the cotton shirt. “Wait, what are you doing? Get away!”

“You will obey your old man, son. Look into my eyes.”

“What?” Matt did so, and he immediately felt a bit relaxed. “…what…?”

“Yeah. You feel better, son?”


The grip tightened. “Yes sir.”


“Good. Keep looking into my eyes. Feels good to keep looking, right son?”

Matt’s jaw went a bit slack as he kept on gazing into that swirly gaze. “Yessir…”

“Feels good to obey your old man, right son?”

“Yessir…” he repeated dazedly.

“Every time you obey your old man you feel better and better.”


“Now place your hands on my cock.”

Matt’s hands slowly went up to fondle the equipment, feeling a jolt of pleasure from obeying. “It’s so huge…”

“Yeah, you like that, don’t you son. Want to have a cock as big as mine? Tell me the truth.”

“I-I want that.”

“You want to get as big as me, son?”

Matt’s face lit up. “Fuck yeah!”

“Language, son.”


“Look at my eyes again.” He smirked as Matt’s face went loose again. “You like doing this, don’t you. Getting lost in my eyes?”


“Come here, then.”

Matt stepped up to his dad, almost touching his body with his shirt. “What are you—!” the rest was broke off as his dad brought him in for a tongue-sucking kiss.

“Always wanted to do that,” he said a few moments later.

“Y-you kissed me!” Matt said, his mind clearing from the shock of being smooched by another guy.

“Don’t tell me you hated that.”

“I—” Matt averted his gaze, but his dad grabbed his chin and made him face his father’s swirling eyes.

“The truth, son.”

“I… no sir… I didn’t hate it…it’s just took me by surprise.”

“Then you would like another kiss?”

Matt’s breath went heavy for a moment. “Fuc—er, yes sir!”

“That’s better, son.”

Several moments passed before they separated.

“Damn, dad,” Matt said. “You kiss better than my girlfriend.”

“Heh, really?”

“Yeah.” He rubbed the back of his head. “Erm… can I ask you something?”

“Go ahead, son.”

“C-can I play with your chest again?”

“You don’t need to ask, son.” The dad grinned widely and he gestured to his pecs before placing his hands behind his head. “Go ahead!”

He spent a few moments groping the solid beef. “Damn… they’re so huge…” he muttered.

“Fuck yeah, they’re huge… yeah, worship these pecs.” The dad started to bounce them a bit. “Can bench six hundred without breaking a sweat.”

“Wow… I want to lift that.”

“You will, once you join the crew. Now, reach down and give my nips a bit of play.” He groaned as his son obeyed. “Oh fuck yeah!”

“Damn, they’re so thick. I think they’re bigger than dimes…”

“Maurice has a set the size of quarters. Big, chewable nubs.”

“Do you do this to all of the crew?” Matt gripped the thick chest nubs and gently pulled.

His dad huffed out a breath. “Y-yeah, son… yeah, twist them fuckers, makes me wanna lift… or fuck…”

“You like that dad?” Matt twisted hard, setting off a deep growl from his dad. “Getting your nips twisted? Looks like your cock likes it.”

“Our cock loves it, son!”

“Damn, it’s huge. And so thick.” He couldn’t help it, and he grabbed the thick organ, slowly stroking it.

“Yeah, give it a good rub down.” The dad shuddered in pleasure. “Aw fuck… We’re leaking…”

“It’s oozing all over my hands!”

The dad brought his hands around to pinch his nipples a bit. “Heh, sorry, son, your old man is one hell of a drooler. Maybe you should help us out with that.”


“Give it a suck.”

“No, that’s okay, dad.”


“I mean, everything else is hot, but—”


Matt paused in mid-stroke to look up. “What?” His eyes met with the swirly gaze of his dad. “Oh… your eyes…”

“Yes son, my eyes. Look deep into them.” He leaned forward, forcing Matt to do so.” You will obey your old man.”

“I…” Matt’s mind was filled with swirling colors. “I will obey my old man.”

“You will suck me off.”


The dad pressed his nose against Matt’s. “You will suck me off.”

A few moments of silence, then “I…will suck you off…”

“You will enjoy it,” the dad said.


You will love it!”

Matt caved into the swirl. “Y-yessir…”

“Now on your knees, boy! Suck your dad’s cock!”

Matt automatically landed on his knees, facing the monstrous cock, and without a moment hesitation, he placed the cowled head into his mouth and sucked hard. “Mmmph—!”

“Aw yeah… suck those juices out of my balls.” He placed a gentle hand on the back of Matt’s head and softly pushed, causing him to take more of that manly cock. “Fuck, you like doing this, dontcha, son.”


“Yeah, I thought so. My son, a natural born cock sucker. Like his old man.” He reached up to pinch a chest nub. “Heh.”

Matt had to withdraw to catch his breath. “Fuck dad,” he gasped, “you taste so fucking good.”

“We’ll let that slide, son, because it’s the truth. We do taste good.”

Matt was going to suck more of his dad’s cock when he noticed something strange: A thick, shiny, dark blue substance was slowly growing around his furry torso. He gave it a poke, and he fell back on his butt when it responded.

“D-dad, what’s going on? Why are you turning dark blue?”

His dad looked down at the spreading goo. “What?” His eyes went wide. “Oh hell, you weren’t supposed to know this.”

“I-I don’t understand.” Matt looked at the goo, now swiftly covering his dad’s thick form and growing into a thicker version, each bulky part covered in a skin-tight wrap. “Why are you getting covered with rubber?”

“This isn’t rubber, son.” He gestured to the growing mass. “This is symbiote.”

Matt’s eyes went wide. “Symbiote? Like Venom in the comics?”

“Yeah, son. We have been together for a while lately.” He flexed a symbiote-clad arm, the creature only highlighting how big it was. “Fuck we’re huge.”

“I-I thought so,” Matt said, standing up. “You’re not my dad! He wouldn’t be doing this.”

“But we are, son. We’re your old man. We just were…upgraded. The crew helped us with that.” He grinned as the rest of the goo covered his head, forming into a featureless head with a blazing “9” hovering above the front, done in neon yellow. “And they can help you also.” The voice roughed into a deep growl. “Let us show you.”

Matt tried to scoot away, but the symbiote was too quick, already having his shoulders in their grasp. “No! Let go!” However, it was too late; the symbiote brought him into another kiss.

“Fuck, that felt good,” they said as they released Matt a few moments later. Thick strands of dark blue goo connected Matt’s face and shoulders with the symbiote like heavy globs of molten cheese.

“W-what is this thing on me?” Matt tried to remove the cables, but instead they snapped off onto his skin and clothing. “Why can’t I take it off?”

“It’s nothing harmful, son,” the symbiote said as the strands oozed around the hands and arms, surrounding them and oozing upwards. “Just something we wanted to do with you.”

“Why is this spreading, dad? What did you do to me?!” Matt gazed in horror as his the ooze-covered hands blurred and reformed into huge shovel hands, perfect for lifting heavy weights. The forearms swelled, and he looked on as his arms grew, feeling the muscles swell against the sleeves. “Why am I getting bigger?”

“Do not worry, son! That’s just your new symbiote brother.”

My what?”

“The crew said we could bring someone into the hive, and we naturally thought of you. Our only son.” Pride tinged his voice. “Needing his old man to help him get with the times and turn him into another horny muscle freak.”

“N-No!” Already Matt could feel his chest getting heavier, thicker. It oddly reminded him of water balloons, swelling and filling with mass. He felt something urging him to flex, and he did so, pumping his chest into two thick slabs of pectoral muscle.


“I-I need to get out of here.” He tried to run, but his dad quickly clamped his hands around Matt’s shoulders. “Let go of me!”

“No use to struggle, son. Your dad is going to keep you safe.”

“But…but you’re not…”

“We are, son.” The symbiote oozed down to the neck, revealing his host’s head. “Look into our eyes again, son.” The swirl took on greater intensity.


“You trust us, don’t you?”

“N-no,” Matt said weakly. He tried to struggle, but the swirl was too strong. “Let me go…”

“Now son. We only want the best for you. I mean, look how big you are getting!” His hands roamed around the widening shoulders, the bulbous chest. Already the shirt was straining to surround the thick mass. “Fuck, you’re going to be bigger than your old man.”

“I don’t want-,”

“This isn’t what about what you want, son, this is about what you need.” The last word came out as a deep, masculine growl. He went on, “We are giving you the chance to become one of the crew. One of us!”

The shirt exploded into shreds as Matt swelled, his upper body gaining bulk and fur. His dad grinned. “That’s the spirit, son. Make him huge.”

A wave of pleasure cascaded over Matt’s mind, causing him to groan. He had to flex, and he did so, raising a hamhock arm and flexing into a football of muscle. “You like this, dad?” The voice shocked Matt; it was a deep boisterous bass that spoke deep into his mind and caused his cock to twitch. “You like forcing your son to be fuckin’ huge?”

“Language, son.”

“Fuck no.” Matt heard ripping denim, and he looked down to find his legs swelling with mass and tearing against the fabric, emerging from the pants like cocoons. “I’m going to get bigger than you to teach you a lesson.”

The grip around the shoulders tightened. “The only lesson I’ll be teaching you is how to respect your old man, son.”

“Fuck off,” Matt said as he easily escaped the hold. He took a step back, the sound of tearing fabric filling the air. He unbuttoned the shredded remains of his pants and stepped out of them. His underwear was stretched thin from the high, round, thick muscle ass and his already massive equipment. The fabric was soaked with pre, causing it to be translucent and showing a cock already a good foot long soft and two heavy softball-sized testicles. “Look at me, dad.” He flexed a most-muscular crab, the bulk making him looking truly monstrous. “You want to be as huge as me, old man?”

His dad shook his head, a deep chuckle escaping from his mouth. “Dammit, son, we didn’t expect to give birth to a freak. The crew is going to be pleased.”

Matt strutted over to his dad—he was so thick that he had to—and pressed his thick pecs against his dad’s rubber clad ones. “Yeah? Gonna show me off like a prize bull, dad?” He raised an arm and flexed it. “Certainly got the beef for it.” A strange look passed through his face. “Ugh, he’s still resisting, dude.”

His dad raised an eyebrow. “Really now? We can fix that.” He lifted Matt’s chin. “Matt? Son? Can you hear me?”

“Dad?” The original voice replaced the deep bass. “What’s going on? Why can’t I move? I don’t want to be this way, dad! Help me!”

“Son, it’s going to be all right.” He stroked Matt’s head. “Your old man is going to take care of you. But we need you two to be fully meshed. Got to get your head into things, understand?” Rubber oozed up the head and formed back into the featureless mask, the numeral casting its shadow upon the surface. “We’re doing this for your own good.”

He lightly placed his fingertips against Matt’s temples, who kept on pleading to stop, to let him go. The neon light shifted into a deep orange. “Now.”

A crackle of energy spread across Matt’s brain, washing over his mind in waves of erotic pleasures. His pleading tapered off to a single deep moan, and his cock started to stir to life.

“That’s it, son, let the symbiote join with you.” He looked straight into Matt’s eyes. “Focus on me, son. Relax.” He smirked as his son’s eyes glaze over in hypnotic bliss. “Remember what I said? It feels good to obey your old man, right?” Matt nodded. “Good boy. You’re going to let your new brother join with you. He’s going to help you get huge, help you get massive. You want that?” Another nod. “Good boy.”

Matt felt something slither into his mind and spread out, blanketing his thoughts and dousing his resistance. “Fuuuuck…” he groaned in the deep bass. “Feels so good, dad…”

“Welcome back, son,” his dad said. He removed his hands and embraced him, his arms unable to connect across his son’s back, so wide it was. He was about to let go when he felt something rubbing against his gut. He looked down to find a drooling cock humping against the symbiote-covered surface, the tip digging into his pec cleavage. “Damn, that’s one hell of a cock, son.”

“Needs a hell of a mouth to suck it, old man.” The dad looked up to meet the slightly vacuous gaze of a dumb muscle jock. “Think you can help, dad?”

“Anything for my son,” he said.

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