Man in heat

by Maxx Wood

Richard, the boss stallion in an office, is working peacefully when he smells someone who is in heat. He views it as an annoyance—but, when he meets the new hire, he discovers that there was nothing to worry about.

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Footsteps passed by Richard Johnson’s office. Richard’s nostrils flared and his equine tail involuntarily twitched as he caught the scent of a woman in heat. He sighed and flexed a thigh muscle to kill his rising boner, but it was no use—the big guy, already chubbed with morning wood, had lengthened to his knee and was now rising to full attention. Meanwhile, his tail was still swishing quite outside of his conscious control.

Richard groaned and took a giant swig of coffee from his mug. Meanwhile, he listened to his tail swishing. If only the amorous thoughts flooding his head could be swatted away like barnyard flies.

Richard tossed the file that he had been reviewing onto the desk and pulled out his smartphone, hand on his knee as he jiggled his foot to kill the boner. From his Twitter account, @JOHNSONSTUD, Richard tweeted: Just when I memorized everyone’s heat schedule (so I can, you know, actually do work) a new hire in heat walks by >:0 #eggplantfriday

The boner wasn’t going away. Richard’s pants now sported an impressive, throbbing tent. He rolled his chair so that his desk hid it, and he tried to think about anything—anything—other than his downstairs situation. But that task proved to be impossible, for Richard could think of nothing other than pounding a warm, wet mouth…

He growled in frustration and ran his hands through his mane. Although he was gay, his cock—and fertile balls—could care less. Fertility was fertility, and biology was biology. Even though the thought of a woman’s softness turned him off slightly, his cock continued to grow from her pheromones.

Well, Richard thought to himself, might as well as fight fire with fire, right?

Richard hunched over his phone and logged onto his Studs4Studs app, then updated the text over his profile picture to read BIG THROBBING STALLION COCK LOCKED AND LOADED.

He busied himself by shuffling around some papers. In a few minutes, a chat notification popped up. It was from Keith, a literal silver fox from a neighboring office. They had hooked up a few times already, and Richard’s dick drooled at the memories of Keith’s shirt coming off, the quick and furtive deskside blowjobs…

  i haven’t even been in the office for 10 minutes and some bitch walks by and now i got a GIANT #eggplant in my pants ._.

  MRFOX: hey johnson
  that sucks
  i could come take care of that for ya ;)

Richard snorted.

  thanks, mr. fox.
  honestly though, i would take you up on that offer

  MRFOX: *points ass into air*

Richard’s cock throbbed more urgently and his balls churned uncomfortably.

  JOHNSONSTUD: uuughhhh
  not helping, dude

  MRFOX: hehehhee :3


Richard downloaded the photo—it showed Keith licking his finger suggestively.

  JOHNSONSTUD: unnnnnnghhhhhhh
  You know me too well.

  MRFOX: oh, yes, big boy. *licks lips*
  unfortunately, i’m going to an important meeting right now.
  give me an hour or so?

  JOHNSONSTUD: ugggghhhhh
  ok fine

Richard’s cock strained against his chinos. He was going to have to take care of this now—he could hook up with Keith any other time…

  JOHNSONSTUD: hey man i’m sorry to bail on ya. but. i need to fix this now.

Richard muted his smartphone, then picked up his office phone and dialed Andrew Stedman, his assistant. After a few rings, Stedman picked up. “Stedman speaking.”

“Stedman,” Richard said, his voice deepened from his erection, “I need you to clear my schedule for the next thirty minutes or so.”

Stedman chuckled. “I know that tone. You got it, boss.”

“Thanks, man.” Richard’s cock twitched at the memory of hooking up with Stedman—a cute little twinky bull. He grabbed a legal pad and started scribbling on it in an attempt to redirect some of his pent-up energy. “God, Stedman, I’m tellin’ ya, just between us, if you were still a bull…”

Stedman just laughed. “You know it. And I would have been game for it. But I just had to get gelded—otherwise I’d never get anything done.”

Richard eyed the legal pad that he had been doodling on and discovered that he had doodled a rocket taking off. He sighed. “Stedman, I can understand that very well right now, believe me.”

“Ha, yeah. By the way,” his voice dropping to a whisper, “You seen—or smelled—the new senior designer yet?”

“What? Um, no, no, no, I haven’t—” the assistant stammered.

Stedman snorted. “Richard, I wasn’t born yesterday—and, besides, I can still sniff out someone in heat.” Stedman paused. “He’s a damn fine gentleman, Richard, and if it wasn’t for the fact that I’m a steer—”

“Wait a minute, he?” Richard sat up a bit straighter. “The new hire is a guy? As in, the new hire who walked by my office just now?”


“Damn! I thought it was a woman!”

“Sure smells like a woman. I can’t figure it, either.” Stedman paused. “But, I can send him in for a ‘meeting,’ if you’d like.”

“Uhhh…” Richard tried to think through the implications of sleeping with a new hire so soon after the hire’s arrival, but a new pulse of blood surged through his cock—which was so stiff that it felt as if it would tear through his chinos. God, he hadn’t been this turned on in ages. “Ugh. Yes, please.”

“You got it, sir.”

“Ugggggghhhhhhh, stop it.” Richard knew that Stedman knew how much that simple word—‘sir’—turned him on.

Stedman chuckled. “Alright, I’ll send him in.”

A few minutes later, Richard heard a knock on his door.

“Come in!” he said. Dear god, please, come in.

The door clicked open and a man came in, then closed the door behind him.

Immediately, Richard’s senses were assaulted by the sheer smell of pheromones—but, he now realized, a musky-smelling version, like the men’s locker room. Richard breathed in the fragrance, slightly dizzy. It smelled, for all the world, like a man was in heat. But how?

Richard opened his eyes and looked the new employee up and down. He was a tall, wiry, muscular buck. He looked young, but his impressive rack of antlers revealed that he was closer to Richard’s age, if a few years younger.

The buck cleared his throat. “You wanted to speak with me?” His voice was musical, lilting. He even had a slight lisp, which suited him beautifully.

Richard shut his mouth, which he hadn’t realized was open. “Hello, Jack,” he croaked. For once in his life, he was overwhelmed by the specimen before him.

“I believe you wanted to go over some, ah, business?” The corner of Jack’s mouth twisted up into a sly grin.

“Why, yes.” Richard busied himself with the papers on his desk. “Have a seat, please.”

“Certainly,” Jack said. He sauntered to the chair in front of Richard’s desk and turned it backwards, then sat.

Richard stared at Jack’s crotch and imagined those legs wrapping around his torso.

Jack leaned forward, grinding his crotch into the chair ever so slightly. “You know, I can’t really see those papers from here.”

Richard licked his lips. “Why don’t you come stand over here.”

Jack smiled, the smug smile of a bottom who knows who’s really in charge, then carried the chair back around Richard’s desk and set it next to him.

“So, Jack, this is the schema.” He moved the paper between them, then leaned towards Jack.

Jack leaned into Richard and looked at the design. “It looks good.” He bit his lip, then gazed at Richard. “Sir…” Jack’s hand was on Richard’s thigh now, mere centimeters from Richard’s cock. Richard’s cock twitched.

Richard gently pulled on Jack’s tie, drawing him in. The two men kissed. And kissed.

Richard moaned and his cock, harder than it had been in years, urgently throbbed. And yet, he never wanted this moment to end. He wasn’t usually big on kissing, but there was something special about Jack…

Then Jack winded down the kiss and gently withdrew from Richard, giving him little pecks as he did so. “Richard,” he whispered, “Before we fuck…”


“Those pheromones? That usually women emit?”

Richard nodded.

“There’s a reason for that.”

Richard stroked Jack’s cheek. How did he already feel such a connection to this man he had only just met? “What’s that, buddy?”

“You see, and this is a little awkward for me…” Jack took Richard’s hand in his own and started massaging it. “I actually was born with a cunt.”

“Ohhh,” Richard said, intertwining his fingers with Jack’s. “That explains it.”

Jack looked up, surprised by the mild reaction. “Really?”

Richard chuckled and played with Richard’s fingers. “Kid. Oh, kid.” He took Jack’s hand in his own. “Jack, this is nothing new to me. You’re as much a man as any other guy.”

Jack smiled, obviously relieved. “Thank god.”

They kissed again, Jack guiding Richard’s hand to his crotch, which was so soaking wet that it permeated through his slacks.

“Mmmm,” Richard moaned, smelling the musk of Jack’s man-cunt, rubbing Jack’s hard dicklet through the pants. Jack grunted and ground against Richard’s hand. At that point, Richard’s cock started to drip precum through his pants.

Just then, Richard’s alarm went off.

“Excuse me,” Richard said. He reached over and tapped the phone.

Jack whined ever so slightly but withdrew from Richard’s grip. “You’re busy. I—I understand. I’ll—well, I’ll be going now.” He started to stand.

“Wait,” Richard said, putting his hand on Jack’s shoulder. “Not so fast.”

Jack sat, his brow furrowed in puzzlement.

Richard continued, “Now, I know it’s only your first day here, but, well, it seems that it would build better rapport among the team if you and I got to know each other a little better.”

Jack grinned. “I think I’m starting to see what you’re saying.”

“Oh, god, yes!”

In just an hour, they were both in the motel room. They had hardly even closed the door when they’d started going at each other, full-blast with their passion, Richard grabbing Jack’s antlers and holding him to the wall, Jack gasping “Oh, god, oh yes” and wrapping his legs around Richard’s wide torso, Richard’s aching boner, barely contained by his everyday clothing, straining and straining against the fabric until it began to reach the tearing point.

Jack ground his cunt on Richard’s protruding tent, slowly at first, then harder and more insistently, his cunt squelching out so much warm wetness that it oozed through his boxer briefs, through his thick vintage 100% cotton jeans… then permeated Richard’s slacks, his classy boxers—



“Wha—!” Jack yelped, Richard’s baritone noise of bewilderment chiming out a second later.

Then—Richard realized he could feel Jack’s jeans grinding against his bare cock!

But it wasn’t unpleasant at all—in fact, it was quite nice because Jack’s drooling, ravenous cunt had announced its eagerness by soaking his jeans so wet that the denim had softened considerably. It was a strange sensation, but enjoyable at the same time, like slowly jacking off into a washcloth.

Richard looked into Jack’s eyes, smirked, and pulled him in for a deep kiss, a deep, deep kiss—for Richard had an endlessly long tongue, a giant, muscular pillar of strength…

Jack gasped and moaned, Richard’s tongue touching the back of his tonsils like a particularly well-endowed cock. And, actually—indeed, if he thought of it—

He gasped, a particularly long gasp that caused Richard to withdraw his tongue.

The other man smiled at Jack. “Everything alright there?”

Jack nodded. “Y-yeah. I just… had no idea horses had tongues like that.”

Richard winked at Jack. “You got yourself a real stud here, buddy.”

Jack’s mind went blank for a moment. This guy’s self-confidence was so over-the-top that it became sexy, his faint arrogance underlining his belief in his own abilities… Abilities Jack couldn’t wait to learn more about.

After more grinding and making out, Richard finally backed away from the wall, taking Jack along with him, the reindeer’s legs still wrapped around his sturdy torso. There, he stood holding the gyrating Jack for a good few minutes while he slid his tongue in and out of Jack’s mouth like a cock. Jack gasped, completely lost in the oral sensations—

Somewhere in his haze of lust and pleasure, Jack realized that he felt a stiff steel rod between his legs, as if Richard was wearing one of those new-age partial-exosuits that allowed a laborer to hold a giant load with the assistance of a strategically placed support—a support that stuck out lewdly from the working men’s (and some women’s) bodies, obscenely stretching out ten feet long and a foot in circumference—

Wait. But Boss Richard didn’t seem like he’d ever been inside a factory in his life—

Jack looked down.

Holy crap.

It was Richard’s cock!

It stuck up so high and long that it actually held Jack’s back in its curve as Richard’s cock itself—should be himself, Jack thought, ‘cus the cock is so vast and such a potent symbol of virility, of masculinity, of fertility that it’s more like a “he” than an “it,” almost as if it were an entity in and of itself—were spooning him.

Then Richard walked across the room, carrying Jack the whole time. As they staggered across the floor, clothes were shed—Jack’s jeans tossed aside, Richard’s tie and then shirt yanked off brusquely, Jack’s sweater slid off ever so sensually, Richard managing to hold the kiss most of the way—

Jack moaned and Richard withdrew his kiss and, consequently, his tongue.

“Ohhhh!” Jack gasped. “You’re so sexy, Mr. Johnson.” Jack reached down, rubbing and lightly slapping the side of Richard’s massive cock as if the cock itself were the horse that he was about to ride—

Richard shuddered with pleasure. Then he took a few more lurching steps forward, and put Jack down into his bed, ever-so-gently resting his weight against Jack. Some people, Richard knew, found this to be a mix of comforting and sexy.

As it turned out, Jack was one of these people, writhing in pleasure while he lay sandwiched between Richard’s endlessly wide V-shaped torso and the man’s staggeringly huge cock. A cock that was dripping musky pre-cum all over the place.

“Oh god!” Jack shouted and grabbed at Richard’s mane. “Richard! I need you—fuck me now! Fuck me inside!” He started to fist his own wet cunt, driven to the brink by the musk within Richard’s cock.

Richard’s cock twitched. A sly grin twitched at the corner of his mouth, and he slowly backed away from the bed and eased onto his knees, then pulled Jack’s ass up so that his dripping cunt hovered above his sightline.

“Wha—” Jack pouted. Just for a second, but a pout nonetheless.

Then Jack felt a warm wetness winding its way around his cocklet! Richard’s warm, mobile, moist lips had surrounded Jack’s cock and were expertly caressing it with indescribably cushioning lips, better than any—

“Oh god!” Jack shouted, a potent stream of pre-cum dripping out of his urethera.

Richard’s lips withdrew, then were replaced by his astoundingly muscular and flexible tongue, a long, long tongue at that—

Jack bit his lip. This was going to be good, he knew.

Richard’s cock-like prehensile tongue inched down Jack’s slit, his tongue swirling stiff wetness against the erogenous tissue and skimming over the urethra—

“Ohhh, that’s good,” Jack said.

—and then into the cunt itself!

“OHHHH!” Jack moaned.

Richard smirked. Now, that’s good—a move that causes them to lose their goddamn minds so they can’t even say ‘that’s good.’ Ha!

Richard’s muscular tongue rippled, easing itself down Jack’s slick and tight passage. The whole time, Jack gasped and moaned. After an interminable length of time, Richard’s tongue just barely reached the end of Jack’s cunt. Richard was surprised—considering that his tongue was 20 inches long, after all.

Richard inched his muzzle forward, driving his tongue more deeply into Jack’s cunt—

And Jack felt Richard’s tongue lap the very bottom of his cunt!

“Oh! That’s good!” Jack gasped.

Richard then moved his head back and forth, in a motion similar to doing a blowjob, but actually driving his tongue in and out of Jack’s cunt, fucking him with the slick phallic protrusion of pure muscle—

“GOD! FOCK!” Jack shouted, the combination of the visual of looking like he were being sucked off and the pure, heavenly, tactile utter bliss of Richard’s smooth tongue thrusting in and out of his vagina—

Then Richard curled up the tip of his tongue until it rubbed up against Jack’s G-spot!

Jack’s mind went blank. The entire core of his being narrowed down to Richard’s tongue, the tongue whose tip was now working its way around his G-spot, finding every pleasure-bringing nook and cranny, stimulating it to its fullest.

“OH!” Jack gasped. “I’M CUMMING!”

Jack gushed, a strong and heavy stream of ejaculate squirting out of his cunt! It squirted and squirted, coating every inch of Richard’s muzzle, all the way up to his forehead.

Richard withdrew his tongue from Jack’s cunt and slurped down Jack’s wet, messy, sloppy vaginal ejaculate, the liquid chugging its way loudly down his throat. Jack twitched, his cocklet and cunt lips still sensitive from having just cum.

Richard slurped and slurped—it was like he would never stop drinking Jack’s cum. Jack smirked, pleased at the sheer volume of cum he’d produced tonight. He lay on the bed, feeling completely immobilized from the sheer force of the orgasm. Then he caught a whiff of Richard’s musk, felt Richard’s half-chubbed cock smack against his side as the large stallion slid into bed next to him. The stallion’s erection had apparently gone down in the midst of focusing on pleasuring Jack—but that would be fixed soon enough.

Jack grinned, licked his lips. “OK, your turn.” He grabbed Richard’s cock.

Richard grinned back, his cock throbbing and lengthening. The head brushed against Jack’s stomach as it swung upward, then grew and grew, the pure phallic warm stiffness growing up across Jack’s chest—

Until the flared head was hovering underneath Jack’s mouth, underneath his hot and short aroused breathing, the breathing that moistened Richard’s cockhead. The stallion’s crotch muscles twitched involuntarily, caused the now-fully erect cock to bob from side to side—

“Mmmm,” Jack moaned, then grabbed the cock—it was so big that he needed two hands to even get close to reaching around the whole circumference of the monster-cock—its magnetic pull and the delicious musky precum now dribbling out of Richard’s piss-slit beckoned to Jack like a siren song. Almost before he knew what was happening, Jack found himself slurping up the thick, mouth-filling pre-cum steadily oozing out of the cock.

Jack licked his lips and looked up at Richard.

“Boss—How do you ever leave the house with this cock?”

Richard chuckled, then pulled his cock close to his face—his massive hand wrapping all the way around the massive shaft! The stallion could palm two basketballs at once. Jack followed Richard’s hand as it moved up the shaft, the cock’s smooth skin rippling in the wake of his hand. It went up, up, up—Jack followed the hand up until his neck could crane up no longer.

Richard squeezed the collar of his penis just below the cockhead. “See the problem here?”

Jack looked at Richard’s face, then up at his hand, then at his face again. “Y-yeah.” Richard’s cock was so long that Richard could not reach the cockhead with his tongue, long as it was!

“Now,” Richard said with a grin, “How would you like to finish—” he gasped.

Before Richard could finish his sentence, Jack had angled his head over Richard’s cock, smooched his lips onto the cockhead, then opened wide and gradually sucked Richard’s cock into his mouth.

“Unf,” Richard moaned and tried to buck his hips, to drive his cock into Jack’s mouth. But, because they were laying in bed, Richard couldn’t get enough leverage to do so—he was completely in Jack’s hand.

But he need not have worried, for this lad was an expert blower.

Jack bowed his head over Richard’s cock, coaxing its flared head into the back of his throat, then doing something with his throat muscles that constricted, relaxed, pulling on the head of Richard’s cock the whole time—God, this was better head than the time a boa constrictor had sucked him off!

“Ohhhh!” Richard gasped, the pleasurable sensation hitting him square in the chest—he pinched the giant nipples that protruded out of the front of his massive rounded pecs, twisting his nipples in time to the swirling motions Jack was making with his tongue, in time to Jack’s head going round and round his cock, screwing him hard with his hot and wet mouth, running his hands up and down the flank of Richard’s cock, jacking him off—

Now Jack was bobbing his head straight up and down, thrusting the cock into the back of his throat, then withdrawing his head, fucking Richard’s cock with his mouth—

Richard’s balls tightened, their contents churning with hot fresh sperm-packed cum (god, how Richard so badly wanted to creampie Jack’s vagina that was still emitting “fuck me” pheromones every second)—

That final image, the image of Jack’s cunt overflowing with his virile sperm impregnating dozens of fertile eggs, that image tipped Richard over the edge. He blasted out load after load of hot gushing sperm, Jack embracing Richard’s cock and holding it deep in his throat the whole time. Richard was momentarily knocked senseless by the wave of pure, unadulterated pleasure that sloshed through his entire body! He cried out, a deep baritone bellow that reverberated throughout his entire body and vibrated into Jack’s mouth via his massive cock that conducted the noise like a tuning fork.

Eventually, the orgasm subsided, settling like the water of a receding tile settles into the beach’s sandy shores. Ever so slowly, Jack withdrew his head, relinquishing control of Richard’s softening cock. Jack patted his own belly and Richard noticed for the first time that Jack’s belly had inflated from the sheer amount of cum he’d pumped down his throat. Richard’s sperm sloshed around in Jack’s stomach as it gurgled as if pleased with the cumdump.

“Oh, Jack…” Richard embraced him.

The buck grinned, then nuzzled into the stallion’s chest. They fell asleep like that, secure in the presence of each other.

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