Magic centaur wine

by Josh Dugan

Friends emerge multi-limbed from a centaur bacchanalia.

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There were several centaurs on the big ranch next to hours, and my friends and I talked about them all the time. Truth is, we had major crushes on them, and secretly envied their magnificent bodies.They were all tall, handsome young guys with really beautiful, muscular upper bodies, broad shoulders, and long arms, and they looked like movie stars! Beautiful faces, with penetrating eyes and wonderful lips, and long, beautiful hair down to their broad shoulder muscles in many cases.

Where their flat, sexy stomachs merged into their horse bodies their glossy coats began, and they were so tall upon their powerful stallion bodies!

My friends and I would climb up on the roof of the huge barn-like home where they lived and would drink and jerk off as we spied on the beautiful centaurs, each one so awesome and arousing to look at!

We would see them lying on thick rugs by the fire, grooming each other's muscular horse-bodies, sometimes leaning lazily against each other watching the fire and sometimes working each other's huge muscles with a powerful, gentle massage.

We dreamed of being centaurs ourselves, trying to imagine what it would feel like to have a powerful stallion's body and four legs beneath one's waist, and we endlessly drew pictures of centaurs and talked about them.

I liked to see them coming in from long gallops in the countryside, either in pairs or groups, their bodies gleaming with sweat and their eyes bright with laughter as they cantered for home, sometimes with arms around each other. They were so powerful and virile, and more often than not their huge extended penises would bob wildly between their legs as they jogged alongside each other, obviously in love with each other.

To see such great and beautiful creatures so gentle and aroused with each other drove me and my friends wild, and we were dying to work up the courage to make friends with the handsome young centaurs. If we'd had a choice, we'd be centaurs, too!

One warm spring night we were up on the roof looking in the windows at the huge room, and it seemed different in a wild and arousing way. The centaurs were obviously having some sort of party, and had made some kind of wine in huge quantities that they passed amoung each other as they laughed and reeled, hanging onto each others' bodies for support.

They clumsily galloped after each other, knocking over furniture and tackling each other, laughing as their heavy horse-bodies crashed to the floor, shaking the foundations of the house and threatening to knock my friends and I down from the roof. We were pretty drunk and turned on ourselves. I realized as I steadied myself and tried to focus my eyes on the aroused centaurs that they were slightly changed by the wine, as if it had some kind of magical power. The beautiful centaurs had somehow made a game of making each other grow extra limbs, howling with laughter when one of them realized he'd had a spell done on him and now had an extra pair of arms or legs. They kept trying to run away, only to be caught and tackled by one of their huge, muscular friends, and the floor shook as they became helpless with laughter. More wine all around, and the tackles became heavier as centaurs sprouting four muscular arms brought down centaurs trying to gallop away on six or eight legs, laughing and aroused. Even their arousals became more massive, as extra centaur cocks appeared between their legs, huge and heavy and swaying, with massive ballsacs.

Suddenly I realized some of my friends were in the room with the centaurs, overcome with arousal and drunkenness themselves, and a moment of fear passed before I realized that it was okay. In fact, it was great! The centaurs welcomed the human boys with genuine liking, and before long my friends were living their life's dream, riding bareback on the handsome young centaurs, arms wrapped around the centaur's wonderful, sweat-slick torsos. The party became freshly aroused as the young men and the centaurs held each other, their lips buried in each others' when they weren't pouring the magic centaur wine down each others' throats.

I was flushed and dizzy with the beer I had been sharing with my friends, and my hardon became huge as I enviously watched my friends make love to the centaurs. They were out of their minds with arousal as they rode naked on the centaur's backs or writhed in the gentle embrace of centaurs who now had four or six wonderful long arms about them, and who stumbled on six or eight clumsy horselegs, cluttered with giant clusters of huge, sleek hardons.

The room danced with the firelight from the huge fireplace as the flickering light reflected off the sweat-slick musculature of the centaurs as they held and sucked my friends.

I must have rolled down from the roof, but all I remember is being caught in several strong, gentle arms by a handsome, inebriated centaur, whose eight legs helped his handsome body stay balanced even with all the magic centaur wine he had drunk. As he held me, I realized the loud pouring sound I heard was caused by several downpours as his huge cocks pissed on the lawn.

“Thanks,” I managed to say, as I held his beautiful face in my hands, and his fine lips created a wonderful smile, and the kiss that followed I will never forget. I must have melted there in his wonderful arms.

I could hear my friends yelling and laughing with the centaurs, and I was probably too drunk to be suprised to see that the magic wine had partially transformed them, too, as they too played the limb game. Many of them now also had extra arms and legs, making them handsomely centaur-like as well.

I probably would have swooned, but my beautiful centaur nudged my lips with a huge flagon of magic centaur wine. I gratefully drank from it with huge gulps, and I began to feel heavier and heavier and more aroused as my body changed. I was grateful for my centaur friend's many arms, for they found and held the extra legs I sprouted, gathering my multiple limbs close and warm against him. And my bliss knew no end as his beautiful lips grazed gently among my huge multiple hardons, kissing them to full arousal and sucking them down, one after the other, as I spasmed with uncontrollable ejaculations.

I've never gotten fully used to being so constantly aroused and turned on, nor have my friends, but we do make quite a sight as our multiple long legs grace the elongated horsebodies of our centaur buddies as we ride them. And it is kinda fun when we do stuff we used to do two-legged, like playing basketball, which is a lot more erotic than you would realize at first, when all the team members have six or eight legs and all their hardons get so easily turned on! And trying to block each other, while you might think it would be easier with four arms, actually becomes a major distraction, especially if you like nice-looking arms. Most games end up with us not caring who wins or loses and just making outrageously sexy love with each other for hours at a time!

With as much sex as we constantly have among each other and our incredible centaur pals, you'd think we'd have to get tired of it sometime, but it hasn't happened yet!

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