Made in the city

by Daenotis

In his third week at University, freshman Jackson is living in the dorms and has his first encounter with a Detachable Man. They don’t make them like this in the country.

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“Good Game,” Jackson said, congratulating his buddies on their flag football team with back slaps. His crew of various high school jocks from around the nation seemed to do pretty well against the others in their league. They had football, soccer, baseball players, and swimmers. Most shared their enthusiasm for the sports, with the league rotating between different ones, but few made it to the actual collegiate level. He and a bunch of guys decided to go in instead of mingling with the other teams on the quad.

“Man, why does it have to be wiffle ball next week?” moaned Marcos, a baseball player, looking at the schedule on the bulletin board in the dorm hallway. His weight shifted with one heel raised as his arm rested against the painted cinder blocks of the wall.

“Maybe that’s because you were on the bench and they needed to make it easier on you,” A.J. laughed, walking his linebacker frame past with the ball and flag bag. He towered over the majority of them but was slow when he walked, moving his bearish body about.

“Very funny, A.J. At least I didn’t have to do ballet to get onto the college third string,” Marcos quipped back, looking at the football player. A.J. turned around and did a rough plie with a smirk. A couple of swimmers standing by busted out laughing at the awkward football player struggling to not fall over with the bags teetering him off balance.

“You try it. Oh wait, you’re both merman speedo boys,” he huffed with a grin, then dropped the bags at the ball closet. The swimmers spoke some Eastern European language to one another with big smiles. “Catch you all later. I gotta take a leak and study,” A.J. called out, looking at one of the swimmers like he could break him in half.

“Everyone is a critic,” Jackson sighed. He was a soccer and lacrosse player but excelled at neither because he was more academically inclined. He watched the two lean swimmers just melt off down the ground floor hall towards their room. Marcos, whose first name was Xavier, was still leaning against the wall reading the roster.

“You know they’re going to have to break up our teams next month to keep the peace,” he muttered as Jackson leaned against the wall.

“Well, at least it will be good to get to know each other. You got plans tonight?” Jackson and Marcos were roommates sharing a bathroom with A.J. as well as some other guy, Nathan. He was pretty much out of their social picture, preferring to be in the library studying than pay attention to extra-curricular activities.

“No, not really tonight. I have a stomach bug that’s been bothering me all day. Don’t eat the cafeteria food whatever you do.” Marcos looked at him with dopey eyes, then they both took off for their room.

“Don’t be giving me some flu on the third week please! Shit, you better stop kissing the girls around here.”

Marcos looked at Jackson with one raised brow. “And who said I wasn’t kissing guys?”

Jackson froze, “Uhm… well… if you’re bi then there’s nothing wrong with it. I just err.. uhmm.”

Marcos landed a closed fist on Jackson’s shoulder knocking Jackson sideways. “Dude… you’re cute, but don’t fuck up our dynamic with that stupid internet beard of a girlfriend.”

“She’s not a beard. She’s—” Jackson was cut off mid-sentence as A.J. walked out into the hallway with his shorts halfway up exposing his large round ass and meaty legs after taking his piss. The man was obviously free balling it but didn’t see them until after he pulled his shorts up from around his knees. Jackson stared while Marcos watched Jackson with a smile.

“Beard,” he whispered, leaning in when A.J. turned. Marcos retreated to an upright position still walking towards the big man.

Before A.J. could say anything stupid, Marcos called out, “Going to the library?”

As they got closer it was obvious A.J. was blushing but was relieved he didn’t have to answer anything related to his butt hanging out under his shirt. “Yeah, gotta get there before they close.” He walked back into the bathroom and closed the exterior door, locking it.

Marcos chuckled. “He’s a baby.”

“I heard that!” A.J. called out from behind the door as they turned to their room which made Jackson laugh.

“It’s not like your ass isn’t baby smooth bro,” Marcos called back. “Do you oil it?” Then Marcos pushed Jackson into their bedroom fast because the exterior bathroom door was being unlocked by the brute. Presumably Marcos was going to “get it” for his comment, but Marcos wasn’t going to let it happen this time.

Marcos locked the interior bathroom door to their room and leaned against it with a big smile. “Close the door, idiot!” Jackson did a double-take, then closed their hallway door.

They both could hear A.J. saying they were going to “get it” just as Marcos predicted, and huffed with the sound of his backpack being slung over his shoulder.

Marcos just grinned at me then jumped up from his crouched position opening the bathroom door. “Okay. He’s gone. I need to take a shower so dibs, first.” Marcos left the door partially open while saying, “Damn it A.J.! It smells like piss in here.” There was some swearing in Spanish as a shower head was turned on.

Jackson walked to his desk, booted up his computer and filtered through his Facebook feed of friends back home.

“Ah man, you know what I love about these showers?” Marcos said, sloshing water around the shower stall.

“No, what, Marcos?” Jackson turned towards the cracked open door.

“The water pressure is so much better than in the city. And so is the hot water. It’s like a sauna in here.”

Jackson smiled because he noticed the steam was billowing into the bedroom. He locked his computer then stood up to grab his own book bag when the urge to piss hit him. He charged for the bathroom door. “Hey, hurry up in there. I need to take a piss.”

There was no response but a slosh of water. “Yeah hold your horses or use the hall bathroom dude,” Marcos said after a moment. “Let a man take his shower. You don’t see me intruding.”

Jackson quickly bumped the bathroom door open a bit and watched something roll across the floor, hitting the side of the shower stall, then tumble back. It was Marcos’ head. He gasped and almost pissed himself, stepping back with the head staring right at him with Marcos’ dopey eyes.

A voice was coming from the shower. “Yeah man… like I said this water is fantastic and warm. It feels great.” Jackson watched as the fog shrouded body was massaging and rubbing itself with his masculine hands sometimes copping a feel for his package. His head on the floor was staring right at Jackson and didn’t move a muscle.

“Jackson, are you still in the room?” Marcos muttered from somewhere invisible to Jackson’s eyes, the voice coming over the water.

“Yeah, yeah I am, du—” Jackson tried to respond, keeping his eyes on the head.

“Do you think they’ll break us up? You know, you, me, since were roommates and all?” the voice continued.

“Uh… no…” Jackson stepped back as one of Marcos’ eyes winked at him, then attempted to look “up” at the body behind him.

“Cool! Yeah I think we’re an awesome pair. We do good on the flanks and all.”

The head blinked some more and tried to nod at Jackson. Marcos smiled, then his tongue started to poke his cheek in a mocking fashion as if teasing the other man. Jackson stood frozen watching his roommates head start making gestures of oral sex while his own fucking body was showering out of view!

Jackson felt piss start to leak out of his glans and onto his underwear. He rubbed his eyes and turned towards the toilet pulling out his cock to piss. He’d heard about NBM’ers from stories in the country. How they wanted to work on the ranches decades back but couldn’t because they kept having farm accidents. Shit falling off and all or worse losing vital parts in the machinery. It all was making sense but seeing someone apart, let alone their head off was crazy shit.

Jackson started to piss, then looked back at the shower to make sure he wasn’t too loud. He figured he was caught already but he really, really needed to piss. Jackson’s gaze went to the floor where Marcos’ head was. It was staring at him with a broad smile, flickering its eyebrows up and opening his mouth and curling his tongue around before flicking it in the air like it wanted some of that.

“Yeah dude, I just don’t want to lose you mate,” came Marcos’s voice from the shower. “You’re pretty nice, and, well… the secret is out about me, ya know?” The water turned off and Jackson watched the hands feel the glass wall clearing it up. His cock was in full view as the body stepped out. It had to have been 8 inches soft, cut and thick but not like a chode.

“Yeah it would suck… a lot,” Jackson replied softly, looking at the head laughing as its view was obscured by Marcos’ thick calves. His body was reaching for a towel in the rack, stepping out onto the floor over the head then toweling itself off slowly beside Jackson at the sink.

“Yeah, it’s because I am gay and all,” Marcos said. “Guys don’t like other guys who are fags. We get so much shit and it’s cool to have a closeted one bunking then hanging out with me.” The body dropped the towel grabbing its cock and stood just inches from Jackson who was frozen holding the rest of his piss stream fearing for his life. Jackson realized that, one, he wasn’t caught peeping yet. And, two, Marcos’ voice was coming from the skin covered stump of a neck on top of his torso. Beads of water vibrated and rolled down to his collar bone from on top.

Marcos’ body started to hum and piss into the toilet holding his semi-hard shaft with his right hand. His muscled body still wet from not completely drying off seemed to “breathe” within inches of Jackson. Jackson held his breath trying not to breathe on Marcos’ body making sure he wasn’t caught. The head below beaming with pride looking back and forth at both of the men holding their dicks together over the toilet. Jackson rolled his eyes thinking about how kinky this mother fucker might be and try something when he isn’t looking. He was kind of liking it though.

He thought about the head’s offer for a split second. When Marcos’s body flushed the toilet, he turned his back to him, bending over and showing off his shaven smooth ass. The hands started feeling the floor then grabbed the head and rubbing its lips on his balls.

“Damn, even these towels are awesome,” Marcos called out with a light moan. He was completely unaware that Jackson was watching his roommate teabag himself and claim his head.

“That’s awesome. Hey, I am going to take that piss in the hall bath now, if you don’t mind letting me go.”

“All good! Don’t hold it for me!”

Jackson backed out of the bathroom slowly watching, Marcos’ body slowly lift the head up to its neck with his legs spread. There was a very light popping noise and Jackson closed the door to its previous position. He pulled up his pants and stepped out into the hall trying not to let his piss stream go again. He slouched against the wall breathing heavily then got up and finished his piss in the other bathroom.

When he got back Marcos was lying on his own bed looking at his phone. “Was it a good leak my man? You must have been holding it since before the game.”

“Yeah, it was a good release.”


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