by TylerGermany

The new guy in class is eight feet tall, and that’s just the start of what draws Luke to him.

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There was nothing more boring than the first day of senior year. The long years of freshman to junior years had led up to the ultimate demise of the best years of my life. Even though Freshman year started off shaky with me being, perhaps one of the smaller kids in the school. I mean if you were to look at Freshman Lucas, you’d think I was a prepubescent child at only 5’4” and 140 pounds soaking wet. But the summer before my Sophomore year I shot up to 5’10” and grew to 6’ through the rest of the year. And slowly I gained more popularity as I joined baseball and became pitcher. It was amazing to join such an amazing team with only 1 year of tee-ball when I was 7 under my belt.

Even with the popularity associated with the baseball team I still sat alone and away from others because I was never able to.. connect? I always felt so distant from anyone who wasn’t gay like me. Even though I wasn’t openly gay many people had the sneaking suspicion based off vicious rumors, false stereotypes, and my wander eyes in the locker room. And even if Grand Rapids was in the bible belt of Michigan, it was slowly becoming more accepting of gays.

“Alright class, today we have a new student today with us.” The teacher interrupts my train of thought. “He’s new to the school so make him feel extra welcome.” She beams.

“It’s the new school year you didn’t have to introduce him.” Some girl up front snaps.

The teacher rolls her eyes and opens the door for the new student and he ducks in. The class fell dead silent for a second as they had to look up and up to meet his gaze. He must’ve been at least 8 feet tall, and he was definitely broad shouldered. He wore a tight t-shirt that strained on his massive biceps and strained against his chest and shoulders. And wore tight basketball shorts, in the front was a sizeable bulge and in the back was a massive bubble butt. His massive columns of legs were ripped and rivaled most olympic cyclists, and calves to make most bodybuilders envious.

“Okay. Garrett right?” Mrs. Powell looks up to make sure she had the right name. He nods slowly. “How about you take the bigger desk in the back that I save for the student teacher.”

She looks around for a second and rubs her wrist like a bug bit her. “Did a bee get in here or something?

My heart drops as she points to the large desk next to me, it’s like any large teacher’s’ desk but it was next to me. And I was so focused on how my year in first hour would play out in this class with such a hot guy sitting next to me, I didn’t even notice he sat down on the floor and was at eye level with me while I sat in a chair. Most of the class was still looking at him when he leaned over to me and said. “Hey, I’m Garrett.. Who’re you?”

He voice wavered and cracked as I replied. “Luke. Nice to meet you.” My face turned a shade of red as most of the peanut gallery turned around to face the front of the class again. He reached to me with an open hand to shake mine, I moved my left hand from the safety of my lap and went to shake his. It wasn’t until his massive paw wrapped around and swallowed mine that I realized how sweaty my hand was but Garrett didn’t seem to mind.

“Hey don’t be nervous lil’ man.” He squeezes my hand and lets go and I quickly recoil it back to myself to avoid further embarrassment. He laughs lightly and the teacher begins to talk to the class so he whispers. “I know it’s strange seeing someone so big but I’m still human.”

I laugh shyly. “I’ve never really met anyone over like 6’6 and I’m not sure why you’re talking to me.. Heh. Most football jocks only talk to other football jocks.” I shrug with a bit of my tension melting away.

“I don’t play football.. Why do you assume that I would?” He laughs lightly.

“I mean look at you. You look like you could take down the entire opposing team without breaking a sweat..” I admire. But still can’t make direct eye contact with him. I’m afraid that if I make eye contact with his handsome face and dazzling blue eyes my boner, which was already threatening my pants, would burst through the zipper of my jeans.

“I’ve never played football in all honesty.” He shrugs his massive shoulders. “I’ve just always been bigger than everyone else.”

“So what other classes do you have?” I ask him trying to be friendly to the big guy.. It’s quite obvious he’ll be making a lot of friends soon but it couldn’t hurt to be nice to him now. He takes out his phone which is more like the size of a mini iPad, and on his lock screen are the classes. I compare them to my classes and realize we have 3 other classes together including gym.. “We share english.. As you can see already.. And then history and gym during our last class.”

“Oh nice.” He says a little loud. I turn to him about to put my finger over my mouth to tell him to quiet down a little.. But I’m caught off guard from his stunning features. A square jawline that was sharp enough to cut cold butter. Thick lips that look like two pillows side by side. Above that is a handsome greek nose between two sky blue eyes. His dark brown hair was cut in a pompadour that was making it’s return in today’s society. “Are you okay?” He asks a little too loudly.

“Garrett. Go to the counseling office right this minute. I’ve put up with your talking long enough.” Mrs. Powell sighs. “You too Luke, I expected more from you.”

I roll my eyes but collect my stuff from my desk and begin putting it into my bag as Garrett follows suite. I stand up and hope my erection isn’t too visible through my jeans, but just to play it safe I quickly walk out of the class not waiting for Garrett untill I reach the hallway. I stop for him when I reach the hall and he ducks and turns sideways to get into the hallway.

“I’m sorry.. I didn’t mean to get you kicked out of class.” He looks down at me with puppy eyes. “I’m just trying to make friends. New school and all.”

“It’s okay man.” I sling my backpack on and realize I’m only only eye level with his chest. “She kicked me out last year for a coughing fit.”

We start to walk down the hall side by side towards the counseling office. “So where did you come from?” I look up into his eyes and back ahead of me again to avoid just shooting a load into my pants.

“I moved here from Seattle.” He shrugs. “Not as glamorous as it may seem in all honesty. It’s dark and rainy most of the year.”

“How about family?” I ask him, and look up at him admiring the view.. I may as well just give into it, he’s drop dead gorgeous andI should just give up and look.

“Just me and my dad. My mom ran out when I was 5. And my dad is gone 99% of the time on business. I really only see him on holidays, and it’s been like this since I could drive.” He shrugs and looks down at me and rests his heavy arm on my shoulder.

I didn’t fight this harmless action, he was a friend and a possible love interest. But as he laid his hand I really felt the warmth of his arm on me. “I’m sorry to hear about your dad like that but hey I’ll hang out with you whenever.” I tried to shrug but his arm was pushing down rather hard on me.

“How about today after school. You have a car?” He asks.

“Unfortunately not.” I frown as we reach the counseling office. “I’ll have to hitch a ride from you.

“That’s okay. We have gym together so we’ll just meet up there..” He sighs. “I’ll go first. Wish me luck.”

I smile and laugh slightly and sit down in a chair just outside waiting for my turn, as Garrett enters. It was rather strange of Mrs. Powell sent us to the counseling office, normally during any type of disruption she sent people down to the main office. And even if she was sending someone down to the office she gave a speech that would put “I Have A Dream” to shame in length.

About 6 or 7 minutes passed before Garrett came out and I had to switch out places with him. He patted me on the back and said, “Mr. Lewis doesn’t want to see you but guess who talked him into getting us all of the same classes.” He smiled and was proud of his accomplishment.

“Wow dude that’s sweet.” I blush and pause for a second as he ushers me down the hall. Nobody has ever been able to talk Mr. Lewis into switching classes to get into the same class as a friend. “How’d you manage that?” I asked

“I have my ways.” He gave me a charismatic smile and put his arm around my shoulders.

He was gauging me and how far he could get with me before I got uncomfortable, I’d pulled the same stuff before with a friend trying to see if he was gay. And now Garrett was trying to do that? Or was he just seeing how comfortable I was with hugging and contact. “So did you leave a girlfriend back in Seattle?”

“No girls.” He grinned coyly at me. My heart fluttered with excitement, and he pulled me tighter to himself but it was kinda tight and hard to breath. I liked the idea of being able to date Garrett, and feeling protected by his massive size. But that’s all I knew about him really, that he was a big guy. I barely knew about his personality, because for all I knew he could be a serial killer. And maybe that was a long shot, but I shouldn’t jump the gun and start dating or fucking a guy I’ve known for less than an hour. But there’s nothing against admiring him or being his friend is there..?

“Same here I say.. No girls that is..” I blush slightly and continue walking with him down the hall to when we get to Mrs. Powell’s class. “I don’t want to go back in there..” I sigh.

“We could always skip this class and wait in the bathroom for second hour..” Garrett suggests.

“Nah they have taddler freshman that walk in every once in awhile to check if there are skippers..” I knock on the door and sigh “Let’s just accept our fate.”

Garrett sighs as the door swings open, the whole class is broken into small groups of four and working on some project. Mrs. Powell points us at a group that’s got only two guys in it. One a senior and one a Junior that came to the class because he was better academically than most. The senior is Adam Bates, a football jock but much smaller that Garrett at 5’11”. And the Junior is Martin Foster, an intellectual genius but lacking overall size at a shrimpy 5’4”. They were sitting by Garrett’s desk, probably a sign of mercy from Mrs.Powell.

As Garrett took his seat on the floor and I took my place in my seat Adam grabbed a hold of the side of his desk and grunted, which startled the rest of us. “Shit sorry, I just had a shooting pain in my shin.” He smirked a little and looked at us. “To fill you in we just need to make a paper about what we expect to learn from this semester in this class. Tomorrow she’ll have us read it off.” He complains and looks over at a group of girls and winks as they giggle.

“Well for starters grammar..” Martin begins to write down a list ideas, not even asking us for ideas. He just writes, and after about 20 points he sets down his pencil.”So did you hear about what happened in Millennium park last week you guys?”

“Duh who hasn’t heard about it.” Adam rolls his eyes and lean far back in his seat and pushes it onto it’s two rear legs.

“I haven’t.” I confess shyly. Adam pulls out his phone and rolls his eyes as he pulls up the facebook video.

“Some sophomores from the nearby neighborhoods was lighting off fireworks in the woods, and the police showed up and they scattered but some army looking dude got got by a cop but took the cop down.” He pressed play and me and Garrett, who also hadn’t seen the video watched the silent video. From the bushes the sophomores recorded a video of a guy on his knees in the light of the police car headlights with his hands on head. As the Police officer tried to slap the first cuff on his wrist the guy grabbed the forearm of the cop and slammed the cops head into the front of the car. And as the cop slid to the ground the army guy ran away as fast as any trackstar would.

The bell rang as soon as the video stopped playing and Adam snatched his phone back and shoved it in his pocket. It was the weirdest thing watching the guy slam the cop into the cruiser like that.. I’ve never in my life seen agility like that. “Let’s go Garrett.” I smile and stand up, and so does he, but he towers over me. “Time for the wonders of anatomy.”

The day from 2nd to 5th period were majorly uneventful other that when Garrett sat in a chair that a teacher forced him to sit in and the chair broke under his weight. And with gym on the way I was excited to see how he would perform. Obviously well, but it would still be exciting to see him in a natural habitat for his size.

As we walked in the gym Mr. Briggs shouted to us from across the gym, but as he came closer I was mistaken. He talked directly to Garrett and left me out, and I stood there waiting for their conversation to finnish. “What’s your name son?” Mr. Briggs asked loudly.

“Garrett Chambers.” He replied flatly.

Mr. Briggs consulted his clipboard and squinted. “You’re not on the team.. You thinking of signing up for football? We could use a man your size.”

Garrett looked down to me and Mr.Briggs looked to me. “Go change Lucas.” Obediently, I walked to the locker room and looked at Garrett and he frowned at me. I turned back to walk to the locker room and found it pretty empty other that 4 other guys, as I closed the door I heard Mr. Briggs suck on his teeth and mutter something under his breath.

I found a locker that I would use for the semester and but down my bag and got out my gym clothes. “I never thought he would never shut up.” Garrett sighed as he chose a locker next to mine. “It took me forever to convince him I’m not the football player type.” He put down his backpack and started pulling clothes out as well. Both of us started stripping and throwing on clothes. Out of the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of the bulge Garret had in his yellow briefs before he pulled up his shorts. As I pulled on a t-shirt he leaned down to me and whispered. “You can just look, you don’t gotta rubberneck.”

My cheeks warm up as I blush a little and follow him out the door, he could see right through me like I was a clean pane of glass. While I struggled to read him, he seemed to be at least a few steps ahead of me at all times. And not just in the figurative sense, because it was hard to keep up with him sometimes.

Entering the gym there was something a little off about the class itself. There were 9 people in all, including myself and Garrett and Mr.Briggs. And as Mr. Briggs went through attendance everyone was in class. “That’s weird normally gym class is full to the brim..” I whisper to Garrett. He just shrugged and that’s when I noticed something was off about Mr. Briggs. I couldn’t put my finger on it but he just looked.. Bigger? Even though I saw him not even a few minutes ago he just looked bigger, like he just got out of the gym and had a bit of a pump going on for him.

“Listen up men.” Mr. Briggs commanded and I looked around and noticed that there were no girls in the class, it was supposed to be a co-ed class. “We’re going to the track and you’re gonna run a mile today. Every Monday we’ll be running a mile to track your progress, so I wanna see improvements from all of you.. Kapesh?”

There was a sudden agreement as we followed him out the door. “By the way be careful around the goalposts, there’s a hive of bees inside. And they’ve been getting in the school and stinging some students all day.” Mr. Briggs warned. AS we left the school and entered the hot, humid late summer air. I figured I could just sprint past the beehive and miss getting stung entirely.

“Ugh I hate running around others, my chest and junk bounce too much.” Garrett complains and looks down at me. “But you won’t see that, slowpoke, you’ll only see my ass.” He mocks.

“Well that’s a great view ‘ass’ well.” I say flirtily. And a smile comes to face but dissipates quickly.

“Hey what’s wrong lil’ buddy?” He asks innocently.

“I just don’t wanna take this too fast. I’ve taken things fast before and they crumbled fast.” I respond flatly.. Garrett kinda frowned and looked away at a kid ahead of us, who started to complain that a bee stung him in the calf. But there was no mark there. “Sorry I just really like you, but I don’t want to ruin this between us.. You understand right?” I ask.

“Yeah.. Yeah.” He says.

“I wanna see hustle the whole way, especially you Chambers.” He directs. And all of us take off running and immediately I notice two kids say they got stung by bees but keep running. Garrett and I are at the front of the pack but he’s slowly gaining speed on me. And soon he’s gone through an entire lap and I’m only halfway through my first lap.

“Garrett I’m sorry.” I say as he runs by me.

“For what?” He says flatly and runs ahead.

“Great, I’ve ruined this.” I shake my head. A kid next to me says he got stung by a bee which I find strange as I have yet to even see one.

As I hit my second lap I notice that Mr.Briggs is definitely bigger than before. Usually he was pretty fit, like a male model would look like, nothing overly exaggerated in any form he was just fit. He also was once about as tall as me, maybe slightly shorter. But as I was running past him I saw that his shorts that went over his knees now covered his quads and the tee-shirt he wore bunched up around his chest and part of his abs were peeking past the bottom hem of his shirt. Even the sleeves were struggling to contain his bigger biceps. Today was getting weirder and weirder by the minute.

After I finished my last lap I noticed that Garrett finished way before me and was now resting on the grass, and there were still a few people out there finishing up their last lap. “How did you do?” I asked Garrett and he looked at me and patted the ground next to him and smiled.

“8 minutes and 48 seconds.” He laughed as I sat down next to him. “And I thought about what you said.. About going slow.. And I agree we shouldn’t jump in right away.”

“You know what we should just let what happens.. Happen.” I shrug and look up into his eyes, even sitting down next to him. “Hey do you think Mr. Briggs looks bigger to you?”

“What do you mean?” He shoots me a skeptical look.

“I mean.. Just look at him.” We both look over at him. “He grew or something because that shirt was baggy on him when we first entered gym, and he’s also taller than me now.”

“I’m sure it’s nothing. People don’t just magically grow several inches taller in an hour.” He shoots down my idea. “Maybe you just didn’t notice that about him before?”

I shake my head, I know what I saw. “You two.” Mr. Briggs points at us and tells us to come closer, which we do so. I have to do something unusual and look up at him. I’m 6’ so he must be 6’4 now, because I am eye level with his chin. “You two hit the showers, you showed hustle so you’re done for the day but the rest of these pansies have a couple more laps.”

Garrett put his arm around my shoulder and led me back to the high school. “Today has been very strange.. Have you noticed it at all Garrett?”

“What do you mean, it’s all strange to me, I’m 2,000 miles away from home.” He says, and rubs my shoulder.

“Well teachers and students have been getting stung by bees all day, but have you seen one yet?” I ask. “I know I’m sounding like one of those crazy conspiracy theorists on the internet but really.”

“I saw a few bees when we were running.” Garrett shrugs and opens the door for me and I walk in as he follows.

“But I haven’t and usually I can see a bee from a mile away.” I sigh and open the gym door for Garrett and follow him inside. “Today has just been hella strange. and the weirdest part is you.”

Garrett looks down at me, confused. “Me?”

“Not in a bad way.. It’s just that.. You’re perfect.” I shrug slightly and put a hand on his forearm. “You’re perfect and you’re talking to me. I’m probably one of the least popular people in this school but you’re talking to me, and you like me.”

“I think you’re cute.” Garrett stops and he grabs my shoulder before I can walk into the locker room. ”And so what if you’re not popular I like you so why should the opinions of people stop me from liking you.”

“I- I don’t know..” I shrug as Garrett opens the door for me.

“And this morning I loved the way you, of all the people in that class, looked at me.” Garrett said as I sat down on one of the benches and started to take my shoes off. “And when you could barely speak to me because you were to nervous, my heart melted. Even if that sounds cheesy..”

I look up at Garrett then down at the floor as I blush a little. “Yeah..”

Garrett takes off his shirt as he remarks “I like you and that’s all that matters.” Then suddenly squats down and gives me a big bear hug and lifts me off the ground. He hugs me with crushing force.

“Uh.. G-Garrett I c-can’t breath.” I stammer out to him.

“Oh right.. Sorry.” He sets me down and scratches the back of his neck. Then he turns to his locker and strips down naked, he has his back to me but everything was incredible. His diamond shaped calves to his big bubble butt to his thick lats to his cannonball shoulders. “You gonna shower too?” He turns his head and looks over his shoulder.

“Y-yeah” I say all fluttered. I slowly strip down as he walks to the showers with his back to me the entire time to tease me. As I pull down my briefs my 7 incher bounces up and slaps my abs, it’s ready for anything.

I walk into the shower room, with a boner leading me, to see Garrett facing away from me. My heart is pounding in my ears as I cross the distance to him.. How would this pan out, I wanted to take this slow.. But I want everything from him as fast as I can get it. And as much as I want him, I’m nervous if I take it all now there will be no sparks later. But I must, so I take the shower next him, and there’s nothing separating us. The communal shower just has dozens of shower heads lining the walls.

“You okay?” Garret asks and turns to me. I just about pass out when I catch everything he has. I guess I never noticed that he had a bit of a roid gut, not major just a bit noticeable. Until now I also hadn’t realized that he had a bigger chest when he took off his shirt versus when he wore a shirt. And that’s when I saw the third leg. He wasn’t even hard, nor did he look like he was even partially chubbed up, but he was easily a foot long and as thick as my wrist.

“holy fuck.” I whisper and just stand there, weak at the knees..

“I can see you like..” He smirks and turns off the shower. “But you wanted to take this slow.. Remember?”

“Now how can you do that to me?” I say quietly as I start the shower and wash off quickly.

As I walk into the locker room with a towel around my waist he’s sitting on a bench with his feet up and stretched to another bench. He’s on his phone and when he sees me enter he turns the phone off. “Sorry for the tease but it’ll come eventually.”

“Yeah yeah.” I roll my eyes. And drop my towel to get dressed.

As my towel hits the ground that elicits a whistle out of Garrett. “Hey I have to tell you something when we get to my house.” He stands up and walks behind me and massages my shoulders as I pull on some briefs and jeans.

“Oh boy.” I sigh.

“What?” He asks.

“You’re gonna pull something again.” I laugh slightly and pull away for a second to pull my shirt on. And then pull my backpack on. I pull away and begin to walk to the door.

“Will this shut you up.” He laughs a little and pulls me to him and picks me up and am met with a wet kiss from Garrett. After he pulls away he sets me down and hugs me forcing my head between his thick pecs.

“Yes.. Yes it will.” I laugh lightly.

“Now let’s head out to my house.” Garrett laughs.

“Now? Won’t we get in trouble?” I check my phone. “The bell doesn’t ring for another 10 minutes.” The goody two shoes in me wasn’t particularly ready to leave early and get a detention.

The other students began to enter the locker room before Garrett could speak, all of them looked slightly off—but for the life of me I couldn’t put my finger on it. “Come on, we can at least wait in the gym.” Garrett rolled his eyes at my rule abiding side. “Don’t want any wandering eyes.” He winked at me and I returned the eye roll as he dragged me into the gymnasium.

When we entered the gym, Mr. Briggs was standing in the middle of the basketball court and he was filling out papers on a clipboard. The scene looked normal. But he was definitely bigger than when I saw him outside. His shorts, which once met his knee,s were not only half way down his monstrous quads, and below that his calves were thick enough that they stuck out to his sides far enough for me to notice facing him. And his poor massive feet were practically begging to be freed from their tight sneakery prisons. Looking up I saw that the first row of his abs, and half of the second, were showing as his shirt was clinging to him like a second skin. His massive chest stretched the fabric wide as it tried to cling to his massive pecs and strained not to rip. His upper arms no longer threatened the sleeves, as they had retreated to his massive delts, but if they hadn’t have they would’ve ripped as soon as he were to even slightly flex his massive bulging biceps. His bull neck supported a very rugged and handsome face. “Do you see that Mr. Briggs is way bigger now?” I whispered to Garrett.

“Yeah.. He does look bigger.” Garrett slowly agreed with a hint of skepticism in his voice. Maybe because he was a bigger guy himself it is harder for him to notice changes?

“Hey! Mr. Briggs!” I called to him and he snapped his focus to me and begins to walk over towards me and Garrett. He stopped in front of me and that’s when I knew for a fact he’s bigger, because I was only at chin level with him. He could easily rest his chin on the top of my head and bend down a little.

“What do you need, Lucas?” he asked, and it was strange to hear him call me by my first name. Normally it was a strict last name from him.

“Are you feeling.. okay?” I asked him.

He gave me a confused look. “Yeah.. I feel great, why do you ask?”

“It’s just..” I paused. “Never mind.”

“Are we allowed to leave?” Garrett steered the conversation in a different way.

Mr. Briggs looked at a watch that struggles to hold against his thickening wrist and nodded. “But if you get caught, I’m throwing you under the bus as escapees.” He winked and turns away. I tried to sneak a look at his backside but Garrett pulled me with him.

“Today is just so freaking bizarre.” I whispered to myself.

My phone buzzed in my pocket, and I took it out to see it’s my younger brother texting me. “Can one of ur friends drive me home? Thomas’ car broke down yesterday,” he asked.

“Who is it?” Garrett asked me.

“My brother, he’s a year younger than me.” I paused and look up at Garrett. “He wants a ride home.”

“Tell him we can drive him.” Garrett said and looked forward.

“I don’t know.. He’s an asshole..” I was hesitant to text him but Garrett gave me a look. “Fine.” I wrote to my brother: “Alright. See you in the student parking lot. Don’t be an asshole.”

“Shut up.” He texted back and I sighed. When he says anything it’s always directed at me rudely. Nothing he says is playful, as his tone is always serious.

“He’s your little brother. Beat him up.” Garrett suggested and opened the gymnasium doors and leads me into the hallways.

“He’s my younger brother, but he’s bigger than me.” I shrugged and lean on Garrett a little as we walk. “He’s half a foot taller than me and he’s a linebacker, so I can’t really beat him up without being pummeled myself.”

“I can beat some sense into him.” Garrett laughed heartily.

I smile but shake my head. “Nah.. If you were to beat him up, he wouldn’t come out alive.”

“Damn right.” Garrett flexed his bicep to demonstrate his power. We opened the doors to the student parking lot. “Tell your brother to look for the big white pick up.”

I pulled out my phone and updated him on the type of car he should be looking for. Garrett led me through the many rows of cars, and true to his word there’s a massive white pick up truck. “Jeez, you practically call that thing a bus.”

“It’s the only thing I can fit inside of.” He laughed and opened my door and lifted me up into the car like a parent would pick up a child. “Sorry, but I just felt like doing that.” He laughed as I roll my eyes at him. Just before he closed my door the bell rang through the parking lot.

“Guess I should get in the middle.” I turned to my left and saw that the driver’s seat was specially made and was further back for his long legs. I climbed over the center console as Garrett climbed into the car, which threw off my balance slightly as the truck suddenly lurched to the left as his weight pulled it down.

“What are you doing Lucas?” he asked me and smacked my butt that’s in the air.

“Climbing in the back so I don’t have to battle the royal asshole, that is my brother for the front seat. Oh and just a little side note he’s a bit homophobic,” I said as I sit down behind the passenger seat. “He calls me a fag quite often. And when he sees us together he’ll probably call me a fag even more.”

“I’ll threaten him if he tries. Nobody messes with my lil man.” He smirked in the mirror. “What’s his name by the way?”

“Michael.” I said as there was a pounding on the passenger side. Both Garrett and I look to see who it is, and only Michael’s eyes can peer into the truck. He pulls open the door and climbs up into the truck easier than I would’ve if I had to climb into the truck.

“Who’s this?” Michael said, sounding irked, and put his seat belt on.

“I’m Garrett.” Garrett offered his hand up but Michael declined and looked out the window. He brushed his right hand across his tricep in a swiping motion. “Alright good talk there bud. Where do I go?”

“Take a left out of the parking lot and then another left at the first light.” I instructed from the back seat.

Garrett put the car in drive and drove out of the parking lot and hung a left. The car was in silence, which was slightly awkward. “So Garrett, do you play football?” Michael asked, breaking the silence as we came to a stop at a red light. And Garrett sighed and shook his head. “Damn, you’d be a great linebacker, I wouldn’t want to go up against you.”

Garrett turned left down the road and held his silence. I leaned forward a little and looked at Garrett. “Are you okay..?” I asked him quietly. He didn’t say anything, just looked forward.

Michael shooed me away with his hand without touching me. But Garrett turned quickly, thinking that he must’ve slapped me or something from the look of fury in his eyes. Michael met his gaze and quickly backed down and slumped into his seat and looked out the window with his arms crossed. “Turn left right here Garrett.” I said quietly from the back seat.

Obediently he turned quickly down a side street. “The white one with the wrap around porch.” Michael pointed out our house. “Do you see it?” He asks Garrett, who remained silent but pulls over near the curb but not all the way.

Michael hopped out of the truck onto the road and closed the door. He gave me one last look through the window that made me do a double take—he looked through the window while standing on the street, when earlier he wasn’t able to. My suspicions were confirmed when he stepped onto the curb and I saw his bare ankles when earlier the jeans fit him just fine.

“Nice park over there,” Garrett commented, snapping me back to reality.

“Oh yeah, the little knoll.” Garrett began to drive and I climbed over the center console to get into the front seat. “It’s called lookout point. You can see most of Downtown Grand Rapids when the leaves aren’t blocking the way.”

I settled into my seat and click the seat belt into place as Garrett swung his arm over my shoulder and drove one handed. I leaned over his way. It’s a great gesture with no complaints from me. We drove down a couple of blocks in silence before Garrett spoke up. “I think I have a better place than my boring old house.”

“Oh, I’m sure your house isn’t that bad.” I looked up into his dazzling—green eyes? I double take, I could’ve sworn they were sky blue, not ivy green. “Do your eyes change colors or something..?”

He looked confused for a second. “Oh.. Oh yeah, yes they do.” He answered back with a chuckle at the end. “Do you mind if we go to the much better surprise instead of my house? I kinda need to know to turn left or right.” He motioned both ways.

“Let’s see your surprise.” I shrugged and he turned left rather quickly, heading towards the Creston Warehouse area. “Speaking of surprises—since we aren’t going to your house, what was that secret you wanted to tell me.”

“Heh. There was no secret.” He blushed slightly. “I just wanted you to come with me..” He blushed a bit deeper this time.

“I would’ve come with you secret or not. You’re my big man and I’ll follow you anywhere you want me to follow you.” I smiled and patted him on his chest and for the first time really got a good feel. “Geez dude you’re solid.”

He flexed his bicep that was behind my neck, causing it to jump and push me forward a little. “You know it lil’ man,” he remarked.

I love it when he calls me little man, but there’s something that’s on my mind still. What was up with most of the people in school today? I mean more issues than normal, like a major explosion of guys with muscles in my school. I originally thought of it to just be that guys just went to the gym this summer but then I began to really notice that I was becoming just average height compared to the rest of the senior class. Then the whole thing with Mr.Briggs and how he looked a lot more muscular and a lot taller than I’ve ever seen him. And the business with all the people complaining about bee stings? If so many people were stung by bees, where were all the dead bees laying around the place? Bees die when they sting people.

“We’re here.” Garrett shook me out of my thoughts. He seemed to notice me and my blank stare. “Are you okay?” he asked sincerely.

“Oh, what? Yeah.” I nodded and look up to see we’d parked in front of a building with big black letters saying; Utradas Gym. “What.. I’ve never heard of.. Utradas?” I tried to pronounce it but probably horribly butchered it.

“U-tra-das gym?” Garrett said slowly to pronounce it right. “It’s brand new and it’s really only for hardcore bodybuilders.”

I opened my car door. “Will they even let me in?” I laugh to myself.

“They better.” He grinned. “Wait, let me help you out of the car.”

“I can do it, I’m not as helpless as one may think.” I winked at him but he shook his head at me and hopped out of the car and jogged around to my side. “Really, I can do it myself.” I narrowed my eyes.

“I like to pick you up and help you though.” He smiled and picks me up and sets me down on the ground. “It’s a big drop for my little guy to fall from.”

“I’m not that short.” I sighed as he closes the door for me too and put his arm around my shoulders. “Well if you like to do it I guess I can’t really complain too much..”

He began to lead us to the front doors,. Like always he liked to pull me and he barely needed to use any force at all. And just like always he opened up the door for me. “Wait, am I allowed to open the door?” He winked at me.

“Don’t be a smartass.” I rolled my eyes.

“Hey Garrett, you bringing normies in here?” A massive man from behind the counter asked us. His voice was loud and deep and it reverberated through the lobby area of the gym. He wasn’t quite as tall as Garrett but he was just as muscular, probably a little bigger. And the way he glared at me made shivers run down my spine and he could definitely noticed it.

“Hey lay off, Frankie.” Garrett snapped which shocked even me a little bit. The way he could just snap from passive to assertive still made me jump. “This ‘normie’ is my boyfriend.”

There it was, he used the “b word” already which was exciting but also made me dread the future. ‘Love at first sight’ situations rarely if even ever work out. I was glad that he felt comfortable enough to call me his boyfriend, because most gay men in Grand Rapids just saw other gay men as sex toys to use once or twice and throw out. And if he felt I was boyfriend material I was feeling better about that.

“Wouldn’t you rather have a real man?” Frankie cocked an eyebrow at Garrett.

“I assume that you’re talking about yourself?” Garrett laughed at his own joke and pulled me along towards the locker rooms. He looked down to me and nodded at a bench outside of the bathroom. “Stay here Luke, it smells like utter shit in the bathroom.”

“Mkay.” I don’t sit but instead walk around a little bit absorbing the details of the gym around me as Garrett disappeared into the bathroom. Most of the walls had some space paintings on them, and the stone floor was black with little white specs in it to look like space.

“Hey kid come over here.” Frankie called to me. He was rather loud because of the electronic music playing in the gym. I started to walk over to him. “What’s the deal with you two? I’ve never heard of you before and we talk a lot.”

I shrugged and come to the front counter and had to stare up, just like with Garrett. “I’m not sure what he sees in me, but he sees a lot I guess.” I sighed and looked around towards the main exercise room, there’s nobody else here. “How long have you been open? I’ve lived near here my whole life and I’ve never heard of this place before..”

“Last March is when we’ve opened, and I’m not surprised you haven’t heard of us. You don’t look like a professional bodybuilder by any means.” He gestured to me. I wasn’t exactly a stringbean but I was fit. “And I’m surprised The Kid Hulk likes you at all, he normally goes after someone like me.” He cockily did a double biceps that strained the seams of his T-shirt sleeves to far and caused them to tear. Frankie gave a satisfied grin as he inspected the ripped sleeves closer.

“Hey. What did you say to Luke.” Garrett said as he came out of the locker room, his eyes narrow at Frankie and he really looks threatening. He was now in a cut tank top that hung loosely around his bulging torso. He also was clad in tight lycra that only made its way half down his thigh.

“I’m not sure who has who under their control, look how protective he gets over you.” He told me and looked over at Garrett. “Quit your crying we were talking about the gym.”

Garrett stared at me looking for confirmation and I nodded yes. He lost a lot of tension in his muscles after he knew the truth. I was getting better at picking up his signals ‘cause when he nodded towards the workout gym, I instinctively walked over that way. “Maybe it’s Garrett who has him under control.”

Garrett waited for me to be a couple more feet away before whispering to Frankie: “Back off man, I’m not gonna do it to him and neither should you.” He began to say something else but the music drowned out whatever it was. It made me feel nervous, what didn’t they do to me, nor were they going to do to me.

I sat down on a bench press while they continued to talk and took note of more surroundings. The floor was the same, as was the paint on the walls, but the far wall had a massive mirror from end to end on it, and on the wall next to that were tinted windows that you could only see out of, and the only view was off the busy street outside and Garrett’s truck. I also took note of the barbells and the absolutely ridiculous weights on the racks. The smallest I could find was at 75 pounds, which was something I could probably pick up if I tried hard enough.

As I look behind me to see whose heavy footfalls were coming towards me I noticed Garrett looks absolutely pissed off. His ears are red, just like a lot of his face. “G-Garrett..?” I say sheepishly as he walks towards me, slightly stomping. “A-re y-you okay?”

No response from him, instead he just stops directly in front of me and looks down at me. “He fucking pushes ALL of my buttons.” Garrett squats down and picks me up and brings me to his mouth and gives me the sloppiest kiss I have ever had. His tongue briefly darts into my mouth, but quickly retracts as he sets me on the floor. He had a way of discombobulating me sometimes I guess. I have to sit down on a bench press as he goes to the racks and starts loading up a big curling bar. As disoriented as I was I looked at the incredulous 250 pounds on the bar. He bends over and quickly does a few curls with it.

“Damn, how much can you lift maximum?” I stared in disbelief, as he barely breaks a sweat curling something that would break me.

“Dunno,” he said in between reps. “Just looking for a pump right now,” he muttered in between breaths.

I looked him up and down as he curls it. His form is as good as it could get, he wasn’t cheating with it. I really was at a loss for words still even if the kiss was half a minute ago. I just began to really take note of how Garrett acted in the gym, I just looked at his reflection in the mirror as he was still pumping away. “Do you ever get tired?” I ask in disbelief.

“Not at all, lil’ man,” he huffed and set the weight down on the floor with no clang. “Damn, look at how pumped my biceps are.” He laughed as he began flexing in the mirror. He hit all types of poses to show off his massive biceps. “Come feel them, Luke.”

I stood up and he crouches down a little bit so his bicep is at my eye level, my eyes followed the veins that snake their way down his biceps. I looked to his eyes and they’re back to blue, but they may as well be red with the amount of fire and passion in his eyes. I looked back to the bicep and traced the veins with my fingers. I really began to get into it and started squeezing as hard as I can but it’s useless as his biceps didn’t budge in the slightest. “Punch them,” he said in a deep and hushed voice. I followed his orders and punched the bicep hard. “Harder,” he said gruffly. And I punched with more effort. He snickered as his arm doesn’t move. He stands up and puts in a headlock that I can’t fight against. His sweaty skin comes in contact with me and I grow harder than I already was.

“It’s kinda getting hard to breathe..” I struggled to say as my face turned red in the mirror.

“Oh shit! Sorry man, are you okay Luke?” He snapped back into reality. And looked me up and down.

I gave him a thumbs up and weakly said, “I’m great. You’re just really strong.” I forced a laugh. “I’m still alive so no worries here. Heh”

He gave me one last concerned look before turning to his curling bar to take care of the weights. “You should sit down,” he suggested. I nodded and sat as he set the bar back where it belonged. “Sometimes I just get so worked up and in the zone ,I forget that there are other people who aren’t, well, in the zone,” he confessed and scratched the back of his neck, accidentally flexing his bicep.

“I’m all right Garrett. I promise I’m all right.” He looked to the bench press and the racks of weights next to it. He began to pile plates on the thick bar, and I didn’t even count the amount, but it was more than most could dream to achieve. “Can I feel your pecs.. Like, as you bench?”

“Knock yourself ou-..” He cuts himself short. “Poor choice of words.. Go ahead.”

I shook my head as he lays down on the bench. Luckily it’s low enough on the ground that I can actually straddle his abs to get the best groping I can. “Wait—shit.” He picked me up and set me on his lap. He sast up and reached for the collar of his shirt and pulled his shirt off and tossed it onto the ground. “Here, now go ahead.” He laid back down and I went back to straddling his abs.

He barely struggled to lift the bar up off the rack and he brought it low to his chest and began to push it up and down. My hands lay gently on top of his pecs, feeling the rippling through each rep that he does. My finger accidentally went over one of his thick nipples and he grunted. “Those are way too sensitive right now,” he confesses as he keeps the bar high up.

“Sorry.” I shrugged and went back to feeling the rest of his chest as he continued. After a while of this I looked up. “Shit.” Two massive men had walked into the gym and start talking with Frankie.

“What?” Garrett racked the barbell and set me on his lap as he sat up again. Sometime during that set he had gotten to full mast and I could feel it through the lycra shorts.

“There are other people here, and I’m not sure I can do this with other people watching.” I laughed nervously and Garrett just nods understandingly.

“We can leave if you think that’s best.” He offered.

I got off of him and nod. “Yeah.” He also stood up and begins putting away plates. I bent over and picked his shirt off the floor of the gym, and offered it to him as he turned to me. Once he had his shirt around his neck he picks me up and kissed me on the mouth again.

“Could you wipe down the bench while I change?” Garrett walksed away before I could answer. So I guess I will, but as I look around the gym I don’t see any cleaner or anything.

Garrett and the two guys that walked in entered the locker room as I walked up to Frankie. “What’s up, pipsqueak?” he asked.

“I just need some stuff to wipe down the bench.” I looked up into his eyes. They were studying me carefully.

“I’ll get it.” He said and reached under the counter. He began to move toward the end of the counter to go into the gym area. “By the way, pipsqueak, you should know something. Garrett isn’t.. Normal..”

“What do you mean..?” I asked him, confused.

He turned to me fully. “I can’t say, but when you find out, your world will be flipped upside down entirely. You won’t know what to think anymore.” He walked back to where he’d been at the counter. “Me and Garrett have the same thing, and when you know it, you’ll know it.” He reached under the counter looking for something. “There were no bees, just so you know.”

“What are you talking about?” I was at a climax of confusion now.

“Listen.” He puts both arms on the counter, in his right hand he had a business card. “Garrett, guaranteed, will not say the right things. And when you need someone to talk to about it call me.” He slid the card to me. “He sees something in you, pipsqueak. And I trust that he’s making the right choices, but don’t do anything irrational when he tells you.” He walked to the main gym, leaving me alone.

I was in several stages of confusion, and I reluctantly picked up the card off the counter. “Hey you ready to go now, Luke?” Garrett startled me as I shoved the card in my pocket.

“Yeah sure.. Let’s go.”

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