Leg transformation

by Andrew James

A horny guy with a prosthetic leg wonders what it would be like if his stump were turned into a huge cock. Much to his shock and delight, he gets to find out.

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As a gay guy, I have always managed very well in spite of only having one leg. To save any embarrassment I simply pull down my jeans, jogging bottoms, or whatever, and then the guys only see the black plastic socket which my prosthetic leg is attached to. I am lucky as I have a hefty 8” cut cock and orange-sized balls, and can really fill guys with hot cum, so am popular with the gay guys and some bi guys too.

My right leg ends immediately above the knee and I have a neatly rounded 15” hair covered stump. A lot of guys I know who are bottoms, and have huge ass holes, love me to grease my stump and stump-fuck them. Sometimes I can get the whole lot in right to my balls. It feels amazing. I always wonder what it would be like to have a cock as big as my stump!

I had a really hot session with one of my close friends and when we finished I mentioned again to him about wishing I had a cock like my leg stump. Frank looked rather strange and said, “It’s funny, I was told by a clairvoyant yesterday that one of my friends would get his wish granted, providing the wish was made in my presence, and within the following 24 hours.” Frank looked at his watch and blurted out, “Jess, the 24 hours are up at 9 p.m., that’s 10 minutes from now. You have to find somewhere comfortable to lay down, and make your wish whilst holding my hand. Fuck knows why, but that’s what the guy said.”

We went into the bedroom and I removed my shorts and my leg and lay there in my jock strap, I held onto Frank’s hand firmly, and simply said, “I wish that my amputation stump could transform into a cock. Since I stump fuck so many guys it would be very beneficial to me and to them.” And that was it.

The clock passed 9 p.m. and nothing had happened. I was just about to speak to Frank when I felt my stump start to tingle. I nudged Frank and said, “Something’s happening to my stump, it’s really tingling… and the hair all around the top is disappearing!”

Frank looked at me and answered, “Not the only thing that’s happening, your cock is going smaller.” I yanked off my jock strap and sure enough as I watched my super 8-incher was shrinking so fast that within 10 seconds it had completely vanished and I was simply left with my two large balls, and a patch of plain flesh where I had shaved all the hair off. I had not expected that.

Frank suddenly yelled for me to look at my stump.

I did, and with horror and fascination I watched with horror as my stump end started to change from hairy flesh to pink hairless flesh. It started to get slightly bulbous, but this soon stopped and Frank moved to sit in front of me and I lifted my stump up so I could see what was happening, in the next few minutes we heard a slight slurpy noise and a small hole appeared in the head of my, well, now it was stump with a head on it.

I looked at Frank, “What the fuck have I done?” I asked him.

Frank replied “Well I think that your cock had simply been changed into the end of your leg stump, and… well, nothing seems to be happening, and you now have no cock, so let’s wank it off and see what happens”

I was still gobsmacked, so Frank massaged my stump-cock and within about three minutes I felt my balls start to contract and warned Frank something was going to happen. Pleasure was starting to flood through me. Suddenly Frank said, “I can see some small white drips coming from your stump end, like pre cum—oh shit!” Suddenly my stump end emitted one fucking huge jet of thick cum, it hit him in the face and ran down, he started to lick it up and said it tasted amazing.

I suddenly realised I need to piss and thought oh God this is going to be awful now.

I asked Frank to help me into the toilet, and I simply held my stump end over the toilet and let go, a long stream of piss shot from the end of my stump and when I fished I simply dabbed it dry with some toilet tissue and we got back into the bedroom.

Can I still wear my leg? I wondered. I sat down and with Frank’s help I cleaned my stump up, pulled on my silicone stump liner and then a cotton sleeve, and pulled my prosthetic leg on. The socket still fit just fine, and I stood up. Fuck, walking on my cock head felt like someone sucking on me all the time… I love it.

I went to work on Monday and did not have any trouble until lunchtime when I really need a piss. I went to the men’s room and had to wait for a cubicle unfortunately, and I dropped my pants and removed my socket and held my stump over the toilet and pissed for England, just as the door opened, my door had a faulty lock! and the guy looked at me and then my stump which was letting piss jet out.

He looked simply amazed and said to me, “Wonder what it would feel like to have that monster rammed up my ass?”

“Only one way to find out,” I answered. He squeezed in past me and bent over the toilet bowl and dropped his pants. He wasn’t wearing any underwear and I swear he had the biggest fucking hole I had ever seen. I had a small tube of lube in my pocket (always be prepared!) so I rubbed it on my stump cock and gently pushed it into his hot hole. To my surprise it showed little resistance and I managed to push my whole thigh into his hole. I fucked him good and proper and felt my balls tighten and told him I was cumming. I could feel cum started to shoot out of my cock head and then it pumped into him. He was starting to get loud and I had to put my hand over his mouth. I finished shooting my load and pulled out.

Shit, was he a mess! There was cum all over the head of my cock where it had trickled down my stump, and it was oozing from his ass hole, and was inside his suit trousers. I had to get my boxers off and try and clean him up, then stuck them down behind the toilet.

I let him out, thank god no one in the toilets, then shut the door and leaned against it whilst I put my leg back on. The odd thing is my stump is just the same as before except for the mushroom shaped head on the end with the piss slit, and it did not affect my walking at all. Life has changed a lot for me. Now I am really enjoying my sex life, loads of guys try to suck me off but I am too big… My stump cock is in great demand, so much so that I have had a new quick release socket fixed on my leg so I can take it on and off in about a minute, and just keep on cumming!

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