Late bloomer

by Jay Emm

Paul and Chet are trying to sort out the changes brought about by the growth gem, when a stranger appears to tell them about new and unexpected possibilities.

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Paul Morris let out a long sigh. He was in gym class again and the school mandated shorts and t-shirt that hung loosely from his weedy frame showed that he was still waiting for the ‘puberty fairy’ to show up. All of his friends were showing signs of newfound maturity. They were getting muscles, hair, and from the brief glimpses in the shower they were growing… down there in a way that Paul could only envy. Some were even starting to shave daily. Paul still hadn’t bothered for a first time.

Gym class plodded through the hour interminably. Paul threw basketballs at the hoops, never quite hitting. He did fewer pull ups than anyone else in the gym. He couldn’t even manage laps without breathing heavy and feeling like he was going to throw up. The girls were out performing him. It was so embarrassing. His poor performance gathered the notice of bullies like flies to rotten meat. They called him wimp, pussy, faggot. That last one may have been true. Paul certainly liked to look at the other boys when they were changing in the locker room. He never had the courage to do more than just look.

Once Gym was over the rest of the day went all right. A few of the bullies jostled in him the hall. One of them sent him sprawling to the floor with a donkey laugh and a belated “Sorry dude” at the end, but it was clear that he did it on purpose. Paul knew this guy. His name was Chet Overstreet. Paul consoled himself that one day Chet would be serving fries while he was working in Silicon Valley. But after that Paul got the satisfaction of being one of the top students in the rest of his classes.

At the end of the day Paul walked home. He didn’t like the bus because he ended up sitting with a bunch of people he didn’t like, and he couldn’t ride a bike all the way home without getting exhausted. Usually he’d stop by a comic store or even a restaurant about half way to catch his breath. Paul hadn’t yet made it to the comic store before he heard a noise in an alley.

“Hey Boy! Come here! I have something you want!” Paul tried to ignore it. Whomever was speaking to him had all the earmarks of a mugger trying to lure in prey.

The voice as insistent though. “Aren’t you tired of being so scrawny? Wouldn’t you like to finally grow up?” Paul hesitated and looked in. He saw a shabby looking fellow, long straggly hair and frayed clothing. He seemed clean and fit though. Not the usual drunken stupor that the alley bums had. The man smiled at him. His teeth were straight and clean. “That’s it,” the man said, “Come in and I can give it to you. I won’t hurt you. I am here to help.”

Paul stepped into the alley hesitantly. He looked up at the man. Paul stood about five two on a good day. Up close this man was over six feet tall. He was well built as well. Paul tried not to stare too lustily at him. “I was like you once, small, insignificant, uninspiring. But someone helped me along, and I mean to help you.” The man held out what appeared to be a small green gem. It caught the light in a way that made it appear to have an internal glow. “Sleep with this under your pillow. Then tomorrow hold it under your tongue. As you work your body, it will grow stronger and more powerful. Running will tone your legs and give you height. Lifting will expand your arms and torso. And so on—” He gave a wicked grin, then went on. “When you’re satisfied, spit it out. Then pass it on to someone else who needs it.” Paul took the gem and the man stepped further back into the alley. Soon he was obscured in the shadows, only his teeth gleaming in a Cheshire grin were visible.

Paul left the alleyway and pondered. Was the guy crazy? Was it poison? He turned the smooth stone over and over in his hand. It didn’t look like it would cut him. It seemed solid and unlikely to dissolve. What’s the worst that could happen to him? He resolved to give it a try.

Paul was so excited he made it the rest of the way home without a stop. His mother commented on how unusual it was for him to be home so early. Paul just shrugged and went up to his room to spend the evening on his computer. As he played video games he imagined himself looking more like his Avatars: well muscled, tall, handsome. He couldn’t wait for the next day to begin.

Paul woke up, showered and dressed in haste. He took the green gem from under his pillow. If anything it seemed brighter to him. He turned off his lights and it actually glowed in the dark. He had a brief worry that it might be radioactive but then decided, “If it is, I’m fucked anyway with it under my head all night.” He considered whether or not to put the gem under his tongue. “The guy told me that it only worked as I worked my body. I should probably hold on to it until Gym time.” So he went to school and for the first time looked forward to his gym class.

As Paul slipped on his oversized Gym clothes, he popped the green gem in his mouth. It seemed to flatten out a bit and fit smoothly under his tongue. Paul was briefly glad that he would be able to talk with the thing in his mouth. He was a bit worried about that. Once everything was in place he headed out to the gymnasium with his more mature fellows.

The coach started everyone with laps as a warm up. Paul started jogging along with everyone else, hanging a bit back more with the girls than the guys. Before he had finished the first lap he noticed a tingling in his legs. They felt full of energy! Usually the first lap left him breathing heavy and the second lap left him exhausted, but Paul felt like he could run a mile, or more! By the time he finished the second lap he noticed that he was looking OVER the heads of the girls he was running with. He looked down and noticed that his legs were no longer the twigs they once were. There was noticeable muscle on them. And they seemed longer too. He almost stumbled as he admired his new quads and calves.

Once he realized it was working he zoomed closer to the front. By the time the third lap hit he was looking over the heads of several of the BOYS! He felt a breeze around his waist. Apparently it wasn’t just his legs that were getting a work out. His abs were peeking through his new stretched torso. And what fine abs they were. A nice cobbled six pack of muscle to go with his powerful new legs. Paul figured he was about eight to ten inches taller than when he started. His shorts looked like they were painted on! The thigh muscles were so thick now that the fabric as fraying at the seams.

The weird part is that the class barely seemed to notice. A few of the guys said things like “when did you start working out” or “you’ve caught a growth spurt haven’t you.” But the fact that he literally sprouted up almost a foot didn’t seem to faze anyone as much as he thought it would. Paul just shrugged and said, “Late bloomer, what can I say!”

By the end of the forth and final lap, his gym shorts looked like a speedo on him. Paul was pretty sure he topped six feet tall. And he had the legs of an Olympic runner! Paul wanted to keep running. In fact the coach had to blow his whistle to get him to stop! Part of Paul’s brain was panicking, wondering how much more he would grow if he just kept running. The other part was eager to see how far he could push this new change. Could he hit seven feet? Eight? The coach’s whistle blew again and he angrily stomped over to Paul. “You got wax in your ears? Its time to stop running, son! Why don’t you drop and give me twenty!”

Paul grinned cockily at the coach. “If you say so.” He dropped to the floor and assumed the push up position. At first he was a little nervous. His arms were still so tiny compared to his lower body. He was sure he resembled a t-rex to everyone else. After sweating a bit on the first two pushups, he felt that same familiar tingling running through his body. This time it was focused on his arms, his shoulders and his back. He could practically see his biceps swelling like balloons with each push up. His forearms started to bulge and although he couldn’t see it he was sure his traps and lats were doing the same.

He managed to finish his twenty without breaking a sweat. He looked up at the coach excitedly, “Is twenty enough coach? You want to see forty? How about eighty!” The energy was running all through his body, swelling up his pecs and pushing them tightly against his shirt. He could see the outline of his nipples as he rocked up and down over and over again.

The coach turned red, not sure how to respond. By this time the class had more or less completely broken down. Everyone turned to watch what was going to happen next. Paul just kept at it, push up after push up. It was like he was in a trance. For a few reps, his gym shirt looked painted on too, and then with a massive RRRRRRIIIIPPPPPP… the entire shirt tore down the middle, revealing the ripped muscles of a body builder in peak season.

The torn shirt seemed to kick Paul out of his reverie. He stood up slowly and reached up with a massive hand to pull the tatters of is clothing off from around his chest, “Sorry about that Coach… I guess I got a little carried away there.” The coach just stood there dumbfounded. A part of him was trying to reconcile his memories of Paul as a skinny little wimp with this Adonis before him. Another part was trying to figure out what to do to handle this out of control demigod.

Paul looked around and noticed everyone staring at him. The girls were eyeing his body like he was a slab of beef. Not a few of the guys seemed a little green with envy as well. Chet Overstreet, the bully from yesterday was staring at him with naked lust. His jaw slack and practically drooling. Paul grinned and winked at Chet and then flexed his chest and arms a few times, making the muscles stand out, and perhaps grow a little more.

As he soaked in all the attention, Paul felt another tingling sensation. This one in his crotch. His eyes widened, “Oh shit,” He mumbled… Apparently another body part was getting a work out as he enjoyed the stares. He licked his lips and smiled as his cock started to fill with blood. It strained and stretched… and pushed… and pretty soon it was uncomfortably being forced down and out the bottom of his shorts. There was a gasp throughout the room as his cock stretched further and further until the tip reached his knee.

A few more of the students noticed Paul’s cock poke free of his shorts. The thought of all these people lusting after him turned Paul on even further. This increased the tingling and the growth between his legs. Pretty soon the constriction of his shorts became painful. Paul winced and reached down to try to alleviate the pressure when his cock resolved the issue by RIPING through the fabric of his shorts, leaving them as tattered as his gym shirt, and poking upwards rather than downwards. Paul was astonished. He stood there naked as a jaybird with his cock bouncing between his new massive pecs. It started drooling precum which got stuck to his chest with each beat of his heart.

The Coach, seeing a completely Naked Paul finally found his voice, “Get to the locker room and put on some clothes, NOW!” Paul, red faced and flushed with a mix of lust and shame fled to the locker room. He had no idea what he would put on. None of his old clothes had a chance of fitting him anymore. As he ran to the gym he could swear he felt himself growing a little taller, and his leg and ass muscles got even stronger and bigger.

Once away from everyone, the tingling started to settle down. Paul sat on one of the benches and stared helplessly at his locker trying to figure out what to do. As he was going through the possibilities in his head, he heard the door open behind him. It was Chet Overstreet bashfully creeping into the room. “Hey Dude. That was some performance out there—” He grinned shyly.

Paul stared at him skeptically, “Chet. You’ve bullied me since grade school. In fact you knocked me over in the hallway just yesterday. What do you want?”

Chet pursed his lips and considered. “That was before….” He gestured vaguely at Paul, “All this… Now that you’ve grown up… I want you… I want you real bad.”

Paul considered. On one hand, Chet was a jerk and a bully. On the other, he was good looking, and clearly into him. Paul had never had sex before with anyone but himself. It might be just a quick fling, but wasn’t that as good a revenge as any? “Ok Chet. Come here and let me do whatever I want to you. We’ll see what happens—” A thought struck him, “Also, you have to give me some of your clothes to wear.”

Chet shrugged, “If that’s what it takes, so be it.” The blond jock came over and stood in front of Paul. Paul pushed Chest slowly to his knees and smiled. “I gotta be careful or I’ll end up even bigger,” He said. Chet didn’t seem to understand, but he acquiesced, dropping to his knees before the massive teen.

Paul started just with kissing. His lips touched Chet’s and he wrapped his massive arms around Chet’s torse. Chet responded eagerly, moaning and parting his lips. Paul let out a moan of his own as he probed Chet’s mouth with his tongue. As he did, that familiar tingling feeling started to pulse in his mouth. Were his LIPS getting bigger? After a few moments of making out, he realized it was his tongue. It started to swell and stretch in the same manner his cock did, pushing deeper and deeper down Chet’s throat. This seemed to turn both of the boys on even more.

Paul started to feel his boner pulse again. He mused about how must bigger it could possibly get as Chet started frenching Paul back. Paul’s pendulous balls started to draw up. “Holy shit, I’m gonna cum with a guy,” Paul thought. Sure enough, with the former bully’s tongue deep in Paul’s mouth, he started to orgasm, spraying Chet’s gym shirt like a hose. Semen coated it until the shirt went transparent, revealing a nice firm body on Chet as well.

The two boys broke apart. Paul smiled and said, “Not bad Chet.. I think we both could use a shower.” Chet nodded, then had a funny look on his face. He worked his mouth around a bit and said, “Did you spit a candy into my mouth just now?” Paul looked surprised, then he felt under his tongue. The gem was gone. And what would it do to Chet?

Chet Overstreet was never the greatest student in the school. His grades consisted mostly of “gentleman’s C’s… with a few B’s interspersed by teachers who either found him hot, or was willing to do a favor to keep a football player out of scholastic troubles. He never really spent a lot of time in class actually paying attention, but today was worse. That incident with Paul Morris in the gym kept running through his mind. Paul had become a god among men, and he chose Chet to be his first disciple. Just thinking about their time together boned Chet up to where he thought his pants may burst just like Paul’s did at gym class this morning.

Then there was the issue with the green rock. Paul told him that his growth spurt was due to a magic green rock that he held under his tongue. While they were kissing, the rock had slipped from Paul’s mouth to Chet’s. It seemed to flatten out and fit to the contours of Chet’s mouth and Paul said, “maybe that means it’s meant to be?” and let him keep the rock. Paul told Chet that the rock was supposed to be under his pillow while he slept to make it work. He didn’t know what it might do to Chet before then, but hopefully tomorrow, Chet could have a growth spurt of his own!

Classes seemed to drag interminably for the young jock. He kept replaying the gym scene over and over again in his mind. All the previous memories of teasing Paul in the hallway, knocking him over and sending his books flying, calling him names in front of girls, they just washed away. They were replaced by an overwhelming lust and desire to please his new lover. Chet never thought of himself as submissive. He always ran the relationship with his girlfriends, though girls always seemed to leave him unsatisfied. He knew he liked the look of his fellow jocks, but acting on that, even on the down-low seemed like too much of a risk to his reputation. There was just something about Paul. He was so big. So powerful. Chet would do anything to get his approval.

Meanwhile Paul was lounging in classes that he would breeze through, stretching and flexing his new muscles to the great appreciation of the girls watching, and Paul kept an eye out for the boys taking their own surreptitious glances. He kept a tally of the three or four guys who peeked at his barely covered biceps and considered if any of them might be worthy of taking behind the bleachers, or even a gym room shower like his new buddy Chet. Chet told him that they could go to the school gym after classes were over and maybe Chet could try to work the same magic that affected Paul so profoundly earlier in the day. The very thought made Paul’s cock thicken and slink down his pants leg. Paul would have to be careful or he might bust out of Chet’s old gym uniform. It barely fit him as it was. His arms were already fraying the edges, even when he relaxed them. Fortunately the pants were pretty stretchy. A few of the teachers commented on his need to ‘better conform to the dress code’ but no one really freaked out. He couldn’t figure out why nobody but him thought it was strange that he gained a good hundred and fifty pounds of muscle and about ten to twelve inches in height. He’d honestly look more in place at a college body building event, but instead he was squeezing into a plastic desk at his high school math class.

Finally the last bell of the day rang and he met up with Chet. There was a great deal of satisfaction at looking DOWN at his former tormenter. Paul thought it would be ten years before he got the chance for payback, but he planned to make up for every snicker, every wedgie and every crude comment by taking it out on Chet’s ass. Paul couldn’t imagine what it would feel like to have a 16 inch cock buried inside of you, but he planned to ask Paul after it was done. It was strange, because even in his fantasies, Paul never had a big vindictive streak, but there was something about this new power he had gained that made him want to play a little rough with his new friend. “Let's get to the gym and see if we can muscle you up a bit more, Chet,” Paul said in his basso profundo voice.

Chet lead Paul to the gym and used his key to get inside. There were maybe half a dozen other jocks working out on the equipment or just doing push-ups or sit ups. The coach wasn’t there today to oversee anything, but the other football players, wrestlers, and basketball players seemed to have a good handle on proper spotting and technique. Paul watched curiously, never having had to lift a weight in his life. The other jocks gave him plenty of room as he walked among the workout stations curiously.

“So where do we start, Chet?” Paul asked. The former bully considered a moment and shyly whispered, “Where would you like to see the most growth on me, Paul?” He hoped none of the other guys heard him practically fawning over Paul. He wasn’t sure how out of the closet he was ready to burst, and at least for now, some of the guys were still bigger than him and capable of putting quite a hurt on. Paul considered Chet like he was sizing up a side of beef. “I dunno… I guess your arms and chest would be nice.” He wasn’t nearly so discrete and quiet, but if anyone heard him, they pretended not to.

Chet nodded and moved over to the Bench Press machine. He put one hundred and eighty pounds on the bar and explained that the bar weighed forty-five pounds for a total of two hundred and twenty five pounds. “This is near my max weight.” He explained. “Be ready to spot me.” Paul stood over Chet, looking down and admiring the view as the jock pumped the iron up and down a few times. After the fourth time, his arms were trembling, “Am I getting any bigger?” He asked, a bit more loudly than intended. The room erupted in giggles and Chet blushed. Paul shook his head, barely suppressing a smile of his own.

A strange voice rang out, “Did you sleep with it under your pillow yet?” Paul turned and saw the stranger from the day before. He was dressed a little better, and his hair was groomed and well-kempt. The other kids turned to look at him at well, but it was clear who the man was talking to. Paul felt his stomach flutter a bit as he looked over the man. He was even more impressive outside the dark and grungy alley. He flashed a broad smile and gestured at Paul and Chet. “Why don’t you guys come with me.” Paul almost left Chet trapped under the barbell in his hurry to comply. Chet followed after Paul a bit dubiously, wondering why Paul was acting like a smitten teenager and seemed to forget all about him. The man led them out of the school, taking long legged confident strides and finally stopped in a back alley out of the way of prying eyes.

“So, young man,” the stranger said, “You’ve already passed on the Gem I see. Normally that doesn’t happen for several years. I’m not sure what that portends.” Paul smiled at the stranger dopily, wondering idly what it would feel like to be wrapped in his powerful arms, “I don’t know either sir. It happened while we were kissing.” Paul ran his elongated tongue along his lips as he remembered the make-out session. Chet looked between the two curiously. A part of him was feeling jealous that Paul was ignoring him. The other part was trying to figure out how to get in on this potential action.

The stranger looked bemused at Paul’s answer. “Well, I will admit there are some stories that he gems have a mind of their own and that they seek their way into the hands of those that will use them best.” Paul seemed confused, “Gems? There are more of these things?” The stranger shrugged, “I have only see this one, but I have heard stories of others, and each one works a little differently. Anyway that is unimportant right now. What is important is our future together. I would like you to move in with me. I make a decent living and can afford to get you through college. After that it is up to you how long we stay together.”

Paul nodded eagerly, “I would love that!” He leaned closer to the stranger and gave him a warm embrace. Chet was shocked. “You’re going to move IN with this guy? You don’t even know his name!” Paul blushed, his erection straining against his pants. The cockhead had poked up and through the waistline and threatened to make a mess all over him and the stranger. “Its okay.” Paul said, “I can trust him.” He continued to rub against the stranger

The stranger smiled, “Part of the power of the gem is that it bonds the users. I suspect you are feeling the same way towards your friend, though usually the green gem creates a bond between an older man, and a younger male who is learning to become a man. I’m not sure how it will affect you. Anyway you are right, I am Brian, and I suppose introductions should be had all around.”

Everyone introduced themselves and there was a brief but intense makeout session. Paul was on cloud nine! It seemed he was in the middle of a very attractive sandwich. Brian was a sexy older man who seemed VERY experienced. And green gem or not, there was a clear attraction. Chet was almost like a brother. He did not love Chet, but he certainly enjoyed Chet’s love and desire for him. Clothes were discarded revealing ripped and muscular bodies. Paul noted with a grin that Chet was now the smallest of the three. The one time bully helplessly fawning over Paul’s new muscles. Worshiping them with hands and tongue. The alley way wasn’t the cleanest place for sex, but in a way the illicit nature seemed to make it more alluring for all three men.

After they were all finished, they cleaned up as best as possible, still smelling strongly of alleyway and sex. Brian drove the boys home. He dropped of Chet and told him they would pick him up tomorrow after he slept with the gem under his pillow. Then he took Paul home and waited outside. Paul came in and explained to his parents that after his growth spurt he wanted to test his independence. He had a friend that he wanted to room with, and he would be moving out. His parents were surprisingly accommodating to the idea. As he packed, Paul wondered if the same magic that made people indifferent to his sudden impossible growth spurt, also affected his parent’s decision. He was briefly concerned about that, but ultimately decided it was worth it for Brian.

Paul was impressed with Brian’s house. It was neat and professional. The basement was clearly some sort of “rumpus room.” There was a futon in one corner. A table nearby had all manner of sex toys ranging from dildos to handcuffs. In another corner was a set of weight machines and dumbells. “Got to stay in shape. Don’t have the Gem to help me out anymore,” Brian commented. Then he ran himself and Paul through a workout, checking Pauls new Max Weights and showing him how to use the machines and get him on a regimine, “You will have to spend a good hour or two a day to keep that bod of yours the way I like it.” Brian said.

After the workout session, Paul and Brian settled onto the futon for some sweaty exhausted sex. Paul’s body was sore and he was never used to the deep aches that the workouts caused, but it didn’t dampen his enthusiasm. Brian seemed energized by his new young partner. They kissed. They touched. They came all over each other several times. Brian was clearly an experienced lover and taught Paul how to please his partner as well as find his own deepest pleasures. Eventually they collapsed on the futon and slept until morning

The next morning Paul and Brian woke up and showered together, making sure to spend a lot of time lathering each other up. They almost needed another shower after their shower, but eventually everything washed down the drain. Then they dressed. Paul squeezed himself into the biggest T-Shirt Brian could find in his wardrobe and a pair of sweat-pants that showed several inches of ankle and fit like spandex. They went and got Chet who was already dressed in loose workout close. “So, today is the day, right?” He asked. Brian nodded, “We’ll see what happens.”

All three men went back to Brian’s house and headed immediately to the basement. “Do you want to handle this Paul?” Brian asked, “After all, he’s your boyfriend.” Paul nodded eagerly, “Ok Chet. Start with Jumping jacks. How about you give me 50 and we’ll go from there.”

Chet started jumping and windmilling his arms. After a brief warmup he started to feel the tingling sensation in both his arms and his legs. By the time he had hit 20, there was a noticeable increase in definition. At the end of 50 Chet had gained several inches around his biceps and thighs. Paul smiled at Brian and nodded, “It's working all right… I think I want to really test its limits though.” Brian nodded, “Make him as big as you want, if he needs to stay here we have room… unless he ends up house sized.”

Chet started to tug at his shirt and pulled it over his now rock solid abs. Paul raised his hand, “Not so fast there Chet, You got to see me burst out of my clothes. I want to do the same with you…” Paul grinned. “You know how to work the abs and chest machine. Get over there and work them until your pecs explode through your shirt.” Chet blushed and got to work on the machine. Brian went over and ruffled Paul’s hair. “You’re a bit of a monster with a little power, boy. Be careful with it.”

Paul just grinned and watched as Chet’s body swelled with each rep. His shirt got tighter and tighter on his body. Even Brian was kind of drooling as the fabric got so tight and soaked with sweat it turned sheer. You could see the faint outline of his chest hair and a clearer view of his nipples as he grew and grew and grew. Finally with a resounding “Riiiiiiipp… the cloth parted and Paul an Brian got a great view of Chet’s sculpted chest. He was like a demigod’s anatomy drawing, ripped with muscle and tight vascular flesh.

Paul came and rubbed his hands all over Chet’s flesh. He leaned in and kissed Chet on the mouth as the stimulation started working on Chet’s cock. After a decent make out session, Chet’s cock pushed past his pants and was working its way to about mid torso region. Brian chuckled as he watched the two young men.

“You think I’m done with you yet, Chet? We’re just getting started.” Paul lead Chet over to the futon and grabbed a couple of sets of metal handcuffs off the table. “Lay down, face up.” Paul demanded. Chet complied eagerly and submissively as he the magic ran through his body, bonding him ever more fully and completely to his former object of torment. Paul cuffed Chet’s arms to some Iron rings set in the wall. Then he sat on Chet’s legs. “Lets see how long it takes you to grow enough to brake those manacles.”

Brian looked a little concerned, “Are you sure that’s a good idea? We don’t know how this works, I don’t want him hurting himself.” Paul just grinned, “I promised him payback for all the bullying he did. This seems fair enough.” He gave Chet a rough smack to the cheek “Now pull!”

Chet strained and stretched against the cuffs. At first it did not seem like anything was happening. But after a bit, Chet’s arms started swelling even more. They started to surpass anything Paul had ever scene. His arms were closing in on the size of Paul’s thighs, and Paul had enormous thighs these days. Paul just kept riding Chet, bouncing up and down on Chet’s legs. “Come on sissy boy! Harder! Harder! Get those cuffs off.” The stimulation worked on Chet’s legs and groin as well, causing them to continue to grow, though not as much as Chet’s arms, shoulders and pecs.

Finally there was a ghastly creak as the cuffs bent. Then a rumble of breaking concrete as Chet pulled the iron rings right out of the wall. Paul applauded and stood up, letting Chet free. He walked over to Brian and put an arm around him, “Lets see what we’ve made, shall we?”

Chet was an amazing sight. His upper body was swollen beyond human proportion with slabs of thick muscle running across his chest and arms. He almost resembled a gorilla, forced a bit forward by the massive proportions of his torso. And all that was on top of legs that any body builder would kill for! Brian was right. He made Chet a monster. Paul went over and kissed his monster on the cheek, “that’s it.. That’s my good boy.” Paul grinned stupidly at him. Apparently more blood was being used to keep his muscles running than his brain.

Brian whistled, “Remind me never to get you mad at me.” Paul just smiled and squeezed Brian’s waist, “Never going to happen in a million years.” He went to Chet and held out his palm under Chet’s mouth. “Spit out the gem now, Chet.” Chet complied and Paul took the gem and put it in a dixie cup until it was needed again.

All three of the men lived happily ever after.

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