Knot your average wolf

by Bryan

Two friends take a shortcut home but are interrupted by a ferocious beast. Brandon is face to face with the wolf and has to take something home with him that will change his life forever.

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Autumn nights were Brandon’s favorite. He always loved how crisp the air got towards the end of the day.

“I’m hungry as shit, man,” he said, as he lightly punched his friend Max in the arm. It was about 4:30 p.m. on a mid-November afternoon and they were walking home from school.

“Well, I’m not too sure what you would like me to do about that bruv,” Max said in his hot Swiss accent. “Do you suppose we head to the market on 4th?”

“Not that shithole!” Brandon said in an annoyed voice. “They rip everyone off and I don’t feel like walking that far when we are almost home. It’s about to be dark and it’s too cold to function.”

“Well, quit your complaining then, bruv, and let’s head to your house so you can make me some cocoa.”

“Ugh, fine,” Brandon said. “I’ll make us a snack but only as long as you start the bio homework”.

Brandon and Max had been friends for about 3 and a half years now since the start of high school and had grown close since then. Brandon was 18 years old and a local to the small town in Oregon for about 12 years now and had barely any significant friendships in his life.

Max, also 18 years old, was from Switzerland and Germany. He had a nice height and decent muscle tone for a senior. He’d barely moved to the US before the start of Highschool. The two soon became close friends after Max blindly ran into Brandon while he was changing in the locker room on the first day of school. “Oh my gosh, I apologize, I did not see you there my friend! I was in a hurry to find the locker room in fear I was going to be late!”

“Don’t worry about it, man,” Brandon said while putting his shirt back on. Brandon almost thought he noticed Max checking him out. Brandon was young but had been playing football for a few years so he had more tone than his peers. “Where is that accent from?” Brandon asked.

“Switzerland and Germany. My family just moved here two months ago after my mom was promoted at her job. And I didn’t catch your name?” Max said in interest.

“Names Brandon. But it was nice to meet ya…?”

“Max” he said with a gentle smile.

Three and a half years later both boys were walking home from football practice and both were tired from the conditioning of coach Rocky. “Yo, Max, I really think we should cut through the field and we can get home in half the time.”

“Well, I’m not in the mood to get my legs cut up from the thorned plants. And plus it’s getting dark soon and you heard the story of the couple that showed up missing.”

“Max, I’ve known you for three years now and this is how you are going to treat me?” Brandon said with sarcasm. “I wish you weren’t so spooked by fake news. You know those guys that went missing are just running out of town for a few days so they can fuck,” Brandon added in a joking tone.

Brandon looked at his friend and rolled his eyes. “Well, I’d prefer we didn’t, but what the heck. I want my cocoa.”

The two were only walking through the field for about fifteen minutes when they heard a stir in the dead plants where the field met with the forest. “Did you just hear that, Brandon?”

“Hear what, dude?”

“Hear—” (plants crunch closer to them) “—that!” Max exclaimed and caught up to his friend.

“Don’t freak out dude, it’s just a bunny.”

“Well that’s a big ass bunny. Let’s go!” But by the time Max finished that sentence a big, four-legged shadow jumped right in front of them.

What the fuck is that, Max?” Brandon squeaked.

The shadow was not moving but neither were the two boys. Their eyes now adjusting and they saw it was a wolf, but not full grown male, and not older that a few years. The wolf now started to lightly growl and approached Brandon. Brandon, staying completely still…euro; whispered to his friend, “Max, I want you to run. I want you to run on my go.”

Max was not ready and was standing completely still with fear. “Max,” Brandon yelled through his teeth, “now!” Brandon jumped on the young wolf—football taught him well—and Max was gone.

A few minutes of wrestling with this wild animal and Brandon had pinned the wolf down using all of his weight. He was not badly injured, but immediately after mentally checking his body he felt a tug on his boots. “Max, you’re back!” Brandon said. He turned his neck and saw four other wolves standing right behind him. Two of them were holding Max by the wrists, though he wasn’t bleeding. The other two yanked Brandon off of the large canine he had pinned.

“What is going on!” yelled Max, but the wolves tightened their bite to shut him up.

“Max, don’t move,” Brandon whispered.

The black wolf he pinned was larger than the others. Probably a young alpha. The other wolves were not full grown either.

The alpha seemed to communicate to the wolves to keep hold of Brandon and move him next to Max, and soon the friends were standing side by side.

“What is going on, Max? Why haven’t they attacked?”

“I’m not sure, but I think we are going to die and I want to tell you how much you mean to me, Brandon. You changed my life and I want you to know that I have liked you since day one. I didn’t want to ruin what we had but I think we might die right now. I like you.”

“Max I’m so sorry for bringing you out here. I had no clue that you felt that way. I like you t—”

The alpha barked loud right in Brandon’s face to shut him up. He then began to sniff them all around, including their faces and their butts. He sniffed their butts for a minute, then began to bite Brandon’s pants down. Brandon squirmed but the bite on his arms tightened. The alpha continued to strip him. Successfully dropping his pants to the floor the alpha nudged Brandon’s tailbone with his wet nose. The two holding him down knew the queue and lowered him to all fours. The wolves holding him down kept constant pressure on his wrists. Then came Max’s turn. The alpha repeated the process only this time he mounted Max, but Max squirmed away and got loose of the wolves. He grabbed a long two-by-four and started to swing at the air.

Run, Max! Get help!” Brandon cried out.

The alpha quickly barked and growled at Brandon’s face. Max ran but the wolves didn’t pursue him.

The alpha walked around to Brandon’s rear and mounted him the same way he’d tried to do with Max. Brandon felt the wet paws and fur on his back. A warm bulge poking gently around his ass hole. Brandon now in complete fear had been successfully mounted. The alpha was now pumping his huge wolf cock into Brandon’s tight ass. Inch by inch the wolf was gaining speed. Within two minutes the wolf was pushing 7 inches of dog cock in Brandon’s bum. Brandon was in pain but as the initial fear was soon coming down he felt a ball at the base of the cock. At that point the alpha was pumping harder and faster into Brandon’s guts. The knot was making its way into his ass. The knot was the size of his fist and it was coming fast. Brandon had no choice but to release his anus to the dog and submit to him.

The knot entered his hole and the alpha began to slow his pumps for he was about to cum. A burst of hot liquid followed that Brandon could feel deep in his guts. The wolf wrapped around his waist and kept cumming for 10 minutes. Brandon was knotted to this beast the whole time, just waiting.

Suddenly Brandon heard sirens and saw lights. He was completely stuck and there was nothing he could do without causing himself extreme pain. The alpha, seeing the lights, now started to tug his dick out. There was hardly any movement but the wolf now felt threatened and yanked his 9-inch dick out of Brandon’s ass. Brandon yelled in pain and felt his asshole stretched out to the max. The wolves ran into the forest and Brandon reached behind him to feel his ass and found himself stretched out so much he could fit his four fingers inside himself.

Two weeks later Brandon had returned to school and his ass returned to shape. He felt humiliated. He was gang raped by dogs and he felt he shouldn’t even be seen.

“What’s up, bruv? How you feeling?” asked Max.

“You know, man…euro; I really am not feeling too good. If you’re down to ditch this place today for your old pal let me know,” Brandon said in desperation.

“Why not? You definitely need something to take your mind off things and maybe we can talk about what happened that night.”

“You know what happened Max. I don’t really want to talk about it.”

“No, I’m talking about what I told you before I left…”

Brandon had completely forgotten about the exchange of near-death feelings for each other.

“Honestly, I think we need the distraction,” Max added. “Let’s go.”

The boys had went the whole day without talking about their feelings while they were at the amusement park. It was later in the day while grabbing ice cream and Max brought up the conversation. “So what do you think Brandon?”

“About what?”

“About us?”

Brandon was surprised at how smooth he popped the question. “Well, Max… I haven’t really showed anyone that side of me, yet, so I was hesitant to express myself to you out of fear and rejection. I know it sounds stupid right now to say that but it’s true.”

“My man, I would never turn away from you,” Max answered. “I have been with you my whole time here in America. You are my guy. I like you a lot.”

They both sat there for a minute and thought. “I always that you were so hot, Max,” Brandon said finally.

“Brandon, you are the sexy one. I wanted you from the first day in the locker room.”

The conversation quickly began to heat up and Brandon suggested they go to his house so they could talk about more about it.

As Max drove them to Brandon’s home, Brandon noticed the full moon barely coming through the clouds and he felt a sharp pain at the base of his spine. A small tail started to grow above his butt. Brandon tried his hardest not to draw suspicion to himself, but he felt fur rubbing against his inner thigh from his new tail. He was relieved because he was wearing thick jeans so the tail was pressed against his leg.

They arrived at Brandon’s house and Brandon waddled to the front door and ran to the restroom to play it off as a stomachache, though Max did suspect something was going on. As Brandon closed the restroom door he took off his pants and froze in shock from what he saw in the mirror. His dick was not his dick. He had a furry dog cock in replacement of his own. He also had a tail hanging from his back.

Max twisted the doorknob and the door came open. Max got a glimpse of Brandon but had the door slammed on his face. “What’s going on Brandon? What happened?”

“Max—please leave! Something is wrong with me! Please leave!”

“Brandon, open the door I want to see you. I don’t care what is wrong with you. Open the door.”

The door opened an inch, and then Brandon walked out with his pants to his knees.

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