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 On a study abroad excavation, a black college student and former jock finds a mysterious red crystal belonging to the god Cytorak…what could happen?

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Atlanta University. That is where Jamal wanted to go. He had been a fan of Atlanta University’s football team since he was a child growing up, and now to be a student at the school was a dream come true. Jamal just graduated from high school. He had not been your typical valedictorian either. He played football, not starting, but he was still a jock. However, he maintained a perfect 4.0 GPA and had most of the top colleges giving him scholarships left and right. He had decided that he was going to major in Geological studies at Atlanta University. They had a good program and there was a chance he could study abroad in the spring if his grades were good after fall semester.

The day finally came when he stepped foot on campus. Throughout the semester, Jamal studied and studied and applied himself in his classes. Even though he was 6 feet and 265 pounds, he was still smart and athletic. He took a basic weight training course to stay big and in shape. As much as the weight training instructor begged, Jamal would not try out for any sports. He wanted to stick to his studies. Coming from a low budget home, he had never traveled outside of the state, unless it was for a football game. Spring semester was coming, and he now had a chance to travel outside of the country and he was not letting a pigskin get in his way. The fall semester went by very fast and Jamal finished out with a 3.7 GPA for the semester. Turns out the weight training instructor gave Jamal a B average for refusing to join the team. Despite the “B”, Jamal was selected to go to India for the geological study abroad program over the following spring term. He was elated. While he was at Atlanta University he had been approached by a lot of girls and even had a few one-night stands. They thought he was a jock, as big as he was. Jamal was big and thick and though not super-muscular he was strong—he could bench 365 easily and squat 640. He was, however, a gentle giant who, when not studying could be seen playing football with his dorm buddies. Now he was in for the chance of his life.

Christmas holidays came and went and Jamal was soon boarding the plane to India. Him and 3 other students were chosen to go. Jamal was thinking of things he could do while in India other than study rocks. However, soon the plane was in India and through all the plane food and naps Jamal had arrived. The village they worked in was not as he had pictured. This village had commerce and a very nice hotel that they stayed in during the time. Their first assignment was at 5 p.m. and that gave Jamal two hours to get his gear and be at the site.

At 5, they began excavation. Jamal and the others were looking for fossils from the prehistoric ages to send back to the school’s museum. While digging and scrapping Jamal found a hardened rock. It was extremely heavy, so he decided to chisel it in half. The rock split after a hard hit and revealed a red crystal-like fossil. Apparently, magma had covered the crystal and hardened around it, preserving it for years and years. The crystal glowed a deep crimson when Jamal held it. Jamal then found an encryption on the crystal and began to read it aloud to himself. It was written in a different language, but thanks to Google Translate on his phone he was able to understand it. In English, Jamal said, “Whosoever finds this crystal of Cytorak and recites this incantation aloud will become an unstoppable juggernaut.” The crystal began to burn Jamal’s skin. His bulging veins glowed a deep crimson in his arms and he blacked out.

Jamal found himself back at the hotel awake. Everything seemed normal. He attributed the blacking out his body getting used to India’s climate; apparently, that had been good enough for everyone else. Jamal continued his study abroad until he came home in April. His friends helped him move back in the dorm and wanted to play some football outside the dorm.

Jamal never forgot the crystal, but felt much better so he went ahead. He got in his usual position of quarterback and was snapped the ball. His defense was weak, so he tucked the ball and began to run. As he ran, he felt different. His body became hot and felt heavy. He was only wearing a black tank top and some gray sweatpants. He was running when the school linebacker stepped in front of him. He wanted to stop because the linebacker was 315 pounds of solid beefy muscle. However, his legs would not let him stop. He braced for the hit but was able to easily push the linebacker out of the way and keep going. He made it to the touchdown line easily and spiked the ball in victory. Then he froze, the ball still bouncing, as he noticed that the linebacker he moved out of the way was 15 feet away from where he was hit lying prone and holding his chest.

The team was gathered around the heavy guy and helped him sit up. Jamal hurried over and knelt next to him. “Damn J,” the linebacker said, “you knocked the hell outta me. You been takin steroids in India or some shit?”

Jamal shook his head but at that moment he saw why he said what he said. Jamal’s body fat had dropped drastically and muscle had replaced it. So much in fact that his sweats were skin-tight and his tank was barely able to contain his upper body.

Jamal ran to the gym and stepped on the scale. It stopped at 420 pounds. He looked at himself in the mirror. His biceps bulged through the tank top. He took a hand and ripped what was left of his tank top away to reveal a massive set of pecs and a rounded stomach full of abs. He looked like he had a roidgut but it was all abs. His shoulders practically touched his ears and his back was extremely thick and wide. He ripped away his sweat pants and revealed a set of tree trunk legs and thick calves. His butt was firm and round.

Just looking at himself he was getting hard, and his dick was already about 14 inches long before it was all the way stiff, with nuts the size of large eggs to match.

He was a massive mountain. Then he had a wild thought. He had just moved a 315-pound linebacker out of his way without a strain. He then looked at all the equipment in the gym and started racking the bench press with lots of 45’s. He put six on each side and laid beneath the bar. Once again, his veins glowed a deep crimson and his body felt the same intensity it had felt earlier. He picked up the bar and lowered it to his chest at first it was difficult, then he pumped out rep after rep. A hundred reps later he increased the weight with every 45 in the gym. He benched it 50 times with ease but now noticed he was bigger. Every muscle increased in size.

He went outside in his boxers and saw a delivery truck for the school. He grabbed truck by the front end and felt the power surge in his body again. The front end of the truck began to rise after a while was soon over the head of Jamal. Jamal’s body had grown to accommodate the size of his muscles. He was about 9 feet tall and weighed close to 950 pounds. He was loving the size and would test it out even more tomorrow. He was a juggernaut.

Jamal slowly let the truck back down and flexed his bulging muscles. 900 plus pounds of muscle felt like a feather to him. At a colossal 9 feet tall, his ebony, skin-tight muscles contracted and pulsed with power. His naked massive body was highlighted like a Greek statue in the dusk of the sky. His love trail ran down to his massive cock decorated with curly black hair. Any girl would have fucked him, or at least tried.

This was way too much power for him. Why did he have to read that incantation aloud? Why did he have to inherit this strength? He had to get some shelter and get away from public view. His first instinct was to run.

So he ran…the earth trembling beneath him as he made foot prints in the hard concrete. He was on the move and the veins were glowing that crimson red color again. He was unstoppable.

The only way to get off campus was through the faculty parking lot. It wasn’t that full, but the tennis team was having a tournament and the charter buses were lined up in front of the gate. He wasn’t stopping heading dead for the buses. Jamal braced his shoulder for the impact and broke through the blockade of motor coaches. First a body size hole through the first two. Then he began to have a feeling of power. He wanted to show his strength. He was in control. The last bus, he grabbed from underneath and began to military press it with ease. He was an unstoppable juggernaut and he didn’t care what people thought. He then tossed the bus on top of the others making a double stack like those buses in they had England.

He continued through the gate unchallenged. He made his way to a back alley and began picking up dumpsters and tossing them up and down like a ball of trash. Yet, his muscles still had that crimson glow. He was juggernaut. He was Cytorak… No! He was Jamal. He was still Jamal and he said to himself that Jamal was in charge and not this Cytorak. Jamal began to focus… focusing on what made him happy, his childhood memories, hanging with friends, life before mass. The crimson glow subsided and his chest heaved up and down with each deep breath.

Slowly, the feeling of god-like power receded and there was only his conscious. He was still huge, but Jamal was back in control. Then Jamal made a realization. He hadn’t eaten since the day he touched the crystal. For that matter, he hadn’t drank anything either. Not even so much as a sip of water or a crumb of bread had touched his lips. His human mind screamed hunger, but his body was surviving without food or water. He was self-sufficient. Still, food was food. He was still experimenting with his power. He had to test his limits.

Apparently he was unstoppable once he started moving. That much was clear. He also possessed the strength to move mountains and if he couldn’t at that point, the crystals crimson glow would enlarge him so that he could accomplish the feat shortly. He also was self-aware. He knew exactly how much he weighed and his height. He was a force to be reckoned with. At that time though, Jamal wanted nothing more than to be human, and being human required him to eat.

Just then a door in the alley opened. A man walked out. He was about 6’5” and close to 300 pounds. However, he was thickly built like a bear. He had two garbage bags in one hand and a garbage can in the other. He emptied them in the dumpster and turned around to see Jamal. Jamal could see the fear in his eyes. The large man, instead of running, came closer and saw the naked mountain of onyx glory standing in front of him. Jamal apologized for disturbing him and asked for some food. Then his veins glowed. Jamal suddenly had the bearish man at eye level holding him and his big bulk level with one hand. “Cytorak” did not ask a mere human bug for something as insipid as food , he took and destroyed who stood in his way. Jamal, however, was not like that—and Jamal was in control. He let the man down and apologized. This time the crimson color did not go away.

The man nodded and said, “I haven’t closed yet.” The buffet line was still open, but he recommended Jamal eat in the back room. Jamal agreed and waited for his food in the back. The trays of food placed in the buffet line were made and given to Jamal. He scarfed them down quickly and quietly only allowing the empty tray to hit the sink with a thud. Jamal grabbed some clean garbage bags and some rope and made a type of loin cloth for himself.

None of his school clothes would fit now, but he kept on eating. He felt like he could eat forever and ever without getting full. He noticed then that his muscles were getting bigger; more dense and massive. Everything he ate became size and power. Jamal thought, I need more. He ate until closing time and asked if the staff would feed him a little more. The bear stuck around. Jamal learned that his name was Matt. Matt was the biggest person that Jamal had seen next to him. And the fact that Matt had just ended a relationship with another bear helped Jamal a lot.

Jamal now weighed a massive 1100 pounds. While waiting on Matt to bring the food, he had a vision. He was in a valley full of mountains and volcanoes erupting with the crimson lava. Under a cloudless sky, he was able to make out a faint silhouette… before the shadow became ever so much clearly. Then he saw a monster. It was him or a more monster like version of him. It was Cytorak.

“Mortal, you have a strong will to defy me!” bellowed the beast.

“Monster, you are a resident in me not the other way around. I run this shit.”

“Fool! Who do you think gave you the ability to be a juggernaut? I can take it away.”

“Then take it. Then I will be free from you.”

There was nothing for a moment.

“Fine, human. You are a god among men now. Your heart seems pure and you are not easily corrupted by power. Have your human nuances and food and sex. Your muscles will only get bigger and bigger as you enjoy them. I will grant you your sex and allow you to have this human toy for your purposes. But know this, you have a purpose to fulfill and you will fulfill it. Have your fun. I admit, I’m impressed by you, earthling. I will let you return to your life for four of your earth years. Get this thing you humans call a ‘college education’. However, I am still as you say ‘your resident’ so I will continue to protect you. When you need my strength and power come back to this spot in your mind. I think 300 pounds should be a good enough guise. But have your fun tonight.”

Jamal agreed just in time to feel Matt climbing his massive body with a tray of food ready to feed the mountain of hunger.

Matt was awestruck at the size of the mountain he climbed. Jamal gently grabbed Matt under his arms and lifted him like a small child. Matt was able to secure his feet on Jamal’s brick like abs, almost like a rock climbing wall. As Matt looked over his pecs he noticed the innocent grin of the college teen as he brought Matt in for a deep kiss, all the while Matt held on to the tray of food he would soon sacrifice to the ebony god. As they kissed, Matt felt the gigantic obelisk at his ass. Jamal ripped off Matt’s pants, all the while never breaking eye contact, and in a baritone voice that rattled the walls, Jamal commanded, “Take care of Daddy.”

Matt gently lowered himself onto the massive dick and fed the growing Jamal. Every spoonful of food pumped the juggernaut even larger and his dick grew within Matt. Matt groaned in pain and pleasure and kept feeding the beast. Mouthful after mouthful was poured into the juggernaut until there were no more. Jamal wanted to nut but was not even close. Matt, however, had nutted several times on Jamal’s muscle belly. His curly black body hair was soaked with cum. Jamal licked the last of the food from his plump lips, placed his hands on Matt’s hips and began to pump his dick in and out of the much smaller bear… his massive glutes leaving cracks in the tiles and his rounded steel-ab stomach flexing with every pump. But he felt full. Humanly full and fell backwards on the restaurant floor cracking the tiles in the process.

Matt fell on top of him still impaled by the massive dick and in a deep slumber. Jamal had experienced a human night and having a 300-pound thick bear resting on his now 1300 pound frame felt good. It was a night he wouldn’t forget…

There was one thing he could not forget, though… Cytorak was waiting.

Jamal had just finished telling Matt about his encounter with Cytorak.

Matt apparently believed him. It was clear Matt had never seen (or fed for that matter) anyone that gigantic in his life.

It was soon the end of his freshman year and so far, Jamal was in the clear. His football buddies, however they did it, managed to attribute Jamal’s size and power to a rare disease contracted during his stay in India. Although few people witnessed him, they were convinced that not even steroids could do that to a person, so Jamal was “Jamal” again, and not a freak of nature. In the summertime, Matt hooked Jamal up with a job as a dishwasher. It wasn’t much, but it paid for his gym membership and kept him out of sight while he gorged on food and grew; and with Matt letting him stay at his apartment, the sex had never been greater. Most nights were filled with leftover buffet food, a gigantic dick impaling a restaurant owner, and the 600 plus pound black semi-juggernaut loving every minute of it. When not feeding or fucking, Jamal frequently visited the gym, which was two blocks away. The gym owner had been nice enough to let Jamal lift when the gym was closed to the public. Having that large of a person was very distracting to members during gym hours. Life was good and before he knew it, Jamal was a sophomore in college.

The day came when school started back, and Jamal could not have been happier. He had not seen the crimson glow since his talk with Cytorak, but knew he had kept his word. His “base” weight at the start of the day had not fluctuated from 300 pounds. Even during his eating sessions, he might reach 850 pounds of muscle on a horny night, but then as the night wore on, Jamal would always end back up at his base of 300 pounds. Even then, the crimson veins did not appear, just the monster-like ones that looked as though they would burst through the skin.

Then one day fate put three jocks harassing a cheerleader in his path. The cheerleader was being pushed around and forced to her knees by the three jocks, massive bruisers who looked like they weighed 300 pounds each. Jamal became instantly infuriated at the sight. Without thinking, he ran toward the jocks and started to charge. He kept charging and until he made contact with a jock. Jamal hit the jock with full force and bumped backwards. The jock had stumbled some, but held his ground.

This wasn’t right. Jamal had just stacked a bus on top of another a few months back and now he could barely move this other guy more than a couple of feet. Then he remembered. He was not the juggernaut. He was just… a bigger version of Jamal. Even though he was bigger, he was still only Jamal.

The other jocks began to get mad. Fists and feet dug into his ribs, legs, stomach. Jamal was not going to run though. He wasn’t done yet. The girl turned her head and looked away. She knew that one on three were uneven odds. Nobody else was around so there were no witnesses. It was just Jamal. Jamal focused… had to think…

He thought back to the place where he met Cytorak…

Once again he was in the crimson wasteland. The muscle god demon was waiting.

Cytorak: “You come seeking help human?”

Jamal: “Yes.”

Cytorak: “You are getting beaten by these so called equals. Absolutely pathetic. With my power, I would crush them under my boot.”

Jamal: “Please help me. If I go down, there’s no telling what they’ll do to her.”

A vision of the cowering girl materialize in the fog. Jamal felt Cytorak seeing through his eyes as if they were his own.

Cytorak: “I will aid you… but I am curious. I want to see what this thing known as human sex is like. I want to possess you long enough to squash these insects, and then taste the human female cowering by the metal bench.”

Jamal: “Only with her permission. We don’t rape as well as assault on our hands”.

Cytorak searched Jamal’s mind for the definition of the word “rape”.

Cytorak: “That can be arranged. I will honor that request if I must. Just know… she will not deny me.”

Jamal: “Fine! Just help me not to get the shit beat outta me.”

Soon the punches stopped. The jocks were backing away in horror. A now 9-foot, 1100-pound Jamal rose from the ground. Bruises and cuts were all but a memory as replacement tissue and muscle protected the ebony guardian.

The biggest jock hit a dead solid punch to Jamal’s chest. The other two saw as Jamal’s chest didn’t budge. However, the jock’s hand shattered, and he fell to the ground in pain. The other two jocks fled in fear, but Cytorak was fast. He grabbed both the jocks by their collars with amazing speed and threw them into the bleachers. “Jamal” triumphantly marched over to the girl who turned to see the monstrous protector coming towards her, his sudden burst of power causing him to rip the under armor he was wearing and the shorts were not far behind, leaving him bare chested and without shoes.

The girl began to feel his muscles, the thick cords of sinew and flesh rising and falling with each breath… and the 15-inch snake that the jock strap struggled to contain, she cupped with her hands; seconds later she fell into his arms, looked into his now crimson tinted eyes, and said “Fuck me”.

Cytorak didn’t need to scan his avatar’s mind to know what this meant. He picked her up easily and walked into the football team locker room. He twisted the door locked upon entering and ripped his jock off with one arm, freeing the oozing beast. The bulging muscles were heavily outlined. However, there was still no crimson glow. Cytorak was now in control and Jamal could only watch from inside his own mind.

Cytorak began to kiss her slow, and then impaling her lips with a thick tongue. Then he began to rub his massive cock against her clit. The girl moaned and bit her lip as Cytorak felt her becoming more moist with each stroke of his massive head. She wanted it. The panties came down and Cytorak inserted a small piece of his shaft into her. She screamed in pain, but even then that turned to pleasure as he lowered more of his tool into her. The fuck was sensual. Jamal began to feel the pleasure that Cytorak was feeling, it seemed to go on forever. A human Jamal would’ve stopped after two hours, but Cytorak was livid with testosterone, and he was power incarnate! He continued fucking wildly and she came almost every time he inserted more of himself. Literally holding the now shaking young lady in the air as if she were his own fuck toy, Cytorak went all night. Her screams of “Jay,” and “Daddy don’t stop,” only made the crimson behemoth thrust harder and harder.

By the next morning, Cytorak had stopped fucking—not because he was tired, but because the lady had passed out with a awed smile on her face, and cum leaking from each hole. Jamal wondered, did the juggernaut ever sleep? So, he didn’t eat, drink or sleep. Whatever Cytorak had planned began to worry Jamal, but he, or, rather, Cytorak had fucked the shit out of of the girl he just met. Jamal didn’t get that kind of action with his former body. He was starting to like the power. Next time, I will let Cytorak enjoy human food. I’m sure Matt will feed him till his heart’s content.

Jamal thanked Cytorak for his help and felt control shift between the two. Jamal now began to walk, but almost fell due to the imbalance. He was a lot heavier. “CYTORRAKKK!”

“I’m sorry human, but I forgot about our deal.” Jamal began to shrink back to his 300 pounds. Something, however, was still not right. Jamal stopped at 400 pounds. “Sorry, human, but we don’t want this to happen again. You must not be damaged.”

Reluctantly, Jamal agreed and went back to his dorm to recall the events of the day. His sophomore year was going to be very interesting.

Jamal’s junior year in college had passed by rather quickly. He wanted to try his hand at something new, and promised himself that he would keep his grades up, but just felt bored with being 400 pounds of muscle. Cytorak had kept his end of the bargain by keeping Jamal safe and allowing him live as normal of a college life as possible. Jamal had made the weight lifting squad at school with ease the following semester and was interested to try his strength out. There was something he had to do, however.


The powerful voice came to him instantly. “Yes?”

“I made the weightlifting team,” he told the demigod sternly. “But unless I am in real danger, do not augment me with your strength.”

Cytorak questioned Jamal, not understanding, but Jamal informed him that humans tend to be edgy on steroid usage, about which he had to had to inform Cytorak in full later.

After a summer of working and training, Jamal was now entering his senior year and the beginning of his short weight lifting season when it dawned on him. He only had eight months left until Cytorak would want Jamal to hold up his end of the bargain. This made Jamal worry. What did Cytorak want him to do? Would it help people, or would it hurt them? Jamal had to know.

Jamal made outstanding gains on the team. He broke most of the school records. It would have been all of them, but he didn’t want to overdo it so he “fudged” a couple of lifts on purpose. The time ticked down, and Jamal had to make a choice. He knew that Cytorak had helped him thus far and it would be a shame to lose that help, but he didn’t want to kill anybody. What to do?

He thought about Matt. Matt had been great to him so far and liked that Jamal was only 50 pounds heavier than him normally. Jamal had not really had to tap into his super strength and kind of missed that surge of unstoppable raw power. He then knew what he had to do.

Later that night, Jamal stopped playing lawn football a little early with his classmates and went back to Matt’s restaurant. He asked Matt to stand by him when he entered the crimson wasteland once more to confront Cytorak for what would hopefully be the last time. Jamal was getting better at the mental focus needed to access his power. He sat in a meditative state, closed his eyes, and then entered the metaphysical plane. Focusing, Jamal was once again in the wasteland. Cytorak was waiting.

“Now human, I have let you have your fun. You will walk tomorrow and get your ‘degree’, but afterwards, I will take over the world as I did 400 years ago. Give in to my power and you shall rule alongside me.”

“Cytorak,” Jamal said calmly, “I know what I agreed, but I cannot kill anyone. It’s just not me. I will be your warrior, your… juggernaut, but allow me to use this amazing power to help those in need of it. Merge with me and together we can save the world—and you will be regarded as a hero.”

Cytorak laughed. “Puny human!” the demigod scoffed. “Do you honestly think I care about these mere mortals? You are my juggernaut. You will outlast all of these insects by millennia.” He seemed to consider. “Still… your human sex is delightful, especially when dominating the human male.”

Jamal sensed an opening. “But if we are heroes,” he argued, “we can be worshipped and adored out of respect and love, instead of fear. It would be easier to gain dominance over your subjects, and your resources would last much longer.”

Cytorak took a moment to respond. “Your words may hold some merit, human,” he said slowly.

Cytorak then began to think. Jamal waited. He might have actually won the muscle demigod over.

“If I merge with you, Cytorak,” Jamal cajoled him, “you will look like me, and be able to fuck anything under the sun. You will still be unstoppable and we can accomplish so much good together.”

Cytorak snorted. “Human, strength is the least of my power. If I merge with you then you can grow to beat any situation and fluctuate your growth as you see fit. You would draw from my power, but I would gain pleasure from your interaction with humans. I never have experienced lust before.”

Jamal realized there was still much he did not know about Cytorak. “What are your other powers?” he asked.

“Not only will we be unstoppable human, but we’ll be indestructible.”

“Please, Cytorak. Merge with me and see what we can do together.”

Cytorak thought. Then Jamal felt a warm wave wash over him, as if he were on a beach and the breeze from the warm ocean tide had swept over. He opened his eyes, and suddenly he was back in Matt’s restaurant. Matt was staring into his dark, handsome, crimson eyes, his own eyes full of love and respect.

Jamal thought his encounter was over, and that he had failed. He was waiting for Cytorak to take control and end mankind’s existence… then something happened…

Memories of a young, broad boy picking on his younger brother flowed into Jamal’s mind. Growing pains from a family that Jamal had never known… and then Cytorak entered. A juggernaut entered Jamal’s mind, but Jamal still remembered everything. He was still there. He still remembered his family, his friends, Matt, but—Where were these other memories coming from? Space travel, astrology, logic, geometry, anatomy, history, philosophy, all traveled through Jamal’s mind and yet, Jamal was still there.

“Jamal,” Matt called. Cytorak looked at Matt, then closed his eyes. Then Jamal looked at Matt and embraced him in a big hug. His 17-inch cock was pressed between his ab gut and Matt’s muscle bear frame. Jamal had successfully merged with Cytorak.

Jamal thought back to the crimson wasteland, but it no longer existed. It was as if Jamal was standing at a river—a crimson river. There was just him and power. He willed his mental image to step into the river. Once he was in, the power flowed! Jamal focused and looked to see the crimson veins emerge. Grow, thought Jamal, and he did. His frame packed on more and more muscle until the cement tile began to crack under the pressure. Matt looked on as his juggernaut lover grew to 6’5” tall and nearly twelve thousand pounds of dense thick black muscle. Those crimson eyes looked back with lust, and their black love pole began to ooze precum.

Matt climbed the mountain of muscle and began to lower himself on the shaft. Jamal looked at Matt. The size difference was amazing, and he didn’t want to hurt Matt. Jamal wished desperately for Matt to gain about 200 pounds. Suddenly Matt began to moan, as his bear body began to grow. He lowered himself more and more onto the thick shaft. He was growing too…

In the back of Jamal’s mind, he heard a low whisper, “We are gonna fuck the shit outta him; did we say that right, human?” Jamal smiled to himself, as he began to buck harder. Matt just moaned as the ebony shaft stretched him further and further into pleasure. Even holding the now 500-pounds-plus bear up was no challenge for the ebony beast. Matt clawed at Jamal’s pecs, only to find that they wouldn’t dent. Matt wrapped his tree trunk thighs around the waist, still impaled on the monstrous rod. Suddenly Jamal wrapped his massive arms around his bear toy, and fucked, and fucked. They were relentless, tireless, fucking for nearly 24 hours straight.

It was going to be a good life, showing Cytorak the pleasures of the flesh.

Elsewhere, a bald, elderly man gazed out of his window, deep in thought. His eyes were level with the base of the tall window due to his confinement to his wheelchair. “Ororo,” he shouted, still staring out at the wild blue sky.

“Yes, Charles,” replied an African female, her voice as smooth as silk.

“Ready the jet,” Charles told her. “We’re going to Atlanta.”


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