It was one of those weekends

by Zeke

 A meat pumper’s dream weekend!

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It was one of those weekends that every pumper fantasizes about, a three-day weekend with no real plans except to get as big and as bloated as possible. I have been doing saline for about six months now. The 15 years of pumping I’d done had my skin so stretched that I’d easily moved up to doing about 6 liters over the course of two days and pumping my cock afterward gives me a thick swollen piece of meat that easily fills my 3.5 by 12 inch tube almost to the end. Being a chronic exhibitionist I love getting huge and going out in public, to the gym or even the grocery store, anywhere that my mammoth bulge will attract attention. I live for that hungry look in a hot guy’s eyes.

This particular Friday I was horny all day at work. I’d placed my order for 12 liters of saline and knew from the delivery tracking that it should be waiting in my building lobby when I got home. That would give me about 20 liters of saline at home. I’d kept my meat tied with a leather strap all week and had maintained a healthy bloat by pumping cock and balls every night of the week. Even in loose pants my genitals were obvious to everyone I worked with but I was quite used to their comments about the huge bulge in my pants. They’d been seeing it for years now. Still there were times that I had gotten so big over the weekend that I was a bit self-conscious and wore the baggiest pants I had on Mondays.

About 3:00 I got a call from my neighbor telling me that he’d taken my package into his place going on about how recently people have things disappearing from the lobby. I set a time to be home to get the box and he assured me he would be there waiting. Bob had moved in about a month ago and was very friendly but until now our contact had been limited to hellos when we passed in the hallway. He was a hot, built guy but I had the impression he was straight and our chances for friendship or more were limited. I was grateful for his neighborliness protecting my package.

I was out the door at 4:55 and pulling into my garage twenty minutes later. I stopped by the mailroom and felt my cock jump in my pants when I saw that the DVD I was expecting from Bulgemarc was in my mailbox. My horns were at peak level by the time I knocked on Bob’s door. He opened the door and I saw the box there in his foyer. I was reluctant when he offered a beer telling me that he’d just gotten home from the gym. I couldn’t believe straight guys worked out in skin-tight spandex that showed every rippled muscle and with obviously no underwear every inch of his massive cock and balls. He handed me a long neck and noticed me noticing his meat. Fuck I was horny.

“I can change into something more decent if I’m making you uncomfortable,” he said as I took the beer. We both flopped down in big comfortable chairs in front of his giant TV. Sipping my beer I tried to catch glimpses of his cock and balls which I could swear was swelling has he fanned his muscular legs. “I get some looks at the gym,” he said. “I’m sure you do!” I said trying not to allow my eyes to be drawn to the tight spandex crotch, and losing that battle.

“I’ve noticed that you seem to be packin’ some major meat there yourself, buddy.” I was surprised by this turn in the conversation and could feel the surge in my tied up bloated meat as he referred to it. My meat loves to be talked about even by “straight” guys.

I knew I had to get out of there. I’m sure he thought I was really rude when I jumped up, thanked him for the beer and made some lame excuse to leave. I thanked him again for taking in my box and made my way to the door.

“Maybe we can hang out together and get better acquainted some time?” he said. I responded that I would like to do that. But tonight I had big plans and not even a well-hung stud with questionable sexuality was going to change that.

I decided I was way too worked up to have dinner but got another beer and smoked a joint while I set up my saline kit. In less than twenty minutes I had a needle in each side of my scrotum and 2 one-liter bags hanging on the rack and steadily dripping into my sack. I put the new DVD that arrived into the player and kicked back for a real horny night. This was my sixth or seventh DVD of Marc displaying the massive genitals he’s created with multiple silicone injections. His cock and balls are so bloated from the juice and pumping he does that it would be impossible for him to find a man who could take it. He seems un-phased by this as he appears in scene after scene wearing various bulging outfits designed to be as obscene as possible and pleasuring himself until the popper hits he does makes the cum flow out of his over-bloated foreskin. I watched a scene where he forces his swollen cock into a hole carved in a pumpkin. His cock is so thick he has to force in it. Pulling out proves just as difficult and the sucking sound the melon makes has me mesmerized. When he finally pulls out his juiced meat it has been made even bigger and more bloated than before by the melon’s suction.

Hours passed and I watched scene after scene of Marc’s DVD. There were bulge scenes of him in public that were utterly obscene and I imagined what it must be like to carry that kind of meat 24/7 and what I would do if I had it. By now I’d gone through six bags infusing 6 liters of saline into my sack. But I wanted more. The saline was already moving out of my sack into the shaft of my cock and I could hardly get my hand around the base of the thing. I few jelqs moved more of the fluid into my cock thickening more of the shaft. As I knew I would, I decided I would go for new record and hooked up the seventh and eighth bags. I keep my cock and balls tied up so the saline doesn’t go into my gut but is forced to stay in the sack and cock.

The second DVD in the set had about a dozen scenes of Marc pumping his cock and balls. A fresh joint and poppers had me surging watching him filling tube after tube and obviously enjoying his results. Bags nine and ten followed and before I knew it was almost midnight and I had ten liters of saline in my genitals. I went on-line to send Marc an email to tell him how much I enjoyed the new videos. Writing about the horny scenes had me really needing suction on my cock.

I knew that I could never fit my saline swollen cock into the tube I’d used the night before but thought maybe I should try one of my old ball tubes I hadn’t been able to use for a year on just my cock. I found a 4.5 by 14 inch tube in the pump closet. Lubing my cock with lots of cocoa butter cream allowed me to get a good “seat” around the base with the thick-walled tube wedged under the leather strap I was wearing. I flipped on the electric pump and my cock was fully swollen in the tube with lots of empty space all around. I restarted the DVD turned on my electric blanket and laid back to give myself about an hour of post saline cock pumping. Marc had just stuffed the melon and the warmth of the blanket and the extreme pot buzz had me fast asleep in no time. I was dreaming of having meat just like Bulgemarc’s! 24/7 Fuck!

Opening my eyes to bright sunlight was disorienting. I suddenly realized it had been about eight hours since I’d put the tube on and I was feeling a strange sensation between my legs. The electric blanket kept me warm below the waist through the night and the electric pump was still running. Surely the tube had come off during the night. The sight astounded me when I threw back the blanket. My sack had decreased in size a bit but every bit of that saline had flowed into my tubed up cock. The entire width and length of the tube was filled with bloated meat. My cock had never been so mammoth. I flipped the switch to decrease the suction but there was no change in the tube. I released the valve hoping for a reduction in vacuum but still no luck. I was locked into this 4.5 by 14 inch tube and I was fuckin’ loving it. I let a bit of air in at the base and tried to extract a bit of my cock but no movement. I had to piss like a racehorse so I got up to go to the john. The sheer weight of ten liters of fluid made it nearly impossible to walk but I couldn’t resist the urge to swing my hugely swollen tubed up meat between my legs. This made the pressure even more intense on my bloated slab.

Once in the john I removed the valve completely and allowed the piss to flow through the hole. This gave me some relief from the pressure and I was able to extract a few inches of cock. It seemed to swell even more as it was extracted. Feeling a bit more secure I grabbed my poppers and my hand pump and pumped my cock fully back into the tube. I didn’t ever want to stop it just felt so good. I’d had a real breakthough infusing more and pumping bigger than ever before but the weekend was just beginning. I knew I could only edge my meat so long and I would succumb to orgasm and that was not an option. I needed a break. It took about a half hour to get out of the tube and I could barely contain myself gooning over my engorged meat when I was finally out. I slipped a few silicone rings down the length of my cock to lock in my growth and had just stepped out of a 20-minute steamy shower when I heard a knock on my door. Wrapped in a towel, my bloated balls and cock shoved back between my legs I answered to find Bob there looking all hunky in snug jeans and a skintight tee. “Hey, I thought you might want to grab some brunch?” How could I resist.

“I have a better idea. I make a great breakfast and have a full bottle of Stohli—why don’t we hang out here?”

This seemed to please him even more. What’s with this guy I thought? He responded, “You know I tend bar and have some great Bloody Mary mix. I can get it from my place and if we aren’t goin’ out, I’d like to be a bit more comfortable if you don’t mind?” I thought that sounded great and off he went with instructions to just let himself in when he returned.

Bobby, as I learned he liked to be called, was such a hot young stud probably in his late twenties or early thirties and from our brief encounters I’d always thought he was straight. I’d seen attractive young women going in and out of his place so I thought he was getting himself some serious ass. Yesterday though, he seemed to be into showing off his cock to me and appeared more than a little interested in my meat. So if he wanted to get better acquainted I was ready to give the boy a show.

I have this pair of well-worn sweats that are two sizes too small but stretch really nicely over my bloated meat and bubble butt when I stuff my package down my left leg. Many a night I’ve blown my load in these sweats playing with my huge bulge in front of a mirror. I know the effect of seeing my own bulge so I’m really interested in how Bobby will react. Problem is after all the saline I infused and the overnight pump my meat has never been this bloated before. The swollen mass completely covered my thigh more obscenely than I’d ever seen it before. It really turned me on the way it looked and felt pressed against my leg by the thin fabric. What the fuck is he gonna think?

I was working in the kitchen pulling some food from the fridge and I tried to act as casual as I could, like nothing was out of the ordinary when Bobby showed back up in grey spandex and a tank with the Bloody Mary mix in hand. “I brought a joint if you would like to share it?” I told him to set the drink mix on the counter that I’d pour us two bloodies and directed him to turn on the TV and find a college football game for us to watch.

I guess I forgot to take the Bulgemarc DVD out of the machine so when I walked in Bobby was sprawled out on the couch watching Marc pump his juiced meat. He hardly noticed me until he reached out for his drink saying, “That’s some intense action!”

Not what I’d expect from a straight guy. “You into this stuff?” he asked me. By now he had looked over and seen my bulging crotch. “Oh shit man, that’s not you in the video, is it?”

He sounded strange and I thought a bit freaked out. “Hey man, I understand if you want to go, you won’t hurt my feelings, but it’s a buddy of mine in the video not me.”

“No man, I want to stay if you are willing to tell about what I’m seeing on the screen and right in front of me.”

“I’m cool with that, Bobby, let’s start this whole thing over, I’ll get the food and we can talk, I’ve got few questions for you as well.” I suggested he change over to the football game but he insisted that we keep the DVD running. When he got up to follow me into the kitchen I couldn’t help but notice a substantial hard cock in his spandex and he did nothing to hide it.

“You think I’m straight, right, everybody always says that to me.” I admitted that I did think that and still wondered about it but he continued. “I thought I was for a long time but always felt something was missing from the relationships I had with women. They always wanted me to fuck them until they saw me naked and saw my size and then they hesitated and it was a turn off. Recently a guy came on to me and offered to suck my cock. It was the most powerful sexual experience I’ve ever had. He actually tried to swallow my whole cock and got most of it down his throat. He begged me to fuck his mouth with what he called my huge dong. It was such a turn on. After I blew a load down his throat he thanked me. I felt incredible. That’s when I started to think maybe I need to be with a man. I thought about when I was in school and how I liked to be naked around my classmates. How I liked them looking at my cock and balls and how it turned me on when they commented about how big I was. I’d jerk off at night hearing their words in my head but I didn’t even think about what all that meant. I still like it when guys look at my cock at urinals or at the gym. I wear this spandex hoping guys will look at the bulge my cock and balls make and I get turned on. So I think that means I’m gay.”

I liked the way this conversation was going. “Let’s smoke that joint you brought and we can talk some more if you would like.” Once we were high he continued. “I’ve noticed you in the building for some time now. I thought that maybe you were like me. I noticed that you almost always show a big bulge and seem really comfortable doing it. I’d hoped that we could be friends. When I saw your box in the hall I used it as a reason to have more contact with you than just passing in the hall. It sounds so adolescent but I hoped we would hang out notice each other’s huge crotches, talk about our huge cocks, get turned on and jerk off together showing off for each other. It seemed like we were getting along yesterday, two buds having a brew and getting horny, but then I must have offended you somehow and you left so suddenly. I felt really bad that I’d offended you somehow. I’ve never been so aggressive with a man before. So I thought I would offer to take you to brunch to make it right between us.”

I suggested we move back into the living room and finish that joint. It was my turn to talk. “Man, the story you are telling is just like hearing my own. I can still remember the first time a guy went down on me and feeling that this is what I’d always needed, someone to worship my huge dong. I was always turned on by the size of my meat and you are absolutely right I love showing a huge bulge. I met a guy once who was even bigger than me. When he hauled it out to play with it, he was so heavy and bloated he could hardly handle it. I was fascinated by it and he knew it. He told me he could make mine just like it. I knew right then I wanted it and had always wanted to be bigger than I was. He showed me a vacuum pump that night.”

“Is that how you’ve grown that thing in your sweats?” opening ogling my prominently displayed meat.

I grabbed the remote and found a scene of Bulgmarc with his meat in a tube. “That night he put his cock in a tube and let me pump it up for him. I was so turned on watching his cock expand in the tube seeing it grow bigger and bigger before my eyes just like my buddy Marc is doing there. I knew I wanted to do this more than anything. He had other tubes and pumps and offered to let me try it. I was so horny pumping his cock that just lubing my dick for the tube almost got me off but as soon has he slipped the tube on me and gave a few tugs and I knew that my cock had to have vacuum on it. I couldn’t believe how I grew inches longer in the tube but the real difference was in the thickness. We pumped together about an hour that first time. When he suggested we stop I really didn’t want to. I wanted to see just how big I could make it. But he insisted. When I pulled the tube off my cock was so much thicker and longer and it felt like someone else’s cock in my hands. The minute I stroked it the cum started flying out more than I’d ever shot before. The guy laughed watching me goon over my swollen meat and told me ‘you are addicted now.’ He was absolutely right. I am addicted to making my meat bigger. I can never be big enough to be satisfied. So that’s who you decided to befriend, Bobby. I know it’s not something that many guys can understand and once again I won’t be offended if you want to leave.”

“No man, I’m hoping you will show me how to pump. You talking about it has my cock so hard I need to see how it feels and see it grow in the tube. I want you to show me how to grow mine to be like yours.” It has been a long time since I trained a novice and never one who was starting out with meat like Bobby’s. I’d been doing kegles the entire time we were talking and my meat felt more swollen than ever. He’d worked his cock so that it was pointing up towards his face a good ten inches of it above the waistband of his shorts the plum sized head sticking above the top of his tank-top. Precum was oozing and running down the front of his shirt.

“I bet you suck yourself don’t you Bobby?” His response was to lean over and suck the head of his massive cock into his mouth licking up all his oozing pre and making eye contact with me the whole time.

“How about you, man? I bet you can do a selfie too?” He asked me once the head slipped from his greedy mouth. I told him that it had grown too thick to get in my mouth anymore but I still loved to work my tongue into the foreskin and suck the cream from my own cock. My sweats were soaked with the manslime flowing out of my cock and I thought I should return the favor and show him my autofellatio technique. As I peeled the skin tight pants down over my bloated meat I heard a gasp from him and as soon as I sprung free from the tight confines the gasp became a groan and Bobby blasted a load all over his face trying hard to capture as much of the cream in his mouth as he could. As I hoisted my ringed slab of manmeat up to my lips he dropped to his knees in front of me the get a much closer look and before I knew it his tongue met mine lapping the precum from my swollen foreskin.

He sat back his cock still a throbbing bone admiring the mass of meat I’d created. I couldn’t believe what a size obsessed pervert he was. “So you ready to make that fucker bigger, buddy?”

“Fuck man I want that so bad and I want you to be the one to guide me,” he responded, barely able to breathe he was still so turned on, a good portion of his load still covering his face. “Oh fuck man but I have to work tonight.” He’d suddenly realized that it was nearly 5 p.m. and that we’d been talking for hours.

I couldn’t believe how my feelings had changed for this young stud and I really wanted to get him in the tube. “How much time do you have before you need to be to the bar?” He told me he had to be there for a shift that started at 8 p.m. and went until closing. “We have little time to get you pumped before you leave.” I really wanted him to come back for a nice long session cause I had a feeling his meat would respond well to the vacuum. But it didn’t take much convincing. “How about we get in my Jacuzzi tub and you can try a tube and get cleaned up for work at the same time?”

His response was to grab my massive cock with both hands pulling me closer to him and kissing me full on the mouth his tongue probing, the taste of his load filling my senses. “I have never kissed a man before,” he said, “so I hope that shows you how I feel about you man and how much I want to spend time with you and get to know more about you!” My cock throbbing in his hands was just the response he was looking for.

I got him settled into the hot tub telling him the heat of the water would help him grow while I went off to get the tube that I’d spent the night in. His cock had still not softened a bit, the gurgling water made it bounce in front of him and he seemed to get even more excited. Oh to be young again. I told him to sit on the edge of the tub and that I would put him in the tube. The hot water had his balls hanging nice and low and steam was rising off his meat has I slathered on a huge glob of lube. I thought it was safe to slowly massage his throbbing cock since he had just cum minutes ago and I was right. He thrust himself into my hands and asked if he could hold my meat as I pumped him. A low guttural groaning started as I slid him into the warm tube. He hefted my meat bouncing its mass in both his hands as the tube reached the base of his cock. He was throbbing in the tube as I gave it a good shake to be sure it had a firm seal. The sound of his bone hard cock slapping the tube filled the room. He had about an inch all around to fill with his meat. I mean all around. His dick was just an inch from the end of the tube and I had not even applied suction.

“This might feel a little strange at first, let me know if you need to take it off,” I told him has I attached pump and gave it a first full tug.

“Oh fuck!” he shouted as his back arched thrusting himself forward toward the tube. “More. Pump it more!” Tug after tug applied more suction to his meat. “That feels so fuckin good!” The base was filling out quickly to the sides of the tube. There was look of pure lust on his face as he stared at the tube and the reaction it was causing so immediately. I handed him the pump and urged him to get back into the water. I know there is no better feeling than the whirlpool making the tube bob as you pump in the hot water. I could see that it was having just the effect I wanted it to. He would never want to stop pumping.

“Man, I want to do this forever. I’ve never felt anything so incredible.” The words just blurted out.

I told him I knew just what he was feeling and that pleased him so much. I asked if he had ever done poppers and he admitted that he’d only tried them once in a bar and didn’t really like it much. “This will be very different, it will intensify the feeling of the tube and make you grow!”

He responded, “I will do whatever you think I should do to grow.” As soon as the poppers hit him he applied more suction with the pump. He grew flush ogling my bloated meat hanging inches from his face. The second hit of poppers and he grabbed my cock by the rings at the base slapping it wildly on his face mumbling incoherently. I had to take the poppers and the pump away from him. I had to get him out of the tube dressed and on his way. Or he would be late for work. We were both focused on the tube as he rose up out of the frothing water.

“Holy fuck, Bobby! Look what you have done to yourself.”

His cock had swollen out to the side of nearly half the tube and he had filled the entire length. His swollen head was resting against the end. When I released the vacuum his cock deflated about a quarter inch but still maintained a very nice bloat. He was mesmerized by it. I pulled out a silicone ring that had two openings for his cock and balls and he leaned back as I placed it at the base and stretching out his engorged meat.

“It’s gonna be hard to hide that for work, Bobby.” He told me that he had gotten a job at the new gay bar, the “Meat Locker”, and that he couldn’t wait to show off his new improved meat, that the tips would be great. I offered him a ride to the bar and brewed some coffee while he went back to his place to shower and dress for work.

I showed up at his door a little later with a cup of coffee for each of us. He was wearing a harness and black motorcycle boots that came almost to his knees and tucked into them were the tightest white spandex tights I’d ever seen. They fit him like a second skin. “What do you think?” he said as he turned for me to get the full effect. The clingy material highlighted every muscle in his legs and butt. But most astounding was the way the tights held his freshly pumped cock and low hanging balls. They and the ring I’d put on his meat were prominently on display laid out over his left thigh. His bloated cock reached nearly to his knee the corona of its swollen head clearly outlined. The look was hot from all angles and I told him so. “Man, I can’t thank you enough for turning me on to pumping. I’ve never been so turned on seeing myself in the mirror. I can’t wait to get to the bar and see the reactions!”

I told him we had better leave before I dragged him back to my place and force pumped him through the night. I saw his meat jump when I said it. “Don’t worry though, I have every intention of doing that to you sometime very soon!!”

We spent the trip to the bar with our hands in each other’s laps. Bobby tried to convince me to come to the bar later but I told him I already had plans for the evening. He wanted me to be there to see the reactions of the patrons as he showed off his newly enlarged meat behind the bar. I told him the bars weren’t really my scene anymore and I was sure he would have more fun without me there. I dropped him off and told him that I would probably see him later this weekend. His dejection lasted until the first comment was made by a leatherman waiting on line for the bar. I saw him grab his meat and return a comment as I sped off to home and my remaining bags of saline. But as I was pulling away I noticed a banner hanging on the wall of the bar. “Mr. Bulge Contest Tonight!”

I was so fucking horny by the time I got back home I immediately set myself up for a fresh infusion. I have to admit Bobby had really gotten to me. I was amazed at the turn in our very new relationship and it felt like so much more that just hot pump fun with a big dicked stud. Of course it was that but I had a real longing to have him back here guiding is growth. I think he was feeling the same way and that turned me on. Thinking about the look in his eyes as he was ogling my meat made the additional four liters I was adding go really smoothly and I knew that more than anything I needed to show it off for him. I started to think about the hot scene that could play out at the “Meat Locker” with Bobby behind the bar in his hot gear and me displaying my meat for him while others watched. I was intrigued by the idea of the “Bulge” contest and my exhibitionistic horns were at fever pitch when I gave myself a last minute pump to bloat my cock to the max. Luckily I had a bigger tube and I couldn’t believe I was pumping my cock in a 5 X 20 inch tube. Thinking about Bobby filling the 14-inch length of the tube I put him in made my cock swell immediately when the vacuum was created. It took all my effort not to blow my load in the tube. I’d been edging for a full 24 hours at this point. Thinking about how all this meat would feel stuffed into bulging gear and publicly displayed was getting me to a fevered point that I needed to control. I was truly being controlled by my meat at this point.

I fuckin’ love that feeling.

My goal was that Bobby would be totally transfixed by my obscene display. I add some great ideas.


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