Incubus dreams

by JJ Staxx

 Blake is stuck in a bathroom at the gaming hub with a problem that’s only getting bigger.

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Fat globs of jizz oozed down the men’s room stall door at Chadwick’s Games, Grub, and Sports. “What am I going to do?” Blake groaned. He’d been trapped in here for nearly an hour. It wasn’t that he was sick or anything of that nature. It was his dick. The thing was rock hard, and there was no sign that it was about to soften. But that wasn’t the real problem. The real problem was that it had also grown to mammoth proportions. A forearm-sized erection now throbbed and bobbed in front of him, so heavy his hips swayed backward and forward in time with his thundering heartbeat. On top of that, he’d already cum twice, spraying gunk all over the stall walls, and he’d barely even touched the damn thing.

And… he was still so goddamn horny his teeth hurt. Please go down… Please, just soften a little. His jaw stiffened as he fought to control his hands and arms. After the last surge of growth, his dick had become so deliciously sensitive that he knew he wouldn’t be able to stop if he started stroking the turgid pillar of flesh again. Fuck…. He sooo needed to jerk off, just one more time.

The din from the arcade swelled briefly as the outer door to the bathroom opened and then closed with a thump. “Blake… You in here?”

“Oh, shit,” Blake squeaked and tried to still his breathing. He recognized the voice. It was Tory, the guy from his office that he’d been totally obsessed with for the last six months. He couldn’t let Tory see him like this. How would he explain his freakish junk?


Blake nearly sobbed. His dick was stupidly huge, probably too large for sex, oral, anal, or otherwise. Why had he messed around in that witch’s room? Why had he had sex with Oz… Why had he had sooo much sex with Oz? Actually, the answer to these last two questions was stupid-simple. Oz was freaking gorgeous, and the sexiest man Blake had ever met. Just the thought of him sent a flood of precum roaring up his urethra and flowing down the sides of his tortured cock.

Oh god, what’s happening to me? What am I going to do?

The witch. He needed to get a hold of her. He’d confess that he’d followed her and had been messing around in her room after she’d left. He’d tell her all about Oz and the nights of torrid sex. He’d tell her everything. Maybe she’d take pity on him and fix this.

His cock lurched. Heat flowed down the bloated shaft. The flesh began expanding again. His cock swelled, growing fatter for a moment before surging upward, adding another three inches to his already enormous manhood.

Help me…. The insistent throbbing was even worse now, his dick screaming for attention. He squeezed his eyes shut and balled his hands into fists fighting for control.

There was a gentle rap at the stall door. “Blake… Are you okay?”

The Witch. Jade was her name. This whole thing started when she’d shown up at the apartment for dinner with Paul, his housemate. Paul was straight and a bit of a geek…. No, not just a bit. He was a geek, but also a seriously good guy. In fact, Blake had never had a housemate who’d been as compatible. In the year they’d lived together, they’d never gotten truly pissed off at each other, even once. And a real friendship had developed. Blake was now hanging onto that friendship for dear life.

At first glance, Blake hadn’t thought much of Jade. She had seemed to be pretty much into Paul and was seriously tall, over six feet, but also reasonably attractive, though she was sort of academic looking and a bit too librarianish to be anything that Blake might have considered hot. Actually, all those things made her a perfect fit for his housemate, and Blake figured that he was going to need to talk with Paul about her. No doubt the big dummy was utterly blind to her interest.

The two of them had been sitting in the living area chatting when he had gotten home from the gym. They’d invited him to join them for a drink, and he’d said yes.

Everything had seemed normal—in other words, boring—until about twenty minutes into their conversation. Taking off her glasses, Jade had looked him straight in the eyes for a mere heartbeat. He’d nearly dropped his drink. Her eyes were inhumanly pale, nearly glowing. They didn’t twitch, and they didn’t blink. It was like coming face to face with a big predatory cat. He was nothing more than a butterfly pinned to a mounting board. The monkey part of his brain began screaming. He froze.

Then the terror evaporated, and he had managed to sit with the two of them for another few minutes before excusing himself. He hurried off to his bedroom, turned on all his lights, and locked the door.

Getting her out of his head was impossible. Every time he closed his eyes, she was there. And it wasn’t pleasant, oh hell no, she was scary as fuck. But, there was an eerie magnetism, too, like the urge to stick your hand in a blazing fire. You knew it would maim you, but you still wanted to do it. She was fire, dangerous, powerful, and seductive.

The next morning Blake asked about her while he and Paul were getting ready for work.

Paul shrugged. “We’ve known each other for forever. I met her my freshman year in undergraduate, and she was just starting grad school.”

“You were dating a grad student as a freshman?”

Paul snorted a laugh. “Me? Dating her? Only in my dreams. We’re friends.”

“Dude, she’s into you.”

“Yeah, right.”

“No, I’m serious. She wants your peeeeenisssssss.”

Paul blushed and laughed out loud before picking up a damp washcloth and pitching it at Blake, who quickly ducked it. “Anyway, she has a doctorate in Egyptology and does research at the university. Jade is brilliant, scary smart. She’s also a Kemetic Witch. But don’t let that freak you out. She’s an amazing person.”

Blake’s phone chimed an alert. “Oh, fuck, I’m going to miss my bus. I’ll catch you later.”

“I’m on dinner tonight. Chili will be on the stove, and I’m thinking about making cornbread and salad.”

“Score! Love me some chili and cornbread action!” Blake grabbed his phone. “Gotta run.”

He sat staring out the bus window. She’s a Witch… That kinda makes sense. But…There were a bazillion women out there calling themselves Witches. They, for the most part, were harmless. Weird but harmless. Damn, this one, however… this one sure didn’t seem harmless. But she was also Paul’s friend, and that said a lot. Blake sighed. Wonder if she could help me straighten out my social life? He sat chewing on his thumbnail and then nodded his head. Probably should figure out a way to see her again and at least talk to her. Anything is better than what I got.

It was Tuesday, more than a week later. Blake sat out on the plaza, having lunch. The sun warmed Blake’s shoulders and back as he slowly chewed a mouthful of an Italian sub on whole wheat.

The pigeons strutting back and forth at his feet suddenly scattered, taking full flight and vanishing over the buildings.

He looked up, watching them go. The sun seemed to go behind a cloud, and a chilling wave of foreboding sent a prickling down the back of his neck. He glanced around and froze, his eyes widening as his breath seized in his throat.

It was her… No, it wasn’t…. It couldn’t be. She didn’t look anything like he remembered, but he could feel her as she strolled past. The air hummed with electricity and dread as if a massive thunderstorm was rolling in from the plains.

She had changed. At the apartment, she’d seemed almost plain. Now, she was… unbelievable. Dressed like some kind of Hollywood A-lister or top-rated influencer. She would have stopped traffic with a body that could only have been achieved by half a lifetime in the gym and a bus-load of plastic surgeons. In fact, her figure was so exaggerated that she nearly looked like an over-sexualized caricature of a woman. He squeezed his eyes shut and looked again. Holy shit… What the hell is she doing with a big geek like Paul?

But, and this was seriously weird… no one else seemed to notice her. There should have been guys, and probably some women, throwing themselves at her, but not a single person had even turned to look. It was like she was invisible.

He stared, watching her go. He once again needed to talk to her. With his social and love life in the toilet, he was confident she could help. And not necessarily with witchy stuff. Being introduced to some of the men on campus might be all he needed to develop a new pool of friends.

Blake sat up straighter and craned his neck. Jade was about to vanish into the sea of humanity. He chewed his lip. Paul had said she’d offered to introduce him to some guys from the Ancient History Department. And she’d even suggested that the four of them could go for dinner and a movie with drinks afterward. Sure, graduate students would probably be geeky and academic… and much more interesting than the guys at the gym with whom he continually struck out. When you got nothing… You got nothing to lose. I mean, what’s the worst that’ll happen? She’ll turn me into a toad… or worse, a straight toad. He grinned at his joke, chucked his sandwich in a bin, and started after her. Rather than run to catch up, he was semi-curious to see where she was going, so he hung back just a bit, trying to avoid being noticed.

She walked surprisingly fast, and Blake had to stretch his legs to keep up. She headed to the university, cut across campus, and entered Old Main through a seldom-used side door.

Old Main was the oldest building on campus. Built over a hundred years ago, the weather had softened the stone, and the white neo-Gothic trim clashed with all the modern concrete, steel, and glass buildings surrounding it. Sadly, the old girl was no longer deemed acceptable for classes and had been retired to a crumbling death of overflow staff offices and storage.

Blake stopped. He stared at the door with its cracked and peeling paint. Stiffening his jaw, he quickly looked around and hurried in after her.

She trotted down two flights of stairs and vanished into seemingly endless shelves of moldering books and crumbling yellowed records.

He’d practically forgotten about looking into Jade’s eyes and nearly crapping his pants, but this dismal subbasement brought it back in a hurry. He shuddered as he glanced around and then tried cracking a silent joke; Well, this is a happy place. If I were her, I’d eat my lunch down here every day, too. It didn’t help.

He jumped when an unseen metallic door screeched open on rusty hinges and then slammed shut with a bang. Maybe… I… should… wait… outside… Closing his eyes, he swallowed hard before taking a deep breath. Moldy air, as thick as dirt, clogged his lungs, and he coughed until his eyes watered. Or, maybe he could go just a little further before giving up.

There was only one door she could have gone through, an ancient fire door.

Blake ignored the spiders skittering up and down his spine and opened it. His jaw dropped. “You have got to be fucking kidding me.” Before him, cobwebs draped like gauze from overhead pipes, and bare yellowed bulbs hardly shed enough light to illuminate the grey stone walls of an under-campus steam tunnel. This was turning into something that might have been out of a horror movie, and Blake hated horror movies.

The echoing clack of Jade’s boots on cold stone receded into the distance. “Come on, don’t be a pussy, Blake. If she can do it, you can do it.” And that only sounded like so much bullshit. He pushed on.

He would have surely lost her in the twists and turns if it hadn’t been for her footfalls. At each intersection, he paused and listened, following her on sound alone. Up ahead, there were voices and then Jade’s haunting laugh. He slowed, moving along the shadows of a wall. At an iron gate, he stopped. The tunnel opened up into an ancient Gothic chamber. Standing back from the entrance, he could hear her. She was speaking with a man.

Blake shivered and rubbed his hands along his arms. Despite being half scared out of his wits, it was also exciting too. He edged forward and reminded himself that Paul told him not to get freaked out by her witchy ways. So, all he needed to do was grow a big enough set of balls to keep going.

Jade came into view. Standing in the middle of a stone gazebo-like thing, she was utterly naked. Blake’s eyes widened, and he gasped, “Witchy shit, for sure.” He wanted to see what was going on. The problem was a thick stone pillar blocked much of his view. Curiosity overrode common sense.

Don’t be a pussy, Blake. He slipped forward into the room, hiding behind the offending column. He wiped the icy sweat from his eyes, quieted his breathing, and then peeked out.

While Jade had a body like a porn star, the man she talked to was a work of art. Naked, he had a dancer’s body, lean, beautifully muscled, and sheathed in flawless milky skin. Icy locks of silken hair flowed over broad shoulders, and his face had a boyish charm with the pale blue eyes of a frigid, clear morning. Blake’s cock stiffened with just a single glance. Oh, fuck me hard, he half groaned and slipped a sweaty hand into his pants to readjust his package. This guy made Tory, from work, look like a sack of two-month-old broccoli.

The man turned slightly, and Blake’s jaw dropped, nearly hitting his chest. “Oh... fuck…fuck…fuck,” came out as an inaudible gasp. The guy was freaking gorgeous. He was also hung like a horse. Even if he were a shower and not a grower, he packed a breathtaking amount of cock. Blake’s already rock-hard erection surged, feeling like it would burst the zipper of his chinos. His brain refused to process any more, and his body began acting on autopilot. Stepping out of his shoes, he slipped off his pants and underwear, freeing his throbbing cock. He stared, lost in the lust that hammered through his chest.

The man stepped closer to Jade, cupping a mammoth breast in one hand and squeezing. The soft flesh swelled upward. “Ooh, I like these,” he hissed. “They make you look like a filthy slut.”

Jade laughed as she reached down and started toying with the man’s cock, which swelled instantly. “Mm-hmm, that’s what I so love about you, Aahz. You know how to talk to a lady.”

“Innit true, luv. Innit true.” He grabbed Jade’s breasts, his large hands fondling and squeezing the pale flesh.

Blake gasped. That cock had to be a good foot in length with a head the size of a pool ball. It was… perfection. How the hell could someone so gorgeous also be straight? He could have almost cried at the unfairness of it all.

Still, precum began oozing from Blake’s slit as he gawked at his fantasy incarnate. He did his best to ignore Jade, pretending he was her as he stroked his own throbbing erection.

Jade stroked faster, and the man tipped his head back, growling as he continued mauling her breasts.

Utterly lost in a private fantasy, Blake was oblivious to Jade’s mood not matching the situation. A nasty smirk played on her lips as she chuckled and continued working the man’s penis. Suddenly, she stepped back. Pushing away the man’s hands, she gripped his cock, levering it down slightly, then pressed a small jar under his cock’s head. She stroked him twice before squeezing the last few drops from his shaft and giving his cock a little shake. “Ooo, that was a lot,” Jade tittered. Pulling the jar away, she released the man’s turgid tool. It sprung up, slapping against his stomach. She capped the jar and grinned as she reached to caress his cheek. “There. I’m happy. Are you happy?”

The man jerked his head back, avoiding her touch, and laughed with a bitter sneer. “You really are an insufferable little cunt. Finish the bloody job, luv.”

“Oh, I’ve finished the job. I have everything I wanted from you… for the time being.” She winked as she turned. “I’m sure you can finish the job yourself. Toodle-oo.” She started to head back toward the passage she came from.

Blake froze. Holding his breath, he pressed his body against the pillar and squeezed his eyes shut. Oh please… please… please don’t see me.

“By Lucifer’s balls, you’re a miserable, fecken tease, you are.”

“Tell me something we both don’t know,” she laughed, turning to glance over her shoulder. Making kissy lips, she walked passed Blake, looking to the opposite side. “Have fun, Aahz.”

Blake breathed a heavy sigh as Jade vanished down the dimly lit tunnel. He stood stalk still, sweat dribbling down his face. “She didn’t see me, thank god.”

A silken baritone called out. “Oh bloody hell, mate. Stop thanking that useless twat, and come on out. I’m gonna need your help, luv. Cos this thing isn’t going away all by itself.”

Blake stopped breathing. His rock-hard erection softened, and his mouth felt like he’d chewed up a dozen sticks of sidewalk chalk. Shit, how could he have seen me?

The chuckle was low, “Oi, luv. I’ve been smelling all that luscious lust. I promise you. I do bite… But only in the very best of ways.”

Blake could almost hear the wink, and he bent to pick up his underwear.

“Seriously, mate? You’re going to put those on again?” the man called out, and Blake frowned.

How the hell did he know? He leaned to the side, peering around the pillar.

“Oh, there you are!” The man grinned. “Now toss those bloody things away because if you put them on, you’ll just have to take them off again.”

Blake stared down at his hand, squinting. He couldn’t figure out what he was looking at. Oh… my underwear… Why am I not wearing them? He shrugged and tossed them aside.

“There you go, luv, so much better. Now come on out, mon trésor. Let’s have a good look at you.”

Blake stepped out from behind the pillar.

The man smiled and licked his lips. “Well now, aren’t you yummy, yummy, yummy.”

Blue eyes glittered like ice on a winter’s day and froze Blake in place. His jaw dropped, and his cock rose. “I, uh…” His gaze drifted lower, focusing on the man’s magnificent erection.

The man tilted his head expectantly and seemed to follow Blake’s gaze. “If you think it looks good, imagine how it tastes?” White teeth flashed. “Now get that lovely little ass of yours over here.”

“I uh…” His voice trailed to mumbles.

“Yes, I believe you’ve said that already.”

“I uh… uh… Aren’t… I mean, don’t… I mean, aren’t….” Blake tried to lick his lips. “But what about Jade?”

Harsh laughter echoed through the chamber. “By the fur of Lilitu’s twat, do you really want to talk about her when we could put our mouths to so many better uses?” He lowered his chin and gave his shoulder a little shimmy. “Now come along, and take the rest of those ridiculous clothes off.”

Blake’s fingers began mechanically undoing the buttons of his shirt. He shucked it off, casting it aside, along with his socks. A part of him knew he should be freezing down here, but his skin glistened with sweat.

The smile broadened, and the man’s cock snapped upward, smacking against his stomach. He laughed again, stroking his cock a few times, “See? I am just a quiver with anticipation.”

Blake blushed hard and kept looking down as he shuffled his feet forward. The man was so fucking beautiful Blake had a hard time looking at him.

Stepping off the dais, he wrapped his arms around Blake, pulling him closer. His hands cupped Blake’s ass, and he nuzzled his nose beneath Blake’s jaw, inhaling deeply, “Pity….”

Waves of heat rippled from the man’s body, and he carried an odor like burnt matches. Blake’s heart rose to his throat. “What’s wrong?”

The smirk sent a shiver down Blake’s spine as the man touched a finger to Blake’s throat and ran it down to his sternum. “Not one little thing, luv. But if you’d been a virgin… Well, let’s just say you wouldn’t be going home any time soon.”

Those words carried an ominous undercurrent and snapped Blake out of his near-trance. “What do you mean?”

Raising an eyebrow, he grinned. “Well, if you must know, I would have dragged you down to hell, taken you to my lovely little villa just outside the city of Eros, and made you my plaything for a thousand years. And I promise you… you would have relished every second of it.”

Blake’s eyes roamed from the man’s lips down to his smooth muscular chest, and he forced a laugh at the apparent joke. “I don’t believe in hell, but if I did, that doesn’t sound like hell to me. That would be more like heaven.”

“Heaven,” the man sneered and spat. “You keep talking like that, and you’ll put me off me supper, luv.” He snaked a hand around Blake’s neck and pulled him into a hard kiss.

The kiss froze time, too hot and lasting too long. Blake was suffocating and tried to push away. The man’s teeth caught hold of his lower lips. Pain flashed, firing an electric current down Blake’s spine and making his cock lurch. He pulled back as blood oozed from his lip. “That kinda hurt.”

The man grinned. “Pity, guess I’ll need to be more careful next time, aye?” He winked.

Blake chuckled as his gaze fixated on the man’s eyes. Something snapped in his brain. His hand lashed out, latched around the pale man’s neck, and yanked him forward, pulling him back into the kiss. Lust fired a scalding bolt of rage into Blake’s brain, and he twisted his head, coming cheek to cheek with the other man. He hissed in his ear, “Suck my cock, bitch.”

Laughter peeled. “The four most beautiful words in the English language, mate.” He took Blake by the shoulders and pressed him back half a step as he sank to the floor. Looking up into Blake’s face, he gripped the root of his cock, grinning. “Your wish is my command.”

The thrum of anticipation reverberated in Blake’s chest, his heart racing. Steamy breath caressed his cock, warm and moist. Then tentative touches, the graze of a cheek, the nudge of lips, tempting and tickling Blake’s cock. Kisses came, feathered over his sac, curled his toes, and then the warm dance of a tongue gliding up the underside of his shaft as fingers tugged and teased his balls.

Breath surged in gasps, and Blake’s hands fluttered uselessly for a moment before cradling his lover’s head, holding on to keep from stumbling.

The pale man was patient. His ministrations built like a symphony before the grande coda. Lips nipped the rim of Blade’s corona, pulling at the rubbery ridge. His mouth drifted down, licking and sucking around the base of the shaft.

Bright spots of light spangled Blake’s vision as blood roared in his ears, drowning out the pale man’s murmured curses of lust.

“Oh fuck…” Blake trembled as his head tipped back. Strong hands gripped his hips, and powerful arms held him upright as Blake’s knees grew weak, and he began to wobble. A contraction shuddered through his balls, squeezing out a throaty groan as a trickle of pre-cum seeped from his slit.

Greedy lips quickly engulfed the head of Blake’s cock, slurping and sucking. “Mmm… yes… give me… more… so much fucking more, “ was half-muttered by a mouth nearly full of cock.

Blake’s body obeyed. A tremor rose from his pelvic floor, and then another… and another… and another.

The man growled, gripping Blake’s hips in vice-like hands and steering him, taking more of Blake’s cock into his mouth.

“Oh fuck…”

Lips glided clear to the base of his shaft and paused… a sharp slurp… and then suction.

A rush of blood forced its way into Blake’s cock, swelling his already throbbing erection. It grew harder, seeming to expand even larger.

The man’s head began to bob. Warm and wet slid along Blake’s entire length, and the pale man began moving faster and faster.

Pressure swelled. Blake’s ball ached. He was going to cum…

Grabbing the root of Blake’s cock, to hold it steady, he attacked, his movements sharper, more focused, and aggressive.

Blake yelped. Sucking, nearly painful, like he’d shoved his dick into the hose of a shop vac. His dick was surely going to blow apart. Even his balls felt like they were swelling rapidly, growing painfully large. Blake’s brain whimpered, begging for the pressure to ease while his voice growled in counter-protest, “Faster, you bitch! Harder! Suck me! Suck my cock!” Howls reverberated deep through the university tunnels as his manhood was pumped, stroked, sucked, and savaged. Grey and then black danced around the edges of Blake’s vision. His shrieks filled the chamber as his ball clenched. He came and came again, pumping out torrents of cum. He staggered, breathless, nearly falling, and then he was being held up.

An arm with muscles like steel cables entwined around Blake, running up along his spine. A hand cradled the back of his head and yanked him into a ravening kiss. “Fuck me!” The pale man snarled.

Blake’s cock was slack… spent. “I can’t. I’m not—”

The hand grabbed Blake’s hair, yanking his head back. The man leaned in hard, his breath burning like steam in Blake’s ear. “Take me! Take me in the ass. Make me your fucking bitch.”

Blake’s heartbeat leapt, and his erection blazed.

The man hissed through clenched teeth, yanking Blake’s head further back. “Fuck me… Fuck me hard. Fuck me til you cum, and then fuck me again. Fuck me til I scream and beg for you to stop, and then fuck me again. Make me your bitch, Blake. Make me your mother fucking bitch. Fuck me, and fuck me, and fuck me. Fuck me until your balls are so empty they scream for mercy, and then fuck me more.

Blake’s roar tore this throat raw. He grabbed the man by the hair, spinning him around and slamming him into a stone column. Bending him over, Blake leered at the perfect pale skin and curve of his muscular ass. Blake took his own cock by the root, guiding it along the fissure between the man’s taut glorious glutes. He pressed forward, his cock sliding along the ass crack before spreading the flesh. An infernal force surged out, grabbing Blake’s inflamed erection and pulling his cock into the hot, tight, awaiting ass. Blake snarled, seizing the man by his hips. He began thrusting with savage force, slamming his cock in and out and in.

The first orgasm erupted like a fire hose… His erection didn’t flag or falter even for a moment. Blake fucked him again and then again. Lust and rage devoured Blake’s soul. He fucked the pale, beautiful man. He fucked him savagely. He fucked him over and over, each orgasm more powerful than the last. He fuck him. He fucked him until he heard the man screaming, and he still didn’t stop. He wouldn’t stop…he couldn’t….

Blake wandered, his goose bump prickled arms wrapped around himself. A shiver rolled up his spine, and he blinked several times. Why is it dark?

And where the fuck am I?

Lights passed in front of him, and he blinked again. It was a car… a police car. And…

Oh shit!!! Where the hell are my clothes?

Blake let out a shrill “Fuck!” and dashed off, seeking cover behind a nearby hedgerow. What the fuck happened?

His head pivoted back around, praying the cops hadn’t seen him as he tried to get his bearings. He was holding something… his wallet and keys in one hand and his phone in the other.

Holding his breath, he watched as the police car continued driving, turning a corner and vanishing around a building.

“Oh, Thank g—” He flinched and then doubled over. The muscles in his pelvic floor convulsed. “Oh god.” His hands snapped to his abdomen guarding as he rasped for air. It was like a post-orgasmic spasm, only a hundred times stronger. It passed. He calmed his breath and managed to stand up straight again. Wiping the wetness from his eyes, he checked his phone.

3:42!!! It was 3:42 in the morning. What the hell had happened?

His last clear memory was on the plaza eating lunch, but the fractured puzzle pieces were coming back together. He’d followed Jade into that old building on the university campus and then through a maze of tunnels. Catching up to her, he’d found her talking to—

Again, his kegels tightened like an over-wound watch, and he doubled over, sweat trickling down his temples. Ten gasping breaths later, muscles loosened.

The Witch had been talking to a man… a freaking gorgeous man. What was his name? You can’t have forgotten his name, Blake!… Oz… Oz…that was it. Oz. He exhaled. And then she’d left, and he’d… and they’d…. and he and Oz…Holy fucking shit… Had that really happened?

He rechecked the time. There was no way… People didn’t fuck for over twelve hours straight and have dozens of orgasms. He knew this from experience. In college, he and Calvin had a little contest. Who could cum the most? That had only lasted about an hour and a half. He’d cum four times… kinda… thought the last one was pretty damn weak and pathetic. Calvin hadn’t faired much better.

But—“Oh god…” His kegels hiccuped. This was in a whole different universe. Had he been drugged or dreaming?

Another violent spasm was coming. It began with a slight fizzing sensation just behind his cock. Gritting his teeth, he doubled over, preparing for the worst. He yelped, grinding his teeth, as his balls felt like they were being sucked up into his abdomen. Panting, his body gradually relaxed.

Was thirteen hours of continuous sex even possible? Right now, he was beginning to think it was… …at least with Oz, it was. Though… He grunted. …he was starting to worry that he might have injured something in the process.

That wasn’t his only problem. There was also the teensy matter of being completely lost in the middle of the night, absolutely butt naked, and with no way to get home.

Peering out from behind the hedge, he managed to figure out he was still at the university. But what was he going to do now? Home was six miles away, and the buses stopped running at 2 a.m. Not that he could take the bus without any clothes on. That also ruled out an Uber. There was Paul. Though, he didn’t want to bother his housemate. But, after all the bullshit with Jake, he was persona non grata with just about everyone he used to hang out with.

He opened up his dwindling number of contacts and tapped Paul’s entry. The phone rang once… twice… I can’t bother him at this hour. He’s asleep. Blake hung up.

Almost immediately, his phone rang back. It was Paul. “Blake? What’s going on?”

“Nothing. It’s not important.”

“It’s four in the morning. That tells me it’s important. What’s up.”

Blake could hear background noise as if Paul were moving around. “It’s no big deal. I just… I just… I’m kinda having a little problem.”

“Do you need me to come and pick you up?”

Blake chewed his lip. “Yeah, that would be good.”

“Where you at?”

“The university.” Blake glanced around, reading a nearby sign. “I’m next to Parking Lot OM-1.”

“You should be close to Old Main. It’s an old building, kind of Gothic looking.”

“Yeah, I’m right next to it. And there’s a big glass silvery building across a greenway straight in front of me.

“That’s the Psych Building. Just wait there. I’ll pull into the parking lot and pick you up. Give me about 15 minutes.”

“Wait, can you grab me a pair of sweats and a T-shirt? They’re in the third drawer of my dresser.”

Again there was a pause and some rattling around. “Got’em. See you soon.”

“Cool, thanks.”

Blake hugged himself, fighting the shivers, as he hid behind the hedge with his back to Old Main. The twitching of his pelvic floor was still going on, but the gut-wrenching contractions had ceased.

He waited. Images slithered in and around the dark gaps in his memory, and a touch of nausea soured his stomach. ‘Suck my cock, bitch.’ Had he actually said that? There were also snippets of memory where he was holding this Oz guy by the hair and slamming his cock into him over and over. That had to be some sort of fantasy or dream because he never got that rough, ever. His cock stiffened. But… damn. He closed his eyes and sighed. If he ever saw Oz again, he would probably need to apologize, at the very least. That is, if Oz would even speak to him. He would also need to apologize to Jade for following her and invading her privacy.

“Good job, Blake. Fuck up much?”

Lights flashed, and a quick beep from a car horn caught his attention. “Blake?” Paul had pulled up at the edge of the parking lot and was standing just outside the car, looking around.

He stood up and waved. “Over here.”

Paul trotted over, carrying a gym bag. “You okay?” He handed the bag over the hedge.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” He took the bag and opened it. Paul had brought everything he needed, including shoes. Ducking down, he dressed.

“Do we need to call the police or get you to the hospital?”

Blake snored a self-deprecating laugh. “The only hospital I need is a psych ward.”

Paul smiled thinly. “You sure?”

Shaking his head, Blake stepped out from behind the bushes. “I’m sure.”

They walked to the car in silence, and Paul started to drive back to the apartment.

Blake forced a chuckle. “Thanks for not asking a bunch of questions.”

“No problem. But I am worried about you.”

“Don’t be. In a lot of ways, it was an amazing evening… afternoon… day?” He chuckled. “Other than losing all my clothes, which, I guess, is kinda amazing too.”

“And you’d tell me if there was a problem, right?”

“Yeah, I would… You know, I’m going to start calling you mom if you keep worrying like this.

Paul shrugged. He pulled into their driveway.

“Thanks for coming to get me, by the way. You didn’t have to.”

“Anytime. That’s what friends do.”

That’s what friends do… A warmth bubbled inside Blake as a layer of heavy shame bled away. “Thanks.”

The sun was still well below the horizon, but the sky had faded from black to rich indigo by the time Blake and Paul were in the apartment. Desperate, Blake bolted straight to the bathroom. When he came out, Paul was still up. “I figured you’d have gone back to bed.”

Paul shrugged. “I have a 6 a.m. meeting. Going back to bed seems pointless. I’d be better off getting a jump on the day. You done in the bathroom?”

Blake nodded. “Knock yourself out.”

Paul disappeared, and a moment later, the shower came on.

Blake thought about heading to bed and was half tempted to call in sick. Being up all night left him with little hope of surviving the day at the IT Help Desk. But he wasn’t sleepy or even tired. In fact, he buzzed with nervous energy. Opening the refrigerator, he stood staring. He could almost feel that beautiful narrow waist in his hands, see those broad, muscular shoulders, blue eyes, and the charmingly impish grin of Oz. His cock throbbed.

“Yo Blake, it’s not Netflix. Close the fridge.”

“Huh?” Blake jerked back to reality and turned to see Paul fully dressed, smiling, and shaking his head.

“Dude, you are hurting. Go get some sleep. I’ll take the bus today, so you can use the car. That should give you an extra half-hour of sack time.”

“Actually… I’m good. Hey, I am thinking, huevos rancheros at Rosita’s. What do you say? I’m buying.”

“You don’t have to do that.”

“How about I want to do that? Seriously, I owe you big time.”

“Not really…”

An hour later, they were mopping up big globs of soft eggs and pork with green chili using warm, soft tortillas.

Blake stifled a burp. “So, have you ever met a guy named Oz? I’m pretty sure he’s a friend of Jade’s.”

“Not that I recall. What does he look like?”

“I think he’s an albino and about our age. He’s seriously fucking hot, like a work of art hot.”

Paul shook his head. “Albinism? I’m pretty sure I’d remember someone like that. Where’d you meet him?”

Blake’s face grew warm. “On campus, last night… errr, yesterday. We kinda spent most of the day…and night together.”

Paul laughed. “Oh, I see. That’s who stole your clothes. Uh-huh, yup. I can see it now.”

“Well…Steal isn’t exactly the right word… I kinda forgot them.”

“You forgot all of your clothes… Wow…” Paul nodded slowly, obviously trying to suppress the smile growing wider by the minute. “That must have been one heck of a night.”

“Oh god, it was a religious experience, seriously religious, seriously fucking religious. Like ‘I saw god’ religious.”

“Dude!” Paul held up a fist, and Blake gave it a bump. “I can see that we need to get the two of you back together. I’ll ask Jade about him. I’ll probably see her sometime today.”

“No, don’t. I have his number, and I don’t want to say anything to anyone until I’m sure it wasn’t a fluke. I mean, the guy is f-ing gorgeous, and that means the whole thing is going to crash and burn.”

“Maybe it won’t. You deserve some good stuff in your life. You got free of Jake.” Paul shook his head. “Damn, that guy was seriously toxic. And I say, good riddance to bad rubbish. You can do way better.”

Blake tried to laugh, but it only sounded bitter. “God, I hope so. All those stupid rumors he spread fucked me over so bad.”

Paul raised his coffee cup. “So, here’s to a new beginning. Here’s to Oz.”

Blake raised his cup too. “Oz.”


Blake was sure this was the Bataan Death March, except there was no jungle, and he was sitting at his desk in the IT Department. But otherwise, they were precisely the same. Most days, there might be the occasional clueless user with an equally ignorant problem. But today… Oh my fucking god, it was non-stop…

“Now, just hit any key.”

Long pause.

“Did it work? You should be looking at the options screen.”

“I can’t find it.”


“I can’t find the ‘ANY’ key.”

“It’s the big long key at the bottom.”

“I thought that was the Space Bar.”

Oh, just fucking shoot me!!!

He’d survived.

Paul texted about twenty minutes before five. He said he was working late and suggested Blake take the car home. Paul was probably working late. That was a regular occurrence, but letting him take the car was just Paul being nice. And that was also a regular occurrence, too.

Blake trotted across the street to pick up the car from the university library’s parking lot. He kept looking around. He didn’t want to see Jade. In fact, he’d rather have a root canal than come face-to-face with her. But he sure as hell wouldn’t mind seeing Oz. He’d had a hard-on almost the entire afternoon, and it had been impossible to stay focused and not get lost in daydreams. Unfortunately, no Oz, and fortunately, no Jade either.

At home, he exchanged his work clothes for a workout tank and shorts. Sitting on the bed—

Darkness and silence crashed over him like a wave on the beach.

A chuckle. “Yo, Blake, let’s get the rest of you into bed.”

Drool was trickling down his cheek, and he slit his eyes for a moment. Paul was standing over him, next to the bed. “Huh? What? What time is it?”

“A little before eleven. Go back to sleep.” Paul helped him get situated and under the covers.

Moments later, Blake surrendered to sleep again.

Something nudged him awake. Gotta pee… Stumbling out of bed, he took care of the necessities and stopped to brush his teeth too.

He cocked an ear. What was that?… … a knock? He scratched himself while wandering to the front door. Leaving the living area in darkness, he flipped on the foyer light.

Opening the front door a bit, Blake peered around the edge. His mind seized, and a woodcutter tented his shorts. The door continued to creep open as Blake’s grip went slack. “Oz? What… how?”

Oh my fucking god… he’s naked!

Blake stared, breathing through his mouth, as a naked Aahz grinned in the doorway. “Oz?”

The pale visitor tilted his head, his smile waning as his brow lowered. “Excuse me?”

“Isn’t that your name?”

The man’s eyebrows shot up nearly to his hairline. “No—where did you get that idea?”

“Well, isn’t that what Jade called you?”

“She bloody well has never called me that.’” He laughed. “That’s almost offensive.”

“So, what is your name?”

He bowed deeply. “Aahz. At your service.”

Now it was Blake’s turn to be surprised, “That’s what I said… Oz.”

The wince was visible. “That is not my bloody name.”

“So, what is your name?”

“It’s Aahz.”

“That’s what it said.”

“It fucking well isn’t Oz. It’s Aahz.”

Blake shifted his weight from foot to foot and tried to laugh. “You’re just messing, right?”

His eyes narrowed. “I am not.”

“Then why do you keep telling me your name is Oz—”

His form flickered. For a mere blink of an eye, he loomed over Blake, taller, menacing, and dangerous. “It bloody well isn’t ‘Oz’!”

Blake’s balls shrunk up into his body, and he stepped back, ducking slightly. The “I’m sorry” sounded more like a squeak.

Rolling his eyes, he sighed, mumbling to himself. “By Yeshua’s shriveled scrotum, you bloody monkeys are so fucking defective.” Taking another deep breath, he plastered on a smile. “Not to worry, luv. So, are you going to invite me in?”

Blake wrung his hands and swallowed several times. “Oh yeah, sure. Come on in. I’m just… I didn’t… I…”

Stepping forward across the threshold, Aahz snaked a hand around the side of his head and kissed him softly on the cheek.

Warm breath tickled Blake’s ear.

“You can call me anything you bloody well want. I just needed to see you again and spend a titch more time with you.”

Blake started to grin, “I’d—”

The pale man jerked back, his head twitching side to side as his nostrils flared. “Oh bloody fucking hell.”


He was already moving, placing a hand on Blake’s chest to push him aside. Aahz sniffed the air again and headed straight toward Paul’s bedroom door.

Blake tagged behind, a frown furrowing his brow.

Like hitting a brick wall, the pale man jerked to a stop two feet from the door. “Bloody hell!” He stood for a moment, his eyes apparently searching for something that wasn’t there. His voice dropped to an inaudible hiss as he raised a hand, tapping a finger in the air as if he were a mime caught behind glass. “You nasty-assed little cunt, you. What are you up to, hmm? Maybe making this one your own little personal pet?” His lips curved upward in a vicious smile. “Well, we’ll see about that.”

“I’m sorry, what was that?”

“Nothing.” Aahz spun to face him. “All I was saying is that it’s a nice li’l flat you got here, mate.”

The smile was broad but didn’t look exactly friendly. Aahz was also sporting a massive hard-on that pointed nearly straight up, wobbling and swaying with his every movement. Prodigious amounts of pre-cum oozed from the tip and dribbled down the veiny shaft.

Blake couldn’t take his eyes off of it. A taint of musk floated on the air, and his cock suddenly lurched, growing so hard his knees buckled.”

Aahz stepped closer, wrapping his arms around Blake and pulling him into a hard kiss.

A tightness bloomed in his chest, and the room tilted as Aahz’s mouth pressed against his. He could feel that massive erection trapped between them, throbbing and pressing against his stomach, almost reaching his chest.

Separating from the kiss, Aazh turned his head and nipped Blake’s ear with his teeth. He whispered. “I’ve got me an idea, luv. Why don’t you wake up that tasty roommate of yours, and we’ll have a bit of a party… just the three of us. What do you say?” He pressed his hips against Blake’s, grinding his cock against him, and Blake nearly came right then and there.

Blake fought to catch his breath and chewed his lip for a moment. Maybe Paul isn’t straight after all… he could be pan or bi? Hell, he might even be super repressed and is gay… It could be we’re doing him a favor.

The hiss was breathy and hot, “Exactly… Now be a good boy, and bring that luscious chunk of man-meat out here. We’ll have some real fun.”

You know, I’ll bet we are doing him a favor.

Taking half a step back, Aahz pressed a hand against Blake’s shoulder. He grinned and winked. “Go on, luv. Let’s have a li’l party. It’ll be a night to remember.”

Blake nodded, turning. He took three steps and raised a hand to knock on Paul’s door. Wait a second… It’s one in the morning. He paused. Why was he doing this? Paul had never given him any reason to believe he was anything but straight.

“Go on, luv.”

Blake could feel the heat of Aahz’s leering smirk on his back. No… He turned, shaking his head. This was way too much like Jake, pushing and prodding him to do things he didn’t want to do. Things that usually involved treating other people like shit. He turned, shaking his head. “No.”

Spreading his hands, Aahz’s harsh grin softened. “Oh, go on. It’s not like we’re going to force him. Just bring him on out, and we’ll let him decide, aye? Doesn’t hurt to ask now, does it?”

Blake’s eyes flickered down. “Yeah, it kinda does. I mean, it’s one in the morning, and he’s got work tomorrow. And besides, he told me he was straight, so I need to honor that.”

Sidling up beside Blake, Aahz looped an arm around his shoulder. “I’m sure he has, but before you embraced being gay, didn’t you try to pretend you were straight?”

“Yeah, but I was sixteen—Paul’s thirty-something. I’m pretty sure he’s not questioning his sexuality.

“Please. Do it for me.” Slithering closer, the pale man feathered several kisses along Blake’s neck, just below the jawline.

Blake scrunched his chin as his pulse leapt. With a jerk, he twisted away and gave Aahz a firm shove. “No. We’re leaving him alone.” He stepped closer, his jaw stiffening. “Besides, if you came here to see me, then see me. But if you came here to screw around with my housemate. Feel free to fuck on off.”

Aahz’s eyebrows shot up, but then they narrowed. He stepped in close, his eyes hardening to ice. “You do not speak to me in that tone of voice, and you sure as fuck aren’t saying no to me. Go get your housemate. Now.”

Blake didn’t budge. “No. Now get the fuck out of my house.”

Aahz stepped back, raising his hands. “The lamb has bloody teeth,” he chuckled inaudibly. “If that’s what you wish.”

Blake pointed, “That’s the door. I’m sure you know how to use it.”

Aahz moved, and his pace slowed. Reaching the door, he turned the knob and opened it. But before stepping across the threshold, he stopped, turned, and chuckled. “I cocked that one up, didn’t I?”

Blake glared, folding his arms across his chest. “Have a good night.”

“You know, mate, I do believe I simply got a wee bit overexcited after last night. We bloody well had a good romp. Didn’t we?”

It was impossible not to notice that this strange companion was still massively erect, and looking at that monster cock brought Blake’s stiffy back full force. He nodded, “Yeah, it was pretty great.”

Aahz sidled closer, reaching an arm around Blake and giving his ass a playful squeeze. “Well then, how about the two of us having another go-round? And we’ll let your flatmate get his beauty sleep, aye?”

“I don’t know. I’m still kinda pissed that you seemed more interested in my roommate than me.”

“Clearly, that was an egregious error on my part. Allow me to make it up to you.” Wrapping his arms around Blake, he pulled him into a slow, luxuriant kiss, nibbling at his lips until Blake was breathless. “I’m going to tell you something, luv. Something I’ve not said to a human in a long, long time. You got some bloody massive stones… You said no to me. That doesn’t happen.” He nodded slowly, “You’re special, very special. So I’m thinking about giving you something extraordinary. What do you think?”

Blake’s ears grew hot, and his smile returned with a half-snickered. “I’d like that, I think.”

Aahz grinned. “I’m sure you will, luv. Of that I am certain. Now, let’s s have that little party, just the two of us.” He took Blake by the hand, leading him to his bedroom, and Blake began taking his clothes off even before they stopped next to the bed.

Aahz paused a moment to rub his palm against Blake’s cock. Lifting his hand to his lip, he licked off the smear of glistening pre-cum. “Yummy…” Guiding Blake back onto the bed, he swung a leg over Blake’s shoulders and settled into 69 but slightly lower to give him access to Blake’s rounded little butt.

Warm and wet explored the pucker of Blake’s ass, and he moaned as Aahz’s left hand toyed with his cock. He glanced up. In college, it had taken Blake a while to get the hang of making the 69 position work. But now, he was utterly baffled. Everything about Aahz’s junk was mammoth. He could feel that massive cock bouncing against his chest, the head of the thing nearly reaching his navel. And while Aahz’s balls pressed against his lips, each nut was far bigger than a kiwi, and there was no way in hell he could teabag all that. It would be like trying to stuff a softball in his mouth. So, he did his best to kiss and lick the oversized sack. But that didn’t last long, either. Aahz deftly danced between Blake’s anus and cock, lavishing them with attention. The room spun as senses went into overload. All Blake could do was lie back and wallow in bliss.

His balls clenched… and then clenched again. Torrents of cum erupted, and Aahz wrapped his lips around Blake’s cock’s head, hungrily sucking in the milky jizz. But the orgasms wouldn’t stop. Over and over, his balls squeezed out shot after shot as Aazh savaged his cock with lips and tongue. The room faded to grey long before the last of the spasms subsided.

Aazh dismounted and lay down next to him, pressing the side of his body against Blake’s.

“Oh god…”

Aahz laughed, “That useless twat wanker isn’t here… But I am.” He propped himself up briefly. Rolling onto his side, he kissed Blake while he ran his fingers over Blake’s stomach, gathering some of his own pre-cum that had pooled there. He licked his fingers, “Lovely stuff.”

Blake’s stomach knotted. Body fluids had never been a fav of his. In fact, they were kind of gross. And it hadn’t helped that Jake had repeatedly sent him on major guilt and shame trips if he didn’t swallow. At the same time, Jake complained bitterly that Blake’s gunk was ‘just nasty’ and often refused to go down on him. What was it that Paul had said? Good riddance to bad… rubbish?

But… Blake swallowed hard, trying to catch his breath. There was something about the musky scent that swirled around the room. Desire tickled like hunger at the back of his throat. Taking Aahz by the wrist, he brought the hand to his nose. His eyes closed, and he instinctively drew those long slender digits into his mouth. His eyes rolled back as he began to suck and nuzzle the pale hand. A blissful thrum spread from his core to his fingertips and toes, and Blake felt like he was floating.

Aahz had sat up, lounging back on a pillow propped against the wall. He gazed down at Blake, smiling.

Blake tried to meet those icy blue eyes, but he blushed instead.

“What’s all this then?”

It was more of a snort than a laugh, and Blake’s eyes flicked from trying to meet Aahz’s gaze to the pale man’s towering erection. “Can I?” His blush deepened as he reached for it. “It’s beautiful.”

Aahz winked, adjusted his hips, and closed his eyes as he lay his head back.

Blake sat up and swung his feet to the floor. Twisting his hips, he sat sideways on the bed.

The massive cock swayed, pointing nearly straight up. It was impossibly huge, longer than Blake’s forearm and as thick as his wrist. Its hue was ruddy, darker than the rest of Aahz’s milky skin, and a maze of thick veins traversed the taut skin.

His hand trembled, at first, as he reached to run his fingers along the length of the shaft. It was so warm and smooth, and the flesh was firm but with a slight spring to it when he squeezed.

A low purr rumbled from Aahz’s chest as his eyes remained closed, his smile soft.

God, the thing was so utterly perfect, and Blake wouldn’t dare speak, fearing to break the solemn silence as he stroked perfection.

Clear pre-cum burbled up, and Blake leaned in, rubbing the head of Aahz’s cock against his cheek before he began to lick and suck on the smooth domed glans. His whole body vibrated with crimson energy. But, there was so much flesh, and it was far too massive to readily explore from where he sat. Climbing up, he straddled Aahz’s legs and began mouthing the head while he used both hands to pump the turgid shaft.

Fingertips grazed the side of Blake’s head, ruffling his hair. Soft and gentle, the touch raised Blake’s heart in his chest.

A lurch, Aahz’s kegels contracted, and his cock bounced.

Blake grinned, knowing what was coming. He clamped his lips over the pencil-thick meatus and pumped his hands faster, more aggressively. Pure joy exploded in his head as his mouth was filled with warmth. He swallowed… and swallowed… and swallowed, drinking Aahz in, finding everything in Aahz that he had ever longed for.

Dreams faded to warm rapture, and Blake blinked. His hands were still stroking Aahz’s erect cock.

Aahz’s eyes were open too. He smiled and touched Blake’s face. “Why?”

The boyish grin flashed. “You’re going to have to be a little more specific, luv.”

“You like me, I know. But I don’t understand why.”

Warm laughter spilled from his lips. “I bloody well adore you, mate.”

“Why? It’s not like I’m any sort of prize.”

He laughed again. “By Beelzebub’s barrel-sized balls, you’re not... Trust me. You’re a fecken prize if there ever was one.” He touched Blake’s cheek again. “You, Blake, are an honorable man. And if that’s not a prize, I don’t know what is.”

A blush bloomed from Blake’s scalp to his collarbone, and he looked away. Turning his attention to Aahz’s vast pole that he had continued stroking.


“What’s it like?”


“What’s it like to have a gigantic cock?”

Aazh chuckled, “It’s bloody well amazing. Imagine more than a square foot of skin stretched tight over fourteen inches of throbbing flesh. A single caress is like ten strokes on an average bloke. And when you cum, your whole being clenches, from eyebrows to toes. It’ll leave you fucking breathless.”

Blake glanced down at his modest stiffy and shook his head. “I so wish it were me.” His gaze dropped lower. “There’s not a whole lot special here.”

“Ay, you’re not listening, luv. I was bloody well serious when I said that you’re an honorable man. In our currency, that is worth more than a twenty-foot cock.” He touched Blake’s hand. “But… is this something you want? Do you honestly wish you were like me?”

“Oh hella, yes. But. I do have a question. What about sex? Doesn’t it… With it so big, doesn’t it hurt the other person?”

Aahz sat forward, wrapping Blake in his arms and pulling him under the covers. He spooned against Blake, and Blake could feel the heat radiating from that massive cock all along the length of his back, reaching up between his shoulder blades.

Propping himself up briefly, Aahz leaned over and kissed him just beneath the ear. “How about you tell me if it hurts, luv.”

Blake could feel Aazh shifting lower in the bed, and he pulled his knees up. There was pressure between his glutes, and he opened. The thick head entered him. Then he could feel more and more shaft glided in. Time seemed to slow as Aahz’s cock reached impossible depths. Blake’s whole body shuddered.

Aahz fell in behind him, embracing Blake, pressing his body against him. He gently began rocking his hips. Blake trembled, gasping, floating in an ocean of carnal paradise as he was fucked to an unimaginable depth.

Aahz snarled. Fire blossomed through Blake as they came in synchronicity. Then Aahz pulled him in tighter and began rolling his hips again.

Euphoria wrapped Blake in powerful arms as Aahz fucked him and filled him… again… and again… and again.

Blake floated on the warm, gentle shores of sleep. Languid orgasmic pulses rolled across his pelvic floor like ocean waves, going on and on and on. He half leaned back, hoping to feel Aahz’s warmth, but his lover had vanished sometime during the night. There was no pain or soreness when he shifted his legs. Weird… Taking Oz’s monstrous cock should have been a lot like anal fisting. Which was scary as fuck, and something Blake had never done, despite Jake trying. But, he felt fine, more than fine. He felt great.

Rolling onto his back, he yelped and leapt from the bed. Oh god. The mattress was one gigantic wet spot, but the flash of disgust was interrupted with laughter. Not surprising, considering. He stripped the linens and pulled out fresh sheets to make the bed.

Oz. What’s up with him? The guy was more than a little strange. He never wore any clothes and said a lot of weird shit… Like swearing by the devil’s balls or something like that. And then there was his whole name thing. My name’s Oz… It bloody well isn’t Oz. And he seemed to get royally pissed off about it too.

On the other hand, there was the sex. Oh my fucking god, THE SEX. A night with Oz felt like one long continuous climax. And it didn’t matter whether he was giving or receiving. The sex was a-fucking-mazing. He’d cum so many times in the last two days that his nuts ought to have shriveled to the size of raisins. But he was still horny as all fuck. Getting through the day without taking matters into his own hands would probably be impossible. And Oz would be back tonight for round three. He had no doubts about that.

You know… He’s probably an actor. That would explain a lot. Or maybe he’s a warlock or something, like Jade.

He heard the shower turned off, and a few minutes later, the bathroom door opened.

Pulling on athletic pants and a shirt, Blake wandered out into the living area. Paul sat at the table, poking at his phone and drinking coffee. Blake helped himself to a cup of the morning go-juice and sat at the table. Talking about last night with Oz seemed like a bad idea, but he worried they might have awakened him. “You sleep okay?”

Paul nodded. “I checked out after getting you into bed.”

“Thanks for that.” Blake took a big swallow of coffee. “Sooo… Do you have anything going on tonight?”

Paul chuckled. “You know me. Every Thursday’s a party, working late, drinking coffee, rampant research.”

“Jesus, dude, your social life is more lame than mine.”

Paul shrugged.

“So, can I ask you a huge favor?” Blake asked.

“Go for it.”

“Do you think you could find somewhere else to be tonight?”

“You mean to spend the night?”

Blake nodded.

“I can do that.”

“Thanks. That would be totally cool, and I’d owe you big time.”

“It won’t be a problem, and I think I like the sound of this.”

Blake laughed. “I think I do too.”


“Could be… most likely…”

Paul grinned. “Consider the place yours.”

“Where are you going to go?”

“I’ll probably catch some Z’s in my office.”

“Okay, now you’re making me feel like a douche for kicking you out.”

“You’re not, and it won’t be bad at all. I have a cot and a decent sleeping bag. And I can always go over to the Rec Center in the evening and see if I can get in a pickup water polo game or swim some laps. It’ll be like being in graduate school again. So, I’m good. Count on it.”

For a moment, Blake thought about trying to talk Paul into getting together with Jade. But anymore, he wasn’t too sure about her. After all, she’d been giving Oz a hand job just the other day. And some of the comments Oz had dropped about her made Blake wonder if she wasn’t as okay as Paul thought. “All right, but if it’s a problem. Tell me.”

“It won’t be.” Paul checked his watch. “I should probably get going. Oh, and if you need more time, text me. I can make myself scarce all weekend.” He got up from the table and put his empty cup in the dishwasher before disappearing into his room to finish getting ready for work.

Blake headed to the shower.

The only thing that could have made the day better would have been for the head of IT to come in and announce he’d gotten a huge raise. But true miracles didn’t happen. Still, the helplines were mainly dead, and the few calls he got were legitimate problems. That had given him time to work on writing troubleshooting software for their in-house applications. Once released, it would cut down on Help Desk calls, and there would be a big fat juicy bonus for completing the project.

He ate a quick lunch on the plaza and then stopped by the commissary to pick up an energy drink. Settling down to continue programming, there was a knock on his cubical wall.

“Yo Blake—meister.” Tory Moretti, Attorney at Law, Full Partner, and Italian Adonis, stepped in and leaned against a wall. “Haven’t seen you for a while. What do I have to do to see your smiling face up on the twelfth floor?”

Blake’s face warmed. While Oz was a ten, Tory was still a nine… actually, an eight… Okay, maybe a seven. Though that was still pretty fucking hot. Not that he’d ever given Blake the time of day, despite Blake being pretty damn obsessed with him. “You could always try pouring a Diet Coke into your laptop.”

“And if I do, will you promise to come and personally take care of me?”

“I could probably do that.”

“Excellent. I’m going to hold you to that.” He laughed. “Anyway, I’m glad I ran into you. A couple of us are heading over to Chadwick’s tomorrow night to watch the MMA championships, quaff a few brews, and see how many hot wings we can put away. You should come.”

Blake’s cock chubbed as he thought about Oz and Friday night’s potential activities. “I’m not sure. It does sound pretty good, but I’ll need to check on some stuff first.”

Tory’s glowing grin momentarily lost its luster before he plastered on a fresh smile. “You’re not seeing someone these days, are you?”

“Yeah, I kinda am.”

A wince flashed. “That’s great. Bring him too. It’ll give me a chance to check the guy out and make sure he’s good enough for you.”

“Cool, I’ll keep that in mind. I’ll text you about tomorrow when I know for sure.”

“Excellent. I hope you can make it. I’d like to have the opportunity to spend more time with you.” Tory winked and then headed toward the elevator.

Blake sat with his jaw hanging open. What the fuck just happened? Was he hitting on me?

Then it got even weirder. Blake’s phone chirped a text alert while he waited at the bus stop to go home.

rly hope you make 2morrow—pls say yes.
—Tory Moretti

Was this some sort of joke or a prank? Was Tory actually interested in him now? It seemed hard to fathom. They’d worked in the same office for nearly two years, and not once had he initiated any sort of conversation other than when he had a computer or printer problem. In fact, it always sort of felt like Tory was smirking at him behind his back.

Blake unlocked his front door. So freakin’ weird. Kicking off his shoes, he dropped the mail on the table and went to change out of his work clothes.

Hands grabbed Blake from behind. He yelped as Aahz spun him around, propelling him backward into a corner of the room. They kissed hard and long.

Aahz stepped back for a moment. Locking eyes, he snarled something guttural and alien.

Blake froze. His heart rose in his throat.

Buttons flew, and cloth shredded as Aahz took Blake by the shirt collar and yanked. The useless fabric dropped to the floor, and Aahz pressed his mouth against Blake’s, invading with tongue and teeth. A hand snaked past the waistband of Blake’s trousers and began kneading his cock and balls.

Blake’s pulse thundered as raw heat surged through his body, his cock exploding, fully erect. With a shove, he thrust Aahz backward and returned a long low, feral growl as he stripped away the remainder of his clothing. He charged, seizing the pale man by his upper arms, and spun him around before sending him sprawling face-first onto the bed.

Aahz roared with laughter, rising to hands and knees, as Blake mounted him from behind.


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