Incubi paradise

by OneLuckyGuy89

 Izqrt, the Incubus, now going by Ian, is horny and ready to turn this male college dorm into his own personal pleasure haven.

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Author’s Note

I have been out of commission for a little, been working on my novel that I’m dedicating to my late father. But here I am writing a short little piece—well, short for me. Happy 25th birthday Metabods, now enjoy my kinky little story. I also may add the growing scenes for the other three guys if I find the time. Between life, my new job and the novel, it’s hard. Again enjoy. ~ OLG


Izqrt was a young Incubus and currently bored with his life. He snuck out of the Demon Realm and into the Mortal one, to come across a male dorm at a college. He was in the mood to create some Incubi and have some fun.

To not invoke fear, he slid into the shadows to humanize his appearance. His skin turned from a blackish-purple to a sun kissed tan, his horns, claws and tail retracted as shaggy, golden blonde hair grew onto his head. Similar colored hair grew on his arms, legs, in his armpits, on his abs, chest, lightly on his big ass and his face gained a light stubble coating. The fangs in his mouth retracted into perfect pearly whites and his neon yellow eyes turned an aqua blue.

As much as he wanted to strut around naked with his fat dick swinging between his thighs, he needed clothes. Well if he had to wear clothes, he would be showing off as much as possible. A pink mesh jock with black straps materialized around his hefty fifteen inch softie and lemon sized balls. Hard he would swell to twenty-five whole inches, but that would be harder to hide. Faded and torn blue jeans materialized, cupping his large ass and riding low enough to show off his golden pubes. His outfit concluded with a light blue v-neck that showed off the top of his Pecs with a generous amount of curls and flip-flops on his feet.

With a cocky swagger he walked into the dorm and one boy immediately caught his eye. He had decided to go by the name Ian and he was 6’4” stunner, so the gangly, ginger had to be about 6’0”. Thick glasses were on his face and he was trying to hide the braces on his teeth. Using his Incubus Vision, he was the boy had a dick he shouldn’t be embarrassed of at all.

“Hey there, do you live here?” he asked in his melodic bass.

The guy looked behind him and saw no one.

“Are you talking to me?” he asked in a nasally voice.

“Yes, is that okay?” Ian asked.

“Of course, I’m just surprised someone like you is talking to me,” he guffawed.

“My name’s Ian. And you are?”

“Terrence Green at your service, but you can call me Terry!” he exclaimed and stuck out his hand.

As soon as their hands touched, Terry moaned in deep arousal. Against his control Terry felt himself harden and Ian gave him a sexy smirk.

“Looks like something’s waking up.” Ian smiled and roughly grabbed the large bulge.

“What are you doing? People could see,” Terry panted in arousal.

Then the geek looked around and noticed everything was frozen. He stumbled back in fear and fell on his bony butt. The calm look on Ian’s face, made Terry even more confused.

“What’s going on?” Terry asked, his voice shaking.

“Something fun and you’ll enjoy I promise,” Ian said.

The golden god dropped to his knees and pulled Terry into a deep kiss. As their tongues intertwined, Ian put his hand under the ginger’s shirt and twisted his nipples. Terry moaned into Ian’s kiss and Ian felt his cock swell to full mast.

“Let’s get rid of our barriers,” Ian said and snapped his fingers, making their clothes vanish.

“Why’d you do that?” Terry cried, blushing.

“We can’t have sex with our clothes on,” Ian smirked.

“Sex, but I’ve never had it before,” Terry stammered.

Ian propped Terry on his hands and knees. Then he spread Terry’s cheeks and loved the sight of his lightly furred hole. The Incubus then dug in and caused Terry to moan in a high pitch. Feeling a tingling and numbing sensation at his hole, Terry whined in lust.

“Get ready little boy, I’m about to turn you into a man,” Ian moaned, his dick rising to its full twenty-five inches.

The feeling of the fist sized head entering him was so pleasurable and painful at the same time that Terry was uncontrollably drooling with his eyes glazed over in lust. Every inch that sunk into his body was more pleasurable then the last and two minutes later Ian’s heavy balls collided with Terry’s.

“Are you ready for your life to change, Terry?”

“Just give it to me please, I can’t take much more,” Terry whined.

“And now I explode!” Ian cried, filling Terry’s insides with Incubus changing essence.

As soon as Ian was fully out of Terry, the geek’s body was surrounded in a purple aura. He moaned in orgasmic pleasure as his body began to grow with hard muscle. Terry’s eyes turned neon yellow and his legs and calves swelled, as he grew six inches to 6’6”. His glutes swelled to a perfect muscular ass, abs became a ten pack and his cum gutters defined. Back and chest muscles swelled giving him a chest he could barely see over. Biceps swelled to a cold eighteen inches and triceps to fifteen. Terry’s neck swelled in size and his voice dropped to a bass, as his balls swelled to the size of Ian’s. His face became the epitome of male perfection and red hair covered his body. Pectorals gained a nice, decorated covering, along with his abs, ass and his arms and legs became furrier. To complete the transformation he grew a full red rugged but trimmed read beard and his dick fattened in size. Within minutes his twenty-five inch dick rose from the red pubic jungle.

“What happened to me?” Terry asked, in his melodic bass.

“Take a look.” Ian smiled and visualized a mirror.

Terry looked in the mirror and gasped at his beautiful body. Running his larger hands through his chest hair, he moaned in ecstasy. Then his large fingers entered his ass as the other jacked his monster cock. Suddenly he felt Ian’s mouth on his cock as he was about to blow. He unloaded more cum than he thought was possible and Ian downed it all. Horns sprouted, nails became claws, teeth became fangs and a long black spaded tail grew out.

“Am I a monster?” Terry asked. “I can’t get used to this new voice.”

“It suits you very well. And you’re an Incubus now, a demon that lives off sex,” Ian said.

“That’s what you are too?”

“Yep and I plan to create some Incubi.”

“Well, if you don’t want trouble, you’re gonna need to take care of our R.A,” Terry said.

He quickly teleported behind Ian, gripped his chest and rubbed his dick between his cheeks. The other Incubus moaned and smiled back at Terry.

“We’ll have all the time for sex later. Let’s create some more Incubi and then we can fuck all you want,” Ian said with a smile. “You’ll need to tell me where to find this R.A. and you can create some more Incubi.”

“I can change people now?” Terry asked.

“Of course, you’re an Incubus just like me.”

“Okay, so how do I hide my horns and stuff?”

“You just think you want to hide them and I’d create some clothes for yourself. I would love for you to walk around naked because of that ass, but this realm has decency laws,” Ian sighed.

Terry nodded as Ian snapped; recreating his outfit and Terry’s demonic traits disappeared leaving him with kelly green eyes. Assuming clothes worked the same, he thought of what clothes he wanted. A white, green and orange striped tight tank top appeared along with a pair of black booty shorts. The tank top showed his larger nipples and red chest hair, while three inches of his cock hung out of his left pant leg.

“I’d elongate those shorts a little longer to cover your dick,” Ian said.

“You’re right I guess,” Terry shrugged and the shorts grew enough to just cover the bulbous head, but still cupped his ass perfectly.

“So how do I attract guys to change them?” Terry asked, adjusting his cock and balls.

“Pheromones automatically waft out of your armpits and make it easier to bend men to your will,” Ian explained.

“Perfect.” Terry smiled at the thought.

He then showed Ian to where the R.A. resided and he made his way back to his room. Casually opening the door, his two roommates starred at him. Chase Chen and Russell Miller had been roommates with Terry for a few days, but they all had similar nerdy interests. The two nerds starred in confusion at the muscular red head, which entered their room.

“Who are you?” Chase asked, adjusting his glasses.

“It’s me, Terry,” he answered, his deep voice radiating straight through the boys’ libidos.

“That’s a funny joke, you may have the same colored hair and eyes but that’s where the similarities end,” said Terry’s heavier roommate, Russell.

“No worries, there’s no time to convince you anyway,” Terry said and lifted his arms, releasing his armpit pheromones.

Chase gasped. “You’re so sexy,” he moaned, approaching him.

“All I want to do is suck your cock,” Russell added, just as entranced.

Terry pulled off his shorts and Russell started sucking like a pro. Eager for another playmate, he quickly unloaded into the heavy teen’s mouth. Russell started moaning in pleasure as he began to grow and the Incubus beckoned Chase to his large cock next. Again he quickly unloaded into the Chinese boy’s throat and he began changing as well. Five minutes later, two more Incubi were created.

Russell now stood at 6’4” built from solid muscle with a large muscle gut. He was covered in chocolate brown fur and was larger muscle wise than Terry and had sprouted a full chocolate brown beard. Moaning in his new gravelly baritone, his large cock rose to its full twenty-five inches. Chase had more svelte muscle and covered in black hair. His torso was a tight waisted cobbled ten pack and his black furry ass was a large and muscular bubble butt. He also sported a thin jaw line beard.

The two former geeks now Incubi started 69ing each other’s large cocks. As they unloaded down their throats, the demonic features materialized.

“So after seeing what happened to us, I believe you’re Terry now,” Russell chuckled deeply and admired his new body.

“So what exactly did you do to us?” Chase asked, in a deep tenor.

“We’re all Incubi, demons that feed off of sex,” Terry smiled.

“I don’t even care what we are, we’re so fucking sexy,” Russell rumbled and kissed Terry deeply as a thank you.

Chase followed suit and they all turned to their dorm door opening to see Ian and a stunning Puerto Rican behemoth. Terry quickly told his roommates how to hide their demon features and then they turned to Ian and his friend.

“So who’s the stud?” Chase asked, groping the guy.

“It’s me, Renaldo,” he moaned in a deep bass.

“Wait, Renaldo, our R.A.?” Terry asked.

“The one and only.” He began proudly flexing his larger muscles.

“You do beautiful work, Ian,” Terry said with a grin, groping the Incubus’s crotch.

“And I’m just getting started. Let’s transform this dorm into our sexual paradise.”


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