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by Quick Master

 Three incubi compete to screw the most guys in a single semester at a human college.

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Damon the incubus lounged nude on the face of a crag facing the luscious lava pools in Hell. The searing heat of hell beat down on his pert, red ass. He yawned, licking his forked tongue across his sharp canine teeth as he woke from his nap.

He turned over, blessing hell with the sight of his thick cock. He was still hard from his nap, and his uncut shaft throbbed steadily over the tight cobblestones of his abs. He stretched out his arms, enjoying the sight of his biceps, resembling the crag he slept on. As he stretched, he tilted his head over to his hairy armpit and whiffed his musk.

“Rank,” he whispered with a toothy smile.

He got up and dangled his legs over the crag, stretching his bare feet across the sandy landscape.

The lava pools bubbled and frothed, like little lakes for demons to enjoy and for humans to suffer. He saw one human in the distance, running across the endless sands, seemingly headfirst into the red spire of his cock. He grinned and shifted over, as if to whap the human a hundred miles away with one deft movement, but a hell-bird caught the human first.

Damon craned his head up, watching the pterodactyl-like hell-bird carry its prey into the air. He closed his yellow eyes and listened to the sound of the human’s agony ringing through the air like sweet music. The human’s burnt, festering skin smelled delicious even this far away. Damon’s stomach began to growl at the prospect of meat. But he only wanted one kind of meat that day.

“Where is he…?” Damon muttered to himself. He scratched under his bearded chin, his eyes lidding as he tried to stay awake.

He drew his long legs back into his body, curling up into a ball. His clawed toes fanned back and forth. He reached under his legs to scratch his balls with his claws before he closed his eyes again. He bent his head up and began to sniff the air. His forked tail bobbed back and forth like the bar on a sonar.

“Troglauth…Mer’ag…Razronnan…” he said under his breath. He went through his mental contacts list one by one. He shook his head as he laid back down on the ground “He’s late.”

The scents of the demons he found lingered in his nostrils. He began to daydream of their hard, bodies, toned from thousands of years of torture. He stuck out his tongue, drooling a little as his cock beat like a metronome, weeping precum down the long length of the shaft.

He sighed as he laid back on the rough ground. He relaxed his bobbing tail, letting it rest along his side. Despite his best efforts, Damon found himself drifting back to sleep.

As Damon slept, a tiny, winged creature crept up to his sleeping frame. It climbed up his body, using his ample hair for grip, before making its way across the valleys of his muscles. It peered up at the throbbing, red tower craning over his abs, still dripping precum. The creature rubbed its hands together, latching its clawed hands and feet onto the soft surface. As it climbed, it licked an unnaturally long tongue along the shaft, savoring the flavor of the greater demon’s trickling precum. Its little stomach filled fast with the sweet liquid.

As the imp climbed up the shaft, it felt it rumble. It looked upward, seeing the greater demon’s cockhead creep further upward. The imp glanced down at the sandy ground, its forehead sweating as the shaft grew higher, past the greater demon’s abs and brushing past his hairy pec. The shaft thickened so that the imp’s clawed hands couldn’t reach around as easily. Trembling, the imp’s tightened its grip on the slippery skin.

Damon groaned in his sleep, shifting so that he slept on his side. The imp held onto the shaft for dear life, lest it fell to the ground. The tower of the greater demon’s cock was like a crane sticking into the air, weighed down by the weight of the greedy imp.

Damon’s precum continued to coat his shaft as he slept. The imp’s tiny heart beat faster, its mouth agape as it fed on the greater demon’s seed.

Finally, the fat little imp couldn’t hang on any longer, falling to the ground with a shriek.

Damon woke up, his yellow eyes wide open. He peered down at his larger shaft, large enough to knock someone out. He glanced to the side, seeing the red imp with a belly full of unearned seed.

The imp held its full stomach, barely able to stand as it cowered.

“Hey, who said you could feed off my jizz?” he shouted at the imp.

He reared back his foot and punted the little imp hundreds of feet away, landing into one of the lava pools.

Damon sighed, stroking his new hose of a cock. He took his hands off of it, flexing his kegels and making it point straight out, as hard as he could make it. A single, long strand of precum fell onto the ground with a sizzle. He felt like he was close to cumming, but he wanted to savor the feeling.

All of a sudden, his nose twitched again.


Damon covered himself with his hands as a large hell-bird descended onto the crag.

Atop the hell-bird’s back was another incubus, Murdoch. The nude, green-skinned demon leaped down and walked towards Damon. Murdoch’s long, ass-length hair blew in the hellish winds like a black cape.



The two embraced, their cocks rubbing against one another like crossed swords.

They pulled away, sharing a quick kiss.

“Hard at work?” Murdoch said, stroking Damon’s cock playfully. “You look a lot bigger today!”

“Corny,” Damon said. “I’m off the clock. But some little imp tried to feed off me while I slept. Guess I grew to meet what it wanted.”

“Little bastards just want your power,” Murdoch laughed. “But you ain’t gonna give it up that easy, huh?”

“No way,” Damon sneered, slapping his cock against Murdoch’s. “You got blood on your breath. You got to feed?”

“Fuck yeah,” Murdoch said, flashing his bloody claws and giving them a lick. “Some humans tried to rush a portal headed for topside. But I got ’em before they could get away.”

The two laughed together as they sat down on the crag.

“Not like you to take a break,” Murdoch said, stretching out like a cat. He laid down on his stomach, showing off his toned ass.

Damon licked his lips as he stared at his friend’s ass, sweaty from the heat of the circle. He stroked his long cock idly.

“You look lean,” Murdoch said.

“I’ve been on a diet,” Damon groaned. “Leanest I’ve been in a while.”

“Looks good on you.”

Damon cocked his head to the side.

“Everything looks good on me,” Damon growled. “Especially nothin’.”

Murdoch nodded his head, his yellow eyes drifting down to Damon’s cock.

“When’s that gonna go back to normal?” teased Murdoch.

“I dunno. Maybe you could help?”

Murdoch smiled, crawling over to meet Damon’s hard cock. He lowered down, taking the head into his mouth.

“Mmmm,” Damon said, his hands behind his head as he watched Murdoch blow him. “I didn’t even need to ask.”

Murdoch went down and down the shaft, his bottomless throat swallowing inch after inch.

Damon spread out his legs, finding Murdoch’s own hard cock with his dexterous toes. He stroked along the green cock, his feet growing slick with the other incubus’ precum.

“You’re so good with those feet,” Murdoch mumbled, his mouth full of cock. “Just be, ow, careful with your toe-claws.”

“That just makes it better.”

Damon worked Murdoch’s cock between his rough soles, making Murdoch tremble as he deepthroated Damon’s own cock. Damon dug his claws into the sandy ground, grinding his ass hard into the hellish earth.

Damon jetted into Murdoch’s mouth, feeding the incubus with his rich seed. There was so much semen that it nearly leaked out of Murdoch’s nose, but Murdoch held on, drinking Damon’s seed like sweet nectar.

“I’m gonna—” Murdoch grunted.

Murdoch came all over Damon’s red feet, coating his toes in his seed.

The two leaned back, satisfied with each other.

“Thanks,” Murdoch said, panting softly.

“No problem,” Damon said.

They leaned down and licked the cum and sweat off of each other, not missing a single drop.

Damon leaned forward and kissed Murdoch again, stroking his bearded face.

“Thanks, dude,” Damon said with a smile. “I needed that.”

“One day I’m gonna take that cock of yours,” Murdoch said, grinning.

“You gotta earn it,” Damon laughed. “Good luck.” Damon laid back onto the ground. “I am not looking forward to work again,” he sighed. “Everything starts to blend together after a while. I need a break bad.”

“What are you gonna do?”

Damon put his arms behind his head, shifting from one bare foot to another as he stared out at the hellish landscape.

“I dunno,” Damon sighed. “It’s been a while since I went topside.”

“Topside, huh. Wanna feed from the source?”

“Yeah, but I don’t know where. I feel like I’ve tried everything.”

Murdoch began to grin.

“I got an idea,” he said. “You got a mate, right?”

Damon folded his arms, tapping his foot.

“If only he’d friggin’ show up,” he said.


The two turned to hear the source of the whistle.

Damon’s nose twitched. His tail started to sway back and forth. As he took a few careful steps further, his cock quickly went to full mast again.


Damon and Jamie tackled one another, tumbling to the rocky ground.

The two grappled one another, red and plum muscle and skin melding into one horny being. Their mouths melted together in a long kiss.

The moment could’ve gone on forever, but Damon felt Murdoch kick him square in the ass.

“Hey!” Damon said, turning to face the snickering demon.

“You gonna leave me out?!” Murdoch laughed.

Jamie brushed himself off and got up to face Murdoch.

“You already had your fun, verde. Don’t think I can’t smell his seed on you. Now, either you lay off, I’m gonna make you earn the name ‘Murder’.”

Murdoch smiled, and it seemed in that moment that he had a million sharp teeth.

“Try me,” Murdoch growled.

The two snarled and growled at each other like hell-hounds.

“Come on,” Damon said, his hands on his hips. “Let’s not fight like imps. We’ve got dignity.”

“As much dignity as an incubus can have,” Jamie huffed.

“You sayin’ I don’t have dignity?!”

“Didn’t I see you laying out here nude? Any higher demon could’ve had your way with you.”

“Let ’em try,” Damon said, flashing his claws. “I’ll always come out on top. Best fuck this side of the circle.”

“You’re a gnarled piece of jerky,” Jamie laughed, putting his arm behind his head and showing off his abs. “No living being can resist this.”

“Everyone knows I’m the best fuck,” Damon said, flexing his lean muscles.

“As if,” Jamie said, flashing a smile.

Murdoch just flipped his hair and flexed his butt muscles.

“Nuff said,” he said, laughing.

The three of them were rock-hard watching each other show off. No matter how much they rutted, in the presence of one another, it was a natural state.

“I’m just sick of feeding off of people down here,” Damon sighed.

“Where else can we go?” Jamie replied, kicking a rock. “Unless we go topside.”

Murdoch’s yellow eyes lit up.

“You know who’s got a ton to feed from?” Murdoch said with excitement. “There’s this things humans do called college. They spend four years of their short lives reading books and sitting around in front of old people.”

“I ain’t into grandpas, dude.”

“Not what I meant!” Murdoch laughed, punching Damon’s shoulder. “There’s a ton of human essence down there. All stuffed in a bunch of dudes who barely know what to do with themselves.”

Damon and Jamie glanced at each other.

“You wanna make a bet?” Jamie continued. “Which one of you can get the most essence in a single human college semester?”

Damon cracked a smile.

“I’ll do that easy,” he said, folding his veiny arms.

“We’ll see about that,” Jamie said with a sneer. “Just don’t go around taking it when they sleep. That’s too easy.”

“And it takes way too long,” Damon sighed. “Are you joining us, Murder?”

“I dunno,” Murdoch said, scratching his head. “You think it’s okay?”

“Who’s gonna stop us? We’re still doin’ our jobs, we’re just remote.”

“Fine,” Murdoch shrugged. “Four human months. You two pick a random place to emerge topside. Figure out how to get into classes and meet people. I’ll keep score and help you out if you get in trouble. Sound good?”

“Deal,” Jamie said, holding out his fist. “And make sure you don’t get caught.”

“I’m not gettin’ caught,” Damon said, holding out his own.

Murdoch hesitated, before putting out his own fist.

The three bumped their fists together.

And so, the three of them started their educational careers at Hub College.

Damon ascended topside, traveling through the astral layers on the strength of his leathery wings until he felt the rush of earthly wind on his skin.

He hovered hundreds of feet in mid-air, observing the quad below the deep pink soles of his feet. It was the middle of a crisp, fall day, and the students of Hub College filled the quad. He clenched his fists, landing in the middle of a wide body of water, out of which jets of water shot out in an arc. As he landed, he splashed water onto a group of nearby students, who gasped in shock. Thankfully, none of them could see Damon, as he was one astral layer before he was visible.

“Sorry!” Damon said, shifting his feet on the odd surface of the fountain’s base. He felt metal at his feet. He bent down and picked up several coins that rested in the water. As he observed the unfamiliar faces on the coins, he realized that the water was boiling around him. “Whoops,” he said, leaping up out of the fountain and onto the ground.

The fountain stood slightly above the quad. Damon perched up on one of the raised edges of the fountain, like a gargoyle, to observe the humans mill about.

“Polos… baseball caps… shorts… seems pretty easy,” he mused.

He sat down as he prepared to get dressed. He reached down and traced the contours of his hairy, thick thighs with his soft palms. His hands gripped soft denim as his loose shorts came into being. He stretched out and ran his hands over his abs as he willed a black wifebeater onto his hairy torso. He reached up to his head and smoothed back his hair, giving it a gelled appearance. He tapped a few times on his horns, making them invisible.

He stood up and observed his reflection in the fountain’s water, smiling to himself.

“You handsome devil,” he said.

He turned and whipped his shoulder, willing an empty backpack onto his sculpted delt.

He took another look out at the campus, his nose twitching.

“There’s a lotta essence out here,” he said. His cock started to swell in his shorts, visible without any hint of underwear.

He hopped down to the steps of the fountain. As he approached the ground, he took a deep breath as he passed through the threshold to the human plane of existence.

It didn’t take long for Damon to attract attention. Young women giggled at the sight of the tall, young stranger with the tan skin. Men wrinkled their nose, or smiled secretly to themselves.

Damon smiled back flashing a peace sign. He grimaced, noticing that his hands were still clawed. He gritted his sharp teeth, willing his claws into normal nails.

“Shit,” he muttered. “Gotta focus.”

Damon walked down the quad, attracting even more attention. He heard a few wolf whistles, and a few students seemed to be in a haze as they watched him.

“Focus, focus,” he said. He closed his eyes and turned down his sexual aura, and the students quickly lost interest, dispersing into the crowd. “Don’t wanna cause an orgy out here.”

He headed towards the administration building, having to duck out of the way of the low threshold so he wouldn’t hit his head.

He walked up to the secretary at the front desk.

“Excuse me,” Damon said in a light Hubsonian accent, “I need to talk to registration.”

“Do you have an appointment?” the woman said over her thick glasses.

Damon shook his head.

“Then you’ll have to wait,” she said, looking back towards her computer.

Damon tightened the straps of his backpack and tapped his foot.

“Can you tell them it’s an emergency?”

The woman looked back at him, not changing her expression.

“What kind of emergency?” she said.

Damon hesitated for a moment, his eyes darting to a nearby screen, advertising a basketball match between Hub College and Goslington State. He looked back at the woman and his silver tongue got to work.

“Uh…I just transferred in from Goslington State. I need to figure out my schedule and my room.”

“Sir, it’s the middle of the semester. I recommend that you come back when the next one begins, so that we can better accommodate you.”

As the woman looked back at her computer, Damon snorted, smoke coming out of his nose.

“Fine,” he said. “I’m just gonna have to do this the long way.”

Damon arrived at Gilmore, the sophomore dorms. He pulled hard on the handle, but the door wouldn’t open no matter what he did.

He threw his backpack down to the ground and sulked on the stoop.

“What am I doing…?” Damon said. “This is stupid.”

“Hi, do you need help?” a male voice said above.

Damon looked up, seeing a lean, mousey-looking male student.

“Uh, yeah,” Damon said, regaining his composure. “I…I got locked out. I don’t have my key.”

“Your student ID is your key,” the student clarified, holding up his own. “Are you new here?”

“Uh, yeah,” Damon said, putting on a big smile. “I’m Damon. I just transferred in from Goslington State. My, uh, ID is late. I don’t have it yet.”

“That sucks,” the student said, letting him in the door. “Here.”

Damon followed him into the dorm, and proceeded to follow the student up the stairs, seemingly to the top of the very tall building.

“Do you live all the way up here?” the student asked.

“Yeah, yeah,” Damon said. “I do. Uh—”

Damon looked to the side of the stairway, at the placard on the wall.


“That’s my room,” the student said, tilting his head. “Are you sure about that? It’s a single room.”

Damon winced.

“15-H, 15-H,” he said. “That one.”

“The empty one, huh,” the student said, brushing the back of his hair. “I see they finally filled it.”

Damon sighed in relief as he followed the student to the dorm hallway.

They stood in front of the student’s own dorm.

“I never got your name,” the student said, reaching out his small hand. “I’m Thomas.”

“Nice to meet you,” Damon said, returning the handshake. “Damon.”

“Ouch,” Thomas said, waving his hurt hand.

“Sorry, I got…I was just—...thanks for showing me here, bye!”

Thomas raised his eyebrow as he exited to his own room.

Damon tried the handle of the door, finding that it wasn’t working.

Damon stomped his foot, searing a black footprint in the thin carpet. That’s when he realized he was still barefoot.

“So much for my cover,” Damon grumbled.

Damon willed his claws back into view and jumbled one of them into the lock.

“Rrrrrgh, Damon muttered to himself. “Where are those other two…?”

Damon rested in his empty dorm room as night fell.

By then, he had removed all of his clothes, throwing them on a pile on the floor.

He stretched out on the bed, unencumbered by the itchy clothing.

“Guess I gotta sleep or somethin’?”

Damon lay there for a moment, his tail wagging back and forth restlessly.

His pointed ear flexed. He craned his ear toward the wall where he could hear the soft fwip-fwip sound of a college boy jerking off.

“Little human’s got needs,” Damon mumbled. “Let’s see if I can’t help him out.”

Damon pursed his lips and drew back his arms as if he was about to do a breast-stroke. He swam through the walls and into the invisible layer of reality. He floated in mid-air, sitting down in an invisible chair above the floor in Thomas’s room.

Thomas worked his cock up and down, his eyes closed as he drew in short, stuttering breaths.

“Poor dude,” Damon said, laying his head on Thomas’s covers.

Damon reached out into Thomas’s mind, seeing images of Damon in his human disguise.

“So that’s how it is,” Damon said with a smile, rubbing his hands together.

He laid down on the bed next to Thomas, spooning him. The higher demon’s true size dwarfed that of the college-aged human. He wrapped his arms around the human, his tail winding around the human’s calf. He nuzzled against Thomas’s neck.

“Thomas,” Damon whispered into the human’s ear. “I know I just met you, but I need you…”

“Damon,” Thomas whispered.

Damon drew his hand down Thomas’s chest, feeling the light dusting of hair that grew there.

“Thomas,” Damon cooed. “Please!”

“Damon!” Thomas responded, bucking his hips into the air. Pink energy escaped out of Thomas’s mouth.

Damon’s nostrils flared as he breathed in a hint of Thomas’s essence.

Damon put his hand over Thomas’s, stopping him right before he went over the edge. The two held Thomas’s cock, separated only by the astral plane.

Damon held his other hand out for a moment.

“There we go,” Damon muttered. Damon rutted his hard cock against the side of Thomas’s thigh.

Then, he grabbed hold of Thomas’s other hand and met the others at his cock.

“F…fuck,” Thomas grunted. “I’m gonna…”

He erupted across his stomach, and a cloud of pink mist filled the air.

Damon sat up on the bed, spreading his arms out as he started to laugh. He gathered up all of the mist into a big ball and inhaled it all in one gasp.

“Ahhhh,” he said, his arms behind his head.

For a moment, Damon was in bliss. His head swam in delight from the human’s essence.

He writhed on the bed, feeling his muscles pump up from the influx of essence. He ran his clawed hands down his chest and abs; the deep cavities of his abs smiling below the peaks of his pecs. He stretched his legs, his lower body feeling like he had just done a month’s worth of squats.

“That’s the stuff…” Damon exhaled.

Thomas got up from his bed, reaching for a towel perched nearby. As he toweled himself off, he turned towards Damon, still vibing.

Damon froze as Thomas looked right at him. He held his forked tongue out of his mouth in shock.

Thomas got off the bed and walked towards Damon.

“Aaah!” Damon shouted, getting out of the way.

Thomas walked through Damon, gazing out at the moon in the sky.

“Oh,” Damon sighed. He watched the lonely human in silence.


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