Hyper puberty

In a world where the majority of men undergo an explosive second puberty in their late teens or early twenties, Danny is nearing 22 with no signs of a change in sight. But on his college campus where every man around him is a muscle-bound giant, Danny slowly comes to realize that it’s only a matter of time before a late bloomer like him shows the gods on campus what a real titan looks like.

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*Beep beep beep beep* *tap*

Danny Sykes looked at his alarm clock, after the most recent snooze.

“6:30 a.m., on the dot. God, I hate waking up this early.”

Groggily, he leaned up in bed and slowly moved his legs out and under the covers. It was still a month into the new semester, and he still couldn’t get used to getting up with the sun. He had waited until the last month of summer to register for his classes, and unfortunately the only remaining time slot for a required class was 7:30 in the morning: Human Anatomy with Professor Goode.

“Never understand why those sadists think college students can be up and raring to go at this time,” he muttered to himself. “I had a full night’s rest, and I still feel like I’m on death’s doorstep.”

Danny looked over at his roommate, Carter, passed out in bed. His face was half-smooshed against his pillow with his neck-length black hair draped over his eyes. Lucky bastard didn’t have to be back on campus until 12:30 that day. Not that it mattered: since high school, when Danny met him, Carter was always refreshed when he woke up. Didn’t matter how much sleep he got, or at what time he woke up. Come to think of it, Danny hasn’t seen Carter so much as let out a yawn.

Regardless, Carter wasn’t a Biochemistry major, and he didn’t have to wake up at such an ungodly hour to attend class. Danny slowly got up from his bed with a groan, and made his way to the bathroom, shutting the door and taking off his shirt.

Before hopping in the shower, Danny caught a glance at himself in the mirror. With a moderately toned body, slightly rounded face and short yet messy brown hair, and slightly-below average stature, Danny could easily be mistaken for a guy still in high school. His faint stubble and thick chest hair would have quickly put any suspicion of underage youth to rest, however.

Undressing fully, Danny saw that his morning wood still hadn’t gone away. For whatever reason, for him such erections lasted much longer than your average guy’s did.

“Fuck,” he muttered. “Guess I’ll have to take care of you then.”

Turning on the shower, Danny shifted the shower head’s setting to a soft yet steady pressure. Danny angled the warm stream of water directly at his groin. Leaning his head back and moaning, Danny began caressing his eight-inch cock.

“Ohhhhhh… fuck,” he whispered to himself, “fuck, that feels so good.”

Danny continued to massage his rock-hard dick, veins pulsating at each stroke of his wrist. With every throb, Danny felt a twinge of pain, each one egging him on to go faster. It had been two days since Danny’s last orgasm, and Danny was overdue for a good cum. After a few minutes, Danny felt as though he could up the speed.

Gripping his penis with both hands, Danny began to thrust forcefully. Imagining his tight grasp was Carter’s mouth and the warm water his tongue, Danny slowly began to lose himself in ecstasy.

“Yeah, swallow my dick you fucking cocksucker. Swallow daddy’s cock whole.”

His dick still firmly in his hands, Danny felt the warm pressure of semen slowly rising. With a few more quick-bursted jabs, the cum reached the tip of his head.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, I’m going to cum. Oh fuck, shit, shit, oh, oh, oh, oh, aahhhhh, ahhhhh, ahahahhhahh, fuck, oh… fuuuuuuuuck.”

With one last jolt, Danny came a long, thick stream of hot cum, followed by a few smaller ropes that smeared themselves across the shower curtain.

“Fuuck man, that felt good,” Danny said as he slowly loosened his grip. There was some seed still leftover on his hand, which soon had him licking each finger clean. He might have preferred topping, but he was still a good whore for some sweet cum. It was odd, though—throughout his whole life, Danny had never had an inkling of attraction towards men, but that had suddenly and abruptly changed towards the end of his senior year in high school. As often as he could, he was either getting oral from or giving oral to as many guys as possible. Wasn’t difficult either, as almost every guy was in the same state of arousal and attraction as he was.

Danny hosed down the curtain with the shower head, then proceeded with the rest of his shower before shutting off the water and hopping out. Still buck naked, Danny left the bathroom and walked over to his dresser trying to figure out which clothes were clean and which ones Danny had haphazardly thrown together.

“Did you have fun?”

Danny turned around to see Carter grinning, and wearing nothing but a shirt, with his blanket no longer covering his now exposed lower body. His dick, about the same length and girth as Danny’s, was standing at attention.

“You know you could have invited me and I would have joined you.”

“Didn’t want to wake you up. Plus there’s no point in you getting ready when you don’t have to be on campus for another five hours.”

“Ah, come on, you could have helped me take care of this monster,” he said, lightly slapping his cock.

“Monster, eh? You know as well as I do that compared to almost every other guy on campus, you and I don’t even hold a candle.”

“Don’t worry, Dan, I’m sure the change will happen at some point.” He shrugged. “Anyway, you get to class. I’ll take care of this and continue my much needed sleep.” Carter took out a tube of lube and began stroking like Dan had. Touching his sensitive head, Carter moaned at a slightly lower frequency than Dan, then he began stroking.

“Well, you enjoy that, I’m heading out to class.”

“See ya.”

Danny pulled on some moderately clean-smelling clothes and left his room, swiftly making his way down a small hallway, down a flight of stairs and outdoors where he entered the giant shuttle waiting for him. There, he was greeted by a few of the guys that were a part of the demographic Danny was referring to.

Around twenty-five or so years ago, guys over the age of eighteen suddenly began undergoing sudden and unexpected changes which has collectively become known as “Hyper Puberty.” Most guys gained a sudden sexual attraction to other men, although this happened generally and didn’t signal an imminent transformation. At any random point after the age of eighteen, men would go through a drastic growth spurt, gaining anywhere from one to three feet in height, an explosion in muscle mass all around the body, and sometimes, extra hair growth. However, the most evident change was a massive increase in genital size, with penises generally reaching down towards the ankles in several feet of liter-bottle-width man meat. Testicles generally swelled up to the size of large watermelons, becoming massive cum and testosterone-generating machines. The testicles also generated a unique pre-cum, allowing for the easy stretching of any mouth, pussy, or asshole the dick entered.

Such changes were also contagious. If one man began to change, he released a powerful musk-like odor, causing any other man that was in his general vicinity to undergo the change as well. After a change, this residual musk became a sexual pheromone that radiated from a man’s pits and groin, which, if uninhibited, would caused insatiable bouts of lust from every man around them.

Very rarely, there was the chance that a man could grow an extra penis of similar length and an extra pair of testicles. On his campus of well over 1500+, Danny could count on two hands the number of men he was aware of having this blessing.

Clothes began being specially crafted for men who underwent hyper puberty to accommodate the gargantuan increase in mass. Men also tended to attend men-only schools and businesses, and as such, the stigma around public nudity and sex in these male-specific places gradually began to vanish. It was extremely commonplace to see blowjobs and ass drillings in both class and in public. Danny found it all extremely arousing, although he was still pissed that he still hadn’t had his change even though he was nearing twenty-two years of age.

Hopping on the shuttle, Danny was greeted by a guy by the name of Ryan sitting in one of the first seats in the bus. Ryan was another person Danny had known in high school during his senior year, although he was a few months younger. All throughout his time in high school, Ryan met everyone with a chipper attitude and a large goofy smile. It came as no surprise to Danny that this friendliness still radiated from Ryan even after his change from when he was nineteen. The formerly short, chubby guy with bleach-blond hair had shot up two-and-a-half feet, gained a jawline that could cut glass and pecs the size of car tires. His four-foot long cock was slowly being jacked off by an automated fleshlight in the floor of the bus.

To accommodate the men and their large frames, administrators had altered sections of the shuttle to be significantly taller as well as provide for seats that were able to hold the giant balls of the men who sat in them. The fleshlights were specifically designed to fit any cock size, and were connected to tubes that ran to a tank in the back of the bus that collected the cum. Any guy could alter the fleshlight’s speed, how much of the cock it covered, the pressure, as well as the lubrication. It was a popular addition for all concerned, since guys could jack off whenever they pleased and drivers no longer had to clean the copious amounts of semen on the walls and floors of the shuttle. One side of every bus had several of these seats and machines while the other had ordinary seats for guys that had yet to go through their change.

Much like the bus had been fitted for the men, so had Ryan’s clothes. His salmon-pink button-down shirt seamlessly covered his giant frame, and his turquoise cargo shorts contoured his hairy, tree-trunk legs. Additionally, his shorts had an elastic section in the bottom to allow his balls to comfortably hang, as well as a third “leg hole” for his dick to come out of. Most guys found covering the dick in clothes was impractical as well as inconvenient, so most pants were designed to prominently display the naked penis.

“Hey man!” Ryan boomed with a grin, “Come sit over here! Might not be able to talk to you until I’m finished though.”

Ryan didn’t take up the whole seat, and there was just enough room for Danny to sit next to him and watch as the machine worked its magic. Even with his social butterfly attitude and dorky nature, it was clear that Ryan was in the bounds of pleasure with the fleshlight. His dick was beet-red and throbbing with each ebb and flow of the machine. With a lurch forward, Ryan allowed for the machine to swallow almost half his cock. Ryan pressed a button next to him and the machine gradually increased its speed. As aroused as he was, he still managed to keep his signature smile, although in a much more ecstatic fashion. His face contorted as his eyes crossed and tongue stuck out of his mouth.

Ryan looked at Danny. “You ready for a stud’s load?”

Danny nodded with bated approval as Ryan kicked up the speed to a maximum. Instantly, Ryan arched his head back and groaned loudly.

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk,” he moaned.

Danny could see his cock twitch and throb as it came deep in the fleshlight. “Ohh,” he came again, “ohhhhhhhhhh,” he continued thrusting and cumming. In total, Ryan’s orgasm lasted for a full minute and a half, no doubt producing several gallons of cum in the process. Once he was finished, Ryan hit a few more buttons to his side and the fleshlight released his flaccid penis.

“Imagine pissing cum,” Ryan said to Danny, “and that’s what having an orgasm feels like after you change. Although, to be quite honest,” Ryan leaned into Danny, “nothing will ever prepare you for the pleasure you feel when you actually go through it.”

“So it doesn’t hurt at all?”

“Quite the opposite,” Ryan replied. “Taking a dude’s five-foot rod up your ass hurts, for as incredible as it feels. When you change though, it’s like your entire body has an orgasm instead of just your dick. And nothing truly prepares you for it either.”

“Where were you when it happened?”

“Pretty sure I was in the locker room of the campus pool. Out of nowhere I could smell this intense, musky smell. A few other guys were in the locker room showering, but once they smelled it, they began to stink just as bad as I did. You know Harrison, Mark, and Yukio? Well, they were the ones to join me in my transformation, so at least I wasn’t alone in going through it. Although, one of the upperclassmen, Henry, was there and he had transformed about two years before that, so he just watched us all become muscular freaks.” Ryan leaned in. “And the sex we collectively had afterwards was mind-blowing. Henry fucked me so hard, I thought I was going to pass out. Never in all of my years did I think a guy would give me that good of a thrashing.”

“Sounds fucking hot,” Danny replied.

“It definitely was.”

“Out of curiosity, what does that ‘stink’ smell like?”

“Well, something like this.”

Ryan took off his shirt, lifted his arm, grabbed Danny’s head, and smashed it right into his left armpit.

“Breathe it in bud,” he said with a smile.

Danny took a deep breath and inhaled the strong, manly odor of Ryan’s pit. His thick bush almost completely covered Danny’s head, causing Danny to be overwhelmed by Ryan’s intense bodily aroma. Instantly, Danny got hard and came again within a matter of seconds.

“Agh, you bastard,” Danny said with a laugh, “just got out of the shower and already you’ve gotten me wet again.”

“Ha, well, that’s what it smells like, only the real thing is about twenty times as potent and when the time comes that you smell it, you’ll know exactly what I mean.”

After a couple more minutes of conversation, the shuttle came upon a large conservatory surrounded by a couple of other buildings, and stopped, opening its doors. Both Danny and Ryan made their way to the front of the bus before exiting. There were several guys scattered throughout the grounds, but one guy with curled brown hair seemed to be waiting for Ryan. He was another man who had gone through his change, standing slightly taller and slightly leaner in muscle as opposed to Ryan. He wore a striped tank-top and sunglasses in addition to gray shorts. A five-foot long cock arched its way out of his pants before stopping roughly at ankle height from the ground.

“Hey Henry!” Ryan shouted.

“Hey man, long time no see,” Henry said in reply.

“What’ve you been up to?”

“Well, apart from school and fucking freshly changed freshmen, I wouldn’t say too much. I mean, with the curriculum and culture of the school, we don’t really have time for much else.”

“Study hard, cum harder. It’s not the university’s unofficial motto for nothing,” Danny said.

“True,” Henry said. “And who’s this?”

“This is—”

“Danny, nice to finally put a face to the name. Ryan’s mentioned you a couple of times, as well as your (ahem) history together.”

“Well, I’m flattered, especially coming from one such as Ryan, who has one of the best asses I’ve ever had the pleasure of taking.” He paused. “I remember the day he turned like it was yesterday.”

“Do you only ever have sex with new changers?” Danny asked.

“Of course not, I’m like any guy here on campus and I’ll take or give what I can get. But I seem to have some sort of sixth sense. I always seem to be in the right place at the right time to witness a guy going through his change. Call it coincidence, but it’s benefited me greatly. Guys who have recently changed provide for some of the best fuckfests since they’re novices with their new bodies. I kinda help guide them so they can understand all of the ways they can pleasure themselves properly.” He paused again, grinning. “In fact just yesterday, I was jogging on the campus trail and I came across that one dude from Australia mid-transformation. Kendall, I think his name was? Anyway, dude’s clothes were quite literally bursting at the seams, so I just… helped him along!”

“Well, considering you’re the world’s horniest motherfucker I know, it wouldn’t surprise me if your ‘sex’ intuition was actually a superpower,” Ryan replied.

Henry chuckled. “Well, you’re not wrong there. I’ll also concede that quite a bit of the time, those guys I’m with during their new change typically come back. Sounds super conceited, but that’s just the way it is.”

“Guess I can’t criticize since I get a couple of guys a week that ask if I can fuck them. I oblige them most of the time.”

“Atta boy,” Henry responded before turning to Danny. “So, what brings you to this side of the campus?”

“Human Anatomy, I’m a Biochemistry major.”

“Well, I wish I had your smarts to go down that route. I’ve never been good with chemicals. I have, however, been good with people, which is why I went into Psychology.”

“Be careful not to fuck your clients the second they walk into your practice,” Ryan said.

“Ha, since it’ll be almost exclusively guys like us, no promises. Welp, good luck with your class Danny. I will hopefully,” he winked, “see you later.”

“Later dude,” Ryan said, walking away with Henry.

Danny made his way to the conservatory, and entered the main doors on the inside to a small auditorium. Several other guys, mostly unchanged, had found their seats and were checking their computers nonchalantly. The one he was least happy to see was Archie, a snobbish trust-fund kid who hated early classes and everything to do with the sexual culture on campus. Danny knew he was outspoken in his distaste for men and what he once referred to as “degeneracy,” but he mostly kept to himself since he knew anything negative would get him an ass-whooping. As a result he was generally silent, but his discrete sneers and scowls didn’t escape Danny’s notice. He could never tell if Archie was jealous or a pessimist, but Archie didn’t like the company of others, so he never asked. A few rows behind him there were two changed guys making out, dicks leaking pre-cum, although Danny couldn’t tell who they were.

In the back, behind the rows of seats, Danny saw the group of Charlie, Kelly, Alessandro, and Jameson fucking each other in a four-man train. It looked like Kelly had recently climaxed since there were buckets of cum running down Alessandro’s legs, although he didn’t stop fucking. Danny reckoned that Kelly was one of those guys who, after his change, completely lacked a refractory period. He’d stay hard for as long as he desired and consequently had the stamina of a racehorse. Like the guys with two dicks, Danny knew that this was relatively uncommon among changed men as well. Each guy grunted and moaned with pleasure, although it didn’t seem to bother any of the other guys in the seats apart from Archie.

The door opened, and in walked Professor Thomas Goode. He was a handsome man with glasses in his mid-forties who had been among the first generation of men to go through a transformation, although the change was not nearly as drastic back then as it was currently. He stood a few inches short of seven feet with a bulkier-than-average bodybuilder physique and a three-foot cock. While comparatively not grand in length, his cock approached the width of his bicep. It was fully displayed for the class, as apart from his button-up shirt, sports coat, and sandals, he wore no other clothes.

“Well, since I wasn’t able to beat off this morning, if one of you boys would be so kind as to provide some service for me while I get everything set up, that would be great,” Dr. Goode said.

One of the changed Latino men towards the back of the class wearing a graphic tee and backwards baseball cap stood up from his seat and trotted down to the front of the class. He grinned at the professor before taking his shorts off and bearing his ass towards him.

“Thank you, Hector, always the overachiever.”

Dr. Goode booted up his computer and the overhead projector before turning to face Hector. His girthy dick already hard and wet with precum, he massaged Hector’s back and ass before ramming his cock inside him. Both Dr. Goode and Hector moaned with delight, as did the boys in the back. Danny turned to see the back of Alessandro’s legs plastered with another one of Kelly’s fresh loads.

“Oh man, Doc, your meat is so thick,” Hector said as he blushed.

“Well, they didn’t call me the Ass-Stretcher back in my college days for nothing,” he said, causing the rest of the class to chuckle. “You good, boy? It looks like you’re in pain.”

“No, don’t worry. It hurts, but it (grunt) feels fan-fucking-tastic,” Hector panted.

Archie rolled his eyes. Dr. Goode clearly saw him out of his periphery. He glanced over at him, then back at Hector.

“You don’t seem amused, Arch,” Dr. Goode said.

“No. I’m never amused. I find this disgusting and gross.”

Bemused rather than offended, Dr. Goode responded, “Well, when you go through your change, I promise you won’t be able to keep your hands off your dick, or another man’s body.”

“Well, I’m 22 and I haven’t gone through my change. Pretty sure it’s not going to happen anytime soon, and then I can graduate next semester and go back home to my girlfriend,” Archie responded.

“Aw c’mon, Archie, you know as well as I do that you lost that attraction a while ago and are just trying to save your pride. No need to lie to us.”

Embarrassed, Archie looked away and sneered, “It’s not a lie.”

Professor Goode looked back at him. “Sure it isn’t, whatever you say.”

With one last gentle thrust, Dr. Goode took out his cock and came along Hector’s back, staining his shirt. With a satisfied look on his face, Dr. Goode reached under his podium and grabbed a towel and a fresh shirt before handing them off to Hector.

“Thank you, Hector. If you want to take a few minutes to clean up, please feel free. For the four of you boys in the back, you can continue to fuck, but I still expect a basic level of attention.” Jameson gave Dr. Goode a thumbs-up of understanding before arching his back and grabbing Alessandro’s hands on his waist. Hector nodded as well, and stepped off to the side to change.

“Now,” Dr. Goode said as he brought up his slides, “two days ago, we began our topic on a subject I’m sure none of you are strangers to, the anatomy and physiology of the human male. More specifically, we were going into the intricacies of Male Hyper Puberty.”

Dr. Goode panned to a slide of an illustration of a normal adult man compared to that of the same man who had undergone his transformation.

“Now as we’ve already discussed, adolescence and puberty causes a list of various attribute changes such as broadened shoulders, an increase in height and body hair, deepening of the voice and a growth of genitals. There are a few men who will remain in this normal state of humanhood for the rest of their lives. The majority of men, however, will undergo a second puberty very much in similarity to the first puberty, albeit much faster and at a significantly increased rate. The signs begin with an additionally strong sexual attraction to other men, which continues into adulthood. At any point in their lifetime, although most commonly in their late teens and early twenties, second puberty begins once more…”

There was a groan in the back, more than likely Kelly cumming again. Dr. Goode smirked.

“…The first sign of an imminent transformation is a profound release of musk from the apocrine glands located in the groin and armpit areas. This musk contains testosterone in addition to an altered androstadienone hormone which exclusively affects other men. Those that are nearby and unchanged begin producing this scent, as well as having the previously mentioned hormone levels. The triggering of size increases to all parts of the body is caused by a newly discovered hormone known as adonisteroidosone, which acts in conjunction with testosterone and androstadienone to cause the drastic changes—”

Interrupting his lecture, Archie stood up with his things and briskly walked towards the door.

“Never know why I come to this class, what a bunch of bullshit,” he whispered as he left.

Dr. Goode shook his head. “After the final transformation, the musky scent still lingers in the air, although it will no longer carry the adonisteroidosone to cause additional changes of unchanged men.” He paused, looking around. “Do I still have you all? None of you bored out of your minds?”

Danny raised his hand. “Yes, Danny! You have a question?”

“Are there any, um, special alterations that can happen to a man during his change?”

Danny could tell Dr. Goode sensed the embarrassment in his voice. “Why yes, there can be, although most additional changes are generally very rare. Some men are able to grow up to nine, sometimes ten feet in extreme cases; some men have penises that can exceed six, sometimes seven feet; some men lose their refractory period such as (ahem) Mr. Kelly up there, which is generally in conjunction with a vastly increased seminal production and output; for previously hairless men, their entire body can be covered in a thick layer of hair; and for the lucky few, certain men can grow an entire new set of genitals in equal size to their existing one. Some of you may know these men as ‘Alphas’.”

“Heh, cool,” Danny said, although he already knew most of this.

“Another interesting tidbit involves the anatomy of the face after a change. While it’s true that most men produce a precum that allows for the easy stretching of whatever it’s put into, the anatomy of our jawbone completely changes. The reason many of us men are able to suck and swallow such massive organs is due to a new, durable ligament we gain in our transformations. Much like a snake, we are able to “unhinge” our jaws so to speak to accommodate such large sizes. The pelvic bone similarly gains an elasticity during sexual intercourse.”

“Could you demonstrate?” Danny blurted out.

The professor snickered. “Sure.” While it was no longer erect, Dr. Goode’s cock was still immensely thick whilst flaccid. With the bit of precum still on his head, Dr. Goode slowly began to swallow his own dick. He watched in awe as his lips slowly spread around the circumference of his own penis, his jawbone visibly altering.

“Fuck prof, that’s hot,” said one of the guys behind him, “ugghhhhhhhh.”

Danny turned around to see that the two boys that were previously making out were Tim and Markus. It appeared that the professor’s self-suck had caused Tim to cum a thin stream all the way down his dick. Dr. Goode sucked a little bit more beyond his head before stopping his auto-fellatio and removing his dick from his mouth.

“Well, since we were already talking about the jaw, why don’t we use this as a segue to learn about the skeletal system…”

The rest of the class was significantly less interesting. Despite Danny’s arousal and excitement at the beginning of class, he was still struggling to stay awake. At one point he dozed off only to be awoken by a swollen cock head in his face. It was Dr. Goode’s.

“Odd, I thought my lecture about the pectoralis muscles would have been rather stimulating. At least Kelly thought so. Boy’d orgasmed probably eleven or twelve more times by the time class was over.”

“I’m sorry prof, I just can’t stay awake this early in the morning.”

“Well, you’ll be happy to know I record my classes for students that miss lecture. I’m surprised you never approached me about this. In any case, you aren’t the only one, and you can repay me with a blow job after you change. When you change.”

“Thank,s Dr. Goode, I’ll see you later.”

Danny packed up his things and headed towards the door.

“Oh, and Danny?”

Danny turned towards the professor.

“I know our classes are… unconventionally arousing, but they are ultimately for learning and not for jacking off,” he winked and smiled. “We do have a quiz next week, so you’ll want to look over the material you missed. Have a nice rest of your day.”

“You too,” Danny replied.

Danny left and began making his way to where the door he had entered so he could make his way back to the shuttle. It typically arrived shortly after his morning classes ended, and he typically made his way to the campus cafeteria to get some breakfast. Shortly before reaching the door, however, he heard some grunting, yelling, and cursing coming from the bathroom close to the entrance. His curiosity piqued, and instead of leaving the conservatory, he slowly opened the door to the restroom where he was greeted by the pungent smell of sweat.

Danny set his backpack on the ground outside, then walked in to see two changed guys fucking like animals. Danny recognized the guy in the back instantly as Henry wearing his trademark aviator sunglasses. It took Danny a bit to figure out who the second guy was though as he had never seen him on campus…at least he thought he hadn’t. It was only when Danny saw some tattered and ripped clothes on the ground that he understood this guy was a fresh change, and he absolutely did know him.

The man taking Henry’s elephant dick was none other than Archie, now having gone through his change in the hour or so since he left class, although he was completely unrecognizable. Before, Archie had always looked lean and preppy with slicked black hair and a thin posture. He always wore long black dress pants and dress shirts with the sleeves rolled up. Danny had remembered this little detail not just because Archie was a perpetual narcissist, but because his arms were remarkably smooth and without blemish.

Now Archie’s body had resembled something closer to a steroidal gorilla. He was slightly shorter than Henry, although his muscles were quite a bit bigger, with each of his pecs jutting out about a foot-and-a-half away from his body. Apart from his palms, dick and forehead, every part of Archie was covered with an impressive layer of thin, black hair. His previously sleek hairstyle was significantly longer and messier, and his once hairless face now sported an impressively thick, wavy beard that extended to the top of his pecs. His dick easily broke four feet, and his testicles had ballooned to the size of large pumpkins. Although, as previously mentioned, it was hard to tell due to the immense amount of hair on Archie’s body.

Archie’s face was red with ecstasy, his eyes partially rolled back into his head and his mouth wide open, very similar to how Danny had seen Ryan act before.

“Ohhhh fuck me, daddy, fuck my hole with your monster fucking man meat,” Archie said in a deep, basso profundo tone, another departure from his normally high baritone timbre.

“Whatever you say, bud,” Henry rasped into his ears as he smiled and began fucking Archie at a much higher and faster intensity. “Now you’re an asshole in more ways than one.”

“Ohhh, ohhhhhhh, please don’t stop.”

Henry got close to his ear. “Tell me what you are, Archie,” he rasped again. “What are you?”

“I’m your fucking cum dumpster. Please whore me out, daddy, and use my fucking asshole like it’s a fucking fleshlight. Fill me with your hot fucking load. I want to feel your seed running down my legs like a fucking faucet,” he loudly moaned.

“And remind me… do you actually have a girlfriend like you claim to tell everyone on campus?”

“No, I made her up. I’ve been sucking cock ever since I got here, just with guys from other schools nearby.”

This surprised Danny. Danny knew most, if not all guys who came here were gay or at least bi with a massive man preference, but Archie was so adamant about hating it here that there had been a part of Danny that had wanted to believe him. But clearly Danny’s suspicion was correct: Archie was a full-blown dude-fucker just like the rest of the guys on campus.

“Oh please, daddy, please fuck me harder. Harder than you’ve ever fucked anyone.”

“Well, your wish is my command,” Henry responded.

Henry took a brief pause to reposition his legs, then grabbed on tighter to Archie’s waist before plunging his dick balls-deep into Archie’s ass, causing Henry to grunt heavily and Archie to scream in pain and pleasure.

“You like that, you fucking slut?!” Henry growled.

“Yes daddy. Oh fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck,” he gasped, “oh please, please cum inside. Unleash your fucking monster load deep into me.”

With the entirety of his cock buried in Archie’s ass, Henry began thrusting harder and cumming. Danny watched as Henry’s cum came leaking out of Archie’s ass, causing Archie to cum as well. Archie’s thick cum sprayed out of his cock like a water hose, decorating every part of the bathroom in ropes of hot, white semen. One of the streams hit Danny, covering most of his head and his upper torso. A second roped itself across his stomach and legs.

Danny licked Archie’s cum from around his lips, which was thick and surprisingly sweet.

Once Archie had finished cumming, he turned his head to Henry and the two began making out, with Henry’s dick still firmly placed in Archie’s butt, presumably still finishing his orgasm. Once he was done, he took his now flaccid dick out.

Shortly after, Henry looked in Danny’s direction. “Liked what you saw?” he chuckled.

Before he could answer, Archie chimed in. “Oh, please fuck me again.”

“Dude that was an exhausting-ass fuck. I’m beat. Maybe sometime later when I’m able to get it up again. Don’t worry though, that hopefully shouldn’t be too long.” He turned towards Danny. “Sorry you weren’t here a bit earlier, and sorry for your clothes too. If you’d like, there’s a shower room across the hall. And, uh, don’t feel like you need to change into something else. I know you might feel self-conscious, but there are a ton of guys on campus that walk around buck naked.” Henry walked over to him. “Don’t worry dude, you’ll have your time eventually. And when you do, I’ll be there to give you the fuck of your dreams.”

Danny left the bathroom, making his way over to the shower, with his shoes leaving behind sticky, cum-laden footprints on the ground. He grabbed a plastic bag out of his backpack and took off his clothes, all of which were drenched in semen. He took yet another shower, struggling to get the partially dried jizz out of his hair and off his body. It was probably twenty minutes before he was at a point where he could consider himself clean. He walked out of the shower, and used a clean communal towel to dry himself off before tossing it in a laundry bin under the sink. Fully naked and barefoot, Danny grabbed his backpack and plastic bag and marched out of the conservatory.

Following the sidewalk outside of the building, Danny took a brisk fifteen minute walk down to the main campus. He was feeling a bit hungry, so he decided to make his way to the campus cafetorium for some breakfast. On his way there, he saw several groups of men engaged in different things. Most were just talking, although there were two unchanged guys making out in the campus verandah. Two other changed guys were rough-housing near a large oak tree in the center of the campus commons, although it quickly devolved into sex.

Walking in, Danny got a few wolf-whistles and shouts from some of the changed guys, making him blush. He took a quick stop at the campus store to buy some flip-flops so as to not uncomfortably step on bits of pebble or mulch before heading up to the cafeteria and getting something to eat.

There was a huge line of changed guys in line for the morning special of pancakes. Danny watched as individual guys grabbed plates with enough pancakes to feed an entire legion of lumberjacks. He didn’t discount the piles of bacon, sausages and potatoes almost every one of them had as well. The plates typically didn’t last long; with the changes that came to the jaw, each of the changed guys was able to pack away four or five pancakes in one bite without breaking a sweat. The line moved quickly, and Danny was able to get a modest plate of food from the friendly attendant behind the counter.

Making his way out, Danny laid eyes on one of the few lucky Alphas on campus chatting with some friends: Killian Campbell, a young graduate student. He was fairly run-of-the-mill as far as most changed guys went: tall, incredibly muscular, and slightly hairy. Two features that set him apart from a lot of the other guys were his uncommonly vivid auburn hair and freckles covering his cheeks and pecs. That, and his two identical five-foot long cocks and two pairs of gargantuan testicles coming out of various areas in his deep, denim-blue jeans. Apart from the exposing jeans, the only other thing he wore was a backwards baseball cap.

Of the ones on campus, Killian was one of only two of the ten or so ‘Alphas’ that Danny knew on a first-name basis. Contrary to the moniker, a lot of the Alphas were fairly friendly or otherwise humble about their incredible gift, although they rarely ever turned away any sexual propositions. Danny wondered what it would be like to fuck two guys simultaneously.

In any case, Danny saw that almost every guy in the room was completely and fully aroused by Killian’s mere presence, with some oozing precum. Killian made eye contact with Danny and waved, then walked over, with a few guys trailing him at a distance. It was clear he hadn’t showered for several days since his manly odor could be smelled from halfway across the room. It got significantly more pungent the closer he got.

“What’s up, champ?” Killian boomed.

Danny sighed. “Can I be frank with you, or is it too early?”

Killian held out his arms as if to say, ‘go ahead.’

“Well, I’m one of the older guys on campus, and I also happen to be one of, probably the, oldest guy who hasn’t gone through his change yet. Most of the guys I know go through Hyper Puberty by the time they reach 19 or 20 and here I am at 22 still with no change.”

“I get your frustration,” Killian said. “I didn’t go through my change until I was 23, and now look at me; fuckin’ blessed with two beautiful dicks.” He leaned over. “For what it’s worth, you’re still a good-lookin’ dude. Any guy on campus, changed or otherwise, would be lucky to have you.”

“Yeah, Henry kinda gave me the same reassurance not too long ago. Seems to be all I can get.” Danny took a sip of his mango-coconut semen smoothie. “Whoa, that’s sweet. I wonder if this was Shawn or Tanner’s doing. Those two might as well have dicks made of sugar.”

“Ha, well I wouldn’t know. Ever since my change, I’ve been an exclusive fucker rather than a sucker. Even before, I was never really keen on oral sex.”

“Well, don’t knock it till you try it.”

“Eh, I think I’ll pass. Just thought I’d stop by and say hi. Later!”

Danny watched as Killian trotted back over to the other guys, some of whom began stroking and worshiping his dicks. A bit frustrated, Danny finished his breakfast, grabbed his pack and plastic bag, and made his way outside. He didn’t have another class until later in the afternoon, so he decided to blow off some steam by taking a hike in the forest behind near the main campus. He was close to the forest entrance when he heard a familiar call.

“Hey man! Can I join you?”

Danny turned around to see his roommate, Carter, waving at him. “Uh, sure.”

The two began walking down the forest’s path. There were a few minutes without saying anything before Danny broke the silence. “What are you doing up so early? You don’t have any classes for another few hours or so.”

“When you woke me up, I kinda had a hard time falling back asleep so I just decided to get up and get ready.” Carter looked him up and down. “Looks like someone got a little lucky.”

“Heh, nope,” Danny lifted up the plastic bag filled with his soiled clothes. “Just caught the tail end of a changed dude’s first fuck, and he sprayed everywhere.”

“Who was it?”

“The douchebag.”

“Archie? Seriously? Well, I won’t lie, it’s a bit of karmic justice with how he acted around campus. All high and mighty acting like he’s better than the rest of us.”

Danny nodded with a frown. “Hey, what’s wrong?” Carter asked.

“I just…” he stammered, “I’m just so fucking pissed. Every day I get reminded of all the other guys on campus and how I haven’t gone through my change yet. I know I shouldn’t be jealous and that ‘it’ll happen at some point’ but it still fucking sucks.” Danny could feel himself getting a rage boner. “I mean, you know what I mean, right?”

“Not knowing what it’s like to change? Yes, I do know what you mean Danny. Thank you for stating the obvious.”

Danny grunted in anger. “I just don’t fucking get it.”

Out of nowhere, Danny smelled the most pungent odor imaginable. Almost immediately, his entire body was filled with an intense euphoria.

“Holy shit dude, you fuckin’ stink,” Carter exclaimed.

Danny’s jaw dropped. “So this is what Ryan said it would feel like…” Danny said.

Carter suddenly realized. “Holy shit dude, it’s happening. I—” Carter paused.

Danny watched as Carter was seized with the same feeling, and he could smell it too. Since he was in close proximity to Danny, Carter was starting to go through his change as well.

“Oh fuck, bro, we’re both going through it.”

Danny began to feel himself grow. He looked down as his legs and trunk rapidly began to lengthen and thicken with muscle. He let out a groan as he felt his head reaching higher and higher before bumping against a tree branch. It didn’t faze him, but made him aware that he was at least nine feet tall, taller than anyone that he knew on campus. He saw Carter growing as well, tearing through his clothes and reaching roughly around seven-and-a-half feet. For all intents and purposes, they were giants.

“Holy fuck this feels indescribable!” Danny said in a deep, rich tone.

“I know man,” Carter panted.

After they had both reached their respective heights, Danny felt his pecs swell and harden in front of him before reaching their final immense size. He couldn’t see below his pecs, but he could feel his abs etching themselves into his torso. He brought his hand right below his massive chest, counting a defined ten-pack of rock-solid abs.

Suddenly his arms and legs began to burn. He held his arm up and watched as his biceps and triceps grew to gargantuan proportions. Most of the guys on campus were record-breakers in their own right, but Danny had to estimate that his upper arm was easily 48 inches in circumference. The burning sensation made its way to his neck where his shoulders and back broadened, and then to his face. His jaw began to rearrange itself into what Dr. Goode had mentioned earlier. With most of his body completing its transformation, he let out a scream of pleasure.

However, Danny had forgotten about the most important transformation until he felt a tingling around his groin. In ecstasy, reached towards his dick before gently stroking as he had done earlier in the morning. He felt his man meat slowly begin to grow and lengthen until he was no longer able to hold it in one hand. When his cock was at least four feet in length and growing, to the point where neither of Danny’s hands fit around the outside, he felt a separate, odd sensation near his right hand. In pain, Danny felt his dick move slightly to the left and his pelvic bone changing. Suddenly, he began growing a second cock. His initial cock was already at six feet erect, longer than anyone Danny knew, but it didn’t take long for his second cock to quickly reach the length of the first.

Danny also felt an immense weight, as his testicles swelled to the size of his pecs and slowly began dropping. A second set immediately grew behind his balls in his sack, reaching the same size and descending down towards his ankles. Both of his dicks, finally seven feet in length, were spurting out precum like a firehose.

Danny groaned again as a thick layer of hair grew around almost every part of his body. Only having ever been able to grow stubble, Danny felt half of his face become enveloped in an impressive beard.

With one final moan, Danny began cumming a continuous stream. He could feel the cum running down his cock and legs, in addition to a few sprays hitting his face as Archie’s had before. In total, his orgasm had lasted five minutes, although he didn’t feel any less aroused. All he could do was think of stuffing his dicks into the nearest hole around. He looked at Carter who had finished his transformation shortly before he was done with his orgasm. He was a full two feet shorter and his one cock barely reached four feet in length.

With a carnal hunger, Danny grabbed Carter, the two both covered in copious layers of cum. He gave him a giant kiss, before turning him around and bending him over.

“Fuck me Danny. Fuck me like a fucking animal.”

Danny spread Carter’s cheeks before putting both cocks together and ramming them both into Carter. His ass swallowed both of them with ease, although Carter still screamed out in pain as his body accommodated Danny’s monsters. Without any gentleness, Danny began ramming Carter as aggressively as he could, causing Carter to vocally moan and cry out with each thrust.

It didn’t take long before both of Danny’s dicks began filling Carter’s hole up with cum. Like before, it was several minutes of continuous ejaculation and orgasm before Danny removed his cocks. In a moment of clarity, Danny noticed something odd about Carter; he was still moaning well after Danny stopped fucking him. Suddenly the ever familiar sexual scent hit Danny’s nose as he watched Carter begin to grow again.

Danny stepped back and stood in awe as Carter closed the gap in height and muscle before growing copious amounts of hair all around his previously hairless body. With a giant groan, Carter’s already massive cock began growing again, followed by the growth of another cock and extra set of testicles. They both grew to the length and girth of Danny’s, causing Danny to realize that not only had he gained all of the uncommon traits of a changed man, but he had the ability to pass on his godlike traits to men who had already transformed.

“Dude…” Carter gasped, “fucking look at us.” He flexed both his biceps and his still fully erect cocks, “we’re not just gods, we’re fucking titans.”

“No shit!”

The two turned to face a small crowd of guys on the forest path. Henry was at the forefront, flanked by Ryan and Archie on either side of him. Kelly, Hector, and at least ten other changed men stood behind them.

“Once again, it seems my gift for finding new changes has worked to my advantage again. Well, boys, it seems like Danny here has received many gifts from his change, which, strangely enough, seems to be transferable.” Henry stepped forward and placed his hand on one of Danny’s dicks. “Like some other guys here, I’m not known for being a bottom. Come to think of it, I can’t remember the last time I got railed.” Henry then made dead eye contact with Danny. “But if you’d oblige, my asshole is just itching for one of your giant twins to be inside of it.”

“Hey man, don’t leave all the fun for yourself,” Ryan said as he sauntered over, “give me a good fucking too. In fact, fuck both of us at the same time.”

The two men turned around and bared themselves for Danny. Rock-hard again and dripping with pre-cum, he slipped his respective cocks into the two glorious men in front of him. Both started grunting, moaning and intermittently wailing in ecstasy. Both Ryan and Henry moved their bodies in sync with Danny’s thrusts, sending several unfamiliar yet euphoric waves throughout his body. With a roar, Danny came, and watched as the two men followed Carter’s lead, growing taller, hairier, more muscular, and extensively more endowed. It didn’t take long before every man in the group had two gargantuan cocks and an unlimited libido.

Looking towards the campus, Danny grinned. This was only the start of fucking every man on the college grounds and blessing them with his incredible gift.

“Time to set a new standard for the Alphas on campus.”

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