Hockey growth

by Hockey stud

 The day everything changed.

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My name is Michael and I’m just 18 years old. I play hockey in a high school team. The thing is, I am the only that still doesn’t look like a man. I have no hair at all, my dick is so small and doesn’t have a lot of muscles. At 6 feet 2, I just weight 135 pounds. That ain’t much.

This makes me so shy every time I go the shower with all the other boys, or should I say men. There are some who are able to grow a beard, while I don’t even have a moustache yet. Even though I still look like a kid, the guys were not making any jokes about my size. Even so I felt the difference like it was physical pain.

But one day, it all changed.

I found some serum online that can make you grow your muscles and get you hairier, so you can look more like a man. As a joke, I ordered it. A few days passed, and I received it. By chance, my parents didn’t see the package arrive.

I took the serum—there was just one dose, and it said that it could take up to three hours until it any effects showed. But it was a dumb move to take it right away, because I had a hockey that day.

When I arrived in the locker room before the game, I felt something strange inside me. But I was not able to figure it out until I touched my face. I now had a beard started to grow on my cheeks and jaws. I then rushed to go in the bathroom to check myself in the mirror. I couldn’t believe it. I was starting to grow!

All at once the feeling became intense, and I began to scream. While I was screaming, my voice got deeper. I removed my shirt so I could see my body. What I saw was incredible. Huge hairy pecs with a solid 6 pack, and biceps that could make everyone jealous.

One of my teammates came in the bathroom just to check on me. It was Andrew. He was the one who looked the most like a man. He had a huge 8-inch dick when he is hard (which he often was in the showers) with a massive frame of 230 pounds and a full beard. But now, I was becoming more of man than him. I brushed past him and left the bathroom, entering back into the locker room. The guys were too stunned to speak.

Then the episode was over. We continued to change—I had to borrow Andrew’s spare uniform—and then we went on the ice.

During the game, I was unstoppable. I scored three goals and made a lot of hits. I even hurt someone without meaning to, because I hit him so hard. I couldn’t control my strength. We won this game easily and went back in the locker and things started to get wilder.

When I got naked to head into the shower, that’s when I saw that that the serum had truly worked when it came to upgrading my manliness. My dick must be 8 inches by now—8 inches when it was still flaccid. Before going in the shower, I saw that there was a scale. I jumped on it, and I saw I was 250 pounds. This started to get me a little hard. Then when I was showering, some of my teammates slipped over and started to worship me. It made me so much harder, and then… I started to grow again. My dick was growing in front of me, my muscles were getting bigger and I was still growing more and more hair on my pecs and abs. My beard was huge and a beautiful asset.

I commanded Andrew to measure my body. I could see in his eyes that he was so jealous of my new size, but he complied. He then proceeded to say out loud all my stats. 26 inches biceps, 35 inches thighs, 70 inches chest, and 90 inches of back. He even had some difficulty reading the numbers while he was measuring my chest, because I was so hairy.

I then asked him to measure my dick and he did it without hesitation. With all that was happening, my dick was rocking 14 inches. I then went back on the scale. I was now 375 pounds of pure muscle-beast.

I just started to feel myself. And I declared to all of them that I was now the alpha male of this team, as they joined me in worshipping me new body.


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