by borednhony

 In the not so distant future, a fertility crisis has caused extreme actions to be taken by governments worldwide. This is where we find Del, the latest in the line of remaining fertile men entering the extraction facility. It’s a limited contract as far as Del knows, but something untoward seems to be lurking in the workings of the facility.

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In 2080 the world saw a sharp decline in population growth. As the panic of this seemingly random change spread around the globe, researchers immediately began working to discover the cause, and hopefully a solution to the problem. In short order, they found that the issue was decreased fertility in nearly 90% of the male population. No cure for this new genetic defect was evident, but the new numbers seemed to remain steady year after year. Without a solution to the physical problem, a plan was put into place to stabilize the population. Governments began to identify the men that had remained fertile in order to put them into service to stop the population at large from shrinking further.

Today, 50 years later with no change in sight, the routine has become common. Within a month of a man’s 20th birthday, he is expected to visit the fertility clinic and produce a sample for assessment. If he is identified as fertile, he is given a report date to an extraction facility to serve a 5-year term helping the community. According to the contract each subject receives, at this point they have the option of release with a substantial pension for their service, or to increase their term for greater reward.

This is where we find subject 30984, Del. Del had always known he was a shooter. It was a regular comment from his hookups during his first few years of college, surprise at the amount of cum inside them or covering them from face to cock. He hadn’t thought much of it, aside from a bit of pride at the reactions. He’d known guys older than him with great loads that were rejected from the program. When he’d gotten his results last week, his friends had thrown a party for him. Something between a congratulations and a going away, all of them promising to write or excited to see him when he was out. Jokes about getting the best job in the world. “I mean, who doesn’t wanna get paid to jizz all day!” He’d put on a smile, but the whole thing just felt surreal. The program was something everyone knew about, production levels were discussed in news reports, family talked about being proud of their sons for extending their contracts, but it always felt like something that would never happen to him.

So, Del sat in the back of the unmarked, government-issue van with no windows and waited. The locations of the facilities were carefully guarded, fear or interference or something were referenced if it was brought up, but the drive itself only felt like 20 minutes at most. So they must still be somewhere near the city, if not in it. The back doors of the van opened, and del was greeted by two smiling men, a tall and lean one with lab coat over his scrubs, holding a clipboard, sandy blonde hair looking slightly tousled above thick rimmed glasses, and a shorter, stockier man, built like a freight train, shaved head and chest hair poking up above the V of his scrubs collar.

“Welcome!” the lab coat man said, as the other gave Del a hand stepping down. “I’m Dr. Parr, this is my associate Simon, and you must be Del. We’ll be helping get you situated today.” He turned and began walking, continuing, “I think you’ll like it here, our facility is one of the best producing in the country.” Del surprised turned and followed, having to keep a quick pace to keep up with the taller man’s long strides.

In short order, as the speech continued about top of the line technology and the importance of the health and welfare of the subjects, they’d made their way up a flight of concrete stairs and through a door that locked upon closing, the scenery changed. From the darkened concrete walls of the garage, they’d entered into a bright, medically white clean room. All of the walls aside from the one which they’d entered through, were floor to ceiling glass, giving Del his first view of his new home. A large square outdoor space was visible. Breezeways lined it on each side, with corridors leading off from them, though Del was distracted by the inhabitants. Every direction he looked there were naked men, playing frisbee or soccer on the quad, reading under a tree, walking from one corridor to another. He blushed, but couldn’t help but stare, each were built to perfection, sweat gleaming off of solid pecs, plump asses, dripping down surprisingly sizeable and surprisingly rigid cocks, fuck. He’d completely lost track of Dr. Parr’s speech before he’d noticed the man had stopped talking, and both he and Simon looking at Del, Dr. Parr at his face, Simon at the now conspicuous tent in Del’s sweats.

Dr. Parr cleared his throat and Del came to. “As I was saying, we’ll need you to strip and decontaminate to complete your processing, then we’ll introduce you to your roommate…” He looked amused. “It’s all right, Del, everyone gets a little overwhelmed on their first day.” Del blushed, partly at how distracted he’d been, and partly at the thought of having to undress, while hard, before the two smiling men. He complied, not really seeing a way out of it, looking anywhere else but at the clinicians before Simon collected his clothes and directed him into a large glass tube with doors opening from the room they currently stood in, out into the quad.

As the glass door on their end slid shut, Dr. Parr called through an intercom, “All right Del, your roommate, Andy, will take it from here. I’ll see you for your weekly checkups and Simon will be one of the orderlies you see around the grounds if you need anything!” And they both turned and exited the room. A bright light emanated from above before jets of cold water began to spray from every direction, immediately killing his wood. Del turned, trying to get his bearings again as the water changed to a warm, drying air, before he realized a man was standing on the outer side of the door. Andy stood 6’2” to Del’s 5’7”, nearly his opposite. Where Del was lean and toned, dark shaggy hair on his head and more covering his chest, abs, crotch and lower appendages, Andy was blonde, built and clean cut, blue eyes sparkling above an expectant smile. The door slid open with a pneumatic hiss, and embarrassingly Del’s cock was immediately back to its rigid 6” with no way to conceal it.

“Don’t worry,” Andy said as he stepped into the warm air of the breezeway blushing. “I promise you get used to it.” He glanced from Del’s tool, to his own 10” throbber. “It’s just part of the whole deal.” He let out a little chuckle. “I’m Andy.” He extended a hand and shook Del’s firmly. Del mumbled his own name, hoping Andy was right, fuck no wonder these guys were hard, having to look at each other all day. “Come on, I’ll show you our room and then we have a session starting soon, they like to get the new guys into one early.” Andy put an arm around Del’s shoulders, the feel of skin on skin making Del shudder and his cock throb. “Just don’t let yourself nut before we get there,” Andy chided.

It was a short walk from the entry to one of the corridors leading off of the square. Andy started to fill him in on their schedule on the walk, wake up, meal times, extractions and client calls. The corridor lead to another open space with doors along one side of the hall, and another open grassy area opposite. “Lots of outdoor space, it’s supposed to help with production or something, no clue how but I’m not complaining.” He smiled, placing his hand on a screen next to their door causing it to slide open. Inside was a small, dimly lit alcove, two twin beds built into the wall were opposite each other with a door between them leading to a bathroom with a shower. No décor filled the space, and it felt almost stark. “They don’t like you to spend much time in your room, don’t wanna risk any ‘accidental extractions,’” he added, air quoting the last part and rolling his eyes.

“It’s really not that bad though,” Andy went on. “Plenty to do outside the rooms. I gotta say, I’m glad you’re here, it was definitely getting lonely after my last roommate left.” He gave Del a hug at this, causing their wood to push up against each other, Del’s between the taller man’s legs, Andy’s sliding up Del’s abs. Del gave a slight involuntary whimper, precum pushing out onto Andy’s thigh. “Oh fuck, sorry”, Andy pulled back laughing, he reached down and wiped the precum off his thigh and into his mouth, winking. “Can’t let them see that.”

After an awkward pause following Del’s reaction he finally spoke. “So… what happened to your last roommate? He got out?”

Andy walked over and flopped back on the bed that must have been his, as Del followed suit, perching on the edge of his own. “Um… he ‘graduated’ I guess. He’s a lifer now, which is a different facility from ours.”


“Well… some of the guys just sort of get used to the routine. Your body sort of changes from being here. So, they decide to extend indefinitely. You’ll probably see some of the ones that are headed that way, but yeah… lifer.” He smiled and shrugged. “That was like two weeks ago? Sucked to lose him, but I get it. It gets weird doing the routine here with a super producer package, the workouts get tougher, not as much fun to hang out in the quad when you can’t join in on games or whatever.”

Del was lost, but too nervous to ask for clarification. “It’s common enough,” Andy continued. “I mean everyone grows a bit, produces more, some guys just—” Andy was cut off by a bell chiming three times over the intercom in their room. Del caught off guard looked around to find the source, seeing a small box above the door, next to what looked like a domed security camera. Before he could ask more about that, Andy was on his feet. “Well, that’s afternoon extraction, come on, you’ll be next to me.”

The door opened automatically as they approached it and Andy led Del back into the breezeway and across the quad where the men had all left their activities aside and were shuffling into another building. Most were chatting, a little rough housing, the mood seemed light, but upon approach Del noticed for the first time that there was a separate group not joining in. Entering together from one side of the quad were a handful of men that all seemed a little blank. They were muscled or toned, and at first glance didn’t look different from the rest, until your eyes got to their packages. His mouth dropped open as he and Andy got into the entry line. They were massive. Fat cocks sticking out at over a foot long, balls hanging nearly to their knees, some so big that you couldn’t see most of their thighs behind the massive orbs. Andy gently elbowed Del in the ribs, saying under his breath, “Super producers, try not to stare. They’re just normal guys with… some extra.” Del tore his gaze away and back up to Andy’s warm smile. Fuck, how did he get saddled with the hottest guy here?

As they finally made their way inside, Del’s eyes adjusted to the darkened room. Inside the large space were rows of odd-looking machines. They almost looked like dentist’s chairs, but the leg portion was split in two just below the seat, a large mechanical arm came up from the side of each and some sort of screen seemed to be hanging off the back of the head rests. The center aisle was split, 10 chairs on each side facing the center with two more staggered rows of 10 behind each. As Andy led him to their spots, next to each other in the second row on the left side, Del clocked Dr. Parr walking up and down the rows with a clip board, checking something off as the men got settled into place.

“Okay, so this is going to be weird for your first time, but just try and enjoy it. You only get one of these a day, unless you sign up for extra duty so gotta make the most out of getting a load out.” Andy sat down, his legs splayed open, cock starting to flex in anticipation. Del tried to follow suit, but couldn’t keep his eyes off of Andy. Andy’s cock wasn’t only sizeable, but gorgeous. Uncut, with half of a flared pink head showing, the thick shaft starting to pulse in a steady rhythm as Andy laid back closing his eyes.

An orderly was at his side a few moments later, and the purpose of the mechanical arm became evident. Del realized after a moment that it was Simon as he began to work some lube over Andy’s cock. “Mmm, thanks for warming it up for me, Sy,” Andy let out seductively.

“I’d never let one my favorite boys get cold,” Simon flirted back as he removed his hands and adjusted the mechanical arm. It held a clear cock sleeve at its end which he slid over Andy’s cock.

Andy grunted at the sensation, and Del started to register that the room was filling with similar sounds, as Simon moved over to his side. “I think you’re gonna like this, Del,” he said softly as the sounds of grunting, moaning, and the squelch of cock sleeves in motion began to grow. Simon’s warm hands found Del’s tool, causing a jolt as he was lubed up “Just follow your buddy’s lead, he’s a good guide.” This was all way too much to process, but before he could even try, the sleeve came down on his cock, accompanied by the sound of the black screen moving into position in front of his face. “Lay back, relax and enjoy the ride.”

The screen blinked to life, images of sex, some still, some in motion filled his field of view as the pump came to life. “Holy fuck,” he gasped in a whisper, eliciting a laugh from Andy in the next chair.

“Just relax, bud.”

It felt like he was fucking the tightest hole of his life, while getting amazing head from somewhere inside of it as the tube worked over his cock. There was the feeling of suction, of motion, of warmth, it pulsed. He tried to focus on the image in front of him, but each time he registered it, it changed. They seemed familiar, and though it took him several minutes to realize why in his current state, he finally realized that it was because at least half of these were from his own collections over the years. Snippets of videos he’d saved from porn sites… videos he’d received from friends… videos of him fucking. He felt a wave of horror sweep over him, how the fuck did they get this, but before it could get into purchase the pump stepped up a notch, the suction more intense and his mind went blank. His mouth sagged open as he lost the ability to focus altogether. If he’d been more cognizant, he would’ve noticed that the rest of the room had gone quiet as well. Each of the men had reached the next stage of extraction. The only sound now was the machines pumping away at their turgid members. He came to his first edge, not knowing how long it had been and so ready to explode inside the waiting sleeve, but just as he was about to it backed off. He thrust his hips, only to feel a pressure, they were strapped down to prevent such actions. The machine picked up again, another edge, another stop. He would’ve been frustrated except the video in front of him now had sound. The mechanical noises drowned out by the sounds of passion and lust of the men.

The still photos were gone, replaced entirely by the fucking scenes, getting longer each time, and each time he edged switching to another. A line of drool formed from the corner of his mouth as his brain completely gave up the fight.


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