Growing closer

by Chance Micheals

 Spying on Luke, the object of his lust, young Gareth discovers that Luke is even more special than he thought—and then Luke’s brother shows up.

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Gareth knew he was taking a risk but it never really set in until the doorknob turned. He’d abandoned the party about an hour and a half ago and snuck into Luke’s room; his motives were anything but noble. Ever since he’d met Luke he couldn’t stop fantasising about him. The way his blonde hair gleamed in the sunlight. The way his 6’0 frame was packed with hard muscle. The way his massive size fourteen feet slapped the ground when he walked around barefoot.

Gareth was in love…or rather in lust.

Every night for the past year Luke was the only thing he could think about. All the porn in the world meant nothing when he had Luke’s face in his head. To Gareth Luke was perfect. The mere thought of Luke was enough to pump his cock up to its full seven inches; some nights he didn’t even have to use his hands. The thought was enough.

And now, here was the agent of his desire in the flesh. The handle turned and the door swung slowly open. Luke strutted in and shut the door. He had this swagger to his step, this cocky motion that screamed confidence.

Gareth’s breath caught in his throat. Luke’s only articles of clothing was a pair of too small flip-flops and bathers…wet bathers. His massive cock was clearly visible against the fabric. Gareth’s cock throbbed in his hand. This was too much. Luke walked over to the mirror by his bed and started to flex.

“Who’s a big boy?”

Gareth watched as the bulge in Luke’s shorts started to harden. Fuck, it was that big soft. He hadn’t even been chubbed.

“You’re a big boy.”

He started to rub his cock.

“Did you see how they were all staring at you?”

He smiled at himself in the mirror.

“Most of them aren’t even into guys. It’s just you they want.”

Luke slowly peeled his bathers off and Gareth bit his tongue to suppress a moan.

The bathers were holding the cock back. Free from all constraints the monster throbbed and grew to its full glory. It had to be at least 11 inches long and so thick…Gareth’s hands couldn’t possibly fit around it; Luke’s paws barely fit around the beast.

Yes. The beast. That was the term for it.

Luke was stroking it now. Slowly. It was slick with precum and his face was thrown back in bliss. Even with both his hands around it there was room for more.

“Yeah…grow…grow for daddy.”

Gareth gasped. What the hell did that mean?

Luke was jerking faster now. His breath was coming out quick and shallow.

“Bigger…bigger,” Luke moaned.


Gareth moaned, louder this time. He wanted- no he NEEDED Luke to grow. The though was just so hot.

“God I’m gonna cum…” Moaned Luke.

That’s when Luke started to grow.

As his cum shot across the room his body throbbed with power. His height climbed upwards slowly and his muscles pushed outward. His abs deepened and his pecs pushed further out while his biceps swelled with power. His calves looked like chiseled rocks crossed with veins. A loud snap marked the defeat of his flip- flops as his growing feet outgrew them. The massive dogs had to be at least size fifteen now.

Luke had been defined before but now he was seriously built. A 6’2 bodybuilder with a monster cock…that was still growing:

His already massive cocked swelled larger. The monster gained at least two inches in size and his balls were now the size of large eggs.

Luke turned to his mirror and smiled. God he loved growing. He started to massage his new body. He loved the way it thrummed with power. He loved being bigger and hotter than everyone else. Who could match his perfection? His muscles? His cock?

“I’m so huge,” he moaned.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door.

“Luke? Luke are you in there?”

“Yes Lachlan. What do you want?”

“You better not be growing again. You know we—”

“Would you relax bro?”

Lachlan opened the door and entered. The tall, lanky teen had to duck to avoid the door frame. His breathe caught when he saw Luke.

“You have been growing,” moaned Lachlan

“So have you. How tall are you now?”

“6’7 or 8.”

Luke whistled.

“Mum’s gonna know, li’l bro,” said Luke.

“Nah, she’ll just think it’s puberty.”

“Bro, you’re nearly nine inches taller than me and two years younger.”

“I’m only 18! Boys can grow till they’re 21.”

“Ha! How big are you down there little bro?”

Lachlan reached and ran his hand along Luke’s cock.

“Almost as big as you big bro.”

Lachlan leaned down and kissed Luke. Their lips mashed in a fiery passion and Luke started to grope Lachlan’s ass.

“Wait..wait. I need to tell you.”

“Tell me what little bro?”

“Gareth is missing. We can’t find him anywhere.”

“What?” asked Luke.

“Nobody’s seen him all afternoon.”

“So I guess sex will have to wait.”

“Sorry big bro. We gotta find him. He could be anywhere on the farm.”

They broke apart and moved toward the door.

“Hey little bro, what size are your shoes?”

“16—but none of them fit me as of an hour ago. Why?”

“I need to borrow your boots.”

And with that they were gone and Gareth cummed harder than he ever had before.

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