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 Dave totally forgot that when he got his new powers, and started granting all his buds three wishes, he let me keep the third one secret. And that secret wish just happens to be the ability to fuck around with Dave’s wishes. There was so much fun to be had with that particular capability.

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So Dave totally forgot that when he got his new powers, and started granting all his buds three wishes, he let me keep the third one secret.

The first two I made really obvious just to throw him off. You know, a hundred million dollars, and a superhung doubledick musclebod that stayed young forever. Half the dudes in our group asked for those two. He shoulda just done it for us all, automatically.

But I knew Dave. And I knew once he got done fixing up his friends, he'd go out and make a game of it. He was always coming up with crafty ways to get me and our buds. He lived for that shit. So I told him I had a great third wish, but I had to keep it secret. Of course, that made him really want to know, but I told him it had to stay secret for three weeks. Then I'd tell him, and he'd so love it, but not a moment before. So—just because he was really curious—he gave me the power to grant one wish of my own.

What I wished for was always to be able to make one secret modification to whatever Dave was wishing, which he can't undo. Sounds dumb, right? Jump ahead two nights and judge for yourself.

So Dave took us all out to this humpy dance club in the city. They let us straight in. None of us were wearing shirts, and thanks to our various body-related wishes we upped the hormone factor in the place by 10 just by walking in. We were all blindingly hot. Fortunately Dave had wished some humility for us all (and himself) as a precaution, so even though I was the hottest doubledick blond in the room, and all the gymbunny boys were flocking to me, it didn't go to my head, much. Likewise Robbie, who'd wished (a) to be a four-armed, four-legged musclehunk boytaur and (b) that no one would think it weird. He was just enjoying dancing, having a good time, smiling at the boys who'd given up trying not to stare.

So we had fun for a few hours, just enjoying hanging out, as the night got later and the crowd got hotter and hornier. And Dave, who'd kept his body modifications pretty subtle (though he was a good head taller than anyone in the room), starts looking around and grinning, and I hear this wish form in his head. It went like this: Everybody starts kissing everyone else for five minutes, and for every minute one guy kisses another guy, both guys gain a half an inch of cock.

Well, that was one hell of a present for the regular guys in the club—two and a half inches for everybody. So I added my modification in my own head, which was: Both guys gain an inch of cock, and Dave gains a quarter of an inch too.

The wish, with my modification, went into effect, and suddenly our group and all the gym dudes on the floor start kissing each other, swaying to the rhythms of the driving dance soundtrack. (I looked up to the DJ booth and noticed he had a topless barbody guy in there too, and they were at it hot and heavy even as he worked the equipment!) The two so-so-hot hunks I was tanking with, a brunette and a redhead, just leaned right into me and started kissing me and each other. Sure enough, a minute in, the two hunks moaned a little and reached down to adjust themselves, and I felt both my bone-hard cocks jump in surprise as they swelled against my jeans (who wears underwear at a gay club?).

I heard an exclamation of surprise and dismay. Dave, whose face, thanks to his height, was clearly visible above the crowd, looked shocked as he broke away from the model-cute guy he was kissing. I grinned as I kept kissing my guys, holding their hot bods close to me. There had to be forty or fifty dudes in that room. All three of Dave's boners had just grown something like ten inches! I tried to see if I could see through the crowd—sure enough, his three fat erections were clearly visible against his glistening abs.

The music pounded louder and harder. As I went at it with my guys—and they were enraptured, this was the best kissing of our lives—and the guys all around us moaned with writhing, liplocked, growing-cocked pleasure, I could hear the echo of Dave's wishes, trying to stop his cocks from growing. He couldn't of course—that was my wish. Another minute passed before I realized, and as my cocks pumped themselves a whole inch longer, shoving above the waist of my loose jeans, and I saw Dave stumble back as his monster palmwide cocks got another ten inches longer! They were up to his collarbone now, quivering urgently. They were beautiful, and all they guys around him tried to stroke them even as they pulled his head down and kissed him, two or three at a time.

Dave still seemed distressed—those cocks would just be unmanageable if they got bigger than he was! So he finally hit on a wish—that every time his cocks got bigger, he would grow an inch taller.

I grinned as my guys, still deep in awed liplock, started stroking my cocks with one hand and their own with the other. I made my modification: He would get taller, but only in the abs and arms.

Then I turned my attention to my guys. I noticed there were three now—a really cute broad shouldered Asian boy with beefy biceps had joined us. He must’ve already had a monster, because his narrow uncut cock was sticking up out of his jeans like mine were. We went on kissing, getting off on each other and the moans and sweat undulating through the room, and then suddenly everybody groans a little in pleasure, and I felt my dicks thrust up out of my groin.

Even as I enjoyed the sensation I glanced over at Dave. His cocks had grown again, but he was now a foot taller, so they still nuzzled his collarbone. His torso looked amazing—he had literally grown an extra ten or twelve inches of abs, and the main difficulty was that his cocks were so wide I couldn't even see his twelve of fourteen pack or whatever he had now. He had shot up straight out of the embrace of like five guys, but they just pulled him down on his knees and kept going at it.

Tension was building in the room, we were all swelling and getting more and more turned on—all but me and Dave barely aware of anything but blinding hormones. Another minute passed in no time at all, and I watched Dave become, on his knees, as tall as the guys he was kissing, as they all mauled his four-foot-long cocks!

My dicks had started out a foot long hard, and now my guys were stroking two 16-inch boners. Damn they felt good! I was starting to envy Robbie his two extra stroking hands. I saw him not far away. One guy was sitting on Robbie's hind ass, kissing some tall lanky guy over Robbie's beefy bare shoulder!

We were in the last minute. The whole room of writhing bodies was aroused to a fever pitch. The music was frantic—the DJ had mixed into something matching the mood of the hormone-saturated room. Me and four guys now were sucking face and stroking our cocks like there was no tomorrow, and so were dozens of hot sweaty guys around us. My heart was thumping louder than the music. We were all building toward a ferocious climax—

Then suddenly second of stillness—and—

Five minutes!

The room exploded in pent up cum as everybody blasted out wad after wad. My 17-inch megaboners blow out a massive geyser of cum. In the throes of my orgasm I stole and eager glance at Dave. Still on his knees, head thrown back and sweat-saturated hair clinging to his forehead, he had shot up taller than everyone again, and his cocks were spraying gallons of cum like a fountain, and everyone nearby was trying to lap it up. Even from where I was across the room I felt drops of hot, gooey cum spray on my face. My boys, already done cumming and panting heavily, licked it off my check without missing a beat.

It took another five minutes for everyone to calm down again. Even after that time, Dave's monstrous cocks were still drooling cum; his new buds were squeezing it out of him. All of us in the club collapsed in each other's arms and crumpled to the floor and lay there for quite a while.

I caught up with Dave the next day. He'd somehow managed to word a wish that would restore his bod back to normal, though he still had something like a ten-pack (a bit of midriff showed below his previously XL Eminem concert tee), and the basket in his jeans looked lusciously big.

He was looking down at me thoughtfully.

“The thing that happened at the club,” he said. “Did that have anything to do with that third wish of yours?”

I just smiled at him, gently adjusting my slumbering, enlarged cocks. “Sorry,” I said. “You still have two and a half weeks to wait!”

So I was having lunch with Robbie the other day, talking about what our mischievous friend Dave might do next with his newfound wishpower. We were hanging out at the coffee shop near my new, so-huge apartment on one of the pricier neighborhoods on Manhattan's Upper West Side. I barely even noticed the rent. I just had it deducted from my investment account, which, thanks to Dave's first wish-gift to me, had over a hundred million dollars in it—earning a nice return, too. Which was good, “cause I'd be around for a while: My second wish was for that forever-young, superhung double-dick muscle bod that, I have to tell you, never stopped feeling totally awesome.

Right now those double dicks, which had grown to a towering 17 beer-can-thick inches thanks to a previous Dave-incited adventure, were getting majorly boned as I admired Robbie's awesome and unique bod. He'd wished for the money, too, but then he'd surprised Dave by asking for a four-armed, four-legged boytaur body, the kind he'd only read about online, and capped it by wishing no one would think it was weird. Next to myself I think Robbie made the best use of the three wishes Dave offered all his friends after he got his powers. I reserve number one for myself because my third wish had already furnished me, not to mention Dave and the rest of the guys, a lot of fun and some great surprises. I'd wished to be able to secretly modify Dave's wishes—and I'd arranged it so Dave didn't even know I was listening in on his wishes and adding a twist of my own. I still had two weeks before we'd agreed he'd find out what my third wish was.

So anyway, back to Robbie. I think Dave had really admired Robbie's balls (so to speak) in asking to be a boytaur, ’cause while he was cute before, after Dave was done with him he turned out so fucking hot. Those four arms, usually framed by a bright-colored tanktop (like me, he favored bright colors, though I usually wore fairly loose tees), were perfect: the right amount of muscle, length, shape, tone, everything. Right now his back arms were draped comfortably in his lap, and his front arms were resting casually on the glass table. I was looking at his hands, which were pretty big and very sexy, when I noticed for the first time that each hand had six fingers instead of four, plus the thumb. My cocks, of course, were suddenly all the way hard.

Robbie caught me staring and grinned sheepishly, revealing brilliant teeth that contrasted nicely with his light all-over tan. He explained that the extra digits thing was often a part of the boytaur concept in most of the stories online, and Dave had apparently spent an evening studying up on boytaurs before performing his magic.

“Digits?” I said, adjusting my painfully hard monster cocks. “So, toes too?”

Robbie nodded, grinning. “My hands and feet are so wide, “cause of the extra fingers and toes,” he said, holding up one of his right hands and spreading it to display its size. I suddenly wanted him to wrap that hand around something in particular, but I figured he already knew I had a crush on him. Can you still call it a crush if you totally want to jump someone's bones? And not let go? Anyway, Robbie had been seeing a lot of this tall, lanky, Hispanic stud he'd met at the club where Dave had grown everyone's cocks, and so I was hanging back a little—though it was really hard, in more ways than one, especially when he flashed that aw-shucks smile of his.

I nodded, admiring the hand as he dropped it back onto the table, and took a sip of my iced cappuchino. “So, any other surprises?”

Robbie's eyes widened. “You don't fucking know the half of it.”

He so wanted to tell me, but he was a little nervous. I leaned forward. “Tell me,” I coaxed.

He glanced around him and then leaned forward. “You're not gonna believe this,” he said, stalling.

“Tell me, c’mon,” I pleaded.

He looked at me for a second, then whispered, “I have eight fucking cocks!”

I fell back in my chair. “No shit!”

“Shit!” He said, nodding vigorously. “And they're not pint-sized either. That fucker Dave, he started “em out at 16 inches long when they get hard! And eight inches around!”

I knew immediately what that meant. Everyone at the club that night a week before had grown an extra five inches of cock. Robbie's eight cocks had to be topping out at 21 inches now. All of a sudden I knew why he was always wearing very baggy black four-legged jeans.

I felt a twinge of guilt at this. Dave had only intended to give everybody and extra two and a half inches, but I'd secretly doubled his whammy. I never even thought about guys with more than enough already. How could your cock be too big?

Someday, I'd have to tell him. Someday.

I stared at him open mouthed for a minute, barely even noticing my own cocks ejaculating wildly down the legs of my jeans. “Are you O.K. with that? That's a whole lot of cock.”

Robbie didn't answer right away. He leaned back a little as well, rearranging his arms so they were all lounging in his lap. “At first I wasn't sure,” he admitted. “But, that was before I came for the first time.” He locked eyes with me—his were a very sharp ice blue. “You haven't lived, man, until you’ve cum out of eight huge cocks. The first time, my heart nearly stopped. I konked out and came to a half hour later, totally fucking drenched in cum. And I was still totally boned.” He grinned. “It is so fucking awesome.”

I shared his gaze, then, looked down. “I'll have to take your word for it,” I said.

He laughed, and reached over to place his warm hand on mine. “No, you won't!” I glanced up, and suddenly we were staring into each other's eyes and smiling uncontrollably. Both of us!

“I know you want me,” He said. “And I've always wanted you. Now more than ever. Let's cut the crap and just get together for Pete's sake!”

“You have a way with words,” I grinned, and then we were kissing across the table, his right hands holding my left. My heart was pounding in my ears. I knew I didn't just have a crush—it was so much more.

After a while I heard a throat clearing behind me. We broke from our deliocious liplock to see Dave smiling down on us, his tenpack abs partly visible between his too-short tee and his well-packed gym shorts.

“Aren't you two lovebirds cute?” he said. I made ready to defend against sophomoric abuse, when I heard a wish form in Dave's mind. The wish, much to my amazement, was that Robbie and I should love and cherish each other and make each other very happy for the rest of our lives.

I was deeply touched by this. A tear welled up in my eye as I mentally added to Dave's wish a provision that the same should happen to him, as well, with whoever he wanted to be with most.

Even as I finished altering Dave's wish, I started to feel very sick and woozy. I began to collapse and felt myself fell into Dave's suddenly outstretched arms. I remember hearing Dave and Robbie simultaneously call out my name. And then, darkness.

I awoke some time later, feeling strange. I was lying in bed. My vision cleared and I realized I was in my apartment. A face filled my vision—a beautiful face, a face I loved. Robbie. I felt four warm, strong hands on my torso, shoulders, and neck. His eyes showed concern, and, as I came around, something else. Amazement, excitement. His eyes glanced to my left.

I turned my head and discovered that I was not alone in my bed. Someone else was lying next to me. During the second I took to register what I was seeing, I observed that he had a perfect body packed into well-made, slightly too tight clothes in bright colors; wavy lond hair falling on broad shoulders. His head was turned away from me, looking up at Dave, who was returning his gaze with relief and a certain flavor of wonder. Dave glanced at me, his eyes still full of wonder, and the blond boy sprawling next to me turned to see what he was looking at.

I'd looked into my own eyes a million times in the mirror, so it's not as much of a shock as you'd think. I was perplexed, but not displeased. We checked each other out, and laughed that we were doing so. We winked at each other. Well, we looked good!

And I realized what had happened, even as Dave was saying, with an edge of awe in his voice, “I wished happiness for you two. I guess somehow I must have wished it for myself. But the guy I wanted was—you.” And he was looking into the eyes of the other me. “It was always you, dude. I guess somehow—“

“You couldn't be in two places at once,” Robbie said, looking into my eyes, smiling peacefully. I settled back, enjoying his gaze, forgetting the others for a heartbeat.

“You couldn't be in two hearts at once,” I heard Dave say.

So once again the combination of Dave's wish and my own had had an unintended consequence. This time, it turned out it wasn't just a night's adventure, but a lifetime—s. As I pulled an ecstatic Robbie to me, his luscious lips meeting mine, his hands roving my body as I started to feel his enormous erections swelling in his oversized jeans, I felt a little bad that Dave was so mystified about what had happened. But I still had my secret—and another two weeks in which to find out all the surprises I could make with it.

My secret? Our secret.


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