Family trouble

by HandsomeLitleBoy

Max starts to notice some strange behavior from his big brother Brad—behavior that involves ungodly amounts of cum.

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Firstly, this is my first attempt to write a story, so be kind, my mother-tongue isn’t English.

Let’s meet my family.

I am Max and the last two years were dramatic for my whole family.

But let’s start two years ago.

We are a big family living in a Greek suburb. My dad and mum had six kids. One daughter and five sons.

The oldest of my siblings is my sister, Mary. Mary is a 34-year-old energetic married woman with a kid. She married and had her only-child when she was only 18-year-old.

Her husband, Thomas, at 35 yeas old looked like a hulk. He was an Olympic athlete at water polo when he was younger, he had a passion on building his body and that showed. His tall, hairy, thick muscled frame came in at 1,98cm (6’5) was extraordinary.

My nephew, Jay, was at the time 16 years old, just as my younger brother was. He was really tall. The tallest 16-year-old that I have ever met. He was already surpassing his dad by a few centimeters after a massive growth spurt that hit him last year. He was a polo athlete too, and was coached by his father. Although he had no body hair, he was looking way older than he was.

Now meet my older brother, Brad. Brad was a 26-year-old jet black haired tall guy. He was nearly over 1,85m (6 feet), not really built, but he went to the gym once or twice a month for a “quick muscle recovery” as he used to say. He had a really stylish thick beard and a sharp jawline that made him really handsome and confident. He had a girlfriend but he really fucked a different girl every month or so.

Next, we have Harry, 24-year-old guy studying Sociology at a University 5 hours’ drive from our home. He was the shortest in the family standing at 1,70m (5’6). With an indifferent face wearing glasses and a fluffy, quite fat body with a few random chest hair. He wasn’t the sexy guy around.

Then you have me (Max) and Linus. We are two 20-year-old identical twins. We look exactly the same. We may have really different personalities but we look identical. We used to wear the same t-shirts and everything and we ended up confusing our own parents. We are quite tall at 1,90m (6’2) brown hair, nicely grown beards and a masculine look. We hit regularly the gym the last 3 years as our sister’s husband coaches us with our little-monster nephew.

Last we have the younger member of our family, Zac. Zac is very shy, he is not talking much, he has almost no friends and never had a girlfriend. He does really good at school. He was really the same height with our brother Harry but he was surpassing him already. He had a lanky, unnoticeable body, no body or facial hair. Nothing special. Till now….
It all started when me and my oldest brother, Brad met up in the bathroom. Our house had four bathrooms. One was for our parents, the main one was near the living room and the others were on the upper floors for me and my brothers. I normally shared bathroom with my twin brother, Linus, and young bro Zac but I was in hurry so I entered the main one. There was Brad, standing with his black boxer briefs in front of me.

“Whoooa, Max, don’t barge in like that,” he said in panic.

“Sorry, Brad, I just want to use the bathroom.” I don’t know why he was in such panic but I did not pay attention. “Can I use it please?” I really wanted to pee.

Brad looked at the toilet and with a quick motion threw something in the rubbish bin. “Yes you can.”

I was so curious about the weird reaction of my brother. I took a piss and then looked for what was in the rubbish bin.

It was wet toilet paper. “Eww,” I thought at first, then a musky smell came to my nostrils. It smelled like cum, but different, I couldn’t see any trace of it, just the smell. By the way, I was gay but I had came out only to my twin brother.

I closed the bin and turned around to leave. But a sudden feeling hit me. I opened again the bin and decided to touch the wet paper in order to examine it more closely. It’s gross, but what could it be, it was on my brother’s hands first.

I picked the paper up and I was in shock. The bottom of the bin was full of a white liquid substance. It looked and smell exactly like cum, but it was not possible for a human to cum this much. It was clearly an amount of half a cup warm liquid that was not absorbed from the paper that already was in the bin.

I couldn’t help myself from jerking off. It was so hot.

In a week or so, it was clear something wasn’t going right for my brother. He was talking less and less with us and was all time in his bedroom. Another thing that made me sure was that he said he’ll be doing the laundry from now on “to help mum”. That was not the Brad that I knew.

One day he went with his car to drive our brother Harry home from the university. He was going to stay at his dorm for a day so I had a clear chance to search his room.

When night came I snuck into his room. The door was locked of course, but I remembered that our dad keeps spare keys in the attic. I opened the door and I was shocked! It was full of damp paper towels, the sheets were damp, even his carpet was full of hardened cum. The smell though was nothing like normal cum. It was a musky, fruity smell like cedarwood. I leaned towards the wet sheets, yes this was where the smell was coming from.

I got hard. Couldn’t help but search to find some of the wet boxers lying on the floor.

The substance was really cum. I tasted it. I was tasting another man’s cum for the first time. I was only tasting mine from time to time and it was disgusting. Then I looked underneath his bed. It was a small bucket full of clear liquid. I was surprised it was still warm. He’d been out from the house three hours now.

I was getting a weird growling in my stomach but I didn’t notice. I really wanted more of this cum. I started gaggling the hot cum from the bucket till was nothing inside.

It felt weird but I did not want to jerk off after that. So, I went and had a shower and then fell asleep.

The next day was a normal day. My twin brother Linus was studying for a test at the university he was attending online so he did not really talk to me all day. I did some chores and stuff and then I heard the door open.

It was Brad with Harry. I last seen Harry about 3 months ago. He was a bit different. He seemed more confident in a way. Brad on the other hand was beetroot red, veins were popping all over his veins. He seemed like he was having high blood pressure. My dad noticed that too. “Are you feeling okay son?” he asked.

“Yes I am fine, it’s just too hot in here,” he said unbuttoning his shirt.

It was so sexy. Veins popping everywhere. He was hot!

“I got to go,” Brad said.

“Come bro, let’s eat first,” said Harry.

“No no, I have to go to my room,” Brad said nervously.

I listened to it and I quickly ran in his room using the spare keys. I locked the door from inside and hid in his closet.

I heard him entering locking the door and throwing his pants on the floor. He lay on his bed. I was helpless but watch. I opened slightly the door of the closet and what I saw was extraordinary.

I saw my regular big bro naked. I had seen him a couple of times, nothing special, just an average dick about 15cm (little under 6 inches), a little smaller than mine. That was the last time. Now I was observing what it seemed like a little longer but a really thick cock. It was just like those porn dudes that pump their cocks, only his was really hard. It seemed really hard. He could not hold it with his palm closed and I saw the veins popping allover from the really base of his huge hose to the bottom of his cock head.

I was getting hard watching him moan silently when something bizarre caught my attention. His balls. At first they seemed like normal sized balls. Just like mine but suddenly I noticed they seemed larger.

“I had to be dreaming,” I thought for a sec but then as I looked closely, I saw them moving. They were held loose and low at first but now they seemed to grow. Like maybe they wanted to outgrow his nut sack. I was in awe.

Few seconds passed and I saw his reaction. He wasn’t expecting it either. He left his bottle thick cock and touched his balls slowly.

His eyes were in tears as he started to breath faster and faster. He was afraid something wasn’t going well, it was clear. He stopped rubbing his junk for a couple of minutes. He got his iPhone and did something there. I think he just wanted a turn off.

Suddenly you could see his sack loosen. And his balls getting less big. Although they were almost as big as my whole nut shack.

His cock stood there still thick, thicker than my sister’s husband huge wrist. But the veins where shadowed.

I thought it was over till I heard something. It was porn. He was watching porn videos. In 5 seconds his monster went rock hard. Veins were not popping this time. After a couple of minutes of touching his cock and checking every now and then his balls, he observed, as I did, that his balls were growing again but in a really slow rate. He did not stop, he jacked harder and harder, getting his veins all over his body, except his cock, to show.

It seemed hard for his nut shack to hold all his testicles, a little larger than large eggs but they had a weird shape. They were long, like eggs that were pressed in the middle. I was starting to see veins popping on them as I hear a loud Ahhh

You can not imagine. He came like four really strong shots that stuck on the wall in the back of his bed. His room was painted grey, so imagine a really white stain in the wall. He continued jerking of after 5 secs I saw really white cum oozing without force out of the thickest dick head I’ve ever seen. It was a steady stream that went on for maybe 30 seconds.

He stood there watching helplessly his cock producing all this juice. A smell hit my nose. It was so strong. Suddenly I started feeling hot. Maybe it was that I was closed in a closet for so long. But no. His cum was so hot I could feel it warming the whole place up.

He then stopped. He seemed so tired. He didn’t move. He had his eyes closed. I stared to his body full of something that I could not accept it was cum. His balls were still enormous. His cock was still rock hard.

After letting five minutes or so pass and not noticing any move of my brother, his cock and balls were nothing but dead, I was getting afraid that something had happened to him. Maybe he was in need. But what could I do?

He suddenly opened his eyes wide. He leaned on his right side, searching underneath his bed. He was searching for the bucket.

He looked at the now empty bucket. He good a frustrated look. Then he got a large towel and started to whip all the liquid that he could from his body. He stood up. I heard, “Ohh not again.” He was not looking towards the closet so I could stare his nicely popping muscles. Then I heard a slurping sound. It was the bucket. It was like he was peeing in there but in large shots. I could barely see anything but I was hearing the bucket.

He got some baby wipes and tried to clean himself up. He then got a towel and a pair of boxer briefs and exited the room. There was a slight noticeable bulge out of the white towel.

As I heard the water running from the next door shower I ran to the bucket!

I was trying to hold myself from tasting it in order not to let him know that someone had drunk his milk but I failed…

I drunk a few generous sips. It was like a milk-white, hot, thick soup. I was in ecstasy.

I quickly run out of the room and went to mine. I couldn’t wait to jerk off to what I’d seen today.

I found my brother Linus in our room. I was breathing heavily having a visible hardon on my grey shorts.

“Where were you?” Linus said. “I was searching for you.”

Before I could say anything, he added, “What’s that smell? Were you jerking off? Where?” He looked me down there and commented “I see, you little horny bro.”

In my mind I wanted so bad to throw my clothes and jerk off but all of a sudden my horniness suddenly ended.

Now what was going to happen?

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