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 A collection of short stories set in various fantastical worlds specifically designed to facilitate incredible, absurd sexual pleasure between men. 

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Note: This prologue serves as a framing device, and is not necessary to enjoy the individual entries.

Luke still was not entirely certain how, but he had obtained godhood. As of that morning, the world conformed to every statement he made. Nobody remembered the way it had been, for the world had (evidently) always been as Luke said.

School really “should close down for the day,” his father uncharacteristically agreed.

Luke really was “glad to be stuck at home with Mikey,” his somewhat younger brother.

And Luke really did “get to the bottom of why this morning feels so weird.”

Naturally his next several commands for reality were to bestow upon him “omnipotence, omniscience, and the capacity to handle both without any detriment.” A time stop, a small pocket dimension adjacent to reality, and a dose of still-present teen hormones left Luke where he was now: rapidly fucking his way through body-copies of every celebrity crush his gay heart had ever held.

Currently, Chris Evans’s visage was bent over in front of Luke, proffering an ass slightly fuller than even the real deal, and certainly more stretched out. Legs spread wide in a ‘standing’ position, the body double was bent at 90 degrees and had both arms extended to grip what could only be described as vaguely a sofa. (Luke had never bothered to finish creating the prop, lavishing detail on the lookalike instead.) Every muscle of the blonde man caught gentle shadows, highlighting the contours. Every inch of skin held a slight gleam from sweat. And the body-copy’s 15-foot cock paused its constant dribbling of pre-cum only to launch its 5th orgasm this minute.

“Ffff-uck!” Luke yelled, as his engorged 20foot dick began blasting gouts of cum in sync with his toy slut. The body-copy Chris Evans’ ass rapidly leaked the sticky stuff, whilst Luke attempted to ignore knowing (and deciding) that each round of his cannon was exactly 1 liter. Instead, he favored feeling the overwhelming ecstasy blazing in the barrel of this analogy.

Except it wasn’t overwhelming. Oh, certainly this would have rendered him insensate before godhood, but Luke was still aware of the spontaneous creation of endless cream in his balls. Every vein and artery along his prick as it continued ramming in and out of an enhanced Chris Evans bubble butt. The sensual bounce of said body-copy’s pecs, despite being out of sight. The decision to not let the perpetual six-pack distend under the pressure of what was now 121.4 liters of cum remaining after 3.6 liters spilled to their feet. How many sperm cells were in every cubic milliliter of said cum. Luke was even aware of the temperature of his space outside of space, how many molecules of nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and more were in it, and the thermal energy of every. Single. Fucking. One.

Luke concluded that true omniscience at all times had some drawbacks. And that he wanted to fuck more.

It was not long, in this space set aside from time, until Luke had more. Much more. At first he simply adopted the same form as his personalized Chris Evans duplicate, tripled the size of his engorged dick, and rammed that 5-foot fucker straight up the body-copy’s ass, out the mouth and throat, and into the beautiful bubbly butt of an additional Chris Evans body-copy.

Thrusting with speeds rivaling a jackhammer, Luke came wildly. Thick ropes of cum covered everywhere, the floor, the ‘sofa’, the walls he decided should, exist, the Evans, and himself of course. Luke did not stop cumming, letting his burning orgasm continue for a minute. Two minutes. More.

By minute 5 of this utter, burning exhilaration, Luke decided on more. Every body in the room got a touch up: plumper pecs, clearer abs, thicker dicks, and more. And then the excess began in earnest. His cock was now exceeding 10 feet long, with three sluts that could no longer be fairly compared to Chris Evans were impaled like a kebab from one end. Only for the mindless fuckees to be thrust into from the other side by another Luke, his mind receiving both their pleasures at once. The resulting torrents of unending spunk were blasting out the mouths and asses of the bottoms on either end of the double spitroast, and splattering off the immaculate and immovable abs and pecs of Luke and Luke.

Quantity was a quality, and so 10 more such duos appeared, Luke’s mind being flooded with enough raw pleasure to last the world a generation. On a whim, he overtook the previously unthinking bottom-slut bodies, and also felt the raw sensation of being utterly filled and the pleasure of an inside made almost entirely of pleasure sensors.

Luke thought, “Fuck it, why go gradual?” And embodying the same spirit that wished for omnipotence and omniscience, made his copies literally infinite. Left and right, above and below. Even in between. An endless world of himself fucking, cumming, spitroasting, and attempting to overload himself with raw sexual ecstasy.

After an indeterminate amount of time. (Actually, Luke knew it was exactly the equivalent of 2 days.) Luke decided on more. He began rapidly growing every dick in his little reality, letting it multiply the sensation. He let the unending cum accumulate, quickly replacing air as what he breathed. He let every crotch sprout more cocks, and made them prehensile enough to find and enter bubbly ass after bubbly ass. Within minutes, every single hole had at least 100 rods rammed into it, obeying no laws of physics or biology,

The rate of expansion was exponential. The pleasure was limitless. Luke was god, any limits were arbitrary!


Luke returned To just two of himself. With relatively normal 14 inch dicks, slow fucking and periodically cumming with quiet moans. That experience had been pleasurable, there was no denying it, but it had felt empty. He’d try again.

This time, there remained only two Lukes. Except Top-Luke’s penis extended from the base, longer and longer until it snaked its way out bottom-Luke’s mouth. Quiet dribbles of cum splattered to the floor from both Luke’s eager dicks. Prehensile as he willed it, the top-cock snaked its way down along Bottom’s jaw and neck. Traced the crevasse of his voluminous chest. Navigated the valleys of his abs. Ran two loops around Bottom’s own heaving member (with a firm squeeze for good measure). And slid its way into Bottom-Luke’s ass for a second time.

And then a third, now constantly leaving pre-cum in its slick wake.

And a fifth, trailing its eternal trails of cum.

And a tenth, its slick tracks across its own layers of cockflesh resembling an inverted waterslide of semen.

A twentieth, faster and faster.

A two hundredth spraying cum every which way.

A five thousandth.

Already a millionth.


On his next attempt to find fulfillment, Luke replicated the planets, galaxy, and universe as he now completely understood it, bar the life found within. Ramming his dick through countless galaxies at once was difficult without modifications. Once he got the hang of aligning their black hole cores like a Fleshlight, it quickly became... arbitrary.

Flooding planets with cum. Arbitrary.

Infinite pup play. Arbitrary.

A factory of endless virgin holes. Arbitrary.

Arbitrary. Arbitrary. Arbitrary.

Finally, Luke decided on what he would do.

He would live vicariously. Create worlds of incredible pleasure in their own right, and then step into their shoes for a while. Experience new premises, with incredible potential, but some limits to give meaning to what is achieved.

In fact, he could even share them back home. Sure, he had already resolved to not fuck up his home world by retroactively making the planet a cum-covered planet of hyper-masculine dick-suckers. Or writing his own mother out of existence. Or writing only his own grandparents back in.

Instead, his only legacy would be the stories he left behind. Erotica so exotic that it simply must be the work of fiction.



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