Evolving friendship

by Yoru

 Preston and David were bros for life until David began taking a secretive treatment that has made him bigger, stronger, and more aggressive. Preston wants to save their friendship, but David has changed and may have to force Preston to accept that.

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Preston stood in the gym holding a fifty-five-pound dumbbell in each hand. He looked at himself in the mirror as he prepared to perform his first set of hammer curls; his sharp brown eyes stared back at him as he grimaced from holding the weight, his rugged appearance carefully arranged to appeal to the ladies: a short dark fade gelled in the front, a short and scruffy brown beard. Veins pulsed down his shoulders, exposed in his black muscle tank, and his biceps bulged as he brought one weight up, then the other, back and forth, grunting softly with each rep.

His friend David watched from a nearby bench. He was of a similar age, though his hair was longer, blonde, and slicked back on top. He had no beard, and he was simply enormous compared to Preston, his muscles on heavy display in his blue tank top. “Great job, bro,” he encouraged as Preston finished his set. Preston and David had been friends since childhood. They had played sports in their neighborhood, and when they got to high school, they had both been top athletes on the wrestling team. Now they were focused on navigating adulthood as they entered college.

“Thanks man,” said Preston as he racked his weights. He flashed a smile at his friend in the mirror. He turned to see David grabbing the ninety-pound weights to perform his set of hammer curls. Preston’s smile faded as envy crept in. Preston and David had almost always been on equal footing when it came to athleticism and the rivalry had always been one of the best parts of their friendship, but lately David had completely eclipsed Preston in both size and strength.

Preston knew David was using steroids in secret and silently judged him for taking that path. Preston had always advocated for living a healthy lifestyle and felt his friend’s willingness to jeopardize his long-term health just to get bigger and stronger quicker was undermining their friendship. It wasn’t much of a rivalry when Preston just couldn’t compete anymore.

David racked his weights after finishing his set, he turned, smiling, toward Preston, he spread his arms wide and flexed, “How was that?” he asked, arrogance in his voice.

“Awesome, man. That was really good,” the dejection must have been evident in his tone, as both David’s arms and smile dropped.

“Thanks bro,” David’s voice gave no indication that he had noticed any change in Preston’s mood.

Preston, deep down, was upset, but he didn’t know how to talk about it. He had never thought of David as a liar, yet David was clearly on something and hadn’t told him a single thing about it and continued to go on as if nothing was different. He had become arrogant too. Always flexing, feeling himself up, looking in the mirror. He felt like the more David changed, the more was losing his friend.

They continued their work out into the night and slowly the gym emptied until it was only them left. They finished up with pull-ups and headed into the locker room.

“Damn man, I am getting so big,” said David. He was looking at himself in the mirror and striking several bodybuilding poses again, “I think soon I’m gonna go pro.”

Preston’s mood hadn’t lifted much. “Yeah, bro, you’d fit right into that crowd,” he said absentmindedly as he undressed in front of his corner locker, but he must have let too much sarcasm out as David wheeled around to face him, his face red with anger.

“Preston, what’s your problem lately?” David demanded.

The anger in David’s voice took Preston off guard, he wasn’t prepared to have this argument half naked in the gym locker room. He spoke cautiously, “David, you’ve gotten really big lately, very quickly where in the past we’d always been on about the same level, and I wish you’d tell me what you’re doing.”

“I’m not doing anything!” David growled, “What’s the matter? Can’t handle me pulling ahead of you?”

David could not be this arrogant. This wasn’t the guy he thought he knew. Preston realized that David had changed more than he’d realized, but he responded, “David, you used to be able to tell me anything, or so I thought, but now you’re just lying to me and I know it. Are you ashamed?”

“Ashamed! Me? Look little man,” David approached Preston before he could move out of his corner, boxing him in, “Why would I have any reason to be ashamed compared to you?”

The intimidating tactic took Preston by surprise. This definitely wasn’t the David he knew. They had fought before, of course, but his phrasing and mannerisms were completely different. This was a guy who wasn’t to be challenged ever.

“David, please back up,” Preston said, attempting to sound calm.

“What are you gonna do about it, pussy?”

Preston tried to maneuver around his friend, when David’s hand came down gently on his shoulder and pushed him back firmly into the corner. His strength was immense.

David asked again with an eerie calm, “What are you gonna do?”

Preston didn’t want things to escalate any further, he asked again managing to match David’s calm, “David, please, let’s just chill out and go home. I don’t want to fight you.”

David smirked, “No, but you do wanna know how I got so big. You think I’m taking steroids, little man?”

Preston didn’t like the way his friend was calling him “little man.” He felt completely disrespected, like his friend was trying to humiliate him. He could feel his frustrations bubbling up from his gut into his chest. He clenched his fist for a moment, then relaxed his hand. He scowled back into David’s eyes, and tried to push him out of the way.

It wasn’t enough.

David immediately grabbed Preston’s arm around the wrist and pulled it away, and with a little effort, he turned Preston and pinned him against the wall.

“Oh, little man thinks he can take me on? Bitch, I’m a true alpha. I’m in charge here. You understand that?”

“David, please!” said David, face pressed against the smooth blue painted bricks.

David twisted Preston’s arm harder and Preston gave a small grunt as David asked him, “Tell me who’s in charge.”

Hoping to appease his friend, Preston simply said what he thought David wanted to hear, “You are.”

“You are, what?”

Preston wasn’t sure why he knew, but he could tell what David meant, “You are, sir.”

“Good boy,” said David. He relaxed his grip slightly, but continued to hold Preston against the wall, he leaned in close and whispered in Preston’s ear, “Now you know your place next to me, bitch.”

Preston’s heart sank. He felt like crying. David had never said such a thing to him and had definitely never made him feel so small and weak. Not only that, but David was relishing this; he was enjoying overpowering Preston. Preston tried to struggle, but David was quick to put up his guard again. He twisted David’s arm harder; Preston yelled out this time, “Please let me go, sir! I’m sorry!” Preston was finding it difficult to refer to David by his name, he wasn’t sure why.

David laughed, “I thought you had some fight left in you, little bitch.” He let Preston go. “I was just kidding, man.” He laughed as he reached over to tussle Preston’s hair. Preston swatted David’s hand away. He looked at David, incredulity all over his face. David said, “Oh, what. Don’t take it so personally man. I’ll tell you what,” he moved closer, still smiling, “You wanna know how I got like this?” he flexed one of his biceps.

Preston’s response was only a glare.

“I’ll show you,” with surprising quickness, David reached around Preston’s head with his other arm and pulled him in. Before Preston could react, his face was planted in his friend’s blonde hairy armpit, just below the flexing bicep. It smelled of all the sweat David had accumulated from their long workout, and it was clear he hadn’t worn deodorant.

The smell quickly overwhelmed Preston. He struggled to pull away at first, but David was too strong. His flexing arm had clamped down into almost a headlock from which Preston could not escape. Preston felt disgusted and humiliated, and worse, the more he smelled his friend’s musky, sweaty pit, the harder his dick became in his underwear. He felt it swell as he began to relax his muscles, ceasing to struggle. His mind swam with a floaty sensation which reminded him of the time he and David had tried pot together, a long time ago when they were best buds.

“There, that should be long enough,” said David. He released Preston, who staggered backwards, a dopey look on his face.

“What did you do to me, sir?” said Preston sheepishly. He was still trying to fight it, but he was no longer in control. He wanted to think of David as a friend but could now only refer to him as “sir” when he spoke. He did not understand why.

“I haven’t been taking steroids, Preston. I’ve done something much better, and all you need to know now, boy, is that it makes me a better man than you.”

“B-better man, than me?” asked Preston. Deep inside Preston was humiliated at the thought, but his cock involuntarily throbbed at the notion.

“Looks to me like you’d enjoy that. How’d you like to be my bitch boy, boy?”

“Y-yes, s-sir, I th-think I’d l-like that a lot,” Preston stammered. Why was he saying these things? He couldn’t control anything in his body, but he felt compelled to please David.

“I think we should see how dedicated you are, boy. Take off the rest of my clothes.”

Preston didn’t like where this was going, but he obeyed all the same. “Y-yes sir,” he said.

He pulled down David’s gym shorts to reveal his jockstrap, then while kneeling he removed David’s socks, and finally he pulled down David’s jock, which revealed David’s impressive cock. It bounced upward, rock hard, almost slapping Preston in the face. Preston continued to sit on his knees on the floor. As he stared as his friend’s rock-hard cock, his mouth hang open and a little drool ran out.

“You like that, boy?” came David’s voice from on high. Preston looked up, and involuntarily (or was it?) nodded. David asked, “Do you want to taste it, boy?”

Sensing that his friend wanted him to answer yes, Preston nodded again and said, “Yes, sir.” (Did he really?)

“Go on, boy, have at it.”

Immediately Preston grabbed the shaft with one hand. He began by slowly licking the head of his friend’s cock as if testing the waters. The feelings of humiliation and total submission were mixing completely inside Preston’s mind and he had no idea why he was enjoying it so much. For some reason, pleasing David had become the most important thing to him in this moment.

Soon Preston had wrapped his lips fully around David’s thick shaft. He decided to go slow. Feeling the length of it. Hoping it would please David to know he was paying attention to every detail. He found he was willing to take it deeper. Soon his lips were pressed against David’s groin, and David’s cock has intruded all the way into his throat.

“Damn, boy, you do that like a pro, my pits must have really done a number on you.”

Preston mumbled in agreement while is mouth was still full of cock.

“This is your place now, boy, serving me. You like the thought of that?”

Preston was terrified. Was it always going to be this way now? He mumbled again in agreement, never letting David’s cock leave his mouth.

“That’s a good boy,” said David. He put a hand behind Preston’s head and began pounding at the back of his throat. The sudden changed in tempo surprised Preston, but he found, to his internal disgust, that he was perfectly willing and able to handle David’s cock even as it hammered away at his mouth. Preston dutifully kept his teeth out of the way and continued to press his tongue into David’s shaft in an effort to maximize his friend’s pleasure. Preston couldn’t decide if he loved or hated it.

Just when Preston thought he could hold his breath no longer, David pulled him off his cock by his hair, saliva and precum trailing from Preston’s mouth.

“Looks like you got my cock good and wet, boy. I think it’s time to take things to the next level, and then I can show you how I got so big.”

Preston became terrified. He still didn’t understand how he had come to behave like this towards David. He did everything David asked up until that point. It was like his will was completely suppressed by overwhelming arousal.

“Wh-what can I do for you, sir?” asked Preston. Why was he egging his friend on now?

David arranged a gym towel on the floor and laid down on it on his back. He rested the back of his head in his hands, his manhood jutted obscenely into the air, throbbing. Preston, still kneeling on the floor, stared at it.

“You’re going to sit on that, boy. You’re going to ride me. Then everything will be clear.”

Preston’s desire to resist spiked. He already felt degraded enough after his friend had fucked his throat, now he was being asked to ride a cock. He had never done anything with any man before. He didn’t want to have anything shoved in there. “A-are y-you s-sure, s-sir?” Preston managed to say through his desire to obey.

David shot up, anger in eyes, “What was that boy?”

Preston’s willpower folded, and he was again submissive, “I meant to say, ‘Yes, sir.’”

David relaxed, “Good boy,” he said, “Get on it.”

Preston crawled over to his friend’s sizable cock. A respectable seven inches, about the same length as his own. Preston didn’t know how he was going to take such a thing for the first time, but against his own will he was eager to try. It was slicked up with saliva and precum and continued to throb as David peered up at him, watching him situate his hole above it.

Preston felt his heart pounding, half out of fear and humiliation, half out of total and utter arousal and excitement to please David. He lowered himself until he felt David’s cock-head press up against his hairy ass. Preston thought instinctively his sphincter would seize up, but instead he relaxed. He let out a sigh as he felt his hole expand around his friend’s dick.

David was all smiles. He placed a hand on Preston’s hairy muscular belly to assist him in lowering himself backwards onto his shaft. Inch after inch penetrated Preston’s asshole. Something he thought he would never allow to happen in his life. He was being penetrated by another man, and it felt good. Against all his wishes he knew deep down that he was enjoying the feeling of David entering him, and soon David was all the way in. Preston’s own cock was rock hard and leaking precum on David’s hairless abdomen. For a moment, Preston just sat there, eyes closed, taking deep breaths, trying both to accept and enjoy the feeling of knowing that not only had his friend just penetrated him, not only did he just let him do it, but he had lowered himself onto it until it was completely inside him.

“What are you waiting for, boy? Start riding,” commanded David.

Preston began to move his hips up and down. He grunted in pleasure as his friend’s cock thrust inside him each time. He closed his eyes in ecstasy as he began to bounce up and down faster on David’s cock, and somehow it felt like it was going deeper and deeper, and getting thicker too, and it was rubbing against his prostate. He could feel a bigger stream of precum leaking from his own cock.

“You like that, boy?” yelled David.

“Y-yes, sir!” moaned Preston, but on the inside, he was torn in two. He wanted so badly to stop, but he couldn’t. Besides the overwhelming urge to obey his friend, it genuinely felt good.

“Am I your friend, boy?” barked David.

“N-no, sir!” Preston knew the answer without thinking. He wanted to cry at admitting his friendship was over.

“What are you to me?”

“I’m your bitch boy, sir. Just a set of holes for you to fuck!” Preston was horrified by what he said, his hole began to feel stretched to its limits, but his cock throbbed and let out an even bigger stream of precum anyway.

“Good boy! Who am I to you?”

“You’re the alpha. You’re bigger and better than me. It’s my place to serve you!”

“Look at how much you’re leaking, boy! Look at how much you love getting fucked! You gave up those holes to me without any resistance didn’t you!”

“Y-yes, sir!” Preston still had his eyes sealed shut, enjoying his master’s enormous cock.

“You’ll give me more if I wanted, is that right, boy?”

“Y-yes, sir!” Preston didn’t know what that meant.

“You like how that big dick feels inside you, boy? Stretching you out?”

“Y-yes, sir!”

“Open those eyes and look at what I’ve taken to get that big dick!”

Preston was afraid. He didn’t want to look, but he couldn’t disobey his master. His eyes peeled slowly open, and he looked down at himself. Immediately he realized why it felt like he was leaking so much precum. He hadn’t been leaking more, he was producing the same amount, it only felt like more because his cock had shrunk to half its size. He now had a small four-inch prick instead of his eight-inch cock. He was riding another man’s cock, enjoying it, and his cock had become so small. How could he ever have the confidence to get another girl ever again?

“Oh fuck, sir, what did you do to me!?”

David smiled up at Preston with a big cocky grin, “I fucked your mouth, I fucked your ass, and while you rode me I was able to steal your cock size and add it to my own. That’s why I’ve gotten bigger, boy. I’ve developed the ability to absorb size from other men. Muscle, dick size, height, anything really. The treatment I’m taking gave me everything I need to make it happen.”

“Why did you do this to me, sir?”

“Because you pissed me off, and because I can, and because now you’ll shut up and be my bitch forever.”

“Please stop this, sir. Please, I’m your bro, your bud, since childhood!” Preston didn’t stop bouncing up and down on David’s dick.

“Go ahead and stop if you want, boy. I’m not holding you down. The more you fuck yourself on my cock the more size I’m going to take.” David was smiling menacingly at this point.

Preston tried to stop, he did, but he couldn’t. He continued to bounce up and down on David’s cock. He felt it increase in length and girth inside him, spreading him open, and he watched in terror as his cock shrank more and more. He just couldn’t stop even to leave with the cock size he had left. He was utterly broken. Soon he was left with only a nub, barely an inch long, hardly visible under his thick black bush.

“Don’t worry, boy. I think I’ll leave you with that much,” David menaced, “Guess you really will only be good as a set of holes for me from now on.”

David growled and thrust up deep inside Preston who let out a yelp. Preston could feel David’s cock erupt inside him, coating his insides in cum. This sent Preston’s own tiny cock over the edge as it shot a big load of its own.

“Get off now, boy, I’m done with you.”

Preston’s legs, though feeble from exhaustion, steadily and slowly pushed him up off David. He felt David’s enormous shaft pulling loose from his now thoroughly used ass. Inch after inch slid out until it flopped down reaching almost to David’s chest. After stealing so much of Preston’s size, David’s gigantic cock was now easily 14 inches long.

“Turn around so I can see what I’ve done, boy.”

Preston turned around, back facing David.

“Spread them cheeks.”

Preston obeyed.

“Fuck boy, I’ve turned that tight virgin hole into a proper cunt.”

Preston bashfully turned and stared at David’s cock in amazement. It absolutely dwarfed his tiny nub now. He asked in a frightened whisper, “Will you please give it back now, sir?”

David shot a glance as he rose, “What boy? Speak up.”

Preston was scared, but was forced to obey and speak louder, “You made your point, sir. May I please have it back now.”

David laughed, “No, no, boy. I’m gonna keep it for now as a reminder of your place in the world, but I’ll tell you what. You do as I say, and make me happy, and I might consider giving it back, but if any of the old Preston comes out and pisses me off. I’ll take something else, just like I took this,” he grabbed deflating cock and waved it around at Preston.

Preston’s heart sank. He felt trapped. He was horrified, but whatever David had done to him made it difficult to defy his new master.

They both got dressed in silence, and as they left Preston began to walk towards his car, but David stopped him.

“Where do you think you’re going? You’re coming home with me. We’re gonna have a lot of fun together. You and me in this next stage of our relationship.”

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