Emission transmission

by Cumguts

Big grey orc Burz gets a mysterious gift in the mail, and incidentally discovers that he might have a future career in streaming on a new kink website geared explicitly toward cum inflation enthusiasts.

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Part 1 Big grey orc Burz gets a mysterious gift in the mail, and incidentally discovers that he might have a future career in streaming on a new kink website geared explicitly toward cum inflation enthusiasts. (added: 18 Jun 2022)
Part 2
Part 3
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Part 1

Image by @ProllyPrime

Burz was giddy with excitement. He had a gift! From…someone! It didn’t matter who, really; he had been cruising on the other side of a gloryhole in the back of a bar a few days ago to sate his hunger for cum, and the guy that handed him a slip of paper with an email address through the hole could have been anyone, frankly. The important part was that Burz sleepily followed through the next morning, unquestioningly gave the guy his home address when asked, and the postal service had apparently done the rest. So now he had a gift!

He gleefully tore open the colorful wrapping on the fairly large package and found a sealed note sitting on top of a plain white box. When he opened it, the note simply said “A good stretch for your creamy cravings” on one side, with a complex-looking internet url on the other. When he took the lid off the box itself, he found a massive white buttplug.

Being an orc meant that Burz was a pretty big guy by default. His height alone was somewhere around 6′10″, and his broad shoulders and back paired well with his beefy, hairy arms to really sell his size compared to any average human, not to mention his uncommonly ashy grey complexion. He would cut an imposing figure, but alas, his otherwise soft chubby silhouette and usually-sleepy disposition put a stop to any intimidating first impressions. Most of his prodigious weight lay in his huge thighs, big grey butt, or round and wobbly gut…though it would be technically incorrect to say that his prodigious belly was strictly his weight. What most people assumed to be his fatty midsection was instead almost entirely cum, gallons of the sloppy white syrup filling out a belly that changed in size daily depending on how many guys Burz could find to fill it up. Today it was big enough to make the bottom of the bright green “Free Hugs!” shirt he’d slept in ride halfway up his gut and expose the dense black treasure trail that led into his bright, tightly-packed watermelon-print briefs that audibly strained at the seams to cover his fat ass.

What all this meant was that Burz was abig guy. So for him to look at a sex toy and immediately wonder if it was too big for him to sit on…well, that just meant that it really was gargantuan. Burz picked the ivory-colored plug up and rolled it around in his hands, examining it. The thing was easily three, maybe four times as thick as his muscular arm at the base, and was about as long from base to tip as the distance from his fist to his bicep. There was a hole at the top, too, just barely too small for him to fit one of his thick fingers inside. And…a switch at the bottom? Some kind of button that pushed in, but appeared to do nothing when he pressed it. There didn’t appear to be any kind of battery slot or anything either, so Burz put the humongous toy down for a bit and turned his attention to the slip of paper with the internet address on it.

He read it over again and scratched his exposed tummy idly, stopping for a second to close his eyes and hum contentedly to himself as he felt the warm white goop from last night slosh within his bulging belly, smiling blissfully as he reveled in the sensation. Just living with his big cumgut was like an eternal afterglow for him; was it any wonder why he was hopelessly addicted to the feeling? He really needed to get his fix for today, too…maybe “for your creamy cravings” meant this was supposed to help? It was worth looking into, anyways.

He sat down at the computer in his bedroom and carefully typed out the senseless jumble of letters and numbers. When he hit the enter key, the url changed to a page on the domain “blimpbelly.cum”, which would have made him do a double-take if the contents of the page itself weren’t already surprising enough. The page simply said “Welcome, Burz!” before launching into a rudimentary illustrated explanation.

Apparently this was a site for sexy camshows involving…bellies, it seemed like? Burz looked down at his own for a second, noting that he certainly had plenty of that (but maybe not enough just yet). He could stream and earn some cash through donations, and using the huge plug he’d received would apparently…somehow incentivize viewers to…make more frequent donations? The pictures were kind of unclear on what exactly was going on, and there wasn’t really any text to explain things in detail. It seemed like some of the viewers could have fleshlights that somehow interacted with the site, too…? It was all a little fuzzy, but when the images cleared away and Burz was presented with a simple “Would you like to start a cam show?” with basic Yes and No buttons, he almost immediately clicked Yes. He was between jobs right now, so a little extra cash couldn’t hurt. Plus, if this did somehow help his need for sticky jizz, then that’d just be two birds with one stone.

A little green light blinked to life on his mostly-unused webcam, and he soon saw himself on screen, blinking right back in mild surprise. The site had already set up everything for him, including a little chatroom off to the side of his stream video. He even had a single viewer already? How did–

  WadBlaster69: hey

  WadBlaster69: glad to see you got the box ;D

  WadBlaster69: you try it yet? lemme see

  WadBlaster69: i got the fleshlight to go with it and everything

  WadBlaster69: it hasn’t even gone on the market yet, so you’ll be one of our testers

A series of small beeps made Burz’s attention gravitate to the chatbox. He assumed this must be the guy from the other night. “Uh, not yet.”

  WadBlaster69: try it on for size, then. i’ll see if i can’t drum up some business for you while you do

“…Sure?” Burz was still somewhat caught off guard by all of this. He was definitely willing to play with his eternally sloppy hole for some easy cash, though. So hey, why not.


Part 2

Image by @paprika_boy

He picked up the enormous buttplug from its box on the floor, and turned the camera to face his bed where he put the plug down before climbing onto the mattress and turning his back to the camera. He couldn’t see the screen from this position, but he heard a couple more message-chimes from the chatroom, so…someone was watching, at least. He shook his beefy butt a little before sliding his cute and colorful watermelon briefs down over the vast expanse of his thick grey ass. He winced a little when he heard another seam pop, lamenting the loss of yet another cute pair of underwear, but decided to leave the cloth stretched between his meaty thighs instead of taking them all the way off.

Burz pulled his slightly-fuzzy cheeks apart and positioned his puffy, shiny, wet asshole over the tip of the titanic toy, groaning under his breath as his well-used black donut opened up a little and a small cascade of last night’s cum load gushed onto shiny white rubber. Using his hard-earned hoard of slippery jizz as lube, Burz slowly sat down on the tip of the phenomenally huge toy. Burz was no stranger to massive cocks, and his hole stretched effortlessly as he moaned and slid down the thing. Until, that is, he reached the point where about three quarters of the toy was inside him. His hungry hole twitched and throbbed around the intrusion, and Burz groaned needily as he forced more of his weight behind the intent to push it farther inside him.

Looking over his shoulder as he panted, Burz could just barely make out that the chatroom on his stream had exploded with activity. His viewer count had gone up to 20 people watching, and the last few messages alone were horny dudes cheering him on to fit a plug that was maybe wider than an oil drum inside his fat ass. Burz sat down a little harder and gave a thumbs up at the camera, grinning for only a second as his puffy anal ring finally passed the widest point of the plug, and the entire rest of it pushed effortlessly inside him. His smile of assurance was replaced by an open-mouthed moan loud enough to make the windows rattle, his tongue flopped to one side as his eyes screwed up for just the briefest of seconds.

When he was done catching his breath after his moment of bliss, he turned back toward the camera and sat on his knees with his legs spread wide, one hand idly rubbing and playing with his hairy belly. “Uh, what now?”

  Cumpipe280: the button!!!!

  WadBlaster69: push the button

  Bellybulgexx: hit the switch, i have $$$ ready

  WadBlaster69: that’s all

Burz dutifully reached beneath the base of the huge insertion and felt around for the small circular switch he had seen earlier, pushing it in and almost immediately reeling in pleasure as the utterly gigantic plug began to vibrate inside him. It wasn’t particularly powerful, but the toy was so huge that Burz sure as hell could feel it buzzing against his partially-crushed sweet spot. He threw his head back and groaned loudly, almost completely drowning out the new, different little chime noise that his computer made. Burz read the notification to himself while making short, breathy half-moans: apparently someone had donated ten bucks his way. He didn’t even have time to say “thanks” on camera before the plug made a single high-pitched beep.


The toy’s vibrations came in pulsing intervals now, but more notable was the fact that the hole in the top was gushing a surprising amount of hot, sticky, unmistakable semen into Burz’s greedy gut. He bit his lip and groaned slightly, putting one hand on his swelling belly as he used the other to steady himself in his kneeling position. His gut didn’t push out all that much, considering how big it was to begin with, but somehow those ten dollars had added almost a whole gallon of viscous, gluey jizz to his wobbly gut. The plug gave two short beeps to signal that it was finished, and Burz looked up at the camera, face positively beaming now that he’d made the connection. “Holy shit,” he said aloud to himself as he shook his belly with his hand where the camera could see. He was about to ask for a repeat, but a couple people in chat cut him off by donating $5 each, and with a beep the plug started to pump cum into him again.

Burz didn’t know where it was coming from or how this was working, but he frankly didn’t care. He just wanted “M-mooore, uuuungh…!” He started to bounce on his knees a little, pushing what little of the plug that he could in and out of his ass as if it were a proper cock to be milked. The 50-man stream audience seemed to like the way it made his slowly growing gut wobble and slosh, though, because soon Burz’s plug beeped again with a handful of much higher donations, two $20 rounds that made Burz’s sticky hole twitch just thinking about it.

Kneeling on the bed as he was, it didn’t take long for his swelling belly to ripple and bloat its way down his enormous thighs. Using both hands now, he squeezed and kneaded the increasingly heavy bulge as it inched closer and closer to his knees and the mattress, groaning while he closed his eyes and continued to rock back and forth on the still-vibrating plug lodged in his ass. Just as his belly stopped shy of the brightly colored bedspread, the plug beeped twice to signal that it was done with the first $20 load, and then once more to signal the start of the next one.

Burz was in heaven. He groaned and whined as his belly filled with more and more cum, pushing his hands farther apart as he squeezed the sides of his soft, fuzzy gut and moaned for more cum. He loved how full and heavy his belly felt like this, and he could never get over the way it just wobbled and sloshed as load after viscous load poured into him. There was a now-familiar beep from the plug, and he decided to take this moment in between loads to change position. He rolled over with some effort, biting his lip and muffling a groan as his eyes rolled upwards for a second again, the pressure in his overstuffed gut almost pushing him over the edge on its own. He was laying on his growing belly now, his arms cradling it beneath him as it propped up the upper half of his body entirely without needing help from his arms. His hugely thick thighs and fat grey ass were on full display too, as he positioned himself on the bed at an angle where the stream could see all of him at once. With the way his body weight was perched on his gut, it pushed the crest of his belly up to meet his bulky chest. He reached back with one hand and manually pushed the plug in and out of his ass, moaning out “Please, fill my ass with an ocean of your cum!”, his face contorting into an open-mouthed expression of cum-hungry glee as he begged for more sloppy jizz. He couldn’t have known that would be the start of a small chain reaction with big consequences.

A short series of chimes drew Burz’s gaze away from the camera and to the screen for a second where he saw a pair of messages:

  Growr+Showr: you asked for it, fatass. ;D

Site Moderator   Growr+Showr is using a Blimpbelly patented Emission Transmission Fleshlight to send you some liquid love!


Burz stared dumbfounded through half-lidded eyes and a sex-addled expression, until the result hit him like a liquid freight train. Whoever this guy was, he must be huge. The first blast of sticky jizz that burst from the buttplug came through hard enough to almost knock the wind out of Burz, leaving him slightly gasping for air as actual pounds were added to his belly. The following blasts came through just as hard and heavy, some of it even escaping the other end as Burz coughed and spluttered his way around a couple mouthfuls of cum. It ran down his chin and out his nose in sticky dribbles, slugs of it dripping onto his “Free Hugs!” shirt where it bunched up against the rising shelf of his belly.

Burz’s gut was very quickly becoming more than double the size it was before, a rotund mass of grey skin and sloshing cum that pushed out and up, growing slightly taller as it inched forward and out. It almost crested up to his neck, now. Burz’s belly was bigger than ever before, and it thrilled him to know that it was only going to get bigger. His steely cock throbbed and pressed into the underside of his cumgut, and just as he let out another bubbling, gurgling cummy moan, the plug beeped and the richest cumload of his life came to an end.

Or so he thought.

  Growr+Showr: heh, all that belly just makes me wanna push it farther

  Blueballs77: fuck yeah

  Growr+Showr: and then squeeze it and watch all that jizz squirt back out

  Cumpipe280: p l e a s e

  WadBlaster69: fuck!

Site Moderator   WadBlaster69 is using a Blimpbelly patented Emission Transmission Fleshlight to send you some liquid love!


Part 3

Image by @ProllyPrime

Burz groaned at the thought of another huge load like the last. He remembered how this guy had been the one to give him the most cum that night in the back of the bar. He didn’t even care if he got no money out of it, he just looked forward to getting another huge wad of jizz pushed into him.

Site Moderator   WadBlaster69 is multiplying their Emission Transmission with a $100 donation! That’s a lot of love!

Calculating volume…


  Sloppy2nds: holy fuck

  Growr+Showr: haha, you tryin’ to one-up me?

Burz didn’t even have time to think before the absolute flood of cum filled his body. The blast of cum hit him so hard that half a gallon of the tar-thick mess sprayed from Burz’s mouth for a few moments, until he managed to keep it down, though the splattering of cum across the top of his belly was evidence enough of what he’d spilled. The plug was gushing so hard and so much that cum was actually splashing back out of his ass. Not even the absurd circumference of the plug was enough to keep this much cum at bay. Burz’s puffy asshole twitched and throbbed as load after load escaped his hungry donut, spraying gallons and painting the walls behind him white. His fat grey asscheeks became a sticky mess in mere seconds, and then progressed into becoming a sloppy white mire of jizz surrounding a poorly-plugged geyser that threatened to burst at any moment.

None of the escaping cum diminished the effect it was having on his gut, though. From the first shot of jizz, his gut absolutely exploded out in front of him, even pushing him up into an upright kneeling position again as the top of the swelling mass very quickly sloshed higher than his head. Burz arched his back and gave another burbling cum-muffled moan, jizz spraying from both ends again as his belly began to spill off the other end of the bed.

Burz was so wrapped up in the feeling of being so full so fast that he didn’t even notice when his cock throbbed and plastered the underside of his jizzbelly with his own comparatively meager load of cum. Burz’s eyes rolled up one last time as he gurgle-moaned again, his overly-distended belly spreading across the floor as the chat cheered him on.

  Growr+Showr: holy motherfuck, you win

  Bellybulgexx: he’s still going!

  Jizztank: god i wish that was me

  Seamen228: somebody give him more!

  DonutFiller: go go go!

Warning! Approaching volumes that may leave user in danger of property destruction. Please cease use of Blimpbelly patented Emission Reception Buttplug.

  WadBlaster69: uh oh. this might end in a sec

Burz’s belly was starting to block his view of the room in front of him. The camera feed was slowly being overtaken by wobbling grey gut, and Burz himself had been pushed back a few feet by his belly. Which meant that he couldn’t see the warning that flashed onscreen.

Burz’s belly grew bigger and bigger, his hands pushing into the taut-but-squishy expanse, the crest of his belly almost hitting the ceiling, his lightly-furred ass still covering itself and anything behind it in an avalanche of sticky cum, more and more and more cum filling him seemingly without end as he moaned and begged and gurgled for more…until it all stopped abruptly.

Burz’s utterly gargantuan belly had pushed up against his desktop computer and weighed down the power button long enough to shut it all down. Burz panted for a second while the plug gave a long beep to indicate that it was powering down without a connection. He whined for a second, unsatisfied that such a goldmine of his favorite gloopy, gloppy, sloppy substance had come to such a sudden end. He reached back and adjusted the plug in his ass, the enormous white intrusion squelching slightly as huge glob of cum splattered out of his hole and against his arm, plastering it in white tar.

Oh, well. He let the moment pass, and hummed happily to himself as he caressed his utterly monstrous hill of a midsection. His hands sunk into the soft flesh deeply and he could feel the countless gallons of gluey gunk churning inside him with every little squeeze and press. It was almost enough to get him off again. He’d probably be making pretty frequent use of this site from now on, although…there was nothing like the feeling of a fat cock sliding in and out of his hole…

Maybe next time he’d bring a friend onto the stream with him. Yeah, and then he’d have someone to give him belly rubs afterwards! And sticky cuddles.

Good plan, Burz thought to himself before falling asleep just like that, leaning into his soft, warm, wobbling, room-filling mess of a massive cumgut.

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