by NBCK99

Cameron Rhodes is the unwitting subject of a computer program that can hack into the very fabric of reality. How much will he change, and will he ever discover the truth?

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Subject: Cameron Rhodes
Settings > Clothing > Shirt
Shirt: [disabled]
Retroactive? Yes

Cameron was doing his best to pay attention to his history professor’s lecture, but suddenly he looked down at himself. Hadn’t he been wearing a shirt? He saw only his bare, pale chest. Now why did that seem strange? Of course Cameron didn’t wear shirts. Why would he even think about wearing a shirt?

Cameron returned to his notes. He needed to focus on the lecture. As the professor droned on, Cameron forgot all about his momentary panic. By the end of class, he didn’t remember anything strange happening at all.

After class, Cameron went to the quad to hang out with some friends. They were all wearing shorts and t-shirts. Cameron kind of thought it was weird that they all wore shirts when it was so warm out, but he didn’t want to judge. No one ever judged him for not wearing a shirt, so why would he judge them for the clothes they wore?

After Cameron hung out with his friends, he decided to head back to his dorm room to drop his things off before he went to the dining hall for dinner. When he opened the door, he saw that his roommate, Daniel, was sitting at his desk, staring intently at his laptop screen. Daniel was a software engineering major, and he spent most of his time working on his computer. He was always very focused on what he was doing, and Cameron had learned not to bother him.

As Cameron walked into his room, Daniel suddenly looked up and turned to face Cameron. He looked Cameron up and down, as if he was studying him. “You’re... you’re not wearing a shirt,” he said.

“Of course I’m not,” Cameron said. He was a little confused by the simple, obvious observation. Daniel could sometimes miss noticing things when he was absorbed in his work, but surely it would have been far more shocking if Cameron’s chest was covered up. “Why would I wear a shirt?”

“It worked...” Daniel murmured.

“What did?”

“Nothing,” Daniel replied. “It’s nothing. Never mind.”

Cameron shrugged and began to unpack his backpack. He almost asked Daniel if he wanted to come to the dining hall with him, but he decided against it. He knew Daniel got very absorbed in what he was doing, so he didn’t want to disturb the studious computer geek.

Cameron had dinner with a couple guys from his dorm. They asked how things were going with his girlfriend, who he had recently started dating. “She’s great,” said Cameron. “We’re going out again this weekend. A band she really likes is playing at the Jam.” The Jam was the local music club, and it owed its success to the college students who flocked to it on weekends.

“Cool,” said one of the guys. “You think you’re gonna get lucky after the show?”

“Ha! Maybe,” said Cameron, laughing. He wasn’t the most confident guy, so he was trying to take things slow with her. He didn’t really expect anything to happen. She was very nearly out of his league.

Subject: Cameron Rhodes
Settings > Body > Physique
Physique: Mesomorph, Muscular
Retroactive? Yes

“How could she resist me?” asked Cameron. He flexed his arms, showing off his toned muscles. “I’m a total catch.” He was mostly joking, but he was a little vain. What was the point of putting so much work into his body if he couldn’t show off and be proud?

“Dude, you’re right,” his friend said. “I bet she’s just dying to get her hands on you.”

Cameron laughed and his friends laughed with him. His friends asked for dating tips since he was a bit of a ladies’ man. In truth, Cameron hadn’t dated all that much, but his air of confidence made them feel like he had all the answers. Eventually he finished his dinner and headed back to his room.

When Cameron got back to his room, Daniel was still sitting at his desk. The smaller man looked up when Cameron came in. Daniel’s eyes roamed up and down Cameron’s body, taking in his physique. Daniel hadn’t come out to Cameron, but he was obviously gay, and he did a really bad job of hiding his attraction to his roommate. Cameron didn’t swing that way, but he didn’t mind Daniel checking him out. He found it flattering, actually.

Cameron thought about how lucky he was that no one expected him to wear shirts. He loved showing off his body. He had always been athletic, and he loved working out and maintaining his physique. And since he didn’t wear shirts, his muscles were on constant display. It made him feel sexy.

Daniel’s eyes met Cameron’s, and his cheeks flushed red. He quickly looked back down at his computer screen. “Hey, Cam,” he said. “Can I talk to you for a minute?”

“Sure,” said Cameron. “What’s up?”

“I’ve been thinking,” said Daniel. “You work out a lot, right?”

“Yeah, I love working out.”

“And you’ve always been kind of muscular. Right?”

“Yeah,” Cameron said. “Ever since I hit puberty, I’ve been able to build muscle pretty easily. I just have the genes for it, apparently.”

“Have you ever thought about getting... bigger?” asked Daniel. “You know, bigger than you are now?”

“Not really,” said Cameron. “I mean, I’ve got a lot of muscle, but I’m glad I’m not too bulky.” He could probably be a bodybuilder type if he wanted to, but that wasn’t really his thing. It was enough that he had six-pack abs and noticeable pecs that were always on display. That was enough to attract the ladies.

Daniel seemed to still be listening, but he’d gone back to typing furiously, messing around with whatever programming project he was working on.

Subject: Cameron Rhodes
Settings > Lifestyle > Hobbies
Add hobby: Weightlifting
Settings > Lifestyle > Habits
Add habit: Bulking
Retroactive? No

“You really haven’t thought about it at all?” asked Daniel.

Cameron paused to really think about it. He had never really considered getting bigger. But now that he was thinking about it... why not? Why not try to get bigger? He had the right body type to do it. His workout buddies always told him he could easily get big if he really wanted to. And he did enjoy lifting weights when he worked out. Maybe he should focus more on bulking up. After all, his workout routine was getting a little stale. Maybe a change of pace would be nice.

“You know, it’s funny,” said Cameron. “I never used to want to bulk up, but now that you’ve mentioned it... I think I would enjoy it.”

“Seriously?” asked Daniel.

“Yeah,” said Cameron. “I’ve been looking for a reason to switch up my workout routine, and this could be exactly what I need.”

“Oh, man,” said Daniel. “That’s so great!”

Cameron wasn’t really sure why his very un-athletic roommate cared about his workout habits, but he didn’t really question it. The wheels were already turning in Cameron’s mind, thinking up his new plan. He would change his eating habits to make sure he got enough calories and protein. He might put on a little excess weight, but that was fine. He’d eat big and lift heavy, and he’d see results soon enough.

Cameron went to the gym the next day, and he started by hitting the weights. He lifted heavier than usual, and he felt the burn in his muscles as he exerted himself. His new workout routine felt even more satisfying than he expected. He had a renewed passion for working out and lifting, and he was excited to see what it could do for him.

Before long, the weekend rolled around. Cameron and his girlfriend went to the Jam together. Cameron didn’t really know the band they were seeing, but his girlfriend was really into them, and Cameron was happy to go along with whatever she wanted.

Subject: Cameron Rhodes
Settings > Sexuality
Sexuality: Homosexual
Retroactive? Yes

Cameron’s boyfriend had assured him that the band was awesome, so Cameron was looking forward to it. But mostly he was looking forward to spending time with his boyfriend, Marco. Marco was very cute and sweet, and Cameron loved going out with him. Cameron was far larger than Marco, both in height and in build. Marco was only a couple inches over five feet tall, and he was much skinnier than Cameron. He had a boyish face and beautiful thick, dark hair that fell to his shoulders.

Cameron was always attracted to guys who were smaller than him. It was one of the many reasons he and Marco were so compatible. They also liked similar music, so they always had something to talk about. Cameron hadn’t been out for long, and Marco was his first boyfriend. Marco was always reassuring him and supporting him, like when he helped Cameron come out to his gym buddies. It felt good to have someone who understood him and accepted him the way Marco did.

Cameron and Marco went to the Jam together, and they ordered drinks at the bar. Then they went to find a good spot to watch the band. The openers were decent, but the main act was great. Cameron could see why Marco liked them so much. Cameron was still getting used to going out with a guy, but he got into the moment and started dancing with Marco.

When the show was over, Cameron and Marco headed back to Cameron’s dorm. They were both a little tipsy, but neither of them wanted the night to end. Unfortunately, both Cameron’s and Marco’s roommates were going to be home, so they couldn’t really do anything too intimate.

When they got back to Cameron’s dorm room, Daniel was on his computer as usual. Cameron called out to him as he came in.

“Hey, Daniel,” he said.

“Hi, Cam,” said Daniel. He looked at Marco and froze. “Uh... hi, Cameron’s boyfriend,” he said awkwardly.

“You forgot my name already?” asked Marco, laughing.

“No, I just...” Daniel stammered.

“Relax,” said Marco. “I’m just joking around.”

Cameron laughed. His roommate was so funny when he was frazzled. In some ways, he was a stereotypical absentminded nerd, but it was rather endearing. “Don’t worry, Daniel,” he said. “Marco knows you’re bad with names.”

“Marco. Right,” said Daniel. “So... how long have you two been together, again?”

“It’ll be three months next week,” Marco said, going up on his tiptoes to give Cameron a peck on the cheek..

“Wow, time flies,” said Daniel.

“I know, right?” Cameron added. “I feel like I just came out, and now I’ve been dating a guy for months.”

Marco smiled up at his man and squeezed Cameron’s hand. “Hey, guys,” he said, “I’m going to head out so you two can get some rest.”

“Aww,” said Cameron. “Are you sure?”

“You don’t have to go,” Daniel told him. “I don’t mind if you stay.”

“I don’t want you to feel like a third wheel,” Marco responded. He was always so sweet and aware of others. That was part of why Cameron like him.

“Oh, I’m too focused on this programming project to really pay attention to you guys anyway,” Daniel said. He started typing again, but he briefly looked up at Marco. “Hey, this is really random, but what’s your last name again?”

“Rivera,” said Marco.

Subject: Marco Rivera
Settings > Clothing > Shirt
Shirt: [disabled]
Settings > Clothing > Pants
Pants: [disabled]
Settings > Personality
Add traits: Exhibitionist, Flirtatious
Retroactive? Yes

As usual, Marco was standing around wearing only a tiny pair of red briefs. Cameron didn’t know where his boyfriend found the courage to wear such small undergarments, but it was a constant source of amusement for Cameron. Somehow Marco could get away with wearing almost nothing in public, and no one seemed to mind.

Marco turned to Daniel and said, “Oh, I know you pay attention to us. I’ve seen you checking me out.”

Daniel’s eyes went wide. He didn’t answer, but he didn’t deny it, either.

“I don’t mind,” Marco told him. “And I doubt Cameron minds, either.”

Cameron laughed. “Nah, I’m cool with it,” he said. “Everyone stares at Marco, right?”

“That’s what I get for only wearing underwear,” Marco added with a chuckle.

“Yeah,” said Cameron. “I mean, you can’t really blame people for looking.”

Daniel chuckled uncomfortably.

“Come on, Daniel,” said Marco. “I don’t mind if you stare. In fact, I encourage it.” A wicked grin spread across Marco’s face. “Maybe I should stay after all. Cam and I could show you a thing or two.”

“Marco!” said Cameron, laughing. “Stop it!” But he was secretly a little bit excited by the idea. Cameron had known what he was getting into when he started dating Marco. Marco was flirty and shameless, and he encouraged Cameron to show off his body and be sexually adventurous. He’d really gotten Cameron out of his shell, but Cameron knew Marco really wanted him to let out his wild side.

“What?” Marco asked innocently. “Daniel’s interested, aren’t you, Daniel?”

Daniel was bright red, but he nodded.

“See?” said Marco.

Cameron was laughing, but he felt his cheeks start to turn pink. Marco’s comment had made him a little horny. And, truthfully, he was tempted. It would be a little strange, since Daniel was his roommate, but he was willing to explore the idea of getting physical with Marco in front of someone else. Daniel obviously thought they were both hot, and the attention was getting Cameron worked up.

Cameron made up his mind. He planted his hands on Marco’s hips and pulled him close. He leaned down and gave Marco a deep, passionate kiss. Then he broke the kiss and looked over at Daniel. “Did you like that?” he asked.

Daniel had finally turned away from his computer screen, and he was staring at the two of them with wide eyes. He nodded wordlessly.

“How about this?” Cameron said, stepping forward so that his crotch was pressed up against Marco’s. Marco let out a moan, and Daniel bit his lip. Cameron kissed Marco again, and he started grinding against the smaller man. He was rock hard in his tight jeans, and he could feel Marco’s bulge pressing against him. Cameron never would have done anything like this in front of someone else before he met Marco. But Marco brought out a side of him that he didn’t know he had.

It seemed that Daniel didn’t know what to do with himself. He just watched in awe as Cameron and Marco made out in front of him. Cameron could see the tent in Daniel’s pants, and he knew that Daniel was getting turned on by what he was seeing. The poor guy seemed stunned but also thrilled by the situation. Finally he found his voice.

“I… I didn’t know it would be so effective,” Daniel whispered.

“Effective?” asked Cameron. “What are you talking about?”

Daniel started babbling. “I mean, first I hoped that if you had more muscle, you might be more confident. And if you were driven to get bigger, you might be even more excited to show off your gains. I didn’t really expect you to have a boyfriend, but then I figured if he was flirty and practically naked and an exhibitionist, maybe you would get into it as well. But I never dreamed... I mean, the two of you are deliberately turning me on...”

Cameron didn’t really know what Daniel was talking about. Everything Daniel had said sounded true enough. He did want to get bigger, and he did love showing off his body. And Marco’s exhibitionism had rubbed off on him. Had Daniel been secretly hoping for something like this to happen?

“How long have you been fantasizing about this?” Cameron asked.

Daniel hesitated. “That’s... a more complicated question than you realize,” he said.

“Explain it to me,” said Cameron. “Tell me what you’ve been thinking about.”

“I... I’ve wanted you for a long time,” said Daniel. “But this particular fantasy came to me when I met Marco.”

“Oh?” asked Cameron.

“I... I figured... if I can’t have you to myself, I might as well enjoy watching you together,” said Daniel. “I guess I’m lucky that you’re both so open-minded,” he said with a shaky laugh.

“I knew it!” Marco cried triumphantly. He had told Cameron weeks ago that Daniel probably fantasized about them together.

Cameron smiled and said, “We were wondering when you were going to come out to us. You’re always checking us out.”

“It’s... kind of hard not to,” Daniel said sheepishly. “I wish I could just turn the clothing settings all the way off.”

“Is that programmer speak for ‘I’d like to see you naked?’” Marco asked.

“Uh... yeah,” Daniel replied. “I guess that’s what I meant.”

“I would be happy to oblige,” said Marco, “but that might be a bridge too far for my dear Cam.”

“Yeah,” Cameron said. “I’m not ready to go that far. And to be honest, all this talking kind of killed the mood.”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” said Daniel, looking abashed. “I didn’t mean to ruin the fun. Once I start talking, it’s hard for me to stop.”

Cameron was well aware of his roommate’s lack of a filter when he was excited or nervous, and he didn’t want to make Daniel feel bad. “No, it’s okay,” he said. “I was kind of getting tired anyway. But, uh, now that everything’s out in the open, we can see where things go, right?”

Marco grinned, saying, “You know my answer.”

Daniel was looking nervous again, but he nodded. “I think I would like that,” he said quietly. “But for now, I just got a flash of inspiration for a project I’m working on, so I’m going to get back to it.”

He turned back to his computer, and Cameron and Marco snuggled up together on Cameron’s bed.

“Well, that was unexpected,” Cameron quietly said with a chuckle.

“I knew he wanted it,” said Marco. “I was a little more surprised that you were so eager. But I thought you might be up for something like that given the right circumstances. I think it was a win-win situation. We all enjoyed ourselves.”

“Yeah,” Cameron agreed. “It was actually pretty hot.”

“I knew you’d like it,” Marco told him. “You’re not nearly as vanilla as you pretend to be.”

“No, I guess I’m not,” said Cameron. “I’m glad you introduced me to a wider world of possibilities.”

“You’re welcome,” Marco purred. He rested his head on Cameron’s muscular chest.

“Are you going to stay over?” asked Cameron.

“Of course,” his boyfriend replied. The two cuddled for a little while before going to sleep.

Subject: Marco Rivera
Settings > Clothing
Clothing: None
Retroactive? No

Subject: Cameron Rhodes
Settings > Personality
Personality filter: Himbo
Retroactive? Yes

When Cameron woke up the next day, Marco was still fast asleep. The larger man wrapped his arms around his boyfriend, who was sleeping peacefully on top of him. Cameron took a minute to admire how adorable Marco looked when he was sleeping. He brushed his fingers through Marco’s soft hair, and Marco stirred. The small, slim man opened his eyes and smiled up at Cameron.

“Good morning, cutie,” said Cameron.

“Hey,” Marco murmured into Cameron’s chest.

“How’d you sleep?” Cameron asked.

“Pretty good,” Marco replied. “You’re a comfortable pillow.”

Cameron grinned and flexed his pecs. “These babies aren’t just for show,” he said. “They’re just the right size for my little man to lay his head on.”

Marco laughed and said, “You’re such a dork.”

Cameron feigned indignation. “I’m not a dork, I’m a total beefcake!” He bounced his pecs again.

Marco descended into a fit of giggles. “Yes, yes, you’re a huge manly man. I get it.”

“Damn straight!” Cameron said. He started making muscleman poses as he laughed along with Marco.

Cameron knew people saw him as a dumb jock, and he leaned into it. He had always been a bit of an airhead, and he did love working out and showing off his muscles. And also had a tendency to use words like “dude” and “bro.” But Marco saw past that and brought out different sides of his personality. Cameron had never realized he was a sappy romantic until Marco came along.

Cameron glanced at the clock and said, “Shit, I oughta be at the gym in half an hour.” He reluctantly unwrapped himself from Marco and said, “I need to get up and get dressed.”

“Aww, I was enjoying my sexy man-pillow,” said Marco.

“Sorry, baby,” Cameron responded, kissing Marco on the forehead. “I’ll make it up to you later.”

“You’d better.” The smaller man crawled out of bed and stretched. Cameron could have sworn that Marco was wearing his red briefs when he went to bed, but now he was completely nude.

“Dude,” Cameron whispered, “Daniel is right there!” He jerked his head toward Daniel’s bed.

Marco shrugged. “I don’t feel like wearing clothes today,” he said. “Besides, if he wants to check out my body, I’m not going to stop him.”

Cameron thought it was a bit strange that Marco was so casual about walking around naked. But maybe it wasn’t that weird, considering the amount of time Marco spent in his underwear. And Cameron somehow felt certain that no one would object to seeing Marco without clothes. Cameron himself didn’t wear very much either. He’d never even owned a shirt, and ever since he met Marco, he had covered up less and less.

As Cameron got ready to go to the gym, he put on his standard workout outfit: long white socks, a jockstrap, and tiny pair of athletic shorts. His shorts were cut so low that his jockstrap was visible over the waistband, and they were so tight that his bulge was blatantly on display.

Marco admired Cameron’s physique while the muscular man was getting ready. “Damn, Cam, you look hot today,” he purred.

“You look pretty hot yourself,” Cameron replied. He always took every opportunity to complement his little man’s body.

Marco smiled. “Why thank you, kind sir,” he said. “Now come here and kiss me.”

Cameron bent down and kissed Marco tenderly. He loved how far he had to bend to kiss his boyfriend. Cameron was well over six feet tall, and Marco was barely five foot two. The contrast in their height was part of the reason he felt so protective over Marco. Cameron was the big guy, and he wanted to make sure that his tiny boyfriend was always safe and protected.

As Cameron headed out the door, he glanced at his sleeping roommate. Daniel had probably stayed up way too late working on his project. Whatever he had been working on was evidently very important to him. Cameron just hoped that Daniel was happy with the results.

Cameron loved showing off his body at the gym, and he made the most of every opportunity. He lifted weights and ran on the treadmill, and he did it all with his shorts hanging dangerously low on his hips. Cameron could see guys checking him out, and he loved it. Cameron got the most attention from his lifting partner, Todd, who was almost as ripped as Cameron. Some of the other regulars jokingly referred to Cameron and Todd as the “muscle twins” because they were so close in size and appearance. They even had similar faces and haircuts.

Todd and Cameron had a workout routine that had evolved over the past few months. At the start of their workout, they would spot each other while lifting heavy weights. Then they would run on the treadmills side-by-side and chat. Todd always liked checking out Cameron’s bulge, and he would watch it bounce up and down as Cameron ran. Sometimes he would even comment on how hot Cameron looked.

Cameron’s mind kept drifting back to what had happened last night. He thought about how he and Marco had made out in front of Daniel, and how it had gotten Daniel worked up. Cameron wondered if Todd would be into something like that. The two of them had been friends for a long time, and Cameron knew that Todd was interested in him. They’d hooked up on a few occasions, back when Cameron was single. The two didn’t have any romantic feelings for each other, but messing around together just felt right.

“Hey, man,” Cameron said casually. “You wanna hang out at my place after this?”

Todd’s eyes lit up. “Really?” he asked. “I mean, yeah, sure. That sounds good.” He was obviously hoping it would be like old times.

“Awesome,” said Cameron. “Uh, my roommate will be there, and my boyfriend will probably still be there.”

Todd visibly deflated. “So no, uh, sexy funtimes?”

“I don’t know,” Cameron responded. “I think Marco might be up for it.”

“Ooooh,” said Todd. “So it’s like a threesome situation?”

“Yeah,” said Cameron. “If you’re interested. I mean, I think you’d like Marco.” While Todd and Marco hadn’t met, Cameron knew he and his friend both had a thing for compact, cute guys.

“I’ve been wondering if you were going to bring it up,” said Todd. “It’s been a while since we hooked up.”

“Yeah, I know. I wanted to focus on Marco. I’m still kinda new to the whole relationship thing. But we’re getting pretty intimate, and I think he’ll be happy I suggested it. He’s like, really adventurous. Dude, last night, he was about ready to start fooling around in front of my roommate.”

“He must be a lot more open than you are,” Todd said.

“Yeah,” Cameron replied. “But I think I’m starting to get there. I’m definitely open to trying new things. And I know you and I have good physical chemistry.”

“Hell yes, we do. If you and Marco are down, I’m game.”

“I’ll see if Marco is okay with it.”

“I can’t wait to meet him,” said Todd. “From everything you’ve said...”

Cameron grinned. He’d told Todd plenty about his hot little pocket-sized boyfriend. He was glad that Todd was excited about the idea of threesome. Marco had been right about Cameron—he wasn’t so vanilla after all. Last night had given him a taste, and he was already eager to go even further.

The two finished their workout and headed back to the dorms. Cameron texted Marco to ask if he and Daniel wanted to hang out. Marco replied that they would be happy to, but they might have to drag Daniel away from his computer.

Subject: Cameron Rhodes
Settings > Living Environment
Living environment: Dorm Room—Extra Large Suite
Add qualifier: Nudity required
Retroactive? Yes

Cameron led Todd to the newest, nicest dorm building on campus. It had a few suites that were only available by lottery. Each suite was the size of a small apartment, and they had their own bathrooms and kitchens. Cameron and Daniel had lucked out with their lottery win.

“Wow,” said Todd as they entered the building. “Dude, this is nice.”

“Right?” said Cameron. “I still can’t believe Daniel and I landed one of these. It’s so cool to have our own kitchen.”

“So what’s the story with your roommate?” asked Todd. “You said he’s a total nerd, right?”

“Yeah, I guess,” said Cameron. “He’s always working on some project on the computer. He’s super smart, though. Way smarter than me. And he’s kinda cute, in a nerdy kind of way.”

They made their way up to the suite. Daniel was sitting at his desk, hunched over his computer, wearing only his glasses. Marco was in the kitchen, making some coffee. His dick swung back and forth as he walked. Once Cameron closed the door, he quickly stripped off his own clothes and tossed them aside. He turned to Todd and said, “Dude, this is a clothing-free zone.”

“Oh, right,” Todd replied. He quickly shed his gym clothes and stood next to Cameron, naked and proud. Daniel turned to gawk at the two of them. He looked down at his own unclothed body and frowned.

“You okay, Daniel?” asked Cameron.

“I... I guess,” Daniel responded. “I’m just not used to being so exposed in front of people.”

Cameron laughed. “We’ve had the no clothes rule ever since we moved in!”

“And it’s a very good rule,” Marco added, wiggling his hips.

“You would be naked anyway,” Cameron pointed out.

“But...” Daniel paused, then shook his head. “No, you’re right. I’m a little surprised your friend adapted to it so quickly.”

“Hey, I’m not a rule breaker,” said Todd. “I’m happy to oblige if that’s what the man wants.” He pointed at Cameron.

Daniel kept looking back and forth between Cameron and Todd. “How did you find a gym buddy who looks so much like you?” he asked. “I didn’t even program... I mean, that’s a weird coincidence.”

“We met at the gym,” said Cameron. “You know how it is, bro. You spot each other on the machines, and then you hang out, and you realize that you have a lot in common.”

“You know, dude, they say that everyone has a doppelganger out there somewhere,” said Todd. “I never thought I’d meet mine at the gym.”

Daniel started muttering to himself as he often did. “I think it might be an effect of the filter. Maybe the system tried to reflect the character of the subject to create a match for his interests.”

Cameron stared at his roommate. “Dude, are you sure you’re okay?” he asked.

“I’m fine,” Daniel replied. “Just distracted. I’m sorry. So you two have been friends for a while?”

“Yeah,” said Cameron. “We met freshman year the first time we went to the campus gym.” He glanced at Marco. “We, uh, used to mess around back then.”

Marco didn’t seem fazed by Cameron’s admission. In fact, he was eying Todd up and down, taking in the sight of the muscular man. Cameron just smiled. His boyfriend definitely had a type. Get Marco in a room full of ripped muscles, and he was a goner.

Daniel seemed to notice the way that Marco was staring at Todd too. “Oh, uh, maybe I should leave you guys alone.”

“Nah, man,” said Cameron. “You can stay. Remember last night, when you were, uh, excited by our little show?”

“Um, yes,” Daniel said. “I was, uh, wondering if that would happen again.”

Cameron winked at his roommate, and Daniel blushed. He put a hand on Todd’s beefy chest and said, “Well, now you’ll be seeing double.” Marco stepped in between the two buff jocks, and they sandwiched him with their big, naked bodies.

Daniel’s cheeks turned a brighter shade of red as he watched the three men press their bodies together. Cameron watched as his nerdy roommate began stroking his cock almost without realizing it. He felt really good knowing he could turn the shy guy on so easily. He wanted Daniel to enjoy this just as much as the others.

Cameron and Todd kissed over Marco’s shoulder while the smaller man pressed himself against their naked bodies. Cameron was glad he was finally indulging his boyfriend’s kinks. Marco obviously loved being sandwiched between two beefy studs, and Cameron loved to make his boyfriend happy. And doing it all with a voyeur in the room was the icing on the cake.

Cameron, Marco, and Todd spent the next hour enjoying each other’s bodies. Cameron almost forgot that Daniel was watching them. But he occasionally heard his roommate sigh or moan. Cameron didn’t mind one bit, because it turned him on even more to know that Daniel was getting off while he watched them.

Cameron had forgotten just how similar he and Todd were physically. Their bodies were basically the same, right down to the size and shape of their dicks. Marco was in disbelief at Todd’s nearly-identical cock. He kept comparing the two, taking turns stroking or sucking or just holding them in his hands.

The three men took turns kissing and sucking and groping each other until they were all on the edge. Daniel actually came first just from watching the others, and his cum sprayed across his naked body as he jerked his cock. When the others heard him moaning, it drove them over the edge. The three came all over each other in a sticky, hot, beautiful mess.

“Hot damn,” Todd gasped when they were done. “That was awesome.”

“Yeah,” Cameron breathed. He looked over at his roommate, whose cum was still dripping down his chest. “Dude, did you enjoy the show?”

Daniel nodded, too spent to speak. He looked dazed, like he wasn’t entirely present.

“So, what now?” asked Marco. “Wanna go another round?”

Todd laughed and said, “You are a very energetic little guy.”

“He’s like the energizer bunny of sex,” Cameron joked. Daniel got a funny look on his face when Cameron said that, the same expression he wore when he was working on his computer. Cameron couldn’t help but wonder what was going on in the brain of his roommate.

“Well, I still have some stuff to do for school before the weekend’s over,” Todd told them. “But please tell me we’ll do this again.”

“Abso-fuckin’-lutely,” Cameron responded. “Any time, right Marco?”

Marco ran a finger through the cum on his chest and licked it clean. “Any time,” he echoed. He turned to Daniel. “And if you ever want to join...”

“I... I... Maybe,” Daniel said.

“Awesome,” Marco replied. “It’s settled, then.”

Todd cleaned up, got dressed, and headed home, but Daniel didn’t move from his desk chair. He turned right back to his computer, apparently ignoring the streaks of cum drying on his body.

Cameron watched as his roommate got absorbed in his work. Daniel looked more focused than Cameron had ever seen him, and he didn’t seem to even notice his roommate.

Cameron nudged Daniel and said, “Hey, dude. Are you gonna take a shower?”

Daniel blinked and looked at Cameron. “Oh, um, in a bit. If you and Marco want to shower first, that’s fine.”

Cameron shook his head. His roommate could get so wrapped up in his work sometimes. “We’ll let you work, man,” he said. “Just don’t forget to take care of yourself, ok?”

“Trust me,” Daniel said, sounding surprisingly serious. “I’m not forgetting about myself.” Cameron never heard his roommate use a tone like that. He didn’t understand, but he believed Daniel.

“Well, okay then, Cameron replied. He headed off to the shower, leaving Daniel behind to do whatever he was doing.

Subject: Marco Rivera
Settings > Body > Libido
Libido: Permanently turned on
Retroactive? Yes
Settings: Personality
Personality filter: Harem leader
Retroactive? Yes

Cameron was lucky that he had the privilege to shower with his boyfriend. Cameron didn’t really mind sharing Marco with the smaller man’s other boyfriends, but it was always special when he got to be alone with Marco.

When Cameron and Marco got out of the shower, they found Dan and a couple of Marco’s other boyfriends in the living room. The three muscle bros were all lounging around nude, waiting for Marco to come back out so that they could continue the fun from earlier. Marco was still rock hard as usual. Cameron didn’t think he’d ever seen Marco’s dick go soft, at least not for longer than a few minutes.

Cameron sat down next to Dan, who had already been his roommate before they started dating Marco. It was kind of uncanny how similar they looked, and how alike they acted. When Todd was with them, it was like having three of the same person.

“Dude,” Dan said when Cameron sat down. “You’re lookin’ hot, bro.”

“Yeah?” said Cameron. He flexed his bicep. “Ya think so?”

“You’re fuckin’ ripped, bro,” Dan said. “Your muscles are like, so sexy. The only thing hotter is our little man Marco.”

Cameron looked at Marco, who had sat down between Grant and Carlos, two of his other boyfriends. Marco was hard and leaking precum as usual. Carlos looked like he was ready to suck Marco’s dick, while Grant was just rubbing his naked, hard body against Marco’s back.

“Yeah,” Cameron said. “I love his little body. And I love how much he loves our bodies.”

“He sure has a type, doesn’t he?” Dan laughed. He gestured towards Grant and Carlos. “Gym bros, as far as the eye can see.”

Cameron laughed too. “Yeah,” he said. “He snagged every gay or bi jock on campus.” That was literally true. Every buff guy at the campus gym with even the slightest interest in men had fallen madly in love with Marco. And none of them even minded sharing him with the others. That was probably a little weird, but Cameron didn’t dwell on it. He just felt lucky that he and his roommate and their friends from the gym all got to share such a caring boyfriend. And tons of hot sex.

Marco interrupted the conversation, sounding oddly serious. It was rare for him to speak in anything but a flirtatious tone. “Dan,” he said, “what’s that on your computer?”

Dan glanced over at his laptop, which had some sort of complicated algorithm running on it. He stared blankly at it for a moment. “Dude, I don’t have a clue,” he said. “You think it might be a virus?”

“That’s what I was wondering,” said Marco.

Carlos piped up and said, “Looks like computer code.”

Grant raised an eyebrow. “Dude, what does a jock like you know about computer code?” he asked.

“My ex did computer shit,” Carlos explained. “He taught me some basic stuff. Not enough to understand whatever this is, but I don’t think it’s a virus.”

“I really don’t know how the hell it got on my computer,” Dan said. “I didn’t even download anything.”

Cameron believed his roommate. Dan was the epitome of a dumb jock. He was really bad with computers, and he only used his laptop for schoolwork and porn.

“I’m sure it’s harmless,” Marco assured Dan. “Just close it and forget about it, okay?”

“Right,” said Dan. “Forget about it.” He did as Marco asked, closing his laptop and going back to ogling the bodies of the naked men in his room.

For a split second, Cameron saw a ghost—another Dan who was skinny and nerdy and not at all like his big, beefy, muscle-bound roommate. Then the image was gone, and Cameron wasn’t sure he had ever seen it in the first place. And then he just saw his fellow muscle bros and their shared boyfriend, and everything was right with the world.

Cameron’s phone buzzed, and he saw a text from Todd saying he couldn’t concentrate on his schoolwork because he was too busy thinking about Marco and his muscle boys. Cameron knew exactly how Todd felt. Marco’s presence was almost intoxicating.

“Marco,” Cameron said, “Todd just can’t get enough of you today. He’s gonna come back over for more.”

Carlos grinned. “I’d better hurry up and suck this dick, then. Even Marco will need a couple minutes to recoup before he’s ready to go again.”

“A couple,” Marco agreed. “Give me exactly two minutes, and I’ll be raring to go.”

Cameron laughed, knowing that his boyfriend wasn’t even exaggerating. He watched as Carlos knelt before Marco’s huge cock and eagerly began licking and sucking the tip. Grant started making out with Marco, while Dan sat nearby and stroked his cock, clearly aroused by the sight of the two dudes making out with his boyfriend.

Cameron turned toward Dan, his roommate, near-doppelganger, and favorite co-boyfriend. Cameron’s mouth went dry as he took in the sight of Dan’s huge, muscular body, and his massive, throbbing cock, just like Cameron’s own.

“Dude, you gonna join me or what?” Dan asked.

Cameron didn’t need any more encouragement. He pressed his body against Dan’s and started making out with him. Dan kissed back enthusiastically, and the two men stroked their cocks together. When they weren’t kissing, they eagerly watched the other men go at it. Whenever they saw the other jocks take care of Marco’s needs, it made them that much hornier.

Before long, Cameron could feel himself on the edge. This was the life, he thought, as he jerked off his roommate with one hand and his own cock with the other. A hot, horny, permanently naked boyfriend; a roommate and a best friend who both looked just like him; and half a dozen other hot, muscular jocks ready to go at a moment’s notice. He couldn’t imagine his life any other way.

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