Dr. Engorgio

by TheSizeKing

A doctor known for growing his patients lets his fantasies run wild with a new client, Nick.

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Prologue A doctor known for growing his patients lets his fantasies run wild with a new client, Nick. (added: 24 Aug 2019)
Appointment 1
Appointment 2: The Preparation
Appointment 2  (added: 7 Sep 2019)
The Call
The Meeting
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Hi. I’m Doctor Mark Henry. I’m 33, and I specialize in all things big. You want bigger boobs? I’m your guy. You want a bigger butt? Come to me. And the one I get most often: Unhappy with the size of your penis? I’ve got the fix for you. I seem to have developed the nickname “Dr. Engorgio”. Pretty corny, I know, but I guess that means that my reputation is good.

Now, most of my patients don’t know that I’m gay, not that it should affect the way I do my job at all. But especially with the penis growth, I have to keep my urges under control. I’m a size queen, and it’s extremely tempting to go overboard with some of these men, especially the ones I’m attracted to. For the most part, I have done well with it.

Except for Nick.

Nick came to me because he had one of the smallest dicks I had ever seen. I’ve seen a lot of dicks in my job, and a lot of them have been small, but this poor kid took the cake. At best, he topped out at 2 inches erect and maybe an inch across. It was a shame, really. He had everything going for him. He had the face of a model. His blonde, flowing hair, piercing blue eyes, square jaw, and pearly white teeth were enough to make you catch your breath. He didn’t show it often, but underneath his tight clothing, he looked pretty jacked as well. He had spent more than his fair share of time at the gym, and it looked like it was paying off.

He just had this one thing that completely destroyed his confidence. That micropenis. He came to me for help, and let’s just say that my urges that are typically well suppressed got a little… out of control.


Appointment 1

Nick got to his initial appointment early about 20 minutes early. Poignancy, I like that. It was about midway through the afternoon when I got to see him, so by this point I had already had an unremarkable day of seeing a woman who wanted her second round of breast implants, six men who wanted a bigger penis, and one guy who wanted butt implants. Par for the course, I guess.

I walked into Nick’s room with his chart and I almost stopped talking altogether when I laid eyes on him. He was beautiful. He was looking down at his phone and smiled at me when I entered the room. I could feel my own dick starting to get hard in my pants, and I had to push those thoughts out of my head before it became extremely noticeable.

I cleared my throat and said, “H-hi Nick. Nice to see you.” Why did I have to stutter?

“Hey, doc! How’s it going!” He reached his arm up to scratch the back of his neck, and I watched his bicep tense up, showing how big and vascular it was.

And of course, all I could come up with was: “I’m swell.” Smooth.

Nick laughed a little and said, “That’s why I’m here, actually.”

“You get right to business, huh. I do have to ask you some preliminary questions before I do the exam and talk about our plan.”

I proceeded to ask him the same boring questions, like his age, any medication allergies, and family history that I need to know about. I asked him if he had taken any illegal substances, as it might affect his treatment, and he gave me a stern but playful look.

“You’re not the first person to think that I use steroids. I’m only 22, and most people my age aren’t this big. But I started hardcore lifting when I was 16 and I haven’t slowed down once. I only plan to get bigger too. I’m at 230 pounds an I would love to get close to 300 as quickly as possible!”

“I admire your dedication! I’ve always struggled with keeping a consistent workout schedule. I guess this line of work keeps me so busy that I don’t make enough time for it.”

“I worked out all through high school and college and made still managed to make good grades. I guess I just focused on school and the gym and nothing else. You might have to miss out on certain things in order for you to get what you really want. But anyway. No, I don’t take steroids and I don’t drink or take any drugs.”

“That good news! So depending on what your exam looks like, it seems like you’re a candidate for any number of our treatment options since there’s nothing in your system that could have a negative effect on your health. Why don’t you explain to me what you think is wrong and why you came to see me today.”

Nick paused, a little hesitant to share such personal information with the doctor he just met. He took a deep breath and began.

“I have a micropenis. It really diminishes my confidence, which is why I started lifting in the first place. I needed something to compensate for my lack of size down there. Whenever I get remotely interested in someone, the minute we get into bed to have sex, I can tell they have to stifle a laugh. They make up some excuse for why they have to leave right then and there, but I know the reason. No one wants to have sex with a big muscley guy who has a tic-tac for a dick.”

“Trust me, you are not the first and not the last patient to struggle with this. For your exam, I’m going to take measurements of your penis and testicles while you are soft, and then I will take measurements when you are erect. This will help us track your progress in your treatment. If you don’t mind, I need you to take off your pants and underwear so I can examine you.”

Nick hopped off the table and began to unbutton his jeans. I don’t know why, but I began to get excited. I have seen plenty of small penises, but his I was the most excited to see. I felt an immediate physical attraction to him the moment I set eyes on him, and no matter how small he was down there, I wanted to make him huge. His dick needed to match the rest of him: huge, and still growing.

He pulled his jeans down and showed that he was wearing a pair of boxer briefs that had the tiniest bump where his manhood was. It was kind of cute, to be honest. I could tell that his big, beefy ass was pulling the briefs tightly over his package, and he had little to show for it. He pulled his briefs down slowly, and I could tell he was embarrassed.

“See what I mean? It’s pathetic.” Nick turned his head to the side so he wouldn’t look me in the eyes. I felt bad for the guy.

“Do you have any problems with ejaculation or libido?” I had to stay professional.

“No, everything works just fine. It’s just on a much smaller scale than it should be.” I got some gloves on and grabbed a measuring device out of the drawer that was in the corner of the room.

“I’m going to measure the length, circumference, and width of your penis, as well as your testes. I then need to measure you while erect, so I will turn away while you do what you need to do to get yourself to that state and I will do those measurements.”

“Do what you need to do, doc.” I loved when he called me that. “I just want to start the treatments as soon as possible.” I grabbed his tiny dick between my fingers and gave it a gentle squeeze. He has no idea how much of a difference I am going to make for him, I thought. I placed the ruler at the base of his penis, noticing the veins that snaked up to his rippling eight pack abs. I held his penis out straight with two fingers, and spoke out loud the measurements and I progressed.

“1.25 inches long… a half an inch wide… and 2 inches around.” I saw him blush but proceeded to get his balls measured as well.

“All right, Nick, I’m going to turn around and input these numbers into your chart and you can do what you need to do to get erect.”

He hesitated, but then said, “No, that’s okay. I’ve been so used to it at this point, and it’s all going to change soon anyway, right?”

“I guess you’re right. Only do what you’re comfortable with.” I was slightly taken aback that he was so willing to get hard in front of me. Was he gay too? I wouldn’t get that lucky. Okay. Focus. It didn’t take him long to get hard. It was almost not noticeable. He had to take his pointer finger and thumb and kind of vibrate them back and forth. I guess that’s his form of jerking off. Poor guy.

“Okay. That’s as good as it’s going to get.” He was hardcore blushing now.

He measured out at 2 inches erect, 1 inch across, and 2 inches around. I didn’t have the nerve to tell him, even though I’m sure he was already well aware.

“Okay. Based on my assessment, you are a strong candidate for our Mega regimen. We have three others below it, but those don’t really do what… I think you need.”

“What do the others do for you? Sorry for all the questions.”

“No that’s okay! Most people don’t ask questions at all. So basically level one adds roughly an inch, level 2 adds 3, level 3 adds 5.” I wanted to keep suspense for Mega. That one’s fun.

“Okay… so does that mean the Mega one adds 7 inches?” That gleam in his eye. I can tell he wants it.

“Not exactly. This system is different than the others. It hasn’t been available long, and it’s only been tested out on a few subjects, so the consistency of results has not been set yet.” What I wasn’t telling Nick was that I was one of those test subjects. I wasn’t under-developed down there, but as I mentioned before, I’m a size queen. Let’s just say that I was above average before, and I haven’t found another man with a bigger dick than me. But we’re about to change that.

“So how do we know when the stop treatments?” So many questions.

“We stop until we’re satisfied with the results or until the medication stops working. Any other questions?”

“Yeah, one. Is it a pill or an injection? And how often do I need to do it?”

“Both good questions. They are pills, but they work almost immediately. You will experience small growth spurts for a couple of days after you take the pill. It’s important to only take one pill every 4 days. The only downside to that is that since this is a new regimen, I have to give you only one pill at a time, and you have to come back into the office to get the next one. That way we can monitor your progress with it.”

“Why should I only take one at a time?”

“We’ve had patients who have taken more than one at a time, and it doesn’t work. Plus, it makes you infertile. I don’t think you want that for yourself.”

He shook his head rather furiously. “That’s the last thing I want! I haven’t had sex in a long time and I want to be able to.”

“Well, here’s to hoping that this changes that for you.” I pulled out an individually wrapped pill and handed it to him with a small bottle of water that was also in the drawer. He started to pull his pants back up, but I stopped him.

“Don’t you want to watch it grow? Every one of my patients can’t get enough of watching themselves grow bigger.” I knew this was a risk being so forward with him, but I had to see if my suspicions about him were correct.

“I guess that’s a good point.” He unwrapped the pill with shaky hands and placed it in his hand. “It’s kind of small.”

“Small but mighty.”

He took one last look at his minuscule dick and balls and popped the pill in his mouth and took a long swig of water. After a loud gulp, his eyes were glued onto his dick with fierce intensity. He waited a few seconds and said, “How long does it—”

He stopped suddenly and looked up at me with a grin on his face. I knew it was starting to happen. The faintest stretching sound could be heard in the otherwise silent room. I looked down at his dick and saw that it was pulsing. With each heartbeat, his tiny cock was swelling outwards. New cock was being pushed out of his torso that didn’t exist there before, and it was swelling outward with each pulse. It didn’t take long, but it was a noticeable difference. Nick’s eyes were still locked on his own soft dick, unsure of what to do next. The then spoke without breaking eye contact, saying, “Is it done?”

“It seems like it. Now remember, there could be small growth spurts over the next couple of days, so don’t freak out. I want you to –”

“Can I measure it?”

“I’m sorry, what?”

“Can I measure it. I know that it’s grown a lot, but I need to know where it’s at now.” I had some nervous excitement about this. It meant that I would get to hold his dick and watch it get hard, but it also meant that I had to have my own growing monster concealed under my lab coat.

“Yes we can. Do you mind if I do it? Just to make sure everything is in order.”

“Yeah, do what you have to do.” His eyes were still glued on his dick. I noticed that it was actually able to lay on the examination table. It definitely wasn’t able to do that before. I took the measuring device in my right hand and gingerly grabbed his swollen cock with my left. It definitely had more heft to it. I measured it and said, “Wow. You’ve grown a lot. You now have a 5-inch soft penis. It’s… 2 inches across, and… 4 inches around. You have really grown.”

“I… I can’t believe it. That was so… easy. I wonder what it looks like…” His voice trailed off.

“Erect?” I knew what he meant, and I couldn’t wait to see it.

“Y-yeah. Do you mind if I just…” Stroke it? Well, honestly, I want to, but now is not the time. That will come eventually.

“Like I said, do what you need to do. I do need erect measurements for our records.” I did kind of lie about that. We don’t need these measurements for anything. It’s useless data. But it’s something I like.

Almost like an impulse, he grabbed his dick with his hand and started exploring. Meanwhile, my own member continued to swell and snake down my left pants leg. Thank god it was big enough to shove it down one side, otherwise it would be immensely obvious.

He lightly ran his strong, vein-covered hand up the length of his new size, and it almost immediately started getting hard. He shuddered slightly and his hand glided back down to the base. After a few more strokes, he was fully hard. He continued stroking, and I had to stop him.

“Umm, Nick… I think you’re erect. Let me get the measurements.” He released his dick and stared at me.

“Sorry, I… uh… got carried away.” He blushed again! It was so cute.

“That’s okay! You’re definitely not the first. You can go to town when you get home.” I lightly grabbed his dick again and felt the warmth that was radiating off of it. I put the measuring device at the base of his dick and held my breath slightly. “You are… 7 and a half inches hard.” That was what I was at when I started my own treatment. To be fair, I gave him a really concentrated dose, so I already know he’s going to be bigger than me when it’s all said and done.

Which is all I want.

“Woah! That’s like, above average, right?! That’s nuts!” He was so excited, and rightfully so.

“It is. The national average is around 5.5 inches. So this is definitely an improvement. The trial does allow you to have two more doses, but I think this more than fixed your problem.” I want him to take the bait.

“There’s more? Whoa… maybe we can reassess when I come back in four days?” That’s it. He was hooked.

“That sounds good. You can go ahead and put your pants back on while I schedule your return visit.” Out of the corner of my eye I watched him try to put his much larger dick back into his tight briefs. It looked ridiculous, but extremely hot. The non-existent bulge in his underwear before the procedure has long since gone away. He struggled to make it fit comfortably, so he instead shoved it to the side against his hip, which made it protrude out more.

I was so caught up in looking at his dick size that I totally forgot to measure his balls after the growth. With his dick pushed to the side in his underwear, I could see just how much his balls were filling out the pouch of his briefs. I can’t wait to see how much cum he produces by the end of all this.

I finished making the appointment and I turned back to him as he was buttoning up his pants.

“It’s all done. I’ll see you back here in four days around 1pm.” I extended a hand and he shook it. He also took his pointer finger and gently rubbed the inside of my wrist. Was that flirting? Maybe I was imagining it.

“I’ll see you then.” Man, that grin was intoxicating.


Appointment 2: The Preparation

I made sure to schedule Nick right after lunch so that I could bust a nut before he came into the room. I knew I wouldn’t be able to control myself in the room if I didn’t so I inhaled my lunch and ran to the staff bathroom for a quickie.

I locked the door and took a seat on the toilet and gently unbuttoned my dress pants. I shoved the pants to the floor and began to soak in the giant bulge that lay in my pants. I still haven’t gotten use to how big I am.

Of course, I also wear briefs, so there’s no way that my dick can fit in my underwear comfortably. About 4 inches of my soft dick were hanging out the left side of my briefs, with the swollen head already starting to glisten with precum. Part of the reason that my dick can’t fit inside my briefs is because my balls more than take up the space. They often spill out the sides because of how full they are all of the time.

I started rubbing my bulge with my right hand and thoughts of Nick began filling my mind. Within seconds, I was mostly hard, and had to free my growing phallus from the confines of my tight briefs. I peeled the underwear off of my dick and shoved them to the floor. Even halfway hard, it reached past my belly button and was extremely thick. One hand was definitely not enough to reach all the way around its girth. I began stroking the immense length of my dick, watching the head grow slowly up toward my face. Eventually, I used both hands to spread my pre down the length of my cock, making it slick and shiny. I also needed both hands to hold my massive dick upright. It was thicker than my wrist and had large veins snaking across its taught surface.

It took me only a short time to get fully hard, and I plunged my mouth over the engorged head with glee. Self-sucking is usually kind of difficult even with an above-average dick, but being 13 inches long and 3 inches across makes self-sucking almost mandatory.

Images of Nick’s growing dick filled my head, and I engulfed my fat cock head in my mouth with ease. Practice makes perfect, I guess. I used my two hands to stroke the lower half of my cock, and continued to try to shove my dick down my eager throat. I can usually only get a few inches in before my jaw starts to hurt, but today, I wanted to go further. I opened my throat and took a deep breath. And down I went. More and more of my dick disappeared into my throat, creating an obvious bulge in my throat. My tight throat felt amazing on my dick, and I began bobbing my head back and forth to give myself a blowjob. I probably had about 6 inches of my own dick shoved down my throat, and it was a sensation that I hadn’t felt in a long time.

I felt my apple-sized balls begin to seize up and I knew what was coming. I usually do my best to swallow my own cum, but it’s impossible to take it all, and it usually makes a mess. So today, I guess the toilet will work.

I stood up, with my dick still in my mouth, and I shuffled around to face the toilet. I guided my dick out of my mouth and it made a wet plopping noise and it escaped my tight throat. I gasped for air and took a step back and aimed my dick toward the toilet bowl. I began stroking furiously, bringing myself to the brink of orgasm.

Then, the release.

Stream after stream of thick cum exploded out of my dick slit, making a loud splat on the inside of the toilet. I moaned with pleasure from the sheer force of the blissful release. Rope after rope of cum was shooting out of my dick, emptying my huge balls. I came for a full two minutes before the orgasm subsided and my dick began shriveling up.

That sounds strange to say. Shriveling up. There’s no way my dick will ever go back to being a normal size again. I guess my normal is 7.5 inches and 2 inches thick while soft, but that’s what I wanted. I grabbed some paper towels from the dispenser and began to wipe off my dick that had residual cum dripping off of it. The toilet was mostly full of cum, so I had to flush it a couple of times to get rid of the evidence. Hopefully it doesn’t clog the plumbing.

I shoved my cock back into my underwear and pulled my pants up. The bulge in my pants was extremely obvious, but it’s a good thing that I wear my lab coat that covers it up.

I exited the bathroom and walked back to the doctor’s cubicle hoping that no one heard me. Thankfully, everyone was still away at lunch, so I was in the clear.

Almost as soon as I sat down, a nurse came into the cubicle to tell me that my next patient was in a room and that he was ready to see me. I took a deep breath, thanked the nurse, and grabbed my lab coat. I couldn’t risk popping another boner in the room with Nick, so I had to keep myself covered.

I strolled over to the door and knocked lightly. Nick said “Come on in, doc,” in the sexiest way possible. Damn, this is going to be tough.


Appointment 2

I opened the door and did everything in my power to not stare at the bulge in his pants. He wore short shorts today, and I think it was on purpose. I could see a bulge in his shorts that definitely wasn’t present at his first visit. Just from the looks of it, he had a few small growth spurts in the past couple of days.

“How’s it going, Nick?” Gotta stay casual and calm.

“Dude, things are amazing. I can’t believe how much more confidence I have now. I haven’t had sex yet, even though I’m dying to, because I decided I want another dose.” This guy cuts right to the chase.

“Are you sure? I know you’re above average now, and I know I said we could wait to reassess at this appointment.” I didn’t want to sound too eager.

“Yeah, I know, and I’ve thought about it, and I’m happy with the eight and a quarter inches I’m packing, but I started out extremely small, so… I want to go extremely big.” He gave me a little wink and that five-star smile.

I could feel my cock stirring in my pants. Damn.

“I understand. Now, remember, we don’t know how big that’s going to be. This medication reacts differently with each person. So we might need a few extra consults, or today might be the last one. Who knows.”

“Guess we’ll have to try it and see, doc.”

“Before we start, have you had any issues with your penis since the last time? Any trouble urinating? Ejaculating? Any tenderness or lumps?”

“Everything is perfect. Except that it’s not bigger.”

“All right. You seem eager, so I guess there’s no point in putting it off. You can choose to keep your underwear on or take them off. Totally your call.”

Almost like he was waiting for the invitation, he stood up and dropped his pants and underwear in one quick motion. His 6-inch soft dick swung back and forth like a pendulum, and his balls were the size of golf balls, swinging full and plump in tune with his cock. As he did the first time, he kept himself well groomed, leaving no hair anywhere. Which is just how I like it.

I opened the drawer and decided which dose I wanted to give him. I wanted him to get big, but I wasn’t sure how he would react at first. Now that I know that he is probably more eager than I am, I decided to go the most concentrated dose we have available. This should be more than enough.

“All right. You know the drill.” I handed him a small bottle of water and the pill.

He eagerly grabbed both and threw the pill in his mouth so quickly I was almost afraid he was going to choke on it. He took a large swig from the water bottle and hopped back up on the examination table awaiting the changes.

Just like last time, it took a couple of seconds to take effect, but once it did, there was no slowing it down. This time, there was no slow introduction to the growth. It went into overdrive. The stretching noise that was present at the first visit was like a whisper compared to today. It sounded like a balloon filling up with air, but amplified. His beautiful soft 6-inch cock was expanding outward as if it had no limit. His smooth cock head began to puff up and lengthen. Six inches of beautiful man meat began to slowly engorge and swell. Longer and longer it got, as if inches upon inches of his dick was hiding in his abdomen and were slowly finding their way out. His cock also got thicker as it lengthened, which just made his already oversized member even more obscene. The veins on his phallus became more pronounced and thick, almost like they were tubes feeding his dick and making it grow.

His balls also joined in on the growth, and a faint sloshing sound could be heard, almost like they were filling up with cum as they grew. They were getting taught against his sack, turning into the size of apples. Their hairless surface looked so inviting. Nick’s eyes were glued to his crotch, and his jaw was almost to the floor. He couldn’t believe that just under a week ago his dick was smaller than a toddler’s, but just four days later he was sporting one of the largest soft cocks in the world. He kept moving his hand like he wanted to touch it, but he hesitated, almost like he was waiting for the growth to stop before he could.

The stretching noise was starting to get quieter, which meant that the effect was almost complete. I was so fixated on his growth that I didn’t notice my own throbbing monster making a lump against my lab coat. Nick didn’t seem to notice either, which for today, was fine. Almost as suddenly as it had started, the growth stopped. The only sound that could be heard in the room was Nick’s heavy breathing.

“Oh… my fucking god.” My thoughts exactly. “How… how big is it?”

I cleared my throat and said, “Definitely over 2 inches.”

Nick laughed almost nervously and began to explore his new endowment. His fingers moved gently along the top of his swollen dick, causing him to visibly shiver. He grabbed the base of it, and gasped when he noticed his hand couldn’t adequately fit around his soft dick. Nick lifted his dick to feel its weight, and whispered “wow” when he noticed just how heavy it was. His hand naturally traveled toward his apple-sized balls, and he gave them a gentle squeeze. They reacted almost like a stress ball, squishing around his grip and returning to their normal, full state when he released them. They were definitely much larger than his one hand could hold.

“Can we measure it? This is just… crazy.” He licked his lips in anticipation.

“S-sure!” That may have been a bit too eager. I was so fixated on his groping that I reacted a little too suddenly. It was at this point that Nick looked up at me. He must have seen the glimmer in my eye, because he glanced down at my crotch and raised his eyebrows.

I then noticed my own protruding boner.

“Wait, doc, have you –”

I quickly swiveled my chair around to get the tape measure and to hide my obvious erection. I guess now my secret was out. Well, my two secrets. Nick now knew that I was gay for him, and that I also have a huge rod between my legs. I hope I didn’t fuck this up.

“All right, let’s measure you and get you on your way.” I quickly adjusted my lab coat so that the bulge couldn’t be seen anymore. I swiveled back around and didn’t make eye contact with Nick as I began to measure his new cock. I read the measurements aloud as I took them, like normal.

“You are now 10 inches long… 2 and a half inches across… and five inches around. That is something to definitely be proud of.”

“I bet it’s even more impressive hard.”

“It isn’t necessary to get the measurements while erect today. You are going to grow a little more over the next couple of days, and if you noticed any issues with erections or ejaculating or anything of the sort, please call me.”

“At the office or your cell?” I could see out of my peripheral that he had a cute little smirk on his face. He was definitely setting me up to meet him outside of the office. And I couldn’t have been happier. I swung around to the computer to put in Nick’s stats.

“My cell phone is fine. It’s on my business card that you can pick up at the front desk on your way out.”

He stared at me and asked, “So I won’t need to come back to the office?”

“No, I don’t think so. You are certainly one of the biggest guys that I have treated now, and I don’t feel comfortable going much further. If we get any bigger I’m afraid that your penis won’t function properly.”

“All right then. Well, thanks for everything, doc.” He stood up and began to figure out how to put his cock back into his tiny shorts. After some fiddling, he decided to put his massive balls into the pouch of his briefs and shove his phallus toward his left hip. Just like I do with mine. The bulge was absolutely massive, leaving little to the imagination about what lie underneath the grey workout shorts. “I guess this will work for now,” he said, giving a little laugh.

He stood up to give me a handshake, and I met him in the middle of the exam room. He reached out his hand, and as I extended mine, he stepped forward and gave me a hug. This took me by surprise.

“Thank you for everything,” he whispered in my ear. He then purposefully brushed his new addition against my crotch, and I felt his swollen length brush against my own, causing me to blush slightly.

He then grabbed the back of my head and pulled my face towards him, and before I knew what was happening, he began to make out with me. At this point I was totally swept away. I succumbed to his strong touch, rippling muscles, and overpowering sensuality. I kissed him back and began groping every inch of his musculature that I could reach, and as he kissed me in return, his hand grabbed my swelling cock, which stopped me dead in my tracks.

“That’s what I thought. See you soon.”

And like nothing happened, he broke apart from me, opened the door, and was gone, leaving me half hard and alone in the examination room wondering what the fuck just happened.


The Call

Almost a week had gone by and I hadn’t heard anything from Nick. I didn’t really expect him to call, since I knew nothing would be functionally wrong with him. Besides, I was also overgrown downstairs, and I functioned just fine. But I knew that I wanted him to call so I could meet up with him. That kiss and that grope didn’t mean nothing, right? He has to be gay. No straight man would ever make out with another man just to see if his dick was big. That’s probably the gayest thing there is.

A week and a half was slowly trickling by, and just when I had given up hope about hearing from Nick, he called.

I was sitting in bed watching TV and absentmindedly stroking my dick down my pants leg when my cell phone rang. I released my dick and fumbled for my phone on my nightstand. Of course, I didn’t have Nick’s phone number programmed into my phone, because that would definitely be against any medical ethics that existed, but somehow I knew it was him.

“Hello? Dr. Henry speaking.” At least I should pretend like I’m being professional when I know what’s going to happen next will be far from it.

“Hi doc. It’s Nick.” That smooth baritone voice already had me swooning.

“Hi Nick, what can I do for you?”

“Well, you said to call you if I had any questions or concerns about my procedure, right?” I could hear that smile through the phone.

“Yes, that’s right. Is everything okay?” Of course it was. “Anything I can do for you?”

“As a matter of fact, yes, you can do something for me. I’m a little embarrassed to leave my house right now because I can’t seem to find clothes that fit me anymore. I know it’s a lot to ask, but could you swing by the Target on your way to my house and pick up the clothes I ordered online?”

“Nick, why can’t one of your friends get that for you? Or a family member?”

“Well, I’m new in town, and my family is all the way across the country, so I have no one else I trust right now. Just you.”

“I guess that would be all right. What is your address?”

“I’ll text it to you. See you soon, big guy.” And he promptly hung up the phone.

I took a few deep breaths. It was happening. It was really happening. My plan was finally working. I couldn’t wait to see just how big my subject had gotten.

I jumped out of bed and got dressed quickly. I made sure to wear the skimpiest underwear I owned so I could put on a show for Nick. I was about to leave my room and grab my keys, but I stopped. I reached into the drawer of my nightstand and grabbed two small pills out of a small container.

I guess we could both go one more round.


The Meeting

I drove a little to fast to the Target to pick up Nick’s clothes. I pulled into the pick-up spot and someone came outside with the Target bag.

“Pick-up for Nick?”

I nodded and they gave me the bag and didn’t ask any more questions. I should really use this service more often, it’s really convenient.

I drove off and only half-listened to the Google Maps voice tell me the directions to Nick’s house. I was too busy thinking about what was going to happen when I got there. Before I knew it, I was at his house. It wasn’t anything special, but at least it wasn’t an apartment. You know, because of the noise. I parked my car and made sure I had everything in order. I had my wallet, keys, phone, pills, and his bag. I realized that I hadn’t checked what was in the bag. I know that’s probably violating his privacy, but I think we’re way past that at this point.

I peeked inside the bag and was surprised at what I saw. All that was sitting in the bag were two large oranges and an extremely large zucchini. Wow, he was really discreet.

I got out of my car and strolled up to the front door. I took a quick breath and knocked just like the first time I knocked on the exam room door to meet Nick. I heard some shuffling inside and heard footsteps approaching the door. The door opened and Nick’s large silhouette filled the door frame. I hadn’t taken much time to check out his physique at the office, but he was much bigger than I thought originally. Almost as if he had grown since his initial visit.

I did a quick glance over his body and took it all in. He was shirtless and breathtaking. He was about an inch taller than me and about three times wider than me. Standing in the doorway, his massive bowling-ball sized shoulders almost scraped the door frame. His traps swallowed his neck, and veins were bulging out along his neck. His traps sat atop two extremely large pecs. They were so full and round that his quarter-sized nipples faced downward. They were smooth and hairless, and jumped with each slight movement of Nick’s massive arms. His biceps were easily 25 inches around, and had a thick vein running down each arm. His triceps were massive. They were easily bigger than my whole arm. His forearms showed each individual muscle perfectly.

Nick’s abs were no less impressive, showing 8 slabs of solid muscle evenly spaced down his abdomen. The crevice between each muscle was so deep that you could lose your finger down there. He slowed no bloat in him stomach- just flat, rippling abs that led down to his pelvis. His arms were held out slightly from his side because his lats were so wide. Nicks’ obliques looked like thick fingers that wrapped around his narrow 28” waist. He was wearing pants, so you couldn’t see below his amazingly cut Adonis belt, but you could tell he was hiding a beast in there. His thighs were so large that they flared out about 10 inches from his waist and tapered back in at the knee. His sweatpants were almost painted on they were so tight, which only highlighted the extremely long and thick bulge that was his dick. Even soft, he was much bigger than he was when I saw him at the clinic.

“Well, are you going to stand there or are you going to come inside?” He said this playfully, but with some authority as well. I stepped over the threshold and said, “You were not this big when I saw you last.”

“Huh. I guess not. That medication you gave me grew me out in more ways than one.” He grabbed his dick when he said this. I gulped. He turned around to walk toward the kitchen, and I gasped quietly. His back was much wider than I imagined. Each muscle was impeccably pronounced, flaring out from his waist at a 45-degree angle. His ass was round and full, pulling his sweatpants tightly around the massive globes. His pants rode up into his crack, highlighting the sheer mass on his glutes. It took everything I had to not run up and grab them.

“Bring me my order.”

I walked over and handed him the Target bag. He looked at me and asked, “I imagine you already saw what was inside.”

“Yes I did.” I did not break eye contact.

“But you already knew this was coming, right? I knew the moment I saw you that you were gay. And that you were packing. What doctor wouldn’t use his own treatment if he knew it could grow your dick?”

“You’re smart. I—”

“I’ll do the talking. You see, I liked you the moment I laid eyes on you. I knew you were special. That’s why I invited you over. I wanted you all to myself. I wanted to show you what you created.”

I just nodded, not wanting to disobey the masterpiece that I so diligently worked on. He slowly walked toward me, but I stood my ground. I looked him up and down, soaking in all of what was in front of me. He placed his strong hands around my waist and pulled me in. My chest collided with his huge pecs, and he slammed his waist into mine. He began to kiss me softly, and I melted into him grip. I kissed him back, allowing him to maintain control of the situation. He slowly started grinding his waist against mine, and I could feel his balls and dick rub against mine. His right hand slowly moved up the small of my back while his left hand played with my ass.

I felt up his arms and chest while we kissed, marveling at how big they were compared to my own frame. I began to tweak his nipples, but he pulled away from the kiss just enough to whisper, “Not yet.”

Without warning, he picked me up with ease and I wrapped my legs around his waist. He guided me into his bedroom, never breaking away from me. His tongue was so long and full, sliding its way into my mouth and exploring me.

“I’m going to see what you’ve got. Then you’ll see me.”

He placed me gently on the bed, and I froze there, waiting for him to take off my clothes. I couldn’t believe this was happening. He started flexing for me, and I almost came right there. He first hit a double bi, and I could feel myself salivating. His already large biceps tensed up into a peak, and I wondered how many shirts he would rip through doing that. He then moved into a most muscular, and it was amazing to see all of his muscles fight for room in his large body. Veins started popping up across his taught, tan skin, and he smirked at me with confidence.

“Do you like what you’ve created so far? I didn’t know that the medication would turn me into a god.”

He did ask me a question, so I figured that I should respond. “I didn’t know either. I must say, it’s better than I could have dreamed of.”

He chuckled slightly, and said, “Oh, just you wait.”

And with that, he leaned forward, placing both hands on opposite sides of my shoulders. He towered over me, showing me how dominant he was. He slowly lowered himself onto me, and I could feel his weight slowly add onto me. His pecs made contact with me first, and slowly I felt the rest of him make contact with me. I shuddered. He was heavy and I loved it. He began kissing my neck, and then in one swift motion, he had torn my shirt from my torso. I felt a little embarrassed. I was proud of my body. I worked out regularly, and I had good muscle tone, but compared to Nick, I felt scrawny and weak. He began kissing down my neck and chest, stopping to suck on my nipples a little. I moaned, feeling more horny than I had ever felt in my life. My dick was springing to life, and he knew it.

“Mmmmm, I see someone’s excited. I want to see him.”

His tongue traced the crease between my abs and stopped at my pants. He unbuttoned them with impressive accuracy, and slid them off of me with no effort at all. He glanced down at my white briefs that barely held my balls in place and followed the length of my swelling member to its glistening head. A good portion of my dick was hanging out the left side, and it was still growing.

“Wow. Impressive. How big were you before?”

“I was seven and a half inches before I started,” I said through labored breaths. “I only did one treatment.”

“Well, you certainly got what you bargained for.” He began to suck on my thick cock through my briefs and I was in ecstasy. He began fondling my balls as his mouth began to trace the length of my cock. “I need these briefs off. Now.”

I have never taken them off so quickly in my life. So there I lay, fully exposed, to the sexiest, largest, and most well hung man of my dreams. My dick started to stand up on its own, reaching full mast very quickly. I guess it helped that Nick was stroking it, helping it along.

He held the top half of my dick with his right hand and began to lick my balls. I moaned loudly, never having experienced this level of pleasure before. To my surprise, he was able to fit a whole one in him mouth, sucking hard the whole time. I moaned again, and he released me.

He was just teasing me.

He traced his tongue up the length of my 13-inch monster and began circling the large head. He surprisingly fit the whole head in his mouth with room to spare, and began to slowly lower my dick down into his tight throat. Now, I was impressed that I was able to get half of my own dick down my throat when I self-sucked before Nick’s last appointment, but I never imagine that he could take the whole thing.

But he did.

With each bob of his head, he went farther and farther down. When he finally reached the base of my dick, his lips closed tightly around the base and he slowly rose, allowing my dick so slowly leave his throat until just the tip was left in his mouth. He plunged back down to the hilt, and was only able to repeat this once more before I unloaded into him. It was too much for me to take. He was beyond hot, and he was a master of blowjobs. The dam had to break. I moaned more loudly than I think I ever had in my life, and I drained my balls completely. I think the force of the first load shocked him, because his eyes widened a little, but he still never released my dick until he knew I was dry.

He again slowly lifted my dick out of his throat and he let my softening dick slap loudly against my torso. All I could do was stare at him and breathe heavily.

“There’s more where that came from.” Damn, he knew just what to say. “Now that I got to see what you’re working with, now it’s my turn.”

He began to slowly peel off his sweatpants, and I realized very quickly that he was going commando. He had been partially kneeling when he gave me a blowjob, so I couldn’t see his dick, but I could tell when he stood up that he was hard.

And way bigger than I thought.

His thick rod had snaked down his left leg almost to his knee. It looked as if he had a third leg growing from between his real two. As always, he was completely hairless, which accentuated his size even more. Farther and farther he went, peeling away his pants to reveal the monster inside. His balls had grown as well, resembling very large oranges rather than small apples. They were so bouncy and full, and I was almost scared about the volume of cum that was inside.

I couldn’t be distracted for too long, because his dick continued to emerge. Finally, the head began to show, which was starting to leak precum. I say leak, but it seemed more like a steady stream rather than a slight drip. His head was bigger than his fist, and his piss slit was easily an inch long. Veins covered his fat schlong, and it slowly began to rise. He took both hands to pump it along, and even both hands weren’t enough to wrap around the girth that he had.

“Holy fuck,” I said.

“Afraid, are you?” Nick said jokingly.

“Not at all. I just didn’t know you would be this big. You’re bigger than me by far. I’m 13 inches rock hard. You’ve got to be 15 inches easily. And you’re way thicker than me.”


My jaw dropped. 16 inches of dick that I was willing to take all of.

“No, no. It’s not going in your mouth. I would break your jaw. This is going in your ass.”

I closed my mouth and smiled.

“I can’t wait.”

“Turn over, then.”

“I’d rather not. I want to see it go in. I want to watch your body move as you impale me on that gargantuan rod.”

Nick grinned and grabbed the base of his dick and shook it slightly. His balls jiggled and his long cock bounced in response. I lifted my legs as high as I could and exposed my tight hole to him. He bent down and began to lightly tongue my hole, and I twitched and writhed. He slowly inserted a thick finger into my hole, and I gasped. But I realized that this was nothing compared to what was going to come my way.

He took his finger out and he lifted his heavy dick and pointed it in my direction. He put the large head at the edge of my hole and I shuddered. Just the tip completely covered my hole, and I knew that his dick was much wider than that. He then grabbed his head and lifted it so that it rested beside my own dick. He slowly inched forward so that his cock traveled up my torso. He left a trail of precum behind him as he did this. He grabbed a large bottle of lube from his bedside table and opened it when his cock head reached my face. I leaned down and began to drink the precum. I sucked on his head and stuck my tongue in his piss slit, and I heard that deep baritone growl escape him. He started dumping the lube down the length of his shaft and began to massage it.

I continued to suck on his dick while I reached down and began to help him. His hands were bigger than mine, and they didn’t fit around his dick, so mine definitely didn’t. I gently squeezed as much of his cock that I could grab and his head swelled up slightly. After about two minutes of massaging the lube around his dick, he pulled back and lined up his head with my hole.

“Are you ready?” He said confidently.

“I’ve never been more ready in my life.”

He grabbed his cock and began to slowly circle my hole with his head, and I moaned. He lined it up in the center, and pushed. My tight hole resisted, so he pushed again. No luck.

“I’m going to have to force it in a little. Prepare yourself.”

And without warning, he shoved hard, and half of his thick, spongy cock head entered me. I grimaced. He slowly pushed the rest of the head in, and I grunted.

“Easy, easy…” he purred. He continued to stroke his shaft, and I watched through gritted teeth as his arms and chest moved rhythmically with his movements. His muscles began to pump up with blood, and he almost looked like he was growing in front of me. I was in heaven.

He began to grind his hips rhythmically with his strokes, allowing inch after inch of his gargantuan rod to enter me. I screamed in pleasure, allowing myself to be filled to the brim with the cock of a god. My hand instinctively moved up to my stomach to feel the large bulge that his dick was making. “Faster,” I whispered with a slight grin on my face.

Nick grinned back, and without warning, began to shove more of his giant meat into me. I had been with a lot of well endowed men before, but he was hitting me in places that I had never felt before. Not only was he much longer than others I had been with, but the sheer width of his dick was enough to send me over the edge. I’m not usually one for sexy talk in bed, but it was almost as if his rhythmic fucking was driving it out of me. I was saying things like “Fuck me harder, you sexy muscle beast” or “Give me every inch of that swollen dick of yours”. And he was eating it up.

Through the manly grunts of his fucking, he said, “Thank you for turning me into each of our biggest fantasies.”

I locked eyes with him and said, “My fantasy isn’t fulfilled yet.”

His eyes widened, and he slowed down his long, deliberate dick pumps to soak in what I had just said.

“You have… more?”

“I do. One more for each of us. One last blissful feeling of growth.”

It was at this point that he stopped altogether. He stared at me with his giant member impaled in my ass, breathing heavily. I watched his massive, bowling ball chest rise and fall with each breath and I never felt more in love with him until that moment.

“Let’s do it.”

I knew this man was the one for me. Size queens never change their stripes.

“They’re in my pants pocket. Let’s do it.”

Nick reached down to grab my pants while still having most of his dick inside me. I told him to reach into the left pocket and pull out two small packages with the pills in them. He tossed one onto my chest and started ripping his own pill out of the packet.

“Wait,” I said, “I want us to take it together. We need to grow together.”

“Do you want me to still fuck you as I grow? I don’t want to hurt you.”

“You’ll never hurt me. I was meant for this. We were meant for this. I need to feel everything.”

Nick paused, as if he were just now beginning to take in what he had become. He looked down at his body, but I knew that he couldn’t see much past his swollen chest.

“Just taking it all in?” I asked. I knew that I was.

“Yeah. I didn’t think it could get much better than this. But it’s going to.”

“You wanted to be 300 pounds of muscle, right? Well, let’s get over that. And add a couple more pounds of cock to that while we’re at it.”

He grinned deviously and said, “Let’s go.”

We popped the pills into our mouths and he slowly began to fuck me again while his eyes were glued on my dick. Like it did in his last appointment, the stretching sound was definitely audible, but now it was doubled as two joined in the growth instead of one. This time, I could see his muscles grow and feel his dick grow inside me. Instead of pulsing outward, Nick was experiencing a full body constant expansion.

His nipples began to thicken and spread out a little more as his chest ballooned. They began to swell so much that his upper chest began to scrape against his strong chin. His shoulders rounded out even more, creating large dimples that separated the three heads. The veins that snaked along his arms and forearms thickened, and his biceps and triceps expanded and fought for room under the skin, reaching over 30 inches around. Nick’s traps continued to rise until they almost touched his ears. Nick was always proud of his eight pack abs, but they were slowly turning into ten. They continued to swell without bloating outwards, so it looked like ten giant bricks stacked neatly on top of one another with deep crevices between them. His pecs overshadowed his abs over six inches. His lats thickened, and the definition in the rest of his back muscles became more pronounced. His ass expanded outward in every direction, and his hamstrings and thighs got bigger and had deeper cuts between the muscles, giving them an even larger appearance. His diamond-shaped calves were bigger than my own thighs.

I was in silent awe of the spectacle that was appearing before me. I was almost certain that no human being on the planet was this big, and no one would ever get close to the size Nick was becoming. He was easily over 300 pounds of solid muscle, but his cock was adding more. I began to shriek with pleasure as I felt my own muscles expand outward and felt my dick swelling even bigger than I thought possible, but I barely noticed. I was fixated on the muscle deity that was before me and the swelling phallus that was inside me. I had around 12 of the 16 inches of Nick’s huge cock inside me before the pill, but it looked as if he was slowly pulling out of me as he grew.

Quite the contrary was happening.

Nick’s dick was getting so thick and so long that the only other way it could grow was by growing out of my ass. He had reached a point inside me that was not allowing him to push any further, try as he might.

His 16-inch dick pushed its way out of me another 5 inches, and its girth was now thicker than my upper arms had been before I started growing. Nick’s balls, while not entirely visible to me, were the size of cantaloupes.

Nick, breathing heavily and with the biggest smile on his face, said, “I am a sex god.”

It was definitely a cheesy line, but there was no denying it: he was definitely a god of sex. Having a 21-inch mega-dick that was 10 inches around is by far the biggest functional sex tool in existence, and I was its lucky recipient. He also had the musculature to back it up.

“Nick. I don’t care what you do. I just want you to fuck me. Hard. Long. Fast.”

That was enough to snap him back to reality. Almost like I flipped a switch, he began pumping faster than ever, and I watched his frame tense, bounce, and shine with sweat at he brought me to an enormous constant orgasm.

“I’m gonna cum!! I need to pull out,” he screamed, and I did what I could to get the world’s biggest cock out of me. I skootched back on the bed as Nick waddled backwards, trying to free the swollen cock from my well-worn asshole. He even had to use both arms to cradle his dick so that the sheer weight of it wouldn’t send it crashing to the floor.

He knew I wanted that cum all over me. My little mind reader.

The only way he could hope to aim his cock head at me and properly stroke his phallus was to hug his dick and almost full body jack it. It was perfect. His large, meaty pecs encapsulated the top of his dick, his large biceps took the sides, and his forearms covered as much as the underside as possible. He stood up and bent over quickly, and repeated this many times, simulating a full body jack off session.

I was speechless. What could you really say in that moment, really?

Through deep, guttural pants, Nick said, “Get ready,” and widened his stance for the torrent that was coming my way. I shoved my own 15-inch dick off of my chest and got up on my knees so that I could line myself up with the slit of his huge cock head. I even placed my hands on either side of his cock and stroked as much as I could get my hands on.

This slight touch was enough. The levy broke.

Nick screamed as volley after volley of thick, warm cum spurted out of his fire hose-like dick. It splashed me in the face and it almost knocked me over due to the force that was behind it. I barely had enough time to catch a small breath before another load unleashed onto my newly engorged body.

Barely able to maintain composure and sanity, I moved his dick slightly to the side so that his cum hit the wall behind me instead of my face. For what felt like an eternity, he came, until it began to taper off into sporadic little spurts.

Nick’s bed was covered in cum. A thick layer covered most his sheets, and oozed off the sides of the bed and down the wall. With nothing else left to do, I fell back into the spunk with a splat, my own massive dick fully erect and pointing straight upward.

Nick, exhausted, collapsed on the bed beside me, and I noticed how he took up around three-quarters of the space on his king bed. His dick was starting to “shrivel” (a term I like to use now), and it finally settled into a quaint 14”. His balls did not shrink one bit.

He fell onto the bed next to me, almost crushing it under his and my own weight. He rolled over onto his back, inviting me to crawl on top of him. I rested my head on one of his giant pecs and began to slowly suck on a large nipple.

He was mine. I created him.

After our breathing returned to normal, Nick finally spoke up.

“You have no idea how much this meant to me. I’ve always wanted to be big. I just didn’t know how much until I met you.”

I knew all of this already. “I knew when you wanted another treatment that I could go all the way with you. I just liked playing the little game.”

We laughed a little, and I leaned down to his face and gave him a passionate kiss.

“Nick, you’re the one for me. I’m proud of the beast I have created, and I want you all to myself.”

He wrapped his impossibly large arms around me and said, “Always.”

He couldn’t see over his massive pecs, but he felt that my dick was still rock hard. Through my kiss, I could feel his plump lips curve into a smile.

“What?” I asked.

“Looks like someone isn’t totally satisfied yet. I think we need to change that.”

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