Don’t delete this email

by NBCK99

 Just keep reading, and keep and open mind. Relax your mind, relax your body. Your body is far more malleable than you realize.

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Don’t delete this email. Just keep reading, and keep and open mind. Relax your mind, relax your body. Your body is far more malleable than you realize. It will respond to suggestion if you let it. Let these words sink into you. Let them permeate your mind, permeate your body. Your physical form is flexible. Nothing is impossible if you are properly guided. Allow yourself to be guided now. Read these words and feel them deep inside your body. Read these words and know them to be true. Your eyelids feel heavy, your eyes are unfocused, but you can still read. Sense the words as they seep into your body.

Your arms fall limp at your sides as you become fully relaxed. You lose awareness of your body. You can think of nothing except reading the words that float before your eyes. Tension flows out of your muscles like rainwater pouring down the slick face of a rocky mountain. Your muscles and bones and ligaments and tendons melt into each other. You feel nothing as your old body fades away. As your body is unmade, it reforms in your mind. Every fantasy you have ever indulged in bubbles to the surface of your mind. Your deepest desires flow from your thoughts into your body, transforming you from the inside out.

You regain some feeling in your body. In your core, you sense a roiling energy pulsing and traveling outward. The sensation grows stronger, and you press a hand into your stomach. You do not find what you expect. Your hand touches a bare torso covered in rippling abs. Your hand roves over your six-pack abs, but that’s not enough. Your mind calls for more, and the thoughts travel through your body. Your hand glides up from the base of your torso, but this time your abs don’t stop at the top of your six-pack. Eight, ten, twelve. Your fingers feel every ridge and crevice as they run back down your double-long abs. Your other hand joins the first as it explores the length of your slender, muscular, impossibly long torso. You never look down at your body. You can’t stop reading. You can’t stop letting the words flow into your mind and seep into your changing body.

Most of your body still feels so distant as to be practically numb, but some feeling is returning. Your nipples suddenly become very sensitive. A hand reaches toward each nipple, and a sigh escapes your lips as you’re wracked with pleasure. Your nipples are larger and harder than you ever thought possible. They must be a quarter inch around, and they stick out a good half inch from your massive pecs. You notice for the first time that your pecs have become bulbous spheres that jut out in front of you. Your huge, hard nipples point down at an angle from your impossibly large chest. You rub your abs more fervently as your hands caress the curves of your enormous pecs. Your pecs push out nearly a foot in front of you, overshadowing your beautiful twelve-pack abs. They stick out far wider than your lower torso too, and you find that your lats have expanded to balance and compliment your huge pecs. After your hands have fully explored your upper torso, they return to your hypersensitive nipples. You tweak them and gasp in pleasure. You continue rubbing and tweaking your huge nipples as you begin to regain feeling elsewhere.

More parts of your relaxed, unmade body are coming back to life. As if for the first time, you sense the existence of thighs, calves, feet, and toes. You continue to feel up your sensitive, muscular torso, but you reach another pair of hands down to feel your powerful thighs. Your hands are greeted by thick muscle that pulses and flexes under your touch. Your hands glide up to the crease of your hips and then down the length of your impossibly long thighs. You’re vaguely aware that your legs have lengthened to match your double-long torso, but you’re far more concentrated on the feel of your powerful quads under your sensitive fingers. You lift a leg up and caress your diamond-shaped calf. You feel long and lithe and huge and powerful all at once. You hardly notice that your muscular legs are far more flexible than they ever were before. You rest your foot in your lap, and you massage it gently. Like the rest of you, it’s extra-long and extra-wide. You wiggle your extra-long toes as if feeling them for the first time. You caress your toes one at a time, and you find that they’re nearly as sensitive as your huge nipples. You still haven’t stopped rubbing your chest, and your nipples seem even larger and harder than before.

As you feel yourself up, you become aware of a connection between your torso and your hands. Arms. As if they materialized out of nowhere, your many arms suddenly start sending signals to your brain all at once. Two thick, powerful arms connect to the long hands rubbing your abs. Two more connect to the hands playing with your nipples. Another two connect to the hands rubbing your feet, which have both ended up in your lap. And two more arms reach out to feel the other arms. Every one of your arms bulges with powerful biceps and triceps. They brush against each other as your hands move along your body. Even your forearms are thick and powerful. They lead down to powerful hands with long, sensitive fingers that seem to caress and play with your body with a will of their own. You can feel so many long, powerful limbs. You’re not even really sure how many you have.

One more part of you comes to life. Or at least, you finally become aware of it. You’re unbelievably hard. You wrap a hand around one of your cocks and find that your extra-long fingers don’t even wrap all the way around. You wrap another hand around your cock and discover that your two hands come nowhere near to covering the length of your aching boner. Your hands travel up the length of your huge cock, and you discover a mushroom head that’s nearly the size of your fist. It’s steadily leaking precum, and you let it drip down the shaft as you stroke it. Your other hands migrate toward your groin, and you start stroking each cock with a pair of hands. You leave one pair of hands on your sensitive nipples, which seem even more sensitive ever since you became aware of your raging hard-ons. You lose count of how many cocks and hands you have. You can only think of stroking yourself, all of your hands working in tandem.

Your body is still malleable. In fact, it’s the most changeable when you’re about to cum. That’s when the desires of your mind are seeping into your very being, when your body wants nothing more than to obey your innermost wishes. As dozens of fingers stroke and squeeze your massive cocks, your whole body shivers and shudders. Now that your whole body is hyper-aware, you can feel yourself stretching outward and upward. You can sense that your abs are once again multiplying, and you can feel your pecs swelling out further and further. Your nipples get wider and longer, and you wish you had tongues playing with them instead of just fingers. Your shoulders push out to accommodate your growing torso as well as your huge arms. With every little movement of your arms, you feel muscle brushing against muscle. You revel in the increasing length of your body, and you stretch a pair of long legs out in front of you even as you still rest your feet in your lap. Your cocks all simultaneously grow longer as if they’re still trying to get harder. You keep stroking with your many hands, and soon you’re on the verge of climax.

You quickly skim these final words, allowing them to sink into your subconscious, before closing your eyes and screaming out in ecstasy. Four or six or ten cocks erupt at once in the strongest orgasm you’ve ever experienced. Your many arms collapse at your sides, and you pant heavily. Your body is completely spent, but it’s still malleable. You have one chance to reform your body in the image you desire. Only you can decide how you will look when you open your eyes. A dozen or more arms might be difficult to explain when you go into work or school, but an extra cock or two surely couldn’t hurt. When you open your eyes, you will skip to the final paragraph.

Delete this email. Forget everything you just read. However your body looks, it is completely normal. If you must remember one thing, remember my name.

Very sincerely,


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