Don’t cum

by LordTronimator

A world doomed by those who find themselves unable to stop cumming once they start, recounted by an innocent victim.

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Three months had passed since the first known endless nut bust case, as it had become known as. It’s a rather lewd name but it fit the whole situation quite well. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, first of all where have you been? It’s been all over the news. But let me explain.

No one knows exactly what caused it. It’s unknown why exactly it happens. But for one reason or another, anytime someone orgasms, they will not and can not stop. Just constantly gushing endlessly as they moan from the intense pleasure, begging for it to stop. Wishing for the hellish sensations to just end.

But they don’t.

I remember the first recorded incident. It was at my brother’s high school. A student excused himself to go to the bathroom and, of course, he went to take care of business just like any horny teenager would. He didn’t return and no one went looking for him until several hours later. Or I should say until school had long since ended.

The boy didn’t return home so his parents ended up calling the school to ask them about it. The faculty had no idea where he went so several started searching to see if he was still in the school. They had no luck finding him. Not until a janitor walked by one of the boys bathrooms and took a step inside, finding the student sitting on the floor, his muscles contorting as his body tensed up, his body and the bathroom itself completely glazed in his load.

And he was still cumming, his eyes rolled back as he started humping the air, blasts of white erupting from his throbbing tip as he moaned and cried out, begging it to stop. No one knew how long he had been there but it had to have been quite some time judging by the state of the bathroom. Nothing could be done as the poor boy was bought to the hospital, all while still nutting like crazy.

If only it had stopped there. Several more cases started to spring up over time as males of all ages suffered the same fate. It would all begin with them just simply taking care of business and then not being able to stop. It didn’t matter if they started cumming on purpose or not.

Not even wet dreams were safe. I found that one out thanks to my brother, as he fell victim to it. Only a few days after the first case, I was sitting in the living room, watching the news.

“This may sound strange but it seems to happen whenever a male ejaculates,” the news anchor said, “we try to keep things as PG as possible here but there’s really no other way to say it… if you cum, you’re done.”

I sighed as I looked over to my brother as he slept on the couch, his pajama bottoms tented as he throbbed away, my gaze returning to the television.

“Do not ejaculate for whatever reason. Don’t masturbate. Don’t have sex. Make sure you don’t suffer any nocturnal emissions. Whatever you do… don’t cum.”

I heard my brother sigh, followed by a soft moan as I turned my gaze back towards him, noticing that he was quite a bit harder. His tenting bulge was swollen more and the front of his pajama bottoms were getting drenched. He was gushing a lot of pre which could only mean one thing.

“H-hey! Bro? Are you having a wet dream?!” I called out, hoping it would wake him as I watched that tent jump and jerk about. “Oh shit!” I sprang into action as I got up, rushing over to him as I grabbed his shoulders and tried shaking him to wake him up. “W-wake up! You have to wake…”

I was too late as he started shooting through the fabric of his bottoms, glazing himself with a massive, endless load.

“O-oh… nonono… stop! Please!” I pleaded as I watched my brother’s cock erupt hard enough to shoot right through the fabric, some of it getting on me as I shook him, “please… stop… stop it!” I continued to plead but to no avail. It wasn’t going to stop and I knew it.

His back arched as his orgasmic moans continued, his toes curling as his eyes shot open, wide awake now as he gushed again and again.

“What… what’s happening…?!” he moaned out as he shot through his bottoms, the fabric rubbing gently up against his cumming cock head. I knew how much that must be overstimulating him as I grabbed hold of him and hoisted him up, guiding him to the bathtub before tugging off his pants and underwear, freeing his big, gushing dick.

“P-please… stay here…” I said as he looked at me, tears in his eyes as he trembled. His cock fired off round after round.

“F-for how long…?”

“I don’t know,” I said, sighing softly as I watched my brother paint himself with his own dick.

“I w-wanna stop…!”

“I know…” I got up, leaving him be as I heard the splattering of liquid behind me.

The weeks continued on as I took care of my brother, making sure he stayed hydrated and keeping him from starving. I would keep an eye on the news, hoping that something good would happen. Hoping that maybe someone had created a vaccine. Some sort of cure for this endless cum nightmare. But it never happened and numerous news reporters would come and go, getting replaced fairly frequently. Probably men who couldn’t keep their loads in.

I started to miss jerking off. I found myself getting horny far more often. I knew I couldn’t take care of it and found myself terrified that I would end up having a wet dream. My cock twitched as I shook my head, trying to push the thought out of my mind as I got up and went to bed.

Then it happened.

I found myself on a beach, completely naked, standing side by side with my crush from school. He fell victim to his own orgasm a few weeks ago, so it was clear that this wasn’t real. Nothing more than a dream as he wrapped his arms around me, kissing along my neck as he grabbed hold of my cock, squeezing it gently.

“Ahhh… n-no… I can’t…” I moaned out.

“Shhhh… just relax and enjoy it…” he spoke softly into my ear as he began stroking my meat.

“Please…” I felt myself starting to stiffen.

“It’s all right. You’ve done such a good job,” he continued speaking as he kissed my neck some more.

“I… I don’t… w-w-want to…” I moaned some more as my dick stiffened some more.

And then I came.

A warm, wet liquid splattered against my face as I jolted awake, body trembling as I looked down at my naked body, covered in splotches of white as my dick spurted and shot load after load from its tip.

“O-oh n-n-nooooo! Stop…!” I panted, back arching as I curled my toes, “p-please! Please!” I could feel myself cumming harder, lying back as I could barely move. Only trembling, squirming, and moaning as I gushed all over myself.

Cum splattered all over my wall and bedsheets as it continued to spurt out of my tip. Splattering again my chest and face as I moaned, some of the warm liquid landing on my tongue as my mouth opened.

I had worked so hard to keep myself calm. I’d given up my usual routine of whacking it off. I did so much to make sure that I didn’t end up cumming. But eventually, it was too much for my body to take. So it gave up and let loose.

There was absolutely nothing I could do as I lay there, completely helpless, painting myself completely white with a cock that would not… could not… stop cumming.

I could barely even write this out as even now, it continues. I’ve gotten a bit used to it during this month so it’s a bit easier to move around but not by much. I just wanted to write something… anything… to warn people of my fate. Of my brother’s fate. If someone finds this in the distant future and there’s still no vaccine, I have one simple warning for you.

Don’t cum.

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