Detachable party

by The Gecko Rose

What would it be like if everyone had detachable parts? College parties would suddenly be very different. Imagine going to a hide-and-seek party where you hide, but your cock is the key to finding you!

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Part 1 What would it be like if everyone had detachable parts? College parties would suddenly be very different. Imagine going to a hide-and-seek party where you hide, but your cock is the key to finding you! (added: 1 Jun 2018)
Part 2: The Beginning: Alex and Mike The Change took place nine years ago, and one couple experienced its effects first-hand. (added: 6 Oct 2018)
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Part 1

Everything changed when that asteroid crashed ten years ago. It released, well, no one was quite sure what it was. Some strange form of radiation, bacteria, or virus, or some combination of the above. Humanity had been changed by it. We weren’t sure why it didn’t affect any other creature on the planet either, but only Homo sapiens (that we knew of). Maybe it was a gift. Or an experiment. Who could tell?

There was no message, no warning. It was even odd that it didn’t break up in the atmosphere, but made it all the way to land-fall, in north-western Siberia. That made a lot of us think it was not a natural artifact. It broke open on impact, and released… well, something, into the atmosphere. It was carried across the planet in days, and spread to every populated area on the planet in the course of a month.

I was 9 years old when it crashed. I remember everyone panicking, worrying that it might kill us all. We lived in an out of the way college town, but it wasn’t long before everyone here was infected. I remember even when it happened to me…

It was an odd feeling. I felt more relaxed, more energetic, and very, very happy. We all did. All our fears disappeared. And then we realized our bodies had changed. We felt flexible, bendable. I was at school with my friends, and my best friend grabbed my hand and yanked. It didn’t hurt—in fact, it felt awesome. My arm started stretching like Silly Putty. It got narrower at the elbow, and the more it stretched, the more my elbow narrowed. Finally, snap, my lower arm and hand snapped off my upper arm. It didn’t hurt at all. And I realized I could still feel my now detached arm. Everyone looked on in awe at me—wondering if I was okay. Even the teachers came rushing over. But I was fine.

My friends passed my arm around, which was awesome but weird. Even the teachers examined it. Finally my best friend got it back, and tried smushing the elbow back onto my upper arm. Sure enough, it reattached itself with a little sucking/popping sound. I lifted my arm up and waved at everyone. They all started cheering.

Needless to say the rest of that school-day was a bit of a loss.

As the virus spread across the country, more and more people came under its effect. People experimented with removing body parts, even swapping them with each other. Scientists, and doctors, all over the world experimented, studied, tried everything they could to understand what happened. It seemed this virus was engineered specifically for humans, but how or why, no one could tell. It seemed to have no negative impacts, and brought some incredible benefits.

After ten years, removable parts had become a way of life. Fortunately, the virus didn’t impact infants, otherwise countless babies would swallow their own toes… heh. The effects manifested later, at puberty.

By the time I got into college, so-called ‘detachable parties’ were all the rage. I finally got invited to one by a friend of mine, and I couldn’t wait to see what it was like.

This particular party was being hosted at one of the big old houses near campus. Various professors had made it rich over the years, and many had built posh homes nearby. Sometimes they would leave their homes to the student community when they passed, to act as additional housing or what have you.

I saw my friends waiting as I walked up the long semi-circular driveway. We walked up to the front entrance together. The outside of the house was classic, white, with big pillars, black shutters, and a big hanging lantern over the front door. We walked through the big wooden double-doors.

The entry-hall was huge, panelled in wood. A large staircase came curving around to the right. To the left was a hallway that led back into the house. Right in front was a desk, which looked a little out of place. A couple of very sexy, very naked, guys saw us come in and smiled. They asked our names, and checked us off on the list. Then they instructed us to go through the first door on the left where we could change and get ready.

We went into the room, which was a large sitting room, with many chairs and couches, and shelves with books and knick-knacks. There was also a large table in the center of the room, it held several large silver trays, each one was partially filled with cocks. Well, cocks and balls. My friends smiled, but I was confused.

There was another sexy naked guy in the room, and he started to explain. “Good evening and welcome!” he said. “If you haven’t been here before, this is a hide-and-seek style party. You guys get to hide. However, since the people looking for you don’t know you, you have to give them a clue. That clue would be your family jewels. You guys get to go hide in the house, anywhere you want. When the time comes,” he went on, “the seekers will each pick a cock. They will use it to find you.”

“It’s more challenging with everyone naked—even people who know each other might not recognize the equipment of someone they know. Not only will you want to hide, but you will also need to… restrain your response. When you get found, the seeker gets to have some fun with you first, of course, unless you strongly decline. I promise, everyone is respectful, or they aren’t invited. And everyone always has a good time! Last but not least, if you’re the last one to be found, you’ll get a special prize! So, please remove your clothes, and your cocks. Put your family jewels on one of the silver platters. We promise, they’ll both be well tended.”

We disrobed, as more guys came to pick up our clothes for us and hang them up. I had not really seen my friends naked before. We all gave each other a look… and I realized I was getting hard already. A buddy walked up to me, gently grabbed my cock and balls, then gave a twist and a yank, and off they popped! “Hey!” I shouted. He gently set them down in one of the silver trays (which was warmed, I noticed, as my cock touched the metal). So I went him one better, and sucked his cock in my mouth and gave him a little blowjob before yanking off his junk. Off they popped into my hands, and I sucked and teased them a little more before laying them in the tray.

“Now you’re getting the hang of it,” he replied, winking.

We wandered off into the mansion, seeing guys gathered in each room, talking, and doing other things… We found our way to a room that had a couple of guys in it. They smiled and invited us in. The room was paneled with wood all around. It was very dimly lit, as was the corridor outside. This seemed to be a library, as the walls were lined with shelves full of books. The middle of the room was a labyrinth of bookshelves and seating areas, filled with poofs, large circular sofas, and lots of pillows.

We found our way to the middle of the room, found a big comfy couch, and sat down. More guys wandered in. It felt weird sitting there, without a cock between my legs. Someone sat next to me, and reached right into my now empty crotch, and gave it a gentle stroke. It felt incredible. I leaned in and did the same for him, and then he leaned over and kissed me. Soon, the room became an orgy, well, almost. Does it count as an orgy if no one has a cock?

Suddenly, someone was licking my crotch, which felt even more incredible. I had no idea that a cock-less crotch could feel this good. The next thing I knew I had a smooth crotch in my face, and my own smooth crotch was being licked and sucked on by at least 2 mouths. I think we all realized the more we could do to distract each other, the harder it would be for the ‘seekers’ to find us. Soon fingers were plunging to anuses, and the room was just awash with moans.

After a little while, there was the sound of a gong echoing through the house. We all took that to mean that the seekers had been allowed into the party. Every few moments, there would be a sudden intake of breath, as someone had their family jewels picked up by a seeker. The noise level increased, as more and more guys were not only enjoying each other, but having their family jewels serviced by some unknown stranger wandering through the house.

Finally, it happened to me. At first, warm hands gently picked up my cock from the silver tray. It was a strange sensation, feeling my junk being handled but not seeing the person, or even knowing who they were. The hands were large, but soft and gentle. Then a tongue started at the base between my balls, slowly followed the line up the middle and all the way up the back-side of my cock. Once it reached the tip, my whole cock-head was sucked inside, and I moaned heavily into the smooth crotch I was sucking on.

Eventually I was able to control my own moaning, regardless of how… stimulated I was. Whoever was handling me was an expert though. They kept my cock just happy enough that I could feel it, without sending me over the edge. I became aware of guys walking through the room, and they appeared to have cocks, in their hands and in their crotches. Occasionally one of them would stop nearby. I assumed they were playing with someone’s cock, looking for a response. When they didn’t find anyone responding, they moved on to another group.

Soon, the number of guys in the room started to shrink. Someone would get found, and they’d go off with their seeker to retrieve what was theirs. As the groups shrank, we collected into one large-ish group in the middle of the room, enjoying each other on the centrally-placed couches and cushions. I would feel one mouth leave my crotch, only to be replaced by another. My attention was drawn by one hottie who seemed very adept. Eventually, the guy whose cock he was sucking on shuddered and shook. He left the group, and the hottie found another crotch to latch on to.

Finally, it got down to two of us together on the couch, 69’ing like mad, as our cocks continued to be stroked and sucked by unknown strangers. I was shocked we hadn’t cum yet. Whoever our seekers were, they were good. Another seeker walked into the room, I glanced up as he started stroking the cock in his hand. The cockless guy I was pleasuring started shaking. Clearly he had been found by his target, but the guy I was sucking on refused to give in that easily. The seeker upped his game, and started sucking the balls while stroking the cock. Finally my partner couldn’t take it anymore, and stood up. He and his seeker wandered off to play. And I was alone.

I began stroking my own empty crotch. It was all I could do at that point, my legs spread wide across the circular couch. I couldn’t hear much noise from the hallway either. Finally, someone poked their head inside. “Anyone here?” someone said.

“Just me,” I replied. Little point in holding back at this point. A guy padded his way through the stacks until he found me, legs spread, rubbing my very empty crotch.

He smiled and said, “Looks like I won.”

“You mean I won, right? I am the last one, aren’t I?”

“Oh, yeah, you are. But I won.”

“How do you mean?” I asked.

“Because I found the sexiest hider of all” he said sheepishly.

He was tall, built, football-player type, but clearly with a very gentle personality, slightly bashful in his naked arousal. He raised my cock to his mouth, and gently kissed the tip. I shivered with pleasure, and he smiled again.

“I think we both won, because I got found by the sweetest seeker of them all.” He blushed at that, and worked on my cock some more. I leaned forward to take his cock in my mouth, but he put his hand on my shoulder to stop me. I looked askance at him. He then proceeded to remove his own cock and balls. He brought his cock to my lips, and I kissed the tip of his cock as he had done to mine. He shuddered in pleasure. He sat down next to me, and handed me his cock. We both spent some time sucking on each other’s cocks, which of course felt awesome.

Then, he did something I did not expect. He took my cock, and planted it in his crotch. And then, he took his cock, and gently planted it in mine. As he did so, I could feel it, connecting with my flesh. He leaned down, and began sucking his cock, attached to my body. And I felt every lick, every suck, and it was incredible. It was completely different than my own cock, in ways I can’t even explain.

I leaned over and began 69’ing with him, sucking on my own cock in his crotch. And I felt that too! He moaned as I took my cock in my mouth, as he could feel it too. It was as if we both now had two cocks, both of which were expertly being pleasured at the same time.

Next, he did something else I had no idea we could do. He stopped, and then removed my cock from his crotch, and planted it back in my own crotch, next to his own. He then went to town sucking on my double cocks. He could clearly still feel both of them as well. I laid down on the floor, and he then got on top of me, so I could give him a rim job while he continued sucking on our double-cocks. I could feel both of them sliding together, his tongue sliding between them, his soft hands stroking them both together.

Finally, he stood up, straddled me, and lowered himself over our double cocks. I watched in amazement as they slid into his beautiful hole. He started riding me, hard, as both his and my cocks slid in and out of his hole. I was so close before he even walked into the room, this was just plain mind-blowing. We both came together inside his glorious ass. He collapsed on top of me, both of us breathless.

He kissed me, rather sweetly, brushing the sweat off my forehead. He rolled off gently, and I took his cock from my crotch and put it back in his own. I gave it a good cleaning as I did so. We heard the gong sound, signaling the end of the party. We found our way through the corridors, following the sound of music and commotion from somewhere in the house.

Finally we saw light come from a double door further along the hallway. We walked through the door, to find a large ball-room. Everyone else was already there, and enjoying refreshments, talking, or dancing to the music. Our appearance at the entrance triggered the party to pause momentarily, and look in our direction. Everyone cheered and whooped loudly. I suddenly became very embarrassed, as my face flushed bright red.

My seeker grabbed my hand and raised it in the air, like the winner of a boxing match. My friends rushed over to me and hugged me. The host of the party came over and said “Congratulations! You won tonight’s contest! And now, as your surprise reward, you get to try the ultimate detachment!”

Several guys wheeled over a large stretcher-like thing, only it was topped with a purple-velvet cushion, and it was made of ornately carved wood. I laid down on top of it, and I was wheeled to the center of the room. Then, guys swarmed up to me, and started taking me apart. My seeker started, with my cock and balls of course. Then my friends took my hands, and my feet. Then my shins went, and my thighs. My forearms, then my upper arms. My head was gently pulled off and set upright. My pelvis and butt were taken next. Then my shoulders and pecs, and finally my abs. My whole body was being rubbed, licked, and sucked.

My seeker was licking and sucking my cock, and then passing it around his buddies, as several of them went to town on it at once. My whole body was being pleasured all at the same time. And my best friends started working on my head and face, as they passed my parts around to others. They kissed me, sucked on my ears, everything. I had never felt so good, or even, loved? I came, again and again, until the party really started to wind down. I was gently put back together again.

Even then I was so awash with sensation, it was like being drunk. My buddies helped me up from the table, and we went back to the sitting room where our clothes were already waiting. They sat me down on a couch while they got dressed, then helped me with my own clothes. One of them asked “Are you okay, man?”

“Yeah,” I said. “Let’s do this again!”


Part 2: The Beginning: Alex and Mike

“Ooooooohhhh yeaaaahhhh,” I moaned. My guy was going to town on my cock. And he was good. No, he was incredible. We’d been together long enough that he knew just how I liked it. He would make a ring from his finger and thumb, slide it down pulling the skin tight. Then he’d lick the shaft, swirling around, under my cock head. He’d grab my balls with the other hand, fondling them, tugging on them.

He’d tug until I was just on the edge, a little more and it would hurt, less and it wouldn’t feel as good. Then he’d slowly suck my cock into his mouth, and really suck, his cheeks sucking inward as they slid over my length, his lips drawn tight. Then he’d slowly slide back up again. I put my hands on his head as he bobbed and sucked, his head between my legs. I threw my head back in pleasure, moaning again.

I thought I felt something strange, a vibration. Maybe it was just the ‘earth moving’ because my guy was so good at sucking me. Did the glass shake a little? I was facing the big picture windows that looked out over the bay. We had the windows open, a breeze wafted in from the water, cool and damp. It made my skin tingle, heightening my pleasure. The tingling got stronger, more pronounced. My guy, Alex, started moaning too. The vibration over my cock just made it all the more intense.

I blinked, and saw what looked like fog rolling in. Not unusual, except this fog seemed different. Was it… purple-ish? Again I let my head fall back, engulfed in pleasure, not thinking much of it. Every time I opened my eyes though, it seemed more pronounced, until finally it seemed to be coming in through the windows. Usually by that point the fog wasn’t really visible anymore… but this purple stuff was. I breathed it in, felt it on my skin. Even Alex noticed it, shrugged, and kept on going. At least he thought he’d finish me off before paying attention to the purple haze…

It was odd, almost floral-smelling. It made me want to inhale it. I could feel it on my skin, caressing me somehow, massaging me, trying to get inside my body. I think Alex noticed it too, as he was kind of rubbing it into his skin. We both continued moaning, as our pleasure increased. And then, I felt something odd. I was awfully close, but not past the point of no return. And I felt a gentle pop, or snap, at the very base of my cock, like when a baby tooth comes out. It didn’t hurt, it just felt weird….

The next thing I know, I feel the vibration on my cock go way up, and I hear Alex almost shouting over my cock, “mmmmmmmmmmmm”, in alarm. Then I could feel him take my cock out of his mouth, while continuing to shout “Ahhhhhhhhhhh!” I looked down, and couldn’t stop my own “Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?!”. We looked at each other, and we looked at my cock, continuing to shout in panic, amazement, and disbelief. My cock and balls had separated from my body!

I was not in pain, there was no blood, no gaping hole either. It was as if, somehow, my cock was meant to do that. My crotch had smoothed over with skin. Talk about a buzz-kill. “Mike, are you okay? I’m so sorry…!” Alex was almost beside himself.

“Yeah, I’m fine, I think,” I replied. We both examined my dismembered member. It seemed to be fine too, still hard even. Alex turned it over in his hands a little roughly. “Gently!” I shouted, not wanting my parts unduly injured.

“Wait, you can feel that?” Alex enquired. I nodded. “So you can feel this too?” as he proceeded to lick the length of my shaft. Clearly my involuntary moan answered him. And then, the emergency tone beeped on our phones. Alex hopped up on the couch with me and we turned the TV on to the local news channel.

The headline “PURPLE FOG: HARMLESS MIST OR INFECTIOUS PLAGUE?” was on the screen. The reporter was talking about a comet that had crashed in Siberia, leading to earthquakes felt around the world… Alex curled up next to me, and without even thinking, he started licking my cock like a lollipop. I moaned again.

“Oh… sorry…” He looked up at me sheepishly. I smiled and rubbed my hand through his hair. This was all so surreal.

“I didn’t say you had to stop…” I grinned back.

The news went on about how the fog contained some kind of organic compound. It was changing human beings, and only human beings, so that all of our limbs were detachable. Apparently this had already hit eastern Russia, China, Japan, and the Koreas. A lot of testing had already been done. The upshot of which was, it wasn’t dangerous, body parts could be detached and reattached at will. And not just to the original owner.

“Did she say what I think she just said?” Alex asked.

“Yeah… I think she did…” I replied.

Alex took my cock and gently placed it back where it belonged. I felt… something connect and, looking down, there were my family jewels, right back where they belonged! I couldn’t help myself, I reached right into Alex’s crotch, grabbed his cock, already at full mast, and balls, and tugged. Off they popped into my hands. Alex giggled. I started going to town on his cock, and he threw his head back moaning. I took his cock in my mouth, and rotated it around, spinning it around and around in my mouth.

Suddenly Alex reached down and grabbed my cock again, pulling it off into his hands. I paused, in momentary shock. Then he did something I was not expecting. He put it in his own empty crotch. I gasped when I felt my cock attach to my lover’s body. He started stroking my cock, making me moan with each stroke. But I wasn’t the only one moaning. My eyes lit up… he could feel my cock as though it were his own! Without even thinking, I plugged his cock into my own crotch. I gasped again when I felt it connecting to my body. Alex felt it too.

The next thing I knew, we were having the most incredible 69 I had ever felt. I could feel him sucking his own cock, attached to me, while I went to town on my cock in his crotch. No one can give you a better blowjob than yourself. And that was exactly what was going on, twice. Time passed, the news went on with stories about people going to the hospital in panic, and we just went to town on our own cocks. We worked on opening each other’s holes while we were sucking ourselves off.

Alex got to the next step first. He detached his cock from my crotch and started sliding into my hole. I followed suit, and we started using our cocks like dildos on each other’s holes. It felt awesome, as it always does. But then I had an idea. I tapped Alex and made my suggestion. He handed me his cock, and I handed him mine. And then we went back to it, me doing him with his cock, and him doing me with mine. I never imagined being able to feel my cock in my own ass, and it was amazing. Alex started spinning my cock around in my hole, twisting like a key in a lock, round and round.

We could both feel it building, our orgasms, deep inside. We sped up the pace. I started licking and sucking on Alex’s blank crotch, and he gasped and then moaned even more, before proceeding to do the same to my ‘blank spot’. The skin was super-sensitive where it had grown so quickly. Finally, we came, inside ourselves, pressed together in our 69 position, shaking, shuddering in pleasure and release.

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