Demon mage

by JMatton

 After confronting an Incubus, Laizan’s life as a mage is about to change forever.

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“Is this the place?”

The rain fell heavily, the press of raindrops flattening our robes to our bodies.

The voice had come from a small and very young looking girl, whose arms trembled from the gusts of wind that brandished our clothing through the air. Although she looked young and frail, she was accepted into this Mage course through outstanding scores in tests of raw magical ability.

Our captain and instructor: Reckner, turned his head to the girl, from where he stood leaning against an old bakery’s tattered brick walls, gazing at a large wooden house a hundred or more yards away, across the old dirt street.

“Yes, Seirna. Through our intel, and judging by the stature of the aura in this area, there is a demon in that house.”

He said, his rather thin voice in stark contrast to his tall and broad frame. His steel colored eyes glinted at the group of Mages in training standing behind him, through the downpour of rain.

The group nervously casted glancing amongst themselves, their perception of magical presence not yet honed, staring at the wooden house that lay in a unsettling darkness.

Although I was merely a trainee, I could feel the lukewarm press of a dark aura coming from the building. I had been admitted into this level of school through my perception of magic, and ability to remember runes and spells alone. What I severely lacked was brute strength with my magic.Seirna, who knew I could feel what Reckner was feeling , clutched the fabric of my cloak sleeve. He sharp blue eyes called up to me:

Please stay by my side.

It was our first field mission during our course of training. A wealthy family who lived in that towering house had reports of malicious Incubi activity occurring amongst the women of the family. Reckner and the council of the school thought this to be a good opportunity for our course to experience a simple demon termination.

“Because Incubi are active only around sleeping women, the family was not allowed to leave the premises. It would cause the demons to be more wary of our pursuit of them and make them nearly impossible to exterminate. Your number one priority is the safety of the family inside that house.”

Reckner spoke softly to the group, casting an occasional glance back at the house.

A nod of understanding flowed across the faces of trainees.

“Let’s move out. We will split into groups and scour the bedrooms. Make sure you have your spell books, and demonic repulsion curses at the ready, or any form of holy magic. Refrain from using light to guide yourselves through the house. We must be as discreet and cleanly exterminate these demons.”

At that, Reckner and the group of trainees steadily crossed the dirt path, which was becoming sludged with mud, onto the boundaries of the house. I felt a swelling pressure of a cold apprehension in my throat, looking at the tattered shape of the dark house, its broad and dark walls looking like a massive carcass. We stepped onto the porch, which moaned painfully beneath the weight of the mages.

The door was left unlocked, and with Reckner leading the way, we entered the murky darkness of the house, and shut the door behind us. The pale light of the moon was mostly extinguished, leaving us standing in black, other small casts of light spilling from the windows of what seemed to be a large living room.

“All right, groups stick together, check each bedroom and all additional rooms in the house. Be careful.”

We all dissolve into groups, Seirna and I following a young woman named Lucy, and a young man named Brant.

We climb a creaking step of stairs to the first floor of three.

How big is this family?

“Okay, I’ll check this room, Brant, you check that one.”

Lucy whispered sharply to us. With a nod, Brant opens the door he was assigned and disappears in the darkness of a room, along with Lucy.


I call after them.

“Reckner told us to stay together.”

But they were gone.

“At least there’s us, Seirna.”

I turn to look at her and I’m met with the darkness of the empty hallway, her pale face and form nowhere to be found.


I call out, but nothing replies to my whisper.

Shit. Now why would she want me to stay near her if she was just going to ditch me.

Suddenly the presence of dark aura that had been drifting quietly around me sharpens, like a hot knife scraping against my skin. It comes from the floor above, and below.

I gasp, the presence heavy against my mind, and I grab a small set of shelving to steady myself from falling.

A loud crash shatters the silence of the house, followed by a woman screaming.

Oh no.

It was coming from the levels above. I turn towards the staircase, unable to feel my legs beneath me as I sprint to help whatever was happening upstairs.

That’s when the aura behind me increases to a searing heat, and stops me.

I turn around slowly, only to be met with the dark hallway. A loud crash echoes from a room deeper in, causing my heart to slam against my ribs. I walk down the hallway, towards the noise, a snake of sharp cold coiling my spine and legs. I felt like each footstep onto the squeaking floor was a loud crash that could signal whatever horrors could be waiting around me.

A scream reverberates from the door to my right, but is quickly snuffed out.

My body numbs.

It’s inside here.

I could feel that thick layer of cold sweat that now glazed over my skin.

Nonetheless of the protesting screams in my head, I open the door, and step in.

Moon light spilled with an icy dim glow over the wooden flooring.

On the floor, the lifeless form of Seirna lays on the floor, her cloak and clothing ripped from her body, blood pooling over the floor and over her bare chest and arms. Her legs spread wide across the floor.

Standing over her corpse, was what looked to be a tall naked man. His shoulders were wide, the thick shape of his muscled pectorals bulging outwards, the brick of defined abs lined on his stomach, his deeply carved abdominal V trailing to a thin bristle of pubes, and a thick cock that hung heavily in front of his balls. Thin intricate lines smooth over his body, the lines moving along his well-defined biceps and forearms, trailing down his legs. He had a filled, narrow face where a gleaming orange set of eyes leap from the Incubus’ eyes sockets. A pair of small horns curve slightly from his skull that was suited with thin frays of hair that lay over his partially red skin.

I felt myself stricken from the beauty and manliness that hovered in the air around the demon, unable to do anything but stare at the man.

The demon looks up from Seirna’s body at my entrance.

A skeptical smile splays over the Incubus’ face.

“Ah, a man. Come to save your pretty little friend?”

His voice came out in a deep growl that seemed to shake the room.

All I could do was stare, frozen in place, watching the blood pool around Seirna.

“She, like most women, couldn’t resist my siren call, and came straight to me. But before I could treat her to my body, she somehow broke from my trance, and was fighting back. What willpower. A strong Mage indeed. I had to silence the bitch.”

I couldn’t keep my eyes from the demon’s body, my eyes trailing over him, my limbs not reacting to the screams of my mind to attack the monster, to move.

Suddenly the smile on the demon’s face shifted to a playful grin at my glaring eyes.

He gave his large soft cock a nudge with his clawed hand.

“Enjoying the view? I see what you’ve been looking at. Very interesting, a male not under any trance attracted to me. You must be the specimen I’m looking for.”

Looking for?

I attempted to swallow, but nothing moved in my dry throat.

My heartbeat hammered against my chest.

The smothering aura burning from the Incubus was intoxicating, and strangely, alluring.

I felt embarrassment hot in my face. I couldn’t suppress the arousal that was building in my body.

“You can’t look for much longer, unfortunately—”

I blink, and the Incubus was right in front of me.

“You have to die.”

Claws wrack through the darkness, and I find motion return to my body.

I attempt to roll out of the way, but nonetheless his claws are brought down across my face, and stars dance in front of my eyes as I roll across the floor.

I didn’t have time to be dazed.

Hurry—I need a spell—

I raise my hands, and scream at the approaching demon.

Hastar, ext norime mustarcarus fiern!”

Suddenly the demon was thrust off his feet by the force of my curse, and he skidded to a halt, catching his fall by crouching.

I heart pounded violently in my chest, my hands shaking before me.

He’s not dead?

He raises his head, straightening to his feet, his large form looming in front of me.

“Quick thinking, but was that supposed to be a demon repulsion curse? You might as well have hit me with a stick with how little strength was behind it, little boy.”

He growled with amusement. Before I could take a breath, he was once again in front of me.

He’s so fast

The mind was coming to a blank, I frantically raised my hand towards the beast and yelled the first thing that came to me.

Fiero Encarsas!”

A ball of flame expels from my palm, hurling towards the Incubus, who swiftly side steps from it. The wall opposite to us ignites in flame, light blazing to life in the dark room, shadows dancing across the Seirna and the blood spilled on the floor.

The demon knocks my wrist forcibly before I could shout another incantation. I feel a single claw close tightly around my throat, slowly squeezing my airway shut.

I gag, kicking against the demon. I felt hot blood spill from the wound on my face, filling my eyes, penetrating my mouth with its metallic taste.

I send a foot into his testicles, and the demon grunts in pain, flinching slightly.

His smile widens wickedly, morbidly obstructing his features to a face of pure insanity.

“You shouldn’t have done that, little Mage.”

His free hand erupts into a black lightless flame.

I glare at it, my vision beginning to whirl around me.

A demon’s hellfire.

With the force of a cannon, he sends his burning fist in my stomach, tearing through my clothing and searing into my skin.

I gasp, my body burning from the inside out, my innards tensing, an excruciating sharp sensation rippling through my veins.

Your body will be delicious to possess indeed, Laizen.

My eyes stare into the Incubus’ gleaming orange irises.

He knows my name. How—

I felt my body begin to be suffocated by an invading presence of the Incubus’ aura. It filled my being, taking all of me, cause me to gasp for air, and struggle against the beast’s grip.

The Incubus’ body began fading to swirls of black, nothing but those gleaming eyes floating before me, as the world shifted around me, the light of the flames bright blurs of color in my vision.

He was gone.

Everything was gone.

“He can never live a normal life, don’t you understand? He’s not—”

“He is my son! He will be nowhere near your—kind!”

“And if he is something else. He will be of a new breed.”

“He’s human. He’s a beautiful baby boy. “

“He may be. But what if someday—”

The world comes to life before me, the innards of an infirmary materializing in a slow haze around me.

I suck in a feeble breath, and attempt to sit up, but a flash of pain bolts through me.


I groan, squinting at the bright light spilling from the window.

Suddenly I hear running footsteps, and before me, the head healing mage, and Reckner stand before me.

“My dear, you’re up, finally.”

She was an elderly woman with wisps of thin grey hair pulled back into a bun.

“Your survival is beyond miraculous.”

Reckner, his mage’s cloak removed and a plain shirt and pants in its stead was simply looking at me, his expression almost blank.

The healing mage continued:

“I healed you for the most part, but I’m afraid you will sport that scar on your face and stomach for the rest of your life.”

I felt my face, and surely a thin rivet went vertically down my forehead, eyelid, and cheek.

I look to Reckner, feeling my stomach clench.

“How did the rest of the squad manage? How am I alive—”

I see the Incubus before, his aura and body fading into mine.

What happened? I thought I had been possessed?

Reckner visibly flinched at the question that was nonetheless going to come, and he smooths his hand across his forehead wearily.

“We suffered severe casualties. There was a high—”

Suddenly the healing mage gives Reckner a firm smack on the elbow.

“Do not tell the young man such things when he has just woken up, Mr. Mannel.”

I glare at Reckner.

“How many casualties.”

I say numbly, feeling nausea rise in my stomach.

The healing mage casted him a devilish look, but Reckner nonetheless spoke.

“You are the lone survivor. We severely underestimated the number of Incubi that was described in reports. That house and neighborhood was the hunting grounds of a clan of fully grown Incubi and Succubi.”

My pulse seemed to falter under my skin.

I close my eyes.

The two mages exchange glances at the foot of my bed.

It was Reckner who spoke.

“Once most of the Incubi were destroyed, our emergency back up found you alone and unconscious on the floor of a burning room. Did you kill one of the demons? How are you alive?”

I felt my hands closing to a fist. My body was trembling but I couldn’t feel it.

I see Seirna’s body at the feet of the Incubus, his towering body grinning at me with malice and amusement.

I felt the heat of tears weigh down my eyelids.

The healing mage makes quick work to change the subject, looking disapprovingly at Reckner.

“You are released from the infirmary whenever you like. You may resume your course work tomorrow.”

The healing made spoke softly, giving me a brief smile before walking away towards her office.

Reckner remained at the foot of my bed for a moment. He looked to be lost for words.

“You’re alive, Laizan.”

And Reckner was gone, leaving me in the swell of my thoughts.

The thick steam of the bathhouse drifted lazily over the room as the large tub made to fit a dozen or so mages finished filling.

My body ached, the painful aftermath of the force possession still lingering in my limbs. It felt like my body was weighed down with lead. I make my way down the steps, into the pool of hot water, sighing with relief as I slowly submerge myself.

I lean against the edge of the tub, letting the heat from the bath consume me, breathing in the steam, deeply.

Amongst the subtle aches in my limbs, a peculiar tingling sensation was reverberating through my body. It smoothed over my thighs, drifting hazily through my penis and balls.

The hot water is feeling funny on my body. It’s more than likely because I’ve been unconscious for a day, and haven’t had a proper bath in quite a bit.

The instructor’s words drifted in my head still, echoing.

You are the lone survivor.

I close my eyes, feeling the pressure of grief hot in my face, seeing the faces of my training squadmates and only imagining what the Incubi and Succubi must have done to them.

I’m alone.

“Are you, now?”

My body jolts forward, glaring around myself, looking for where that voice could have come from.

That voice, that voice, it was—

“I’ve finally woken up.”

Before me, the Incubus stands in the tub, his broad, naked body hazy against the steam of the bathhouse. His thick arms cross over his chest, glaring down at me, his bright orange eyes glowing brightly against the fog. The thin lines that trail down his body glinted against his reddish skins, like scar tissue.

I find myself scrambling in panic on my feet, backing tightly against the edge of the tub. My heartbeat pounded in my throat ears.

“You… You can’t be real, this… it can’t be…”

I stutter with my words, barely audible over the sloshing of the running water.

“When I possessed your soul, I found myself not harboring your human body, but being infused with you. I am a prisoner of your soul. I am you. You seeing me is simply a reflection of you mind and soul.”

The beast growled.

If I could back further away, I would. My body was trembling, that tingling sensation growing with every step the incubus took towards me.


But he cuts me off.

“That is what I would like to know. What are you? You cannot be a mere human for us to have been fused. You should be my puppet, you should be dead.”

“You’re not me. You can’t be. I’m human. Why did you possess me in the first place? How did you know my name!”

I tripped over my words, trembling.

The Incubus chuckled, ignoring my question, taking another step forward. The sensation rippled through my limbs, my chest, my abdominals, my genitalia.

“Oh but you aren’t, and you never will be. You feel it, don’t you? Your body on the brink of evolving? An Incubus cannot have a pitiful human body like the one you sport now.”

I found no words coming from my mouth, my throat dry despite of the steam drifting heavily between us.

He was inches from me, I had to raise my head slightly upwards towards him.

His orange eyes gleamed.

“You are now going to have power that you would have never imagined, that you’ve always wanted, Laizen. Let the change happen, you will break your human body if you resist the demon rising to the surface.”

The Incubus brought his large clawed hands down onto my chest, and the sensation erupted to a burning life through my body, searing my limbs, my muscles contracting, and pulsing beneath my skin.

I groan in pain, losing my steady footing, trying to push away the Incubus, to keep him from changing me.

My pectorals swell under the Incubus’ hands, his hands being pushed away by the increasing mass. He smooths his hands onto my shoulder, and with a piercing sensation, they thicken at his touch, my deltoids, biceps, triceps, forearms trembling and growing to products of raw mass.

I felt the veins of my muscles and neck bulge outwards, cording like snakes over my growing body.

My bones cracked painfully as I grew steadily taller, until I was evenly leveled with the Incubus, making my arms and legs longer.

The Incubus presses his body against mine, his hands smoothing down my back.

My traps and lats convulse and broaden, pressing outwards, as he smooths his hands over them, resting on my ass.


I find myself unable to keep from shouting, as the muscles of my ass balloon and harden as he massages the growing mass.

“There we go.”

The Incubus cooed deeply in ear.

He traces his fingers over my legs, and my hamstring, quads and calves size up violently, my skin feeling tight, and burning.

He takes a step back from me, my body quaking, sweat dripping over my muscled form.

He presses his hand to my stomach, and a six pack of abs swells from my once flat stomach, a abdominal V carving deeply below it.

“Are you done?”

I gasp breathlessly, my hands gripping at edge of the tub, barely capable of keeping my feet under me.

He smiles knowingly at me, and a flash of chill goes down my spine.

He takes a step closer to me, and we are finally eye to eye. His horns and thin hair glows reflectively against the light of the room of the dimly lit room.

“Do you think this small cock will manage? An Incubus needs to have a bigger set down there.”

A bigger se—?

The incubus takes my cock in his hand. Splitting waves of heat surge up and down my genitalia, and I groan loudly as my cock fattens in his hand.

“You wanted me to touch you here ever since you first saw me, huh?”

My foreskin peels backwards and grows itself to compensate for the growing mass of my member. His claws trace my balls, and they balloon at his touch, dropping in my sack, engorging.


My ass falling onto the edge of the tub, my cock and balls falling free from the Incubus’ touch.

I heave in breaths, my eyes shut, my heart pounding in my chest.

“Now a true Incubus is before me. A proper body for a demon.”

The beast states in satisfaction, crossing his arms, and eyeing my body.

I open my eyes, and look down at myself.

My abs and pectorals shine with moisture, a welcomed thin layer of hair spread throughout.

My cock sags fatly over my hanging testicles, it had to be five inches flaccid, easily.

I prod the mass of my biceps, which was hard and immobile at my touch.

And beneath it all, I felt my aura surging, a sense of power that I couldn’t help but—

“You love it. The power of a demon.”

I felt my face frantically, and to my relief, no horns were sprouted from my head.

“This body—how is this impossible, this power is…”

I trail off, unable to admit it to myself.

I feel like more than a mage. All my life I’ve had the abilities of magic perception, but never real strength.

I look to the Incubus.

“What does this mean for me?”

In the back of my mind, Reckner’s words echo quietly.

You’re alive, Laizen.

The Incubus smiles.

“Your life has just begun.”


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