Demigod chronicles I: Herakles

by aquila

 A powerlifter finally hits his goals with his trainer, only to realize that there’s something big he should know about him. It isn’t all shakes and good form that gets you to top shape… sometimes, you gotta pray.

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Sweat tumbled off his body and hit the floor like raindrops, his taut muscles straining against the 495-pound barbell grasped in his hands as he held himself in position. Counting backward from three in his mind, he launched upward, hips locking for a second, then bringing the weight down with a crash.

“Good, Dave,” a thick voice said from behind.

Dave unwrapped his lifting straps as a warm fog of sweat and pheromones engulfed him. His thick thighs tensed in a vague rhythm and his cock jumped, the improbably fat head pulsing with the rush of blood.

“Hey man, what’s good,” Dave said, turning to greet his trainer, his towel draped conveniently over his crotch.

Mike was 6’9” and 410 pounds of near-perfect muscle. Everything about him was hard, even his hands. Even his hugs. This man was a hugger, and Dave appreciated it.

“You’re getting pretty good for a little guy,” Mike said with his trademark mixture of bemusement and encouragement. The joking nature of his training banter was something Dave loved, especially when given in Mike’s low, almost godlike baritone.

Mike was right, too. Dave was a little guy. At 5’8” and 240 pounds he was built solid, but he was over a foot shorter than his trainer. And over 150 pounds lighter, easily pressed by the enormous muscle beast in front of him.

Mike leaned back into the ratty recliner shoved into the back of the industrial-style gym and began poking at a comically small notebook with an even more undersized pen. Humming and hmming to himself over and over, he finally clapped the notebook shut.

“Well, I think you’re ready, Dave.”

Dave nearly gagged on the protein shake he was chugging, creamy vanilla whey pouring out of the sides of his mouth.

“Ready? Now?”

Mike smiled at the image of Dave gagging on a mouthful of protein and just nodded deeply.

Dave’s heart nearly did a backflip and his mind began racing. He had been training for the powerlifting classic for months but wasn’t sure he’d be ready in time. Mike was a good trainer, a great trainer even. He’s the best, actually. Dave’s mind couldn’t settle down, he just couldn’t believe someone like Mike thought he could compete in something like this.

“So, what do I do, how do I get registered and all that?” Dave asked.

“Already taken care of,” Mike replied. “I figured you’d be hitting your goals, so I went ahead and signed you up. Today was just the icing on the cake.”

Dave’s heart kept racing as he thought of all the training and work he’d done. It was finally happening, he was going to the classic—but first, so much to do! Straps to check, outfits to look at to ensure they won’t burst during a squat, and, and, what else?

“Don’t forget to take a shower,” Mike growled with a smile.

Right, a shower.

Lost in his thoughts, Dave tossed his chalk, belt, straps, and other gear into his bag and headed into the locker room.

The locker room was a warren of lockers, benches, and shelving for patrons. At this time of night, the gym was pretty empty, in spite of being the kind of hardcore 24-hour gym that attracts the sort of lifter that is happy to get in a set at midnight.

Dave peeled off his clothes, drenched with sweat and sticking to his thick muscled body. Pulling off his pants and jockstrap, his fat cock and heavy balls swung free, hitting the humid air and almost instantly hanging just a little lower.

Sensing nobody around, Dave casually stuffed his clothes and bag into a locker without throwing on a lock.

Normally, Dave would skip the hot tub, it wasn’t his thing. The idea of being in a giant hot bathtub without soap or anything was just odd to him. Maybe the bubbles bothered him usually? Or the fact he sometimes began to float? Either way, tonight was different. Sliding into the warm, hissing water, Dave was immediately soothed.

With his eyes closed, Dave’s mind began to wander.

What would the competition be like? Who are the judges? Would there be hot guys there? Dave imagined a crowded hotel full of sexually frustrated powerlifters, bodies tense and aching for release. His cock jumped and began to swell.

Growing steadily, Dave’s cock began to react to the bubbles in the hot tub. Within seconds, the fat, thick 10” tool was poking slightly out of the water. Dave grinned to himself and let his mind wander again.

This time, it was Mike. Mike’s body was that of a Greek demigod. It was rounded marble, harder than stone. It had all the classic proportions of a statue of Zeus or, or, of Herakles, but larger. Stronger. His lats would flare when he would do overhead lifts, muscle fibers pushing through his tight shirts. When he would dab his forehead of sweat with his shirt, his impossibly defined abs would glisten. This body was Olympic.

And yet, Dave hadn’t seen all of Mike.

For all his showing off, Mike only seemed to wear baggy pants. And not just any kind of baggy pants, but unflattering ones. The sort he claimed would help him with range of motion, but also rendered the curves of his more than certainly amazing glutes invisible. And his cock, surely that was amazing, too. Dave often wondered what it would be like to compare his monstrous fat cock to Mike’s. He might even be larger than his trainer.

Dave let his thoughts recollect and calmed his boner before exiting the hot tub and heading for the showers.

Like most old school gyms, the large open-plan showers were meant for quick cleaning. Dave flicked the handle on the large shower head in the middle of the room and began rinsing himself off, the loud hiss of the shower filling the room noisily. Scrubbing his aching body, he imagined Mike’s hands all over him, massaging, probing. Quickly his mind changed gears, however, as he noticed his fat cock swelling again.

Looking around the room, Dave cursed abruptly. No soap.

Luckily, Dave and Mike’s regular gym was known to run out of soap in its tiny shower stalls, so Dave always had some on hand. Flicking the water off his arms, he strode over to the towel rack and began dabbing himself lightly. Over the hiss of the shower, he thought he heard a deep, rumbling moan, but how could that be?

Pulling his towel around his waist, Dave walked into the maze of lockers and turned the corner, coming face to face with a surprise.

In front of him, in deepest bliss, was Mike. He had his face buried in Dave’s jockstrap, but that was not the most shocking vision. As Dave’s vision unclouded, in front of him stood the most massive cock he had ever seen.

“Dave,” a startled but euphoric voice rumbled, “I thought you were…”

“No, Mike, I, wow, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt, Mike, sorry,” Dave stammered.

Mike tried meekly to hide his enormous cock, but it was impossible.

“What are you doing? I was coming to get soap, and, I, wow, I’m so confused,” Dave explained.

“Well, I thought it was my locker and I like smelling my own jockstrap,” Mike lied for a split-second. “Okay, no, I’m sorry. I just think you smell really good.”

Dave turned a deep red, almost red enough to cause permanent bruising to his skin.

“That explains that, but, I don’t mean to be rude, it doesn’t explain that thing,” Dave said, gesturing to Mike’s enormous erection. The giant phallus was now drooling precum as it twitched against Mike’s abs.

“There’s a lot that I might have to explain,” Mike said.

“Clearly,” Dave said, flustered.

Mike stood up to full height, dwarfing his protégé.

“If you want to know how you’ve gotten so strong, now is a chance to come get your power from its source.”

Mike began stroking his long cock, precum dripping in quick, thick drops. Smearing a wet fingerful on Dave’s chest, a sudden warmth filled the smaller man’s body.

“Wh-what’s happening,” Dave asked, a familiar feeling filling him.

“You already know,” Mike said, “but I’ll explain.”

Dave stood facing the nearly two-foot long erection of his impossibly built trainer. The piss slit on the monster cock was a spring of precum, pouring out long steady ropes of sticky, clear emissions.

“Those protein shakes,” Mike said, “wouldn’t it be more fun to get them from the source? Might as well, right? I’ve seen how you look at me. And I’ve wanted you for so long.”

Dave’s heart leapt.

“I’m sorry, but you’ve been giving me your cum in protein shakes?”

Dave’s question took Mike aback, who was unprepared for the honesty. He flicked his erection with the tip of his thumb, letting it jump as he thought about things for a second.

“It isn’t ordinary cum, Dave,” Mike replied, “it helps you grow. Makes you grow. It’s what you wanted. It’s what you’ve wanted for years.”

Dave knew it was true, but it was awfully presumptuous of his trainer to blow loads in his shakes, magic cum or not.

“Man, that’s… I mean, in a fantasy way that’s pretty hot, but come on, man,” Dave argued. “I’m loving this new body, this new strength, but if I knew it would involve me eating your cum I might have wanted to be consulted first, maybe?”

Mike frowned.

“Is there no pleasing mortals?”

Mortals? Dave was suddenly confused and frightened all at once. And maybe a lot aroused.

“Yes, mortals,” Mike replied to the question in Dave’s mind.

Fuck, Dave thought, is he a mind-reader?

Mike sighed and sat down again, his muscles tensing as he tried to make sense of the problem. There was far too much going on right now in either mind for him to comprehend, and it was clear by his demeanor that he was cruising toward a full-on breakdown.

“Okay, let’s take this slowly and start with the obvious,” Dave started. “You mentioned mortals as if you aren’t one. If you aren’t, then who are you, are you really Mike?”

Mike’s eyes brightened a bit as if Dave finally got it.

“No, I am not,” Mike replied cheerfully.

Dave jumped back a foot and hid behind a locker door.

“Well, uh, who are you?”

Mike frowned again.

“I am not mortal, I am extremely strong, and I am what you’ve always wanted,” Mike replied, searching for Dave’s understanding.

“What, are you, like, Herakles?”

With those words a jolt filled Dave’s body and Mike’s. Suddenly Dave understood, his mind unclouding: Mike wasn’t Mike after all. And Dave suddenly remembered how he spent all those years reading about Greek deities and demi-gods and praying to them, especially the hero Herakles. He remembered quickly how soon after he, foolishly he thought, built an altar, Mike appeared. And he remembered the name of Mike’s original training company, the one he had before he gave up on having other clients.

“Olympic Hero Training,” Mike said thoughtfully, cutting into Dave’s thoughts.

Dave took a deep breath and looked at Mike, who was now at ease. He smiled broadly at his trainer and thought deeply, remembering how it was a mutually beneficial prayer, that he wanted to give new life to the old Greek pantheon, or at least some part of it.

“So, should I call you Herakles?”

“No, I like blending in… even if ‘Mike’ is sometimes confusing,” Mike replied.

“Why ‘Mike’ anyway?” Dave asked.

“Well, it was almost the word for victory, but that’s a shoe brand now, so,” Mike trailed off.

Dave laughed with Mike, whose eyes began to fill with lust again.

“So, how does this cum thing work?” Dave asked.

Dave and Mike pulled up to Mike’s house on the outskirts of town, a trip that Dave had made once. He had never been inside, and since it was at the far end of a long drive, he’d never seen the house itself.

Mike pulled his car into a clearing as the passing moon illuminated the plush grass, the night air warm but with a slight chill to it.

Stepping out of the car, Mike drew Dave into the middle of the clearing, which finally made itself known as a perfectly circular stand of trees. Mike’s muscular arms pulled Dave close and he began to feel the smaller man’s raging heartbeat.

“How big do you want to be, Dave?”

Dave froze, his mind swimming with possibility. He never before imagined this possibility, he never before thought he could be bigger, stronger, larger than this. His body tensed, his cock lurched, and he felt emotion welling up within his chest.

“Make me huge… Sir,” Dave replied.

Mike smiled gently, finally feeling a connection to Gaea again. Mother, I’m home, and I am helping your other children, he thought, warmth filling his loins. He could feel strength welling up through his legs, passing his thighs and surging into his large bull balls.

Without a word he ripped away his pants roughly, but without breaking his hold on Dave. His long slender cock sprung free, pressing itself between Dave’s thighs, throbbing and drooling precum. Loosening his grip ever so slightly, his body language signaled to Dave it was time.

“Yes, Sir,” Dave whispered huskily, dropping to his knees.

The enormous cock before him held intense heat, a throbbing, powerful godly tool, eager to probe into Dave’s body to give to him its strength. As precum smeared itself all over Dave, he began to feel that same warmth again. His muscles felt tighter, stronger, and his body felt bigger, every second.

Pulling out his fat cock, Dave began to stroke himself, with one hand to compliment the pleasure he was administering to Mike’s monster with the other. Without warning, a long, steady drip of precum landed on his cock, and the warmth filled his groin.

“Oh god,” Dave moaned, his hips bucking. His 10” cock was suddenly pushing slowly upward, and within a minute, it seemed to be closer to a foot long.

Dave’s arousal kept growing as he stroked Mike’s cock, but he couldn’t hold back on his unease about how the impact of the precum on his body. Yes, he wanted to grow big, but he didn’t know how big Mike would make him grow. In that moment of passion, however, he didn’t care.

Mike’s cock slid easily into Dave’s mouth. For being so long, it wasn’t enormously thick, and perhaps by design. This was a penis meant to help him grow, and it wouldn’t help much if he couldn’t get fucked by it or suck it, and damn was he glad he could suck it.

The fat head pushed into his mouth, throbbing and exciting his tongue, pouring out precum. Sucking hungrily, Dave didn’t notice his body steadily growing in this time. 5’8” became 5’11” in no time, and 240 pounds became 290. It didn’t matter to him, he needed this cock.

Mike groaned and bucked his hips, pushing his cock further in causing Dave to gag slightly. The pressure on the head of his cock caused Mike to shoot a large wad of precum down Dave’s throat, creating another growth spurt in the hungry cocksucker.

In minutes, Dave’s growth became too irresistible to Mike.

“Get on your hands and knees,” Mike commanded.

“Yes, Sir.”

Mike got on his knees and began rimming Dave, reaching forward to stroke his fat cock with precum as lube. Dave’s cock continued to swell and grow in Mike’s hand, 12” became 14” fairly quickly. Dave moaned as his cock was stroked by Mike’s thick hand, but suddenly he felt an abrupt tightness, a pressure, as Mike’s fat finger slowly began probing his hole.

“Should I keep going,” Mike asked.

Yes, sir, please!”

Mike began fingerfucking Dave, his fat digits going in, one-by-one. First one, then two, then four. Dave’s willing hole pushed against Mike’s fingers as Mike’s other hand stroked Dave’s growing cock with precum lube. Suddenly, however, the fingers were gone.

“Are you ready?”

“Please, please fuck me,” Dave panted.

Mike quietly angled himself above Dave and pointed his slender monster at the waiting hole. Gently pushing in, Mike continued to press his long cock in as far as it would go into Dave. Dave groaned, grasping the ground and panting hard. His now-18” cock beat hard as it pulsed with blood and longed to plow into Mike’s powerful ass.

Mike thrust rapidly into Dave, his cock meeting the resistance of clenching muscles hungry for cum.

It wouldn’t take long before Mike would begin to breathe raggedly, deeply, his arms quivering, his hips becoming more intent, his thrusts more focused. With a bellowing roar that caused night birds to take flight, he began unloading into Dave, grunting and growling, an orgasm that lasted more than a minute. Dave could feel the cum in his body, could feel his guts expand with it, but suddenly, he felt it quickly settle.

Mike pulled out, no cum trailing as Dave’s body had absorbed it all.

Still hard, Mike brought himself to Dave’s head. Squeezing a couple of remaining drops of cum out, he rubbed Dave’s monster cock, smiling as the cock suddenly surged in size by another inch. Dave smiled, and without a word, Mike pulled the monster into his mouth and began sucking.

Dave obliged, sucking on Mike in return.

Although a demi-god, Mike had difficulty taking in Dave’s monster cock. Almost 20” long, the beast was hard to swallow. Mike could get about a quarter of the way down, maybe half, before it was too thick, too long, to go any further.

The difficulty, the size, the fact that he could feel it throbbing in his mouth, was more than enough to get Mike close again. He began thrusting his hips and bucking wildly, his mouth working double-time on Dave’s fat monster. Within seconds, Dave unexpectedly began shooting large gobs of cum down Mike’s throat. It was nowhere near the size of Mike’s cumshots, but any human would be impressed.

The warmth of the hot cum was enough to send Mike over the edge.

Shooting a steady stream of cum down Dave’s throat, Mike moaned again, knowing that Dave was about to have another major growth spurt, the second in the past hour. Did Dave know how large he was now? Or was he so wrapped up in sexual bliss that he didn’t notice?

Mike’s cock dropped out of Dave’s mouth and he stood up, his thick thighs towering over the little guy.

“All right, time to stand,” Mike said.

Pulling Dave up, Mike smiled as the little guy’s massive biceps dwarfed his own. Suddenly, Dave was looking down at Mike, just barely, but he was now taller than his trainer.

“What the fuck, Mike—? How, please explain this,” Dave said in shock.

“I told you what my cum does, but I guess I never told you I was only giving you a small fraction of a teaspoon each time in your shakes,” Mike said with a smirk.

“What about the competition?” Dave said, suddenly not caring about his new size.

“Don’t worry, I put you in the top weight class,” Mike replied.

Dave calmed down quickly and appraised his new body. No clothes would fit, so he’d need a new wardrobe. Guys would be all over him, and he’d probably be pretty competitive at the classic, so maybe he’d get sponsorship deals, too. And with Mike around, he’d be able to keep his size and get laid on the side.

“Yes, the top weight class,” Dave said, thoughtfully.

As Dave and Mike walked into Mike’s fairly spartan home for a weigh-in, Dave’s hormones went into overdrive again. Another side-effect, maybe, Dave thought. The scale flickered as he stepped on it before registering 480 pounds. Doubled in weight. His height topped 6’11”, but not quite 7’. His cock, measured for curiosity’s sake, was now nearly 20”.

“Mike,” Dave suddenly cut in.


“So, does this transformation make you really horny, or am I just enjoying my new body?”

Mike said nothing and smiled, bending over slowly to look at the scale, inviting plunder from the newly engorged musclebeast. A demi-god can handle that.


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