Daemos island

by Charles Westfall

A Polish scientist and explorer, Ferdinand Rolcek, discovers a hidden island where the lost secrets of the Daemos, alien pioneers of masculine beauty and sexuality far beyond anything known to humanity, are finally revealed to him; and what he learns makes him never want to leave again. Don’t worry, he won’t be lonely.

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Doctor Ferdinand Rolcek has spent less then a week's worth of time in the outside world in more then 100 years. He has lived on this small central pacific island for almost 110 years.

Born in 1863, in Krakow when it was the capital of Austrian Galicia. He was the son of a wealthy Polish textiles manufacturer. He was possessed of an almost alien intellect, and a mind not bound by the then perceived limits of science. He had studied such mundane, but revolutionary theories as Gregor Mandel's and later researchers' theories of genetics, to the wild theories of Wilhelm Reich, and even modern interpretations of alchemy. He studied a vast array of fields, from medicine to engineering. As a student his theories were laughed at for years, until while resting in a mountain resort in the Austrian Alps, he found a strange set of books, machines, and other artifacts in a cavern deep in the mountains while on a morning stroll through the mountain paths.

The texts were written in a language that was completely unknown. The machines were also unknown, but appeared remarkably advanced. Strangely the secrets of the unknown language came to him in a vivid series of dreams. A phenomena that has yet to be explained. He deciphered the texts over the next year.

In the texts was information that could be classified as neither sorcery nor science, but both in perfect union. The texts told him also of locations of other such finds.

One of the texts was a journal of a scientist studying Earth for several centuries. He was not human, but a Daemarrian, a strange race of beings with powers like demons, and the drive of humans. The scientist had run afoul with a powerful order of sorcerers, and was probably killed by them. Several other texts were general, and on various arkano-scientific theories (the study of the Daemarrians fusion of science and magic) on a variety of subjects, as well as pure sorcery.

Ferdinand had spent large sums of his family's money scouring Europe for other finds. It was while digging in unclaimed land in the Pierennes that he discovered large deposits of silver, and gold. He bought the claim, and mined the oar after his find of artifacts were uncovered. Ferdinand was able to repay his family, and become independently wealthy. He used the funds to buy a small, uninhabited island in the central pacific, far away from most trade routes. It was on this island that the last known site of artifacts to his knowledge was located, and they were in a vast castle built into the mountains in the heart of the island itself, that was in 1885.

Ferdinand was going to settle in for a life of total seclusion, and had good reason not to leave. He had a series of momentous tasks ahead of him that would take more then a mere human life to begin. Ferdinand had a way to make sure he would be able to carry out his work. Located in the heart of this vast castle was a pool, a pool that transformed Ferdinand Rolcek into something no longer human, a 'Pool of Gre'Dal'.

Ferdinand had studied the sorcery texts and was able to speak the strange language with some skill now. The pool could be 'programmed' by a certain series of incantations to create the desired level of transformation. Ferdinand was ambitious, and went for the highest possible settings. Before he entered the pool, he was a thin 6’4, his body quite hard from four years wandering the last wilds of Europe. He was considered rather handsome with green eyes, full black hair that had grown long from his arduous travels in the wilderness. He had a light olive tone to his skin, tanned from a harsh outdoor existence. He was massively endowed with a thick 15 inches, but his quest and his drive repressed all yearnings for pleasures of the flesh.

When Ferdinand emerged from the pool, he was like unto a god in many respects, standing at 7’8, his body had become a mass of muscle that would know nothing of compare for another century. He was broad shouldered, his skin tight over his unholy muscular mass, no longer requiring the cushioning of fat. His head was almost lost in his thick neck and trapezius, his pectorals had become two massive slabs of throbbing muscle at 124 inches around. His massive muscular biceps and triceps were combined a huge 56 inches flexed, his waist 62 inches wide. His long massive legs featured huge 74 inch thighs that flared out with his huge bowling ball like bubble ass cheeks. His cock, though massive before now hung at a thick 16 inches limp, the foreskin seemed stretched over the fat bulbous head, leaving far more then his inch and a half long urethral slit visible. Ferdinand's face had refined, showing the boyish charm lost by his travels, he looked only sixteen, and had delicate, refined youthful features. The one thing Ferdinand had not counted on truly happening was now his sex drive was increased exponentially, once a minor nuisance that he could repress, he was now a lust crazed monster.

He tried to continue his research in seclusion in the giant castle, only using his hand and mouth to relieve his lust, but he was unable to take it after only a few days.

He hatched a plan, he had done enough research, and discovered Daemarrians, and those bathed as he was, were able to 'seed' humans. A process by which a human ingests a Daemarrian male's semen are enhanced, and given untold centuries of life. Ferdinand decided to 'hire' some help.

He ventured to French Indo-China utilizing a teleportation device in the castle, one of many mysterious devices he had found in the castle and on his travels.

He manifested in the outskirts of Saigon. He went through the city's red light district, bare ass naked. No one dared attack the seven foot plus giant while he stalked the alleys. He eventually saw a small form quivering in a corner, practically naked, and dirty.

He was a beautiful boy, slim and small of build. He looked barely sixteen, with short black hair, and golden skin. He also possessed an almost freakishly large penis that went down to his knees, and was limp! The boy was perfect, a delicate, but superhung angel.

Ferdinand had found his first 'houseboy'. The boy stared up at him, Ferdinand smiled and said, “Parlez-vous francais?”

The boy replied with a heavy Vietnamese accent, “Oui”.

Ferdinand smiled with joy, the boy was enthralled with the giant. He could just feel the raw physical power emanating from him, as well as the overwhelming sexual aura.

Ferdinand gently took him by his hand, and uttered a strange, inhuman phrase, then the two disappeared in a burst of light.

Ferdinand carried him like a child through the vast fortress. The boy was practically in a state of shock his head trying to peer over Ferdinand's massive arms. Ferdinand took him to his sleeping chambers, and a waiting bath.

The boy was gently lowered into the tub, then Ferdinand entered as well. Ferdinand began to slowly wash him with a soft wash cloth. Taking the utmost care in caressing his firm, hard body.

“What is your name?” Ferdinand asked, his voice soothing, and gentle as he gently washed the boy's hair, his hand's massaging his small scalp

“Gnyuen Van” the boy replied, giggling at Ferdinand's own oddly accented French.

“What is your name?” Van said softly, almost afraid to ask the question.

“My name is Ferdinand Rolcek, I am from the city of Krakow.” Ferdinand replied, happy with Van's inquisitiveness.

“Is that in France?” Van asked.

“No, it is, or was in the country of Poland, like your home, mine is also ruled by foreigners, the Austrians. We are more alike then you think.” Ferdinand said with a laugh as he poured warm water over him, the soap suds running off his lean body.

Van turned and stared into Ferdinand's green eyes, their powerful gaze all but hypnotizing the boy. Ferdinand brought his hand down, and began stroking Van's cock. It quickly responded to his touch. Ferdinand stroked it gently, the soap and bubbles making it wet, and slippery. The head of his penis was repeatedly covered, and uncovered by his foreskin.

Van also reached down, grasping Ferdinand's cock with both hands, and stroking the thick monster. Their lips soon locked into a kiss, as they fondled each other's enormous genitals.

Soon they are both hard, Ferdinand grabs Van by the waist and stares at the boy's huge cock which easily reaches his chest, the boy was only a few inches past five feet, yet he was blessed with a fourteen inch long, three inch wide cock.

Ferdinand set him at the edge of the pool and went down, engulfing the fourteen inch monster in one breath. While one hand caressed the boy's loins, the other played with his lemon sized balls. Ferdinand moaned as he felt his nose nestle in the thin peach fuzz pubic hair, while his mouth and throat was filled with boy cock.

Van moaned in pleasure, his cock throbbing in Ferdinand's throat. Ferdinand was in ecstasy, Van's flesh was soft, and smooth, he loved feeling the contours of his torso, and legs. Ferdinand hoisted those slim beautiful legs, and felt Van's firm round ass, and bunghole surrounded only by firm flesh. Ferdinand stuck his index finger into that brown little hole, and a sparkle of purple electricity erupted from it, Van's ass now smelled of perfumed orchids.

Van could not take anymore, he erupted in Ferdinand's throat, unleashing a torrent of cum. Ferdinand's mouth and stomach filled with boy seed that he drank gladly. Only a few drops escaped his wanting mouth, despite the massive jets that erupted from Van's cock.

“Such a big cannon for such a little boy.” Ferdinand said with a grin as he licked Van's huge cock clean.

Ferdinand then stood, his own cock erect, and easily over two feet long now. Van looked frightened at first, but the bobbing cock soon had him under its power. Van returned to the pool, getting on his knees. He licked and sucked on the fat cockhead, now fully revealed. Slowly, and much to his amazement Van took in the fat cockhead, then the shaft. It snaked down his throat, his jaw, and throat stretching, and bulging unnaturally as he took in more and more. Van proved very skilled at cocksucking as he soon had Ferdinand thrusting his cock violently into the boy's throat. His cock had reached its full unholy length of thirty inches. Van was at the base, and stroking Ferdinand's huge, smooth, wet balls, each the size of the young boy's head.

Van's eyes nearly burst from his skull when Ferdinand came, his stomach was flooded in less then a minute, his throat, mouth, and nose soon released massive jets of spew. Van quickly pulled out the massive cock, swallowing only a few more blasts before letting the rest of the rushing waterfall of seed bathe him. The eruption of cum lasted for five minutes straight, covering the walls, ceiling, and forming vast puddles on the floor. Van gleefully stroked and drank from the massive cock like a fountain, but his enthrallment was like a young boy's first fireworks display.

When it was over, Van's mouth locked with Ferdinand's kissing him with wild passion. “That was the most amazing thing I have ever seen!” he said in an awestruck shout.

“Glad you liked it, that is an average orgasm for me, it can be even more intense when I am really aroused.” Ferdinand said with an arrogant smile.

The two kissed and embraced for several long minutes, Ferdinand's monstrous cock still hard and pressing against Van's hard wet body. A couple minutes later Van watched with awe as bursts of red electricity emerged from the floor and everywhere else where Ferdinand's cum landed, the spew was soaked up., even in the bath water the swirls of cum disappeared.

“What is happening?” Van asked in shock

“Oh that is the 'Orgone Assimilator. Orgone energy is the energy released by sexual activity. This castle merely has a device that can absorb that energy, as well as its protein rich byproducts and assimilate it into energy that powers this castle. The assimilator is incredibly efficient, and even allows for some automated maintenance of the castle and any non-living object inside of its field. It is one of the many things I am trying to understand, and you will too, over time.” Ferdinand said as he placed his hand on Van's shoulder

“I do not fully understand what you said, it sounds like magic to me, but I know I will be happier here, then on the streets.” Van said as he stared longingly at Ferdinand.

Van then led Ferdinand to the bed, and laid him down, “I hope you will not split me in two?” Van said as he crawled on top of the muscular giant.

He grasped Ferdinand's cock, and gently eased it's thirty inch length, five inch width into his wet and waiting ass. Somehow, much to Van's surprise it penetrated, slowly entering his ass, which squeezed the mammoth cock like a vice.

When Van reached the base, he was both aroused, and confused, it felt like it was in his chest, though it should have gone much further. Soon he did not care, and merely started bobbing up and down. Van's own cock was soon raging hard, his whole ass felt like it was laden with pleasure zones, not just his prostate. Ferdinand grasped Van by his waist and started thrusting violently. Van felt like he was ready to explode after only a few minutes of this violent fucking, He erupted only after thinking it. Van's cum splashed onto his own chest, face, hair, and some landed in his mouth. His ass squeezed the invading cock as much as it could, milking it with his anal spasms.

When Ferdinand came, it flooded Van quickly. Cum was pouring out of his ass in great torrents covering Ferdinand's torso, legs, and the bed. When it was over, Van was light headed, his senses reaching near overload. He collapsed on Ferdinand's chest, almost unconscious, except for the spurts still emanating from Ferdinand's cock kept him grimacing. Though Ferdinand was still very aroused, he knew Van could take no more. He eased his cock out of the young boy's ass, and let him sleep atop his huge torso, wondering what the morning would bring.

Ferdinand awoke early, he had taken a cool bath, eaten a full meal, and tried to keep his thoughts off the beautiful boy still sleeping in his bed. He was trying to assemble a machine that he barely understood, going on instructions he could read, but did not fully comprehend. The machine was called a 'computer', and from what he read it sounded like some hyper-advanced concept, a million steps further then Babbage's calculation engine, but that proposed device would have been huge, this was a large device itself, but seemed based on the growing field of electronics.

Though he had accomplished much in those several long hours, Ferdinand felt frustrated, and decided he would check on Van.

As he approached his bedroom, Ferdinand heard Van scream, and he quickly ran in to see what was the matter. Van was standing in front of a mirror, and stared with shock at his reflection. Ferdinand could also see a noticeable difference in Van's appearance. He had grown another few inches, easily five feet, six inches now. His body was ripped with hard, lithe muscle covered in tight skin. Not bulging, but clearly noticeable, though his ass cheeks were ripe, round and muscle firm. His face was also more refined, the slight scars, and pock marks on his cheeks gone making him look even younger, more a beautiful fourteen, then sixteen. The biggest shocker was his cock, which still reached his knees flaccid, while his balls had also swelled considerably in proportion.

“What is wrong?” Ferdinand said in a soft tone, trying to comfort Van.

“Look at me!” he screamed, his voice struggling to keep his French.

“You look beautiful, this is my gift to you. You shall remain this way for as long as you like.” Ferdinand said with confidence.

“How long could I stay like this?” Van said much calmer, now relishing his tweaked out, and improved body.

“For centuries, just as I shall remain this way.” Ferdinand said as he approached Van, looking into the mirror with him.

“This is magic!” Van exclaimed.

“In many ways you are right.” Was all Ferdinand said before kissing along Van's shoulders. his skin still as soft and smooth as silk.

Over the course of the next few weeks, Van noticed Ferdinand's other passion, the study of all these strange books, and devices in the castle. This strange alien castle that Ferdinand said reminded him of structures in Europe.

The castle was a curious mix of western, and Eastern European design. Though this island received zero snowfall, the sharp angular roof tops like those found in Eastern Europe were good for diverting the rain into an elaborate system of drains. The interior was comfortable, all the windows had glass, as well as numerous elaborate and erotic stain glass pieces. Much of the art in the castle was either erotic, or graphically violent. Almost every tapestry and painting followed these two divergent themes.

Van and Ferdinand spent much of their time in the laboratory, eating sleeping, working, and fucking. Ferdinand was almost as enthralled with Van's new twenty one inch horse cock, as Van was for Ferdinand's larger and thicker brute, each taking turns at fucking each other. Van had also gained considerable endurance, and the two would often fuck for hours, keeping the 'Orgone Assimilator' very busy.

Still Ferdinand was working long hours, leaving Van to feel neglected except for those few hours of the day. Ferdinand realized this soon, and decided to keep his charge happy.

Ferdinand and Van traveled to Bangkok, Calcutta, Saigon, and other exotic places several times. Each time bringing back a beautiful young boy that Ferdinand would seed, and thus transform into a thing of fantasy. Over a year later, there were now twelve young boys living in the castle.

Ferdinand had gained enough understanding of the 'Orgone Assimilator' to reactivate a feature he at first did not understand. The vast surplus generated by him, and later the other occupants was not only able to power the castle's electrical system, but power a more sorceral feature, a “create food and drink” capacity that was enchanted into the pantries, wine cellar, and refrigeration units.

The oldest boy, biologically, was Rahjeed at age eighteen, he was taken from Calcutta. He had smooth, rich brown skin, with high cheekbones, and a gorgeous face with deep black eyes and long curly black hair that reached the base of his neck. He was tall at six foot four inches, and possessed an athletic, broad shouldered build. He is now equipped with a thick eighteen inch cock, and orange sized balls, free of any hair on his body. Draneskar Shandelakhan is five foot six, and a hard muscled boy, a skilled kick boxer, as well as a street whore from the streets of Bangkok. His skin is a rich gold. His features are both boyish, yet noble in baring, still only sixteen years old. He is now endowed with a thick sixteen inch cock toped with only a thin crown of pubic hair, the rest of his muscular body is silky smooth.

Sa and Quang Vang were twins, both boys were biologically only fifteen years old. Standing at only five foot three each, they were easily the smallest. Their bodies were slim, and appeared quite delicate. They were so sweet and innocent looking, it was amazing that they survived the slums of Saigon, and maintained such innocence and beauty. Each twin however carried an almost ponderously thick sixteen inch cock, and fat balls. Crowned with very thin peach fuzz pubic hair. Their skin was soft, and also had a delicate feel. They were often referred to as 'the little angels'.

These boys are just a few of Ferdinand's harem, which Van was seen as the senior member of. With only the cooking needing to be done, the boys frequently lounge around, eating, drinking, and fucking among other things to their hearts content.

Ferdinand had created enough of a stable social life for his charges that the three or four hours he spends with them a day was satisfying for them.

Occasionally, Van, or Rajheed would help in the lab, trying to understand Ferdinand's work. As the years went by many of the other boys also found themselves aiding their master. They had also picked up Polish, which was seen as the tongue of the household, and eased many language barriers. Things would remain fairly uneventful for a while, except for the celebration Ferdinand held upon the creation of a Polish Nation a few years after the end of World War I, he was still a bit of a nationalist, and that party was quite memorable.

May 12th 1926

Ferdinand was alarmed at first as he stared into the computer monitor. The alarm system had gone off a few minutes ago. He saw that a lone ship was off the shore, a small motor yacht. There appeared to be only one person on board, and they had come ashore in a rowboat. The figure was making his way towards the castle, as if he knew the road that lead to it.

Ferdinand tried to zoom in the figure, but the light amplification system was only able to give him a cursory view.

He was a man, a large man to be certain, from what he saw he looked quite young as well. The stranger was soon at the gates, Ferdinand was curious about this stranger, and opened the gate to let him in. He also lit up the courtyard, and the walls that surrounded it. Ferdinand made his way to the front door, but Rahjeed got there first. Ferdinand was at first shocked as Rahjeed was naked except for an ornate Indian vest, and a pair of soft leather shoes, then again he was also naked. Rahjeed opened the door, then there was a thump. Ferdinand walked over, “What happened?” Ferdinand asked a little surprised.

“I merely opened the door, and he fainted.” Rahjeed said in his Hindi accented Polish.

“I'll bring him in, tell the others, we have a guest.” Ferdinand said with a tone giving away a slight nervousness.

Rahjeed quickly dashed off to find the other boys. The place was soon abuzz, as Ferdinand carried his 'guest' to the study, placing him in an overstuffed leather chair. Ferdinand then went and tried to find something to wear, having just finished a bath. His fastest option was his double breasted lab smock, a pair of pants and a pair of leather boots that he wore while working in the lab. When he came back, the man began to stir as Ferdinand walked in.

Ferdinand stared at him with a pleasant smile. The young man was really muscular and broad shouldered, with neck length blonde hair, with several long bangs in the front that almost covered his big green eyes. He had a few freckles on his cheeks, he looked around eighteen at the most, with a strong handsome face that still held some adolescent wonder. He was a real large lad, standing nearly seven feet in height.

“Aw Geez, Where am I?” he said, his voice had an odd accent, at first Ferdinand thought he was Norwegian, or Swedish, then noticed he was speaking English.

“You are safe, what is your name?” Ferdinand said, his English was decent, but his accent was incredibly thick.

The young man came around slowly, then saw Ferdinand staring over him. He looked rather frightened then said, “My name is Patrick Gustavson, who are you?” he then asked still frightened.

“You are an Americansky aren't you.” Ferdinand said with a smile, then added, “I am 'Doctor' Ferdinand Rolcek” he added in a semi-authoritative voice.

“And you're Polish, how did you know I was American?” Patrick said a little more confident. “Only in America could you have someone with a first name that is very common in Ireland, and have a Scandinavian last name.” Ferdinand said amusedly, then added, “how did you know I was Polish then?”

“'Ja', I'm from the town of Brainard, in Minnesota, my next door neighbors were a family called the Soveski's, thanks to their kids I picked-up a little Polish. My mother is Irish in case you were wondering.” Patrick said, now more at ease.

“Well that is very informative, now what are you doing on my island. You certainly seemed to know your way around?” Ferdinand said, now a little more inquisitive.

“If you must know, I am part adventurer, part researcher. Several years ago, while I was traveling through the Arizona desert on an archeological dig, I came upon a series of caves which lead to some strange complex, it was filled with all sorts of machines, notes, and books. I stayed in that place over night, and had the strangest dreams, some strange alien world, and filled with beautiful, muscular people with black eyes, and sharp claws and teeth. These beings are called Daemarrians, they have, for countless millennia been studying and doing several other things on Earth, and if you know where to look, you can find out where they have been. They exist in another dimension, but for over a thousand years they have had the ability to cross over into out world. This is the castle of Doctor Fredoth Mal'Gore, the Daemarrian Archeologist, he was supposedly studying the voyages of Europeans into the Pacific for some strange reason.” Patrick said almost defiantly.

“You know of old Fredoth, he did take good notes.” Ferdinand said in near shock.

“Yes, how do you think I look like this, I'm actually thirty years old, and would have had a doctorate if I wasn't kicked out of school.” Patrick said grimly.

“I too have been down that road. Tell me, if your appearance was a result of a 'Pool of Gre'Dal, you weren't very ambitious.” Ferdinand said in wonder.

“This place is supposed to have 'A Pool, I have been living like a vagrant for years trying to find as much as I could about the Daemarrians. I was only able to find a vile, of 'The Seed of Gre'Dal' in what appeared to be a small lab. Using a modified incantation I drank it, and it made me into this.” Patrick said, as he stood.

“You drank it, you could have used it to create a full pool, if you mixed in some of your own 'seed', and found a pool made of 'Vredrogen Black Marble'.” Ferdinand said with a laugh, then said, “we are kindred spirits, you and I, We seek their knowledge, not for what it could offer us, but just to expand understanding.”

“You're right though it still has some real nice benefits. I take it you 'Seeded that gorgeous Indian boy that opened the door.” Patrick said with a smile.

“Funny I thought seeing Rahjeed naked overwhelmed your sensibilities.” Ferdinand replied.

“No the thought that this place was actually occupied scared me shitless.”

“Really, tell me Patrick, do you find me attractive?” Ferdinand said softly as he took off his lab smock, revealing his massive torso.

“You were ambitious when you activated 'the Pool. You're god like, I never knew a human could get that close to their physical ideal.” Patrick replied.

“Patrick, I want to ask you something. Will you stay here, work with me. We could benefit each other so much. We are perfect for each other”

“Yes Ferdinand, I would be honored to work with you.” Patrick replied awestruck, staring at Ferdinand's huge bare chest and arms.

“Wonderful, I take it the rest of your things are on the yacht, we will bring them in while the boy's prepare dinner.” Ferdinand said as he took off his boots and pants, and ran into Van in the hallway to tell the chief boy to tell the others of tonight's dinner arrangements.

Patrick stared at Van in disbelief, the boy was completely naked accept for a pair of soft leather shoes, and a gold belly chain. Realizing Van had to have been really hung before his seeding, which really turned Patrick on.

The two large men left through the front door to head towards the coast.

“Ferdinand does everyone in the castle walk around naked?” Patrick asked in a confused tone.

“Except for that outfit I wear, it is too warm in this climate to wear clothing. Besides we are left alone, you are the first person to arrive on these shores since myself” Ferdinand replied.

Patrick thought that was a good enough answer. Though Patrick thought it difficult to think while staring at Ferdinand's god-like body.

They soon reached the row boat, Ferdinand rowed out to the yacht. Patrick's gaze was on him the whole time, he fought to contain the erection forming in his pants. “If you want to keep those pants, I suggest you let it out.” Ferdinand said with a laugh.

Patrick looked embarrassed, but his restraint was fading quickly. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock, which was now half erect.

“You are nicely equipped.” Ferdinand said softly, “How big is it hard?” he then added.

“About 20 inches erect, before I drank the stuff it was twelve inches.” Patrick said.

“Not bad at all for a deluded dose.” Ferdinand replied with a smile as he licked his lips.

That immediately made Patrick rock hard, and Ferdinand was also getting aroused. When they reached the boat, Ferdinand immediately grabbed Patrick, pulled him over and kissed him wickedly. Ferdinand then pulled him away, and roared, “Fuck the clothes!” and ripped off Patrick's clothes.

Ferdinand leered at Patrick lustfully, his skin was taught over his powerful musculature, and his skin smooth, with only a thin crown of pubic hair around his huge cock. Patrick was shocked at first, then came to his senses as Ferdinand went down on him, swallowing his twenty inch cock whole. Patrick soon found himself furiously fucking Ferdinand's mouth. Ferdinand merely moaned in pleasure as he swallowed the cock to the base.

Patrick's loins were on fire, he had never been with another man before. He often found it nearly impossible to control his urges, only his quest for knowledge gave him the strength. Now he was being seduced by a seven foot eight inch tall Polish god.

Patrick erupted after only a few minutes, his massive gusher filled Ferdinand quickly. Ferdinand merely pulled it out and let it cover his naked body in cum, while he stroked Patrick's twenty inch beast. The cum flew everywhere on to the boat, into the water, and especially on Ferdinand

“That was incredible, I've never done anything like this.” Patrick said as he breathed heavily.

“Not even with that body, either the dose was more diluted then I thought, or your will is quite strong. I succumbed to the urges of this body in days.” Ferdinand said with a laugh.

Ferdinand then kissed Patrick lustfully again, he then guided the American's mouth and lapping tongue to his cum covered face and neck, gently pushing his head further down to lap up the cum on his chest. Patrick soon came to Ferdinand's erect cock, and quickly began sucking on it.

“You are a fast learner my little Americansky!” Ferdinand exclaimed as Patrick quickly took in his throbbing thirty inch monster.

Ferdinand proved just as savage fucking Patrick's mouth. He erupted in a matter of minutes, flooding the large American's stomach. He pulled out his massive cock to then bathe him in his tidal wave of seed.

The ship's deck and the surrounding water were thoroughly washed with cum, but Ferdinand and Patrick's loins were still burning with lust.

Ferdinand lifted Patrick by his waist, and drove his tongue into Patrick's ass. a burst of energy discharged from Ferdinand's tongue, and Patrick's ass smelt of exotic blossoms. Ferdinand continued his oral probing of Patrick's ass rather vigorously, not stopping till Patrick erupted again, the thick fountain of spew flying into the water.

Ferdinand continued to eat out Patrick's ass till he had finished ejaculating. Ferdinand then lowered him onto the deck, laying him on his back. Hoisting Patrick's muscular legs onto his broad shoulders, Ferdinand drove in his raging cock into Patrick's waiting ass with one powerful thrust.

“Oh Ferdinand you feel so good in me, Oh God!” Patrick shouted as Ferdinand started with a slow gentle rhythm, several times kissing Patrick with wicked passion.

Slowly Ferdinand increased his rhythm, thrusting more and more violently. He roared when he erupted in Patrick's ass, thrusting savagely as he flooded Patrick. Cum was soon gushing out of the invaded bunghole with each rapid thrust. Patrick's ass clenched several times around the erupting monster as he came yet again. Ferdinand jerked the huge cock, smiling evilly as it bathed Patrick's body and face.

Ferdinand pulled out a few minutes later, straddled Patrick's narrow waist, and bathed him with the rest of his massive orgasm, seeming to drown Patrick in a shower of cum.

“We had better hurry and load the boat, the boys will be waiting for us.” Ferdinand said excitedly as he straddled the surprised American..

Patrick merely stood, his body caked in cum. He guided Ferdinand to the hold, which contained all of the artifacts and books he had been able to find in his searches.

“This is at least three trips worth of material.” Patrick exclaimed as he looked around the hold.

“We can tow it in, and then carry it up to the house. Remember our physical states are far beyond human.” Ferdinand said with a grin.

Patrick loaded the row boat back onto the schooner, while Ferdinand tied a rope around his waist that was attached to the ship, he then dove into the warm pacific waters, and started swimming. The yacht moved with surprising swiftness, Ferdinand had gauged the tensile strength of the rope well and swam as fast as the rope could handle without the it breaking. When they reached the shore Patrick jumped out, and grabbed one end of the thirty foot yacht, while Ferdinand grabbed the other.

Not even bothering to bathe, Ferdinand guided Patrick to the main dining hall. The hall was modeled after roman banquet hearths, a central table, and all the diners lounged on luxurious couches.

The boys placed the food around a revolving table, a vast plethora of foods both strange and exotic to all. Patrick lounged on a couch next to Ferdinand. While they ate, Patrick and Ferdinand talked about their common experiences seeking the treasures of the Daemarrians. The house boys listened intensely, as the two giant men told of their travels around their home continents.

Hours later, belly's filled and senses inhibited by wines and ales. The party headed for the garden. The garden in the back courtyard of the castle was an artificial construct maintained by the Orgone Assimilator of the castle. It was on a part of the mountain that was terraced artificially into semi circular ridges which were perfectly symmetrical. Ferdinand lounged in a couch and watched as Patrick succumbed to the charms of his boys.

Van was fucking him fiercely in the ass, while the twins serviced Patrick's cock with their mouths. Rahjeed was shoving his thick eighteen inches down Patrick's throat.

Ferdinand was soon lost to the whims of the others, his own mouth filled with a pair of throbbing fourteen inchers from two lithe Thai boys, while Draneskar was happily riding Ferdinand's monster cock. Ferdinand was also being fucked by Muhjid, a fourteen year old Turkish boy, of only five feet four inches in height, who was endowed with a twenty inch cock. The other boys were forming a couple other piles of undulating flesh that fucked well into the night.

Patrick awoke the next morning in the garden, surprisingly free of the inches thick lair of spew that covered his body last night, now only his hair seemed to have any cum in it. He then remembered vaguely of Ferdinand talking about the castle's Orgone Assimilator.

As Patrick got to his feet, he did not see any of the boys, but he soon found Ferdinand walking towards him, completely naked and carrying a book, “The boys are in their rooms, still tired from last night. Come I have a surprise for you.” Ferdinand said excitedly.

Ferdinand lead Patrick into the castle, heading into a subterranean level dug out of the mountain that the castle was built on. They soon reached a vast underground room that featured a huge 30 foot diameter pool of bubbling, thick white liquid surrounded by four strange black marble monoliths. “This Patrick is the castle's 'Pool of Gre'Dal'. Though you have had a highly diluted dose, this pool could make you even more a walking fantasy.

Here are the incantations you need to recite to activate it, I'm sure you know how to set the parameters you want.” Ferdinand said as he opened the book to a selected page.

Patrick was shocked, with this pool he could be a near physical equal to a Daemarrian, such a body with such capabilities seemed incomprehensible, but his desire drove him to accept this great gift that Ferdinand offered.

Patrick recited a series of incantations, Ferdinand knew he was setting it for the maximum possible settings that he could control. Patrick finished his incantation a few minutes later, and entered the pool. Diving into its depths

Patrick resurfaced three minutes later, and his body noticeably improved. He now stood at 7’4, four inches shy of Ferdinand. His body had become an unholy mass of muscle, his physical measurements often barely a few inches shy of Ferdinand. The pool as they knew could only double the size of a penis, so Patrick was now carrying a thick cock that hung at fourteen inches limp, his foreskin stretched much like Ferdinand's, and was probably twenty four inches erect.

“Come you must be hungry, I'll get the boys up, and we'll have breakfast together.” Ferdinand said with a smile as he placed his huge arm over Patrick's shoulder, and headed back up to the dining room.

A half hour later, the whole household was eating breakfast, though the house boys looked more haggard, and were low- keyed this morning.

“So what have you been working on all these years. The boys told me you spend a lot of time in the lab.” Patrick asked, still eating a papaya.

“Just trying to understand, and use half of the machinery in this place. It is quite a daunting task. The purely technological concepts are light years ahead of anything built by man. When I managed to activate the computer, I spent the next month just reading about its inner workings, and how they were developed. From what I have read, and studied, Daemarrians have been further into our timeline, and from what I gather, this technology will be rather commonly used by the end of the 20th Century. In fact, though the details are sketchy, the instructions this one operates on are licensed from an American company, it is all very strange.” Ferdinand said just as he downed a mug of fruit juice.

“That's amazing we can know the future!” Patrick nearly shouted.

“Well, we can know much of it, as long as we don't use that future information to change things, I try to keep those glimpses to a minimum. I already know of a coming war, and was deeply distraught over what to do. Do I try to prevent it, or do I let it happen exactly as it is supposed to.” Ferdinand said glumly as he reached for a fruit and slowly started peeling it.

“What war?” Patrick said, intrigued.

“Maybe later, but for now I still have a lot to show you.” Ferdinand said as he changed the subject.

“Can you tell me when it will start at least, will the United States be involved?”

“It won't be till 1939, but the seeds of this war were laid with the end of 'The Great War'. I'm no fan of Germany, they helped destroy my homeland once, but the French made too many demands.” Ferdinand said with a bit of gruffness.

“Germany is going to be a big player in this one too?” Patrick said, now more intrigued.

“Yes, they'll be the chief antagonists in Europe, and if you thought the last one was bad, this one will be worse, technology will rule the coming one, cities destroyed from the air. Vast column's of tanks blasting the shit out of each other, industrialized slavery and mass murder on a scale, and in so few years that it would never be thought possible. This war will be horrific beyond words, and your homeland will be involved, fighting the Germans and the Japanese.” Ferdinand said solemnly, as if he said too much.

“What about yours, will they side with the Germans or the U.S.?” Patrick said even more intrigued.

“My homeland will disappear off the map of Europe again, carved in two by the fucking Russians, and the even more fucking Germans, all in the first few weeks of the war.” Ferdinand said, almost angry.

Patrick thought it wiser not to go any further for now. Over the years he did take his peeks ahead, but also noticed signs that required no future information. He at first sympathized slightly with the Japanese, in previous conflicts and agreements that they hoped would give them access to needed resources for an industrial economy, the Europeans and the U.S. deprived them of their gains. But nothing or nobody could condone what the Japanese did to China, Korea, or the rest of Asia for that matter's civilian populations, besides the allies, and the Europeans who were in Asia at the time.

The Germans were just as much, if not more horrific, 'German Efficiency' took on much darker meanings. Despite arguments, and debates, the residents of 'Daemos Island', a shortened slang name for Daemarrian Island that the residence came up with, did nothing to alter the course of these events. Though they did get a new arrival in the form of a seventeen year old Imperial Japanese Naval Aviator, his fighter was damaged, and crashed on the island during 'The Battle of Midway'. He was badly injured, and was in a coma for several days.

Luck seemed to be with the young pilot, and his hosts as well. Who would have thought a 5’6, lithe hard muscled young lad like him would be blessed with a foot long cock, and big balls to go with it.

Hohiro Kusanagi was his name, he awoke eventually, and spent several weeks recovering. Despite his initial embarrassment to the situation he grew accustomed, and soon took great joy in it. Ferdinand seeded him six months after his recovery.

The world changed over those decades, and Ferdinand, Patrick's, as well as the boys' knowledge grew with the passage of time. Almost all the boys' were illiterate when Ferdinand found them, now all were quite literate, and fluent in several languages, and despite the ability to have sex most of the day, they were pursuing intellectual, and other physical pursuits as well.

Ferdinand and Patrick had also formed a deep bond, they were not only colleagues but very, very frequent lovers, and had developed a comfortable level of attachment for their situation, actually sleeping in the same bed most nights. Being two giant immortal muscle studs living in a castle filled with super endowed teenaged boys of a similar life expectancy made the notion of monogamy ridiculous.

Ferdinand and Patrick had managed to not only keep up with the changing times and technology, Ferdinand had acquired several televisions, starting in the fifties, and kept up with the changes, among other things. They had also made great strides in Arkano-Teknological fields, Ferdinand specializing in bio- tech and medicine, he had categorized and traced genetic traits in both human and Daemarrian DNA. While Patrick had taken off and become a major arkano- teknophile, soon becoming the master of most of the castle's electrical and computer systems, including the creation of an in castle network. Though both scientists were intimately familiar with each other's specialties quite well.

It was on a strange winter night in 1984, while working in the lab, Ferdinand spawned a wild plan, “Patrick love, I've been thinking, with all that we have learned I think it's time we put it to some kind of use, an experimental project. Something to truly challenge us, and perhaps expand on that knowledge.” Ferdinand said as he looked over from his monitor over to Patrick who was busy on his own computer.

“What kind of project?” Patrick replied, his mind still focused on his work.

“I want to start a family!” Ferdinand said with a smile.

Patrick stopped immediately in his tracks, and turned to face Ferdinand, “Ferdinand, have you finally cracked, has all these years being here finally taken their toll.” Patrick said, still in shock.

“With all the knowledge we have acquired, what have we done with it, nothing, we've gone onto the next thing, just soaking up facts and data. I have Daemarrian ovums, and sperm in storage, what have I done with it, nothing! Listen with the incubation vats we have, the genetic material in the lab, and from us, we could actually sire children. I love the houseboys dearly, but think what it would be like if we had children. We may be ageless, but we can be killed, we can pass on our legacy. I have it all figured out, we use sperm and genetic samples from each of us, some of the Daemarrian genetic material, and the ovums. I know how to mix it all together, a little splicing here and there. We can conceive life, such beautiful life. We can all contribute material, you and I can create some, the boys if they want to can contribute, they are more then welcome.”

“How many kids are we talking about, two, three” Patrick said, moved by Ferdinand's words.

“Maybe five or six, I don't know!” Ferdinand said, now quite excited at the prospect.

“Hey you may have been raised Catholic, but not me!” Patrick said rather amused, and also growing to like this idea, he was eighty-eight, and finally going to become a parent.

Ferdinand dominated the work, the speed and precision he moved at was amazing, his calculations were accurate consistently, the obstacles were minor. Ferdinand seemed to be working under a divine blessing, this only made his course seem right.

The first child conceived was a perfect start. Most of his genetic material was from Ferdinand and Patrick, the rest pure Daemarrian. The vat worked perfectly, and in March of 1987, almost three years after work began, little Stanislas was born.

Ferdinand went to exceptional lengths in creating Stanislas' genetic template, he would be better then the hybrid state that Ferdinand and Patrick existed in, even better then an average Daemarrian.

With the successful birth of Stanislas, the two scientists proceeded with three more, they went even faster then expected, and in another twelve months Nicklaus, and the twins Gustavus, and Adolfus were born.

Now with four very strapping and healthy boys, after that a couple of the houseboys also volunteered. However, in order to maintain an equal genetic template either Ferdinand or Patrick also contributed material. Thus these children would have besides their Daemarrian DNA, they would have DNA from one or two of the houseboys, and either Ferdinand or Patrick.

These conceptions were more difficult, but were eventually very successful. Thus Van II, Draneskar II, and Hamad were born fourteen months after the last three.

The two scientists and the houseboys were able to consult childcare manuals for Daemarrian children, since these children were even more Daemarrian then they were. Ferdinand was the devoted parent, he thought nothing of the hardships of raising seven boys, though the houseboys, and Patrick showed their love for the children as well, Ferdinand made the children more central in his life then anything else.

The seven boys grew up as brothers, though each had their own room in the vast castle, as well as a gymnasium with Daemarrian weight training equipment, and other things. Though the boys had the potential to be physically more powerful then their parents, they had to work at it. Unlike their parents who were granted their exceptional bodies through sorcery, but as an example all of the houseboys and Ferdinand and Patrick started exercising regularly when the children started to.

As the children grew older, they did prove exceptional, highly intelligent, utterly beautiful, and very precocious. Though the houseboys didn't show it as much as Ferdinand and Patrick, they loved them, but were rather leery of them in the morning when they started puberty collectively between the ages of six and eight. Despite numerous talks, the amorous moods of the children in the morning often had them all but raping the houseboys.

Ferdinand had just finished eating lunch, and went to check out the gymnasium. The children should be almost finished with their daily workout he thought to himself. He made his way to the gym, and heard the sounds of hoisted metal and groaning.

He entered the gym, a little annoyed and concerned. The children were exercising completely nude again, this had been a bit of a problem recently. Ferdinand walked over to Stanislas, or 'Stani' as everyone else referred to him. He was doing bench presses, Ferdinand looked in shock, he was lifting twenty tons. Ferdinand was desperately searching for some anger, but how could he. The oldest boy of the bunch, at age 12, he was breathtaking to behold. 'Stani' stood at 7’4, and weighed near five hundred pounds. He was actually of similar dimensions as Ferdinand in muscle mass, and just as strong. He had the face of an angel, but was the most mischievous of the bunch, and also their leader in ways. His rich blonde hair was grown to the base of his broad massive back, now tied into a tail. His big sparkling blue eyes initially giggling at the others now focused on his parent.

“Hi 'Papa Ferdinand'!” 'Stani' said jovially.

“Hey there son, you know I've told you boys not to workout naked you could hurt yourselves.” Ferdinand said as he looked at all the boys.

“Well we tried wearing those briefs, but we get so turned on watching each other workout, we spend most of the workout with hard-ons. After we finish we wind up fucking for three hours straight.” 'Stani' said with a giggle.

Ferdinand tried not to notice, but 'Stani' was right, all the boys were sporting full erections. His children were all so beautiful, so young but with such beautiful faces and bodies.

“I know, but you could seriously hurt yourselves on this equipment if you're not careful.” Ferdinand said as he gave 'Stani's' huge two foot long, five inch wide cock a playful stroke.

“Mmmm, Papa Ferdinand, that was nice, you want to stay and play with us, we're almost done?” 'Stani' said with a wide smile as he started stroking Ferdinand's cock, for the scientist was nude himself.

It was not the first time Ferdinand was asked, and he had 'played' with the children. The children all but raped him the first time, as their previous advances were met my Ferdinand's rather conservative (especially for this bunch) outlook on incest, despite it being of a non reproductive variety.

The weight training equipment the children and everyone else in the castle used was meant for Daemarrians, their strength being on a superhuman scale meant that they could lift tons. The equipment was enchanted, their weight increased by 100 times when activated (i.e.: a fifty pound dumbell would weigh 2.5 tons when activated)

'Stani' put the barbell down, the runes carved onto the plates stopped glowing red, now no longer active, “I'm done!” 'Stani' said, his eyes filled with pride.

'Stani' massive muscles were flared, and dripping with sweat. He stood up, and did several poses for his parent, and the other boys as well. He was like a god, Ferdinand knew that when 'Stani' was fully grown he would far exceed even himself, despite his own efforts to improve his already massive build. All the other boys walked over, admiring 'Stani's huge body. 'Stani' then smiled, stopping and stepping aside, all the other boys caught on and each boy went into a series of poses for Ferdinand.

Nicklaus was the second oldest, born just days before the twins Gustavus and Adolfus. Even at eleven he was also breathtaking with big alluring Prussian Blue eyes, long mid back length full black hair, he had several locks all but covering his left eye which made the boy look more alluring, the rest was pulled into a tail like his older brother. Nicklaus was not quite up to 'Stani's physical development, he easily matched Patrick's strength while only standing at 7' in height. Nicklaus's cock stood tall and erect at a whopping twenty-two inches long and four and a half inches wide. Still very impressive, and very attractive.

Gustavus and Adolfus were spitting images of Patrick, with neck length, full strawberry blonde hair, and light freckles on handsome peach colored faces. The two boys were also impressively built, easily comparable to 'Stanislas' only 'Stani being a year older kept him ahead of the tins in height and physical development. Each twin also sported a fully erect twenty two inch long, four inch wide throbbing, erect cock, all on huge 7’3 broad shouldered massively built bodies.

The three youngest boys were all age ten, and born only a few days apart. They were the runty little brothers of the bunch, their distinct ethnic differences making them just a little more variety for the family. Van II or Van jr. as he was more often referred to had Van's Vietnamese good looks with hazel colored almond shaped eyes, his silky black hair kept in bangs on the sides. He was already much taller then his namesake, standing at 6’10, still rather young, his build was leaner, and did not quite have the huge pecs or deltoids of his older brothers. He also matched his namesake in endowment, already packing a whopping twenty one inch long, four inch wide monster cock, now standing tall and throbbing. Draneskar II, or more commonly referred to as Dran Jr. was the biggest of the ten year olds. Standing at 7', despite his playful nature he had a certain nobility to himself. He had a handsome face, only slowing giving way from childhood cuteness with full black hair that reached half way down his back, now kept in a tight tail, and electrifying violet colored almond eyes. He was well on his way to matching Nicklaus or the twins for a build, he worked exceptionally hard to build his body. He was also surpassing his namesake for endowment matching Van Jr's twenty-one inch length, and four inch diameter.

Then there was Hamad, he was a little more unique, part of his genetic template came from Rahjeed, and the little Turkish boy Muhjid. He was the smallest of the bunch, though still standing at 6’8, and being built like a muscular gymnast, he was the smallest, and thus the rest were rather protective of him. He had a sweet, innocent, and beautiful face with full lightly curled black hair, big brown eyes. He was also very well equipped, being endowed with a twenty-two inch long, five inch wide cock, matching the eleven year olds for endowment.

These children were the pride of the inhabitants of Daemos Island, the part that made life in this wild castle truly complete and worth while. These beautiful boys were also surging with dominantly Daemarrian hormones, for the four oldest nearing the peaks of puberty, the ten year olds were also not far behind. They were young, hung, and always full of cum, and they were about to unleash it on one of their principal parents.

'Stani' was first, he leaped onto Ferdinand's shoulders, driving his raging hard cock into his mouth. Ferdinand soon had his hands wrapped around the oldest boy's muscle hard bubble ass as soon as the boy's hard cock was down his throat. But he was also losing his footing, and would topple over, helped by a lust filled Gustavus who had used 'Perfume of the Nether Regions, and a bottle of baby oil to grease up Ferdinand's ass and a charging Adolfus, Ferdinand did fall. The minute Ferdinand hit the floor Gustavus had his hard cock up Ferdinand's ass, and Adolfus was right behind him, the twins cocks both going up Ferdinand's ass. Adolfus was also lovingly stroking and sucking on Ferdinand's cock the moment he was all the way in.

Van Jr. soon had his cock going down Stani's throat. Dran Jr. was sixty- nining with Hamad. Though that ended when Adolfus brought his head off Ferdinand's now fully erect cock. Dran Jr. then got up and drove his cock into Adolfus's mouth, while Hamad sat on Ferdinand's raging hard cock.

The boy's formed a vast elaborate network of probed mouths and asses, their pubescent loins burning with wild desire. They thrust, grunted and groaned, those whose mouth's weren't full that is. The boys reached orgasm almost all at once, no more then a minute separated each boy's monstrous orgasm, as well as Ferdinand's. They were like a wild living fountain of pure sex, cocks spurting, mouths filled and asses filled to overflowing. Cum sprayed everywhere, dowsing the whole room with thick, rich spew.

The boys had many such orgies like this, everyone involved in a single massive sexual machine. The positions changed, different orifices being penetrated by different cocks. This went on for over an hour before Ferdinand, covered in layers and layers of cum finally managed to crawl out from the lust crazed mound of superhuman boys.

“Sorry boys, but I have work to do.” Ferdinand muttered to himself as he headed for a shower. He was not surprised to see Patrick in the gym's showers, he usually started his workout around this time of day, “What happened to you?” Patrick said a bit in shock.

“What do you think, the children are going at it in the Gymnasium. I've spent the last hour fucking and being fucked in ways that would destroy most men's sanity.” Ferdinand said, groaning as he felt the layers of cum wash off his body.

“Tell me about it, similar situation two days ago, now I know why Daemarrians can't reproduce that often, with the sex drive they have, mixed with human fertility, may God have mercy on the souls of parents with as many kids as we have.” Patrick laughed.

“Well things will calm down a bit as they get older, granted the sex drive will be there, but at least they'll be able to control it.” Ferdinand said with a smile filled with hope.

The children didn't stop till another three hours later, by then they were satisfied. Though still erotically playing in the showers while the orgone assimilator was still cleaning up the flood in the gymnasium.

After getting out of the showers the children all headed for the library for their studies. The houseboys taught most of the lessons, though the children were also becoming very familiar with Ferdinand and Patrick's work. 'Stani' was in fact more adept with the computer system then even Patrick. Several times he had improved several of the processors, and improved the efficiency of the castle's central mainframe, he was proving himself quite the prodigy.

The houseboys were strict, but fair when it came to the children's lessons. It gave both the children and houseboys a solid routine, something they were missing in the last few decades. The level of education was rather even the younger children were caught up with the older ones, thus standardizing everything, but the children also had their own pursuits.

After three hours of lessons it was dinner then television for three hours, followed by two hours of reading. Only slight variation to the routine here and there, everything was peaceful. Life was good in 'The Castle of Daemos Island'.

It was a hot and humid day for so early in March, but that did not stop the children from their martial arts classes. Hohiro, and Draseskar were tolerating it, thus the children were expected to excel. This class had the children wearing the most clothes, loose, short-legged gi-pants, and a padded jock strap. The boys were taught a variety of styles, Jujitsu, Akido, Thai Kick boxing, several styles of Shoa-Lyn Kung Fu. Hohiro and Draneskar had plenty of time to study these styles, and were masters in many.

This had to do with the boy's intelligence and ability to grasp information, their minds were sponges, and absorbed information at a phenomenal rate, and their minds could process and utilize this information at an equally phenomenal rate. Thus they were able to study so many different styles, and techniques, hopping back and forth between them with little difficulty.

They used the martial arts training as part of their warm-up before they started their weight training, of the three hours devoted to exercise, two was in martial arts training.

The practice was interrupted by the sounds of warning claxons going off throughout the castle, and would not stop despite Hohiro's cursing. Several minutes later the whole household was in the lab, staring at the main computer monitor. A large yacht, and several boats armed with heavy machine guns were near the beach. Inflatable rafts filled with armed men in flak jackets, and camouflage uniforms were heading towards the shore. As well as a smaller landing boat from the yacht with a similar load, except for a strange looking old man in a Hawaiian shirt, Bermuda shorts hiked up to his chest, and a camouflaged cap. The old man looked to be in charge of the whole group of about twenty armed men.

The band of armed troops walked slowly up towards the castle, Ferdinand was wondering if they knew they were being observed, “Holy Smokes, What are we going to do, we're defenseless, what do they want?” Patrick shouted.

“I don't know, but we're going to find out, and we may be overreacting, look at the guns they're carrying, The heaviest weapons are LAW's, and AK-47's, a few have Heckler & Kosche MP-5's. To tell you the truth, those weapons may not even hurt us.” Suddenly Ferdinand checks through the various EM spectrums, and one in particular, what translated from the Daemarrian Language of Grel'Varik, the 'Arkanik' spectrum, “Actually I may be wrong, looks like the subordinates to our aged friend are carrying something of concern, looks like some types of Arkanik-Swords, and powerful ones. Their guns may hurt the houseboys, but the rest of us should be fine.” Ferdinand added, his voice showing some concern.

“Aw Geez, this is not going to be a good day, ya-betcha.” Patrick muttered to himself, strangely adding some levity with his Minnesota accent.

Ferdinand had the house boys go down to the 'Pool of Gre'Dal' Chamber to hide, while Patrick, the Children and himself went to the front door to greet their 'guests'.

Patrick and Ferdinand, dressed in their lab clothes, the children remained in their martial arts pants, that was the most concealing clothing they owned. They all stood in the main hall, Ferdinand, and Patrick looking somewhat at ease, they sat there, the children around them, almost like a family portrait. As soon as the armed men were near the door Ferdinand opened it, bowing graciously as if receiving guests. Most of the men stared in horror, and amazement at the 7’8 scientist, and as the scene revealed itself, with Patrick and the children. Their shock only grew, and nearly broke into a panic when Patrick and the children stood, “Hold it right there!” one of the armed men shouted as he aimed an assault rifle at them.

Ferdinand took note of this one, he was carrying a huge sword over his back, it might have been considered a medieval bastard sword for someone of Ferdinand's height, but could have been a 14th century two-handed sword for this man. He was tall, around 6’4, broad shouldered, powerfully built, and judging by the scar running near his eye, and the hardened leather-like surface of his face, he had seen more then his fair share of action, they were probably all mercenaries.

Two other mercenaries stood out in Ferdinand's mind, they too carried similar weapons, and were of similar build to their friend, maybe a little younger, probably his immediate subordinates.

Slowly the crowd of tense mercs parted as the real head of this operation came through, he was definitely an old man, older then Ferdinand had seen in a long time, he had a huge hawk like nose. His eyes were so far back in his sockets that they almost looked empty. His body was hunched over with arthritis and osteoporosis, he could walk rather well, though his face grimaced in pain moving certain joints, and he was using an old finely crafted cane for balance, this was a suffering old man. There was also something strange, something vaguely familiar about this old man.

“Gentleman I bid you welcome to our home, now may I ask the reason for your visit?” Ferdinand said in his still heavily accented English.

“I'd knew I'd find you eventually Rolcek!” The old man screamed in his own heavily accented English, but his accent was slightly different.

“Do I know you sir?” Ferdinand said, the feeling of familiarity with the old man still vague.

“It has been a long time Ferdinand, it was in university in Prague, 1881. We were in the same theoretical physics class, the one where you were referred to as 'The Mad Pole'.” The old man said with a chuckle, “I sat two rows back further back from you in the lecture hall, Bruno Krnik.” He then added.

“But that is impossible, that was more then a hundred years ago!” Ferdinand replied, now finally recognizing the old man, he was definitely different then, but that hawk nose and those deep set eyes, only accentuated by extreme old age.

“Strange you of all people should say that Ferdinand, of all people. More then a hundred years later, you look even younger then I remembered, have the body of a god, more then a hundred years later. I didn't think you were so mad Ferdinand, I always thought you were more perceptive then those close minded fools. I occasionally heard news of you after you left Prague, I heard you came back with a lot of 'souvenirs' from your sabbatical in the Austrian Alps. Then heard later you were wandering the whole of Europe on some sort of treasure hunt. You were from a family of rich uppity Poles, what would you want with material wealth, I knew you did find something of note in the Alps. I had to find out what you had discovered, I tracked you, for several years, went to some of the places you did, you were very thorough Ferdinand, but not perfectly thorough. I found journals, texts, many not in the best condition, but still quite legible. Legible if it came to you in a dream. I know of the Daemarrians, and have learned some of their secrets, and I also found a few places that you did not, but these places failed in comparison to your success. I had to rely on the weakest, most crude sorceries and methods to stay alive, while you had access to a fountain of not only youth, but of virtual godhood. Then you disappeared off the surface of the earth. Guess that's when you moved into this charming little place.” Bruno said, he collapsed onto a chair slightly higher then he thought, almost falling off.

Several of his mercenaries eased him into the large chair. Bruno then eased himself into a comfortable position then started again, “when you disappeared, I continued to search for one more year, then noting. I studied what I had acquired, learned quite a lot. I had the misfortune to try and acquire funding for further expeditions and research, I did not have the fortune to find gold in some armpit section of the Pierennes that wasn't actually claimed. When the 'Great War' broke out, my research and myself nearly got seized by Imperial Authorities. I went into hiding much like yourself, it was a miracle that I made it to America. I studied my work in secret, made my living teaching Physics at a High School in Newark New Jersey, that was hell on earth. After several years I had to relocate, my aging was too slow, it was suspicious. I changed my name, forged some credentials and moved on doing the same thing in Cincinnati. Then I heard from certain sources about others with similar interests. A Jebediah Berkshire in California, and another wandering nomad, a Patrick Gustavson.” Bruno said, he then noticed as Patrick's eyes widened at the mentioning of his name.

“Damn it, Damn it, why did everyone else have better luck, how come I always get screwed!” Bruno shouted, his Czech accent making him sound almost incoherent.

“Well you had to have some success if you could afford to hire a private army, and invade our home!” Patrick said in retaliation.

Two of the mercenaries aimed SMG's at Patrick, but he didn't flinch. Bruno, however, had gestured for the men to be 'at ease'.

“Well I did have some fortune on my side, but at a considerable price. I tried tracking you down Mr. Gustavson, but that seemed impossible when you departed for parts unknown in '26. I then approached Jebediah Berkshire in California.

That man was out of his mind, the boundary between genius and madness were left far behind by that one. He built this massive house on a few acres of land. He filled the place with Daemarrian art and furniture, that was an interesting insight into these beings. I still don't know how a race built for such depravity captivates me so. He was a sick one, but I had to see what he had found, what he knew. We talked for a few hours, he was brilliant, but his mind and our conversation jumped from subject to the next till my head was ready to explode. I did not know if what he had discovered had driven him mad, or if he was mad from the start. After that day I never talked to him again, but he must have known something, I tried to return to his home in '39, no one had seen him for over six years. The grounds of his estate were warded with some kind of force field, it was utterly frustrating. He may have turned into a being like yourselves, and lives in seclusion, or even left this dimension, and I could not get access to his work. I spent the next years following trails, finding a few other places, nothing of true value.

Then my supposed good fortune, I was discovered by the CIA. I had entered the country illegally, and they thought I should make amends for my transgression. They found my notes, and knew I was up to something, I was always vague, and always tried to keep my finds secret. They knew I was withholding information, but I got results for them, a few little devices, and tricks here and there, I was too valuable to 'interrogate'.

That came to an end just a few years ago. A secret purge of the agency was taking place, my department, which was classified 'black' (government denies the existence of, i.e.: the stealth bomber programs in the 70's and early 80's) was disbanded, but I was left a 'very' pleasant retirement fund.

That Mr. Gustavson was how I was able to pay for my little entourage. Now you will take me to your 'Pool of Gre'Dal' or I will kill you all, including your wives.” Bruno said coldly as he eyed the children as well as the two scientists.

“You can't intimidate me Bruno, I refuse to let you have access to 'The Pool'. We might have been far more accommodating if you didn't show up with a gang of hired stormtroopers. With the measures you have taken to get here, I fear what you would do with that pool, and our knowledge.” Ferdinand shouted defiantly.

“Mr. Miller, shoot one of their brats!” Bruno said in a cold malicious tone.

One of the subordinates with one of the three blades aimed a 9mm pistol at Stanislas and pulled the trigger, the bullet bounced off his right pec, hitting one of the lesser mercs in the head without leaving a bruise on 'Stani'. The stricken mercenary fell back, the bullet killing him instantly.

'Stani' leaped up and roundhoused the merc in the stomach, the force sent him flying into the wall, and splattering, his body literally shattered, only the blade and his combat gear remained intact.

“Damn I was afraid of this, use the swords on them, that should kill the bastards!” Bruno shouted.

While the two surviving lead mercs pulled out their swords, the rest of the panic stricken mercenaries blindly opened fire on the two scientists and their children. The bullets bounced off of them without making them flinch. The children went wild, the fight turned into a slaughter, Ferdinand and Patrick watched with horror as their children killed the mercenaries with brutal efficiency. This was going to require serious therapy if they survived.

One of the mercenaries with the swords charged at 'Stani' who was in heart of the maelstrom of death, the merc swung his heavy blade, rather clumsily. It sliced 'Stani' in the chest, the boy screamed in pain for the first time in his life. The wound was not fatal, especially for the boy, but it hurt a lot.

Perhaps it was instinct or perhaps a subconscious racial memory buried deep in 'Stani's' genes. 'Stani' did something no one had ever thought the boy was capable of. He grabbed the mercenary by the neck and ankles, the young boy's huge body teeming with rage. 'Stani' muttered a strange chant, Ferdinand and Patrick knew it was some Daemarrian language. Both Ferdinand and Patrick turned away in horror after what happened next. There was literally a gut wrenching scream, and the sound of flesh, muscle, and bone being torn at once. They then looked when they saw swirling purple mist, and purple lightning bolts flying from the mist.

The mist actually receded into 'Stani' several minutes later, everyone turned in horror, the mercenaries body was completely dehydrated, the severed ends cauterized. 'Stani' fell to his knees, a glazed look in his once brilliant blue eyes, he was completely naked, the wound on his chest gone without leaving a scar, and he had a full erection. The other mercenary with the sword was cut to pieces by bullets ricocheting off the children. Ferdinand and Patrick's clothes had a few holes, but most of the bullets bounced off the children.

Many of them stared at their surroundings with shock, and horror. The cold silence was only broken when 'Stani' started crying. This was going to be something that may haunt them for quite a while. Ferdinand took 'Stani' in his arms. 'Stani embraced his parent tightly, Ferdinand trying to comfort him with a few kisses, and consoling words, this was one of only a few times that 'Stani' cried.

Patrick and the others walked over to Ferdinand and 'Stani'. Patrick and Ferdinand embraced all the children for several long minutes. Finally 'Stani' started speaking, “What happened, what happened” was all he could mutter from his sorrow filled voice, his eyes running with tears.

That moment of consoling was itself broken by a scream, and a realization, “Where is that old fuck Krnik?” Ferdinand said, suddenly filled with rage.

“My God, the 'Pool of Gre'Dal' chamber!” Patrick shouted.

There was another shout, then gun shots. The two scientists and their children ran down to the deepest chambers of the castle, where the 'Pool resided. The rage on Ferdinand's face was also on Patrick. Several of the houseboys were on the floor bleeding from gunshot wounds, none looked very fatal, and the wounds were closing on their own.

“What kind of disgusting place is this. This whole room is filled with naked young boys!” Bruno shouted, a smoking Walther PPK in one hand and a large book in the other. Ferdinand and Patrick knew which book that was, the one that included the incantations to the 'Pool of Gre'Dal'.

“Krnik what do you think? It seems only blind power compels you on your studies. Have you studied these beings societies and cultures. These are intensely sexual beings, and you want to be but a few steps away from them. You will probably be driven mad with desires that right now disgust you. These beings just aren't powerful, they are also the most sexually free and expressive as any sentient beings known. Give up on this quest, it will only destroy you. I do not know how I can be so merciful now after what your men made our children do. There has been enough bloodshed!” Ferdinand shouted.

“I can control myself, unlike you, you depraved sodomite and when I enter that pool I will become a god!” Bruno shouted maniacally.

He then proceeded to cast the incantations to activate the pool. Ferdinand and Patrick knew he was setting it too high, the swirling mystical energies surrounding Bruno Krnik and the pool were beautiful, and proving deadly, his body could not contain r manipulate the energies he was releasing. The incantations half completed, the energies overwhelming his ancient frame, he dropped the book and collapsed into 'The Pool. Bruno was transforming in the pool, but it was not stable, His body was flung out, his body was throbbing with muscular mass and oozing green puss. The muscular mass was too much weight for a frame not meant to support it, a skeletal frame not modified to handle the supernatural development. Patrick and the houseboys took the children out of the chamber while Ferdinand watched in shock as Bruno Krnik started melting before his eyes. In the end, all that was left of Bruno Krnik was a pile of festering slimy goo. The pool of goo was cleaned up and absorbed by the 'Orgone Assimilator' several minutes later.

“Well Krnik, it is far harder to control these energies then to violently repress desire as you have. There is a difference between control and repression, and you merely repressed.” Ferdinand said solemnly as the pool of goo was cleaned up by the 'Assimilator.

It has been one week since that fateful day, the children still awake with nightmares. Ferdinand had taken it upon himself to discover what happened with 'Stani'. He had been pouring through cultural and historical texts for several days till he finally came upon something.

Ancient cultures of Daemarra from across this vast world knew and practiced a strange ritual that with minor variation in chants and prayers was fundamentally the same. It was a rite of passage in many cultures for young men to become warriors, it was universally called 'The Bathing'. It was almost always the same in a physical act. To engage an enemy in hand-to-hand combat, subdue him, and in the heat of what can only be called a 'battle lust' tear him in half at the moment of orgasm. This savage, and gruesome act converted the blood and entrails, the victim's life energy and the warriors own seed into a potent storm of energy that was absorbed by the warrior infusing him with greater strength and vitality.

'This primal ritual is exactly what 'Stani' went through' Ferdinand thought. Ferdinand read further on, it was a bit of a shock to find out that, a race as long lived, and with such a thorough, accurate written history spanning back to near prehistoric times, had no mention where this rite started. Many ancient historians only wrote, “that it has and will always be there.” Ferdinand also read of reports that it was believed that several countries' 'Special Forces' still practice this rite as a means of initiation.

Ferdinand was all but horrified, his child was only twelve years old, yet he carried out this barbaric act. But he recalled, it was like the boy was in a trance when he did it, 'it has and will always be there.'

Ferdinand headed over to the gym, the boy's were wearing their workout briefs, a solemn atmosphere filled the room. He looked at the boys, no smiling faces or giggling and laughing, none of the boys had their usual erections. How Ferdinand wished the boys were happy, and laughing, even if it meant them working out in the nude. He looked over at 'Stani', the boy was bench pressing thirty tons. 'Stani' must have realized what might have happened to him, what 'The Bathing' had done to him, but like the other boys he was solemn. They all felt terrible about what they did, were they human or were they monsters was the common thought.

“Hey there big guy, you're doing great, I can barely do twenty five tons.” Ferdinand said with a smile of pride in his son.

“Thanks, but I think I know how I'm doing it. What I did last week, that horrible thing I did.” 'Stani' replied, not even lifting the massive weight hid the sadness in his voice.

“I found out exactly what you did, it's an ancient Daemarrian rite of passage to become a warrior. It's messy, but I guess in the days it was in common practice, it was necessary. What you and the others did was defend your family, those guns may not have been able to hurt us, but they could hurt the houseboys, and those swords most definitely could hurt us. What were we supposed to do, send Krnik back with a scolding. He could have told the world about us if he had to. Already I'm worried about what he told us, that he worked for the CIA, there is no telling how much they know or understand. What happened was the only alternative. Did you see that man's eyes when he shot you, he though nothing of killing a child.” Ferdinand said loud enough for everyone to hear.

That made the other boys stop, they looked at 'Stani' not with pity but respect and awe for a few minutes, “But were we any better, we tore them apart!” 'Stani' said as he put down the weight tears building in his eyes.

“Killing is wrong, and even in self defense it has repercussions. What those men would have done, they were willing to do for money. What you boys did was defend your family, despite what you think, you did the right thing for the time and situation. I and everyone else in this castle will do our best to make sure that will be the only dark day in your lives.” Ferdinand said, making it a deep and solemn vow.

All the boys soon had smiles on their faces, even 'Stani'. They all came over to Ferdinand and hugged him deeply. Then 'Stani' took off his briefs, his cock growing slowly erect.

“I don't know about you guys, but I feel like fucking!” 'Stani' shouted.

All the boys stared at him in shock, then shouted “Yeah” in unison, and took of their briefs.

Ferdinand smiled, this was going to be a though thing to get by, but his children were more then tough, more then human, they would persevere. Then at the boys' beckoning he joined them.

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