Curt’s Olympic bid

by Portowulf

Curt thought his dreams of competing in the Olympics were over before a mysterious coach promises to make him huge.

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Curt was a star swimmer in high school, breaking records for his school, his state, and even nationals. Everyone thought he’d go for the Olympics. In college, however, he was caught up in a harmless hazing scandal, to the point no one wanted to be associated with him, and without a coach or anyone to vouch for him, those dreams were dashed.

… At least until one day, at the University pool, when a man with sunglasses and a baseball hat was watching him with folded arms. As Curt pulled himself out of the pool, the man walked over.

“That was some mighty fine swimming there, champ,” he said with a gruff voice.

“Uh, yeah,” Curt said, uneasy. News of his involvement in the University was still on people’s minds so he felt he needed to stay on guard with people he didn’t recognize. “Do I know you?”

“Nope,” said the man, frankly. “The name’s Danny Fleischer—” He continued outstretching a hand to Curt. “—and I’m gonna make sure you get the attention you deserve.”

Curt tried to dry his wet hands off on his wet body. Realizing it was a futile effort, he gave a sheepish smile as he gave a wet handshake. “Uh, nice to meet you. Dan was it?”

“Pleasure is all mine,” said Danny, shaking Curt’s hand with a tight squeeze. “You are a natural but with continued training under my lead, you’ll be a shoo-in for the Olympics. Might even come home with a shiny medal! Waddaya say?”

Curt was still hesitant, increasingly so at the man’s enthusiasm. “I thought no one wanted to coach me?”

“Well, I’m here, ain’t I?” said the man. “We get in a nutrition plan, an exercise plan, and a training plan.”

Things were going fast but Curt would be lying to himself if the prospect of actually training for the Olympics wasn’t tempting.

“How much are you gonna cost me, Dan?” he said, still wondering if this was a prank or scam.

“Nothing out of your pocket,” said the man, his dark mustache twitching. “The school has agreed to pay my fee in exchange for licensing your image for their advertisements. You’re gonna be huge here.”

Curt’s ego was getting a boost, and his pride in his swimming was enough to get him to agree.

“All right then,” he started, restraining his growing excitement, “so when do we start?”

The man sat down on the bleacher by the pool. He pulled out charts and figures. Everything from time tables to body index charts, to sponsorship opportunities. “Let’s start now. There’s a lot of prep that comes first.”

Over the next hour, Curt and Dan talked planning. A lot of it went over Curt’s head, but he saw a lot of swimming in the schedule so he nodded along anyways.

“Also from the school is a new supplement,” stated Dan. “It’s like a time release capsule, but for calories. You will feel full, but the calories don’t come until later, so you’ll lose weight.” There was a lot more science that went into it but it all went into one ear and out the other. Curt’s vain ears heard weight loss, and he was on board.

Soon, they were shaking hands and parting ways until they planned to meet tomorrow.

For the next year, Curt swam practically every day, and he lost a lot of weight. He even picked up speed with his more aerodynamic body. He was training for the first rounds of Olympic sponsors, and wanted to prove himself. He ate extra supplements and pushed his body to the limit, and waited on that day with bated breath.

Eventually it was time to try out. Curt stood by some of the other competitors. His shaven head holding his swim goggles. His lean body pumped, and his new speedo ready to go.

The first whistle blew, and they lined up on their launch boards. The crowd sat down. Suddenly Curt felt a growling in his stomach. At first it felt like cramps, then like gas, but then almost like he was swallowing gallons of soup at once. He felt sick, and as he put this hand to his stomach, he realized he was bloating. His stomach was protruding outward.

“What the…” Curt said, but his body wasn’t done yet. His stomach continued to inflate but not the organ, just the fat around it. His sides, chest, arms, legs, and face all swelled up with fat. He rapidly doubled in weight. From a lean 120 to a hefty 240, and then some.

His goggles popped off his fattening head. His speedo struggling to keep all his ass inside. He looked around but none of the competitors seemed to notice, and the crowd was oddly silent.

Suddenly with a loud rip, his speedo gave way. He was naked and fat in front if everyone. It felt like a nightmare. And he wasn’t done growing. He waddled backwards off the platform and hurried to the locker room. His balls squished between super thick thighs.

In the locker room, he hid in a shower. What was going on? What was happening to his body? Suddenly he heard the door open, and familiar footsteps.

“… Coach?” Curt asked behind teary eyes.


“W… What happened to me?? I don’t understand.”

“I told you. You got all the attention you deserve.”

“… What?”

“You know, my son looked up to you. He joined his fraternity because of you,” said Dan. Taking off his sunglasses for the first time in front of Curt. His eyes were filled with hatred. “But you didn’t give a shit, did you? You humiliated him, and he paid the ultimate price.”

Curt’s eyes widened with realization. “I didn’t mean for that to happen, man… It was just a prank!”

“Yeah? Well having all your calories from the last year come at you at once was ‘just a prank’, bro,” he said, pulling away from the swelling college student. “Your body will pay the price. I won’t let you escape your fate either. You can live as the fucking pig you are.” He turned away and left him in the shower, alone and over 300 pounds.

Curt wrapped himself in the shower curtain and tried to look for his stuff. He could barely move. Dan had taken his clothes and his phone. What could he do now?

His nipples were the size of CDs, and his man-boobs stuck out like swollen melons. His gut like a misshapen beanbag chair. His head barely above his swollen chest and shoulders, with his neck so think. He had to sit down.

Unfortunately, now the other competitors were coming back into the locker room. The boys all began to laugh and make noises at Curt. Calling him all sorts of names. But as his eyes filled with tears, he noticed, he knew these guys. These were the guys from the frat.

And then it happened. One by one they all began to swell. Increasing tens of pounds every minute, until their speedos each popped off with loud ripping sounds. Their chests swelling and their assess and stomachs becoming tight round balls.

The sight… Turned curt on. His dick was proportionally smaller now but it got hard watching the show. And when the speedos came off, it seemed like they each agreed.

Soon, there was an ecstasy-filled orgy in the locker room. 300-400 pound men exploring every inch of their newly huge bodies. Brains forgotten what had transpired, only focusing on each other.

Curt may have never made it to the Olympics, but he finished college with an important lesson. He might not remember what that lesson was, but with his buddies at the frat to take care of him, he didn’t care.

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