Coffeehouse encounter

by BRK

 A casual conversation in a coffee shop about the various mods being instilled in the students lately.

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Note: this little story is based on a chat session. Hope you like.

Lucas and I ran into each other at the Starbucks near campus—I was in a bit of a hurry but I had to stop and give him a hug as he jumped up from his table to greet me. Like I could resist—he was wearing a button-down shirt with three beautiful cockheads sticking out of the collar, dampening his tanned, muscular neck with precum.

“Hey!” he said, grinning widely at me as he hugged me back.

“Hey yourself,” I replied. Damn, he’d made himself taller since I saw him last—those cockheads were right in front of my eyes. I had to catch myself from drooling. I felt justified, though, because those cocks were drooling plenty themselves.

“How are you?” Lucas said. I forced myself to look up at him. He’d refined his face—he was really gorgeous now, especially with the green eyes and close-cropped black hair. And for a lanky guy those were damn broad shoulders.

“Pretty good,” I said. “Wassup?” I added, thinking with a smile, You are.

“Finishing lunch,” he said, gesturing to a half-eaten sandwich and his chai tea on the table. “You?”

“Getting ready to head to class.” I had a heavy bookbag slung over my broad shoulder with way too much work in it—exams to grade, lessons to plan, the boring part of my life as a junior professor.

Lucas smiled. “Do the students get distracted by those four beefy arms?”

“Yeah, but enough of them are four-armed that it’s not too weird.” I tried not to notice Lucas’s seven-fingered hands were now caressing my bulging arms—shit, they were tingling. Was he making them bigger? Lucas was really good at making things bigger.

“Sounds like you’ve been busy with mods,” Lucas laughed. He knew my weaknesses, that’s for sure. I find changing guys hard to resist. Come to think of it, it was my fault Lucas could grow his own bod. And any guy that turns him on.

“Well, they propagate,” I explained, trying not to notice the fabric of my shirtsleeves getting a little tighter around my upper arms. Was he really growing me right here in the Starbucks? Damn, that cute jock at the table by the door in the thin tee shirt and sweatpants was watching us, fascinated by our bods. “Any time a four-armed guy fucks someone enough times, they can become four-armed if they want it enough.”

“True enough,” Lucas agreed. He’d seen my conquests, all of whom were now four-armed like me.

“It was really hot when it spread through the swim team,” I added, and the jock, listening, sucked in his breath.

“I bet that didn’t take long,” Lucas said. His hands at moved around to my already honeydew-sized pecs, and I started to feel them tingle. Lucas’s cocks were jumping, seeping thick clear precum onto his neck and chest.

“During a meet, I think!” I said, not totally keeping track of what we were talking about. I had a bunch of the four-armed swimmers in my class, and they were constantly making out. And Lucas thought I would be the distraction!

“Horny devils,” Lucas said, echoing my thoughts.

“Yeah, us four-armed dudes are irresistible,” I said, catching the jock reaching for his own crotch.

“Nice to have that many hands for us guys with multiple cocks.”

“Definitely—though they’re also good for one really huge one,” I said, and without even really meaning to I reached out with my mind and doubled the size of the jock’s already massive boner without looking at him. He gasped.

“Oh yeah,” Lucas said. “Or two really huge ones.” I laughed, and the jock came suddenly, making two big stains in his sweats near his right knee. He was staring at nothing, eyes glazed, in pure ecstasy.

I pretended I hadn’t just created yet another double-dicked jock—the campus was lousy with them by now. My will-power sucks. “So you got those cocks that kiss your collarbone again,” I said nonchalantly, glancing at them again. God they were hot. “You can never have too many of those.”

“They love attention,” Lucas agreed.

“That’s what you wear these shirts where your boners crowd out of the collar,” I said.

“I love seeing a guy’s reaction when he figures out what they are.”

“Your neck gets all wet with precum though.”

Lucas grinned wickedly. “Most guys love to lean in and lick it up.” I took that as an invitation.

“Not even noticing,” I said, gently licking the delicious precum off his neck and cocks, “what it does to their tongues, I bet.” The tingling in my own tongue felt deeply pleasureable.

“But I notice,” Lucas said. “Their tongues adapt nicely to taking care of my huge cocks.” Again I took this as an invitation, wrapping my now-longer tongue around the middle cock, which was impossibly stiff and radiating heat.

“And to making out with you,” I added after a moment.

“They aren’t nearly up to your talents, but they do okay,” Lucas said softly.

“Aw, thanks,” I said, pulling his head down for a warm, sweet kiss. Lucas moaned a little and kissed me back, our double-long tongues exploring each other’s mouths.

“Mmm, I forgot how long and hot your tongue is,” I said, between kisses. “Wait—how long and hot your tongues *are*!” I broke the kiss to leer at his sex-hungry, gorgeous face.

“Aww, you noticed,” he laughed, exhibiting his two very long tongues.

“Well, they feel amazing,” I said, stealing another hot kiss. I think the jock came again watching us.

“So do you,” Lucas said, hugging me against him, our cocks smashed between us. I realized with some surprise that all five of my cocks—no, damn, all six of them—were as big as his now, trying to crowd out the top of my v-necked shirt. They were having a tough time of it—mine were twice as wide as Lucas’s monsters, and his were plenty wide on their own. And my three massive pecs were really in the way.

“Aw dude, you’re getting me turned on, just when I have to go,” I said. I suddenly realized more than my cocks had changed on their own. “Fuck, man, how will I explain six arms and six boners?”

“You don’t have to explain…they’ll be quite a turn on, though!” Lucas said.

I shook my head as I turned to go, wondering if six-armedness would spread through the campus as quickly as four-armedness. I passed the table by the door and groaned. Considering the double-dicked jock was six-armed now just from watching me become six-armed, I had a feeling I knew the answer.


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