Chat 1, April 2005

by shift4u

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This is a transcript of an actual chat. The names have been changed.

luvfeet: hey man

shift4u: Greetings my friend, how are you today?

luvfeet: doing ok. how are you?

shift4u: My last Sunday here….closing up shop…moving to NY next week. Just want it all to be over with.

luvfeet: ah. well, best of luck to you.

luvfeet: new job?

shift4u: Yup. Going back into medical practice.

luvfeet: cool. hope it all works out!

shift4u: Thanks! I hope so too.

luvfeet: multilimbed this AM?

shift4u: Of course. When I'm alone I almost always am.

luvfeet: awesome

luvfeet: have to shed the extras to go out in public?

shift4u: Don't have to, just usually choose to. Sometimes I just don't want all the attention.

shift4u: I've got three different chat programs running right now….

shift4u: ….and so I have three heads and 6 arms, and as I'm typing this I'm typing two other messages as well.

luvfeet: wow

luvfeet: that's amazing

luvfeet: what's your “natural state” do you have one?

shift4u: Well, the simple answer of course is to be “normal”

shift4u: But my preferred state is something like this

shift4u: I like to multitask

luvfeet: lol

shift4u: And it's so easy this way

luvfeet: yes, but when you can be however you want…

luvfeet: natural may not be normal

shift4u: True. I feel pretty natural no matter how I'm configured.

luvfeet: that's awesome

luvfeet: so hot to think about

shift4u: Well, it would be nice to have you below the table where I'm working right now

shift4u: Licking my 6 X 7 = 42 toes

luvfeet: awesome….extra toes as well

luvfeet: very hot

shift4u: Yeah….take them nice and slow, one or two at a time…give them all a nice tongue bath…I could use the attention right now.

luvfeet: does sucking your toes cause you to change?

shift4u: Sometime I start sprouting cocks in funny places.

luvfeet: wow

luvfeet: have you ever been all cocks?

shift4u: Hmmmm…all cocks? No…describe what that would be like….

luvfeet: lol…not sure.

luvfeet: just a mass of hardons?

shift4u: Well, I do need a basic living apparatus, so I don't know if that's possible…but I could try sometime

shift4u: I do sometimes turn my toes into cocks….have large shoes, put them all in, walk around in them…even have gone to work that way

shift4u: Get spontaneous orgasms in my feet from all the friction

luvfeet: wow

luvfeet: you have awesome feet dude

shift4u: LOL Thanks, I like them…they're a lot of fun

luvfeet: it's cool you like them

shift4u: What good would transformability be if it wasn't fun?

luvfeet: true

luvfeet: i wish i could see you with twelve legs

shift4u: Well, maybe I'll do it and take a pic for you sometime

luvfeet: awesome!

luvfeet: it's so cool you can change dude…

luvfeet: incredibly hot

shift4u: I think we've had this conversation

luvfeet: lol

shift4u: You can too, you just have to think about it the right way

luvfeet: sorry…i'm just really turned on

shift4u: No need to apologize, glad it turns you on

luvfeet: oh yeah

shift4u: LOL tell me the truth

shift4u: Are you j/o right now?

luvfeet: lol…yes

shift4u: How did I guess

luvfeet: hmmm

luvfeet: are u?

shift4u: No… sex has never really done it for me

shift4u: But I'm happy to help other people LOL

luvfeet: that's cool of you!

shift4u: Well, when you have a special talent, it's good to share it with others

luvfeet: i'm glad you're sharing it!

shift4u: So since you're j/o—what would really do it for you, bring you off?

luvfeet: tell me you have 12 legs

shift4u: Hang on a minute, that'll take some work

luvfeet: ok…cool

shift4u: Starting with 6

luvfeet: hot

shift4u: …………uuuuhhhhhhhh

shift4u: ……….OK now 8. Just for you I put 8 toes on the 2 new ones

luvfeet: oh man!…so hot!

shift4u: Need to find some room under the table for all of them

shift4u: Ah

shift4u: Put the front two on the table in front to the computer…leaning on them as I type

luvfeet: dude….awesome

luvfeet: i'm close man

shift4u: Oh, wait, I'm not done yet

luvfeet: lol…not sure i can wait

luvfeet: it's so incredible man

shift4u: Mmmmm…..OK…..I'll try to hurry

shift4u: …….nnnnnnnhhhhhhhrrrrrrrrruuuuuuuuhhhh

shift4u: Ten

luvfeet: sweet!

shift4u: Have the last two crossed up behind my neck. Running out of room here LOL

luvfeet: wow

shift4u: Hang on now…….

shift4u: This takes a lot of energy when I have this many feet

luvfeet: oh man….

shift4u: whooo

shift4u: ok now

shift4u: ……here goes……..

shift4u: YOW!

shift4u: Before I could pop the last two legs…..

shift4u: …..I grew three new cocks between each of the other 5 pairs

shift4u: And I'm about to cum out of all of them

luvfeet: dude…i'm gonna cum….

shift4u: Man this feels good

shift4u: ………I wanna do this for you…..

luvfeet: so fucking hot

shift4u: …….rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

shift4u: AAAAH!!

shift4u: Twelve feet!

shift4u: Put them on top of the two already on the table

luvfeet: dude!

shift4u: Licking the soles

luvfeet: oh man….

shift4u: Burying my head in those 4, rubbing my ears with the two near the sides of my head….

shift4u: Rubbing the other 6 together under the table

luvfeet: dude….i'm gonna cum….

shift4u: Twenty cocks all together

shift4u: Ooops…..26—all the toes on my left rearmost foot just turned into cocks

luvfeet: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


shift4u: dude

shift4u: 26 simultaneous orgasms…………..

shift4u: jesus

shift4u: what a fucking mess

luvfeet: fucking hot man!

luvfeet: made a pretty big mess here too!

shift4u: LOL glad I could help you out

shift4u: Hey I have a question

luvfeet: thanks man

shift4u: Would you mind if I posted this chat to Metabods?

luvfeet: no prob.

shift4u: Great…think I'll do that today

judgment? I'd like to start a series…maybe encourage other people to do the same

luvfeet: ok…cool.

luvfeet: i'm all sticky…i need a shower

luvfeet: thanks again man! i'm gonna get cleaned up!

shift4u: OK….have a great day!

luvfeet: you too. good luck with the move

shift4u: Thanks! I'll let you know how it's going when I see you here again

shift4u: BTW it's a lot easier to move when there are 4 clones of you, each with 6 arms

luvfeet: lol

shift4u: See ya later

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