Charlie’s changes

by TFWizard

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Charlie was a nice kid. His parents were always very strict with him. They taught him to always reply with ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. He was also taught to help others in any way he could. Often, he would help somebody, and get nothing back. This time, however, his generosity paid off.

Charlie was 19 years old. He was a freshman in college, and he was still trying to find his way around the large university campus. One evening, as he was walking to his dorm from watching a midnight movie at the theatre in the Student Union, he heard a faint cry for help while walking back to his dorm.

An old man was begging for some money. He looked like a bum, and the few students who walked passed him, all ignored him when he pleaded for some money. When Charlie passed the man, he felt sorry for him. He grabbed his wallet, and handed the old man a Dollar. The man smiled, as placed his hands on his shoulders.

“Thank you, young man.” The old man said to the student. “You will be rewarded for your kindness. I came to see if there are any generous students here, and you have proven to be the type of person I was looking for. From now on, you will be able to change your body and that of your friends in any way you wish. You can grow other limbs, hands or feet on your body and on those of your friends. That is your reward. Just concentrate and it will happen.”

Then, the man disappeared into thin air. He was gone. Charlie looked around, shocked by what he had just seen or heard. He opened up his wallet and looked. His Dollar was gone. However, there was a one-hundred Dollar bill in his wallet! Where did that come from?

Charlie walked back to the dorm, thinking about the words the man had spoken to him. He wondered how he could grow additional hands or feet to his body.

When he got back in his dorm, he walked into his bathroom and looked at his reflection in the mirror.

“I wish I had another set of hands on my arms” he whispered. Suddenly, a second hand grew just above his own hands. He now had two hands on the end of each arm, side-by-side!

“Wow!” he said, as he now held up four hands, counting twenty fingers!

“I wish I had two additional legs next to my current ones” he pondered.

Suddenly, his waist grew wider, as well as his torso and his chest. Then, another left leg grew to the left of his own left leg, and another right leg formed to the right of his old right leg. Within minutes, he had four legs!

“This is cool!” he chuckled, as he walked around his living room with four legs, side-by-side.

“I gotta show my roommate!” he laughed. He was waiting for his roommate to come home from class.

“First. I gotta return back to normal!” he said, in his attempt to look like his old self again. In a bright flash of light, his body suddenly returned back to normal.

Charlie ran back to the bathroom and checked out his body in the mirror.

“It worked!” he cheered. “I can grow extra arms, legs, hands and feet!”

Charlie smiled. He was going to have a lot of fun with his new ability.

Charlie was about to leave his parents’ house, when he spotted Jake, the teen boy next door. Charlie was visiting his parents for Spring Break, and he spent a week at their house. The food was excellent, the rent was cheap (it was free) and there were no papers to write and no exams to study for. He had a whole week off with nothing to do, so he took full advantage of the free time to head out to the beach.

After having spent three days at the beach, he returned and hung out with his parents, his brother and his sister. Everything pretty much was normal and he didn’t tell anybody about his secret “power” which he had received from the strange man, that night on campus. He had used it on himself occasionally, but not much. He looked at his ability as a special gift and he decided only to use it on special occasions, and to allow some lucky “victim” the pleasure of doing their normal everyday activity, but with additional arms, hands, or legs.

It was the last day of Spring Break, when Charlie got up early and went outside for his normal morning walk. He wanted to walk Max, his parents’ Siberian Husky, and he passed one of the familiar kids while he was walking the dog.

Charlie immediately recognized Jake, the boy next door. Jake was now about sixteen years old, and he was riding his skateboard on the street where they lived. Jake had skated past Charlie several times, before he finally stopped to pet the husky.

“Hey Chuck, what’s up?” the boy said.

“Hey, Jake! Good seeing you, dude! How’ve you been?” Charlie asked him in reply.

“I’m doing well! I’m just skating around, as always!”

Charlie looked at the teen with curiosity.

“Wow! I haven’t seen you since Christmas! You look great! You’ve obviously grown and bulked up a bit, huh?” Charlie chuckled, while he looked over the teen, who was standing with both legs on his skateboard while he was talking to him.

“Yeah! So, what did you bring me from that big school that you’re going to now?” the teen chuckled.

“I bring lots of wisdom and knowledge, Jake!” Charlie answered. “I take my classes, I take my notes, and I take my exams…”

“You got nothing to offer a skater kid like me?” Jake wondered.

Charlie looked at him with a smile. Jake was a good kid. He was a little selfish, but Charlie saw that as a normal trait among all teens. Charlie remembered how his generosity had paid off in the past, for it is that same generosity which had given him his unusual secret “power”. Charlie thought about using it, and when he saw the skinny but athletic kid standing before him while balancing on this skateboard, Charlie figured it was time to show his generosity once more.

“Hey Jake… Would it be easier to ride a skateboard if you had three legs, instead of two?” Charlie wondered.

“Three legs?” the young athlete wondered, looking up to Charlie with a confused expression on his face. “That’s impossible, isn’t it?”

“Jake, everything’s possible,” Charlie laughed.

“Sure! I would be able to balance better on three legs, I think. I would always have two legs on the board, instead of one. That way, I have better balance while I’m my board!” the kid replied.

Charlie took a step away from the kid and smiled.

“Okay, here goes, Jake!”

“Huh?” the teen wondered. He had no idea what Charlie was doing.

Suddenly, Jake felt a tingling sensation. His torso began to widen several inches at first, forcing him to get off the board so that he wouldn’t lose his balance. Next, Charlie wanted to accommodate Jake’s clothes for the new leg. Since his torso widened, his shorts and underwear widened as well. An additional hole formed in them, making room for the new leg.

“What’s going on?” Jake gasped, as he noticed the changes.

“Just relax! You’ll love it!”

Charlie continued to use his power on the unsuspecting teen. As soon as Jake had become wide enough, a stump began to grow out from under the center of his waist. As the stump continued to grow, Jake noticed that it started to resemble the other 2 legs in shape and width.

After a few moments, it grew a knee, at the same height of the other two knees. Then, his calf formed, before an ankle appeared, finally giving way for the third foot to grow in place. Within moments, Jake had three legs, instead of two!

“There you go, Jake! You now have three legs!” Charlie grinned.

“Awesome!” the teen cheered, as he took turns swinging each leg.

The boy started to walk around and hopped, danced, and ran with his third leg. He bent his legs sideways, and he tried squatting down using all three. He was totally fascinated with having three legs!

“You can keep it for awhile, until tonight. You might have problems at school…”

“No I won’t!” Jake answered. “I’m home schooled!”

“Oh really? Well then, keep the leg. When you must lose it, call me!” Charlie instructed the boy.

Jake hopped on the skateboard, keeping two legs on the board, while using the third to push off from the sidewalk in order to pick up speed. He noticed that it was considerably easier for him to maintain his balance on the board, because he had three legs now! He loved it!

“Thanks, Chuck!” the boy said, as he continued to skate around on his three legs.

Charlie was happy. His next door kid was happy as well, and that was all that really mattered to him. The kid was pleased.

Charlie just grinned as he watched the boy, speeding down the street, with two legs on the board instead of one.

Charlie was wandering around the large shopping mall, when he passed a large shoe store. There were several large, colorful shelves placed before the giant display window, and these contained the latest models of sneakers that were on the market.

As Charlie stood there, pressing his nose up against the large, glass window, he peered over the entire display. There were women’s shoes, hiking shoes, sneakers, and dress shoes. He was looking for something to wear to school, so they had to be nice and comfortable. He had to do a lot of walking in school every day, and he wanted to be absolutely sure he got something that would be very comfortable on his feet.

Not only that, but he also had the issue with money. He had saved up about $100 to buy shoes. But, he had a secret. He didn’t want to buy just one pair of expensive shoes. He needed two pairs.

Then, finally, a small sign in the display window caught his eye. The sign read “Buy one pair, get the second one FREE!”

“Aha!” he cheered, as he read the sign again, just to be sure he wasn’t dreaming. “That’s the deal I’ve been looking for all along!”

Charlie strolled into the store and walked right up to the wall, where shoes were placed on these little plastic shelves, which were hanging from these grooves in the wall. There were wooden panels bolted to the outside of the wall, and these shelves were conveniently attached to these narrow grooves.

Charlie walked by the different types of shoes, before he saw the type he was looking for. Since he loved to play basketball, but he also liked to run, he needed something he could wear on the court and on the track, so that he could still use the shoes for both activities.

A pair of Nike shoes caught his eye, because they had those really cool springs below the heel of the shoe, and they were really cool and colorful. The shoes were red and white, and they had Velcro straps rather than laces. He hated to tie his laces, so the straps were just perfect. Then, there was just the concern that they had the shoe in his size.

He grabbed the shoe that was on the shelf, and walked over to the counter where a young man had just rung up the previous sale. As soon as he had given the customer his change, he turned towards Charlie, who was holding the shoe in his hand.

“Do you have this in size 11?” he asked the store clerk.

“Let me go check.”

The man grabbed the shoe and walked through a narrow door, which was located in the back of the store. A small sign hung from the door “Authorized Personnel Only”, which indicated that the door probably led to the warehouse, where they kept their entire stock of shoes, sorted by size, brand, make, type, and color.

Moments later, the man walked out with the shoe and a rectangular, cardboard box under his arm. The box had several labels stuck to it, indicating model numbers, sizes in American and European units, and other descriptions. The box was all black, and it had a drawing of the shoe printed on the top cover.

The man walked over to where these small, narrow benches were placed on the floor, facing the long wall with all the wooden panels attached to it. When he pulled the box top off, Charlie saw that the box was filled with sheets of white paper. As soon as the clerk had removed the papers, he saw his shoes, placed side by side inside of the box.

“I want to try them on. Is that OK?” Charlie asked the clerk politely.

“Sure! Sit down on the bench next to me, and take your old shoes off.” The clerk replied.

“Do you have another pair of them, in case these fit me?” Charlie asked him. “I see that you have the two-for-one sale going on right now!”

“Yes, we have plenty of pairs in stock of every type and size of shoe that you see on display over here. I can get another box, if you want. Just try these on first and see if they fit you!”

Charlie grabbed hold of his backpack, opened it and pulled another pair of sock out of the bag, He removed both shoes from his feet, and he was just wearing his socks. Then, he grabbed the left shoe, which was still in the black box and placed the shoe on his feet. As soon as he pulled the straps on, he stood up and walked around the store, wearing just the one shoe.

Charlie walked back to wear the box lay on the floor, and he pulled the other shoe out of the box. He sat down on the bench, and placed the right shoe on his right foot. Then he fastened the straps together, and stood up again to walk around the store for a second time.

“I like these shoes,” Charlie responded. “I’ll take them, and the additional pair!”

“All right,” the clerk said with a grin, “I’ll get the other pair out of the storage area. Would you like to keep these on and carry the other box in a bag?”

“No, I want to wear the other ones as well!” Charlie replied. The clerk seemed a little surprised at first, but he got up anyway, and walked back to the warehouse through the narrow door in the back of the store.

Moments later, the clerk came out of the warehouse with the second box of shoes. He walked over to where Charlie was sitting, and set down the box on the floor before him.

“You don’t need to try these on, unless you really want to. These are exactly the same as the ones you are wearing right now, already!”

“Oh, I just need one of them,” Charlie said with a grin. “I guess you can’t just sell me one shoe, can you?”

“No, sir. I can only sell them in pairs. But, why do you need three shoes?” the clerk asked him, while showing a confused look on his face.

“Because, I have three legs!” Charlie replied.

The clerk continued to stare at him. He was very confused. What was this kid talking about? The clerk began to wonder if this kid was normal, or not.

“But, you don’t have three legs! Nobody does! What are you talking about?” he wondered out loud.

“Yes, but I can grow additional body parts. Here, let me show you. It’s a power I have, you see?” Charlie chuckled. He remained seated on the bench, and he spread apart his legs. Then he grabbed hold of a zipper, which ran right underneath his crotch, right between his two legs.

As soon as he pulled the zipper open, something started to come out of his groin.

The clerk gasped in amazement when a small stump started to grow out of his groin. The stump continued to grow longer, as it fit right through the hole, where the zipper in his shorts used to be. Then, the stump continued to grow longer, as if he was growing a third leg!

“Holy smoke! What is that?” he wondered, while he was staring at Charlie with his mouth open wide.

“That’s my third leg! I told you that I have three legs, remember?”

The stump continued to grow, until it reached the point where it had reached the length of his other two quads. Then, the knee started to form at the end of the stump. Following the knee, the leg continued to grow, until it passed the calf muscle. Finally, it grew the ankle, and a third foot formed at the end of the stump, which now resembled a perfect copy of his other two legs. The leg had the same length, muscle tone, and skin color as the other two, and it matched his body perfectly!

Then, Charlie grabbed a third sock, from his bag, and placed the sock over his middle foot. Finally, he removed the top from the other box of shoes, and grabbed one of the shoes from the box. He placed the shoe over the sock, and strapped the Velcro laces together. When he finally stood up, he was walking on three legs, wearing three socks and three shoes!

“Holy smoke! I have never seen anything like this before! This is impossible!” the clerk exclaimed, as he watched the teen wander around the store on three legs.

“Okay!” Charlie said with a grin. “How much do I owe you for these?”

Charlie followed the clerk to the cash register. He left the fourth shoe in the box, and the clerk grabbed one of his big, plastic bags, he placed the box in the bag, before he rang up the sale.

Charlie grabbed his wallet out of his backpack and pulled out enough cash to pay the bill. As soon as the clerk had given him his receipt, Charlie turned around and strolled out of the store, carrying his backpack, the plastic bag containing the box, while wearing three brand new sneakers.

“I must be dreaming this…” the clerk wondered, as he watched the strange boy walk out the store.

Charlie whistled a tune, as he continued to wander around the mall on three legs. He was happy, for he found a bargain and got a second pair of shoes for free. Because, having three legs shouldn’t have to make things more expensive!

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