Centaur mania

by Josh Dugan

 How come it's the mad geniuses who get to have all the fun?

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I had never known anyone as obsessed with centaurs as my brilliant friend Jon. He had centaur statues, centaur paintings, and centaur drawings, collected from all over. He downloaded centaur photos from the Web, and knew all the centaur sites and chat lines and you name it.

He had a digital setup for creating and rearranging photos, and had become, to my eye, quite the expert at blending photos of horses and hunks into plausible, even attractive, scenes of handsome centaurs. Jon never tired of looking up new information about centaurs, and with in his huge lab with the computers and digital photo equipment, he even created a few variations on centaurs never seen in classical literature. His centaurs were gay and gorgeous, incredibly beautiful and very sexual.

He had images of muscular young centaurs hand in hand, their horse bodies touching as they cantered, seemingly weightless and carefree, through the the amber hues of a countryside afternoon. Other images showed impassioned young stallions feverishly embracing, deep-kissing each other, their magnificent torsos locked in long-armed hugs, their giant genitalia hanging in heavy urgency.

Jon would work in his elaborately equipped all-purpose bio-chemical-computer-photo lab late into the night, his beautiful body sweating, naked and aroused. And as Jon's fevered, brilliant imagination galloped away with him, his centaurs became more and more beautiful, erotic and exotic. They padded along on beautiful human male feet instead of hooves as they gazed deeply into one another's eyes. Their tall, broad-shoudered torsos, gracefully sprouted extra pairs of arms, all comfortably draped around each other, as their handsome, drooping sexual guns doubled and quadrupled; their aroused bodies strolled together on four, six or eight legs. One could almost hear the padded steps of the magnificent male human feet as the towering creatures seemed to waft together in aroused reverie.

“They're beautiful,” I told Jon. “If only you could make them real.”

“I would love to,” he said, flushed and aroused as usual, as new creatures blossomed under his skilled hands. “The key is the reproductive urge. If it is stimulated enough in the right direction, it will force its way. All it takes is sustained concentration and sexual frustration.”

I had to laugh. “That's impossible, Jon.”

“True,” he smiled, “but I'm doing more than just photography here. Look.”

He rolled back from the array of screens and controls at the work station, which I realized was connected to him with a few heavy tubes and electrodes.

“Notice I'm barefoot,” he smiled. “I didn't come in with enough shoes for all my feet, so I kicked off the pair I was wearing.”

I immediately became extremely aroused. Jon's handsome bare feet had indeed become four in number, as they rested against each other, suspended by his long, muscular legs, also now a long and sexy foursome. He had somehow added the second pair behind the first, matched perfectly, all the way to the muscular second bubble butt. “The more aroused I become, the more the computer interface works with my cerebral cortex and my DNA. And I can't tell you how arousing it is two have two complete sets of genitalia as well as extra legs,” he laughed, blushing.

I felt so incredibly turned on, and also burned with envy. And I wanted to fuck Jon in the worst way, which he read in my eyes—we both shared his taste for male centaurs as well as multiple human legs. I couldn't help myself—I knelt down and ran my hand along his front left leg, and my other along his back left leg. They were beautiful. “Two left feet,” I joked, and both left feet rested on my thigh. I was ready to cream. I held the legs, and the right legs joined in as he gently held them against me, sitting there on his lab stool, and he worked a few keys on a computer terminal. “I know if I had horse DNA I could become a centaur, just like my photos or better,” he said. “This is only a sampling, because I only have my humanness to work with. But wait til you see my work with horses—and wait until we combine them—we can replicate as male humans and as male centaurs!”

“What about me,” I had to blurt, embarrassed by my non-sequitur. But I felt frustrated, selfish, and left behind. I wanted to be like my Jon. “You're part of the plan, love,” he said, his handsome four legs gathering me closer.

“We'll need a whole town, thousands of us. Centaurs need each other, and they live for each other sexually—and multiple-legged human males are just as much a part of their sexual life. Their love life, actually, because I've got gay male replication licked.”

“Mmm, I like the sound of that,” I said, shamelessly nuzzling the legs. The steady clickety click of the computer terminal continued on under his beautiful hands, and as I rested on the beautiful thighs, I allowed myself to drift into a pleasant sleep, the mild and wonderful scent of his male skin filling my nostrils as I rested among his four beautiful legs.

I dreamt I was making love to Jon, riding him, with Jon as a powerful centaur stallion, and I felt my legs wrapped around his long stallion's body as it sweated and pounded beneath me. I held his muscular back and reveled in his scent and sweat, my arms gratefully holding his beautiful sweating torso as his legs galloped and pounded the earth beneath me. I felt my own body heavy and sexual, and I felt myself multiplying and aroused as my own legs doubled, then quadrupled, and Jon's centaur body lengthened beneath me, adding legs by the score, forming a human-equine centipede. My own aroused pairs of legs sprouted giant hardons which I plowed somehow into Jon, who had provided anus-like openings above each pair of legs. Like a giant sexual zipper we were mated, and the padded thud of dozens of beautiful, shapely male feet raised the dust as our torsoes locked, leading the Chinese New Year dragon-like parade of muscular legs, Jon's human-footed horse legs on his extended centaur equine body, and my multiple human legs clasping it as my orgasms pumped endlessly, filling his male beauty with my burning, molten come. Jon was screaming, crying, and screaming, agonized with joy.

I awoke in the lab, my body sweating and naked and aroused. There, snaked about the room, was my beautiful Jon, a human centipede, legs by the score, screaming with agonized, aroused joy. “Oh my god!” he screamed between groans and sighs of agony. “Please, help me! Help yourself and fuck me! It's working!” he screamed, laughing and groaning.

The computer banks and the scientific machinery blazed and flashed as the thick tubes and wires connecting it to Jon pulsed with opaque ooze. The beautiful legs and feet writhed among each other as Jon struggled to make each leg pair's huge hardon mate with the butt in front of it.

For the most part he had succeeded, and as he mounted and fucked himself he groaned and screamed as come pulsed from his massive penises into his muscular anuses. A few penises were too large for him to maneuver into the corresponding butt. I felt immediately aroused and scrambled to help him mate with himself. I immediately stumbled and fell as I tried to move, and to my aroused surprise I found myself tangled in my own legs—six of them!

“Surprise!” Jon laughed. That mad genius, I thought to myself. I wanted to fuck him till none of his beautiful legs could ramain standing on their beautiful feet.

“Don't stop; keep coming; help me!” he screamed, half pleading, half teasing.

“You won't regret it!” I didn't have time to think. I was so turned on to have six legs of my own, and three huge hardons!

“You're fuckin' awesome!” I told Jon. “I love you, man!”

“Well, love me then!” Jon said. “Come on; I really mean it. I love you, too! Love me, dude!”

I nearly went blind with lust as I clumsily walked my six legs over to his scores of legs and knelt them all down, my hardons completely engorged, aroused and in the way.. My hands were shaking as I found Jon's unmated penises and guided them and popped them into his unfucked butts.

Jon made me nearly cream as he gyrated his pelvises and worked his beautiful legs, and the butts clenched as all the huge, heavy penises got sweetly crammed into all the beautiful butts. It was awesome! Jon screamed as the penises ejaculated, and he turned back on his own snakelike extension of legs, finding new penises to beat off and to stuff into anuses. His beautiful torso and face sweated as he sucked a few of the penises, swallowing his own come in huge gulps. It didn't suprise me to see his beautiful long arms and strong hands working together, all four of them now, to harvest and plant the come. “Come on, dude, enjoy me!” he said. “You got six legs and three hardons, man—use'm and fuck me!”

It didnt take a moment for instinct to take over. My six legs knew what to do, and they comfortably wrapped around six of Jon's as I came at him from underneath, and sure enough, like a human zipper, I planted my three enormous hardons in three of his awesome masculine assholes. and let our legs clench and unclench in a lovemaking ritual. As my hardons reached their full crescendo, I reached between others of Jon's legs and found penises to pound and suck. We both screamed, our bodies spasming with multiple leg and hardon spasms as we came, came, came and came.

Hours later we awoke, seeming adrift in a sea of magnificent long legs and lazy hardons. Somehow Jon had added enough legs that his beautiful torso was wrapped around mine, and two of his lerge, gentle hands held me while his second pair caressed my hair and face. We we rested among his tangle of long, muscular legs. I kissed a large, handsome foot that slumbered near me, and Jon smiled.

“So who needs centaurs, when guys can be this great,” I smiled.

“You'd be surprised,” Jon smiled, nuzzling my chest. “Stallions love this just as much as you and I,” he said. “You should see what I've created in the stables.”

I felt my hardons rising again. “You can make us into centaurs? And we can be human and multiple-limbed as well?”

“That's right,” he smiled, and the legs around us began to stir as Jon prepared to walk them out to where the multiple legged stallions awaited us.

“If you don't mind being cloned a few times, a few different ways,” he smiled, his eyes inviting and teasing at the same time. “I'll be doing the same thing. Hooves or legs, we're gonna ride!”

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Similarly Named Stories: You might be looking for: “Centaurian” by Rick Haydn Horst.

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