Best body modification ever

by Oneleg Smith

Mike meets an unconventional surgeon who specializes in improving your body and making sex better in unexpected ways.

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I should have remembered the old army saying, never volunteer for anything. I was in the pub the a few months ago and was watching one of the gay videos about men who had had body modifications and I said to the guy next to me, “Wow, fancy getting a cock like that guy has been given. That would be every gay guy’s dream.”

The man looked at me and said, “Don’t you believe in those kind of operations then?”

“Not sure,” I replied. “Seem rather far-fetched. I mean, how could that guy end up with a cock and balls as big as those? That shoot that much cum out?”

He moved a little closer. He was nice looking guy, with one hell of a bulging crotch, I noticed. “I can do all those kind of augmentations and more,” he said. “Why not come over to a table and tell me what you would like to change?”

We took our drinks to table in a quiet corner, and he looked me over. “My name is Roland and I was an orthopaedic surgeon. I am now retired and like to keep my hand in. How can I help you?”

“Mike,” I told him, shaking hands. Was what he was offering really possible? I decided it would be fun to pretend, anyway, even if it wasn’t. “I always felt I could do with a larger cock and balls. And… okay, also, my butt hole cannot take anything but small cocks. I think that could do with some work on it. And—could I mention one more thing, Roland?”

He laughed. “Sounds very interesting. What else had you in mind then, Mike?”

I laughed and showed him my rather prominent, oversized teeth. “I give the guys hell when I give them a blow job,” I said, “on account of how my teeth are so big and sharp. Is it possible to do anything about them?”

“To be honest, Mike, everything you want is easy-peasy,” my new friend said. “I could complete all the work in a weekend, but you would need a fortnight off work to recuperate. Interested? That amount of work would be…” He mentioned a figure that was expensive but not overly so. I thought, oh, what the fuck. If he makes a bollocks off me, tough fucking shit.

“Roland, I am really up to it. Deposit and cash on completion, okay?” I said.

To my great surprise he leaned closer and gave me a cracking, tongue-investigating kiss. Then he pulled back and smiled. “Will look forward to it,” he said bracingly. “How next weekend? But come on the Friday evening to get the pre-meds done. You will not need to be fully anaesthetized, so you can see what we do and change anything.”

Cut to the chase, I went to the address he gave me the next weekend with just an overnight case. The house was a large detached one and very nice and not too far from where I luckily lived alone.

I rang the bell and rather gorgeous guy of about 35 let me in. He was in a nurse-type uniform, except his white trousers were nearly transparent and I could see his hairy arse and massive cock and balls very clearly. He took me in to Roland, who took me to the back of the house to a large white theatre size room with two hospital style beds there. He showed me the shower, gave some special hair removing shampoo and left me to it, and told me to only use it from the neck downwards. I did this and to my surprise every bit of my black body hair simply dissolved off and ran down the drain. It made me look like a plucked chicken. I went back into the room and he asked me to lay on the bed, I was on eye level with his crotch and boy, was it well packed. It even gave me a boner, all 5 inches of it.

“See what you mean, Mike” said Roland. “Definitely need some improvement here and on your butt hole, and your mouth will be easy to do. In fact I will start now. I will have to remove all your teeth, but my techniques are a little improper and by Monday morning you will have dentures fitted and will look just fine.”

The hunky nurse came in scratching his crotch and I could see a little wet spot there showing through. He gently injected my gums. I never felt a thing. Roland came over and placed a pair of dark glasses on me, then said, “Hold on for 10 minutes, Mike. Extractions the usual way are a thing of the past. The glasses are to stop any of the fluid in your mouth splashing in your eyes, as it would sting.”

Shit, I thought, I am going to get played around with here? Just then Roland said, “Right, Mike, slip those glasses off and wash your mouth out with this warm salty water. I will smear this cream all over your gums and fit you for teeth tomorrow.”

“Gums?” I shouted then rinsed my mouth out and watched in mounting horror as all my teeth simply fell from my gums in the bowl. I must have started to cry as Roland came around to me, put his arms around me and kissed me, once again, very thoroughly, and said, “Here Mike look in the mirror.”

I looked. My cheeks had sunk inwards without my teeth and when I opened my mouth, I had no gums in the centre of my mouth, so that when I closed them together they formed a hole in the centre about 2” in diameter. “Don’t get upset, Mike. By tomorrow you will see what your mouth is shaped like for. Now, time for bed. Early start in the morning!” And with that both him and male nurse, now I heard called Jason, helped me off the bed and took me to a beautifully decorated bedroom. They slipped me into a pair of rather neat lycra shorts and placed me in the bed, then both kissed me good night. Most unusual.

I was woken up at 7 a.m. by Jason for coffee or tea. I got showered and went downstairs. Roland was there in the dining room and a woman came in with a superb cooked breakfast.

After more coffee we went into the theatre again. “Right now, Mike,” said Roland. “First test to see how your mouth is.” I then realised I had forgotten about having no teeth and eaten a full breakfast. “Jason,” asked Roland, “come over here to Mike and show him what he can do now.”

Jason stood in front of me—as I was sat on the bed I was on crotch level with him. He dropped his pants and up sprang the biggest cut cock I have ever seen. There were drips of precum on the tips. It must have been 10” long and was throbbing with power, massive balls as well and all shaved. Jason smiled at me. “Open your mouth, Mike, and hang on,” he said. He gently pushed his massive cock into my mouth. It slipped easily inside my mouth through the shaped gums. So that was what they were for, I thought, sucking on to his wonderful throbbing cock head. I gently closed my gums together and could feel his cock moving in and out through the hole in them. I was just thing what would happen if he shot his load, when he did. He nearly blew me off the bed. He shot copious amounts of thick hot cum inside my mouth. I had to swallow, and I loved it. Both him and Roland were laughing. “Shit,” I said, “that was the most amazing experience ever!” With that Roland opened his hand and there were a set of lovely white dentures, which he slipped inside my mouth. They fitted like a glove and when I looked in the mirror, they looked perfect.

“Right, Mike, on the bed. Let’s get the rest done,” said Roland, and I got back on the bed.

Jason bent over me and started to pull off my Lycra shorts, and the proceeded to gently rub some foul smelling cream over my cock and balls. It really smarted and to my surprise I started getting a right old stiffy. My cock started to get bigger, and as I watched my foreskin simply vanished and there in its place was a dark red hot throbbing cock head, and still growing. At about 12” it stopped. “How’s that for length and girth?” asked Roland.

I was delighted and then felt my balls getting bigger, they swelled up until they match my cock in size and hung there throbbing gently.

“Mike,” said Roland, “How do you feel about wearing a black rubber cock and ball sheath? It can be left on permanently if you so wish, but then you can not change your mind, okay?”

“I would love that,” I replied. With that Roland went to a cupboard and returned with a huge black rubber cock and ball sheath. Jason covered all the crotch and gear with some clear jelly and Roland proceeded to push my cock down inside the rubber sheath. He had bit of hard job, trying to push my balls inside the rubber ball bag was the worst thing. Suddenly there was a loud plop, and the whole lot simply were grabbed by the retaining ring which gripped my crotch tightly. I could swear the rubber veins on the cock sleeve were throbbing. I looked closely—they were moving and pre cum was on the tip. My black rubber balls were swinging gently and also throbbing with power.

I could feel a burning sensation in my crotch and when I looked down the black rubber sheath simply melted into my flesh all around and was, to all intents and purposes, now part of me. I could also feel an intense burning in my butt hole. Putting my hand to my hole I could feel a large rubber-like material around the entrance and on sliding my fingers inside. I found a warm wet, slippery rubber lining and to my surprise I got four fingers inside no problem.

“Ah,” said Roland, “We see you have found your new enlarged butt hole. Come over here Jason and help me try it out.”

Roland dropped his pants, and, fucking hell, a monster dick in maroon rubber with matching rubber balls sprang out. “See, Mike, I have a rubberised cock and balls too, you can now fuck all day and night 24/7 if you so wish, and cum loads each time as well. Turn over please.” I turned over and raised up my butt hole, Jason was holding me steady as Roland started to push inside. He pushed and pushed and I could feel his cock going further inside me and then he came. He filled me full and I could feel cum oozing from my butt hole. Then suddenly I tasted some of it too. His cum was coming from my mouth! This is amazing, I thought.

Roland pulled out and laughed. “Do you like the additional little job we did? We delivered a small amount into your mouth via a tiny tube so you can always taste it whether you are giving or taking. Tomorrow you are going to fuck both me and Jason to ensure you cock is working properly. We just need to give it 24 hours to settle down.”

I could hardly wait.

Added Mar 2019 21k views 4.2 stars (9 votes) 1,994 words

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