Ben’s escapades

by Kaelan

Ben undergoes medical treatment to make his genitals unusually huge, but is he ready for the dramatic changes that it’ll bring to the rest of his life?

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Part 1: The Clinic Ben undergoes medical treatment to make his genitals unusually huge, but is he ready for the dramatic changes that it’ll bring to the rest of his life? (added: 9 Feb 2018)
Part 2: Experiencing Hugeness Ben’s thrilled by the effectiveness of the growth regimen he’s undergoing—and the very hung silver fox doctor who’s administering it. (added: 23 Feb 2018)
Part 3 Ben finally gets to spend some private time with the handsome, hard-muscled doctor. (added: 30 Mar 2018)
Part 4
Part 5 During a night out with Ben, Stephen reveals the secret of his own size and beauty and amps up Ben’s growth regimen. Meanwhile, Ben’s brother is starting to ask questions. (added: 27 Apr 2018)
Part 6 In the midst of all this amazing growth, Ben has an illuminating encounter with a very appreciative cop who pulls him over for a busted tail light. Meanwhile, Ben’s brother has caught the growth bug… in spades. (added: 11 May 2018)
Part 7 Ben and his brother go to the clinic together, and Steven could not be more excited. Meanwhile, his new size attracts a lot of attention at the gym, allowing Ben to indulge his burgeoning penchant for dominance. But when he unwittingly makes a scene at the convenience store, he’s reminded of the downsides of being spectacularly huge and obscenely hung. (added: 1 Jun 2018)
Part 8
Part 9 In the final chapter, Ben, deciding to leave home with Stephen, enters a new life full of muscle, sex, and endless pleasure. (added: 15 Jun 2018)
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Part 1: The Clinic

Ben’s legs felt wobbly. Hew couldn’t believe that he was actually doing this. He grasped the wrought iron banister tightly as he lumbered his way up the stairs.

His palms were clammy, the small of his back was moist, his arm pits were dripping.

He hesitantly pushed open the glass doors and heard them “Shlump” together behind him as they swung closed.

He marched through the granite lobby with the tall, potted plants; past the glass dividers; and into the bank of elevators.

He scanned the list of building offices to quadruple check his destination. Office 17C.

Ding! The elevator approached. In he stepped, alongside a short woman who touched the button for 15. His heart was beating so loudly, he was sure that the woman could hear it.

Ben was twenty-seven years old. A mildly handsome young man with sandy hair and a cute body. He played baseball in high school and moderately kept up his physique since then. Still strong, but maybe with just a touch more fluff than he used to have.

He’d been working temp jobs for most of his adult life. There were a few longer runs of things here and there. But the economy had turned sour right before he graduated, and there were little jobs to be had.

The woman beside him got out. The elevator doors closed again.

“Fuck!” He thought. The next stop would be his. Was he ready for this?

He climbed two more floors, and again the doors parted. Beyond was a clinically white and shiny reception room with a glass welcoming desk on the far end. A perky, blond, young woman sat on the other side of it.

Meekly, he exited the elevator. He again heard the doors close behind him, and his last chance for departure retreated down to the ground level.

Holding his baseball cap in his hands, he approached the desk. The young woman’s eyes lit up when he saw him.

“Welcome to the Male Enhancement Clinic. You must be Mr. Byers?”

Ben cleared his throat and nodded. He tried to make a noise in the affirmative, but none came out.

She simply smiled and continued.

“We are so happy to have you here today, Mr. Byers. I have some simple paperwork for you to fill out before I bring you back.”

She handed him a clipboard, pen, and pointed to a chair on the side of the room. He took the objects and sat himself down.

The first page began with standard enough information: Name, age, address, last doctor’s visit, recent surgeries, medications, etc.

As he flipped the page over, the questions became more interesting: length of erect penis, length of flaccid penis, girth of erect penis, average duration of erection, number of erections daily, number of monthly ejaculations, approximate volume of ejaculations, number of of sexual partners monthly, volume of pre-ejaculate, and so on.

Ben hoped the lovely receptionist wasn’t looking at him because he was blushing as he wrote.

Page three went on to diet and exercise questions.

He finished the paperwork and passed the completed documents back to the women. She smiled and said the doctor would be right with him.

He sat back down into the chair and had to slow his breathing. He couldn’t believe that he was actually here. That this was actually the choice he was going to make.

He had been saving a little money each month from his meager paychecks for his retirement since he was a teen. After all these years, he only had twenty thousand dollars saved. He didn’t know how much good that would be doing him when he was eighty, but… fuck it. He was going to risk it. Better be happy now rather than wait for some indefinite day in the future…

The glass door next to him unlatched and a handsome, middle-age man stepped in. “Mr. Ben Byers. I am Doctor Abrams,” he said. “I will be your consultant today.”

He extended a wide, manicured hand to Ben. Ben rose to shook it. The doctor had perfectly quaffed silver hair and piercing blue eyes. His grip was firm and sensuous as he shook Ben’s hand. Ben started to sweat even a little bit more.

“Please, follow me.” The doctor grabbed his paperwork, and the two men walked down the wide planked hallway and into a private consultation room. Ben hopped up onto the paper-lined table, his legs hanging off the edge.

Dr. Abrams took a seat in the swivel chair and leafed through Ben’s responses. “So, Ben. I see here that you’re here today to find out more about our male enhancement techniques.”

“Uh, yeah…”

The doctor smiled. Looking at his sheets: “I see here you’re already much more well-endowed than most of the men that we see come through here. Eight and a half inches, yes?”

Ben nodded. Sweat was dripping down onto his brow.

“Alright, well, to be honest, I’ve only worked with one other man who came in at your starting size. How big are you hoping to grow?”

This was the moment Ben was waiting for. He cleared his throat again.

“Well, uh, how much is possible?”

The doctor furrowed his brow.

“Well, we have regular success increasing men up to forty-five percent of their current length. Some have gone longer. But that would put you around nearly twelve and half inches…” The doctor paused. “That’s quite a tremendous size there, Ben. At that point, you probably won’t be able to have regular sex anymore. I would dissuade you from pursuing such a course.”

Ben cleared his throat. He was a little bit ashamed to speak again. “Well, uh, I really want to get as big as possible. Be really freaky huge… so, uh, the bigger the better, for me.”

The doctor smiled.

“Well, in that case… We charge four thousand per inch we are able to help you grow. We go by length, as girth gains happens independent of our procedure. On average, our clients gain a quarter inch of girth for an inch in length. So, if you are on the standard curve of things, that would max you out around twelve and a half inches by nearly seven. Are you sure that you would want a penis that big?”

Ben swallowed again.

“Yes. For sure.”

The doctor smiled again.

“All right, then. And let me ask about scrotal enhancement, too. I see here that you have an interest in that as well?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Well, we have only one option for that right now, and that’s $7,000 and will double the volume of your testicles. As a side effect, the amount of seminal fluids that you produce will similarly increase. Does that sound good to you?”


“All right then,” the doctor said again. “Well. Since you are interested in maximizing your size, if we are able to get you bigger than my projections, would you be interested? Or would you prefer to stop at a prescribed size?”

Ben paused.

“I think… I think I really would like to be as big as possible.”

The doctor looked at him strangely.

“Ben, may I show you something? Man to man?”

Ben nodded weakly.

The doctor stood up, unbuckled his belt, and reached into his pants.

Before Ben could register shock at what was happening, out flopped the hugest cock he’d ever seen in his life. It was as thick as his wrist and dangled halfway to the doctor’s knees.

The doctor had a satisfied smile as he gazed at Ben.

“Now, Ben. I increased mine to be eleven and half inches when it’s fully tumescent, through our treatments. And I’m at the point that none of my sexual partners are able to engage with it fully, if you know what I mean. Are you sure you want to be even bigger than that? As a man, I say to you that you’ll be missing out on some of life’s greatest pleasures if you get this big—or even bigger.”

As if nothing interesting had happened, the doctor scooped up his tremendous sexual organ and arranged it carefully back down his pant leg. He sat down in his chair and examined Ben.

“No—I mean… yes… I want to get freakily huge. I don’t care if no one can use it anymore. I want to be that big.”

The doctor nodded as if he understood.

“All right then, I will be right back with your first injection. Please remove your clothing and lie back on the table.”

The men nodded to each other. The doctor left the room, and Ben stood up and stripped.

His heavy shoulders shrugged off his shirt and folded it neatly on the empty chair near him. He laid out his pants neatly too. He was wearing no underwear, so he was already nude. He reclined onto the table.

After only two or three minutes, there was a knock at the door.

“Come in.”

Dr. Abrams came back in with a tray.

“All right, young Benjamin. Just a few moments and you’ll be ready to go.”

He set the tray down near the door and picked up the first of two syringes. He examined it.

“Today, you’ll be getting two shots. One for your penis growth, and one for your testicles. With each shot, you can plan for your phallus to grow approximately half an inch. You’ll come back weekly for the next injection until you are happy with the results, or your penis stops responding, whichever comes first. Your testicles will require three shots spaced two weeks apart. You won’t see much growth in them the first two weeks, but it’ll really be noticeable after your second injection.”

Dr. Abrams came over, delicately swabbed off the area around the center of Ben’s shaft, and gently poked him with the needle.

The contents were injected. Ben didn’t feel anything.

The second needle went into the space where his thigh and scrotum intersected. Its contents too were injected.

“All right. That’s it. If you feel any nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea, please call our offices. Otherwise, you may just feel a little sore down here. You can get dressed, and Sara will take your payment and schedule your next appointment.”

As he was leaving, the Doctor patted him on the knee and looked at Ben in a way that almost conveyed “welcome to the brotherhood.” He smiled and exited, tossing his latex gloves in a receptacle nearby.

Ben couldn’t believe that he had actually done it. He had gone through with a crazy new procedure to modify his cock.

He couldn’t wait to get home and see if there were any results yet.


Part 2: Experiencing Hugeness

Ben pulled his car into the driveway. The manicured bushes on the side of the concrete had butterflies dancing on top of them.

The lab had given him an icepack to hold onto his crotch for the two hour drive back home. He slid it into his backpack before unbuckling his seatbelt and exiting the car.

He checked his reflection in the review mirror. “Totally normal day,” he repeated to himself in his mind.

Swallowing a gulp of air, he exited the car, marched past the pastel tulip beds, and up to the garage door panel. He punched in a series of six numbers, and the garage door ascended.

Only one car was parked inside: his mother’s. Three other people lived in the house with Ben. His mother and father, and his kid brother, Steven, who was eighteen and was commuting to a local university nearby. He was a freshman there.

Ben marched past the car, kicked off his shoes onto the rack near the door, and went inside.

It was quiet, his mom must have been somewhere else in the house tending to something. He walked past the nineteen-seventies kitchen, through the sunken living room, and up the stairs to his bedroom.

He crossed the hall and shut himself inside. The room was still a great deal like it was before he left home for college. Some baseball posters on the walls of his heroes from childhood. Racks of little league and high school trophies. A framed baseball mitt of Mickey Mantle. Pale blue walls with a stamped border of trucks and cars along the ceiling.

Every time he walked into his room, he was reminded of how he really did need to move out on his own and get a grown up’s apartment.

He stuffed his book bag and coat onto a chair and exited the room. He walked across the hall to the mustard yellow bathroom that also hadn’t been updated since the 1970’s. It was complete with artificial flowers and carpet-like toilet lid cover with matching rugs.

He locked the door and stood in front of the vanity. He unbuckled his belt and let his pants slide to the floor.

He picked up his limp cock and examined it. It didn’t look all that different than usual. In fact, his softie even possibly looked a touch smaller.

He frowned. Fuck. He just paid that doctor’s office six thousand dollars for his first injections and consultation fee, and he had absolutely nothing to show for it.

He started to rub his cock, willing it to get hard, to grow. It began to lengthen and thicken in his hand, becoming swollen.

He enjoyed the sensations of his hand so much. He closed his eyes and imagined himself being twice as long. His hard cock extending all the way across the sink to land on the faucet on the opposite side. His balls swinging so low and heavy that they nearly tapped on his knees as he fapped.

He looked down; perhaps his dick was a bit bigger… He squinted and tried to see if it looked any different.

He closed his eyes again. He imagined his cock being so long that when he hoisted it up it brushed the bottom of his chin.

This made a thick dollop of precum leak out of the tip of his cock; and he moaned, rubbing it into his shaft like lube.

Just then, there was a knock on the door. Stephen froze.

“Hi Honey! Welcome back! Did you have a good day?”

It was his mother. Trying to steady his voice, he replied cautiously. “Hey mom. Yeah, it was great, thanks.”

Long, awkward pause. Didn’t she know not to talk to people while they were experiencing the privacy of a toilet room?

“Okay—well… when you’re finished in there, can you please give me a hand with the basement? I’m trying to move some boxes.”

“Uh huh. Okay. Sure.”

Another pause. He heard his mom walk away from the door. Fuck. That woman had impeccable timing.

His cock had gone soft by now. There was no point in trying to get back into the moment again; mothers were sure great at being boner-killers.

He stuffed his hopefully-bigger dick back into his pants, buckled them closed, and then fake-flushed the toilet before washing his hands.

He smiled at himself in the mirror. “It’s going to be okay… this is going to work!”

He said it more confidently than he felt.

He shut off the lights and walked back to his bedroom to change before heading downstairs to help his mom.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

He dreamt he was flying. Over farm houses, over cities. Flying through woods, over oceans. And with a great leap into the clouds, he-

Awoke. His alarm clock was chirping. It was time to start another day, this time stocking shelves at a local liquor and wine store.

He tapped his alarm clock off and looked up at the ceiling. Dawn was already peaking its head over the hilly horizon. The spring equinox had just passed where the days and nights were equal. Soon, the days would be getting longer and longer. The sunrises were certainly coming earlier.

He felt delicious lying naked in his sheets. He had a nice morning hardwood going, tenting his bed covers admirably. He reached down to stroke himself, as he liked to do every morning when he awoke… and he paused… he felt… thicker.

Ben pulled off his top sheet and stared down at his erection. It looked beastly. A bit thicker than usual; his veins were standing out more too. And it seemed just a little bit longer in his hand. Maybe nothing measurable… but it was definitely bigger.

He reached down with his other hand to scoop up his balls, and they felt thicker too. He massaged them gently with his left fingertips.

He stroked his thick cock lovingly. It felt wonderful to the touch. Velvety. He loved the sensation that perhaps he was growing bigger. Perhaps it was working after all. In his mind, with his eyes closed, he felt it extending out way past the edge of his fist. Rising monolithic to the ceiling. Five hand-span’s width skyward.

This image made his balls contract, and at the base of his pelvis he felt his prostate start to quiver. He had just started jacking off, but suddenly, he felt his point of no return.

He squeezed harder, willing his cock to grow even bigger. And then he felt it. His hot semen starting to rise up from the base of his dick. His cock pulsed. Once, twice. Then a fountain of hot, steamy semen started rushing out of his cock. Pouring over his hand, coating it in thick, white goo. He moaned softly to himself.

“Fuck.” How much he loved playing with himself. And if he loved it this much now, he couldn’t wait to find out how much better it would be once his fat, sexlog reached epic proportions.

He smiled as semen continued to pour out of his manhood and onto his puffy abs.

Life was good.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

“Welcome back Mr. Byers.” She smiled at Ben.

This time he took a seat without needing to be prompted. He took off his light jacket and folded it neatly across his lap.

He looked across the waiting room. In the bright, sterile space sat a middle aged couple holding hands. The man seemed very nervous to be there, like he wouldn’t have come of his own volition. His wife seemed much more assured and probably the one instigating this appointment today.

Ben flicked through his cellphone updates to see if anything interesting were happening. After a few minutes, the same silver-haired doctor peeked his head around a glass door.

“Ben! Great to see you again. Come this way please.”

The two gentlemen shook hands and the doctor ushered him through the door to the hallway beyond. The chatted while walking.

“How’ve you been?”

“Great, doc. And yourself?”

“Just spiffy thanks. Busy morning this morning. The place is getting more and more popular.”

“Yeah—I bet.”

They reached a private room, and the doctor shut the door behind him. The men seated themselves.

“So tell me, Ben. How’s the first week been?”

“It’s been fantastic, doc. Everything is growing as you said it would. Measured again this morning and my dick is just over nine inches now, and quite a bit thicker. My testicles are feeling more full, too.”

“Excellent. And you’ve been enjoying your increased size?”

Ben blushed. “I honestly can’t stop touching it. I’m getting hard all the time; I’m so turned on by how big it’s getting. I can’t walk around the gym locker room without a towel anymore ‘cause I’ve got a constant hard-on going.”

The doctor laughed. “You’ll get used it. Soon it’ll feel perfectly normal to you. Any side effects?”

“Nope. None. Just feeling great!”

“Have any sexual partners commented on the change?”

Ben blushed a deeper red. “Well, uh—to be honest… I am a little bit between partners at the moment… so, uh, no…”

Dr. Abrams smiled reassuringly. “I’m sure that’s not for lack of offers.” He winked at Ben.

Ben smiled back. He couldn’t tell if the doctor was just encouraging him—or if he was flirting a little bit. Either way, he was more than a little turned on by the handsome, hung doctor. His dick was starting to chub up a little.

“Well, shall we get down to business? I’m sure you have a lot to get done today, yourself. Why don’t you take off your clothes and hop up there, and I will be back with your treatment.”

He smiled, stood, and exited the room.

Ben was getting a full-on boner now. He had watched the doctor’s very full crotch as he was standing up and admired how much mass was bunched up in his gray, tweed pants.

He took off his hoodie and pants and placed them on the side chair. Again he was not wearing any underwear, so he was naked.

His over nine-inch stiffy was extended in all its glory, poking out at ninety-degrees from his crotch. Ben wasn’t sure what to do about it; he really couldn’t make it go down. He opted for sitting further back on the edge of the table and letting it point directly forward to his knees.

Dr. Abrams knocked on the door and asked if he could come in. Ben muttered something in the affirmative.

The doctor came in, glanced at Ben and fairly successfully did not react at the sight of his big boner. He set his tray with the syringe down on the counter next to the door, and shut the door behind him.

“Well, just one shot this week, Ben. Next week you’ll get the one for your testicles again. Would it be alright if I do a quick examination of your pelvis area?”

“Sure.” Ben said smiling. Somehow in the last week he’d grown a lot more cocky and confident with the size of his growing appendage. He leaned back onto his elbows, and his hefty manhood lifted away from the table and extended at a forty-five degree angle right at the doctor.

“I see.” The doctor spoke aloud. “Over nine inches, indeed.”

He carefully put on new synthetic gloves and approached Benjamin. First he felt around the base of his penis. Then gently touched and palpated each testicle. Then he began to squeeze and almost gently massage up the length of his shaft, as if checking for irregularities. He wore a studied, serious expression on his face. Ben was enjoying the attention and the doctor’s delicate touch. He was purposefully trying not to moan or look like he was enjoying himself too much.

The doctor reached the glans and gave it a gentle squeeze, before speaking again. “Still the same level of sensation when being touched?”

“Yup,” Ben murmured in reply, trying hard not to overtly express his arousal.

The doctor nodded and released Ben’s sizable manhood, which still hung exactly where he left it, floating midair. Ben noticed the doctor discreetly adjust his own crotch as he turned to fetch the next injection.

The doctor cleared his throat before speaking again, still keeping his back to Ben.

“You’ll probably notice more instantaneous changes with this second round. These shots tend to build upon each other. Since you’re starting out with such a remarkable size, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if you end up gaining more than just the half-inch per week.” He turned just his head to face Ben. “We won’t charge you extra for that, though.” He laughed a little.

Ben laughed too. The doctor turned around to walk back to Ben and preform the injection, and Ben gasped. The doctor had an incredibly visible penis line extending down his left pant leg, nearly three-quarters of the way towards his knee. It was clear that his cock was more than halfway hard and starting to strain to be released from the confines of his business trousers.

The doctor made direct, almost intimidating eye contact with Ben as he approached him. Ben’s cock began to twitch just a little with his nearing. Part of Ben wished that his cock would finally deflate and stop being so demonstrative, and part of him wished his cock would stay exactly the way it was and the doctor would examine him again.

“Since you’re fully engorged at this moment, you may feel this shot a little more sharply than if you were fully soft. It will make no difference as to its effectiveness, though.”

Ben nodded. The doctor’s left hand wrapped around the underside of Ben’s long penis. His right hand swabbed the mid-shaft region, and then deftly injected his cock again.

Maybe it was just his imagination this time, but Ben could have sworn that he saw his cock lengthen some more as the chemicals were forced inside his quivering manhood.

The doctor removed the syringe… but his left hand lingered on Ben’s throbbing cock. After a moment, he began to pull it away but not too efficiently. His fingers grazed the whole underside of Ben’s meat as he pulled towards the tip. The doctor made eye contact with him the whole time he pulled his hand out from under him.

“How did that feel?” The doctor wondered.

“Just great.” Ben replied. His heart was racing. He was sure the doctor was hitting on him.

They both paused. They just hung there. Staring at each other. The only movement coming from Ben’s twitching cock that was still floating midair.

The doctor broke eye contact first, looked down at Ben’s hefty manhood, and smiled.

“I’m sure you’ll be having a lot of fun with that this week. Oh, by the way, here.”

He walked over to the counter and grabbed a pen. From his jacket pocket he pulled out a business card. He scribbled something down on it.

“I want to make sure that you have my personal number—in case anything comes up for you this week and you have any specific questions for me… I want to be easy to get a hold of for you. And I do text.”

He returned to Ben’s table side; Ben had returned to sitting fully upright, his cock lying back on the paper-covered table. He extended the card out towards Ben, who grabbed it. The doctor held onto the card for maybe a second longer than he needed to before releasing it to Ben’s grasp.

Ben smiled. He noticed that the doctor’s bulge hadn’t subsided at all in the past few minutes.

The men made another moment of prolonged eye contact before the doctor demurred and retreated to the door.

“Pleasure to see you again, Mr. Byers. I look forward to hearing more about your satisfaction with our treatments. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’d better use the restroom before my next client arrives. Be sure to schedule your next appointment before you leave.”

The doctor stuck his left hand into his left pocket, only moderately disguising the prominence of his other-worldly bulge snaking down towards his knee.

He nodded to Ben; Ben did the same. He exited and closed the door.

Ben stood up, feeling more powerful and alive than he’d ever felt before. He flexed his muscles for his own amusement, and felt his cock quiver. He wondered if he could rub one out quick before exiting. He looked at his pants—and decided to jack off on the car ride home. He loved coming in the car.

He slid on his pants and hoodie, walked to the reception desk, and made his next appointment. As he rode the elevator down, he couldn’t help but appreciate the suit-clad individuals next to him trying to discreetly check out the monster bulge in his jeans.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Hey Doc. This is Ben, from the Clinic.

He paused. Waiting. Should he hit send?

He decided to do it. Click—woosh. Ben took a deep breath. Waiting. He stared at the little, blue speech bubble against the white background.

After a few seconds, a gray ellipses appeared beneath his text message, on the left hand side of the screen.

A speech bubble appeared.

Hey, Ben. Nice to hear from you. How’re things hanging?

Ben smiled. Yes! The silver-haired doc was writing back to him!

He decided to go for it. Full-out flirting/sexting.

LOL. Long and thick, doc. And yourself?

He hit send. Pulse racing. He was so titilated at the prospect of flirting with this amazingly handsome doc with the epic cock.

Three dots appeared. And then his reply.

Lol. Glad to hear it. Getting bigger still?

And then another speech bubble.

And yeah, same here…

Ben smirked. Hell yeah; the doc was flirting back.

Fuck, doc. Still two days away from my next appointment, and I’m already over 9.8 inches! Closing in on 10! I thought I should only be growing 0.5 per week… but it’s been more than that.



That’s great. It’s because you started out so big. Can’t tell you how rare your starting size was, Ben. You’re truly going to be one out of one billion by the time you’re done with us…

And then another bubble appeared.

And I really think you have one of the best looking cocks I’ve ever seen. Even as you are now. And that’s my professional opinion, lol.

Ben smiled. He flipped over onto his back, letting his nearly ten-inch woodie rise directly up into the air. He snapped a quick photo with his camera. “God, it looks monstrous,” he thought. Before having time to regret it, he hit the upwards pointing arrow and sent the pic to the doctor.

Thanks, doc.

Wow, Ben. That’s really looking enormous. I know I still may have an inch and a half on you (for a very short while), but FUCK… that’s amazing.

I would love to see more of yours. Ben replied.

A pause. And then…

The BIGGEST cock Ben had ever seen blossomed onto his iPhone screen. Though the doc had a deep olive skin on the rest of his body, his dick was the color of mahogany. Laid comfortably across the doc’s muscular thigh, nearly tapping the chair on the outside of his hip, it was so long. You could see the doc’s forearm in the picture, and his cock looked just as thick—well thicker than his wrist.

Ben wrote back:


Thanks, Ben.

Wow, doc. That’s AMAZING!

Yeah, I love it.

How big was he before?

Just over nine inches and THICK.

WOW! So… it could get even bigger than that, if you wanted it to… with your treatments?

…Yes. But I’m hesitant to make him any bigger. Even the most skilled bottoms are struggling now… and I like going balls deep.

Fuck doc! I’d give anything to be that size or bigger!

You will be. LOL. Give it another three weeks. ;)

Did you do the ball growth injections too?

Yeah, but I did roids when I was younger… so even with the injections, my balls only look slightly bigger than normal sized now. You’re going to be massive, lol. Not going to be able to fit into pants anymore with those giants!

Fuck, that’d be so hot, doc. I’d love to be so huge that I couldn’t fit into pants. That’d be WICKED.

Really? Are you sure you want that?


…Okay… Let’s see if you still want that a month from now, lol. I probably shouldn’t be telling you this… but we have been experimenting with a new procedure. Might be able make you a little bit bigger than you would have maxed out with our normal injections. The way you’re growing, I better you’ll tap out above the 12.5 I projected. Probably over 13. With this new processes… we might be able to get you another 2 inches on top of that. It also can make the testes even larger in our preliminarily trails. Would you be interested?


Are you sure?


LOL. Okay…


BTW… you know what I need, Ben?


To suck on some massive donkey dick. Would you be interested?

Ben’s pulse flared again. His cock twitched even bigger.

Fuck, yeah, doc! I would LOVE to get my hands on your massive manhood!

Ha. Well, honestly, I really want to worship you… your body is stellar. I’ve been into you since that first moment in the waiting room.

Fuck, yeah, doc! I’d love that. And me too. You’re GORGEOUS!!

Are you free in an hour? I’ll send my address.

Ben glanced at his watch. It was nearly ten pm and he had work at six am the next morning. But, oh well, fuck it.

Yeah! Sure! I can be there.


Followed by a little, smiling devil emoji.

Ben’s cock was hard as steel and as long as a construction beam for a high rise tower. He tickled his fingers across his mighty shaft, clear pre running down from his meaty glans, coating his fingers.

It’d been over a month since he last hooked up with someone. Fuck, he needed this.

Can I come over now? Horny as hell!

The doc wrote back:


Ben sprang out of bed. Threw on a hoodie without a shirt underneath; the center-line of his pecs and abs glinting in the low lighting from the sweat of his sexting. He put on jeans. They were already tight from his muscular thighs and glutes… And trying to shove his epic cock into it too was just not happening. He opted to let it point up, past his belly button, towards the cleft in his pecs, and button up the pants around it. He zipped up the hoodie just far enough to cover his thick shaft.

Throwing on flip flops, he bolted out of the door, down the stairs, and outside to his car.

He rode off into the darkness and the doctor who lay waiting for him in it.


Part 3

This couldn’t be right. The homes were so far interspersed and so far set back from the road that their windows were just twinkling lights in the distance.

Ben rounded another corner in his Volkswagen, slowly scanning the addresses emblazoned on the brick, slate, and marble seals around him. He was looking for the address the doctor gave him.

“2357… 2359… 2360…”

Google maps had led him to such an affluent part of town that he had actually never even driven through here, despite having grown up not too far away.

“Your destination is on your next right. You have arrived.” His phone chirped.

Bun swung the steering wheel. His palms were moist in anticipation.

As he rounded the corner, he came upon a marble wall with a large, wrought-iron gate blocking the driveway. Sure enough, the address 2364 was inscribed in neat, block numerals into the stone.

He dimmed the headlights and approached the gate. He scanned the wall for a callbox, but as he inched closer, the gate magically swung forward of its own accord, revealing a dimly lit, curving driveway up a small hill.

He proceeded onwards. In the distance, a league or so away, shone a crystalline house perched on top of the hill. Most of the walls were glass windows, with the same sandy colored marble interweaving between the luminous panes.

As he drove closer, his car felt more and more insignificant. He was sure that the last time a Jetta drove up this driveway was “never” ago. He was sure that only Porsches and Lamborghini graced its surface.

He glided to the top and softly parked at the edge of a large rotunda. His pulse was racing; his chest was sweaty. It had been ages since he’d shown up explicitly for a hookup with somebody. And definitely never at a place this nice.

He took a deep breath, exited his car, and clicked the lock button as he walked away. He knew he didn’t need to lock his car in this fenced-in domicile, but he did it out of habit anyways.

A serpentine gravel path through low, native-plants shrubbery led him to the front door. As he mounted the veined, marble steps, the front door wafted open.

Standing backlit in the archway was the handsome doctor. He was wearing a bathrobe tied around the waste, his bare legs and feet poking out beneath. His hair was as immaculate as always.

“Hi, Ben. Glad you could make it!”

“Thanks, Doc.”

Ben reached out a hand to shake the doc’s; but, instead, the doctor pulled him tight into a bear hug. Ben could feel his thick, rock-hard muscles underneath the light jersey robe. Fuck, he felt good. It was like hugging a statue of a Greek warrior.

“Please, call me Stephen.”

The doctor took in a deep breath, smelling Ben’s aroma. He clasped Ben’s wide lats firmly and hugged him for a moment too long to be purely friendly. They separated and looked into each other’s eyes. Ben was already chubbing up.

“All right: Steven. Quite a place you’ve got here!”

“Thank you! Come on in…”

They stepped inside the doorway. Inside everything was clean, modern, and minimalist. Straight lines, subdued colors, and windows everywhere. It was almost like stepping into a greenhouse: every room had at least two walls of floor-to-ceiling windows letting in the view of the nature outside. The walls that were there had beautiful, contemporary art hanging on them. It was clear that the doctor, Steven, had a boat-load of money; but he used it in excellent taste.

“Take off your shoes, if you don’t mind, Ben. Can I get you anything? Coffee, tea, water, champagne?”

“Water would be great.”

He slipped off his beat-up sneaks and followed Stephen into the kitchen. Again, windows. And lots of marbleized stone coating every surface. The cabinets blended one into another in seamless perfection. There wasn’t a dish in the sink or a scrap of clutter anywhere.

“Thanks for being willing to come by so late at night… I’m sure you’ve had a busy day.”

“Yeah—but, no… the pleasure’s mine.”

They smiled at each other. Ben’s snake was beginning to reach its way towards his knee and widen to its fully erect girth. The doc poured him some water, passed him the glass, and motioned him forward the room beyond.

“It’s a lot more comfortable in here, I think. I hope you don’t mind all the windows. I’m a bit of an exhibitionist. Not that my neighbors are close enough to see in here, but I still like the feeling that someone might.”

“Yeah, totally. I’m learning that I kind of like being watched too.”

“I bet you do…”

Ben kneeled on the couch. The doc sat in a chair opposite of him. Stephen kept his legs touching close, so his dick couldn’t yet be seen; but Ben could clearly tell that he was wearing nothing under that robe. The hairy lines of his muscular quadriceps faded up into the dark beneath.


“So.” Replied Ben.

They stared intently in each other’s eyes.

“I’m sure you’d be much more comfortable without all those clothes on…” Stephen suggested.

Ben nodded. He stood up and gently pulled off his hoodie. His pecs, sculpted shoulders and abs glistened in the dim light.

“Mmmmmmm,” moaned the doc. He spread his legs a little, and onto the lap of the chair plopped the biggest semi Ben had ever seen. Thicker than a coke can and practically at Stephen’s knees.

“Let me guess: Baseball when you were younger?”

“Yep,” replied Ben, “And soccer.”

“Still keeping up with your workouts, huh?”

“Not as much as I’d like.”

The doc began to untie the front of his robe. Ben unbuttoned his pants. Together, they totally disrobed.

Ben’s hard on, freed from the strangling confines of his jeans, leapt forward, pointing straight at Stephen. Stephen let the gray robe fall behind him on the chair. His body was even more impressive than Ben anticipated. He had a light dusting of hair all over and toned, bulging muscles that would have put most bodybuilders to shame. His abdomen was like a cobblestone driveway. His pecs bounced and heaved like melons on his ribcage. His shoulders were like bowling balls. His arms thicker than some men’s waists.

And his cock… wow. Getting fully hard and long, it looked like a baseball bat emanating from his meaty thighs. Ben’s cock twitched in anticipation.

“You like what you see, Ben?”

“Oh my god, yeah. …You?”

“Fuck yeah I do, stud. Come here.”

Ben waddled towards him; his cock swaying back and forth like a compass trying to find true north.

As he approached Steven, the doc cupped his massive glutes with one of his wide palms, and wrapped his other hand around the base of Ben’s shaft. He slowly, never breaking eye contact with Ben, lowered his open mouth onto Ben’s head.

Ben moaned with the first caress of the doctor’s tongue. It felt like an eel wrapping itself around his cock. Velvety and slick all at the same time. The doc created suction against his glans and pulled Ben’s manhood further into his mouth.

After a moment, he broke the seal and spoke.

“Fuck, Ben. You know how hard it is to find a cock like yours? Even at my clinic. You have no idea how small most guys really are. And the few that are bigger… well, it’s seldom that they’re attached to a hot, young stud like you…”

“Fuck doc. You’re the amazing one… look at you!”

“You like?” The doc flexed you’d bicep. His arm had to be around twenty inches around. His bicep was bigger than a softball.

Ben’s dick began to lick pre.

“Fuck! Have you always been this buff? Like, fuck!”

“Ha ha. No. If you saw me in my twenties and thirties you probably would’ve even recognize me. Here… hang on a sec.”

He gently pushed Ben back, and stood up. Stephen’s hard cock banged against his thighs, reaching nearly to his knee cap. Seeing the doctor standing, his mast extended in all its glory, it was even more impressive than Ben anticipated. The doc looked like an artist’s impression of the ideal man. More so, even. He was a paragon of masculinity and strength.

His huge ass flexed as he strutted across the room. His back looked as wide as the roof of Ben’s car. Stephen approached a bookcase; and, after a moment of choosing, withdrew an album. He flipped through, and then passed the book to Ben, pointing to an image within.


Ben looked. There was a slightly faded photo of a young kid at a beach. Probably mid to late twenties. But he looked like he hadn’t quite hit puberty yet. His arms were the size of toothpicks. He had no definition in his torso. He grinned awkwardly with shaggy, chin-length hair that was not becoming at all.

Ben had a hard time recognizing him. But as he zoned in on the face and looked back and forth between the doc and this poor excuse of an adult man, it dawned on him that it was in fact the same guy.

“Fuck, doc! Seriously! This was you?!”

“Yup. Until around thirty-seven. At that point I started getting into bodybuilding. Got into supplementing with steroids, like I told you. Got huge, but paid a big price. Haven’t used ‘roids in over a decade now… but now have found my own ways of getting the body I wanted all along in a much more healthy way.”

“Wow. Well! Great job! I bet people from back then hardly even recognize you!”

“Ha. They don’t, really. I walk by old colleagues all the time who have no idea I’m the same person they used to collaborate with.”

“Can I ask… since you’re ridiculously huge and cut… what is it that you’re doing now to have that body?”

“Mmmmm… that’s my little secret. Maybe if you’re a very good boy tonight, I’ll let you know.”

He set the album back on the shelf and wrapped his arms around Ben. He leaned in, letting his mouth hover centimeters away from Ben’s. Been felt Stephen’s massive, rock-hard cock pressing against his leg. His own was pressing into the doctor’s abdomen.

Ben closed the distance between them. The doc’s lips felt sensuous and plump. Like they were designed for kissing. His mouth tasted fresh and minty.

The doc was an expert kisser. He teased and glided across Ben’s lips like an olympic skater dancing across an ice rink.

They’re hands explored different crevices and mounds on each other’s bodies: massaging, pressing, and kneading.

They sidestepped their way over onto the couch, and the doctor’s two-hundred and thirty pounds of bulk gently lowered on top of Ben. They grinded on each other. Ben started licking and sucking his way down Stephen’s neck, clavicles, and to his pecs. He buried himself in the deep furrow between his mighty chest muscles. The doc flexed and panted, enjoying Ben’s sloppy attentions. Ben found his way to one of the doc’s silver-dollar sized nipples and went to town. His fingers massaged and kneaded the other nipple that his mouth was neglecting.

The doc began to moan passionately. The areas around the tips of their cocks (which basically included anywhere from their pecs to their knees) were getting coated in pre. Both men were prodigious pre-cummers, and soon their bodies were slick with sweat, spit, and cowper’s gland secretions.

The doc flipped Ben over onto his knees and began to eat out his ass while one hand rubbed Ben’s massive cock and his other hand played with his own tender area beneath the head of his massive dong.

Soon Ben too was grunting and moaning. His dick was getting slicker and slicker with pre, and he was even sending little jets of hot precum streaming onto the leather couch beneath them.

Feeling the added wetness, the doc started probing harder with his tongue. Moaning more. He was in heaven. Ben’s asshole was beginning to release and the doc started to orally explore inside of him.

“Oh, doc! Fuck! I wish you were small enough that I could take you. But there’s no way that thing would ever fit in me.”

“Don’t worry about it… just enjoy…”

He started to insert one finger into Ben’s ass, lightly tapping on Ben’s prostate from the inside. Ben’s moans began to become screams. The doc tried two fingers; Bens screamed louder. Then three fingers.

Ben was sweating all over. He was heaving and flexing his back in rhythm with the doc’s hand.

“Would it be okay if I try to tease you with just the tip?”

“Oh… YES!”

The doc stood up on the couch, over Ben’s eager ass. He only needed to bend his knees a tiny bit to press his giant head against Ben’s twitching asshole. He pressed on it slightly. He felt Ben’s defenses give way. He teased him some more: back and forth. Slowly and easily, he began to press his bigger-than-a-doorknob head into Ben’s waiting hole.

Ben moaned louder than ever before and thick, hot, jets of cum spurted across the couch, coating every surface in volley after volley of wet, steamy semen.


The doc paused. He felt Ben’s ass contract against his cockhead. His head was only halfway in, and it already was so much to send Ben over the edge.

He waited for Ben’s orgasm to subside. If Stephen was honest with himself, he was a bit disappointed that Ben came so quickly. He was hoping for at least a few more hours of fun.

Ben flipped over onto his back, covering his whole back, traps and ass in his own love juices. He stared dreamily up at the doctor.

“Doc… that was… unbelievable.”

“Glad you liked it.” The doc winked back at him.

“I bet two or three more rounds tonight and I might actually be able to take part of that massive thing inside of me.”

“Two or three—?”

“Yeah… it usually takes at least four orgasms when I’m having sex before my boner will go down. See?”

Ben pointed down at his own mammoth erection. Sure enough, it was just as hard and pulsing as it was minutes ago. The doc smiled broadly.

“Fuck, Ben. You really are going to be the biggest sex god in the world, you know that? I’ve never met a guy who could cum four times without losing his boner.”

“Well, you have now…”

Ben reached around Stephen’s neck and pulled him tight into another deep kiss. Their tongues intertwined.

He reached down and tried to wrap one hand around Stephen’s amazing shaft, to no avail. So he stroked the underside and felt Stephen’s cock quiver. Soon, he broke off the kiss and decided to give his best go at giving this mammoth piece of man-meat a blow job it would remember.

If anyone had been outside, they’d been able to see this whole progression of events in perfect detail through the un-shuttered windows.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

It was four-thirty a.m. when Ben’s cellphone alarm chirped. He had set it, just in case, before he left for Stephen’s house. He wanted to make sure that he’d have enough time to head home, shower, change, and get ready for work.

It was a good thing that he planned that. The two men had continued their passionate fucking until nearly two am. Ben ended up coming five times, the doctor twice.

The couch was ruined, literally soaked in the juices of their passion. The doc said not to worry; he’d order another one.

Ben crept off the sticky couch to silence his phone. He was still naked and his soft cock had to be nine inches. It slapped happily across his thighs as he raced to the table where he left his phone the night before.

He clicked the “Stop” button and turned back towards the sleeping giant still on the couch. Stephen opened his eyes lazily. A smile spread across his handsome face as he gazed on Ben.

“Time to go?”

“Yeah. Work. Such a bummer. I’d love to stay and do that all again.”

“Me too.”

“Another time?” inquired Ben.

“How’s tonight? asked the Doctor.

“Yeah… I can do that.” He smiled.

“Come here.”

Ben approached the sleeping doc. He reached his thick arms up to Ben and pulled him tightly into his face.

They kissed. Tenderly and lovingly.

They separated.

“I’m so glad you came into my clinic.”

“Fuck, me too, Stephen.”

They smiled. Something was blooming between them. More than affection, more than attraction. They both felt it but were both afraid to name it.

“Hey—by the way… last night you asked about… how I keep my body the way it is…”


Stephen paused.

“Would you like to have a body like this too?”

“Fuck, yeah, Stephen! I would…”

“Okay… when you come for your next injections tomorrow… I will have something else waiting there for you. On the house.”

“Ha. Okay…”



A pause.

“Thanks again. Really, Ben. You don’t realize how special you are.”

“Really, Stephen: you are too.”

They clasped each other’s hands and stared into each other’s eyes. Stephen pulled Ben’s fist up to his mouth and gave it a gentle kiss.

Ben blushed.

“Get going, kiddo. Don’t want you to be late for work. Text me later?”

“Yeah of course!”

They smiled. One more sloppy kiss and a slightly crunchy hug (from all the dried semen).

And then Ben was off. He didn’t bother with his hoodie. He just put on his jeans and sneakers and left bare-chested.

As the headlamps faded from the driveway, the doc smiled with satisfaction to himself.

This was the beginning of something very good. Of this he was certain.


Part 4

The sun was peeking its head over the horizon by the time Ben’s car skidded to a halt in his parent’s driveway. He quickly donned his hoodie to cover his cum-matted chest and abs. He carried his shoes in his hands.

He rushed through the house, up to his room, and threw his paraphernalia on the bed. He had to make haste if he wanted to make it to work on time.

He dashed into the washroom in his half-unbuttoned jeans and spun the shower handle to its hottest position.

As the water splattered against the sides of the tub and shower curtain, warming up, Ben checked himself out in the mirror. He looked a little tired, sure; but he looked happy. He had a grin on his face that had not faded since leaving the doc’s house.

He unbuttoned his jeans the rest of the way and flung them onto the tiled floor.

Fuck, his cock looked massive. It had to be over nine inches soft right now. If he had time before he left, he reminded himself that he should measure again. He was hoping that he’d hit the ten-inch mark soon.

He flexed his substantial muscles and jiggled his soft cock in front of him. He really was turning into a sex beast, he thought. He was impressed by the changes happening to his body. It really felt was like his dreams were coming true.

He stuck his hand into the shower; it was hot enough. Jumping in he lathered himself up with the soap bar. He paid extra attention to his cock and balls. Even though he’d came so many times the night before, he was still a bit horny. He grappled with his balls, massaging them. They were indeed a bit bigger than when he started. He was feeling stoked for this third round of injections where hopefully they’d go through a giant growth spurt.

His cock got fully hard at the image of himself juggling massive nuts the size of soup cans. Gigantically oversized. His cock so huge that it would reach up between his pecs without him having to round his spine over at all. Even soaking wet, he could tell pre was beginning to thickly leak out of his cock tip and coat his hand.

He moaned softly in pleasure as he started to get himself off, and then reminded himself about the time: he needed to hurry to make it to work.

He finished rinsing off, quickly washed and conditioned his hair, and turned the shower knob fully to the closed position.He flung back the curtain, and was reaching for the towel when he realized he wasn’t alone in the bathroom.

His younger brother Steven was brushing his teeth at the sink. It wasn’t unusual for he and his brother to share the bathroom, even if one of them was showering. But he hadn’t heard him come in and quickly wondered how much of his moaning his brother had taken in.

His brother was bleary-eyed, clearly having only just woken up, but turned to smile and wave at Ben while he finished his oral hygiene regimen. Ben tried to quickly, but nonchalantly, grab the yellow and beige striped towel to cover his nakedness—but too late, Steven’s eyes had gone wide, the size of saucers, as he took in Ben’s ridiculously oversized, flaccid manhood.

He kept unabashedly staring as Ben tried to towel off with his back to his brother. Ben and Steven had seen each other naked loads of times before, but Ben wasn’t ready to tell his brother about the procedures he’d been undergoing.

Trying to sound casual, he struck up a conversation.

“Hey buddy. Early class this morning?”

Still, Steven was staring. He spit out his mouthful of toothpaste into the sink. “Uh, yeah. And I need to hit the library beforehand to get some additional research done for my paper.”

His eyes hadn’t left Ben’s crotch area, even with Ben trying his best to keep things down there covered.

Steven, never one for subtly, blurted out: “Dude. Seriously… what happened to your dick?”

He pointed at Ben’s crotch. Ben feigned an awkward laugh.

“Oh, he he. Guess I’ve had a bit of a growth spurt, eh?”

“Fuck man! You’re hung like a fucking donkey. I mean, you’ve always been pretty big… but like, fuck, Ben!”

“Ha. Yeah. Thanks.”

Ben wrapped the towel around his waist and started to skirt his way behind Steven towards the door; he would finish his grooming practices once he’d come back with some clothes on. But he only made it part way; Stephen grabbed the front of Ben’s towel and ripped it open, revealing his mammoth, heavy cock and low hanging nuts.

His jaw dropped open. Ben tried to put one hand in front of himself, but Steven batted the hand away and reached for Ben’s giant schlong.

Ben and Steven had a physically comfortable relationship. Ben was mostly gay, Stephen was mostly straight; but they’d been open with touching each other’s bodies in a non-sexual way their whole lives. They didn’t usually ever touch each other’s manhoods… but there had been a couple notable exceptions.

This was one of them. Ben wasn’t prepared for his adult brother to wrap his hand around his hanging cock and hoist it up in the air. So much of his flesh dangled past the end of Stephen’s grasp that still four or five inches pointed directly down towards the bath mat.

“How big is this thing, Ben?”

Ben gulped. “About ten inches.”

“Fuck! I don’t remember you being anywhere near this size!”

“Yeah, it’s happened recently.”

Stephen let go of Ben’s cock and it made a mighty sloping noise against Ben’s thighs before settling down between them.

“Wow. Well, I hope I have a late growth spurt like you!”

Ben assumed Steven was around seven inches, based on his flaccid size, which was a little bit smaller than Ben’s starting dimensions. From what he’d heard from Steven’s friends, the ladies loved his cock, though; and his little bother was developing quite the reputation for being a young Casanova.

Ben sheepishly grinned. “Well, yeah… me too… if you want that.”

“Fuck man! I hope so! Is dad that hung?”

“No idea.”

Okay, now this was getting awkward. Ben rewrapped the towel around himself, nodded to his brother, and slid out the door. He heard his brother go back to his teeth brushing once he was outside.

He took a deep breath.

He hated to admit it to himself, but he kinda liked having his eighteen-year-old, studly brother admire him so much. He had always secretly had fantasies of the two of them in a threesome together. Ben wasn’t normally into ladies; but somehow the image of fucking alongside his stud, kid brother turned him on in a way.

He went back to his room and picked out a black polo and dark jeans. He was beginning to dress himself when he remembered that he wanted to get a new measurement.

With simply the thought of wanting to check his gains, Ben’s cock was hard in moments. He waddled towards his desk drawer with his pants halfway down his thighs; his dick almost seemed to pulse bigger with excitement.

He found the orange, plastic ruler; laid it on his throbbing cock; and pressed it slightly into the base. He scanned down the ruler: past the six inch mark, past the seven, past the eight inch mark (halfway above which he started), past the nine inch mark.

Ten inches. He was practically there. Close enough for it to count.

A grin erupted on Ben’s face from ear to ear. He pulled up his pants and tried to shove his hard-on inside… but it wouldn’t fit.

He had officially grown too big to be able to have an erection in his jeans. “Fuck!” He thought proudly.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

I had a great time last night. ;)

Ben smiled as he read the text message again. His car reached a red light, so he hazarded a quick reply:

Me too. Seriously. Want to try again tonight?

Sent. The light turned green; he drove on.

He wove around corners and down suburban streets. He was working again today at the liquor store, helping to restock and move displays while the store needed extra hands during its refurbishment.

Chirp. Another text back.

MMMMMMMM. Hell yeah I do. I have to be at the clinic till at least seven. Want to grab dinner after?

He smiled. At a stop sign Ben replied:

Hell yes!

Sent. Two more blocks and he’d be at the store. Just on time. He drove swiftly down the tree lined street and parked at the far end of the lot, near the road.

As he unbuckled his seatbelt, a reply came through:

Perfect. I’ll text you where to meet me later this afternoon. Jumping into a conference call. Have a great morning, stud.

Back at you! Ben replied.

Adjusting his chubby cock, Ben made his way towards the glass doors of the store. They were locked, as it was still two hours before opening time; but a full-time employee was waiting nearby to open them and allow Ben access.

“Hey! Nice to see you again, man.” The employee was a friendly, mid-twenties year-old guy with dusty brown hair named Trevor. Ben had worked with him the two other times he had filled-in at this store. Super cute in a nerdy kind of way.

Ben smiled and shook his hand. “Nice to see you too, bud. Meeting in back again?”

“Yep! Just waiting for one more to show up.”

“Nice. See you back there!”

Ben made his way through the store. The business had been undergoing some major renovations. Attempting to rebrand itself as a more high-end, boutique-style spirits store (rather than the generic, big-box, chain liquor store that it had been for the past two decades), flooring was being replaced, walls painted, curtains hung. It was starting to look very nice.

For whatever reasons, the owners had decided to keep the store up and running while these structural modifications took place, which meant merchandise had to be continuously reshuffled around the premises while areas were sectioned off to be worked on.

They had brought on three temp workers, Ben included, to handle the extra workload. Ben was told to anticipate three weeks of work with this company, before his temp office would again resettle him with something else. He was glad to see how well his undergraduate degree was serving him with steady work.

Cutting across the French wine aisle, he made his way to the back storage room where assignments were dealt out and workers could rest on their break time. The permanent staff here was nice enough; they were welcoming and encouraging.

Stan was shift leader today. A mid-forties guy with thinning hair and thick glasses. He had a clipboard in his hands and a pencil behind one ear. He smiled as Ben walked in, reviewing his notes.

Ben stashed his effects in a corner and climbed up onto a stool. As he was about to sit down, he realized his epically long cock was in the way and discreetly tried to adjust himself before fully sitting. The young woman with long, shockingly auburn hair sitting next to him watched him as he did so. Ben noticed her try to hide a smile. Instead of feeling embarrassed he smiled at her and made a facial expression like “what’s a guy to do, eh?” And she blushed. Her skin darkening almost enough to match her hair.

Ben turned and stared at the empty space ahead of him.

The clock above the door clicked its minute hand to the twelve; it was officially seven o’clock. Trevor and another young employee skirted in and shut the door behind them.

They all turned to Stan who started giving them the run down of the tasks for the morning before the store opened. He doled out responsibilities and asked everyone to reconvene at eight forty-five, fifteen minutes before the store officially welcomed patrons.

Set to their tasks, the team dispersed to go ahead with their work. Ben, needing to take a piss, headed to the men’s room for relief. He noticed Trevor trailing a few steps behind him as he headed that way.

As he reached the bathroom door, Trevor was still dogging his steps, so Ben opened the door and motioned the fellow worker inside.

“Thanks, man.” Trevor said.

“No problem.” Ben replied.

The bathroom was nondescript and clinically clean; the store manager relished fastidiousness like a miser relished money. There was one stall at the far end and two urinals next to the sink with no divider between them.

Trevor stepped up to the urinal on the left, unzipped, and waited for the urine to flow. Ben walked to the urinal to the right of him and tried to very discreetly check out the shape of the manhood held in Trevor’s hand. He was unsuccessful; Trevor was leaning too close and blocking the view with his right hand.

Ben unzipped his pants, reached in, and tugged …but nothing happened: his cock was stuck. He tugged again, but his cock barely budged a half-inch.

He tried a third time with a tremendous amount of force, and by now he was causing a little bit of a scene. His cock was just too big; he couldn’t get it out.

Trevor, trying not to look over, jokingly said: “Having a bit of trouble over there, mate?”

Ben, unsure how to reply simply said: “Yeah, a bit.”

Opting to unbutton the top of his pants, he gave a final mighty tug on his dick; and like a python uncurling from its nest, over nine inches of heavy, thick, man-cock flopped its way down to the urinal basin.

Now human eyes are attracted by motion anyways, but there was no way that Trevor could have missed the forearm sized softie that just deluged into the air beside him. The motion of seeing what might have been a wild animal tumble out of Ben’s pants made him take a step back from Ben while he was still pissing midstream; he stared blatantly at Ben’s cock.

“What the fuck, man?!” Trevor said it before he could stop himself. He was still peeing into the urinal, but just barely, as his body was not quarter turned towards Ben.

Ben could clearly see Trevor’s cock now. It was probably about three inches soft, his head covered in foreskin. Trevor’s mouth was hanging agape.

Turning slightly to face Trevor so he could see his distended manhood in all its glory, Ben shrugged his shoulders and said, “Sorry, man… sometime he gets stuck and has a hard time getting out.”

As if nothing had happened, Ben turned back towards the urinal ahead of him and immediately began pissing. He had a cocky as hell grin on his face and stood nearly a foot back from the basin so his cock could still be easily examined.

Trevor turned back to the urinal ahead of him and continued peeing while still taking sidelong glances at Ben’s cock.

“No, no; it’s okay… I was just… I’d never seen such a huge one before, that’s all. Scared me.”

“Ha. Yeah, it’s a little bit scary.” Ben replied.

There was a pause as both of them finished emptying their bladders.

“Have you always been that big?” Trevor wondered.

“Yeah,” Ben lied, “ever since I was a kid.”

“Wow. I guess you get used to it, but it still gets in the way, huh? Surprised you can even walk with that thing.”

“It just takes practice.” Ben turned his face to wink at Trevor. Trevor turned his face at the same time to look at Ben. Their eyes connected and a jolt of electricity shot between them.

Trevor was still holding his cock in his hand, and out of the corner of his eye, Ben noticed that it was growing longer and thicker. Trevor was getting a hard on.

Knowing that he was giving someone else a boner, Ben’s cock began to respond in reciprocity. It started to become more turgid in his grasp.

“Can I ask how big it gets?” Trevor kept looking Ben in the eye.

“Yeah… sure… it’s over ten inches,” Ben fibbed again, “But it’s been getting even bigger lately. See?”

He pulled back from the urinal so Trevor could take in the full length of his three-quarters hard penis.

Trevor’s mouth dropped open again; his cock became rock hard, straining in his grasp. It had to be near five inches max.

“I never knew they could grow that big…” He was staring at Ben’s manhood like a child eyeing a candy display.

Ben smirked, and tried to shove it back into his pants, with only moderate success. Since it wasn’t fully hard, he could bend it enough to drape it towards his hip and out into the pocket of his pants. Buttoning his pants and zipping them back closed, his dick extended through the lining of his pocket, out of the opening at the top of the pocket, and into the air: extending a full inch pass the end of Ben’s hip bone.

Ben pulled down his polo to cover his monster bulge. It hid it, but only barely.

Trevor shoved his five-inch, twitching hard-on easily into his pants and buttoned up; the bulge was almost unnoticeable.

The two men walked to the sinks, washed their hands, and felt the silence wrapped around them as viscerally as a blanket wrapped around their shoulders.

Trevor tried to catch Ben’s eyes in the mirror, but Ben just checked out his reflection as if nothing happened. Drying off his hands with a paper towel, Ben opened the door and gestured for Trevor to proceed him.

“After you, sir.” Ben gallantly offered.

Trevor nodded, blushed, and swallowed. He took a deep breath as he filed past Ben and back into the florescent lit store. Ben smiled as he followed him and let the door shut behind them both.

Ben had a feeling that Trevor was going to be sticking a little bit closer to him throughout their morning shift today.


Part 5

Twice now Ben had gone to meet up with the doctor, and twice now the address didn’t seem right…

“232, 234, 236, …240. 242.”

He looked back down the street again. Where was 238? He was on the correct road, of this he was certain. He was passing back and forth in his burgundy loafers, trying to find the restaurant the doc had instructed him to meet at. But as hard as he sought, he couldn’t find it.

It was eight p.m., and it was already dark. Ben had been out here for five minutes, retracing the same few yards of concrete, and feeling stupid for not being able to find the storefront. He googled the address on his phone again; it said he was in the right place. The doc didn’t give him a name to search for.

Feeling frustrated, he figured he’d just have to call him.

He opened his phone, clicked on his contact list, and punched Stephen. The phone began to ring and he put it up to his ear. A voice answered.

“Hey bro, what’s up?”

Ben looked down at his phone. Fuck; he called his brother, Steven, not the doctor, Stephen. This was going to get confusing…

“Hey, sorry, man. Misdialed. Talk to you later?”

“Hey—are you coming home for dinner; if not, can I eat your leftovers?”

Ben smiled at himself; his brother was bulking up and doing a good job of it. Steven was eating them out of house and home.

“Go for it, bro. I have a date.”

“Ha, nice, buddy. Be sure not to kill him with that massive dick of yours.”

Ben’s gut clenched even though he smiled to himself at the same time. He wasn’t sure how he felt about his brother complimenting him on his oversized endowment. Part of him enjoyed the fun; but part of him was also embarrassed. He took a breath.

“You’re funny. Actually, I’m the one you should be worried about; he’s bigger than me.”

Silence. He wasn’t sure that his brother heard him because he wasn’t responding. Ben waited a moment.

“Are you fucking serious, Ben?”

“Actually, yeah…”

“Jesus Christ! I want to meet this guy!”

“Well, if tonight goes well, maybe you can.”

“Can we go workout together, bro? Maybe I could see it in the steam room after?”

“Look, Steven; sorry, man: I’m running late. Can we talk about this later?”

“Oh you bet we will… go have fun, buddy. …and hey, one sec—”


“I’ve been thinking about this since I saw you in the shower this morning… are you doing anything to make you dick grow? Because, like, at your age… that just can’t be genetics.”

“We can talk about that when I’m home. I gotta go!”

“Wait, I—”

Ben hung up on his brother. Just as he was about to search for the “correct” Stephen, a nondescript, black door opened right next to him; and the doc’s torso popped out from behind it.

“Hey, Ben! You made it! I wondered if you might have a hard time finding this place since it’s unmarked.”

Ben felt the tenseness in his body relax upon seeing the doc. At the same time, he felt the tingling of electricity at the base of his spine.

Ben smiled at the doc; the doc smiled back.

“What is this place, Stephen?”

“Come on in, I’ll show you!”

He held the door further ajar and Ben strutted forwards towards it. Stephen reached around Ben’s head and cupped the base of his skull for a deep kiss.

The seconds lingered on while they embraced. Hands became affixed to asses. Swelling was happening in their nether-regions.

Doc disengaged from the kiss first.

“Come on—we better head in before we tear these pants.”

He gave Ben a quick pat on his cockhead, which definitely didn’t help the circumstances.

“What is this place? I didn’t see a sign.”

The doc took Ben’s hand in his as they descended down some black, wrought-iron stairs.

“No you wouldn’t, would you. This is a speakeasy. It was here during Prohibition, and only recently got reopened. That’s part of the fun: no signs, no addresses online, you have to be in the know to know.”

Stephen smiled at Ben. Ben’s breath caught in his chest. My god, that man is beautiful, he thought to himself. How did he get so lucky, he wondered.

They completed the last few steps and rounded a corner into a very swank, nineteen-twenties inspired lounge. Low, dark, leather couches. Green glass lights overhead. Men in suspenders with garters around their striped arm sleeves. Women in feathered hats and carrying cigarette trays around their necks. It was like stepping into a period film about gangsters.

Stephen led Ben to the hostess desk, informed them that their party had arrived, and she led them to their seats.

They settled into a deep booth in the corner. A place where prying eyes couldn’t easily scope out and business could occur in the muffled darkness.

Stephen pointed across the room.

“If you look over there, you can see that part of this is actually an old bank vault. The metal door is open, and if you walk inside, you can see all the lock boxes of former clients. Rumor has it there’s some rubies still locked in one of them.”

“Ha. Sounds cute. But I’ve got all the jewels I need sitting right here beside me.”

“Corny. But cute; I’ll take it.”

They leaned in together and engaged in a wet, slobbery kiss. Both of them were getting hard, and their endowments were pressing strongly against the fabric of their trousers, aching for release.

“Mmmmmm. Fuck, you are so hot, Ben.”

“Yeah, you are.”

They kissed again. Ben’s hands began to rove over the doc’s ample lats and back. Fuck, he felt so good to him. He couldn’t wait to get the doc naked again and cum all over him. He wanted the doc soaked with his pre, his man juices.

“Let’s order and then continue this conversation.” The doc suggested.

Breaking away, Ben nodded, and looked down at the menu. It took a moment for his eyes to adjust to the dim lighting; but once they did, Ben thought he was still having trouble seeing. Glancing at the prices on the menu, he figured he must not be reading things correctly. The price of everything was well over five times what he was used to paying. Even just a simple salad was outrageous.

Ben’s palms began to feel hot. He couldn’t afford this stud’s lifestyle. He already felt overwhelmed with his spending at the doc’s clinic; there was no way he could afford this kind of decadence.

Searching for the cheapest thing on the menu, he settled on a burger, which was still over twenty-eight dollars, and didn’t even include fries.

“Mmmmmm. Everything looks so delicious. What appeals to you?”

Ben swallowed. He didn’t have the guts to admit to the doc what he was feeling.

“Uh. I’m not that hungry. I am thinking maybe I’ll just get a burger.”

Stephen looked at him knowingly. His piercing gaze settled into Stephen’s frontal lobes, as if he were reading his mind.

“Dinner’s on me tonight, Ben. Please, eat up. We need to get you even bigger and stronger.”

He winked at Ben and massaged his thigh. He continued: “Really. It’s okay. It’s my pleasure to bring you here. You can get dinner next time, and you choose the place.”

Ben smiled. He smiled at the doctor’s generosity, but more so at the fact that the doc wanted a ‘next time.’

“Are you sure?”

“Absolutely! How about this: Why don’t I order for the two of us? That was you don’t feel obliged in any way?”

“Sure. Okay.”

They smiled. A tattooed waiter approached their table and greeted them. They exchanged pleasant banter, and then the doc ordered for them.

“Let’s start with a bottle of that 1980 sparkling rosé. And then two dozen fresh oysters—the blue point ones. Spring gems salads, one for each of us. Then the sea bass. Then we will do the conchiglie, followed by the flank steaks, and we will check in about desert afterwards.”

The waiter smiled, thanked them, and left. Ben turned a deep shade of mauve.

“Stephen, I can’t let you do that. That bill is going to be, like, a thousand dollars.”

“And… so what? You’re worth it.”

He smiled at Ben, but Ben felt rather nervous. He’d never seen so much money spent on one dinner. He came from a modest, middle class life; this wasn’t the way things were done. You had to be very careful with money, he learned. It was a precious resource that only came in small doses and had to be meted out. The doc rolled in a much more swank lifestyle than Ben could have ever anticipated.

“Well, uh. Thanks. I’ll try to enjoy it… but I honestly, wow, I uh—I’ve never eaten like this before.”

“Well, you better get used to it, big guy. Do you think I’m going to let that amazing cock of yours get away from me, now that I’ve had you?”

He leaned over and took hold of Ben’s belt buckle. In one swift motion, he undid it and began to unbutton Ben’s pants.

“Whoa. Doc, what are you doing?”

“Shhhhh. Just relax.”

He fully undid all the catches of Ben’s trousers, and reached in to pull out Ben’s heavy pant snake. With a great heaving motion, Ben’s semi-turgid cock landed on top of his lap.

Ben squirmed and was about to protest just as the doc leaned in and silenced him by kissing him again. One of his hands began to massage Ben’s meaty cock head, which had ballooned up to the size of a small lemon.

They sat there for a few moments, the doc kissing and groping Ben’s massive schlong, Ben too scared to do anything but kiss back.

The waiter approached again. They disengaged from the kiss, but the Doc’s hand never separated from Ben’s manhood.

“Perfect, thank you.”

The waiter poured a tasting of the champagne. The doc tasted it with his free hand, nodded, and the waiter poured. Once the drinks were sorted, the waiter left.

“I know what I want a drink of first.”

The doc leaned down under the table and took Ben’s meaty cockhead into his mouth. Ben’s eyes rolled back into his head and let out a little moan. The doc was an expert sucker. One handed rubbed the base of Ben’s shaft, the other fondled his nuts.

Ben couldn’t believe Stephen was publicly blowing him in the middle of a restaurant. The possibility of being caught heightened the pleasure tenfold; but as he looked around, not one person was paying them even the slightest notice.

The doc began to blow harder. Ben’s pulse was racing. Even though only maybe a minute had passed, Ben was on the edge of cumming. He grabbed the back of Stephen’s head.

“Stephen, I’m about to cum. You better stop.”

Instead, the doc double downed and became even more aggressive with his sucking and his stroking. Ben’s hips began to buck violently. Twice he hit the table with his arms, making the glasses and silverware jingle.

As he was just about to orgasm, he let out a soft moan. The doc released himself from Ben’s manhood and sat up. Stephen continued to jack off Ben’s rod, Ben’s whole body convulsing, and Stephen discreetly grabbed the bread plate and slid it under the opening of Ben’s urethra. Rope after rope of steamy, hot cum landed on the doc’s bread plate. Ben was making unintelligible noises of pleasure, his eyes closed.

As the cascade of semen began to cease, Ben opened his eyes, and noticed the doc holding a small plate beneath him.

“Oh my God, doc, that was… wait, what is—”

The doc held a finger up to his lips, asking Ben to be silent.

“Leave your cock out; I want to have it to play with while I eat.”

Ben felt exposed. His still hard, throbbing ten-incher was bobbing up and down beneath the table. He couldn’t believe he was doing this.

The doc set the goo-covered plate down on the white table cloth. He reached into the breast pocket of his jacket and withdrew a little bottle.

“You asked me last night what I’ve done to get so ripped and huge. I’m going to share it with you now, if that’s okay.”

The small bottle was opaque and amber colored. Attached to it was a tiny, white spoon. The doc untwisted the cap and released the spoon from the side of the vessel. He grabbed the tiny spoon handle and dove the instrument inside the bottle. From within, he retrieved a small mound of bright, red powder the color of sunset. There maybe was an eighth of a teaspoon, if that, held in the bowl of the spoon. He brought the contents over to the plate of semen, and dumped them on top.

As soon as the powder hit the semen, it began to hiss and fizzle. Very much like mixing vinegar and baking soda together; there was a little science experiment happening on their table top.

As the elements mixed together, they turned into a deep brown. The doc gave them a little stir with his bread knife, then lifted the plate up and held it in front of Ben.

“Bottoms up.”

“Wait, what? You want me to drink that?”

“Quickly. It must be ingested right away.”

Feeling a little freaky, Ben opened his mouth, the doc tilted the plate, and the liquid rolled inside. It had become very runny, almost like milk, and tasted like chalk. Ben almost sputtered a little as he drank it, but he swallowed every last drop.

The doc set the plate down on the table: it was entirely clean. For Ben’s semen being so sticky and clingy, Ben was astounded to see how all of it ran off the plate and into his open maw.

Inside his belly, he felt the popping and hissing continue. He also started to feel a sense of warmth and energy moving outwards from his gut.

“How do you feel?” The doc asked.

“Pretty good.”

“Give it a minute. You’re about to feel really good.”

Ben sat there observing his body. He kept sensing inside, waiting to see if something would happen.

His belly continued to feel warm… and then, slowly creeping outwards from it, it felt like electric juices were starting to spread through his veins. It felt like someone just turned up the power from six to sixty. His muscles hummed with vibrancy. His eyesight felt clearer. He felt like he just had the greatest workout of his life and was now ready to go run a marathon.

He felt like he …could do anything. He could climb buildings; he could deadlift eight hundred pounds; he was unstoppable.

“Fuck, Stephen! I feel… I feel like a goddamn superhero!”

“Good, right?”

“Fuck! What is that stuff!”

“It’s another of my inventions. This one I keep to myself, for now. You’re only the third person that I’ve ever shared it with. This is the secret to me looking the way I do. Not only does your body feel amazing, it is going to start changing to look the way it feels. In a month, you’ll probably gain thirty pounds of muscle and loose quite a bit of body-fat percentages, too. Not that you have much to lose. This is my gift for you.”

He reattached the spoon to the bottle, closed the lid, and set it in front of Stephen.

“Doc, I can’t…”

“Yes you can. You deserve it.” He pulled Ben close and whispered into his ear: “And… if you’re going to be my personal, little, fuck-toy… then I need to help you become the most amazing specimen of manhood that anybody’s ever seen. You’re already ninety-three percent there… I’m just giving you the final, little push.”

He bit Ben’s earlobe. Ben’s cock was already hard, but it gave another twitch.

Stephen pulled away from Ben.

“One scoop every other day, only. Cum, mix it into your semen, and drink it directly. There should be enough in there to last you for six months.”

“What happens if I drink it more often?”

“We can discuss that later. For now, just once every other day.”

Ben picked it up and examined the bottle. There were no markings on it whatsoever. He was having a hard time comprehending how this man could a) figure out how to grow men’s cocks and b) create this super powder that turned its consumers into Captain Americas. Ben was beginning to realize that he really knew nothing about this guy or what his story was. He was super excited about all of this—but it also seemed a little… unnerving.

The doc picked up his wide-brimmed champagne glass and hoisted it to Ben. Ben did the same.

“A toast. To you. To us. And to the amazing adventure that you’re about to go on with you body. And, hopefully, with me.” He winked at Ben and then drained his glass.

Ben took a few deep sips. The doc refilled his own glass and topped of Ben’s.

“Now… Ben, want to go fuck in the bathroom while we wait for our oysters to arrive?”

Ben blushed. And then he nodded. He started to stuff his cock back into his pants, but the doc grabbed his wrist to stop him.

“No. Leave it out. Just grab your napkin and hold it in front of yourself. I want everyone to stare and wonder what you could possibly have so big hiding behind the napkin.”

Ben blushed deeper but did as he was told. He slid out of the booth, holding the napkin in front of him… but it wasn’t big enough. The tip of his cockhead protruded out of the bottom of the fabric. Following the doc, they made their way towards the bathrooms. He groped the doc’s ass as they passed the hostess counter.

Down though a dark hallway, around another corner, and they then encountered a series of doors: around ten, gender-neutral, private bathrooms. Doc picked the second door on the left and led Ben inside. Leaning up against the sink, he pulled Ben into a tight embrace. He threw Ben’s napkin to the side and slid one hand down Ben’s long, fat cock.

Ben kissed back, kicking the door closed behind him and using one, free, searching hand to lock the door. One the lock clicked shut, the doc spun around and pulled down his pants.

“Quick, I want you to fuck me before our first course comes; it’ll be here any minute. I’m ready for you, stud; you don’t need to be gentle.”

Sure enough, Ben placed his cock head against the doc’s eagerly awaiting hole, and it gave way with the slightest pressure. All ten inches of Ben’s thick manhood forged its way into Stephen’s ass. The doc moaned in pleasure as he reached down and scooped his cock up and over the edge of the counter, letting it drop in to fill entire sink beneath him. The doc used one hand to brace himself and the other to slide up and down his massive fuckstick.

Ben pumped hard and fast. He was already on edge from the exhibitionism, the exposed walk through the restaurant, and the effects of whatever that stuff was that the doc gave him. He knew he could cum in a few more thrusts, if he wanted to.

“Don’t wait for me to come. When you’re ready, blow your load in me.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah… Fuck, Ben, spill your seed in me!”

The doc let out a mighty moan. Hearing the doc escalating so quickly amped up Ben’s pleasure and excitement even higher. He used both hands to grab Stephen’s hips and dug his thumbs into the doc’s ample muscle butt. Ben plowed the doc harder and deeper than he’d ever dared do anyone previously. He could feel his cock stretching all the way up into the doc’s abdomen.

“Sure you want me to cum in you, you little slut?”

“Fuck yeah, you stud!”

Grunting like a wild beast, Ben let himself go. Even though he was about to start cumming, his nuts continued to hang low and slap against the doc’s body as he stroked.

He felt it. Wave after wave of thick semen flowed into Stephen, and Stephen’s ass clenched Ben’s dick in reciprocity. Stephen was cumming too.

In a lightheaded daze, Ben looked over Stephen’s shoulder and saw volley upon volley of semen start to coat the mirror and bowl of the sink. Fuck, the doc came so much. It looked like someone had dumped a pint of cream all over the counter.

As they continued to cum, the doc turned around, still with Ben’s dick inside of him, and kissed Ben hard.

“You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for you.”

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

“You can head back, Mr. Byers. You know the way?”

“Yeah, sure.” Ben smiled at the pretty receptionist.

He walked past the glass door, down the immaculately clean hall, and down to the third examination room on the left. Again, he sat himself down on the paper-lined table.

He held his ball cap in his hands and shifted it nervously. The doc had told him that he’d be away on meetings all day today so his colleague would be seeing him. Ben had no idea what to expect.

He sat there for nearly a minute, thinking maybe he should take his cell phone out and play some games, when a breathtakingly beautiful woman in a white lab coat swanned into the room and shut the door behind herself.

She had mid-back length, platinum blond hair pulled back in a tight ponytail. She wore thin, black lacquered glasses and a hint of lip gloss. She was the kind of pretty that was unnerving; the kind that seemed too perfect to be natural. Even though Ben wasn’t all that into women, he had a bit of a hard time breathing.

“Pleasure to meet you Mr. Byers. My name is Doctor Cohan. I’ll be providing your examination and treatment today in place of Doctor Abrams.”

She extended a perfectly manicured, delicate hand for Ben to shake. He took it in his hand and noticed how dainty it was. She shook his arm firmly and smiled gently.

“Now let’s see,” she said while flipping open his folder, “this is your third treatment, correct?”

“Um, yes.”

“And you are getting both types of injection today, correct?”

“Yes, I believe so.”

“And Dr. Abrams informed me that you are interested in our more experimental trials once these rounds are complete. Very good; we look forward to collaborating more as time goes on. Now, if you don’t mind, would you please strip down from the waist so we may proceed?”

She turned her back to Ben and began to wash her hands in the sink by the door. Unsure if he was supposed to wait for when (or if) she left the room, Ben hesitantly stood and began to unbuckle. Dr. Cohan didn’t seem perturbed by the sound, so he continued to unbutton his pants and slide them off along with his shoes. He sat back down onto the table, his heavy nine-inch softy dangling off the edge.

The doctor snapped on some latex gloves and turned to face Benjamin. Without batting an eye, she approached the table as if seeing a nine-inch flaccid cock were a daily occurrence. And maybe for her it was.

“Has there been any pain, swelling, or unusual erections?”

“Um, no… well, define unusual?”

“An erection that lasts for more than a few hours or has an irregular shape… like it blows up to the shape of a football.”

She carefully picked up his manhood and examined it as if she were looking for fissures, cracks, unusual spots, or odd bloating.

“Uh, no.”

She nodded without saying anything. After what felt like an inordinately long amount of time inspecting the entire surface of his phallus and separating the edges of his urethral opening, she began to feel around Ben’s nut sack. She touched all surface areas of his testicles and the membranes and connective tissue. Satisfied, she set them back down to hang off the edge of the table and removed her glasses.

“Now, your testicles are already of quite sizable proportions. I do warn you that with this next injection… they could very well double. Are you prepared for the change in lifestyle that will be required to accommodate such large appendages?”

“Uh… yeah. Actually, I don’t think there’s such a thing as too big… so I’m all game.”

She cocked a half smile as if saying ‘be careful what you wish for.’ She turned and approached a tray that Ben hadn’t noticed before. On it were three syringes.

“If you’re ready, we will begin. Please lean back.”

Ben propped himself on his elbows. The doctor came over with the tray and some cotton balls dabbed with rubbing alcohol.

“This first one is for your penis. You should expect another half inch in growth this week.”

She swabbed and then carefully injected the contents of the first vial into the base of Ben’s cock. Ben had started to love this feeling. Even though it didn’t tactilely feel like much, he imagined himself being flooded with power, chemicals that were making him more of a man than anyone else.

“This second one is for your testicles.”

She swabbed at the attachment point of Ben’s sack and injected there as well. She then reached for the third syringe.

“Now, this third one… Dr. Abrams left me a note authorizing me to offer it to you today. It’s an experimental compound we’ve been testing. It catalyzes the reaction of the testicular injection, making it up to three times as effective in some preliminary trials. Which means, if you would like to try this today, it could possibly quadruple to quintuple the size of your already large testicles. It would have to be administered immediately and its effects are non-reversible. He said he already spoke to you about it.”

Ben was sure the doctor had not told him about this before… but if Stephen were setting him up for this, he knew he should do it. Without hesitation, he replied.

“Yeah, sure. Let’s go for it.”

“You’re certain? That means your testicles could end up being six to seven inches in length… or more.”

A deep breath.

“Yeah; let’s do it.”

“All right then, Mr. Byers.”

And with another quick swab, the third dose was injected into his crotch.

“Some level of swelling is not unusual with this compound. If discomfort continues into tonight, please let us know. I will have an ice pack waiting for you at the front desk.”

She removed her gloves and replaced her glasses onto her nose. She extended a hand to Ben.

“It was a pleasure making your acquaintance. I look forward to seeing how things progress.”

Ben shook her hand; she smiled and left with the tray and empty syringes. Noticing that she didn’t wait to let him cover himself before opening and closing the door, Ben hurriedly dressed and headed to the front desk.

The pleasant, young lady was waiting for him.

“Here’s your ice pack, Mr. Byers.”

“Ah, thank you. And here,” he started as he fished for his wallet, “is my credit card.”

The lady took it and began to clack on the keyboard. Her face twisted in surprise.

“Oh… it looks like today’s session has already been paid.”

Ben paused. ‘Wait, what?’

“Excuse me?”

“Yes, it’s marked paid in full. For your whole series of treatments, actually.”

“Are you sure?”


Ben grabbed his phone from his pocket and opened the app showing his credit card statement. He suddenly felt worried that they had mistakenly charged him for everything at once.

As he scrolled down the list, he not only saw that he hadn’t been charged for everything at once… but that his initial two sessions had actually been credited back to his account.

“Doc, you fucker!” he muttered under his breath, smiling at the ceiling.

“Sorry, sir. I didn’t catch that.” She said smiling at Ben.

“Oh… nothing… it’s… okay—well, thanks!”

“No problem! Have a nice day!”

Ben turned to leave. The doc had comped him for all of his sessions to come to the clinic. That was thousands upon thousands of dollars the doc had just returned to him. Fuck. He began to approach the elevator, totally beside himself.

“Oh, Mr. Byers… your ice pack.”

Ben turned around and saw the lady with her short, red hair extending the ice pack out towards him. He smiled, took it, and thanked her. Down the elevator, towards his car, and all the meanwhile sending text message after message to Stephen thanking him for his outrages generosity.

Ben couldn’t fathom why and how Stephen was being so overtly charitable to him. And he vaguely wondered what the doctor would expect in return…


Part 6

Ben parked the car on the side of the road. The gravel crunched under the wheels as they slid to a halt. Gazing past the steering wheel, he stared out onto the horizon.

Situated on top of a hill, the whole city valley spread out beneath him. The sun was just setting in the distance, washing everything in a warm honey color. It was his favorite time of day and one of his favorite vistas near the city.

Surrounding him were woods and woodland creatures, and as this road was seldom frequented by any except those seeking out this view, he was totally alone.

He opened his car door, slid out, and walked around to sit onto the hood of his car. As he leaned back onto the hot metal, he reflected on all the changes that had occurred to him in the past weeks.

In a short amount of time his body had been in the process of dramatic changes. He had gone from having a well over eight-inch penis to having one that was now nearly eleven inches. It was starting to become thick enough that his hand could not entirely wrap itself around it. His testicles had over tripled in size, now hanging nearly six inches long from end to end. They could no longer both fit on one palm and were still edging even bigger yet.

It had been nearly two weeks since his dinner with the doc where he’d given him his bottle of … well, he knew not what. But whatever that powder was, it was indeed making him stronger and bigger. He had added nearly eight pounds of muscle in that short time, while also getting a touch bit leaner. He had gone from someone who looked like he had played sports a few years ago in college to looking like a competitive wrestler.

Then there was the relationship with the doc. Ben had found this amazingly sexy, passionate, genius of a man who was absolutely obsessed with him. Since their first night getting together, they had hardly spent a day apart. The doc was helping him grow into the potential he had to be and making him feel more sexy and cherished than he’d ever felt in his life.

The doc was away at a medical conference this week, so he was spending the first bit of alone time in a while. As he sat at this overlook, it was the first time he had to really take in the scope of the changes he’d undergone—how much change had really occurred.

He’d been exposed to new sights and sounds. He got to sample cuisines and ways of living that he’d never even imagined previously. He was …becoming something different. He felt that he was becoming ‘better,’ not that there was anything wrong with him before… he was …evolving, in a way.

As he sat with his feet propped up on his fender, leaning back on his elbows, he felt the shape and weight of his enormous endowment snaking down his pant leg.

He’d already gone to buy larger pant sizes, not because he needed it for his waist, but because he needed space for his elephantine junk and expanding thigh muscles.

The doc had gotten him some expensive underwear with ridiculously oversized pouches that were holding his man bits in place… for now. But if he were going to get even a little bit bigger—and he knew he was—there would be no way they could contain his beast.

Checking over his shoulder and realizing that he was entirely alone, Ben undid the buckle of his pants, unbuttoned and unzipped them, pulled down his waist band, and slipped his junk out onto his lap.

He loved just looking at and fondling his enormous endowment. It was the most beautiful penis he’d ever seen—apart from the doc’s—and they were nearly at the same length now. The doc was still far thicker than Ben, but Ben knew that as he continued to inch past the doc, his girth would also be catching up. Soon, he too would need two hands to fully encompass the breadth of his dick.

He lolled his balls from side to size. They really were almost the size of soup cans now. He could almost feel the extra testosterone sneaking into his system from their excess bulk. He’d also started cum quite a bit more too. Last time he played with the doc, Stephen brought out a liquid measuring cup to test Ben’s volume. The first round, Ben came just over a quarter cup. Round two, the line on the vessel crept up over a third. By his sixth and final round of the evening, Ben had ejaculated over one and one eighth cups of semen.

The doc, another night, had Ben pump his cock to see how much precum he could produce… letting it pool at the end of the penis pump. Not only did Ben pack the pump and stretch his cock out past the eleven inch mark, but when they emptied the pump, nearly three-quarters cup of precum fled out of the cylinder and into the measuring cup.

Ben actually had to start being careful because as soon as he began to get turned on while going about his life, a wet spot could soon be seen accompanying it in his jeans. And the bulge in his pants was already pretty unavoidable. Everyone was staring at it now, no matter how demurely he dressed.

His brother had confronted him again last night. He ran into Ben when he was taking a piss and practically begged Ben to share what he’d been doing. Ben told him about the injections, told him about his experiences at the clinic. His brother, Steven, made him promise he’d talk to his beau, Stephen, and ask if they could also hook him up. He wanted to be huge too. Immensely oversized.

Ben had already talked to the doc about the fact that his brother would probably be interested in the procedures, so he texted his paramour and asked what could be arranged for Steven. The doc texted back that he’d happily offer Ben’s brother the same treatments for free too, provided that his brother also be willing to be a guinae pig for the more experimental, extreme size growth procedures that they were developing.

As he massaged the length of his gigantic dong, Ben tried to imagine what life would be like when his cock would be four inches longer than it already was now. What would life be like with a dick that more resembled a baseball bat than anything else? What would it be like to try to run when the smallest his penis could ever get would be ten inches? What would he do when his man stick was so gigantic that it could touch his knees when hanging long?

His rod began to lengthen and stiffen in his hand. His balls squirmed happily. His giant glans started to reach its way up into the air. The head of his penis was now the size of a tennis ball. If he tilted his head down, he’d just recently discovered he could rest his lips against its piss slit.

He did so now. He sat up and doubled over, resting his lips against his mighty phallus. Starting out over the horizon, the golden light cascading over him, he began to suck and lick as one hand massaged his shaft and the other his heavy balls.

The other side effect of his larger nuts was that he was constantly horny. It didn’t matter how much he came or how often. He was always turned on now. Him and the doc would sometimes cum upwards of eight or nine times in a fuck session. The doc had to create a special water-resistant room just for their love making because so many fluids were running all over. It became more Ike a swimming pool than a bed after round three.

As Ben sucked on his delicious head, pleasure built in the base of his cock. He felt the pre start to flow up his mighty length, and within moments, a steady stream of clear fluid started to pool in Ben’s mouth. He had learned that he loved the taste of his own pre; it was like nectar to him. And now that it started flowing, it wouldn’t stop until he finally came.

He ran his fingertips over the veiny ridges of his shaft. He wished that he had four hands just so he could fully encase the whole length of this manhood and still cup his bull balls.

He felt the pleasure building as he started to get more and more into it. Waves of sensation started to spread from his pelvis throughout his entire body. Warm, orgasmic fire began to fill his muscles and bones. He felt his mighty pecs contracting in pleasure. They had been growing massively since the doc had given him his powder; they were now bigger than many women’s breasts.

His balls swelled in anticipation of release. As he neared cumming, they may have grown even to seven inches. Ben was in heaven; he began to moan as he sucked himself off.

Grunting, moaning, and bucking, he would have made quite a scene for anyone who would have wandered past to meet him. As he neared his fifth climax of the day, he bent even lower, trying to force more of his cock head into his face. Then, as he could tell he was about to cum, he decided he wanted to watch himself shoot.

He released his cock head and pounded furiously with both fists. Angling his cock forwards, towards the edge of the road, he shot his load.

The first rope of cum shot about fifteen feet away from him, landing far down on the hill below. The next rope shot even further. Fifteen ropes in total shot out of the end of Ben’s manhood before it finally slowed to a steady flow, and eventually a trickle.

His pants were covered. He’d just started to get used to the fact that there were constantly semen stains on his clothing at all times; there wasn’t much he could do about it.

The doc had started paying for all of Ben’s expenses, so he had been able to give up his shitty temp job. Now, he spent all of his time working out, jacking off, having sex, eating, or playing the piano—his personal hobby. It might not sound like a lot, but as hormonal a sex stud that he now was, there really wasn’t much time for anything else.

The sun’s light began to turn more of a ruby color. He let his mighty meat lay on the hood of the car between his legs, admiring how perfect and beautiful it was. And he knew as it continued to get bigger, it would only become more beautiful.

He pulled out his phone from his hoodie pocket and FaceTimed his brother. After three rings his brother picked up; it looked like Steven was just finishing up at the gym.

“Hey, man.”

“Hey, Ben.”

“I thought you’d like to check out this view.”

He flipped which camera was broadcasting so his brother could see the amazing sunset in front of him. It also revealed the large salami-sized cock hanging out of Ben’s pants.

“Fuck, Ben! Has that thing gotten even bigger?! And your nuts are HUGE!”

“Yeah man… eleven inches now. And my balls have over tripled in size.”

“Fuck, Ben. You know I’m not gay, but that is seriously giving me a hard on. I soooo want to be that big! Have you talked to your boyfriend yet about me?”

“Actually, yeah. He just got back to me: you’re in. You’ve got your first appointment in the clinic tomorrow—and you’re comped.”


“Fuck yeah, bro! We are going to be the biggest stud brothers on the face of the planet.”

“Hell yes we are! Oops—hey… I got to run. Tim and the guys are heading to the showers. I can’t wait to see their faces in a few weeks when I’m hanging down to my knees and they’ve still got their pathetic little baby cocks next to mine!”

“Ha ha. Go enjoy, stud. I’ll see you tonight.”

“Thanks man… and I want to get an up close look at yours when I get home. I want to see what I’m signing myself up for first hand.”

“Sure thing, stud. Go have fun.”


The screen went black. Ben was amazed with how much more comfortable he’d become with letting other people see, touch and talk about his dick. Even his brother.

If his brother wanted to jack him off tonight, even, he’d be totally down with it. Just the image of his brother also having an over-foot-long dong with massive, dangling nuts—and the two of them jacking off together made his dick hard again. Ben smiled at himself as headed into round two on the top of his car. The colors continued to deepen to purple, and Ben guessed that it’d a pitch black and starry night before he came enough times to be able to handle the drive home.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

It was nearly eight o’clock by the time Ben started to drive home. He had a feeling that his parent’s house was only going to be his home for a short while longer; Stephen had already hinted a few times that he wanted Ben to move in, even though they’d only been together a few weeks.

Ben had ended up cumming four times on top of the hill. There was a considerable amount of white decoration to the vegetation below him by the time he was done. It looked as if a gooey snow-storm had passed the several feet in front of where his car was parked.

He was winding down a lonely, tree-lined rode, still a bit of a ways out from the suburban sprawl of the city when he saw flashing blue lights suddenly appear behind his car.

“Shit,” he muttered under his breath.

He flicked on his turn signal and slowly pulled over onto the side of the road. A single street light illuminated the scene, positioned a few dozen paces ahead of his car. The police vehicle illuminated floodlights on to Ben, providing ample but harsh lighting.

Ben rolled down his window as he heard the police car door slam and the crunch of gravel under boots from the cop’s approach. Ben put his arm up on the window ledge, smiled, and tried to look as nonchalant as possible. A handsome, mid-forties policeman in a wide brimmed hat looked down at him.

“Evening, young sir.”

“Evening, officer. How can I help you?”

“Well, you’ve got a taillight out—are you aware of this?”

Actually, Ben was. His mother had pointed it out over a week ago and probably reminded him three times since to have it fixed.

“Awe, really? No, I’m afraid I wasn’t.”

“Hey… aren’t you Tim Byer’s elder boy?”

Ben looked up at the officer more closely. Now that he examined the chiseled, rugged face dotted with stubble, it did indeed look vaguely familiar to him.

“Yes, sir. I am.”

“You know, I used to watch you play lacrosse in high school. You were so great. You still playin’?”

“Oh, no way!” Ben replied, genuinely smiling now. “I haven’t played in years. I miss it though!”

“You sure as hell look like you still play. You’ve got a license for those guns, haha?”

The police man laughed and pointed at the thick triceps and biceps poking out from under Ben’s short shirt sleeves. They really had started to look insanely impressive with the doc’s help.

“Oh, what? These??” Ben flexed the bicep closest to the police officer. The police man laughed some more. “I still hit the gym almost every day. Gotta keep in shape!”

“Hell, mister. You’re more than keeping in shape! We could use a presence like yours on the police squad. How much you bench?”

Ben hesitated. Was this police man flirting with him? He decided to push his boundaries ever so slightly.

“I’ve been able to hit 315 pretty regularly now. But you should see my squats. Those are up to 425. My ass has been getting huge,” he said laughing.

“No kidding?! That’s hella impressive! I wish I could slug those kinds of weights around. My bench is 225—which I feel pretty good about!”

“Yeah—I can tell you take care of yourself. Looking strong there, Officer…” He left a blank space for the man to fill in his name.

“Kamacick. Officer Logan Kamacick.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Officer Kamacick.”

As Ben reached his hand out to shake the officer’s he lifted his hips up quite a bit, making his gigantic bulge impossible to avoid. He saw the officer notice; his eyes went wide.

“Whoa. Talking about packing… you keeping some ammunition down there, young man?”

Okay, this officer was definitely cruising him.

“What, this?” he asked demurely, reaching down and shaking his giant cock and nut sack. “Just my regular cannon, sir. My daddy blessed me with some prodigious endowment down there. Hard to keep it hidden.”

The officer nodded. There was a terse pause.

“Well… uh, I promise to get that tail light fixed tomorrow. May I go now?”

Officer Kamacick hesitated.

“Well, I really should be writing you a ticket for it; you could end up getting innocent people hurt. But, I, uh…”

Another terse pause. Ben decided to be even bolder.

“Would it be all right if I get out of the car and show you I mean no harm? You could pat me down, if you need. Make sure I’m not doing anything else illegal.”

The officer swallowed.

“Uh, yeah… that might be a good idea.”

He just stood there, ogling Ben. Ben smiled again.

“Do you mind taking a step back so I can step out?”

The officer did. Ben could tell that this police officer was pudding in his hands; he would do whatever Ben wanted. And what this man wanted, more than anything else, was Ben’s body. And Ben had every intention to fulfill his desire.

Ben stepped out of the car. He was a little taller than the officer, which made him smile. The man was probably five foot, elven inches—or thereabouts. A broad chest and shoulders with a small waist.

“I’m just going to turn around and put my hands on the car. Then you can check to make sure I’m totally harmless.” Ben said with a cocky grin.

Ben did as he said he would: he turned his giant bubble ass to the officer, placed his hands on the vehicle, and spread his legs. His massive set of genitals hung down on the inside of his right thigh, more than halfway to his knee.

The officer approached his from behind and put his hands on the backs of Ben’s shoulders.

“This really is best practices, you know. You really would be a fine recruit at the police academy.”

Ben just moaned his assent. The officer started off professional enough over his shoulders and back. But as he moved on to Ben’s arms, it began to get quite a bit more sensual. He spent extra attention to his ass, and when he reached towards the inside of Ben’s thighs, the back of his hands brushed firmly against Ben’s manhood.

The officer spoke again. “Young man, I am going to ask you again: are you concealing a weapon of any kind between your legs?”

“I’m happy to show you, officer Kamacick. …Logan.”

Ben turned around and very slowly began to undo his belt buckle and pants. The officer took out his flashlight and shined it on Ben’s crotch.

Ever so slowly, going as gingerly as he dared, teasing the man, Ben began to slide his pants down to his knees.

As the fabric began to cascade down Ben’s legs, the officer’s eyes opened even larger. His mouth hung open and he nearly started to drool.

After nearly ten seconds of the officer just standing there, shining a light on Ben’s private parts, the young man offered a suggestion.

“Officer, I’d really like to get off with just a warning. Maybe… if you help get me off, I could help you… I mean, you can help get me off in more ways than one.”

The officer nodded, his face as blank as a deer in the headlights. Ben continued.

“I think, maybe, you want us to step over here, into the dark, and then you should get down on your knees?”

The man continued to nod. Penguin walking over with his pants still around his knees and his hands up in the air, Ben led the way to the side of the road. As soon as they were out of the direct light of the police car, Officer Logan dropped to his knees.

Ben had never seen someone so eager to suck cock before. He was like a kid who was unleashed into the cookie jar an hour before dinner. He was moaning and grunting before Ben could even get fully hard. He was relishing the semi-floppy boner like a fine desert. Soon, Ben’s pre started to flow, coating the officer’s face.

The man was an expert sucker. Even with Ben’s enormous bulk, the officer was able to take all of Ben down his throat. This was quite a feat. Ben was moaning alongside of him in short order. The officer made such loud noises that Ben was sure the officer must have already cum, even though he wasn’t touching himself and was still fully clothed.

After about ten minutes of an absolutely phenomenal blow job, Ben let the man know he was close to his edge. The man took Ben’s manhood out his throat and slapped himself repeatedly in the face with it.

“Cum on me, you horse! Seed my face with your man juice!”

He jerked off Ben’s cock as he buried his face in Ben’s nuts. Ben was still amazed to see that his cock and balls could entirely cover another man’s whole head now. The sight of it gave him the push he needed; and even with his several recent orgasms, he still pumped an impressive eight spurts all over the officer’s visage.

The man licked his lips and whatever areas his tongue could reach, slurping down Ben’s love juices. Ben, in an act of kindness, stripped off his T-shirt and wiped off the man’s face.

“Here, you can keep that as a memento.”

The man looked thrilled. Still on his knees, he gazed up at the hulking specimen of manhood towering above him. Ben’s prominent muscles glistening from sweat and starlight. He looked like a god lording over him.

“That was… amazing… thank you.”

“It was my pleasure, officer. …And that warning?”

“What warning? Oh—you’re free to go. No warning at all. But—hey…”


“Would you—could you ever—let me do that… again sometime?”

The officer looked scared. Like he had just been given the greatest treat of his life, and feared that he’d never get to experience it again. Ben laughed.

“Yeah, sure. Text me your number. My honey likes watching having other guys service me—and me fuck them, if you’re up for it.”

“Oh! I could never take you.”

“A little practice and you’d be surprised.” Ben smiled. “Thanks for this … whatever this was. I’m glad you pulled me over.”

“Me too.”

Ben motioned for the uniformed man to stand up. The officer brushed off his knees and wiped the remaining cum off his earlobes. Ben saw a dark wet patch across the front of his trousers.

They smiled at each other.

“What’s your first name, by the way?”

“Ben. Ben Byers.”

“Good to know. Well, you have a new fan, Mr. Byers.”

“Calling me ‘Sir’ will do fine, Officer.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Now, get yourself out of here and clean your little, slutty self off before anyone sees you, boy.”

“Yes, Sir.”

And just as quickly as it all began, it ended. They both got back into their respective cars and headed back into the night.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

It was another thirty minutes before Ben made it back home. The lights were already out in the house; Ben guessed that his brother was out and his parents already asleep. Both his parents got up at four a.m. to exercise before work.

As he made his way to his room, he was surprised to see his light on. Stepping inside, he found his brother sitting in the revolving chair at his desk. He smiled at Ben.

“So, I’m really going to get started tomorrow?!”

“Yeah—that’s what it sounds like. Want me to go with you?”

“Sure, if you’d like. And I’ll really grow half an inch a week?”

“I grew slightly more than that in the beginning, but yeah.”

“Fuck man! And how big can I get?”

“Well, with this experimental treatments that I’ll be trying too, I guess probably fourteen to fifteen inches… if you want to get that big.”

“Fuck yeah I do! I’d get even bigger, if I could!”

“You want it trailing on the floor?” Ben laughed.

“Why the fuck not?! I mean, I can already get all the pussy I want—but with the world’s largest cock—”

“—second largest.” Ben interrupted.

“Second largest, any woman will be begging for me.”

“Yeah—but will you be able to fuck them still?”

“Oh, brother, I have some kinky girls. One of them likes to be fisted. Another has a dildo even bigger than my forearm.”

“Wow. That’s… impressive.” Ben hesitated, “…and hey?”


“Do you think… would you be willing to double team a girl together sometime? It’s something I’ve been a little curious about.”

“Fuck yeah, man! It’d be my honor. And I have just this girl for it: Stacy. She’ll love you. She’s obsessed with donkey dicks.”

They smiled at each other.

“And hey,” his brother added, “can I ask you something?”

“Anything. Of course.”

“Will you… can you show me how to get fucked. I want to learn to do anal… and, like, not you, but… will you help me learn…?”

Steven looked embarrassed to be admitting this desire. Ben just smiled and wrapped his arms around his bro in a giant bear hug.

“Of course, little guy. It’d be my honor!”

“Whoa! Are you getting like a hell of a lot more yoked?! I don’t remember you being that stacked!”

“Oh… yeah…”

Ben had given the police officer his t-shirt, so he was in just his hoodie. He quickly unzipped it, tossed it on a pile of dirty clothes, and stood shirtless in front of his brother, flexing.

“I’ve been having some crazy gains.”

Steven stood up an started to feel up Ben’s arms.

“Is this because of the doc, too?”


“Dude! You’ve got to hook me up!”

“Ha. I’ll talk to him about it.”

Steven looked down Ben’s body. He noticed the giant bulge and the streaks of white stains down the front of Ben’s pants. His jeans were more white than blue because of all the dried cum.

“Is that all semen, Ben?”

“Yeah… that’s one of the side effects of the injections. You’re going to be horny like ALL the time… and produce twelve times the amount of cum than you used to.”

“FUCK!” He’d never seen his brother smile so big. “I am sooooo stoked for all of this! You have no idea!”

Steven pumped a fist up into the air and did a little chest bump with Ben.

“All right, let me see what I’m getting myself into. Whop it out; it want to see it up close and personal.”

So Ben did. Steven spent the next hour looking at Ben’s cock and balls, talking to him about his experience, and dreaming together how life would be when they were two of the most hung men in the world. They ended up falling asleep together in the same bed, cuddled up—something they hadn’t done since they were young boys. They loved the feeling of their bodies pressed together. Brothers—and so much more.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Ben and Steven sat together with their knees touching. The white, leather back rests pressed into their backs as they waited in the clinic lobby. The receptionist had welcomed them both and asked them to be seated. Ben wondered if the same, attractive, blond doctor would be administering their procedures. He had enjoyed meeting her previously.

The perky receptionist peeked out from around the Derek and informed them that the doctor was ready, since Ben knew the way, he could lead his brother back.

Gathering their coats and personal affects, Ben and his brother headed down the clinically white hallway and into the examination room on the left. Steven was quiet as he took in his surroundings; part of him couldn’t believe that this was actually happening, that this was all real.

Very soon, what was happening to Ben would be happening to them both.


Part 7

Ben sat beside Steven with their knees touching. Today the waiting room was entirely empty; it was early in the day and most of their cliental would probably arrive on their lunch breaks or after work.

Steven couldn’t stop grinning. Ben was stoked to see his little brother so excited. On the car ride over, he was practically bouncing out of his seat.

The nice receptionist had checked them both in and spent a little too much time flirting with Steven. Not that Ben could blame her. Steven was quite the specimen of young, handsome, built, straight virility. If he were a chick, he’d be jonesing for his brother. Well, even if he weren’t a chick…

The same blond doctor peeked her head into the waiting room and invited them to follow her back.

“Just to confirm, you said that you both are comfortable being administered in the same treatment room, yes?”

Still smiling, Steven asserted himself first. “Oh yeah. We are totally open with one another; nothing secret between us.”

“How cute.” Dr. Cohan said, grinning.

She led them to the room on the left and gestured for Ben to sit on the examination table first.

“Since you’ve done this several times already, Benjamin, it’ll be easier to start with you. When you’re ready, please remove your trousers.”

Ben could tell that Steven wanted to crack a joke—probably about how seldom it was that Ben was hearing that from a woman—but he managed to restrain himself. Ben slid off his pant legs and jumped onto the table, his heavy cock bouncing between his thighs, practically to his knees.

“What is your length currently, Ben? I presumed you measured this morning.”

“Eleven and a third, exactly,” he said, proudly. His brother whistled.

“This will be your second to last round of injections with this protocol. And since you are going to be continuing on to our more experimental treatments, I’m curious to see how your size will continue to change. Tell me, how have you been finding your oversized testicles? I imagine it’s been quite an adjustment.”

Without asking permission, she reached down and scooped up one of Ben’s giant balls. Just the one was big enough to fill her entire palm.

“Honestly, I love them. They get in my way all the time at the gym, even walking; but I wouldn’t trade them for anything. I fucking love the stares I get when I have to shove my giant junk out of the way.”

His brother gave him a thumbs up and a huge grin.

“Well, you have your final round of testicular injections today as well. You will experience another—much more modest—bit of growth from this final round. Are you sure you’re ready for a little more?”

“Absolutely! Unless they get the size of soccer balls, I think I’ll be good.”

She simply nodded and said nothing. Returning to the counter by the door, she picked up the tray with the two syringes on it. Swabbing off her two injection sites, she administered the treatment without saying more.

“You may get dressed, Mr. Byers. The junior Mr. Byers, please switch places with your brother when you’re ready.”

Doing as they were told, the two young men switched spots. Ben sat down in the chair by the door; Steven removed his pants and underwear without even having to ask and jumped on the table.

Ben had gotten so used to the size of his own parts (and especially the doctor’s oversized manhood, too), that he was starting to feel shocked every time he saw a more “normal” man naked. He logically knew that his brother was considered relatively well endowed… but it just looked so tiny to him. He felt the same with the guys he saw naked at the gym. He just couldn’t believe how anyone could ever be that small.

Steven didn’t seem to notice. He sat there, balls out, proud as a parading peacock. The doctor returned the tray to the counter and fetched another one.

“I know that you’ve already been prepped on the specificities of this treatment. But just again, you will receive two injections today. One for your penis—and one of your testicles. You won’t notice much testicular growth from this round, but you should see up to a half inch of lengthening to your penis by next week. Understood?”

“Sounds good to me. And will I also be able to get your number in case I have some follow up questions?”

Ben almost snorted. He couldn’t believe how smooth his brother was. Not that he could blame him; Dr. Cohan looked like she might have spent her youth strutting on runways rather than studying chemistry books.

Ben assumed that she was used to that kind of constant bating because she didn’t even bat an eye.

“The twenty-four hour hotline number our clinic will more than suffice in case such problems should arise. Now, this may hurt a little.”

Ben noticed that she was less gentle with Steven than she had been with him. He was tickled to watch his brother try to keep a neutral face as she plunged the needles in.

And all so quickly, it was over. The doctor finished her protocol, they got their ice packs from the receptionist, and they were headed back to the car.

Crossing the parking lot, Steven lit up like a candle.

“Oh! I forgot to tell you: one of my fuck buddies would like to have a threesome with you. Her name is Celine. I told her that you’d never had sex with a woman before but were curious to try—and that you had junk bigger than a Clydesdale. She’s quite the size queen, so she’s very excited.”

“Awesome, man. Well, just let me know when, and I’ll be there.”

Steven nodded and pumped his fist into the air.

“Oh, man! I cannot wait. I want to go home and measure right now! Like, I logically know that I won’t see any changes yet… but I still want to check.”

Ben laughed to himself; he had so been there. He clearly remembered his first day, coming home from the clinic, eager to see if any changes had manifested. He remembered feeling both excitement and trepidation; unsure if the procedure would actually work.

He led his brother to the car and hopped in. While they rode, they talked about how life would change for Steven as the procedures progressed; Steven’s enthusiasm was infections.

Ben dropped his brother off at class; one of his girlfriends would drive him home after their date that afternoon/evening/early morning. Ben decided he’d hit the gym quick before going home. He had started to feel like he needed to workout twice a day to sate his growing physical appetite. He was becoming so ravenous for exercise and sex. All he could basically think about was using his amazing, muscular, masculine body.

He arrived at the gym faster than he could think. Dashed in, tossed on his gym shorts that barely concealed his mammoth cock, and set out for a quick chest workout.

An hour and a half later, dripping in sweat, Ben dropped the last rep of “quick” chest workout. The 170-pound dumbbells hit the floor with a heavy thud. A few people had gathered around to watch this behemoth lift these incredibly heavy weights. And a few more gathered just to watch the oversized bulge snaking down to his knee and flinching with each rep he squeezed out.

Heading back into the locker room, Ben had barely passed the entrance door when his shirt was already off. By the time he reached his locker, his shoes were in his hands, and his shorts were dropping. Within a few blinks, he was fully naked. A few men had followed him from the weight room into the locker room, not even trying to appear discreet at checking him out. They too got naked, eager to follow this Adonis wherever he was headed.

Without bothering to cover himself with a towel, Ben walked over to the scale. Sliding the weights across the beam, Ben was stoked to see that his weight had crept up to two-hundred and thirty pounds. That stuff the doc had given him was sure working fast. Now, he looked like a bodybuilder who had been competing for a few years.

His soft, ten-inch cock and soup-can sized balls were in his way so much that he either had to hold them as he walked, or take steps with his legs a few feet apart to make room for them. As he marched towards the steam room, he did a little of both: he held his balls, and letting his meaty dick dangle deliciously from side to side. It bounced from knee to knee like a ping pong ball being slapped between paddles.

Still with no towel, he meandered into the steam room, several men in tow. He pulled open the glass door and entered the steamy interior. Inside, four men were seated, folded over, elbows on knees. Only one looked up when Ben walked in. It was just steamy enough that one couldn’t see exactly what someone was like from more than two feet away.

Ben seated himself on the top, tiled bench and spread his legs wide. He slid forward towards the edge of the bench so that his mammoth genitals hung halfway down the wall towards the seats below. Four towel-clad men quickly passed into the steam room and sat themselves in close proximity to Ben, eagerly eyeing his oversized bits.

One of the four original men of the steam room happened to look over in Ben’s direction and did a cartoonish double take: he looked away, and then realizing what he was seeing, whipped his head back to stare. Without being able to stop himself, he let out a quiet “Fuck!”

The other three men turned to see what the man was exclaiming about—and quickly saw the source of his wonderment. Ben smugly crossed his arms under his massive pecs and closed his eyes. His cock bounced an inch as Ben flexed his perineum.

Had Ben’s eyes been open, he’d have been able to see the fact that every single man in the steam room was beginning to pitch a tent under his respective towel. One of the guys who entered after him began to discreetly rub himself under the edge of the fabric.

Knowing the stir he was causing without needing to see it, Ben casually reached down, hefted up his dong, and tossed it across one thigh where it landed with a plop onto the tiles next to him.

Another man began stroking too.

One of the original guys coughed, and tightening his towel in front of himself, sashayed to the door, trying to hold his boner down to avoid parading his arousal.

One of the men sitting on Ben’s right abandoned his towel entirely, and revealing his own, meager, four-inch shaft, began stroking in earnest. He reached over and tentatively grabbed hold of Ben’s thick dick.

Ben opened his eyes wide enough to take in the pathetic man, nodded, and then closed his eyes again. The man bent over, wrapped his lips around Ben’s apple-sized glans and began to rub his tongue against his slit.

Quickly thereafter, all the other men abandoned their towels in quick succession. Stroking themselves, they flocked around Ben and touched him wherever they could. Ben’s cock began to harden and thicken, spreading to its full, nearly footlong length. The men vied, one after another, to pleasure Ben with their mouth and hands—each for no longer than a few seconds before another shoved him out of his way to take his place. Two men attached themselves to Ben’s nipples and began to suck fervently.

Ben leaned back even further, jutting his hips out into the air and giving the gaggle of hungry men even easier access. Most of the men in the room, had you asked them only moments ago, would have identified as straight or mostly straight. But the sexual prowess of Ben was just so overwhelming that they couldn’t control themselves; they had to pleasure him. He represented everything they ever wanted to be; everything they wanted for themselves and knew they could never achieve.

After ten minutes and a full four rotations between all the men, jets of steam spurted thick into the room; it quickly became impossible to see. Another man entered the room. It took him a moment, but between the sounds and outlines of moving shapes, he quickly deduced what was going on.

“What the fuck?” He said, not kindly. Ben stood up, tossing the hungry men aside, and walked up to the man.

“This is ‘what the fuck’.” And he slapped the man across the chest with his baseball bat cock. “Suck—or get out.”

The man was speechless. Part of him was so offended, but a bigger part of him was awestruck and aroused. Before he even knew what he was doing, he was on his knees and trying to shove as much of Ben’s cock as he could fit into his mouth. Not much fit; he had never done this to a man before. He eagerly reached around and cupped Ben’s mighty ass cheeks to force in more, but little more than two inches could eke in.

Ben laughed. “Pathetic. You call yourself a cock sucker?”

He withdrew himself from the man’s eager lips and turned back to the harem behind him. The man on his knees cried, “No! Please; wait! Let me try better.”

“You’ll have to wait your turn,” Ben scoffed.

Twenty minutes later, the steam room was covered in thick white goo; all the men had come (at least once) except for Ben. Smiling, he took his meat into his own hands and began to jack furiously.

“All of you kneel in front of me. Let me show you how a real man comes.”

Eight men fought for space in front of his knees, eyes and mouths wide open. Grunting like an elephant in heat, Ben bucked his hips wildly, and closed his eyes as he aimed his cannon at the man to his far right.

A jet of white, hot, sticky cum rocketed onto the man’s waiting face, coating it entirely. The single blast was able to cover his entire visage with a thick sheen of spunk.

Ben’s second volley was aimed at the man one over. The same effect followed: that man’s face was also totally plastered. And then it was the man after him. Eighteen rounds Ben shot out, coating each man at least twice. After his full, ropy, streams ended, his dick continued to ooze cum like a river, without softening. It stayed hard, extended out towards the ceiling.

“Well, that was a good first round. Who’s ready for round two?”

He smiled as he began to stroke again. The hungry dogs moved towards him, eagerly licking his tasty juices off their faces as they got closer.

“Now for this round,” Ben smirked, “you’re going to have to get fucked.”


Part 8

Two hours later, Ben was in his car heading home. Realizing that he was starving, he pulled into the parking lot of a local grocery store and jogged in. He headed to the prepared food counter and grabbed two, whole, rotisserie chickens; a quart of mashed potatoes; a quart of Mac and Cheese; and another quart of coleslaw. Heading to the produce aisle, he grabbed a bag of a dozen apples; two heads of broccoli; and a small, pre-made protein shake. Opening the protein shake and chugging it in three gulps, he made his way to the checkout register.

Just as he was about to reach it, he realized that he also wanted a bag of cookies; so he left all of his groceries in front of one of the registers (telling the awe-struck, teenage clerk to “hold them” for him) and rounded back to the dry goods aisles.

He found the stash of cookies and stood back taking them all in. Did he want the pink and white frosted ones, the fig-jelly ones, or chocolate chips? Maybe he should just get one of each?

The knowledge that all of this food was just going to make him grow even bigger and stronger was viscerally turning him on. Before he even realized what he was doing, his cock head was sticking out of his pants pocket, well past his hip, and he was slowly jerking himself. Cumming five times in the gym locker room did nothing to lower his libido. And the image of him gaining even more muscle from all these calories was really making him hot and horny.

As he reached up for the fig cookies on the top shelf, his cock was really in his other hand properly; and he was heartily going to town on himself.

Just as he brought the paper bag down, a pimply employee rounded the corner and started to ask if he could help Ben find anything.

Ben and the young man locked eyes with each other. The young man looked down at Ben’s other hand which was still furiously beating his mammoth cock, which was literally bursting though Ben’s pants. The young kid’s mouth fell open, he took two steps back, and then quickly turning heel, sprinted to the front of the store.

“Oh, shit.” Ben muttered to himself. He hadn’t even realized that he had been masturbating in public; he was becoming so horny all the time that he didn’t even realize when he was doing it.

Ben slowly made his way back to the checkout counter, grabbing another bag of cookies on his way. As he reached the checkout lines, intent on apologizing to the young man, he noticed some spinning blue lights ignite in front of the store and a falling siren sounding beyond the glass.

Ben looked over to the manager’s booth and saw the man on an old, rotary phone, talking hurriedly into the receiver and pointing at Ben. Ben heard two car doors slam shut, and he realized that there were probably two officers about to enter the store to confront him.

He tossed his cookies down on the counter and started to back away.

“I’m sorry, man! I meant no offense!” he blurted out as he tried to scurry towards the exit. He didn’t make it very far, however, as the two police officers decided to enter through that same vestibule and grab him just as he was about to make his exit.

The pimply young man approached, all jittery and jumpy.

“That’s the man! That’s the sexual predator!!” he squeaked, pointing a bouncing finger at Ben.

“Oh, fuck. I really didn’t mean it!”

“Yeah, yeah. Tell us about it at the station,” one of the officers jeered.

They spun Ben around and tried to force his arms behind his back, but Ben was just too muscular. They couldn’t get his arms close enough together to be able to cuff him. Looking perplexed at one another, they just shook their heads.

“You’re not going to put up any fight, right, big guy? You’ll just go with us quietly to the car?”

“Uh, yeah… I guess…”

They led Ben out of the store and into the lot; but halfway to the car, Ben pretended to trip, knocking both officers (neither of whom were either particularly fit or agile) to the ground, and sprinted around the other parked cars. The two officers screamed for him to stop and cease running; but before they could right themselves, Ben had already made it past the edge of the parking lot and into the dense woodland beyond.

Hiding himself in the brush, he scurried low and fast past fallen trees and brambles. The officers really had no idea where Ben had escaped to. He heard them rush to their car and call into their radio about his escape. Shortly thereafter, instead of hearing them pursue him into the woods, he heard their car doors slam and them set off to search via the road.

Maybe they thought he had run into the suburban sprawl—or perhaps they just felt too intimidated to look for him in the trees themselves, he wondered? Ben knew that he could hide himself pretty well in these woods and that perhaps those policemen didn’t have the competency to track him very well. He figured he could wait a ten or so minutes until he was sure they were gone and then try to sneak back to his car and quickly drive away. He toyed with the idea of just leaving the vehicle and Ubering home—but then they would eventually know which car was his as it would be left in the parking lot, and they’d be able to track him through it.

After a few more minutes, he creeped back to the forest edge. He scanned the area; it didn’t seem like anyone was watching the parking lot. It was a busy, large lot with dozens of cars parked and parking. This suburban area still didn’t have cameras except at the entrances to the store, so he felt fairly confident that his vehicle wouldn’t be able to be known by anyone.

As a rush of people were entering and exiting with their shopping carts, Ben nonchalantly jumped out, swaggered to his car, and hopped in. Swerving out of the parking lot as quickly as he dared, he hit the main rode and drove.

He kept peeking into his rearview mirror to see if he was being tailed. So far, so good—it seemed. He told his phone to call Stephen (the doc, not his brother). The phone rang a few times and then went to Stephen’s voicemail. Ben left a quick message detailing briefly what happened and asking Stephen to call as soon as he could.

“I’m getting a little worried that I’m starting to get out of control… like, I didn’t even realize that I was doing it when that kid confronted me. I can’t seem to stop. All I can do is jack off and cum. I even wake up in the night and find myself doing it… We’ve got to figure out what to do…”

Ben trailed off. He wasn’t sure what else to say. He absolutely loved this gift the doc had given him and the man he was becoming—but he was beginning to fear that he’d no longer be able to fit into regular society. Where would he be able to go if he had to constantly be touching he man-meat? What could he do?

“Okay. Well. Call me, please. I love you! Bye.”

He clicked off the phone. Nearly home, he sped around the final few corners and plowed onto his street.

As he rounded into his driveway, he noticed a tall figure standing in front of his family home’s main entryway. It was a man, Ben could tell. But he was wearing a hat and a long coat.

“Fuck!” Ben muttered to himself. “This isn’t going to get easier, is it?”

He toyed with the idea of baking away and running for it, but the man had seen him. The shadowy figure lifted his head eagerly, as if spotting pray it sought, and bee-lined for the car.

Ben jumped out, pumped and in attack mode, ready to confront the individual.

“Whatever you want, it wasn’t me, so go away!” he seethed, clamping his fists in front of himself, as if he were about to box the on-comer.

The man reached up and pulled off his hat as he continued to approach. A wide smile exposed itself after the shadow of the brim left his face. Ben stopped his feet and halted his attack; he knew that face.

The smiling man took another two steps forward.

“Wait a minute… Trevor?!”

Trevor was the young man who had served as his colleague a few weeks before when he was temping at the liquor store. He hadn’t seen or spoken with him since. He was a nice enough guy, but Ben couldn’t fathom why he was here now.

“Yeah, man! How are you?!”

“Uh—good… but, like, what the fuck are you doing here?! Like, now is really not a great time.” Ben’s head spun around as if searching for an oncoming team of police.

“No. I know—and I’m sorry to bother you like this… but I need to talk with you.”

“Uh, okay? But, like, how do you know where I live? That’s kind of creepy.”

Trevor blushed a deep shade of scarlet. “Well, I may have, uh, snuck a peek at your personal file. Like I said, I needed to talk with you…”

“And you, couldn’t like, call me? Sneak a peak at my number instead?”

“Well—uh… this is kind of personal, so I….”

“Okay, okay! Well, come in! Let’s not stand around here all day.” Again, looking over his shoulder, Ben led Trevor in through the garage and shut the mechanical door behind him.

“You look kind of nervous,” Trevor observed.

“Yeah—you have no idea. Hang on a sec.”

Despite the fear of pursuit that Ben was just facing, his hunger took over and he marched straight to the fridge. From inside he withdrew an entire tray of leftover lasagna, a half-finished gallon of milk, and two giant slices of leftover carrot cake. He set it all down on the kitchen counter, grabbed a serving-sized spoon, and set to work shoveling everything into his face.

Between gulps he looked up at Trevor and spoke.

“Sorry, man… starving… What’s up? Grab a seat.”

Within about a minute, most of the lasagna was gone and two-thirds of the milk consumed.

“Wow. Hungry guy, aren’t you?”

“You have no idea.”

Ben picked up the pieces of cake and ate them with his bare hands.

“Well—uh—I was hoping I could say this is in a more quiet and reflective setting, but…”

“Go on.” Ben rounded to the fruit bowl and took hold of three bananas and half a dozen oranges.

“Well… Ben…” Trevor sighed, “I can’t seem to stop thinking about you. I mean, I’ve always thought of myself as straight… but I can’t get you out of my head. You—you and that amazing cock of yours… like… it’s all I think about. I want … I want you—and it soooooo bad.”

Trevor looked almost ashamed as he spoke it. He deep blush was back and his chin was sunk down his chest.

“I don’t suppose a stud like you would ever desire a normal guy like me?”

Ben paused between two fistfuls of banana. He looked at this dejected man before him and felt pity. He had not been than different from him too long ago. A more or less normal guy—feeling like things were out of his league. That there were things that he wanted that he could not attain.

“Aw. Trevor. Well—I’m going to be up front with you—I have a boyfriend, and I honestly don’t think you’d like actually dating me all that much… like, and I don’t mean this in any bad way, but there’s no way you could keep up. But…”. He paused. “I could pity fuck you, if you’d like. We can go up to my room right now, blow a few loads, and see if that makes you feel better.”

Ben swallowed the rest of the remaining scraps of cake and lasagna in a big gulp. Trevor looked a little better, but not much.

“I mean, I guess that would be fun. But I really would like to—like—be with you always. Or better yet—be just like you. I mean, I know it’s impossible—but like, fuck man… you’re such a fucking stud….”

Ben smiled. He slid the table that was between them out of the way and scooped up Trevor in his waist-thick arms, carrying him towards the stairs.

“Aw, little guy. Come here. Let daddy take care of you.”

Leaping up the stairs four at a time, he slid down the hallway to his bedroom, flung Trevor on the bed, and began to strip.

As Ben took off his shirt, Trevor’s eyes bulged from their sockets.

“What the fuck, man?! You were like a third that size last time I saw you!!”

“Yeah—I’ve been bulking up…”

“That’s more than bulking up! Fuck!”

“Yeah—you’re right…” Ben smirked as he slid off his pants. He had no underwear, so his mammoth junk slid out and onto his thighs.

Trevor’s jaw dropped four inches. It was almost comical; it didn’t seem that Trevor’s mouth could stretch quite that wide.

“You like?” Ben asked.

It took a moment before Trevor regained faculties of speech.

“Are you fucking serious?! Your dick was not that big a month ago!!”

“You’re right again.”

“And your nuts! They weren’t that size, were they?”


Trevor motioned for Ben to step closer; he did. Trevor reached out and grabbed Ben’s enormous trouser snake that had begun to stiffen up.

“I’m beyond words man. I want you more than ever. But you’ve got to tell me… what’s your secret?”

“You really want to know?”

“Mmmmhmmmmm—” was all Trevor was able to say because his lips were now wrapped around Ben’s cock. He bobbed his head forwards and backwards quickly, trying to get Ben off. At the same time he was unbuckling his own pants and trying to get his own, little boner out.

“I’ll tell you my secret. But I don’t want you sharing it with others, okay?”

Ben thought that Trevor nodded, but he couldn’t be sure as his head was bobbing up and down so fervently. Trevor also now had his dick in his hands was leaking pre across Ben’s duvet.

“There’s a clinic you can go to. If you give them lots of money, they can make your dick and balls bigger. You’ll never get as big as mine… but you could get a couple extra inches, maybe. Maybe another two, based on your—uh—size right now.”

With those magic words of “another two” Trevor came all over the duvet. It was not a large cum load, but his body writhed and twitched as if Trevor were having the biggest orgasm of his life.

“You okay there, little guy?”

“Fuck Ben! You are the most amazing man I’ve ever met!”

“Ha. Then you don’t get out a lot, do you?”

“Will you fuck me, please? I doubt you’ll ever fit, and I’ve never bottomed before, but I need to try.”

Ben bent down and cupped the little man’s head in his hands.

“No. Not now—I could hurt you. But if you practice, like the good little slut that you are, daddy Ben can fuck your tiny ass later, if you can prove that you can take me.”

Trevor’s eyes almost welled with tears.

“Please, Ben! Fuck me! I neeeeed you inside of me!!!”



“No!” And Ben slapped him across the face. He didn’t mean to; it just happened. Ben raised his hand to his eyes and stared. He wondered what was happening to him; his body and his emotions seemed to be functioning beyond his own control. He was turning into something, and he knew not what.

Trevor didn’t seem slighted in the least. In fact, he seemed to really enjoy it.

“Oh, yeah, daddy! Get rough with me! Show me what a bad boy I’ve been!” Trevor got onto all fours and began to wiggle like a dog.

Ben took a step back and looked at himself and looked at Trevor. What was happening? What was he becoming?

After a moment, Ben spoke.

“I need you to go.”

“No! Hit me again! Harder!”

“No. I need you to go. Now,” he said firmly but without anger.

Trevor’s tail continued to wag; but after a few moments of realizing that Ben wouldn’t budge, Trevor indigently got up, shoved on his pants, and frowned at Ben.

“Fine. I’ll go. But I want that address for that clinic. And I want you to tell me where I can find a thirteen-inch dildo so I can practice for you.”

“You’ll definitley need to work up to that… and I don’t know… eBay?”

Ben sighed. He handed Trevor his shirt and ushered him to the door.

“Please go, now. I’ll text you their address. But I’ve got a lot on my mind that I need to resolve.”

“Okay… but I’ll be back!”

“I’m sure you will…” he muttered under his breath. Ben shut his bedroom door. Standing behind it, he heard the front door open and close a moment later. Ben listened closely to be sure that he could actually hear Trevor walking through the front garden and exiting before he finally relaxed. He sauntered over to his desk and plopped himself onto the wheely chair.

He couldn’t believe how small the chair felt under him. There were many moments in his daily life when he didn’t quite realize how mammoth he’d grown. But there was a time, mere weeks ago, when this chair had felt adequately sized for him. Now it felt like a child’s plaything, barely able to contain his massive bulk.

What was he becoming, he wondered to himself? Did he want this? Is this what he wanted all along… or was it something Stephen led him into?

He thought he had wanted it for himself… but now he wasn’t so certain anymore.

He remembered back to the first time he went to the clinic. He knew then that he had wanted to make his dick bigger. But had he really wanted to become this huge? Had he thought about it rationally, would he have chosen maybe, say, ten inches and called it a day? Would he have chosen testicles so big that he could barely sit or walk? Would he have chosen to become so muscular that he’d outgrown his entire wardrobe and had gone from wearing mediums and larges double-xl’s?

Was he becoming a monster? Was he becoming some sex machine that was nothing more than lust and heaving muscles and cum?

And was that okay?

What did he want?

His phone rang. He ran downstairs to where he left it on the kitchen counter, oblivious to the fact that he was fully naked and that if his parents came home right now they would be startled to say the least. He hardly even noticed when he was naked anymore; it felt like his natural state.

He grabbed his phone. It was Stephen.

“Hey babe! Thanks for calling back!”

“Oh, Ben! How you doing?! That sounds terrifying!”

“It was… but … I’m okay … I think.”

“Ben—I know we’ve been talking about having you move in with me—but I think it’s time we take that even a step further. I think it’s time we get you away from this paltry, suburban life altogether.”

“What do you mean?”

There was a long pause.

“Can you meet me at the county airport in three hours? I’ll have a jet waiting.”

Ben was stunned. They had talked about taking a vacation together soon, perhaps going to Paris.

“Wait, Stephen, really?”


“What should I bring?”

Another pause.

“Anything that you don’t want left behind.”

Ben’s jaw dropped. He wasn’t entirely sure what that meant.


Part 9

Ben waited anxiously on the tarmac. Next to his sneakers he had a brown leather suitcase that stood about as tall as his knee. Inside were the most valuable possessions he owned: a yearbook from high school, some swimming trophies, a journal that he kept from college onwards, photos of his family.

He had no idea where the Doc was taking him or what the plan was—but he did indeed pack up everything and anything that held emotional significance to him. He had left a note for his brother telling him he’d be gone for a while and did the same for his parents. He’d only packed five days’ worth of clothes. He hoped that would be enough.

Ben felt a strong hand on his shoulder. Knowing who it was from the touch, he turned around, smiling.

Stephen was standing there before him. Handsome as ever, wearing a windbreaker jacket and jeans. His hair was becomingly tousled from the wind.

“Hey, kiddo.”

“Hey, mister.”

Ben leaned in and kissed him hard. He felt their mighty pecs press against each other. Stephen stepped closer and Ben felt their oversized cocks meet through the fabric of their pants. Just that touch alone was enough to start Ben getting hard.

“Come on this way.”

Stephen picked up Ben’s suitcase with one hand and grabbed Ben’s fingers with the other.

“I’ve been wanting to share this with you for a long time, but I wasn’t sure that you’d feel ready. That is, until now…”

He smiled at Ben over his shoulder in that cocky sort of way that said ‘father knows best.’ Ben smiled back.

“So where are we going?”

“Now, now. You’re going to have to leave me some surprises to share with you.” The Doc chortled back. He led them towards a small jet parked diagonally across the runway. Its cabin door was open with stairs extended downwards towards the asphalt.

The Doc motioned for Ben to climb aboard—so Ben did, with Stephen following close behind, a hand on Ben’s ass.

“This is mine. I hope it suits your desires.”

Inside everything was expensive wood and leather. Swivel chairs mounted to the floor; sleek couches that could double as beds. It looked very classy and costly.

“Wow” was all that Ben could muster.

“I was waiting to welcome you aboard this fine vessel for a trip of significance. And I think this trip qualifies…”

He turned to the left and knocked on the door to the cockpit.

“We are ready whenever you are, captain!”

“Aye, aye—sir!” a muffled voice answered back. The gangway mechanically began to lift itself and secure the door closed.

“Have a seat, Ben.” He gestured to one of the sofas.

“You’re really not going to tell me where we are going?”

“Let’s just say that it’ll take two and a half hours to get there—and if we time it right, we will land just around sunset.”

Stephen sat down on the sofa opposite Ben. The wheels on the jet began to turn and they began to accelerate forward down the jetway.

“You’ll need to buckle your seatbelt for takeoff. But once we are airborne, I suggest you take it off.” He winked. “I suggest you take everything off…”

The doc spread his legs revealing the giant bulge traveling most of the way down his thigh. Ben clicked his seatbelt and did the same. Through the fabric of their pants, both men began jacking themselves off while making intense eye contact with each other.

The jet accelerated faster, and soon it was tilting back to initiate flight. As they accelerated into the air, Stephen, followed by Ben, removed his jacket and shirt and began to massage his own pecs. His pants were becoming damp with pre—and a little bit of liquid even began to dribble out of Stephen’s nipple.

Ben was the first to remove his hefty cock from his pants, and doubled over to begin sucking himself off while still making eye contact with the Doc. Stephen followed suit and began to do the same to himself as the plane continued to climb into the atmosphere.

Soon, both men had half their mammoth cocks down their own throats and were grunting in delight. Ben had so much liquid pouring out of his cock head that he couldn’t swallow it all and there was a considerable puddle forming underneath him.

“Fuck, Ben… you really have no idea how much you turn me on…”

“Back at you, stud.”

They continued to suck and jerk as they flew higher and higher. Eventually Ben began to grunt harder, his soup-can sized nuts contracting towards the base of his shaft, and pointing his cock across the aisle at Stephen, began to fire away.

Rope after rope of hot, sticky cum splashed across the doc’s body. He licked up whatever landed near his mouth, but soon he was covered in goo from head to toe. It looked like nearly a quart of cum was ejected from Ben’s cock. Ben stayed hard and kept stroking… working his way to round two. His cock was so long and thick that he could have had four hands and not been able to entirely encapsulate it.

The doc came soon thereafter. His semen production wasn’t nearly as prodigious or as far reaching, so his several spurts landed in the aisle between them. Stephen had opted not to give himself the extreme testicular injection that Ben had taken. So his libido and load size were much smaller by comparison.

By the time the plane leveled off, Ben had cum four times and Stephen twice. Stephen unbuckled his seatbelt and approached Ben, impressively not slipping on the soaked floor.

“Now it’s time to be fucked, stud,” the doc announced, ripping off Ben’s seatbelt and flipping him over onto his knees. The doc began to massage Ben’s mighty muscle ass. The globes of his ass were now so round that they made bowling balls look tiny in comparison.

“Man, it’s going to be hard fucking you as your ass keeps getting bigger and bigger…”

“Somehow you’ll manage, I know.” Ben chirped as he wiggled his ass, eager for Stephen to plow him.

Lifting his fist-sized cock head towards Ben’s eager hole, he began to tease Ben’s opening. Ben pushed back into the doc, forcing the first several inches into him. Within thirty seconds, Ben had managed to engulf the entirety of Stephen’s shaft inside of him.

“You know you’re about to be bigger than me, Ben, right? If you aren’t already… The bigger man gets to choose who tops…”

Ben moaned in delight as the doc rammed himself into him again and again… past his prostate and nearly up to his diaphragm.

“Oh, I’ll always let you fuck me, doc. I promise.”

“I hope so.” Stephen replied as he bent over and bit Ben’s earlobe (making Ben scream again in pleasure). The doc reached around Ben’s monumental lats and began to massage his pecs that were bigger than dinner plates and deeper than a bottle of wine.

Over the next two hours they took turns fucking each other. Ben came another nine times (surprising even himself); the doc came twice more.

When they began their decent towards land, they returned to their thoroughly soaked seats and buckled their seatbelts. The doc told Ben not to worry about getting dressed—or about the mess. He said the cabin crew where they were landing was used to it—and were rather a bit of cum pigs themselves and relished the opportunity.

Ben peeked though the windows. He could tell that they had largely flown south by south east. They were flying over water, and although they were close to landing, he didn’t see solid ground in sight.

He really had no clue where they might be headed. But the sunset to his right was indeed beautiful, and the sky was all fuchsias and golds. He smiled at the doc. He felt good about this… whatever this was. He trusted the doc entirely.

Before he knew what happened, Ben felt the plane touch down and quickly decelerate. While the plane was still in motion, Stephen unbuckled himself, stood, and made his way to the cabin door. Ben followed suit; and as soon as the plane came to a halt, the door opened and the stairs descended.

While Ben wasn’t sure what to be expecting, he was surprised by the warm, tropical breeze that flooded the cabin along with the smell of salt and the sound of crashing waves. As his eyes adjusted and he stepped towards the gangway, he took in the vista of a beautiful, tropical paradise.

Turquoise water lapped the shore just near where the jet was parked. Swaying palm trees swayed as silhouettes against the deepening, ruby sunset. Lush greenery and smooth, sandy beaches stretched in two directions. Before him was a very modern, elegant building of lava stone and marble. And in the distance he saw three figures jogging towards him and the doc.

Even from many meters away in the dim lighting, he could tell that is was three men of exquisite physical beauty. Their rounded shoulders and broad chests reflected the fading sunlight. They all were tall, hugely muscular… and as they got closer, Ben noticed the enormous soft cocks bouncing between their legs. Each of the men’s softies ranged between nine and twelve inches. And all three of them had sizable balls to match.

The doctor stepped with outstretched arms towards the three men. He was still naked and his body hair matted with dried or drying semen.

“There’s my men!” He called.

Ben watched their collision in slow motion. The three men only slowed their approach at the very last second, wrapping their arms around the doc, and kissing and sucking any part of his face or neck they could reach.

Ben’s cock started to elongate and get hard—yet again. And he saw that he was not alone. Each of the men’s tremendous manhoods began to rise at attention upon greeting the doc. Soon there wasn’t enough space for all four men and their prodigious endowments. As they started repositioning themselves to make room for their arm-sized cocks, the doc broke the meet-and-greet.

“Everyone! I have someone I am so excited to introduce you this is Ben! Ben, I’d like you to meet Sven, Kilo, and Thom.”

The three men turned to Ben. Sven had sandy blond hair to his shoulders and piercing green eyes. His skin was tanned to a burnished gold and he looked like he weighed a solid two-hundred-and-ten pounds without an ounce of fat on him. His cock looked around eleven inches long and thicker than the doc’s… which must have made him over an astounding ten inches in girth.

Kilo was next to him. He had deeper, mocha colored skin with close cropped black hair and honey colored eyes. He was a bit bigger than Sven in both muscles and cock; his dick looked a bit longer than a ruler. He had a smile that made Ben weak in the knees. And his nuts hung so low that they were basically brushing his knee caps. Ben found them wildly arousing.

Thom was the biggest of the three. He had a physique like a young Arnold Schwarzenegger and a cock that must have border-lined on fourteen inches. His dick was the thinnest of the three—but it still must have been seven inches around. So it was still plenty thick but looked long as fuck. He had copper colored skin, dark brown eyes, and short brown dreadlocks. Ben could have swum in his eyes for days.

“Ben, I want you to meet some of the other men I’ve helped fulfill their potential. I thought you might enjoy meeting them as well.”

As one, the three men approached Ben, wrapped him up in their meaty arms… and Ben was lost. He had no idea whose body was whose, whose cock was whose. He dissolved into a mound of sex and flesh. Everything was pleasure. Everything was lust. He had transcended his normal human experiences and became something more.

Whether it had only been seconds or hours, the doc pulled him by the shoulder and separated him from the others.

“Easy there, Tiger,” the doc laughed. “Now, Ben: these men (like you) have found that their sexuality can no longer be contained in normal society. So they live here on this island along with a few staff members to keep everything tidy and functioning. Everyday, all day, all they they do is eat, sleep, fuck, workout, and fuck some more. And I thought, if you’re willing… you could come here and live with them.”

The doc smiled at Ben—as did the other three men. They all looked so excited at the prospect of having a new fuck toy.

“You can still get the remainder of your treatments here—I visit every week. And by the time we are done, you will be the most muscular and most well endowed of all of them. Would you like that?”

Ben wasn’t even cognizant of making a response. The next thing he was aware of, he was back in the huddle of men. Dicks in his mouth, in his ears. Mighty pecs being rubbed against his ass. There were no thoughts, no words.

Stephen watched Ben sink into the pile of gleaming flesh and smiled. Ben would like this, he knew. They all liked it. And he loved watching and being a part of it.

The huddle of men sunk down onto the sandy beach, precum flowing everywhere. Everyone entering and fondling one another. The doc joined in and they collectively had thirty seven orgasms over the next twenty minutes. Overhead the stars came out and glistened overhead.

Ben wasn’t even fully aware of what was happening. His brain had been overridden by his lust. All that he knew was sex. All that he was built for was sex.

When the doc ushered them inside and showed Ben their collective sleeping room, all Ben could focus on was the giant cock in his mouth. He didn’t know if it was his or another’s, but all that he was aware of was pleasure.

He fell asleep grinding against some other meaty body. In the morning, they arose and continued their fornications in the group shower while the doc videotaped them on his phone. A huge buffet breakfast was laid out for them, and Ben ate more than he had ever had in his life. When they were done, they fucked on the veranda and on top of the tables on which they’d just eaten. After a few rounds each, they headed to the gym where they lifted, sparred, and fucked for the next four hours. When they were done: lunch—and more fucking. The afternoon they laid on the beach, fucked, and posed for pictures the doc was taking.

“I just started this Instagram account three weeks ago, but we are already up to three-hundred thousand followers. People can’t get enough of you guys!”

He had them pose in micro bikinis that could barely hold their cocks (even though the custom pouches reached to their knees). He posed them behind coconuts and boulders. He loved making Ben the centerpiece of the group.

By evening, Ben had cum an astounding forty-five times and was still horny. His cock and balls seemed to have grown bigger from all the constant stimulation… he was already nearing being the longest of the group—and he still had a few more rounds of injections yet to go…

The next day the doc had to fly back home, leaving Sven, Thom, Kilo, Ben, and the waitstaff behind. Ben hardly noticed the people who cooked, cleaned and took care of him. He hardly noticed anything else, to be honest, besides the three men that surrounded him.

His whole mind was fucking. His whole life was sex. If he thought of something else, he could barely maintain the thought for more than a few seconds before his mind refocused on the magnificent specimens of manhood before him.

Before he knew it, weeks had gone by on the island. His skin had deepened to a deep gold. The doc had been performing his final rounds of treatment, and his cock had grown to a staggering seventeen inches. His balls had continued to grow too, and were now over eight inches long and six inches wide, each. Had Ben been back in the normal world, he would never have been able to hide his prodigious endowment.

Here, he didn’t care. The men loved that he was the biggest among them. With his growing nuts and cock, his sexual appetite continued to grow. On an average day, he would come around three to four times an hour. If he was feeling horny, that could go up to eight or nine jizz loads.

One day, the men were curious how many times Ben could come in a row without needing a break, and how much semen he could produce.

It turned out Ben could cum a staggering sixty seven times before needing to call it quits. And over the course of that three hour jerk session, he managed to fill up two full gallon bottles with cum. When he was done, Ben then drank both full gallons in front of his brothers and smiled happily. They cheered him on, this amazing stud.

The doc visited once or twice a week. A few weeks after Ben had arrived, he informed the men that their Instagram following had just reached three million—and he decided that they should start their own porn channel.

He deposited a director and two cinematographers on the island with the men. And because there was so much constant sex happening—they ended up creating a live streaming channel that people could pay to log into and watch the four men’s sexual antics at any time of day.

The channel was a resounding success, and because there was constantly new content, tens of thousands of people were willing to sign up and pay—even within the first two weeks of launch. The men of the island had no idea that they had become international celebrities (and frankly wouldn’t have cared since no one else could match the sexiness their brothers on the island). And it, along with the doc’s thriving business, made Stephen one of the richest people in North America.

Five months after Ben arrived, the doc deposited a new man to the island. He was Tank. Tank was a dark skinned black man, easily three hundred and fifty pounds, and his dick was so big that it actually brushed his ankles. His balls were the size of cantaloupes. And Tank basically needed to cum nonstop. As soon as he busted a two-quart-sized load, he’d need to start again. The men of the island learned that he’d even do his squats and bicep curls while cumming.

Around this same time, Ben began to worry about his brother. What about Steven? Did the same thing happen to him? Had he turned into this sex-crazed beast of a man who was unable to do anything else?

But as soon as the concern would pop into Ben’s mind—it would be washed away again. He couldn’t stay focused on anything very long that wasn’t sex, cock, ass or muscle. Even concern for his brother couldn’t hold his focus.

As if in answer to his question… a few weeks later, the doc dropped off Steven and a beautiful, young, bombshell woman on the island.

Ben almost didn’t recognize his brother. His brother had put on maybe one-hundred and fifty pounds of muscle. His balls were bigger than Ben’s, though his cock was only ten and a half inches. The woman was five-six with tits the size of watermelons, a waist the size of Ben’s forearm, an ass as wide as a garbage can, and blond hair to her knees.

It turned out that the doc had also been offering similar treatments to ladies wanting to hyper-sexualize their bodies. The producers of the porn channel agreed that they would start including straight and bi-oriented porn, and Ben’s brother and this woman would be their first resident straight couple.

Steven (and Lana, Ben learned later) had barely gotten off the plane when Steven was already fucking her doggy style. Apparently they also constantly craved sex just as much as the men did.

Lana’s eyes went wide when she saw the size of the five other men’s cocks and began pleading for them to fuck her next. Even though all of the other guys identified as gay, they did take turns spreading her juicy pussy with their oversized sex logs.

And so this continued for many, many days. More couples, more gay men, all highly modified came to the island. Ben and Steven had a great time reconnecting and rediscovering one another.

And then, one day, probably around three years after Ben first came to the island, and fifty other paragons of male and female sexuality had also set up shop, the slightly more silver-haired doc arrived with some news.

“Attention, ladies and gentlemen: I have something I want to show you.”

On to a screen he projected an image of a U.S. Senate meeting. The sound was muted, but everyone could easily see why the doc was showing them this.

In the room of gray-haired, bespeckled senators, about two-thirds of the men had bulges the size of their heads extending down their pant legs and were sporting muscles that would have been appropriate on a college football star.

“I want to let you all know that you have literally changed the world. Over the past four years, since our first clinic opened, we have affected the lives of over two billion people around the world. Now, as far as India and England, people like yourselves are be able to become who they really wanted to be at heart.”

“For those of you who have been here the longest, you’d be surprised to know that now you can walk into any major city, and find people just like yourselves. Sex has lost its taboo. People now openly have sex on the subways and on the sidewalks. Men who formerly felt so ashamed of their pathetic endowments can now revel in their giant masculinity. We have, effectively, put an end to war in all first-world nations, because people are too focused on making love with one another to fight. We have solved so many of society’s ills… and it is all because of you!”

“So I want to thank you! I want to thank you for being the forerunners, the inspiration, and the guiding lights who have led us in humanity to this brighter tomorrow.”

“And now, as the world’s richest man, it’s time that I ascend to the echelons of world leadership that is rightfully mine… so as we forge this new world order together… I want to thank you… and never forget that it is you who made this all possible.”

The residents of the island were not able to stay focused long enough to hear the entirety of the doc’s speech. But, indeed, he did become the richest man in the world by transforming people into the sexual demigods they wanted to be. He did, indeed, expand his empire across the globe. And he did, indeed, effectively become the world ruler and basically brought peace to everyone through sex and sexuality.

And that’s how we arrived with where we are today. And that’s how Ben ended up living out much of his life on a tiny, tropical island secluded in the Caribbean. And this was just a small part of Ben’s many escapades.

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