Barefoot centaur ballet

by Josh Dugan

A handsome dancer become uniquely qualified for a challenging role, thanks to a vivid dream shared with his lover.

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I had the neatest dream about Rusty, my beautiful dancer!

He was dancing the part of a centaur in some modern ballet I'd never seen, a new one he'd auditioned for in real life, and I guess that was why I was dreaming about him getting the part. I was pretty amazed at the ballet as I dreamed it—in it, the centaur was under attack from all the Greek soldiers, who thought the centaurs had come to despoil their village. But the part Rusty played was a good young centaur, who had met one of the soldiers and wanted to be friends with him.

They had met at the soldier's lonely outpost, and when the soldier had realized that Rusty was friendly, they had shared wine and food. After that, whenever the young soldier was stationed at the outpost, Rusty would meet him, and they became friends until Rusty told the soldier that he was in love with him.

After that the soldier said it could never be, and put in for a transfer.

Rusty was really good in the part, but the best part was his centaur costume—it was amazing how they had done it. At first I remember in my dream that someone in the audience next to me said it was two dancers in one costume, one playing the hind legs to Rusty's front legs and torso, but the closer I looked, and I even used my opera glasses, the more I could tell that it couldn't possibly be two guys. The legs were all human, for sure, all though they were in dark leotards to match the horse portion of Rusty's centaur body, but instead of trying to fake up some hooves, they'd left Rusty, like all the dancers, barefoot.

They'd given him a horse tail, and what looked for all the world like four-legged leotards, and he danced away on four beautiful long male ballet dancer legs, graceful and powerful on his four male human feet. My whole attention was on him alone as I watched the ballet, although the whole company of dancers was very handsome. He was so expressive as the young centaur, and his dancer's body language was awesome. He could use his four long-muscled legs and beautiful bare feet to show youthful excitement and humor, perfectly mimicking all the coltish steps of a young stallion, very realistically with his four legs, from a full galloping charge to a comical four-footed tiptoe, as he snuck up on the unsuspecting soldier in the first scene.

I was loving his leg muscles as he moved, so sexy in the four-legged leotards, which accentuated their length and shape, and made his four bare feet stand out beautifully.

The scenes where he befriended the soldier were wonderful—he could run rings around the soldier, and sometimes in the early stages of their friendship he even pulled the young soldier up on his back and galloped him all over the stage to the rhythm of the spectacular orchestral score, the soldier laughing and hanging onto Rusty's powerful shoulders, the wind in their hair.

And Rusty danced a beautiful sad dance of wistfulness, rejection and loneliness in the scene where the soldier finally said good bye to him, with his tail seeming to droop, the four long legs tired and the four beautiful dancer's feet uncertain in their steps as he cried and stumbled off the stage.

The audience went wild at the close, and the whole cast all came out and bowed, and they presented flowers to all the stars, Rusty getting the biggest bouquet, and the actor who played the soldier gave him a big kiss, to even wilder applause. Rusty did a modest and semi-comical four-legged courtsey, and led all the cast in several more bows.

Afterwards, I got to meet him in his dressing room, where he was waiting especially for me even though there were crowds of well wishers and reporters there as well. He was flushed and beautiful, his broad shoulder muscles still sweating, and he finally said goodbye to the last of them and showed me his bouquet as he took off the last of his makeup and started to take off the four-legged leotards.

Sure enough, that's what they were, and we laughed as he asked me to help him out of them, because they were hardest to get off the back legs. I struggled, enjoying it of course, and I realized part of the problem was that he was so aroused—his big hind-legs penis was snagging the fabric as I tried to slide it off his back legs, and it got bigger between his hind legs the more I struggled! The same thing was happening to Rusty's other big penis between his front legs, and he and I were both laughing and so turned on, trying to deal with all Rusty's four long muscular legs and these two great big huge beautiful penises!

Finally I was able to help him slide the leotards off as he obliged by pulling each of his four legs up a little in turn while I worked the leotards off each one of them. I realized how sexy he looked with four male dancer's legs and four beautiful feet, and he smiled at me, realizing I was really turned on, and enjoying having two huge hardons that I could not stop looking at.

The next thing I knew he got me into a four-legged leg-lock and was kissing me like crazy, and I was coming and holding him and telling him I loved him, which is when I woke up from my dream.

The best part is I woke up really making love to him, and we both realized we had shared the dream when we realized that he really did have four legs wrapped around me, all tangled up in the blankets!

We got the blankets out from around them and wow, were they awesome! Four legs! Rusty and I couldn't believe it, and I couldn't stop holding them and burying my face in them and kissing them, and he was really enjoying keeping them wrapped around me and doing stuff to me with all four of his feet and legs!

“I meant to tell you about that ballet audition,” he said, kissing me. “Thanks for dreaming about it like that—now I'm sure I've got the part!”


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