Bar wishes

by Salem Noctua

There’s a new bar in town, and Eric believes that this will be the place that he’ll get to hook up with someone and, in the long run, form a relationship with. Little did he know that if you wish upon a bar’s private room, even fantasies can come to life.

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Eric was a little unsure as to how he got himself into the situation he was in.

It all began when Friday finally rolled in. The young man fresh out of college was excited to take his chances and visit the new bar that had just opened up—Bearstaubar. An odd name, he thought, but it was still a shiny new venue to explore and more importantly, exploit. Doing his usual pre-weekend routine at all the other bars he had visited before would do him no good in finding that “special someone.” Especially when the regulars of those bars already acknowledged Eric as a close friend of sorts.

In other words, this new and unexplored area was the only option that Eric has when it comes to looking for a partner—or even a lover—to be with for the rest of his life.

He went to this Bearstaubar full of confidence, but that was the last memory that he could coherently remember. Everything that happened after stepping into the venue had been hazy at best. But Eric swore he remembered getting a few drinks more than his upper limit. He also remembered saying “yes” quite a lot. And he definitely remembered the gorgeous face of the man that was currently pining him down to the bed.

The details on what happened from then and before were gone from his head for sure, but what matters was the here and now. It just so happens that “here” was this private room that Eric believed had been rented, and the “now” was the fact that they were both in their underwear and nothing more.

“Are you okay, mate?” the burly man atop of him asked. His voice was just deep and rough like the Pacific Ocean waves ready to drown Eric with its allure. “Oi, mate? Are you there?”

Eric snapped out of his stupor and gave the larger male a sheepish grin. “Yeah, I’m still good. Just… thinking.”

“What are you thinking about?”

Eric shrugged. “Oh, you know… about this handsome man straddling over me. How lucky I was to be able to get his attention. Those kind of things.”

The man lowered himself until his whole body was pressing lightly against Eric’s own, then whispered to his ear, “You’re not going to be able to think about anything once I manage to get my dick inside of you, that’s for sure.”

Eric could only moan at the thought of this big, beefy man’s… equipment. While his head was still foggy from what had happened the past couple of hours, his mind was overly focused on the fact that someone is finally going to have sex with him. And it just so happens that this “someone” was this man with defined muscles that somehow fits his image perfectly. His skin was glistening with sweet, sweet sweat that made him all hot and bothered just thinking about it. The hair across his chest and over his arms were a treat in his eyes, as well as that beard that he wished he could feel it with his cheeks. Paired with that suave voice of his, Eric felt like it was all a dream.

How he could just wish he could press his face against that hard yet bouncy pecs before him, but he must wait for it. Oh, he can’t wait for this man to fuck him until daylight comes around. However, it would be bad to go straight into the main course when the appetiser hasn’t been served yet.

“Should we continue?” the towering bear of a man asked with that sexy voice of his.

Eric nodded, “Y-yeah, let’s continue… William, let’s continue.”

No sooner after Eric said those words, William leaned in close and proceeded to ravish the smaller male with a deep, long kiss. Their tongues contested with each other, though it was obvious which of them was the dominant one. Either way, they both got the chance to explore the other’s mouth with gusto, stopping every so often just to breathe before continuing on with their task at hand.

The fact that their alcohol-scented breaths mixed and intermingled with each other was just a bonus. It was intoxicating the air, which had aroused them even further.

Eric enjoyed every moment of it. He moaned at this once-foreign bit of experience. It was not long before he gave up resistance and allowing William to take the lead. The man was a great kisser. Not too rough, but certainly he was not shy enough as to try and be overtly careful.

They pulled their heads apart from what felt like an eternity and stared at each other in silence. A trail of saliva still connected their mouths, left unnoticed by them both.

“God, you’re such a great kisser,” Eric said out loud.

“I get that a lot,” William chuckled. “Had a lot of fun with that?”

“Oh, you know I did!” he exclaimed, breaking free from the daze. “So… why don’t we move onto the next stage? Whaddya say, big guy?”

“Eager, aren’t we?”

“Mhm… give it all to me, daddy.”

“Oh, I’ll give it to you,” he bellowed in laughter, “but I think you’re too drunk to believe that you have what it takes to handle my cock!”

“You know I will!”

William shook his head. He got up to his knees, which only served to make him look a lot bigger than Eric, and proceeded to remove his underwear away. Beneath this thin fabric was this giant cock and all of its glory—all 10 inches of it.

Eric also propped himself up to see what the older man had been boasting about, only for him to choke on his own saliva from the mere sight of this behemoth that he said he could take.

“W-what is that?!” he shouted in awe. “It’s almost as thick—or maybe even thicker—than my arms.”

“Are you still up for the challenge, mate?” William asked with a grin plastered on his face. “Legend says that whomever gets to survive this won’t be able to walk straight anymore, hahaha!”

Eric could only looked at the giant cock before him in utter silence. No matter how much was looking forward to it all, it was still his first time for, well, everything. He had been prepared for the flirting and teasing. Maybe a little bit of sex as well. But looking at this piece of giant before him drastically made him numb.

The older man saw how nervous Eric was and sighed. “Don’t push yourself, Eric. It’s fine if you find it uncomfortable. Maybe it’s too big for you. First time, right?”

William eventually got off of Eric and helped the latter sit up. The two of them sat beside each other, awkwardness in the air started to arise. He could not help but feel dejected from the latter’s silence, but he should respect the latter’s decision.

“Wait a minute—” Eric grabbed William’s hand. “I probably can’t do it with my behind, but… maybe a little fellatio wouldn’t hurt, now would it?”

“Heh… you got some guts. Go on.” He got up from the bed and stood in front of Eric. “Suck it, if you dare.”

Eric looked at his straight into his eyes and took on the large cock with his mouth. Now it was William’s turn to look surprised. Considering their size differences, as well as the fact this his most prized possession was more of a tree trunk than a miserly branch, he was expecting Eric to give it a few licks here and there—at most, to suck the tip of it. To think that a young man was able to take on the almost half of his cock like it was nothing aroused him even more.

Eric let William’s cock out of his mouth, candidly holding it like giant beer can and grinned. “Surprised you, didn’t I?”

“Mate, how are you doing that?”

Eric shrugged. “What can I say except that I have talent… and also have eaten bananas as thick as these.”

Before Eric could get back to giving William a blowjob, the latter stopped him.

“Say, have you ever want to try… docking?”


“Yeah, you know… pressing the tip of our cocks to each other… then we—you know what? It’ll be better to show you instead. Get on your knees first. On the bed, so our waists line up, of course.”

Eric nodded and did what William told him to do. It was a bit of a sight to see their cocks together. One was big—it was just as thick or even more so than his own arm, making the other cock look even smaller in comparison. Not that his own package was lacking, though, since he was sporting a good length and girth even among his peers (especially after carefully calculating their sizes from a distance whenever he got a chance to sneak a peek). It was just that William was more or less the worse person to be compared with. For Eric, it felt like he was up against a giant.

William then grabbed Eric’s cock with one hand, while holding his own with the other. His hold was firm, yet gentle. It gave Eric the sensation of excitement as every nerve of his body jolted with pleasure and anticipation to this never-before ventured experience. He tried to muffle his moan, though sound still came out of him, akin to a whimper.

“Are you ready?” William asked.

“Yeah, I’m ready as I’ll ever be,” Eric replied tersely.

The older male chuckled as he began to align his cock over at Eric’s.

It was a sight to behold—two cocks of extensively varying size trying to dock with one another. There was no need to guess which one was going to be swallowed. Not especially when William’s cock seemed to look like it could swallow the smaller one whole.

“All right, here we go.” William then slowly pushed his cock towards Eric’s. As soon as the tips were practically butting heads with each other, he stretched over the foreskin over the other’s, covering the entire cock head with ease, and then some.

Eric threw his head back at this foreign and new experience that he was definitely enjoying.

“Buck your hips a little,” William said.

The smaller male did as he was told and began moving his hips. It was a far different experience than he had expected, but he was having his fun with it.

William also began to move his hands. Slowly, gently, matching the rhythm of Eric’s own movements. This time, it was his turn to mean as a wave of pleasure ransacked his body.

The mind of these two men began to drift from reality and their conscience went into a dream-like state of blissful ecstasy and gratifying desire.

If only this could last forever, Eric thought. This was a far less taxing and exciting activity than having bareback sex for sure, but it had its charms—and it completely enamoured him.

He wanted to say something to William, but there was this odd and heavy feeling that kept him from doing anything else other than moving his hips back and forth. He also noticed that William was also silent except for the occasional groan as he focused solely on his hands and cock.

“Move a bit closer,” William suddenly spoke. Eric obliged, and for some reason, he felt like his cock was going even deeper into the former’s. He was certain that his cock wouldn’t go too far considering, well, everything about it. But the sensation was just too good that he decided not to think more of it than he should and just go with the flow.

Is this what docking feels like? Eric once again thought to himself.

Sure enough, he could finally feel it come to an end. It was the all-too familiar feeling of having to cum. Deciding to end it for now, Eric began to move his hips a bit faster. This elicited a similar reaction to William, as he began to stroke their cocks much faster as well, though it was still careful enough to not break off their intimate connection.

Then, a wave of pleasure hits them both. They three their heads back as the final surge of releasing their sperms ended their, for what seemed to be, an eternity-long bliss.

Eric leaned forward and draped his arms over William’s shoulder, the latter of whom crouched a bit for the smaller man’s sake. Their eyes were still closed, as if not wanting to let go this dream of theirs.

“That was… interesting,” Eric mumbled to William’s ear.

“Did you like it?”

“Yeah… I did.”

In truth, however, Eric did not want this feeling to end just yet. He wanted to keep doing this again and again until their legs crumpled up on the floor and their stamina become wasted. The first ever sexual act that he had done, and he was already addicted to it.

William caressed Eric’s head with his arm. “All right, mate, time to clean up before we hit the sack. You’re probably exhausted by now.”

“Heh… I think I can keep going.”

The older male pushed Eric away and raised a brow. “No, love, you need your rest. I’ve been watching you since you came into the bar. Wasting a good four hours on the table, I believe, while yammering about how you couldn’t find your special someone. Can’t say I wasn’t impressed with the way you hold your drink, but it’s late. We already had out fun, so now’s the time to take a break, no?”

Eric frowned, but nodded in agreement. He pulled himself away from William when a painful tug from their groin alerted them both.

William’s response was to back off, which only pulled the smaller male towards him. Fortunately, the former caught the latter and helped him stand on his feet.

“What was that all about?” Eric yelled in surprise and shock from the strange pulling and all. He moved away from William once more, and sure enough, he could feel a taut sensation from his groin. Specifically, from his cock.

He finally looked down and saw William’s large and heavy cock still latched onto his own… except, it did not look like his own cock. It was just and big and thick as William’s—but it was also attached to him.

Thinking that it was just a trick of the light or the aftereffects of this fun night, he moved his hand towards the giant piece of meat hanging between him and William, and sure enough, he could feel it perfectly fine. He ran his hand from his crotch, moving towards the cock, and continued on until he could find a divide. But there was none. His hand travelled all the way to William’s crotch and up to his hairy chest.

It dawned to him that it wasn’t William’s cock that was attached to him, no. It was his cock as well, albeit with not-so-minor bigger changes.

Eric looked up to William, who was sporting a sheepish and guilt-ridden look. He frowned.

“What did you do?” Eric asked as he tried to pull himself away from William again, but to no success.

“Well, mate, I think it’s safe to say that the rumours were true.”

“Rumours?” Eric pressed on. “What rumours are you talking about?”

The larger male sighed. “Uh, there were rumours that any wish you thought of while renting in one of the bar’s private rooms would come true.”

“And you wished that our cocks merge together?”

“Not really. The wish that I thought of was that I want you to feel happy with me.”

Eric blushed after hearing those words come from the other man. “Oh, uh… thanks. That’s sweet of you, ain’t it?”

“Sweet, indeed. Now, mate, what did you wish for?”

“Uh, I’m not sure if I did make a wish. Didn’t even know that it was an option.”

William shook his head. “Impossible. According to what I’ve heard, there is a caveat in that for any of the wishes to come true, all the people inside the room must have had asked for something—and that all the wishes together must be related with one another.”

“Hm… wishing sounds a lot less magical, and just a bit more technical now.”

“Now, what were you thinking that got us into this situation?” William asked once more as he slid his hand down to their shared cocks and gave it a strong massage. Eric yelped from this and tried to back off, only for him to be unable to do so, still attached to William.

“You feeling it, mate?”

Eric nodded. “It’s weird. Like, it’s yours, but I can f-feel it like it’s mine… but it looked like your cock!”

William chuckled. “Well, get used to it since we’re stuck this until who-knows-when. Now, let me ask again, what have you thought of earlier?”

“Uh… that… well, that this feeling could last forever, I think…”

Expecting William to get mad at him. Shout at him, even, Eric closed his eyes and prepared himself for a string of unpleasant words. Instead, he got himself trapped inside a bear hug. His face, buried between William’s massive pecs in the process.

“Aren’t you a cute little boy, to wish for something like that!” William then let go of the younger male. “Either way, it looks like we’ll have to get along from now on, eh?”

He then proceeded to stroke their shared cocks again. “But seeing as you looked like a newbie to, well, everything, let this daddy teach you the ropes.”

Eric grinned at that prospect. It was still a bit strange to him—a bit too sudden, in fact—but if it meant being together with this hulking giant for the rest of his life, then he would just have to embrace this new reality of his.

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