by Ziel

 While orbiting a nearby planet, the ship detects an unusual energy signature. Parker and Quill are sent down to investigate, but things take a turn for the smutty when Parker’s suit is compromised.

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Captain’s Log: Stardate 8675309. A strange energy reading has been detecting on a hitherto undiscovered planet in the beta quadrant. A small team has been dispatched to investigate the source of the readings.

A pair of figures clad in hazmat suits stood before a large, glowing red rock formation. One held a small, electronic device and scanned the rocks. “This has got to be the source of the readings,” he said.

“Ominous, isn’t it?” his partner replied.

“Not getting cold feet on me now, are ya, Quill?” said the first figure.

“No more than usual, Parker,” replied Quill.

“Given how high strung you usually are, that’s not saying much,” Parker responded.

“I’m just saying, that it’s always the dangerous missions we get sent on.” Quill explained.

“Yep. Just us expendable ensigns alone on a strange new planet. I knew I shouldn’t have worn my red shirt,” Parker responded wryly.

It was now Quill’s turn to be snarky. “Har har. Very funny,” he said sarcastically.

Parker leaned back against the wall of the cave and casually commented, “Look, how many missions have we been on together?”

“Forty-seven.” Quill replied.

“Exactly, forty—” Parker did a double take. “Wait. You actually kept count!?” he said, genuinely surprised.

“Well… I mean…” Quill murmured awkwardly.

“Well, whatever. The point is, we’ve done this plenty of times before. Stick to protocol, don’t do anything dumb, and we’ll be back at the ship in time for lunch with all our limbs still attached.” Parker explained casually.

“Okay. Fine. You’ve made your point. Let’s just do this and get back already.” Quill replied.

Parker began to prop himself back up and stand once more, “I knew you’d see things my—” he said, but his voice suddenly cut off. “Oh. That’s not good…” He mumbled as he stared down at his hand. In a moment of carelessness he had placed a hand on the glowing, red stone. It was far sharper than it had appeared and had sliced through the hazmat suit and into the palm of his hand. Bright red blood seeped through the gash in his suit and dripped onto the stone.

“Y-you’re bleeding!” Quill yelped.

“No… shit… Sherlo…” Parker mumbled as the dizziness set in. Soon he was no longer able to remain upright and collapsed to the floor where he drifted off to unconsciousness.

Parker had no way of telling how long he had been out for. All he knew was that when he woke up he was in the familiar, sterile environment of the ship’s medical bay.

“Oh god, my head. How much did I drink last night?” Parker moaned in agony.

“Believe it or not, this time it wasn’t a bender that brought you here,” the doctor commented dryly.

The memories of the ill-fated away mission started to return to Parker’s mind. For a brief moment, horror welled up inside him as his mind shifted towards the cut on his hand and the unknown radiation which he had been exposed to.

“Give it to me straight, doc. How long do I have?” Parker asked.

“Unfortunately, I’d say you have at least another eighty years in you if you don’t do anything else stupid like you did last night,” the doctor said.

“You mean…?” Parker asked.

“Correct. I show absolutely nothing wrong with you. As far as I can tell, you passed out at the sight of your own blood,” the doctor explained, his tone just as dryly as before.

“How embarrassing…” Parker moaned. There was a brief pause in the conversation as Parker laid back in the sick bay bed and pondered his situation. Soon it dawned on him that if there really was nothing wrong with him, why was he still in the sick bay?

He gestured the doctor over to him and asked, “Hey, doc. If there’s nothing wrong with me, does that mean I am free to go?”

“Not quite,” the doctor answered. “While the tests returned nothing, there is still a chance that some unforeseen effects may present themselves. You were after all exposed to something completely untested before, after all.”

“So how long am I stuck here?” Parker asked.

“Only as long as it takes to fill out a few forms. You will be confined to quarters for the next few days until we are sure you are okay, but for the time being I see no reason to keep you here. Just alert us at the first sign of anything unusual.”

“Sounds good to me. Hand me those forms, doc,” Parker said excitedly.

The doctor was quick to hand Parker a small tablet on which there was a spot for Parker to fill out his name. With that, the paperwork was out of the way and Parker was free to go. Parker wasted no time making a bee-line to the mess hall for some much-needed food, and then made his way back to his quarters. Once there, Parker quickly flopped onto his bed, but not because he was feeling tired. Far from it. He had been asleep for nearly twenty hours. No, he had another reason for wanting to crawl into bed, and that reason was already rock hard.

Parker quickly pulled off his shirt and shimmied off his pants, but balked when it came time to peel off his underpants. The bulge in his boxers was unreal. Even though he was harder than he could ever remember being, there was no way his dick could make such an impressive tent. Parker never thought of himself as small before, but judging by the outline of his cock pressing against the fabric of his boxers, his dick had to be double the size it had been just yesterday. Parker had to see this for himself. He quickly pulled down his boxers. His huge cock head got caught on the waistband causing it to pull down with his underwear, but only for a moment. Once free of the waistband his cock slapped back against his abs like a mousetrap slamming shut. Parker once again marveled at the sheer size of it. The tip of his dick reached past his belly button! His cock had to be over a foot long! The thick piece of meat was as fat as his wrist and then some and was topped off with two softball sized testes.

On the one hand, Parker knew that this was not normal. He knew he should report this to the doctor, but he knew that doing so would be to resign himself to endless tests and studies. That was the last thing he wanted, and it wasn’t like this recent change was a bad thing. What guy didn’t dream of having a fantastically huge cock? This was like a dream come true, and Parker was glad to keep this his little secret… at least until it came time to test out his expanded rod on another dude’s tight ass.

Parker wrapped his hands around his fat cock. Once again, he was struck by just how thick it had become! He couldn’t even get his fingers to reach his thumb on the other side when he wrapped his fingers around it. As he set to work stroking his newly enhanced cock, he was sure he could feel it growing in the palms of his hand. He could actually feel his fingers getting pushed further and further apart as his fat cock grew even thicker by the second. For a brief second Parker paused. He already had a cock that would make a porn star balk. Did he dare let it grow even larger? Maybe he should report this to the doctor, but his second thoughts didn’t last long. One look at his growing cock was all it took to dispel his doubts. It looked so amazing, and the bigger it got the more amazing it looked and the more fantastic it felt. The sensation of stroking a cock that was as large as his forearm was intoxicating. He soon found himself wishing it was even larger. He couldn’t wait to see just how massive his cock could get under the influence of the strange power of what could only be the stone from yesterday.

Parker continued to stroke his growing cock, loving every second of it. He loved the way his massive dick felt in his hands. He loved the way his huge, soccer ball sized stones slapped against his thighs. He loved the way his pre oozed from the tip of his dick and splashed against his pecs with each stroke, and he was absolutely wild about how he could still feel his cock growing and growing with each stroke. It seemed the hornier he got, the faster his cock grew, and that was just fine by him. He was so lost in ecstasy that he couldn’t think of anything other than how great he felt and how much larger he wanted to get. He didn’t care if his cock outgrew his bed. He didn’t care if his cock outgrew his quarters. He didn’t even care if his cock outgrew the entire ship! Just thinking about it made him even hornier. He could only imagine the looks on his crewmates’ faces as they saw what he had become. Would they be shocked? Afraid? Or maybe they would be as turned on as he was. Whatever the case may be, it hardly mattered to him. He was going to see how far this growth would go with or without their blessing.

Soon Parker’s cock was so huge that he could barely wrap his hands around it. The fat cock was thicker than his neck! Pre dribbled from the slit of his massive cock and dripped onto his lips. It was then that he realized his cock was so huge that it reached his mouth! The next step was only logical. With his cock staring him in the face like that, there was no way he could resist suckling the tip of it. His tongue lapped at the pre-oozing slit of his massive cock. His lips suckled the soft, spongy tissue of his overgrown cock head. He was in heaven, and it was only going to get better.

Soon, Parker found himself no longer able to get his hands around his cock in any meaningful way. He instead opted to wrap his arms around the thick shaft. By this point his dick was so huge, it was almost like hugging another person. His fat shaft was almost as thick as his own torso and growing by the moment. His cock was already so long that the puffy head of his cock now reached past his own head. Even craning his neck, he could barely suckle the lower ridge of his engorged glans. He was in heaven. The only discomfort he felt was the weight of his swelling sack of beach ball sized stones starting to weight down on his legs. It eventually reached a point where Parker’s legs were beginning to go numb from the weight of his massive balls bearing down on his legs. He knew he had to shift position and was more than happy to do so. He quickly maneuvered his legs so that he was now resting them atop his growing sack. Before he knew it, he was spooning his growing cock as he would a larger lover. He had never in his life imagine a time where he would play the little spoon to his own dick, but his cock was already thicker than his body and almost as long. Soon his dick would dwarf his entire body and then some!

It didn’t take long at all for that to be the case. His cock’s growth showed no signs of slowing. Even as the head of his dick mashed against the headboard of his bed, he could feel it growing and growing. Soon his balls were spilling over the sides of the mattress. It was soon apparent that his tiny quarters, which were little more than a closet with a cot in it, would be ill-suited for his swelling manhood. Parker briefly considered getting up and trudging through the halls to find a better room, but he quickly realized a problem—his nuts were too big to fit through the door! Even his cock, which was now as wide as the mattress he currently rested atop, would barely be able to fit through! Fortunately, he was not without recourse. All it took was a second of thinking to devise the perfect solution.

“Computer! Hey, Computer!” Parker called out.

“Please state your query,” came the robotic reply.

“Is there an empty loading bay?” Parker asked.

There was a brief pause as the computer scanned its files, and then the robotic voice replied, “I am showing loading bay seven is currently unoccupied.”

“Perfect,” Parker replied. “Computer, teleport me to loading bay seven.”

There was another brief pause and then a familiar blue light began to fill Parker’s quarters. He was briefly blinded by the dazzling blue light, and when his vision returned he was resting atop his own cock in a massive, empty loading bay. The loading bay in question was as large as a hangar, and Parker planned to use every last inch of it if the energy of the red stone continued to course through him, and so far, that seemed to be the case. Even as he sat propped up atop his own cock he could see and feel it growing by the second. In fact, it seemed the larger it got the faster it grew! His cock already dwarfed his mattress back in his quarters. He could spread out and relax atop his dick with plenty of room to spare! In just the few moments since he had transported from his quarters his nuts had gone from the size of yoga balls to the size of escape pods!

Parker soon found himself with a new problem. His cock was so huge that he could no longer reach his arms all the way around it! His dick was as thick around as a small car! The shaft was almost twice as long as he was tall, but there was no way he was going to call it quits just yet. Even just the feeling of how huge his cock had become had him hornier than ever. Just feeling how small he had become compared to his own dick made his cock shudder with glee. His massive cock was leaking like a faucet. Pre flowed freely from the tip of his van-sized schlong. It felt amazing and with each foot that added to his growing cock, the feeling grew and grew.

It didn’t take Parker long to find a solution to his problem. He might not be able to reach around his cock anymore, but that didn’t mean he was powerless to stroke it. It took all the force he could muster, but he quickly settled into a rocking motion with his hips. By putting the weight of his whole body into the motions he was able to grind his bus-sized cock against the cool, metallic floor of the landing bay.

Parker soon found himself dripping sweat from the exertion. His cock was soon just too huge for him to even budge! The shaft was easily twice as long as a city bus and as wide as a small house! His balls were the size of water towers. His cock was so huge that even just one of his nuts would more than eclipse his entire dorm-like quarters.

Parker actually started to have second thoughts about not reporting his growth to the doctor—even if for just a moment. His growth was showing no signs of slowing, and his cock was rapidly closing in on the size of the freighters that tended to dock in this very landing bay. Sure, he had plenty of room left now, but if things kept going as they were now, he could very well outgrow the entire landing bay! For a brief moment he considered getting his communicator out and calling the medical bay, but it was then that he realized that he had left it in his quarters! Without his communicator there was only one other way for him to contact the doctor, but he was too addled by the mind-blowing bliss of having a spaceship sized boner to even think about asking the computer to relay the message. As far as he could figure, he had no choice but to let the growth happen and see how large his cock could grow.

It wasn’t long before the combined mass of his massive balls and his monstrous cock began to fill the entire loading bay. He had a cock and balls the size of an industrial freighter, and still he craved more. He was so hot and bothered by his own growth and how tiny his body felt against his own colossal cock that he was close to cumming without even stroking his fat cock—not that he would have felt much even if he had been stroking it. His cock had long since grown so massive that no amount of grinding or shoving could even budge it. He was effectively trapped atop his own cock, but that hardly seemed to matter at the moment. All he could think about was how great his massive cock felt. Every second his cock grew larger and larger, and as it grew larger and larger it grew more and more sensitive. It was taking every ounce of control he could muster just to keep from cumming, but he was fighting a losing battle. The mind-blowing bliss that coursed through every square inch of his colossal cock which filled the entire hangar was driving him wild. Pre was flowing from his cock so fast that it was starting to pool on the floor of the hangar. Had he been able to walk he would have found himself ankle deep in his own pre, but the flood of pre paled in comparison to what was to come. His monstrous nuts were filled to the brim with spunk. He knew when he came, he was sure to flood the entire hangar and then some. Just the thought of the mess he was sure to make brought him closer to the edge.

Parker gritted his teeth and groaned. He knew he was at his limit, but he wanted to hold out for a few more moments. His whole body trembled with bliss. His cock bucked and lurched. His enormous nuts, each massive teste large enough to fill an Olympic sized swimming pool with spunk, pulled in closer in preparation for what was to come. Parker let out one last moan of bliss, and then the dam broke. Cum erupted from his freighter-sized cock. Each spurt spewed forth enough jizz to fill a back yard swimming pool and then some! He came again and again. His cum crashed against the roof of the hangar and dripped down all over his colossal cock and balls and drenched his entire body. It wasn’t long before he was completely coated in the spunk, and still he kept cumming. Jizz flooded the hangar. The standing pool of spunk made the residual puddle of pre seem like little more than a few droplets compared to the deluge of cum.

By the time Parker’s loads finally started to die down, the hangar was so flooded with spunk that it actually lapped at his body even atop his colossal cock and balls. His dick and balls were nearly completely submerged in spunk. The warm jizz felt fantastic against his bare skin. His whole body and soul felt so wonderful that all he could do was lie there basking in the euphoric afterglow.

There was no way for sure to tell how long he had been resting there, but by the time he started to come down from the afterglow, the spunk which filled the room had begun to cool leaving him feeling gross and sticky. He knew he needed to get out of there, but where could he even go at his size? There was nowhere else that would fit him! … at least nowhere else on the ship, anyway.

“Computer,” Parker called out groggily.

“Please state your query,” came the robotic reply.

“Computer, lock onto the energy source on the nearby planet,” Parker said.

“Mysterious energy reading confirmed,” the computer replied.

“Perfect. One to beam down.”

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